Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 16 - All-Star Finale - full transcript

The final two All-Stars pick from the season's past contestants to join them on their team for the final dinner service. With a head chef position at the first ever Hell's Kitchen flagship restaurant at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, a...

on "Hell's Kitchen: All Stars"...

All three of you are heading in

To the grand finale.


Final three. I feel [BLEEP] amazing.

It was down to three chefs

to battle it out for supremacy.

I am the best chef in Hell's Kitchen.

Chef Ramsay had a reward

for his final three all-stars.

You are gonna be accompanying me

at the seventh annual

California Culinary
Association awards ceremony.

This is basically a day in
the life of Chef Ramsay.

But as the awards show kicked off...

The winners are Michelle
Tribble, Nick Peters,

and Benjamin Knack.

Okay, all righty, here we go.

Something weird's about to happen.

Chef Ramsay had a surprise.

This is the start of
your final challenge.

Everything at the end
of this competition

comes down to right now.

Off you go. Ladies and
gentlemen, please.

It was an all or nothing cook-off...

We are cooking for our lives,
and this is it.

To determine who would face off

in the All-Star finale.

Not getting into the final
two is not an option for me.

Guest judges from the Caesars

Entertainment Group gave
the chefs high marks.

Beautiful dish.
I would give Michelle a nine.


One of my favorites. I'd give it a nine.

A nine, wow.
Thank you.

Then Benjamin.

I think that was a nine as well.

We're tied again.

And it all came down to the final dish.

The first person is...


In second place, joining
Michelle in the grand finale...


Michelle, I'm gonna be
the new chef in Las Vegas

at Hell's Kitchen.

Michelle and Benjamin then chose

their all-star brigades.


I'm gonna pick Jennifer.



Yeah, Milly.

I'm gonna pick Robyn, chef.

I kinda knew I was gonna go
before Barbie and Elise.

Last pick?

But with only two chefs remaining,

Michelle was left with
a difficult choice.

I don't want Elise. I don't want Barbie.

I'm literally stuck between
a rock and a hard place.

So, Michelle, please give us
the name of the final person

of your brigade heading in to
tomorrow night's grand finale.

It's obviously a tough decision

between Barbie and Elise.

Michelle might be
better off with neither

of these two chefs.

Chef, uh, the next person
I'm gonna pick on my team,

she has a lot of talent.

She's determined, proud.
I'm gonna go with Elise.

Elise. Wow.

I'd rather Benjamin had picked
me to be on his team

because I probably would have given

250% to make sure that
he had a great service.

Which means, Benjamin, you got Barbie.

Barbie, welcome back.

Welcome back.

I haven't worked with Barbie,
so I don't really know how she works.

She's kind of the wild card.

You know, I don't know
how she's gonna do,

but Elise is just bad energy.

Just bad, bad, bad.

Right, uh, Michelle, Benjamin,
you have a lot of work

cut out for you tonight.
Yes, Chef.

I want you to go back
to Hell's Kitchen now.

Get your teams up to speed,
because the final

dinner service in Hell's
Kitchen will take place

tomorrow night.

One of you will become the head chef

of the flagship Hell's Kitchen
restaurant at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas,

with a salary of $1/4 million.

This is it.

May the best chef win. Off you go.

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Here's books for everyone.

Now that both finalists
have chosen their brigades...

I'm gonna just write
down the menu first.

It's time to review the
recipes they will be cooking.

All right, so, this is the menu.

I'm trying to make this
as easy as possible for all of us

so service runs smoothly.

Milly, you're on the meat station.


Dana, you are on the fish station...

'Cause you always rock fish.

Garnish for you.

I can rock garnish.
That leaves

Elise, the appetizer station.

The hamachi crudo, it's kind of
a similar plate to the salmon.

Do you mind writing all this
down so you have a checklist?

I really don't want
to be here right now.

I'm not gonna purposely fail,

but I'm not gonna lie and say
I'm feeling that overzealous.

I'm just gonna keep
my feelings to myself

and do what I have to do.

So, everyone feel good about tomorrow?


I'ma turn up.
Elise? Sound good?

It's your show.

I'm just saying...
She's asking a question.

Does it sound good?
Did I not answer her?

Elise is a sore loser.

She's a bully, so I'm obviously
going to back up Michelle 100%.

You know, if I can't be in the finale,
I'm gonna help Michelle win.

We're all gonna be helping
each other, working together

because at this point it's just, like,
putting out the best food possible.


I do think Elise is gonna be an
issue during dinner service.

Michelle better have a plan B

because I think she's going
to need to bust that out.

Questions on menus for tomorrow?

Are we cool with the Thai-style
quail? That sound good?

And then the chicken's gonna

come off fish side?

The risotto looks
really brown right now.

So we're just using mushroom caps?

It won't be that brown.

Be more, like, a...

I mean, there's nothing green on it.

Well, we can also finish it
if we want with scallions.

Chives inside and then

scallions on top?

Yeah, that's fine.
I feel good about my team.

No chef cooks by
themselves in a kitchen.

You need to be open to
criticism and feedback.

If you're not, you're never
gonna be successful.

And then that's it? That's your menu?

That's it.

I'm feeling good about Benjamin's menu.

If anybody should win this thing
right now, it should be Ben.

I'm about to ride or
die for you, brother.

Ride or die.

After a long night spent reviewing

their finale menus with their teams...

Oh, my God.

Benjamin and Michelle...

You all ready?
Guys, let's go.

Begin preparing for the most important

dinner service of their lives.

Morning, Chef.

We're gonna have a good day,
be super happy,

positive attitude.

Showtime, let's do this.
Yes, Chef.

Benjamin, I'm your bitch
today. I'm your bitch.

Let's cook and have a good time.

Let's keep that momentum going.

Whatever ups and downs him and I had...

Benjamin, you gotta talk to me.

Relax, okay? Relax.

Where's the pan for the scallops?
Why is it not down?

Because he's get... didn't
tell me yet to drop them.

I told you five minutes.

I told you four minutes.
Oh, my God.

You make that call, come on.
Communicate with me.

It's the kitchen. It's always
a new day, and today's not about me.

Today's about Benjamin.

So, Barbie, you gonna work on
the puree, and you want to work

on the stock, the mushroom stock?

I haven't worked

with Barbie before.

Barbie, the stock?
Yeah, let's get the stock going.

It's right below you, right?

Sometimes, like, she seems a little off.

Barbie, we're not gonna need a ton
of puree, probably two quarts.

You want two quarts of duxelles?

No, no, no, no,
two quarts of puree, okay?


My strategy is to
treat her with respect.

She doesn't want anybody
talking down to her,

and yeah, I might be
the chef for the night,

but in her eyes we're...
We're kind of equaled.

Too much puree.

Here, let's do one together.

You know, I learned

a lot the last time I was here.

Working with Jason, you know,
I worked my heart out for him.

A gnocchi salad for two on the fly.

I got it, I got it.
Minute and a half, Jay.

Jason was always calm and collected

but never disrespectful,

and that's the same thing, you know?

I want my guys to know that,
you know, I rely on these guys,

and we got to do it as a team.
It's every one of us tonight.

You better [BLEEP] win, all I'm saying.

Michelle, what do you want me to
get started working on first?

Um... pattypan and the zucchini.

Nick is basically, like,
my right-hand man.

What if we did smoked sea salt?

That would be good.
It'd be bomb, right?

Smoked sea salt caramel?

I have a lot of respect and trust

for everything that he does here,

but I can't say the same
for everyone else.


You're filling in your station, yeah?

Well, what do you see me doing?

Well, everybody, not just you.
Like, we all need to pick up...

Well, you said "Elise," and
that's exactly what I'm doing.

Elise, just yes or no?

That's all I need to
hear from y'all, okay?

Well, that's what I'm doing,
is what I'm saying.

Okay, then just say yes, please.

I'm not saying yes.

Walking through the station with Elise,

if she wants to have
attitude, that's fine.

I know how to deal with it

because I've been dealing
with it this entire season.

You ready, Elise?

Really need to get going.
Just, like, set up your station.


Michelle has this horrible habit

of repeating the same thing

over and over and over and over.

Yeah, set up your station. You're good.

I'm... I'm setting up my station
for the fifth, sixth, seventh,

eighth, tenth time.

You're causing yourself frustration.

Her voice, for me,
is like nails on a chalkboard.

So I'm just trying to maintain my sanity

and prep butternut squash.

I'm just letting you know I'm
fixing the sauce for you.

I heard you... that... you said
that four times as well.

Elise, shut up.
You shut up.

Go home. If you don't like it, go home.
You shut up. I'm not talking to you.

I'm talking to Michelle.
No, no, no, stop, stop.

I'm talking to Michelle.

You're rude.

I'm rude? No, you're rude.
Are you deaf?

Don't ever tell me to shut up.
Shut up.

The Red Team's not evεn
in dinner service yet,

and they're ready to
[BLEEP] get started.

So, we're just basically gonna wait

till the red kitchen,
like, crumbles tonight.

You don't know what rude is
'cause that's how you are.

Elise, Elise, Elise, stop, please.

Do not engage.

You stop.

You're the one causing
the frustration in here.

If you stop micromanaging
everyone doing their jobs

and do yours, you'll probably
be more successful tonight.

Elise, I don't need this attitude.
I'm just... it's not an attitude.

I don't need it. Yes, it is.
I don't need your attitude.

I do not need your attitude tonight.

Elise really needs to grow up.

She's in her 30s, and she's
acting like a middle schooler.

Is that an appropriate thing to do

when someone has a knife in her hand?

Don't act like you've never
had rubber in your face.

Frankly, I'm kind of over her
being in the red kitchen,

and I'm definitely worried she's gonna
try and sabotage Michelle.

Well, we're a team here,
we're all looking out for each other.

We all want to win.

With the doors to Hell's Kitchen set

to open shortly,

for the first-ever all-star
finale dinner service...

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are open in 14 minutes.

Y'all, come on, let's go to the pantry.

Both Benjamin and Michelle are gathering

their brigades for some final
words of encouragement.

So, tonight, if you need
help, ask for help.

If you are confused, ask for help.

If you need anything,
ask for help, okay? We're a team.

Yes, Chef.
I'm here to make you guys

successful as you guys are
here to make me successful.

You guys feel good?

Yes, Chef!
Yeah, baby!


Bang it out for the Blue Team.

Come on, baby. Get over here.
Get over... get the [BLEEP]...

Team Blue, come on.
Get over here.

I believe with all my heart in my team.

This is one of the best
experiences of my life,

next to my children and my wife.

When I win, it's gonna be for them.

I am ready to go to
Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas.

You guys, all right,
we [BLEEP] got this.

This is a really big deal,
so just work with me.

I know that I can be a
little much sometimes,

but I'm allowed to be that way today.

And I need y'all,

every single one of you guys,

'cause I cannot do this by myself.

Listen, the Red Team's

stacked, and the Blue Team,

they have [BLEEP] Barbie and Robyn.

We got this [BLEEP].

Team Michelle!
Okay, positive attitudes.

This is all I ever wanted,

was to show Chef Ramsay
what I'm made of,

show him that I can run a pass.

This one, bring it up to me in a pot.

I know for a fact

that I'm a better chef than Benjamin,

so I need to prove to Chef Ramsay

that I am the best chef here.

Michelle, Benjamin, come here.
Open Hell's Kitchen.

Marino, stand by.

One, two, three.

Marino, open Hell's Kitchen.


It's the first ever

"Hell's Kitchen: All Star" finale.

This is really cool.

And the hottest dining room
in America fills quickly.

Thank you, sir.

Of course, Benjamin's wife and daughters

and Michelle's sister and nephews...

Is this hers?
This is Michelle's menu, yup.

Are here to witness the most anticipated

showdown of the year.

To the finale.

I have tickets for you.

Thank you, Marino.
Study the ticket.

Yes, Chef.
Come on, Michelle.

All right, everyone, listen up,
you got two two-tops,

two cauliflower salad, two risotto.

Heard, Chef.
Six minutes, Elise?

Six minutes.

There's a reason I put Elise
on this appetizer station.

It's simple. If she's not doing well,

I'll know immediately at
the beginning of service

if I need to kick her out or not.

You want me to do the cauliflower?

I got it. I got the cauliflower.

I got it.

I'm getting Michelle
out the gate strong,

but I hope she doesn't expect
that if anything happens,

I'm gonna be running around.

You need help on anything?
I'm good, thanks.

Heard you.
'Cause I'm not.

3 1/2 minutes to the window on
two risotto, two cauliflower.

Heard that.
3 1/2, heard.

3 1/2 minutes heard.
I'm not gonna do sabotage,

but I ain't playing
Captain Save-a-Ho neither.

Coming down hot.

Cauliflower here,
risotto here, thank you.


Elise, that's delicious.

Say thank you.

Shut the [BLEEP] up.
Service, please.

With Elise focused on the job at hand,

Michelle's appetizers are
flying out of the red kitche.

That risotto is so good.
Like, the shrimp is so good.

Guys, ears up.
Yes, Chef.

Two shrimp and grits, two sashimi.

Yes, Chef.
Hey, your menu, my standards.

Yes, Chef. Shrimp and grits, how long?

Four minutes.
Thank you.

I know I made the
right decision on stations.

We're gonna be a working
machine tonight.

We are gonna kill it tonight. How long?

Two minutes.

My team is, like, harmonious.

Yes, Chef!
Thank you.

How long to the pass,
two shrimp and grits, two sashimi?

Coming with your sashimi.
Big night, standards.

Yes, Chef.
I'm not here to come in second place,

so every dish has to be perfect.

Here we go.

And that puts added pressure
on everybody else.

Jennifer, come when you're ready.

Tasting and walking.
Tasting and walking.

You can tell Benjamin wants this so bad.

And whatever Benjamin needs,
I'm there for him today.

Jennifer, this needs more seasoning.

I'm glad you said that. Well spotted.
I need more salt in here, please.

I don't scream at people.

They want to be treated like people.

Let's go.
Walking with grits.

But at the same time,
I'm still pushing them,

still trying to get
as much out as I can.

I need more salt.


Make sure there's lots of love.

Let's go. Make it perfect,
Jennifer. Make it perfect.

Wow, you know,
talk about being thorough.

More cheese, more salt.

I need a shrimp and grits
right now, Jennifer.

He's killing me.

Walking with grits.

Nice, Jennifer.

Service pickup.

Oh, my God.

All right, everyone, listen up.
Two hamachi, two risotto.


Dana, hamachi, two of them.

Hurry up.

What plates am I using
for that? Is it in here?

Um, what's it supposed to look like?

I have all of the ingredients,

but I don't really know
what to do with them.

Don't burn me.
I'm not gonna try to.

The plate has, like,
eight components on it,

and, you know, it has to be,

like, artfully plated, one piece here,

one piece there, one standing
up here, one laying down here.

Milly, can you help me?
I need help with this plating.

Do you need me to show you one?
Yes, please.

What, you don't know already, Dana?

Michelle can't afford to get
taken off the hot plate.

Let's go.
Okay, I'll do one really fast with you.

I want to win this finale, so,
Dana, you need to pick it up

and, you know,
learn faster and get it done.

The last thing I drizzle
on is jalapeno oil.

Risotto up.

Elise, you can walk, thank you.

I already walked.

Where's the jalapeno oil?

Dana, are you almost...

Are you...
Jalapeno oil?

There's some over here. Open your eyes.

That risotto's dying.

Come on, guys, push it.
Nick, help her.

You guys good on the hamachi?
Are you all right over there?

Give me two minutes.

Oh, God.

We should never be held
back on a cold app

'cause you don't got to cook nothing.


We're in trouble. 30 seconds with me.

Move your ass.

Boop, bye.

That's never good when he pulls you

into dry storage, never.


Hurry up!

It's only 25 minutes

into the final all-star dinner service.

Dana, hamachi.
Give me two minutes.

Jesus [BLEEP].

And Dana's surprising delay

on cold appetizers...


We're in trouble. 30 seconds with me.

Has Chef Ramsay wondering why Michelle

is hesitant to take action.

Move your ass.

This is the most
important dinner service

of your entire life.
Yes, Chef.

I don't want to see you blow it.
Yes, Chef.

Okay, right now you're the sous chef,

and I can't hear the voice.

It's got to come together.
Yes, Chef.

Tighten up a little bit.
Yes, Chef.

Come on, let's go.

There really are no excuses.

I should be able to keep
the kitchen in order.

Everyone else should be following me.

I really need to hold the reins.

I'll take the hamachi right now.

You got it?
Walking with hamachi.

Heard. Looks nice.

Put it right here so I can check it.

Those look great.
Service, please, thank you.

All right, next ticket.

Dana, you got two
hamachi plates working?


That looks incredible.

Guys, count down on your next ticket.

With Michelle once
again pushing her brigade...

Service, please.

Appetizers are now
flowing out of both kitchens.

Nice, Van. That's perfect, Van.


Thank you.

And are receiving a stamp of approval

from some very important guests.

This is really good.
Is it really good?

So good, good.

Order in, four-top,
two risotto, two octopus.

Yes, Chef.

Let's start the risottos, come on.

Barbie, countdown at six, okay?

Countdown at six.

Please, Barbie, let's go.

Let's do two risottos together, okay?

All right, cool.
Watch your pans.

We're all working like a team right now,

so we want to keep this momentum.

But Barbie on apps is kind
of a little bit "eh."


I am probably the least experienced

on the hot app station.


I worked hot apps once.

Watch out, watch out, Chef.

Where are the mushrooms?

I probably should have told him.

And parmesan, it needs parmesan.

More parmesan?

It needs to be cooked a
little bit longer too.

But it's good, okay? You're doing good.


I don't want to do a bad
job for Benjamin.

I know he didn't choose me,
but Ben is treating me

with a lot more respect

than I ever got from anyone
on the Red Team.

He wasn't the one that should
have went home though.

Who do you think should have went home?

Guess it's a good thing

Chef didn't think that, for us.

In the end, I want Benjamin to win.

Risotto coming to the pass.

Right here, please.

Barbie, beautiful.
Thank you.

Service pickup.

Here we go.


You're doing a great job.

Keep it up. I know...
Chef Michelle?

What's wrong?
Is this the way you wanted?

Yes, it's a finishing broth.

It's the same broth
that's in the risotto.

They say that it is a little
too... too watery for them.

Okay, I will... I'll replate it for them.


Just refire, no?
You're gonna replate it?

Elise, can you refire two risotto?

It's not your fault.

They just didn't like
the broth around it.

Can you get rid

of these for me?

There are two guests in the dining room

that weren't appreciative of the broth,

so if they don't want the
broth on it, that's fine.

I'll refire it, and I won't put any on.

How long on those two refire risotto?

Less than a minute out.
Okay, less than a minute.

I cooked some perfect risotto,
and it comes back

because Michelle, like,
poured broth on it.

Way to go, Michelle.

I guess I'll remake those
perfect risotto for you.

Don't [BLEEP] up again.

These are the two risotto,
no finishing stock.

Thank you.

That's perfect. Elise, perfect.

I try.
Being able to work

with somebody like Elise,

that's where you show you're a leader.

Get her, Michelle!

Elise, keep rocking those risottos.

Got ya.

I love the control.
Yes, Chef.

I'm back again to disturb
you just to make sure

that everything is of your liking.

Yes, happy?

Yes. Very happy.

I think it's seasoned well.
I think it's great.

Perfect. Bon appétit. There you go.

Two bass, two bass, two beef.


Let's go.
Chef, I got your two filets.

Beautiful, Robyn. Thank you so much.

I feel like I belong at the pass.

I feel like that's where
my leadership stands up.

Thank you, Jennifer.

And because of that we're
coming out of the gates flying.

Oh, [BLEEP]. Look.

You got raw sea bass there.

I mean, seriously?

Cook the [BLEEP] food right
the first time, you know?


I need you to pick up this bass.

I need you to go rissoler it
for another couple minutes.

Let's go, let's go.

Rissoler, let's go, quickly,
quickly, quickly, quickly.

And baste it, baste it,
baste it, baste it.

Cook them through, okay?


I'm getting killed here.

I'm in the weeds right now, and it sucks

'cause, you know, you want
to do so well for Benjamin.

I just need to focus and regain myself.

My bass is ready, Chef.
Then let's walk, let's walk.

Walking, walking.

Let's go, let's go.
Two bass, Chef.

Come on.
Sorry, Chef.

Jocky, are you dressing?
No way.

It's not cooked, that. It's [BLEEP] raw.

Are you [BLEEP] kidding me?

It can't happen like this!
What do you mean it's raw?

Come on.
Yes, it is.

Look at that, this one's raw.

Van, I'm gonna need new garnish.

Robyn, I'm gonna need these kept warm.

Benjamin, we are falling
apart, young man.

We need some standards.
No, Chef, we are not falling apart!

It's one hour into the dinner service

that will see either Michelle...

I'll take proteins, please.

Or Benjamin win the all-star

season of "Hell's Kitchen."

It can't happen like this.
What do you mean it's raw?

Come on.
Yes, it is.

Look at that, this one's raw.

Van, I'm gonna need new garnish.

Robyn, I'm gonna need these kept warm.

Benjamin, we are falling
apart, young man.

We need some standards.
No, Chef, we are

not falling apart!
We need some standards!

Come on, Jennifer, let's go!

Can you walk, Jen?

Minute and a half.

I love Jen, but you know what?
Hurry the [BLEEP] up!

Cooked bass, how long?

A minute, Chef.

How really long? Come on.
A minute, Chef.

Minute to the pass? No way.
A minute to a pass, Chef.

Chef, it's very close.

Into the window in three minutes.

I'm gonna prove to Chef Ramsay
that I can bounce back.

Whatever my brigade does,
no matter what happens,

I'm gonna push, and I'm gonna
serve the best food possible.

I need bass to the pass.

Walk. Walk to the pass, filet.

Very nice, Jennifer.

Very nice, Jennifer. Service pickup.

You know, that saying that you
learn more from your failures

than you learn from your
successes, that's true.

Jennifer, come on, keep this up.

Let's go!

Michelle, Michelle,
I got four chickens all day?

Ask Nick. I'm plating right now.

Oh. Check, Nick.
One, three, four.

Three salmon,
three chicken, three steak.

Three salmon,
three chicken, three steak.

I need about six minutes. Are you good?

That's the pickup?

Three salmon,
three chicken, three steak.


Huh? What you just say?
We're not doing a nine-top.

Hey, hey, I know it's not my kitchen,

but I am gonna tell you something.

We're not doing a [BLEEP] nine-top.

Come on, Nick.

When have you ever heard
Chef Ramsay call a nine-top?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.
No, no, I'm just telling you...

I'm calling it as it is.

No, yeah, yup.
She's not gonna tell you,

but I'm gonna [BLEEP]
step in and tell you.

No, yes.
We are not doing a nine-top.


So you can throw it all
out like a [BLEEP] buffet.

Congratulations, Benjamin.

Get some [BLEEP] finesse

and just tighten up a little bit, guys.

Your menu, my standards.

Yes, Chef.
And let me tell you,

the quality's not there,

and when you stand around and shout out,

"Three salmon, three New York
strip..." a six-top, a nine-top.

You've seen how hard we
work to get a six-top out.

Yes, Chef.
We're not gonna go

throw food out a nine-top.

Yes, Chef.
I wasn't going to, Chef.

We all make mistakes.

Just because Nick called out
a ticket that wasn't on fire

doesn't mean I'm not in
control of the kitchen.

Is that what you want?
No, I was...

No. He's firing it, three salmon,

three New York strip.

My apologies, Chef. Sorry.

News flash, Nick,
you lost, yesterday, okay?

It's not you today.

Okay, y'all, let's stop,
sell this table,

regroup, and we'll go on, okay?

Yes, Chef.
We have a new fire, guys.

Two bass, two lamb, two beef.
Yes, Chef.

Pull your proteins.
Get an extra one on, Robyn.

Yes, Chef. I ain't playing today, guys.

I feel pretty confident being
on this meat station, you know?

In order to get my black jacket,
I cooked a lamb loin,

and I'm confident cooking filets.

Chef, I got your two filets.

I'm slicing your lamb right now, Chef.

Thank you.

Just touch that. It's way under.

Yeah. Robyn, I need this filet

a little bit longer. It's rare.

Yes, Chef.

How you doing, Robyn?
I'm not happy.

Robyn talks a big game about
how she can cook some meat,

and the next thing you know
she's sending up raw meat.

She cray-cray.

Oh, my [BLEEP] God.

He thinks we're [BLEEP] with him.


Robyn, keep it pan hot.
The butter has to be frothy.

Rissoler, rissoler, rissoler.
Keep basting it, okay?

Hey, check the filets.

They look scorched.

I'm good. I'm on here.

These are too... They're too burnt.

They're... they're charred.

That's how it's coming out.

No, you got to cook
them on a lower flame.

Do you have more going?

Can I walk? No?

How long for table one, please?

How long for one?
How long table one?

How long on beef, Robyn?

Can I have five minutes?

Where's the meat, Robyn?

This is the wrong dinner
service to be slow.

This is the finale. This is all-stars.

Hey, come here, come here.
Yes, Chef.

This is not the standard.

She's absolutely [BLEEP] flatlined.

When she starts making
you look bad like that,

I'm gonna intervene, so come on.

Come on, Robyn, fight back.
Robyn, you need anything?

A Valium?
I don't do drugs.

This is embarrassing.

♪ Ay, Dios mio ♪

I don't even [BLEEP] know
what we're doing right now.

It's always unfortunate when
you have to let someone go,

but unfortunately, Robyn needs
to step away from the meat.

Robyn, how long?
I can... I... I'm ready.

You're walking? Okay.

Hey, young lady, touch the beef.

Touch it. Now tell me, go on.

It's... it's under, Chef.
You know it is.

Yes, Chef.
So you sabotage him?

No, Chef, I would never sabotage him!

It was a [BLEEP]-up, Chef!

Oh, really?
Yes, Chef!

I don't want to [BLEEP] him.
I'm not here to sabotage him.

Right, you don't care.
Oh, my God.

I'm not gonna answer any more questions.

Why not?

Because everything I say
is wrong, Chef. I just...

Oh, so what you did was right?
Sorry, Chef!

Two beef, let's go.
Get Marino, please.

Apologize to 21 and 4, please.

Come on, guys, we got to get
this out... how long filets?

How long on those filets?

Just get them hot.
Just get them really hot.

I'm getting them hot.

The thing is, if I yelled at Robyn,

she would have ex... imploded.

She doesn't handle that well,

and I did not want Robyn to fall apart.

I need Robyn to bounce back.

I got two different feels.

This one was the one I think...

That one's good.
Okay, that one...

That one needs a little bit longer.

Got you.
Get these going right now.


Yes? [BLEEP] me, what's wrong?

Cook that for 30 more seconds.

Skin side down, baste it.

Use your butter.

Working up at the pass,

you have to stay focused.

You have to know what
you're doing right now.

You have to know what you're doing next.

Nick, three minutes on
garnish on the next table.


And you have to know what
everyone else is doing.

After this is salmon, chicken, New York.

Go ahead and get that started, okay?

You gonna want to go right with it?

I don't want to be start,
stop, start, stop.

So get going on the next table.

Yes, Chef.
Thank you.

I'm working my absolute hardest
to make sure that I am doing

everything I can to keep
this kitchen in order.

Yo, make sure I get everything
up at the same time, please.

Yes, Chef.
Keep it up.

Keep the rhythm. Keep going.

Yes, Chef.

I want to make sure that we
keep our momentum going.

We need to keep rolling. Yes, Chef?

Yes, Chef.
Momentum, right?

Yes, Chef.


'Cause I need my team to stay strong

so our dinner service stays strong.

Right now.

It's beautiful. It's ready, Chef.


Yeah, it's fine.
Okay, thank you.

All right, two minutes
on the next ticket.

Let's go, lamb, beef.

Behind. Chef, coming up behind.

That's perfect. Thank you. Lamb, Chef.

Is that gray now?
Is it hot?

It's... no, it's not, it's just,
like, cold and [BLEEP].

Robyn, this lamb is not warm.

Robyn just came up with beef.

And it's cooked perfectly,

but now the lamb is cold.

Like, what the [BLEEP], man?

Do you want me to put in the...
Get it in the pan, let's go.

Let's go, let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Hey, young lady,

I know you've given up. I haven't.

I have not given up, Chef.

Get it in the pan. Get it hot.

I'm rissolering them right now again.

Young lady? Come here one minute.

Did you just put the lamb

into the pan where the beef came out of?

Yes, 'cause it was hot.
Oh, my God.

The one thing that
there is never a shortage of

in Hell's Kitchen are sauté pans.

Benjamin, come here.
Can you see?

It looks like he's really
angry about the service.

I thought we were gonna
try our best to make

Benjamin look good, not embarrass him.

You just put...
Yes, Chef.

The lamb for this next table

into the pan that you
just cooked the beef on.

Just to heat it up 'cause
the pan was already hot

and had hot butter in it, Chef.

I won't do it again, I...
How [BLEEP] dare you?

I apologize, Benjamin.

When you stick the lamb
inside the beef pan,

that brown caramelize...

The spice on the filets.
Hey, get out.

You just put...
Yes, Chef.

The lamb for this next
table into the pan

that you just cooked the beef on.

Just to heat it up 'cause
the pan was already hot

and had hot butter in it, Chef.

The spice on the filets.
Hey, get out.

I don't want to get out. Please, Chef?
Get out.

Are you kidding me?

Are you guys [BLEEP]
kidding me right now?

Chef Ramsay kicked Robyn out,
and I fully agree with him 100%.

Chef Jocky, how long,
two lamb, one beef?

Two minutes.
You know, the next thing

I'm thinking is, like, well, [BLEEP],

let's get this food out, you know?

Just 'cause she's not here,
she's out of the kitchen,

we still have [BLEEP] guests to feed.

Send the lamb up.
Sending the lamb up.

Lamb on your right.

Let's go. Let's go.

This is not how I wanted
last dinner service to be.

Chef Benjamin, can I please come
in and finish service, please?

No, we don't need you. Thank you.

All-stars is about redemptio.

Let me back in, Chef.
Like, let me back in!

I want to come back in and
finish with my team, Chef!

Whose team is it?
It's Benjamin's team, Chef.

Why don't you ask him if he
wants you back in here, then?

Benjamin, let me finish strong for you.

I'm... didn't mean to [BLEEP] you.

Let me finish strong for you.
I want you to win.

No more mistakes.
Jump on with Barbie now.

I could see it in
her eyes that she wanted it.

She wanted it just as much as I did.

I'm here. I want to work! Come on!

That's it.

I had respect in Robyn for that,

that she didn't want to give up on me.

Let's go. It's our last ticket, guys.

Two lamb, one beef, one bass.

Got you.
Come on, Robyn.

Don't give up on me, let's go.

Last table, let's go.

Two bass, two New York,
and then we're good.

These last two tickets
have to be perfect.

We need to end on a strong
note. Y'all got it?

Yes, Chef.

All right!

Two bass.
Chef, to your right.

Very nice, Jennifer.

Two New York, how long?
15 seconds.

You're not gonna cook another
entrée in Hell's Kitchen

after this one, come on!

Get that lamb hot.
Let's walk, let's walk.

Walking garnish.

Walking right behind.

Chef, behind.

To your right with the bass.

Come on, Milly!
Yes, Chef.

Come on, come on, come on.
Yes, Chef.

Come on, baby. We got this, homie.

All right!

Did you wipe down?

I like the fish stuff.
Is it good?

It's good.
Is it good?


It's definitely... must be good.
Good [BLEEP] job.

I'm super grateful for
everyone on my team for trying

their absolute hardest today.

I don't need hugs.
Thank you so much.

No matter what happens, I'm,
you know, super proud of myself

for making it to the finale.

I got further than I did
in season 14, and I wish

Benjamin the best of luck.
He was a great competitor.

He really brought it and challenged me

a lot here in Hell's Kitchen.

Eat all the vegetables too, huh?

Is the lamb as good as daddy
makes it at home? Yes?

It's really good, huh?

Thank you, brother.
I love you, man.

I fought hard every moment I was here.

Robyn, thank you.

I had a lot of things
blow up in my face,

but I didn't change course.

Kept going, kept pushing.

Hopefully Chef thinks it's enough.

He's the only person that knows.

Like, I can't get into
his brain, you know?

I wish I could 'cause then
I'd be much smarter, but...

Wow. As we all know,

tonight's dinner service
in both kitchens

definitely had some hurdles, right?

Yes, Chef.

But both Michelle and
Benjamin pushed through it

and held their ground.

You guys did a really
good job. Well done.

Thank you, Chef.

Now, I have in my hand the comment cards

from tonight's dinner service,

so I've got some studying to do.

Michelle and Benjamin,
say good-bye to your brigades,

and both of you head to the dorms.

I will call you both when
I've made my decision.

Hi, I'm so proud of you. Good job.

Good luck. Good luck.

Thank you.

Elise, thank you for everything.


I feel like I fought the most.

I started hard out of the gates.

I put up good food,

and I pushed my team as much
as my team could handle.

Good job. How'd you do?

Uh, I think I did well.

I really think that
everyone in the dining room

was happy with my food.

I put my heart and soul
into all those dishes,

so I'm feeling very confident right now.

We're done.

Good luck, Michelle.
Good luck, Benjamin.

Michelle, that's a five for five.

Thank you, Chef.

Yes! Yes!

Yes, Chef?
Beautifully cooked.

Thank you, Chef.

Your dish will be featured on the menu.

Oh, nice. Thank you, Chef.

We need to keep rolling.

Yes, Chef?

Yes, Chef!

Momentum, right?
Yes, Chef.


Benjamin, it's that good.
I'll give it a five.

Nice job.

Thank you, Chef.

Yes, Chef?
That lamb is beautiful.

Thank you, Chef.
Absolutely beautiful.

The dish that is cooked
on point is the salmon.

Benjamin, congratulations.

Thank you, Chef.

Jennifer, this needs more seasoning.

I'm glad you said that. Well spotted.

This is Michelle.

Michelle, it's Chef.

I'd like to see you and Benjamin

upstairs in my office, please.

I've made my decision. Thank you, bye.

Benjamin, are you ready?

I'm ready. You ready?

I... I guess so.

No matter what happens...
Good luck.

Good job, good luck.
Good job.

You did a great job this year.

It's gonna be exciting.

Whoop, whoop.

Oh, my God, here we go.

Oh, my God.


Go, Michelle!
Let's go, let's go!

Benjamin, I tried, man. I'm sorry.

I did not sabotage you.

Hopefully, you'll be
opening that door tonight.

Hi, Chef.

Right, you two, welcome.

What an incredible journey.
Benjamin, how you feeling?

I feel great, Chef.

I had the most amazing
experience of my life.

It's been unbelievable.

Michelle, how you feeling?
I feel great.

It's been a good journey,

a lot of struggle,
but it's all worth it.

I've put a lot of thought
to what I've observed,

not only tonight

but your entire time as all-stars.

From the first minute we met,

Benjamin, back to season seven...

Absolutely delicious.
Thank you, Chef.

Great dish.

Benjamin, you made the final six.

Thank you, Chef.
Well done.


Yes, Chef?
That meat's perfectly cooked.

Thank you, Chef.
You and your winning dish

are gonna be on Epicurious.

Do not give up.
I promise you, Chef.

Thank you.

Michelle, season 14.

How old are you, Michelle?

22? Young.

Wow, that's delicious.


That is perfection. Great job.

The winners.

I mean, the food looks great.

Thank you, Chef.
I've never had

a 22-year-old this strong.

You should be very proud of yourself.

I am, Chef. Thank you.

My decision tonight was very,
very difficult.

But after much deliberation,

I have reached my decision,

and so it's time for the two of you

to step up to your doors, please.

Yes, Chef.

This is definitely
a life-changing moment

because I've been working my ass off

to get to this point in my career.

I have so much to prove.
I have so much talent to show.

This is what I came here for,
to open that door

and to get the head chef position
at Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas.

I came back here
to work for Chef Ramsay.

That is the only reason I'm here.

I'm ready for it.
I want that door to open.

I wanna have that opportunity
to fight every night for him.

I'd go to war for him.

The chef whose door opens
will be the head chef

at the flagship Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

with a salary of $1/4 million.

Very carefully place your
hands on top of your handle.

On the count of three, I want
you to turn the handle and push.




The chef whose door
opens will be head chef

at the flagship Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

with a salary of $1/4 million.

On the count of three,
I want you to turn the handle.





Yes! Yes!

Oh, my God.


Yeah! Yeah!

Come here.
Thank you, Chef.

You keep that head up high.
Yes, Chef.

Okay, you did great,

an amazing career ahead of you.

Thank you.
Never forget that.

Thank you.

It's not fun losing,

but in the end, the winning's
not the most important thing.

It's fighting as hard as you can,
staying clear-minded,

and being positive.

Congrats. Good job.

You know, you learn from your mistakes,

but if you regret them,

you'll never be able to fight.

You'll never believe in yourself,

and you'll never believe
in the people around you,

so I have no regrets.

Come here.

I can't even comprehend

how happy I am right now.

I'm the winner of "Hell's
Kitchen: All Stars."

Like, oh, my God.

This moment is everything

that I've been working for in my life.


Chef Ramsay, thank you so
much for believing in me

and pushing me as hard as you could

because you knew that
I could deal with it.

You have confidence in me,
and it really goes to show

that if you work your ass off,

you can really accomplish
anything you want to.

Ladies and gentlemen,
our "Hell's Kitchen: All Stars"

winner, Michelle!

Oh, great job.

Thank you, Chef.
You did amazing.

Thank you.
Absolutely amazing.

Thank you.

I'm so happy right now.

This has been such a long journey,

but it's definitely been
worth it, for sure.

Amazing. Amazing.

Ever since I could remember,

I wanted to be a chef,

and I've just been working my ass off

for this for so long.

All of that hard work
has finally paid off

'cause, oh, my God,
I'm the winner... it's crazy.

Right, Michelle,
one more final challenge.

It's not a difficult one,

but it is a tradition
here in Hell's Kitchen.

Please, there we are, and hang that up.

Let's go.

Welcome to the hall of fame.

Give it up for Michelle.



Having the youngest of all-stars

step up and win this competition

is a testament to Michelle's talent.

At a very young age, she has
already proven she is driven,

creative, and commanding.

She will be a great asset

to Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas.



I'm so proud of you.

I almost started crying.
I'm so proud of Michelle.

She deserves this.

She's a kickass, hard-working chef,

and she had to overcome
so much this time around

with all those [BLEEP] in her kitchen.

I knew you were gonna win!
You knew I was gonna win?

He knew you was gonna win.
How did you know that?

How did you know?

But you can't tell anybody. It's still...

Because she cooks good.
She does cook good.

Congratulations, bud. Good job.

Nice service. I'm super proud.

See you in London, man.
Yes, Chef.

I'll be right there.

Don't be [BLEEP] late.
You know I won't.

You already know.

You okay, Elise?

Hey, you're on the winning team.

I... I really don't have
anything to say right now.

I didn't come here not to win.

Hey, can I get a real drink, please?

All right, ladies and
gentlemen, one more time,

to our first-time "Hell's Kitchen"

All-Star winner, Michelle.


Well done.