Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 8 - Welcome to the Jungle - full transcript

The contestants must create a dish using exotic meats that were eaten by early humans.

Previously on
Hell's Kitchen, All Stars...

Let's go.

In the first ever Last
Chef Standing Challenge...

Decide which member from each team

gets kicked out.

Kicked out?

The teams had to select one chef

to leave the kitchen at a time.

The women's first selection was...

Barbie, you're out.

Then Dana.

I don't like it.

Then Elise, then Manda.

Say good-bye to one more chef.

Michelle, I'll go.

And I'm the last
womn standing in our kitchen,

so I cannot let my team down.

In the Blue Kitchen..

You want to go, Van?
I can [BLEEP] go.

All right, Van's going.
Robyn, you want to go?

All right, guys, deuces.

Milly, do you want to go?

Yeah, 'cause y'all in it already.

I got 90% of my stuff done.

It's right here.

Say good-bye to one more chef.

You want to go?
You got it?

All right. Let's do it.
Let's go, Nick!

Nick was determined
to be the last chef remaining

to complete all the dishes.

This is my chance to show Chef Ramsay

that I'm a competitor.

At judging...
Oh, dear.

Dana's pork chop...

The only thing missing
is the [BLEEP] tail.

Put the Red Team in an early hole.

Blue Team, good job.

Thank you, Chef.
Well done.

But when Gio failed to delivery

on the rack of lamb...

You bastardized it.

The door opened
for Elise to force a tie.

That thing's got more chance of
getting put back in the field

than it has of me [BLEEP] swallowing it.

Congratulations, Blue Team.

Later that night, Chef Ramsay

made the last chef standing
choose three teammates

to cook for their lives.

The weaker chef will be leaving tonight.

Nick chose Robyn, Milly, and Giovanni.

I don't know why he picked me.

I just got to prove 'em
wrong. [BLEEP] 'em.

While Michelle picked

Manda, Barbie, and Elise.

She better hope I go home tonight.

Let's go.

The pressure was high.

You could cut the
intensity with a knife.

And emotions were raugh.

Elise, what's wrong?

I don't think I deserve to be up here.

With only one chance to survive...

You're safe.
Thank you, Chef.

See ya!

Manda, you're safe.
Thank you, Chef.

Holy [BLEEP]! Elise is crying.

Barbie, you're safe.
Yes, Chef.

I survived the night.

Was Elise still crying?

In the end, Chef Ramsay eliminated...

Gio. It just wasn't your night.

Ending his dream of
becoming the next head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

But back in the dorms...

Guess who's back? Get used to this face!

Your crying face?

And now, the continuation
of Hell's Kitchen, All Stars.

This is the new Elise.

No more playing nice now.
Now I'm in it to win it.

I've been in it to win it.

I don't know what you're talking about.

From now on out, I'm talking
about I'm in high drive.

I was coasting.
You were.

And now it's not!
You've been coasting.

Been coasting... my scores
are better than yours though.

Excuse me. Excuse me...
My scores are better than yours though!

Elise, come on...


She says she's better than me.

I am better than you.

How? What she talking about?

You didn't even get a
point in the last round.

My scores have been better than yours.

Which one?

I got a five in signature dish!
Which one?

The only five on the Red Team.


Elise, you're not consistent.

That's [BLEEP].
You're not consistent.

You're not consistent either.

Your lamb was raw today.

Because you were running around,
frazzled, not knowing...

No, 'cause you kept opening the oven.

"Oh! Oh!"

I know why you put me up there.

You put me up there hoping...

But you should know better.

I'm coming for you.

I am not scared of you.

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Does that look okay?

Give me a second.
I'm putting on mascara...


Does this look all right?


Michelle, I don't want
friends like you, honey.

You burnt that bridge as an ally,

and now I'm going to be trying
to beat you at every turn.


Good morning.
Good morning, Chef.

First of all, do you enjoy hunting?

Yes, Chef.

Let's go.
Oh, my God.

Always looking for the next crazy thing
that Chef Ramsay's gonna have us do.

I'm all for it.

Oh, my God, it's a jungle.

Oh, that's awesome.
It's like Jurassic Park.

That's awesome.
Oh, wow.

Where's Tarzan?

I want him to just swing
by in the loin cloth.

That would be just...

Right, Red Team, Blue Team, welcome

to the Hell's Kitchen Jungle.
Welcome to the jungle.

And this is where you're
going to be hunting.

Now, listen carefully.

For today's challenge,

all of you will be
creating a stunning dish

using exotic meats,

eaten by early humans.

Some of the game meat that our
ancestors hunted and cooked

has come back into style.

Chefs, please.

Hi, Chef.

What up, Jocky?

On each of these racks

is the name of three
different unique meats

that all of you will be cooking with,

boar, venison, and elk.

This is right in my wheelhouse.

My dad's got a bowhunting ranch

down in Texas called
The Hoot and Holler.

And all we do is hunt wild
boars down there with bows.

In this incredible, first ever

Hell's Kitchen Jungle,

you'll find all the
ingredients you'll need

to complete that incredible dish.
Oh, Lord.

When I say go,
the first chef from each team

will grab a spear very carefully...

Don't dare throw it.

Have to cook for your life.

I'm a little nervous
with Elise and a spear.

You'll run into the jungle...

And you'll search and stab

any ingredient that you want,
is that clear?

Oh, my God.
Yes, Chef.

Now, Manda, Robyn,

you're up first.

Manda, wild boar.
There you go.

And Robyn, venison.

Now, your three minutes

start now.

Let's go.
Come on, Robyn.

In today's challenge,
the chefs will take turns spear hunting

five ingredients they
will use in cooking

each of the three exotic proteins.

Butternut, apple.

Each ingredient they choose

must be used in their dish.

Go, go, go! Come on, Michelle.

What am I gonna get in this jungle?

I don't want to take too long because

I don't want to lose
any time for our team.

Green beans and squash.

I want to make sure that we get

five ingredients on each spear.

Lentils, nice one.

Get a starch, Milly.

Get a starch.
Look at Milly.

You know, I'm out there,

stalking my ingredients and [BLEEP].

You know, so I feel like a man.

What do you got?

Hurry up, Barbie, let's go.

Wow, fennel.

It's a little tricky.

It's easy to kind of just go in there

and just stab at some ingredients.


But you really have to think,

"What the hell are we gonna
do with these ingredients?"

We got carrots.

Carrots, great, carrots.
Okay, cool.

Yeah, that's good, that's good.

Oh, [BLEEP].
You almost stabbed Jennifer.



Not sorry.

Come on, Jennifer, let's go.

We're under a big time crunch here,

but it certainly feels good
to get some aggression out.

It's stuck in the floor!

Oh, my God.

For [BLEEP]'s sake.

Sorry, Chef.

What is that?
It's yams.

Tomatoes and spinach.

There's over 60 seconds to go! Jump!

With the second spears
completed and time running out...

Let's go.

Both teams race to find ingredients

to fill their final spear.

What is that?
Brussels sprout.

Hurry it up, hurry it up.
Just get something.

Where are the nuts?
Ooh, that's... that...

Sorry, Chef...

Ten seconds, let's go.

You need color on the plate!

No, don't take bok choy.
Leave that there.

No, Barbie, we already have Swiss chard!

Barbie, why would you grab bok choy?

Five, four, three,

two, one.

That is it.
Good job, Van.


You'll have 45 minutes

to compose a stunning dish,

giving these exotic meats
a very modern flair.

Your 45 minutes start now.

Let's go.

All right, everybody,
meet with your partner

and make sure you're not
duplicating the dish.

Right here, man.

The teams must now create dishes...

Where are the bowls?
Featuring their game meat

and all five speared ingredients.

Yeah, I cleaned off this silverskin.


Two chefs from each team

will cook the same protein,
except for Nick.

You guys got this.

Who is the only persn

cooking venison for the Blue Team.

Yes, Chef?

You ever cooked with this before?

I'm from New Jersey.
I don't get this stuff.

Boar? Who the hell eats boar?

Like, don't they have,
like, rabies or something?

Going in the convection with the boar!

Five minutes in, guys. Five minutes in.

Um, Benjamin.

Elk cooks really quick?

Yeah, it's very lean.

I never cooked elk before.

So what I'm doing now is

I am watching Ben like a hawk.

He's always kicking my
ass in challenges.

So when Ben puts his elk down,

I'm putting my elk in a saute pan.

When he rotates it,

I rotate it.

Because of Benjamin,

I'm totally confident that

I'm gonna nail this elk dish.

23 minutes remaining.

We are halfway.

You settled down today?
Yes, Chef.

I'm sorry, Chef.
What are you doing?

Seared venison, sauteed braised kale.

Michelle, this dish today is totally

a statement piece.

Like, "Who's the weakest link?"

I don't think so.

Five minutes remaining.

Five minutes, Chef.
Come on.

[BLEEP] This thing's way too hot.

Why is the oven up like that, you guys?

The oven is turned up to 475,

which I think is insane. Sabotage.

We are down to two minutes,
Red Team, Blue Team.

Right behind.

Finishing touches.

Got to plate. Come on.

This is still [BLEEP] raw.

Get me a hot pan, please!

Hot pan is here.

Oh, Lord.

I don't know what kind
of noise a boar makes,

but it certainly was
talking in that pan, okay?

Come on.

Come on, Manda, you can do it.

[BLEEP], I'm sorry, guys.

30 seconds remaining.

Robyn, please.
Why are you so behind, Robyn?

I'm plating right now, Chef.

Let's go.

Ten, nine...

Where's your plate?
Right here, it's right here...

Move, move, move, move, move.






one, and stop.

Everybody happy?
Yes, Chef!

Good, now,

I cannot think

of two people more qualified

to help me judge this challenge,

Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo.

Please welcome.

How are you, Chef?
Welcome back.

Thanks for having us.
Good to see you.


Chef Jon and Vinny
from Animal were actually

judges on season 14.

Describe the dish, please.

It's an Asian-inspired alligator curry.

That is the best dish of the day.

Wow, wow.
Good job, Michelle.

They've gone on and
opened two more restaurants,

Son of a Gun and Trois Mec.

Right, let's start off with

the battle of the boar.

Let's go.
Come on, guys.

Chef Ramsay, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo

will judge all the
dishes of each protein,

and then will pick a
winner for each round.

So I have a walnut-crusted
wild boar loin

and some southern style
braised collard greens,

with Brussels and bacon.

How'd that taste, Vinny?

I actually really love the crust.

The meat and the collard greens
go beautifully together.

I think the dish plays really strong.
Seasoning's nice.

Thank you. My southern
charm's bringing it home!

Chef can taste that south
in his mouth, baby!

It's now the moment of truth

for Manda's boar chop
with apple and fennel.

Could you tell us how you cooked
the piece of meat, please?

I seared it and basted
it and then put it in the oven.

And then last minute, I sliced it,

and I just gave it a quick sear.

You put it back in the
pan after you cut it?

Yes, I did.

It really hurts the overall dish.

Oh, dear.

Next up is Milly's
rosemary-marinated boar loin

with deep-fried Brussels
sprous and bacon jam.

This one feels like it's just
a little bit undercooked.

To me, the Brussels sprouts
are a little greasy.

It doesn't work.

It just doesn't work.

Right, uh, Jennifer.

With Van seemingly
still in the driver seat,

Jennifer is the Red Team's
last hope to win this round

with her home style boar dish.

Chefs, I was trying to think
pork chops and apple sauce.

I like the thought process.
I do too.

I think the herbs are
very nice with the dish.

The apples played nicely
with the boar chop.

Uh, Jennifer, love what
you did with the apples.

Spot on.
Thank you, Chef.

Uh, gents,
so the winner of the boar dish

belongs to

the Blue Team or the Red Team?

For me, I would pick Van.


Thank you.

Oh, yeah, I pulled out the W, baby!

Blue Team,

out the gate strong.

Next up, venison, please. Let's go.

With the men taking the first round,

the spotlight shifts to Nick,

who has the Blue Team's
only venison dish.

What you have is a warm
spice-roasted venison

with a butternut squash puree.

Uh, Jon, does it taste
as good as it looks?

It actually does.

Nice dish.
It tastes exceptional.

Thank you, Chef.


Will try to top Nick's dish

with a roast venison,
yam and pear puree.

Vinny, how was that for you?

It felt like the meat could have
used a little more seasoning.

Next time, I would just put less meat.

Yeah, venison that thick, you know,

doesn't deliver its best texture.


After Dana's disappointing showing,

it's up to Elise and her
venison with yam puree

to keep the Red Team alive.

This is no ordinary challenge.

I'm not paying attention to
how the Blue Team's doing.

It's like Michelle came for me,

so now it's my mission to outdo her.

Every single time.

I love the confidence in
not slicing the meat.

Thank you.

So hopefully you know your temperatures,

and when I cut in there,
it's nice and perfect.

Look at her face.

It's round two of judging

in today's Game Meat Challenge.

I love the confidence in
not slicing the meat.

Thank you.

And with the men
winning the first round,

it's come down to Elise's venison dish

to prevent a Blue Team win,

at least for now.

So hopefully you know your temperatures

and when I cut in there,
it's nice and perfect.

Look at her face.

It's cooked perfect.

Thank you.

With this dish, it really feels like

you let the star of the show
be the star of the show.

Thank you.

Hands down, the best dish by Elise?

I think Elise actually
has had the best dish.

Elise, good job.


Michelle, I told you yesterday, boo-boo,

that moving forward, I'm going to be at

infinite speed... You better keep up.

This is it. We're tied at one-one.

And it's all down to
the battle of the elk.

Please, let's go.


So it's basically coming down to

my dish and Benjamin's dish

for our team.

My fingers are crossed,

hoping that my plan to follow Benjamin

was a right decision.

Barbie, please, describe your dish.

I have pan-roasted elk

with chili-braised bok choy.

The cook is actually nice
on the piece of meat.

It's tender, delicious, um,

and it's seasoned beautifully.

Solid effort.
Thank you, Chefs.

Up next is Benjamin,

with his juniper-marinated elk loin.

I think it's a little
bit under-seasoned.

I think it's kind of flat.
It needs a little bit of spice.

Yes, chef.

Ben is usually one of the strong
ones in these competitions.

So for him not to do good, it's like,

"We might win this round."

Next up is Michelle..

With her pan-seared
elk with chickpea puree.

I think the meat was a little bit dry.

That's a great shame.

Michelle's meat is dry like jerky.

In the inside,
I'm laughing because she be

walking around with her
nose up in the air,

talking about she better than everybody.


The final dish is

Robyn's elk with chimichurri sauce.

Vinny, how's that?

It's simple. It's nice.

It has a nice acidity to it.

Thank you, Chef.

I love chimichurri.

Did it with a bit of a wow.

Chimichurri, great idea, by the way.

Good job, Robyn.
Good job, Robyn.

Gents, tough one, this one.

Which one would you eliminate?


You'd pick Michelle? Vinny?


So we come down to the top two,

which is Barbie and Robyn.

Come on, Barbie.

Never thought I'd be saying that.

Gents, top dish

it's between Barbie or Robyn.

The winner of this challenge, I think...

I think Robyn.

I think I would have to
go with Robyn as well.

Uh, Blue Team, congratulations.

Thank you, Chefs.

Whoo! Out of four dishes,
my dish was the best!

Uh, Robyn, well done.
Yes, Robyn.

That's right, girl.
Thank you, Chefs.

Good to see you, bud.
Good to see you.

Thank you.
Thank you guys.

Thanks for having us.
Take care. Thanks, Jon.

Good job, Robyn.

Right, Blue Team,

you're in for an amazing reward.

You all will be heading out

to an exclusive mountain retreat,

Hummingbird Nest ranch.

All right.

It is beautiful.

Whilst there, you'll enjoy

thousands of dollars of caviar

by Petrossian; it's a luxury caviar.

You're gonna love it.

Head to the dorms.
Thank you, Chef.

Your car's awaiting.
Robyn, welcome back.

Thank you, Chef.

Holy crap!



Good job, honey. I'm so proud of you.

Now, Red Team,

today is spring cleaning day.

I'm talking about scrubbing floors

and scouring the toilet.

Now, after the bathrooms are done,

jump into the shower stalls.


Once those dorms are back to

pristine, immaculate condition,

all our waiting staff's aprons,

they need some ironing.

No, Chef.

Great. Off you go.
Yes, Chef.

I was hoping Chef Ramsay was gonna say

since I had the best dish that

I could go ahead and join the Blue Team,

but no, I'm stuck here,

scrubbing pubes out of
the showers. Great.

Literally, everyone...
We did a good job.

Did a good job.

We didn't do a good job.

Nobody got points.

Except my one.

And Michelle's like, "I think we all

should be proud of ourselves."

Proud of what? Your non-point?

Your dry meat? Bye.

You guys can start in the kitchen.
Yes, Chef.

Oh, yes, queen.

Good day, bro.

Oh, you're dapper, bro!

Man, we won!

It feels so good to win.

And we are dressed to impress, baby.

Look at us.
Here we go, guys.


Ain't that nasty?

The dorms are pretty gnarly.

If you've ever lived with boys,

you know that it's not always pretty.

Oh, my God.

That is gross.

Ugh, this is so [BLEEP] sweaty.

[BLEEP] is this?

On Milly's chair,
he had two hamburgers in a bag.

And I... I don't know if he was
saving it for later or what,

but I am, like, completely
freaked out right now.

You got it, Elise? Yeah?

It would be nice to have some space

during this punishment because

I'm not like Michelle. I can't just
walk around and be fake to people

and then wait for my opportunity
to stab them in the back.

This iron sucks.

Yeah, this one does too.


Oh, my, VIP.

Oh, damn.

Hummingbird Nest ranch is beautiful.

It's pretty bourgie and
seems really expensive.

I am so far from fancy, refined.

This is so nice.

Oh, God, I am so far from that.

Hey, guys, how are you?
Hello, Chef.

Congratulations on your win.
Thank you.

This is a perfect day
to taste some caviar.

So the first caviar we're gonna taste,

it's from California.

So it tastes like the fresh ocean.

Oh, man, this caviar that I'm tasting

is creamy.

It is so rich.

You just eat it and you just

become part of the caviar.

That's great.
Is that your favorite so far?

Yeah. That was beautiful.

Milly is loving this caviar.

You should get creamy again on this one.

He's making love to the caviar.

Mmm, mmm-mmm-mmm!

Next, I'm gonna make
some lunch for you guys.

I used to work for a chef.

And my responsibility was to
taste the caviar every morning,

So I know that this is the
best caviar you can try

in your life.

So the first course, caviar foie gras.

Uni and tuna.

Cheers on that.

To Blue Team.
Blue Team.

Blue Team.

While the Blue Team

bonds together outside
of Hell's Kitchen,

back in the dorms...

I want to talk to her, but

I don't know if it's a good time or not.

The Red Team attempts to do the same.

Not before service, maybe.

Well, I don't want it to carry over,
you know what I mean?


This is not going to end well.

Three, two, one.

Hey, do you mind if we
have a conversation?


I don't want there to be
any tension between us.

And I know that there is right now.

So I just don't want this to
carry over into dinner service.

You said that I'm not a team player.

Yes, you did.

First of all, I was put on the spot.

What, your brain doesn't work?

I said, "I'm gonna put up Elise

because she said she
works well by herself...

And she needs to show that.
And she needs to prove it."

I don't need to prove myself.

I had to put your up there.

I knew you were gonna come back.

You ain't ever gonna be the
cause of me going home.

I done sacrificed too much.
I have too much passion.

You're not listen...
You don't know me.

You won't even let me explain.

I heard what you said.

But your problem is

you like to talk and don't
listen to nobody else.

I thought we were friends.

We were having good conversations.

You showed me... you showed
me that there is no friends.

When we talk, it's gonna be

about dinner service,
challenges, food-related things.

Don't ask me how your ponytail
looks, 'cause I don't care.

I'm not playing nice anymore.

She opened a can of worms, so she better

be able to deal with.

There's no friendship here.

Because friends don't
backstab each other.

Elise, you're getting so defensive.

Smart-alecky [BLEEP]
I did not backstab you.

You came to me with this.

You opened a can of worms.

We gotta get out of this
dinner service alive.

Okay, guys, smash it tonight.

Yes, Chef.
Yes, sir.

Let's have a good night, yeah?

Good night, Chef.

After coming together as a team

and having a good challenge,

I feel really confident going
into this dinner service.

All right, guys,
we're communicating tonight.


You're driving the bus.

Ladies, are you ready?

Yes, Chef.
Let's go.

Let's go, Milly.
Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen, please. Let's go.

The first seating of guests has arrived.

There you go. Buon appetito.

And while some are eager to savor

their Hell's Kitchen favorites...

The pan-seared scallops.

Uh, let's do the beef Wellington.

Others will enjoy Chef Ramsay's

one-night-only caviar
blini appetizer special.

Make sure you keep that
caviar underneath.

Yes, Chef.
Thank you.

Okay, here we go, Blue Team.

Two risotto. One tartare.

One special caviar du jour.

Let's do it, guys, yes?
Yes, Chef.

Y'all about to see the
greatest performance

for hot apps in Hell's Kitchen ever

and it's gonna be on
the All Star season.

How you looking, Milly, good?

I'm looking beautiful, baby.

How your little blinis looking?

My blinis are looking great, guys.

Two risotto, yes?

Yes, Chef.

This is going up right here, guys.

Blinis right here, Chef.

Let's go. In the middle.

Come on, bring 'em out.

Walking lobster tail.

Run, run, run, run.
Yes, Chef.

[BLEEP] Behind.

Yes, Chef?

That is delicious.

Thank you, Chef.

I told you, put me on hot apps.

I'm the nicest with them pans,

period, point blank.


Scallop [BLEEP] tartare?

This doesn't get peppered up?

Uh, no, it's fine.

Elise and I have history.

Shut up...
It wasn't that one...

Shut up for five [BLEEP] seconds!

And we are complete polar opposites.


Can you help me with the tartare?

I haven't made this one yet.
Yep. Um.

So Worcestershire, olive oil.
Just so I know.


Just let me do it.
Just talk me through it.

I will give my left foot
for someone to walk.

Elise would be like,
"We'll take the foot

and, like, throw it down the drain."

Creme fraiche goes on the opposite side?

Like, so right here?

Just... tell me.

Yeah, so, like, right next to it.

All right.
Sorry, like... I'm sorry.

I'm a shower. I'm a shower.

I can't believe I'm helping Elise.


Uh, six.

Four times?

Or six pieces?
I got it.

I... maybe I have a fever or something.

I don't know, because this is really...

This is odd for me.

All right, you cut it,
I'll... I'll dress it.

Hurry up, please, Elise.

Nice, nice.

Thank you, Chef. Thank you.

Come on, guys. We are full, let's go.


I have Mr. Rzeznik at the bar,

from the Goo Goo Dolls,
for table of four.

What do you mean?
I'm full on the floor.

Okay. Uh.

Chef table. Uh, red kitchen, let's go.

Okay, I'll put it...
Hurry up, let's go.

Ladies, just turned up

who's now sitting on the chef table,

John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls.

The leader singer.

You know who this guy is.

Yes, Chef.
Let's go.

Thank you so much.

Oh, my God, it's, like, really him.

I am so starstruck right now.

Right in there. This okay?


We have John Rzeznik at our chef's table

and I am freaking out.

That's so cool.
I know.

Oh, my God, like, this is, like,

this is a real celebrity right now.

Hi, John Rzeznik.


Lobster tail. Foie gras scallops.

Scallops are done.

Barbie, I got it.

Coming right now, Chef.
Lobster tail's right here.

There's four girls on the fish.

Go! Come on.

I'm trying to help you.
I know you are.

There's four on fish!
Yes, Chef!

Do you want John to help as well?

No, Chef.

Come on!
Dinner and a show.

With half of the Red Team

now working on the fish station,

appetizers and entrees

are making their way out to diners.

Oh, my God, that's amazing.

While over in the Blue Kitchen...

Yes, Chef?

Come here.

Benjamin and the
newly cohesive Blue Team

are off to a flawless start.

That lamb is beautiful.

Thank you, Chef.
Absolutely beautiful.

Guys, we're gonna keep
this up. Killing it.

Come on, guys. The Blue
Team has good momentum.

I'm really impressed with Van,
myself, and Nick.

I see you, Milly. Shaking that ass.

I think Robyn and Milly
are working good together.

We're going in the right direction.

You could just feel it.

Two sirloins, Chef.

Right between, Chef.

Come on, y'all. Keep going, y'all.

We got this.
Come on, guys.

Hey, I don't know what's happening,

but this momentum in
service has got to remain.

Yes, Chef!

While the Blue Team continues to deliver

perfect entrees to their
diner, Chef Ramsay...

Come on, ladies, please.
We're getting flat.

Yes, Chef.
Is hoping the ladies can find

some positive momentum of their own.

Manda, how's that pork? Is it resting?

What... I didn't hear a [BLEEP] word.

Are you kidding me?

Manda, you have three pork all day.

Manda, can I help you.

There's a lot going on right now,

and the kitchen is just so [BLEEP] noisy

that I can't hear [BLEEP]
and I can't think straight.

Pork Wellington, halibut, duck.
How long for that one?

How are we on the pork?

Pork, uh, ten minutes!

Ten minutes.

Holy [BLEEP].

Hey, who forgot the pork?

I did, Chef!

Do you know how bad it is,
forgetting pork?

I absolutely do, Chef.

Can we salvage a duck and halibut,
and do one-two top?

Yes, Chef.


I've got the duck,
but where's the halibut?

Halibut's walking right now.
Watch it.

You okay?

Yeah, it's [BLEEP] slippery.

Halibut's right here.

Oh, [BLEEP].

Hey, all of you, come in here.



I'm sorry, Chef.

[BLEEP] [BLEEP] Stand over there.

Yes, Chef.

Close the [BLEEP] door. [BLEEP]

Christina, come in here.

What is happening?

Close the door.
Yes, Chef.

Close the door.
Yes, Chef.

What is happening?

It's [BLEEP] raw.

Pork's not ready.

What's happened?

The pork didn't get dropped.

It backed everything up.
We didn't get going, Michelle.

You're right, Chef.
It's been a massive meltdown.

You need to start being a bit
more honest with each other.

Yes, Chef.

Pushing each other.
Motivating each other.

Get your [BLEEP] together.

Yes, Chef.

Come on, guys. Let's keep it going.

On order, two halibut, two lamb.

Yes, Chef.
Two halibut, two lambs, Chef.

How long till two
halibut, two lamb, Nick?

Uh, one minute, please.

One minute.
Heard one minute!

Walk the a la garnish, bro.

I'm walking.

Lamb coming to the pass, Chef.

Halibut, Chef.

Blue Team,

it's a great pace.

Yes, Chef!

We're a beautiful symphony right now.

We're gonna mix that.

Van, you ready to go in
three minutes for the pass?

Yeah, I'm ready, baby.

I'm ready on scallops. Yeah, can I walk?

I got you right now, buddy!

The Blue Team, we riding high.

We got a bunch of All Stars here.

Coming down. Backs, backs!

Walking, salmon, behind.

Hey, this is what I call
an energetic service.

Yes, Chef!

While the Blue Team
strikes a perfect chord...

So good.

Over in the Red Kitchen...

I'm walking with lamb.

I'm slicing chicken.

Michelle and Barbie..
Coming down.

Are trying to get
in sync on the meat station.

I approved myself on the
meat station already

because I did all this by myself

in the last dinner service,
so, I'm good.

Let's just see how
Barbie does this time.


You said the chicken was perfect, right?

'Cause I didn't double-check you.

It wasn't pink on the inside
and it had some shine, so.

There was no pink on the inside?

There was no pink on the inside.

Hey, hey, all of you, come here.

I'm not doing it in
front of the chef table.

I said all of you.

Oh, no.

Now just touch that, in there.

Yeah, Chef.

It's raw, Chef.
You can see it, it's raw.

Who sliced that?
I did, Chef.

Wow, doesn't surprise me, but hey,

she's the best chef here.

I didn't look deep enough into it.

I just opened it a little
and it looked fine.

Ladies, chef table arrived,
you fall to pieces.

I'm sorry.

Hey, ladies, have we given up?

No, Chef! We have not, Chef.

Well, you're cooking like it.

Hot pan, Chef. Sorry.


The Red Team has
delivered just a few entrees.

Go on.

While the Blue Team
is only a couple tickets away

from completing service.

Scallops going into the pan, Robyn.

I need about 90 seconds to...
That's fine!

I got... I'm working
too right now, darling.

You need help with anything?

No, baby, I'm making more blinis.

I'm good, Bubba.

I'm here with my boys.

I love the Blue Team.

Hashtag truth, baby.

Darling, I'll run it for
you if you want me to.


You have tartar sauce right there.

You know that, right, babe?


Behind you one more time, baby.

Robyn, I'm not your baby.

Thank you, babe.

At all.

Do you want more bone
marrow on here, baby?

No, it's perfect amount.

Come on, Robyn,
you gotta hustle with those.

I'm trying, baby.

Hey, forget the baby [BLEEP],
will you, please?

Hey, young lady,
forget the baby [BLEEP].

Just sound like a pro.
Yeah, just do it.

Yeah, Chef.
Okay, forget the baby [BLEEP].

We're not in a [BLEEP] nightclub, okay?

Sorry, baby.

The next ticket,

one halibut, one duck,
one pork, one beef.

Yes, Chef!

How long, Barbie?

How long?

Mine's resting, so...

I just need a time.

A direct, confident time.
How long?

Mine is resting,
so when you're ready to go...

Are you ready? That means...

So three minutes, Chef.
Three minutes.

[BLEEP], now where is
the confidence gone?

I would love to try to turn this around

and show that even though
we have [BLEEP] up,

we can bounce back.

I can walk pork.

Garnish, please.
Yes, Chef.

You... you walking?
I'm slicing my Wellington!

Pork is walking, Chef.
Walking Wellington!

Take it back.
Beside you, Chef.

Right in the center.

And the duck.

Hey, Blue Team. Come here.


Red Team.

Line up.
Yes, Chef.

Quit... yeah, and line up.

Blue Team, line up there.

No telling what might be going on.

This All Star season has been crazy.

I am done.

Raw duck, raw pork.

I mean, to... All Stars?

[BLEEP] no stars tonight.

This has been the worst service ever

by the Red Team.

Send your last table now, Blue Team,

and jump in here and
salvage this [BLEEP].

You five, [BLEEP] off!

Yes, Chef!


I told you about that duck.

I told you that that was...

Gonna happen with that duck.

Oh, my God, the Red Team is just like

a angry [BLEEP] pimple ready to
[BLEEP] explode at this point.

Robyn, jump on the garnish.

Oh, my [BLEEP] Red Team,
what's going on?

The Blue Team is finishing
up for you guys again.

Walking lamb, New York strip.

Lobster Wellington.

Who's going home tonight?

That's it. Go, go-go-go.

Thank you for your patience.

Whoa, oh, my friend, thank you.
You're welcome.

Uh, Blue Team,
great job in the Blue Kitchen

and great job in the Red Kitchen.

Thank you, Chef.
Stoves off, please.

Send the desserts.
Thank you, Chef.

I'll tell you what the issue is.

This [BLEEP] was a cluster[BLEEP].

Everybody wants to preach
this team-player [BLEEP],

but I don't really [BLEEP]
see it from everyone.

Nobody takes advice from nobody.
That's a problem.

Listen... listen, guys...
I didn't do anything...

Yes, you did,
you [BLEEP] cleaned that...

Oh, my God, are you
[BLEEP] serious right now?

I don't mean it in a bad way!

No... stop! Shut up!

Everybody wants to preach
this team-player [BLEEP],

but I don't really [BLEEP]
see it from everyone.

Nobody takes advice from nobody.
That's a problem.

Listen... listen, guys...
I didn't do anything...

Yes, you did,
you [BLEEP] cleaned that...

Oh, my God, are you
[BLEEP] serious right now?

I don't mean it in a bad way!

No... stop! Shut up!

This is just how I feel about it.

I feel like the raw-ass
pork set this kitchen back.

That's... that was a huge [BLEEP]-up.

It's a double bone pork chop.

It's gonna take a really long time.

I honestly thought they were done.

And it has to be cooked
all the way through.

And then you didn't hear
the call for three pork.

Yeah, I didn't.

I will take accountability
for my huge [BLEEP]-up

and weeding the kitchen.

But the Red Team is stronger with me

than without me.

Barbie, at the beginning,

you're micromanaging me.

I wasn't micromanaging.

You're telling me that
my scallops are done,

and I'm... they're not done.

Why didn't you say something?

Barbie, you know I like you.

I know.

But what the [BLEEP] is the
excuse on that raw-ass duck?

What I don't understand is how that
station got so weeded with two people.

Because it weren't!

Because she was supporting everybody.

I don't deserve to be up there.

I was basically by myself
with the meat station.

Michelle was everywhere else.

You bounced through the whole kitchen.

That doesn't mean anything.

There was a lot going on.

That has nothing to do with
how you cook duck, though.

If you're her partner,

why were you letting
her send up raw duck?

I'm not gonna snatch meat

out of Barbie's hand and cook it.

You beat your chest so much as a leader,

but you dropped the
ball on that tonight.

Because at some point,
when does your leadership

kick in and say, "We're going down.

Let me take this over.
Barbie, I don't care.

I'm cooking this"?
I was helping Barbie.

But you never took lead on it.

I'm not gonna disrespect
my partner like that.

She said she's got it...

I handed it to her.

She probably got a six pack on her jaws.

'Cause all she do is

like one of them little ankle dogs

that yap but don't do nothing.

Listen, I take responsibility
for the raw chicken.

That was my bad.

If I'm gonna be real with you,

I think you skated
through service tonight

I think that you skated on the
responsibility of not only your station,

but you were bouncing around,
running around a lot.

I was back and forth on fish and...

You [BLEEP] skated through
that [BLEEP] like...

I did not!
I did not skate, Elise.

You skated through service tonight.


You skated through service tonight.

There's no way I deserve to
be put up for elimination.

Yeah, I made a silly mistake.

But it was a quick fix.

What were you doing?

I was on my station.

She got pounded.

Thank you.
I... I was helping.

Okay, no-no-no, you... Elise...
Boop, that's what I was doing.

No-no-no, Elise,
you asked me... No-no-no...

No, that's what I was doing.
Elise... Elise...

That's fair.
But what were you doing?

Running around like a chicken
with your head cut off.

That's what you're great at.


You asked me what I did on my...

It's only fair that I...
That's what I was doing.

That's what I was doing.

Boop to that.

Okay. All right, Elise.

Elise is literally obsessed with me.

She will not let anything I do go.

She's just, like,
on my ass all the time.

It's completely unnecessary.

All right, all right, I'm ready to vote.

I'm lost for words.

Have you six fallen out?

No, Chef.

Yes, Chef?

What happened?

I'm gonna tell you what happened, Chef.

No one took control.
Michelle ran around a lot.

There's people kissing
certain people's asses

and not keeping it real,
and it's a hindrance to us.

Why are we on the patio celebrating

that we did good in the challenge?

We didn't do good in the challenge.

Nobody got a point.

Nobody was celebrating, Chef.

Nobody was celebrating.
We weren't celebrating.

Michelle said, "I think we did good."

I'm like, "Well, there's the problem."

No one here agrees with her, Chef.

No. No-no-no.

The pork chops was wrong.

She's... also sent up a raw chicken

that she doesn't want to
take accountability for.

"Well, I didn't cook it."

She did take accountability for.

Well, y'all can continue to
kiss her behind, but I'm not.

Because I'm here for a competition.

Nobody kissed her behind at all.

You don't like her personally,

so you're trying to
throw her under the bus.

It's nothing personal.
It's nothing personal.

Ladies, ladies...
It's Barbie too.

She's always finding
someone else to blame.

She said the duck was raw

because no one scored it for her, but...

Communication is still failing, Chef.

And I don't know if it's
just egos talking or what,

but it's too much.

We're not supporting one
another how we should.


I was trying to support my
team in any way that I could.

I was supporting the meat station.

I was supporting the fish station.

And I was spread too thin
trying to help out my team.


There were two people
on the meat station,

but only one person was
cooking everything.

This is what I hear during service.

I didn't hear any...
That's not... no, no.

She did not say anything during service.


I didn't say anything
during service, and also...


Ladies, can I just say
this is really pathetic?

There were two people
on the meat station,

but only one person was
cooking everything.

This is what I hear during service.

I didn't hear any...
That's not... no, no.

She did not say...
No, no...


Ladies, can I just say
this is really pathetic?

Yes, Chef.

First nominee, please.

First nominee is Manda, Chef.

Missing three pork set us back.

And then when you asked to pick it up,

it went up raw.

Jennifer, Red Team's
second nominee and why.

Second nominee is Barbie, Chef.

Why Barbie?

Because there was ducks on there

that were quacking they were so raw.

Barbie, Manda, step forward, please.

Yes, Chef.

Have you plateaued?
Absolutely not, Chef.

Have you lost your edge?
Absolutely not.

Are you a better chef than Barbie?

Tell me why.

You've said it yourself,
I'm scrappy and I'm feisty.

And I've never given up a fight.

I've grown exponentially since
I've been here the first time.

I'm a team player, and I think my team

would stand behind me on that.

When you are in the weeds,

being a prolific delegator gets you out.


But you said nothing.

Yeah, Chef.

Terrible service.
Yeah, Chef.

Are you done?
No, I'm not.

Has the fight gone from your belly?
The fight's never gonna leave from me.

I came here. I want this.

Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I should stay in Hell's Kitchen because

I look out for everyone else
and not enough for myself.

And that's what a chef does.

My decision is...


Wake up, and get back in line.

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Take off your jacket.

Your time is done.

You are a hard worker.

But you are not ready to lead

the first ever Hell's
Kitchen in Las Vegas.

Thank you so much for having me here.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Girls, guys...

Bye, Manda.
Bye, love you guys.

Be good to each other.

Bye, Manda.

This did not end the
way I thought it would end.

I weeded our kitchen,

and I'm pissed as hell about it.

At the end of the day, like,

I want a better life for my babies.

I hope that they know that
I'm better because of this,

but I'm mostly better because of them.

So I can't... I just can't
wait to go see them.

Listen carefully.

You each now have a one in ten chance

of becoming head chef

in Hell's Kitchen flagship,
Caesars Las Vegas.

Think about that.

Yes, Chef.

Good night.
Good night, Chef.

Good night, Chef.

They're always gonna put me up first.

I get it. But guess what?

It's in the past.

Guess who's waking up in Hell's
Kitchen again tomorrow.

I still want this.

Oh, my goodness.

When they were walking down the hallway,

you could hear 'em fighting.

Out in front of the chef and
they're still fighting.

The Ratchet Reds are just ratchet.

Did they forget
that this is competition?

I don't need no friends.
I got plenty of friends at home.

I can have more friends when
I win this $1/4 million.

Like, I don't need their friendship.

I don't care if they ever
speak to me again after I win.

Manda said she never heard the ticket

that sunk her team.

Sadly, she's not going to
hear her name being called

as the winner of Hell's Kitchen either.

Next time on
Hell's Kitchen, All Stars...

Thank you. Huge fan.
Congratulations. Likewise.

When Barbie's girl crush

Cheryl Burke comes to Hell's Kitchen...

Hi, I'm Barbie.

You are so amazing.
Thank you so much.

Will it become a fatal attraction?

I'm gonna go cook you
some more duck, okay?


Barbie, he said no.

And send Barbie over the edge?

Please fire one duck garnish for me.

He said he didn't want it.

Fire duck garnish, please.

Come on, ladies, please?

This [BLEEP] is getting weird.

Like, they see the crazy in you

like we all do. Chill.

You two, sort it out. Now.

It's all aboard the crazy train.

You're a lunatic. Cuckoo.

Like "One Flew Over the
Cuckoo's Nest" crazy.

Did she just call me crazy?

In an off-the-rails episode...

She just wants to throw
people under the bus.

This is not a bus ride;
it's a train wreck.

You're a train wreck!

Choo-choo, choo-choo.

Of Hell's Kitchen, All Stars.