Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 2 - Raising the Bar - full transcript

The contestants are required to make bar menu meals in forty minutes, sous-chefs Christina and James "Jocky" assist Ramsay in the judging, and the contestant who makes the best meal is safe from elimination.

Previously on Hell's Kitchen...

Chef Ramsay made history...

For the first time ever,
the chefs will be all-stars.

By inviting back
16 former black jacket chefs

with the greatest prize ever
on the line.

One of you will become the head chef

at the brand-new
Hell's Kitchen restaurant

in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas!

On the Strip. Chef Milly will be there.

Season 14 allies

Michelle and Nick were reunited...

- I'm so happy you're here.
- I know.

As were season 15
friends Jared and Ashley.

Hope somebody coming
to give me a hug like that.

- Hi, guys.
- Hi, girl!

But Dana and Robyn's reunion

with old nemesis Barbie
from season 10...


Wasn't exactly a happy one.

- Hi.
- No hug?

No love?

For the first-ever all-star season...

- Lift your domes.
- Chef Ramsay

- surprised the chefs...
- What the...

With a twist on
the signature dish challenge.

This is not what I picked.

I'm pushing you to the limit,

and it begins right now.

Let's go! Go, guys.

One stunning entrée.

- That's good.
- Ben from season six

served up a rice-stuffed chicken...

You've got bland on bland.
Two out of five, Ben.

That didn't impress.

Texas bad boy Van...

It's the first five of the night.

Yeah! It's called the Lone Star
State for a reason, y'all.

And always-cocky Elise...

I'm definitely the strongest
woman on my team.


It's the second five of the night.

It's okay. You can hate me.

Both got the maximum
score for their teams.

And it all came down to Robyn's salmon.

One out of five.

- Oh!
- Ooh!

It was disgusting.

Congratulations, men.

- Yeah!
- Let's go, baby!

The women's first defeat

had Robyn looking for answers.

This is tiger's-eye.

I ask it "yes" and "no" questions.

You didn't ask about the salmon, though.

Ooh! The shade!

While the men...

Were on top of the world.

I get to ride in limos.

I get to slide down skyscrapers.

I get to eat at Wolfgang Puck.

All-star season is great.

The next morning...

Come and take a seat at the bar.

Chef Ramsay gathered
the all-stars for a huge announcement.

This year in Hell's Kitchen,
we've gone up a notch.

I'm going to be offering
a special bar menu.

This is what your next
challenge is all about.

The chef who creates
the most immaculate,

the best bar menu item

will be featured

on the Hell's Kitchen bar menu

throughout this season.

But that's not all,

'cause this next bit is huge.

The winning chef of this challenge

will be safe from tonight's elimination.

I need this immunity

'cause I did not do good yesterday.

Not only do I need it because
I want to redeem myself,

but I also want to be safe tonight too.

Make two plates,

'cause I'm gonna have some
incredible help with the judging.

How much time, Jared,
would you like for this challenge?

45 minutes would be nice.

You got 40.

And your time starts now! Let's go!

- Ooh, ooh, ooh!
- [BLEEP]!

Hurry up before they get it!

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Rice wine vinegar.

I'm trying to make dumplings, Chef.

What kind of dumplings?

Uh, I'm gonna do smoked
halibut and pork.

Theoretically, I'm feeling
super confident in this dish.


Actuality is, it's starting to set in

that I don't know how to make
a [BLEEP] dumpling.

Do you think eggs will bind up
my dough, just AP?

I don't... I don't know.

Heard that.

What are you gonna make, Michelle?

I'm making a shrimp and lobster sausage.

I'm definitely pushing the limit

of the definition of being ambitious.

But this is Hell's Kitchen.

It's go big or go home.

I need three ounces of fat.

Hey, individual challenge.

This is going on the menu.

Here we go. It's a big difference
between appetizers and bar food.

I know how to create high-end bar food.

What are you up to, Milly?

Uh, I'm gonna do a seafood poutine.

Yeah, the chips with the gravy.


I just got to put my head down

and get this dish done,

because the time is chasing me
down the street right now.

I almost want to do wings.

My wings are the perfect tapas
for a bar menu

because you can pair it with anything.

You can have it with chardonna.

You can have a nice ale with it.

You can also, like, pop a shot with it.

So who doesn't love chicken wings?


Chef Ramsay hits us
with a bar menu challenge.

I'm like, "Yahtzee."

I'm not a big fan
of vindication, redemption,

but you didn't like
my chicken yesterday?

Well, you're gonna like
my chicken today.

Can I just get one more little
pinch and you can take them?

Oh, you can have them.

Okay, stop. What's the sauce?

Oh, this is a coconut curry, Chef.

- It's delicious.
- Thank you, Chef.

Just under two minutes, ladies.

- Two minutes. Heard.
- Two minutes, Chef.

I feel a little bit confident,

like, you know what?
This crab cake tastes really good.

It's not dry. The romesco's good.

I got this [BLEEP] in the bag,

like dunk, whoosh,

nothin' but net.

Home run.

15 seconds.

Speed up, guys. Let's go.

Five, four, three...

- I'm trying to be nice.
- Oh, no, I appreciate it.

One, and serve, ladies.

I don't believe you got that done.

Me neither.

Line up, please. Let's go.

I have two very important

guest judges that will be joining me.

They look after 19 of my restaurants

across three continents.

Please welcome Christina and Jocky.

Christina and Jocky
are gonna sample every dish

and then choose the top four

from each kitchen.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, Chef.

Okay, great. Christina, Jocky,
I'm relying on you guys. Please.

I didn't just cook for 40 minutes

for Chef Ramsay
to not even taste my dish.

So I better be picked.

Okay, talk to me.

Okay, so I have a beer-battered
lobster tempura taco.

On top, you have
a roasted poblano salsa.

- Cool. You can take that with you.
- Thank you.

- Chef.
- Ben.

How are you, sir?

So we have Asian drumsticks

marinated in a little bit of soy sauce.

It's like the ultimate chicken wing.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Yup.

This is me in a nutshell, Chef.

So I have a Moroccan-style meatball.

And like me, it's not
your average meatball.

You know, it's got a personality, so...

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.

While the blue team jockeys

for their sous chef's favor...

She makes me nervous, man.

The red team worries
whether they can make it past

the discerning palate of chef
and season ten winner Christina.

- Okay.
- Um, I have mussels.

Chef Christina is so hard to read.

But she is judging our stuff,
so, God, I hope she likes it.

Okay. Thank you.

She's not telling us anything
about it anyways.

I did a Asian dumpling

with smoked halibut.


Oh, my God.

Part of me is wondering why

I made dumplings today from scratch.

I've never done that before.

I didn't even know I knew how.

It's like my mind's a separate
[BLEEP] entity from me.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

The time has come for Chef Ramsay

to taste Christina and Jocky's top four

from each of their teams.

He will then narrow it down
to his top four,

and from that, he will pick a winner.

- Christina.
- Yes, Chef?

The name of your first chef

with an outstanding bar dish.

It's gonna be Dana
with her lobster taco.

- Dana.
- Yes.

Yeah! My taco, number one pick.

What's up, ladies?

Describe the dish, please.

So I did a beer-battered
lobster tempura taco.

I pan-seared some chorizo
in there as well.

Wow. Never been a big fan
of fried lobster.

But you made that tempura really light,

and that avocado crema just sort of

makes it a little bit more royal.

So far, the dish to beat.

- Good job. Thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.

Jocky, whose dish from the blue kitchen

will I be tasting first?

The first dish, Gordon, will be Milly's.

And it's a seafood poutine.


It's me versus everybody.

Let's do this.

Describe the dish, please.

What we have are hand-cut French fries

fried and seasoned and topped

with a lobster cheese sauce.

You think of poutine,
it's not the most elegant way

to start the dinner.

But this has to be the most
elegant [BLEEP] pot of poutine

anywhere on the planet.

Yes, Chef.

But is it better than Dana's?

It's a tough one.

This isn't fancy.

That's just cheese fries.

This is not gonna be better
than my taco.

That's for sure.

It's better.



- Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.


Thank you, Milly. Head back.

Wow, great start.

Christina, the name of the second chef

in the red kitchen, please.

The second one, Chef,

is, uh, Ashley.

Wow. Ashley, let's go.

Thank you. Ashley,
describe the dish, please.

What I have for you is
a polenta cake on the bottom

with tequila and lime
cilantro marinated shrimp.

- Visually, it looks beautiful.
- Thank you, Chef.

I mean, it's gone above
and beyond a bar menu.

But, I mean, it's creative.

Do you know what, Ashley?

That is in my top four.

- Well done.
- Thank you, Chef.

Yeah. Definitely up there.

- Good job, girl.
- Nice job, Ashley.

Right, Jocky. Gordon, the second chef...

Is Jared with his seafood dumplings.

Jared's dish is going up against mine.

Of course it is.

They love putting us
against each other around here.

Seafood dumpling.

Describe the dish, please.

I have a dumpling stuffed with pork

and smoked halibut.

That is delicious.

But does it beat the polenta

and the poutine?

Do you know what, Jared?

It's on par.

It's in my top four.

- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

I actually pulled this off.

Guess who knows how to make dumplings.

Christina, the third chef
from the red team,

- who is it, please?
- Third chef...

I like the lemon pepper wings by Elise.

It's Elise's turn to try to make her way

into Chef Ramsay's final four.

- Well...
- The wings that I made

for you today are a Tuscan bar wing.

It has Parmesan cheese.

It also has the
herbes de Provence on it.

Wow, they are delicious.

Love the flavor. Love the crispiness.

Ooh, this is a tough one.

I'm gonna swap them out.

And I'm gonna swap them out

with the shrimp.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Well done. Good job.

With only three dishes left

to be called forward,
Chef Jocky chooses...

Gordon, my third chef is Van
with his steak tacos.

Wow. Another taco.

Hoping Van's carne asada tacos

will be worthy of the final four.

Steak is cooked beautifully.
Crema, delicious.

But then you've gone above and beyond

with the mushrooms in there as well.

Would I want to start off dinner

with one of those?

Yeah, I would.

I'm gonna swap your tacos out

with the dumpling.

- Good job. Wow.
- Thank you, Chef.


Um, Christina,
I'm only gonna taste one more

from the women's team.


Please let my dish be good enough.

Please let my dish be good enough.

Please, please, please.

This one was so hard, Chef. Uh...

In the first-ever bar menu challenge,

it was up to the sous chefs
to select four dishes each

to be judged by Chef Ramsay.

And Christina and Jocky are
both down to their final picks.

Um, Christina,
I'm only gonna taste one more

from the women's team.

This one was so hard, Chef. Uh...

I have to go with Michelle's
lobster shrimp sausage.


Okay, uh, well,
describe the dish, please.

Okay, so I have my take
on a lobster roll.

I made a lobster shrimp sausage

with a little bit
of Asian slaw on there.

You know, when you see a lobster roll

and it's been steeped in butter

and put together roughly,
it's unappetizing.

- But they look beautiful.
- Thank you.


that is definitely in my top four.

- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.


Jocky, who was the final chef

you put forward from the blue team?

The last one will be...

Nick and his crab fritters.

I like my food.

I think it's good.

I was wrong.

Uh... wow.

Nick, describe the dish, please.

Chef, you have crab fritters

with a lemon chive mayo,

bacon jam with a little
chiffonade scallion.

Presentation, beautiful.
Let's get that right.

Bacon jam on top, exquisite.

The one issue I have with those,

they're a touch doughy.

That is definitely not in
the top four in front.

- Thank you.
- Okay. Thank you, Chef.

We've narrowed the pack down to four.

I said only one of you will be safe

from elimination.

I'm hoping, hoping, hoping

that Chef Ramsay's gonna pick my dish,

because I really want to show Chef

that I'm better than everyone here.

The most outstanding bar
dish tonight belongs to...

Chef Ramsay, call my name, please.

I'm feeling like I got it.

I'm feeling like I might have it.

I need to win this, because I remember

season nine first dinner service,

and everyone was messing up.

So that's a huge prize.

Damn. This is a tough one.


Milly, well done.

Your poutine goes on tonight's menu.

First individual competition.

Little Milly, Baby Pepper...

I just can't wait to go tell them, like,

"Your dad came out number one."

- I really wanted to win.
- Me too.

But you know what?
I'm happy for him. He did great.

I know, but Milly always

falls back on what he knows.

He made a dish that he's made
a thousand times.

- He won.
- I know he won.

If he's done it a thousand times

and he can win with it, [BLEEP].

You okay, Ben? Your color's off.

I'm all off. I'm about to
go check my sugar right now.

Are you diabetic?

Newly, so I'm up and down.

Oh, no.

I feel like my eyes are sinking in.

- I'm not feeling...
- Yeah, your color's wacky.

I'm gonna go check my sugar, guys.

I'll be back.

It sucks that I'm not
as healthy as I'd like to be.

But tonight I'll give it 100%,

and I'm not gonna make a spectacle
by falling in the kitchen.

Come on, guys.

As Ben struggles to keep up...

You guys can line up at the pass.

The chefs head to their kitchens

to start prepping for the night.

So Chef Ramsay wanted you to have

your knife kits
before the first service.

You have Zwilling J.A. Henckels.

Really nice kits, so open up,
and we got to get started.

- Yes, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.

- Yes, Chef.
- Wow!

I still use my knives
from when I was on before.

And they are that quality.

So pretty primo cutlery for myself.


All right, if you're
finished looking at your kits,

just line up right here for a minute.

All right, you know
we have service tonight.

This menu is bigger than it's ever been

- in this kitchen ever.
- Yes, Chef.

Right now, everyone's
kind of freaking out.

But we're all-stars.

Being able to adapt
to a new menu in a flash

is super important
to becoming a head chef.

Right, so we're gonna start off

with the steak tartare.

So it's about three ounces per potion.

Pack it into the ring.

Both cold salads,
you guys are plating fully.

You have the smoking machine here.

Does everybody know how to use this?


This is a lot to learn in one day.

I'm not gonna lie: I'm kind of
[bleep] my pants.

Okay, salmon starter,

right down the center of the plate,

six pieces of salmon.

We're gonna do the scallops,

lamb, seasoned,

and then we got a little bit of duck.

So the duck,
you're gonna score yourself.

I can't believe all these proteins,

all these dishes.

This is all-stars. I did not
expect a walk in the park.

I mean, and this is like a walk
through the desert without water.

With only 30 minutes

until the doors open for dinner service,

Ben continues to worry

that he may not make it
through the evening.


I can't... I can't wrap my head
around it, man.

I don't know if it's stress-related.

I don't know.

But I'm just lethargic,

and my eyes are just blurry as [BLEEP].

It's like someone threw sand in my eyes.

Only one other time has my vision

become obscured like this.

- All right.
- And it did not end well.

So, I mean, I want to give this

everything that I've got, man,
but I'm not...

Perfect. Have a seat.
I'll take your vitals.


Ten years ago, season five,

back in the day,

I was young; I was healthy.

- Borgata.
- Borgata!

Coming down with desserts.
Coming down with desserts.

Very nice, that risotto.

Your effort and attitude
has been extraordinary.

I always cooked circles around you.

I will circle you like a [BLEEP] moon.

You have an amazing amount of energy

that any chef would love.


You know, since then,
I have had a pretty rough go.

You know, this time, fat, and I'm old.

My diabetes, and my [BLEEP] eyes
are terrible.

Right now, I feel like I want to
go back and I want to go for it.

But I'm afraid of getting into
it and it becoming too much.

I would prefer to spare myself
the moment of...

Of dropping in the kitchen.

So I need to make a decision
whether or not

I'm gonna go for it
or whether I tap out.

With opening night
dinner service looming,

Ben's concerns about
his health continue to mount.

Blood pressure's a tad high,

but your other vitals
are all in good shape.

On the books, I'm healthy,

but this is not an ideal
situation out here,

and I'll go until I can't go
any further.

Well, man, appreciate your help, man.

Ladies, line up, please.

Let's go.

Gentlemen. Giovanni. Line up.

- Let's go.
- Yes, Chef.

Line up, guys, please.

All-stars, I am so confident
in your ability

that for the first time ever,

we will be hosting chefs' tables
on opening night.

- Whoo!
- Red team, you'll be serving

an amazing, stunning, beautiful singer,

songwriter, actress, and winner

of American Idol,

Jordin Sparks.

- Whoa!
- Yes.


She was the youngest person
on American Idol

to ever win.

And I'm the youngest person
in Hell's Kitchen

to ever get a black jacket.

So I feel like Jordin and I

have a little bit
of a connection going on.

Dining in the blue kitchen tonight

will be a Tony Award-winning actor.

He's the star of the hit TV show
Criminal Minds.

Joe Mantegna is joining us for dinner.

- All right.
- That's cool.

A legend.

I expect an all-star service.

Get on your stations.

Let's go.

Ben, whatever happens,
keep your head up.

- Talk to us, okay?
- Yeah.

- Please?
- Absolutely.

- Marino.
- Yes, Chef.

Open Hell's Kitchen. Let's go.

Ready. Thank you.

Hell's Kitchen is once again

the hottest reservation in town,

with tables booking up months in advance

to catch a glimpse of the
all-star brigades at work...

Let's show everyone what's up. Come on.

All right, here we go. Let's go.

And to try the newly added bar menu,

which now features Milly's
seafood poutine...

Success. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

In addition to the biggest,

most diverse menu
in Hell's Kitchen history.


Chef Ramsay has also added

a special shrimp and pasta appetizer...

Don't burn people, since
we are gonna flambé as well.

- I'll try not to.
- To be served tableside

by Dana for the red team

and Milly for the blue team.

- Cheers, darling.
- It's the best. Cheers.

Ladies, all-star performance, right?

- Yes, Chef.
- Table 31, Two tartare, two carbonara.

- Yes, Chef!
- Let's go.

Two tartare, two carbonara.

This is our first dinner service.

We're gonna kick the blue team's ass.

They've been up on us, so it's our turn.

We got dinner service.

I don't make carbonara ever
in my life, so...

like, ever.

I'm on hot apps,
which is my worst station.

I don't do carbonaras back home.

But this is not my menu,

so I have to suck it up

and push through.

- [BLEEP].
- That's too wet.

I'm aware. That's why I'm fixing it.

You're gonna break it.

Can you just give me a second, please?

Ashley, come on. How long?

How long? You got the tartare.
Walking carbonara!

Two carbonara!

Two carbonara, Chef.

It's like a scrambled egg. It's burnt.

It's broken. Just come here.

Look at that.

- Oh, no.
- Ooh.

Who cooked that?

- Me, Chef.
- Look at it!

- Yes.
- Come on, ladies.

Ashley should definitely know
better about the carbonara.

It's the most simplistic dish
on the menu.

It's like Cooking 101.

Come on, Ashley. Bounce back.

- You're good.
- I got it. I got it.

While Ashley tries to get it going

on the red team's appetizers...

- How long for the salmon, Josh?
- Two minutes, Chef.

Josh is swimming upstream

on the appetizers in the blue kitchen.

- Come on, Josh.
- Yes, Chef.

Cured salmon. Come on, hurry up.

It's already marinated. Let's go.

I'm doing the very best that I can

to prove to Chef Ramsay
I deserve to be an all-star.

And I'm not gonna give Chef Ramsay

anything but my perfection,

even if it takes a couple extra minutes.

How can he be in the [BLEEP] with that?

Come on, Josh. [BLEEP] hell.

Why is the cold app so slow?

- Two salmon, Chef.
- Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Service, please.

While Josh's cautious approach ensures

that the men are delivering
acceptable appetizers...

Walking carbonara.

Ashley is still rushing

to get her first carbonara out.

Is that better?

Service, please.

Yes, thank God.

My apologies about that.

As appetizers finally begin

to make their way
out of both kitchens...

- Really good.
- I like it.

The excitement and the pressure

in the kitchen continues...

Look how sexy Jordin Sparks is, bro.

As the chefs' tables arrive.


Look, there's Christina.

This is so awesome.

I remember them from the other seasons.


It's a nice-looking restaurant.

- Ladies, first entrée fired.
- Yes, Chef.

Two chicken, two lobster Wellington.

- Yes, Chef!
- Two chicken,

two lobster Wellington!

The first dinner service

is, like, the hardest because,

let's face it, I haven't been

in Hell's Kitchen for, like, five years.

And it's nerve-racking.

Two chicken, two lobster Wellington.

Are we there?

Elise, you ready?

One minute out. I have to slice.

Walking lobster! Hot.

I need the Wellington.

- Lobster Wellington.
- Thank you.

Who cooked the lobster Wellington?

Robyn did, Chef.

- Yeah, beautiful.
- Thank you, Chef!

[BLEEP] yeah!

I needed that from him.

I needed that.

Chicken to the right of you.

Chicken cooked beautifully.

[BLEEP] yeah. Unh, girl!

I knew it was good,
so I really wasn't worried.

Let's go.

Keep it going.

Blue team, entrée.

One salmon,

two beef Wellington,

one New York strip.

- Heard!
- Oui, Chef!

Hey, guys, salmon just went down.

I need at least five on the salmon.

I'm on the fish station tonight.

All I'm thinking is,

just give it everything I've got.

Two minutes for garnish

to go to the window, guys.

Can we do that? And we'll go in three.

- Ben.
- Sorry.

I clocked out for a minute.

- What'd you say?
- Yes. The answer's yes.

With me? Is this me?

- Yes.
- Yeah, I'm good.

For me, it's a little weird

sharing the fish station with Ben.

Ben's also not feeling well,

so I'm a little nervous.

But I got his back.
I'll do whatever he needs.

How long for the salmon?

- Salmon's ready.
- Go.

Salmon coming in on your right, Chef.

Ben and Jared...

come here!

Oh, what's gonna happen?

Yes, Chef.

This salmon, it's ice cold.

It's not even [BLEEP]...

It's just ice cold.
How does that happen?

It's just ice [BLEEP] cold.

Who cooked that salmon?

I did, Chef!

How thick is that salmon?

Pretty thick, yeah.

So what does that tell you?

Needs a little more time, Chef. Heard.

I screwed up. I think I just told Jared

to go to the window with it.

You know, you just recover from that.

You come right back
with another salmon that's...

You ready to go?

30 seconds.

If we give it to him raw again,

we're in a real [BLEEP] storm.

Go, please. Salmon's coming.

I know. I can't stop the Wellington.

Whew! Man.

You okay? You okay?

You got one lobster?

Whoa, [BLEEP].

It's one hour into opening night,

and after delivering
an undercooked salmon...

It's just ice [BLEEP] cold.

Ben is trying to bounce back.

30 seconds.

Whew! Man.

You okay?

Whoa, [BLEEP].

I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.

How long for the salmon?

- Ben, he needs it.
- Yeah, let's go.

Yes, Chef. Straightaway.

All right, take it to the window. Go.

Here you go.

Salmon's cooked nicely.

Service, please.

- Good job, guys.
- Good recovery, man.

Whew! Yeah.

As the blue team rallies behind Ben,

over in the red kitchen...

Away now,

two more lobster Wellington,

one beef Wellington, one New York strip.

- Yes, Chef!
- Four minutes to window.

- Four minutes.
- Let's go.

Elise and Robyn

are trying to continue their hot streak

on the meat station.

Elise, can I slice my Wellingtons?


If we can keep the momentum
that we have now

with entrées flying out the door,

we might win this dinner service.

Strip here.

Ah, [BLEEP] me.


It's not [BLEEP] done enough.

Hey, hey, come here.

All of you, come here.

- Close the door!
- Oh, no.

The closet of doom.

- Yikes!
- Oh!

What's happening?

Look at the color of that.

It's not even resting. It's still white.

Can you get your [BLEEP] together?

Yes, Chef!


Yes, Chef.

I will bounce back from this.

I'm gonna take this and learn.

I'm the bounce-back queen.

I'm not rushing anything
ever again, ever.

Five minutes out, and that's that.

It's... five minutes.

Blue team, fire 22.

Two Wellington, two New York strip.

- Away.
- Yes, Chef.

That's hot.

Tonight I'm on the dreaded meat station.

And I was eliminated on season 14

because of the meat station.

Looks like a traffic light.
So that's raw.

Where can I grab more Wellington, Chef?

We can't just wave a magic wand.

We have no more Wellington.

Wellingtons! Walking Wellingtons!

Walking strips!


Nick! Gio!

Wellington, New York strip, perfect.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.

That's what I call all-star proteins.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Stay on it, yes?

- Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.

Whoo! Huge sigh of relief.

Service, please.

As Nick finds redemption

on the meat station in the blue kitchen,

over in the red kitchen...

One minute out on that
New York strip refire!

Elise is looking for salvation.

I know the steak needs to be nailed,

so I'm gonna cook two and have

an insurance policy on that strip steak.

Strip here. Two lobsters.

Here we go again.

- Ladies!
- Yes, Chef.

Over here!

This is what I call

a disaster.

Look at that.


Take these to those tables

and apologize. Now!

I honestly wish the floor

would open up and just swallow me up.

That's how embarrassing it is
to have to go in the dining room

and explain to people
why they're not eating

because I can't cook a [BLEEP] steak.

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

I apologize that you're waiting so long,

and we're gonna really try
to make it up to you.

Girls, you can do it.

Thank you. Come on!

Let's get back there! Come on.

We got fight in us. Come on.

Red team, better rally.

If not, this ship is sinking fast.

Hey, stop.

I am not gonna let this continue.


Come here.

Can you go over to the meat, please,

and cook New York strips?

- Yes, Chef.
- Gio.

I need six all day.

Yes, Chef.

Don't cry.

- Come on.
- Don't cry. Come back.

Come on. We can bounce back.

Look at me. It's your... Look at me.

- I got it.
- Okay?

It's your station.

He's here to help.

You tell him how you need the help.

Take control of your station,
okay, girl?

Don't cry. Come on.
We're gonna get this together.

Come on. You got it.

I don't feel bad for Elise.

I made mistakes, and I didn't cry.

Ashley, everybody on the
hot plate has made mistakes.

I want to see how you bounce back.

Suck it up and move on.

I just need you to tell me
when it's done.

Yeah, I got you.

Still needs more time.

No. No, no.

Stop flipping them.

Leave them on a side. Get a sear.

You're gonna get both of us
in trouble, man.

Stop flipping it.

Just leave it.

It's 90 minutes into dinner service...

Milly from Philly.

And Chef Ramsay
has ordered blue team's Giovani

into the red kitchen
to help bail out Elise

on the meat station.

No. No, no.

You're gonna get both of us in
trouble, man. Stop flipping it.

Just leave it.

As Giovanni tries

not to flip out on Elise,

over in the blue kitchen...

- Salmon walking to the pass.
- Service, please.

I've never seen proteins
cooked with such perfection.

The men continue to shine

as they send exceptional entrées

out to the dining room.

This is really good.
Yeah, it's delicious.

- Bring those up.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

With Giovanni's help...

Service, please.

Red kitchen entrées are, at long last,

making their way to the dining room.

The mashed potatoes are good.

And the seasoning is good.

And the seasoning is great.

And in an attempt
to keep the sparks flying...

Beat these boys. Come on.

Manda is set to deliver

on her salmon and pork.

Chef, walking salmon, walking pork.

Holy [BLEEP].

Who cooked the salmon?

Chef, I did.

It's raw.

How does that happen?

I'm not sure, Chef.

You're not sure?

I [BLEEP] up.

Oh, my God, Amanda.

Salmon, it is the most ordered
piece of fish in the world.

How long for the refire?


Right now, Chef.

Skin looks burnt.

He is not gonna be happy.

I'm getting [BLEEP] pissed!

You just give me a few minutes
and back up off of me,

I can get this done.

Where is the salmon?

I'm working on it, Chef!

That's raw. Where's the salmon?

- Burnt, Chef.
- Burnt?

- Skin is burnt.
- Yes, the skin was burnt.

Bring it here.

- Hot.
- [BLEEP].

Come here.

- Hey.
- Oh, no. Oh, no!

Hey. Look at where we are.

All-stars! Let's get one thing right.

No stars!

All of you, get out!


Oh, [BLEEP].

It's like [BLEEP] jerky.

Jordin, I'm so sorry.


Luckily we had the blue side.

- Here's to us.
- My God.

While the women all-stars trudge back

to the dorms in shame,
the men all-stars...

Last table, blue team.

- Yes?
- Oui, Chef.

Let's drive. Let's go. Come on.

Are on their way to completing

the best opening night
in Hell's Kitchen history.

- Walking halibut.
- Chef, chicken.

Very nice. Service, please.

Let's go.

Blue team rockin' out, baby.



Yeah, this looks really good.

- Clear down, yes?
- Yes, Chef.


I deserve to be nominated.

I don't think that you
deserve to go home.

I think that you have more to show,

and you got to go up there
and you got to be strong.

I gotta get my [BLEEP] together.

I'm gonna do what I can
to get her out of this,

because Elise is a strong chef.

As long as she's in it, we're in it.

There was a communication
meltdown from the beginning,

and it started with hot apps.

I had a fumble today,
and it's not gonna happen again.

It took me a minute,
but I feel like I bounced back.

I don't think I deserve to go up.

Ashley should go home because

she totally screwed that
app station from the get-go.

Carbonara should be
muscle memory by now.

Listen, I bounced back, period.
Period, I did.

And I was trying my hardest
to help everyone.

I was trying my absolute hardest.

Okay, next was meat.

You were on Wellingtons.

You were on strip, obviously.

And chicken. She was on
strip, duck, chicken, and lamb.

I was on the Wellingtons,
and I was gonna do the sauces,

and we were gonna help each other...

She had four proteins, and she had two.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let's back up. For Barbie even to say,

"Well, you only had two proteins..."

Me and Elise already decided
that we were not gonna fight.

We were gonna work together as a team.

And she wanted to cook the meats,

and I said I would do the Wellingtons.

I mean...

There's definitely alliance
between Barbie and Elise.

It's already there.

Elise did communicate

- on that first...
- No.

New York. There was communication.

I was thrown off
from the beginning with time,

'cause we're dragging on apps,

and then I'm feeling bad for them,

so I'm trying to help them
because everybody else

is preoccupied with their station.

The last ticket was, what, two salmon...

It was the one salmon
that couldn't get out.

And that was me. The salmon was me.

I tripped up on one ticket.

One ticket that you had to do,
like, three different times.

I understand that.

Everything else I sent out was perfect.

- But, okay... but listen to me.
- Every single time.

Even Chef was like,
"Oh, these are perfect."


Manda, you didn't bounce back,
and we got kicked out.

This is just [BLEEP]. Like, I'm gonna
go home on a [BLEEP] piece of salmon.

It was one ticket,
one ticket that I screwed.

I'm not gonna let one mistake

send me home.

So aggravated.


I don't know.

You guys can't even [BLEEP]
make a decision.

I figured that I was gonna have
a true all-star service.

What I got was all-stars
on the blue side

and no real stars on the red side.

Barbie, red team's
first nomination and why.

Our first nomination
for the night was Elise.

- Elise.
- Yes, Chef.

Elise lost it on meat station,

and she never really got it back.

Red team's second nomination and why.

Chef, our second nomination
for the night was...

After a disappointing opening night

where they were kicked out
of the kitchen...

What a night.

The red team all-stars were asked

to nominate two chefs for elimination.

The first was...


Red team's second nomination and why.

Chef, our second nomination
for the night was...



Based on her refire of the salmon

and a little bit of struggling
through the night.

"A little bit of struggling
through the night."

Elise, Manda, step forward.

Let's cut straight to the point.

Manda, tell me why you think you
should stay in Hell's Kitchen.

Every single thing
that you criticized me for

last time I was here, I worked on

and I improved on.

Last time, my communication
was a big problem,

and I communicated all night long.

Everything that I sent out tonight,

up until that last ticket, was perfect.

My pans were too hot. I know it.

I just got flustered,
and I let that last ticket

get the best of me.

Elise, tell me why you think

you should stay in Hell's Kitchen.

I'm not the weakest
member of the red team.

Meat is usually my strength.

I'm not gonna sit here and make excuses,

say who didn't help me
or who I was helping.

I'm gonna say that if I'm given
the opportunity

that I will do better.

I had to get Giovanni from the blue team

to come over and coach you
on how to cook.

And that's the most
embarrassing part, Chef.

- Jennifer.
- Yes, Chef.

If you were to send one individual home,

who would it be?

Elise is a better chef.

I would send home Amanda.


Chef, I would send home Manda.


I'm gonna say Elise.

- Ashley.
- Amanda.

- Michelle.
- Amanda.


Based on tonight's performance,


It's 'cause I'm a threat
to her, that's why.

This is hard.

We raised the bar.

You guys are the best of the best.

I brought you back for a reason.

Hell's Kitchen is not a sprint.

It's a marathon.

I need a chef that is durable,

who's a fighter, who can
bounce back from anything.

My decision is...


Get up here.

You two, back in line.


Oh, my God.

Young man,

I haven't taken my eyes off you

since you arrived in Hell's Kitchen,

and I don't think
you can go the distance.

Give me your jacket.

- Bye, Ben.
- Bye, Ben.

Bye, Ben.

Thank you.


- See you later, Ben.
- Bye, guys. Good luck.

I knew it was gonna be difficult.

You know, it's an all-star season.

You got a lot of real hungry chefs.

And clearly I'm not quite as active

as maybe I was, you know, ten years ago.

I gave it everything I had.

So no regrets whatsoever.

I'm... I think Chef Ramsay
made the right decision.

Now, get out of here.

Hell's Kitchen All Stars is definitely

not for the faint of heart.

We need to work together,

and if there's somebody on our team

that isn't working as a team member,

they got to go.

I'm here to stay.

What the [BLEEP] just happened?

Let's be honest: the red team lost.

One of those bitches
should have gone home.

Big Ben? More like big liability.

He clearly wasn't going
to be able to keep up,

so I had to let him down.

You know what?

This type of [BLEEP] motivates me.

I know I'm in the top four of
the chefs on the women's team.

I know that for a fact.

Okay, why you getting attitude with me?

I'm not getting attitude.
I'm just telling you.

I know I'm not the weakest
link on the red team.

If you try to eliminate me,
I'm gonna take that

and fuel that to be better
than you every single challenge,

be better than you at dinner service,

and that's just the type
of competitor I am.

Can I speak to you just one-on-one,

- no [BLEEP]?
- Why?

I just want to talk to you one-on-one

because when me and you
were teamed up together,

I felt like it wasn't a team, you and I.

You felt like it wasn't a team at first,

but I had four proteins,

and all you had to do
was time Wellingtons.

Why don't you guys go
into a room together...

You're mad. You asked me a question.

Jennifer cooked
your three [BLEEP] lambs,

- and every plate came back.
- All right!

- Why is this happening?
- You guys! Oh, God.

Don't even tell me that.

I'm not even getting involved.

Please girl don't get me on that level.

Because when I was asking you,

you were like, "I'm the boss.

I'm the boss. I'm the boss."

I wasn't against you.
I was trying to help you today.

Nobody said you was against me.
I made a statement.

Why are you so offended
about my statement?

Next time on Hell's Kitchen...

I know you talk [BLEEP] behind my back,

saying I only had two [BLEEP]
things to cook.

No. Oh, oh, hold up.

Way to bounce back
after two [BLEEP] challenges.

Because I'm the bounce-back queen.

They are two of the most combative chefs

in Hell's Kitchen history.

If you want to see [BLEEP] Brooklyn

come out, Sunset Park will come out.

Are we going there?

Crazy and crazier at each other.

And neither is about to back down.

Elise, you are a bitch.

Oh, hold up. Excuse me.

Will their fight

bring down the entire red team?

When it comes down to it,

we throw her under the bus.

- Remember that.
- Totally.

You don't want to miss

what happens next week...

Don't lie to me.

On Hell's Kitchen.

Last chance!