Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 15 - Final Three; All-Star Finale - full transcript

Three finalists must cook and perfect their menus; two advance to the finale. The remaining chefs pick from the season's past contestants to help in the final dinner service; the winner is announced.

Previously on
"Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars"..

I've got these lovely gifts over here.

Chef Ramsay surprised
the final four chefs

with a family reunion...

Michelle, your sister and your nephews.


Your wife and your daughters. Nick.

Your husband, Michael,

and your mum, Jean.

Milly, here's your girlfriend Natisha

and your son, Pepper.

Reminding them all of
their motivation for winning.

Pepper, Daddy gonna win
for you, like, yes!

He then challenged them

to cook a holiday-inspired dish.

Let's go.

These are the top four
people all season.

It's game on now.

To be blindly judgd
by their family members.

Oh, God.

Nick's fillet failed
to impress his own mom.

I think I'd like a little
rarer for my taste.


But the family members
loved both Michelle...

The venison.
And Benjamin's dishes.

The salmon.

Chef Ramsay broke the tie.

Benjamin, congratulations.
Thank you.

Giving Benjamin his
first individual challenge win.

It feels amazing.

And a ride with Chef Ramsay.

They in that 'rari.

At dinner service...

All four of you, eyes wide open.

Yes, Chef.

The final four faced a critical test.

All-stars, show me that you
want to be in the final.

Yes, Chef.

As they each took
a turn running the pass.

Benjamin, on the hot plate, please.

Let's go.
Yes, Chef.

Benjamin was focusd from the start.

Chef, the pasta's wrong.

I'm sorry.
This is spaghetti.

Well spotted.

Michelle took charge of her brigade.

30 more seconds in the pan,
please, Milly.

Heard that.
Chef Christina, I need that spinach.

I'm right on your back.
Where do you want it? Left or right?

Right here on my right-hand side.
Got it.

Nick quickly found
his rhythm, leading the kitchen.

Love the idea, but let's
get creamed leeks up.

Thank you for the feedback, Chef.

Michelle, I need lamb sauce.

This is duck sauce.
Oh, my bad.

But Milly's missteps...

No pork on this beef Wellington.

Hey. We can't do the
Wellington with no pork.

Oh, [BLEEP]. I made a mistake.

Slowed down the momentum.

Come on, Michelle, you got to
speed it up. I need it right now.

When they're slow, you need to
tell them, change [BLEEP] gear.

So when it came tie
to pick his finalists...

I am not looking forward to
sending two of you home.

Chef Ramsay first eliminated...


Ending his dream
of becoming the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's
Hell's Kitchen Restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Chef Ramsay then chose
his two finalists.



But he wasn't done just yet.

Michelle, you are gonna have
to stay a while longer.


For the first time, three chefs
are going into the finals.

And now, the continuation

of "Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars."

Get out of here.
Thank you, Chef.

Sleep well.
Thank you.

I feel fantastic right now.

I just feel so great
that all the obstacles

I've had to overcome have paid off.

Good job.
In season 14,

I didn't make it in the
finale. I was so close.

You came very, very close.
Your jacket, please, darling.

It was too tough of a call
even for Chef Ramsay.

The three of us definitely
deserve to be here still,

and I'm just super happy and
proud of myself right now.

What is that?

Oh, [BLEEP].

Oh, my God! Oh! Wait, no.
We get one of these?

A VacMaster?

Sous Vide is a cutting-edge technique.

It's slow-temp cooking,
and it's maybe a 3, $4,000 machine.

I can't even comprehend
right now what's going on.

Like... oh, yes! I'm in the finale!

Three chefs in the finale.
Chef has never done this before,

so it just shows you how
tight the race is right now.

Good job. All you guys.

Final three! I feel [BLEEP] amazing.

From fifth place to the
finale. Holy [BLEEP]!

From... I don't know.
From Elise to the finale.

Oh, my God.

Oh, I'm hungry. I need to eat dinner.

I can make us tater tots.

Mmm, tater tots.
I can't wait... uh-oh.

Hello, this is Nick.
Nick, it's Chef here.

Yes, Chef.
I need to see all three

of you in the dining room urgently.

Yes, Chef.
Hurry up.

Yes, Chef. He said "hurry up."
Ahh! What's gonna happen?

Wait for me, bitches.
Come on!

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Let's go. I know it's late.
Line up, please. Right now,

I have something very important
to tell all three of you.

For your next critical challenge,

you three will be preparing
five incredible dishes:

an amazing cold appetizer,
hot appetizer,

and then three exceptional entrees.

So tonight, the sous chefs
will be assisting you,

but obviously, there are three
talented all-stars remaining,

and only two of them,

so I reached out to a
trusted colleague of mine.

Her name is Keisha,

an excellent chef that's
been working with me

for the last five years.

Christina, Jocky, and Keisha, please.

I have in my hands three envelopes.

Michelle, come grab one.



Michelle, unveil... who have
you got as your sous chef?

Chef Jocky.
Chef Jocky.

Nick, who have you got?

Chef Christina.
Christina's super inspiring,

going from winning "Hell's Kitchen"

to running essentially a
Vegas empire of restaurants,

and I'm excited to be working with her,

because I know she's gonna kill it.

That means, Benjamin,

you have Chef...



I think that every sous
chef wants us to win.

Even though I haven't met her,
I don't know her,

I'm sure Chef Ramsay
would not pick Chef Keisha

if he didn't think she
wanted to come here and win.

Head up to the dorms and get to work.

Your sous chefs will join
you shortly. Off you go.

Yes, Chef.

I'm happy [INAUDIBLE].
We have to go clean the dorms.

Are they gonna come in there?
Oh, my God!

Ew, it's so...

We cannot have disgusting dorms

when the sous chefs are coming in here.

They're gonna think we're,
like, ratchet.

Why do we have an ashtray in here?
'Cause we're disgusting.

There you go.

We're peasants. I was making
tater tots for dinner.

Come in.
Come in.

Hello, chefs.
Oh, hey.

Oh, hey.


Well, you could have cleaned up, no?

This is cleaned up! Oh, my God.

We can sit on the couches, Chef.

I am paired with Chef Jocky,
and I love it.

Everything here is Asian-inspired.

He runs a three Michelin star

restaurant in London,

and to have a chef of his
caliber elevate my dishes

is a reward in itself, honestly.

The fish dish is gonna be sea bass

with squid ink pasta and calamari.

I don't know. Do you
think it sounds weird?

You won't be tasting anything.

It's just too much of a good thing.

I don't think we need the
calamari or anything else.

I think just the pasta and the fish.

That's why I'm here to help.

I do kind of classic,
simple French in general.

I love the traditional truffles,
bleu cheese, Brussels sprouts,

like that kind of old school,
like, French style.

But with this new...

Everybody kind of likes
the smoked meats.

This is definitely my Paris, Texas menu.

Paris, France, for technique and
Texas for the big, bold flavors.

Having Brussels sprouts kind
of fall around the side

of the bleu cheese butter

and the shaved shallots,
and then sauce on the back side.

So the fish, I wanted to
kind of keep it simple.

I want to do halibut,
and then use carrot juice

as a base for a beurre blanc.

I think it's different.

Yeah, definitely. I mean, this whole
dish is a little bit different.

My menu is really personal.

I think that might set me apart
from Michelle and Benjamin.

This, to me, is, like,
so "Nick on a plate."

I'm really excited. I think it's gonna
be a pretty epic battle in Hell's Kitchen.

Good night, guys.

Get some sleep.
Thank you, Chef.

Big day tomorrow.
Good night, Chef.

Are we eating tater tots still?

Yes. I'm starving.
Sounds really good now.

I'm actually pretty hungry.

Wine and tater tots? Mm.

Walking. Walking tots.

Guys, can I walk my tots?

Can I [BLEEP] walk the tots?!

Walk the tots.
Thank you.

The garnish is in the window.
[BLEEP] walking tots.

Thank you, tots.



This morning, the chefs will hit

the ground running.

Let's go, guys. Grab your sous
chefs and get into your kitchen.

As they have just one hour to prepare

a tasting menu for Chef Ramsay.

Everything prepared and
ready to go, right?

Yes, Chef.

Which will include
dishes from their final menu.

So you're feeling excited
about this challenge, huh?

Yes, I'm very excited.

This is Chef Jocky and I's
first time working together.

Yes, Chef.

Call me Jocky.

It's hard to read Chef Jocky sometimes.

Is that your first name
or your last name?

It's not my name at all.
Your name is Tom?

It's not my name at all. At all.

It's not your name at all?

It's your nickname, Chef?


You don't know if he's
being, like, funny

or serious or sarcastic.

We get into random small talk.

So you're gonna do a trip to
Japan sometime, then, no?

I would love to.

But at the same time,
I really enjoy working with him.

Nice, Chef.

What's that?
I said very nice.

I'll just cut out blocks
for you, and you tell me

what you're looking for from this, then.

Okay, yes.

I don't like thin slices, really.
I'm not a fan of that.

Okay. Copy.
That's good.

Yeah. Just no sear.

No sear.
It's good?

That's awesome.

We cut through the tuna,
and it tasted amazing.

Yeah. I'll go with this.
I want to change my dish.

Originally, I was gonna
sear it, but now,

I'm just gonna be slicing little
squares and then finishing them off.

We'll do the little circle bowls,

and we'll do one, two, three.

Sometimes, when a chef's
doing something,

they might have better
ideas than before.

It's really important
to make adjustments

or be, you know, quick on your feet.

That's what a great chef does.

You're gonna be okay
with your beurre blanc

and your Hollandaise?

Yes, Chef.

I think my sauces are
a little more riskier.

Like, I am doing a Hollandaise.
I'm doing a beurre blanc.

I'm just trying to be
a little bit different.

My chicken [INAUDIBLE]
has a timer on it.

I have my halibut and my
venison both started.

I don't want to miss this second chance,

this second opportunity to be
the winner of "Hell's Kitchen."

That's that chicken.

Ben, were mine on the top or the bottom?

You're on top, sir.
That's a first.

Ten minutes to go.
Yes, Chef.

And we're gonna start cleaning.

You know, last time

I didn't make it to the finals,
and this time I did.

I think someone's gonna go home today,

but I don't plan on going home today.

We've got to plate. We've got to plate.
Yes, we do.

Let's go, guys. Finishing touches.

Last couple of minutes, please, yes?

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Last couple of minutes, Michelle.
Yes, Chef.

Come on. Oh, my God.

My beurre blanc starts breaking,
because it got too hot.

My brain's racing.
Like, what am I gonna do?

It's kind of crucial, because
it's a huge part of the dish.

What else do we have to do?

I basically need to fix my beurre blanc.

It just broke. Giving me
a [BLEEP] heart attack.

30 seconds to go!

The final three chefs

are preparing their
menus for Chef Ramsay.

We've got to plate.

We've got to plate.
Yes, we do.

And with only moments left...

Oh, my God.

Nick has discovered he has a bit

of a crisis with his beurre blanc.

What else do we have to do?

I basically need to fix my beurre blanc.

It just broke. Give me
a [BLEEP] heart attack.

Now I start, basically, a whole new base

to create a whole new
beurre blanc, essentially.

I am just praying it's good.

Um, this is the fish. Excuse me, Chef.

30 seconds.
Feel okay?

Yes, Chef.
It looks great.

Thank you, Chef.

Go, go, go.
Nine, eight...


Six, five...

Finish, finish, finish.
Four, three, two,

one, and stop. Well done.

Right. Who'd like to go first?
Michelle, let's go.

I want to show Chef Ramsay
what I'm made of... you know,

really blow him away with the
dishes that I can create...

Refined dishes that show
a lot of technique,

a lot of skill, and a lot of flavor.

Visually, they look delicious.

Let's start off with the cold app.
Describe it, please.

The cold app is a hamachi crudo...

That's been quick cured.
There's a cucumber coulis.

I love the fragrance of the citrus.

Really good indeed.

Michelle is tough competitio.

She is very talented,
she's very intelligent.

The next course, Chef, is a uni risotto.

Delicious. Really good indeed.

She lives and breathes cooking.

That's apparent in her challenges
as well as for service.

Sea bass?
Underneath is a squid ink pasta.


You want the strongest
competitors there,

and I think you have them right now.
Anybody could win this.

And this one.
I have a crispy chicken thigh.

That's really good.

I love to see you using the cheap cuts,

elevating it into something magical.

The last course is a
miso New York strip.

New York strip, delicious.

It's a very strong effort.
They ooze personality.

Benjamin and Nick, you guys have your
work cut out for you, let me tell you.

Yes, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.

I am so versatile,
and I just wanted to show

Chef Ramsay that, and I
feel like I made him proud,

and I'm really glad that
he liked all of my dishes.

Right. Benjamin, let's go, please.
Yes, Chef.

I think I am the best
chef in Hell's Kitchen,

and I'm gonna prove that to Chef Ramsay.

We have ahi tuna here with
ponzu chili oil, then caviar.

Wow. That's amazing.

It's a lovely,
refreshing cold appetizer.

Thank you, Chef.
Next one?

What we have here is we
have a shrimp and grits,

finished with a good amount
of parmesan at the end, Chef.

Really good indeed.
The shrimp cooked beautifully,

but you've elevated shrimp and
grits to the premier league,

let's get that right,
so [INAUDIBLE] in a bowl.

Yes, Chef.


Chef Ramsay really liked
Michelle's dishes,

and Benjamin's dishes are near perfect.

Right. Wonderful, especially
the garnish of the peas

and the fennel and potatoes.

Thank you, Chef.
I'm kind of freaking out a little bit.

Describe it, please.

Chicken, and we have an
airline breast here.

Underneath, you have chili corn puree.

Absolutely one of the
dishes of the night.

I mean, it looks spectacular.
Thank you, Chef.


So you have a quick brown
sugar cured filet mignon,

and it's served over truffled potatoes.

Truffle, truffle, truffle.

And then a red wine demi, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.

I love what you've done
with the marinade. Wow.

I have to say, it screams "decadence,"

and it screams "Vegas."

It's near perfect.

Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Right, Nick,

let's go, please.
Yes, Chef.

I've been thinking about
this moment since season 14.


I never got the chance to show my menu.

If there was more time, I would
have perfected my beurre blanc.

So I'm a little nervous.

Incredible balance of colors.
It's like a rainbow.

Nick, let's start off.

Yes, Chef. So my first dish
is a beef and beet carpaccio.

Great stuff. Really good indeed.

I love the lightness of the beef.

Thank you, Chef.
Next one.

So what you have is a
cranberry Hollandaise

with seared bay scallops.

I have to say,
the hit on that note for me

is that cranberry Hollandaise.

Only you would think of
cranberry Hollandaise.

Thank you, Chef.
Love it. Next.

This is tri-color baby carrots,

seared halibut with fennel pollen,

and then a vanilla bean
carrot beurre blanc.

Mmm. That beurre blanc... that's
the star of the night.

Have you tasted that?

Yes, Chef.
Ah, man.

Send that recipe straight to Vegas.

Yeah. I can't believe that I
heard Chef Ramsay say that.

My mind is absolutely blown.

The next course you have is crispy
chicken sweet potato puree,

pickled shallots,
and raw Granny Smith apples.

During the fall is when I got married,

and these are all sort of fall flavors.

This is frickin' delicious.
Have you tasted it?

Yes, chef.
Yeah. Love it.

Boards are for rustic charm.

Put that onto a different plate,

and you got a show-stopping dish there.

Thank you, Chef.
And finally...

Finally, you have an espresso
and chili-dusted venison loin.

You've got such finesse
on there, and the rub is

just, yeah, mind-blowing.

We're all bringing it,
we're all doing a great job.

No one has brought up a bad course.

This competition is so close.

Thank you, Chef.

Really good indeed. Thank you, Nick.

Thank you, Chef.

Wow. Bloody hell.

Can you guys just wait
there a second, please?

Yeah, I need two minutes.

Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.

Damn. This is so hard.

What is happening?

Sous chefs, can I borrow
you for one minute, please?

Yes, Chef.
Thank you.

There can't be three
of us in the finale.

There can only be two of us,
so someone's gonna go home.

I deserve to be in the
final to "Hell's Kitchen."

Dear, oh, dear.
I feel good.

I feel like I belong here.

This is hard. I don't know what to do.

Did you see him?

Mm-hmm. In this very moment,

I'm definitely feeling more anxious

than I have been in this competition,

because so much is on the line.

Oh, here they come.

Okay, Michelle, Nick,

Benjamin, great job, all three of you.

This is a very difficult
decision, but I've made it.

The first person heading
into the grand finale is...

In today's showdown
between the final three chefs...

I know I have the right three
still in the competition.

Chef Ramsay has just tasted five dishes

from Michelle, Benjamin,

and Nick's finale menus.

This is a very difficult
decision, but I've made it.

And he is ready
to reveal who will move on

to compete in the final challenge.

The first person heading
into the grand finale


All three of you.


We've never been so
deadlocked like that.

Let me tell you, a moment ago,
I went up to my office

and made a very important call.

I had to change some arrangements.

I'm sending you all to
an incredible retreat

in the middle of the
Malibu wine country.

You're going to Calamigos Ranch...

All three of you... for a day
of extraordinary pampering

and pure relaxation,

because tonight,

Calamigos is hosting the
seventh annual California

Culinary Association awards ceremony,

and you are gonna be accompanying me

at the awards ceremony.

Oh, my God.
You're in for a night of fun.

Your limousine's waiting,
guys. Hurry up.

Thank you, Chef.
Well done.

Thank you, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.

Good job.
Thank you.

Good job.
Oh, my God.

[BLEEP] yeah.
Great job, girl.

You guys nailed it.
You did a great job.

Thank you.
[INAUDIBLE] super proud.

I've never been to
an awards show before.

It's gonna be amazing to be
able to let my hair down

and just relax and
just have a good time.

A limo!
Yaas, queen!

Oh, damn.

Whoo whoo! This is fun.

This is the way to do it.

Oh, look, guys. We're here.
I know.

Hey, we're here.
That's awesome.

Oh, we're at the ranch.

As we pull into Calamigos Ranch,

it's absolutely beautiful.
I have no idea what to expect.

Welcome to the CCA awards here

at Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club.

Chef Ramsay has an incredible day

planned for you with lots of surprises,

so let's get the party started.


Look at this place.
This is amazing.

Is this us?

This is you.

Wow, look at this.

Have fun.
Thank you.

I don't know that Benjamin

gets his makeup done very often.

I kind of like it. It looks cool.

But he's really enjoying himself.


I like dressing up.

Bed Bath & Beyond?
I don't know.

You're just fancy all the way around.

Let's go for it.

Benjamin's sort of like this
hidden diva of the season.

Yeah, usually I get two
massages every single month.

He likes to be pampered,
and more power to you.

Mm-hmm. Good job.

Why thank you.
Oh, my God.

This is high stress for me.

I'd honestly rather be
cooking in a kitchen

than trying on dresses,

but Chef Ramsay wants us to look
our absolute best, so, you know,

I'll try to be as comfortable
in all this as I can.



I like the skull one.
That's kind of cool.

I kind of love the skull.

Benjamin's looking very dapper.

Michelle is adorable as always,

and there's no cooking involved tonight.

That's the best part
about wearing this suit,

is that we can relax and
enjoy ourselves. Please.

Thank you, sir.
You clean up nice, huh?

Wow. Now there's my chefs. Gorgeous.

[INAUDIBLE], right?

How are you?
I'm good. How are you, Chef?

Give me a kiss. You look amazing!

She looks so cute.
You good?

Yes, Chef.
You look incredible as well.

Thank you, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.

You look great as well. You good?

Thank you, Chef. Yes, I'm great.

Let's go inside, and let's
get a drink at reception.

I've definitely grown since season 14.

The all-star competition
has definitely made me

a lot stronger as a chef,
but I think also as a person.

Big smile.

It's such an opportunity
that I'll never forget.

When was the last time you
went to an awards ceremony?

Never, Chef.

Stop it.

You've never been to an awards ceremony?
No, Chef.

Never, Chef. Never been to an award.

I never thought I'd be walking
the red carpet with Chef Ramsay.

I just came here to compete.

Now I'm here because

of all the hard work I've put into it.

Good to see you.
How you doing, Chef?

Nice to see you.


It's just awesome being able

to enjoy the night and relax for once.


Thank you.
Michelle, sit here.

I'm literally sitting
right next to Chef Ramsay

at an awards show.

[INAUDIBLE]. Gorgeous. You good?

You look amazing.

There's lights everywhere.
Hello, everyone, and welcome

to the seventh annual California
Culinary Association dinner.

It's super classy.
For sommelier of the year,

Dennis Peterson.

This is basically a day in
the life of Chef Ramsay,

and it's definitely a lifestyle
I could get used to.

Now, our next presenter is a star chef

whose restaurants span the globe,

and his larger-than-life personality

have made him one of the most
beloved chefs in the world.

Please welcome to the stage,
Chef Gordon Ramsay.


Thank you.


This award is for the best newcomer.

This year, who knows who
the award's going to,

but maybe next year, it'll be me.

The winners are...

Michelle Tribble,

Nick Peters, and Benjamin Knack.

Okay, I'm ready. Here we go.

Something weird's about to happen.

First of all, I've got a confession
to make to all three of you.

There's no such thing as the CCAs.
Let's get that right.

All of these, ladies and gentlemen,
are here for you three.

This is the start of
your final challenge.

Oh, boy.

Tonight's top two finishers

will become tomorrow night's finalists.

Now, let me tell you,
this morning's challenge,

okay, was a warm-up.

You'll be cooking those
five dishes right here,

right now, over there.

I thought I was gona
relax, have a couple drink,

hang out with the chefs,
but everything I did

in this competition
comes down to right now.

It's all wasted if I
don't perform tonight.

All three of you have got
60 minutes to perfect

those five dishes,
and your time starts now.

Off you go. Ladies and
gentlemen, please.

Coming up...

Let's hear it for our
three finalists, Michelle,

Benjamin, and Nick.

The three finalists battle it out.

We are cooking for our lives,
and this is it.

But who will compeet
for the greatest prize

in "Hell's Kitchen" history?

It's time to find out which
two chefs are heading

into our first-ever all-star finale.

With only 24 hours

to go before the final dinner service...

Good luck, you guys.
You too, Nick.

Chef Ramsay has
surprised the final three chefs

with an elimination challenge.

Here we go.

They all must now cook
and perfect their final menus.

Potato puree first.
Potato puree. Yeah.

Get the saffron broth in, please.

But only two will advance.

I'm gonna start my chicken.

It's crazy to think
that these five dishes

could basically decide my fate

in Hell's Kitchen,
but I feel it in my gut

that I'm gonna make it
into the final two.

We want Michelle. We want Michelle.

For the hamachi,
I already have that cured.

The cucumber broth.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and
get the chicken on now, Chef.

It's gonna take a while.

Not getting into the final
two is not an option for me.

I only got third place last time,

and that's not gonna happen again.

I'm gonna deglaze this chicken.

I'm not going through all
this [BLEEP], all this drama,

all this negativity for nothing.

I'm gonna beat up on you every day.

Okay, Elise.

I'm the strongest member of
the Red Team. You're not.

Elise, you're not consistent.

That's bull[BLEEP].
Your lamb was raw today.

Because you were running
around frazzled,

not knowing where [INAUDIBLE].

No, 'cause you kept opening the oven!
Oh! Oh!

You skated through
dinner service tonight.

I did not!
You weren't on our side in the kitchen.

I was running two stations tonight.

Now you're gonna have to put
your money where your mouth is.

I thought you were done arguing.
Boop that.

So after all that,
I need to get into the finale.

I added lime sauce to
the seaweed butter,

'cause it needed more acidity.

Do y'all have a time?

20 minutes down.

The first dish is ready.


And after I get these fillets going,

I'm going to start
working on shrimp, Chef.

This is the biggest challenge yet.

Someone's going home, and I need
to be focused on the dishes,

but at the same time,
it's like, I hear 200 people

cheering my name in the background.

Let's go, Benjamin.

Let's go, Benjamin. Let's go, Benjamin.

To have that many people around
you while you're cooking

can be intimidating, but it's amazing.

Let's go, Nick. Let's go, Nick.

You ever cook with an audience before?

No, Chef.

Let's go, Nick. Let's go, Nick.

Yeah. This is definitely
the biggest crowd

that I've ever cooked
in front of before.

This is a lot of [BLEEP] people.

It's definitely sink or swim time.

We are cooking for our lives,
and this is it.

I think what tripped me up
last time was my Hollandaise

and beurre blanc,
so I'm gonna get that going now.

I'm learning from my mistakes
from this morning.

My beurre blanc is turning out perfect.

My Hollandaise is turning out great.

You know, I'm putting my
heart and soul on the plate,

and I hope that Chef
Ramsay sees that tonight.

And you're watching these carrots, Nick,

or do you need me to
keep an eye on them?

I'm watching them, Chef.

30 minutes remaining, okay?
30 minutes.

Thank you, Chef.

Yeah! Yeah!

I am super prepared for this challenge.

I just want to take all those notes

that Chef Ramsay gave me earlier

and change these dishes a little bit

to make them the best that they can be.

I'm gonna use a little bit of
yuzi butter on this steak.


Is this enough peas in here, Chef?
Or do you want...

Yeah, a little more, please.

With Chef Ramsay's feedback,

I take every single thing he told me,

and I adjusted my dishes.

Did you try everything?

Everything's good.
This is finished.

This just needs to be
finished with butter.

You know, I'm gonna change up

the plating on the shrimp and
grits like Chef suggested.

I'm gonna go with a really
beautiful, elegant white bowl,

and this time,
I think he's gonna love it.

Last ten minutes, okay?
Yes, Chef. Yes, Chef.

Feeling okay?

This is definitely more

of what I'm looking for.

Between Michelle, Benjamin, and myself,

I'm the only one left here

that has made it farther
than the original season.

I've definitely grown the
most out of the three of us,

and I'm going for the finale.

Yeah! Yeah!

Chicken is out.
Chicken is out. Start plating.

That's the reduction.

Sounds good. I'm going this way.

Last minute. Here we go.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...

Five, four, three, two, one.

[INAUDIBLE]. Hands up. Well done.

Let's hear it for our
three finalists, please,

Michelle, Benjamin, and Nick.

Chefs, well done. That was
a [INAUDIBLE] 60 minutes.

Now, your dishes will be judged
on a scale of one to ten.

Tonight's top two finishers move
forward to the grand finale,

but it will not be decided by me.

Now, your dishes will be judged
on a scale of one to ten,

but not decided by me.

We have five incredible
judges... the executives

in the Caesar's Entertainment
Group... and one of you

will become the head chef of
the flagship Hell's Kitchen

restaurant at Caesars
Palace in Las Vegas.

I don't think I've
ever cooked for anybody

that important before.

I think it's a little
disturbing that Chef Ramsay

is not making this final decision,

but these people are, like,

bigwigs, and I really
want to impress them.

Right, judging round one,

general manager of Caesars Palace.

Please welcome Sean McBurney, please.

Thank you. Sean, welcome.

Hi, Gordon.
Good to see you.

Great to see you. Great to see you.

Thank you so much. Absolute pleasure.

Chefs, are we ready?

Yes, Chef.

Let's start with Michelle, please.
Bring up your appetizer.

Thank you.

Okay, so today,
I have for you a hamachi crudo

that's been lightly seared
and crusted in sesame seeds.

I actually used a blowtorch,
'cause I wanted it to still be,

like, nice and raw on the inside.

It's a stunning dish.
I think a great use of color.

It's a beautiful dish.
Very impressive, Chef.

Thank you.

Benjamin, next up. Let's go.

What we're serving today is
we have an ahi tuna made

with a miso ponzu puree on
the bottom, American caviar,

as well as pickled shallots
and pickled daikon.

Visually, it looks beautiful.

It really looks like a piece of art.

Thank you, Chef.
Right. Very good.

All right, Nick,

our final cold appetizer.

Please present.

So what you have here is beef

in beet carpaccio with
a whipped goat cheese.

Great balance. Very good.
Great job. Thank you.

Very good.

Three incredible appetizers.
Now, Sean, for the tough part.

Michelle's hamachi. Out of ten,
what would you give her?

I think it was a beautiful dish.

I would give Michelle a nine.

Thank you.

And then onto Benjamin's ahi tuna.

Very, very artistic.

Great flavors. I would
give Benjamin an eight.

Congratulations. Right.

And finally, Nick's dish
with that carpaccio beef.

I thought it was executed
very, very well.

I would give Nick an eight as well.

An eight. Amazing.

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Thank you so much.

It makes me feel really good that,

from the first course,

I am getting out of the
gate really strong.

The hot appetizer course is being judged

by the vice president of food

and beverage at Caesars
Palace, Cory Johnson.

Hey, Gordon. How are you?

And Nick is hoping his seared bay

scallops with spiced
cranberry Hollandaise...

The apple brings a
sweetness to the dish.

Will top Benjamin's seared jumbo shrimp

with poblano peppers and grits.

The polenta's spot on.
Thank you very much.

Great hot appetizer.

And Michelle's uni
risotto with shellfish.

The uni brings a little taste
of the ocean. Well done.

Thank you.

Let's begin with Nick.
One of my favorites.

I'd give it a nine.

A nine. Wow.
Thank you.

And then the elevated shrimp
and grits from Benjamin?

I'd also give that a nine.
A nine.


And then, finally, Michelle's
risotto with sea urchin.

I'm gonna give it a solid eight.

An eight. Well done.

Thank you.
Amazing. Cory, thank you.

Thank you, Chef. Thanks.

With all three chefs

holding their own on appetizers...

We're tied now.

It's time to move on to entrees.

The president of Caesars
Palace, Gary Selesner,

will judge their fish course.

First up is Benjamin's roasted halibut

with smoked cherry tomatoes.

Just full of flavor.

Then it's Michelle's
sea bass with squid ink pasta.

Tastes just like the fresh sea.

And Nick's pan-seared Chilean sea bass,

dusted with fennel pollen.

A little sweetness there.

Let's begin with Benjamin,
the roasted bass.

I've got to give it an eight.
An eight.

Michelle had the sea bass.

I got to give that a nine.
A nine.

Thank you.
And then, finally,

Nick's Chilean bass.

I think it was a touch too sweet.

I'd have to give it an eight.

Ladies and gentlemen,
a quick recap on the scores.

Michelle had 26 and the lead.

Benjamin and Nick are tied
for second place at 25.

Now, our fourth round will be judged

by the global president of
Caesar's Entertainment.

Please give it up for Tom Jenkin,
ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.

With Michelle holding a slight edge

heading into round four,

she is hoping to widen her
lead with her chicken

and ginger-braised bok choy.

Great combination of flavors.
Thank you.

After Michelle's strong showing,

Nick will need to score big
with his chicken breast

with apple smoked bacon
and sweet potato puree.

Chicken is moist and tender. Very nice.

Not to be outdone,

Benjamin presents his
airline chicken breast

and peewee potatoes.

The glaze is terrific. Very tasty.

Let's go back to
Michelle's chicken thighs.

I give it an eight.
An eight. Wow.

Thank you.

I think that's a nine.

And then Benjamin.

I think that was a nine as well.

We're tied again? We're tied again.

Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
we have a three-way tie.

Holy [BLEEP].

Our final judge is the CEO and president

of Caesar's Entertainment.

Please give it up for Mark Frissora.

Thank you.

We're tied. Final round.
Benjamin, please, let's go.

It doesn't get more real than this.

Whoever has the best two
plates is going to the finals

and has that chance to
be the chef in Vegas.

Wow. Please describe your dish.

Well, when I think of Vegas,
I think of something big,

so what we have here is a brown
sugar cured filet mignon.

It's been smoked.

You have all the flavors,
but it's just the filet.

People who order steak want
something that's big and bold,

and this is a big and bold dish.

It's delicious. Outstanding. I love it.

It's so tender, and it's
cooked perfectly. Thank you.

It's great.

Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.

Thank you, Chef.

Right. Second up, Nick.


So what you have is an espresso

and chili-dusted venison loin
with seared oyster mushrooms.

Excellent. I mean,
really, really well done.

There's a salt flavor in
it too. It's really...

I put, on the flesh of the
venison, smoked sea salt.

Amazing, amazing.
Smoked salt really adds to it.

Yes, Chef.
Great job.

And our third and final dish.
Please, Michelle.

I worked really hard on the steak,

and it all comes down to this one dish.

I'm hoping and praying that
he really, really loves my dish.

I have a seared New
York that's been basted

in miso and yuzu butter

and a Szechuan peppercorn beef demi.

That is a surprise... a burst of flavor

immediately that's so delicious.

Thank you.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's time
to find out which two chefs

are heading into our first-ever

all-star finale of "Hell's Kitchen."

Is it Benjamin,
is it Michelle, or is it Nick?

The first person is...


In second place, joining
Michelle in the grand finale,

is it Benjamin or is it Nick?

For their final challenge,
the three remaining chefs

have each prepared five
dishes to help determine

which two will go head to hed
in the final dinner service.

Those dishes looked
incredible. Well done.

President and CEO
of Caesars Entertainment Group,

Mark Frissora

has already selected Michelle
as the first finalist.


And it's now time to
decide who will be joining her.

Is it Benjamin or is it Nick?


All my hard work has paid of,

and now I'm gonna bring it
tomorrow, and Michelle,

I'm gonna be the new chef in
Las Vegas at Hell's Kitchen.

It sucks that it came
down to basically one dish,

even though you put so much
effort into your food.

You obviously think that some of
your dishes, if not all of them,

were better than most of their dishes.

Just knowing you lost,

and you're disappointed...
Your sous chef and your chef.

No one wants to have that feeling.

Now, Nick, as you know,
your time in Hell's Kitchen

is not over yet.
Yes, Chef.

Because you will be joining the brigade

of one of the two finalists,

Benjamin or Michelle, when they face off

in the final dinner
service tomorrow night

back in Hell's Kitchen.

But as you know,

it takes more than one chef
to fill out a brigade,

so please welcome back our
all-star returning chefs.

Dana, Robyn,


Elise, Van, Barbie, and Milly.

Nick, please go and
join them. Thank you.

Oh, man. Great.

Michelle, come and stand here, please.

Benjamin, stand here.

Right. Michelle,

you go first on the pick to
put your dream team together.

Now, when you look at all
those returning chefs,

you know them inside out.

They've been with you every step
of the way across this journey.

Please give us the name
of the first person

that you'd like to join,

and tell us why first, please.

Michelle has first choice pick,

and I [BLEEP] better be on her team.

She better have picked me.
If she didn't, I'll be pissed.

I'm choosing this person

because they never faltered this season.

They were the best competitor

in all of the challenges
and dinner service,

and that person is Nick.

Nick, please.

It's obvious why Nick

is my number one choice.

We are great friends. He's a solid cook.

I honestly thought it was gona
be me and him in the final.

Wow, what a night.

Benjamin, who is gonna be
first in your brigade?

Chef, I'm gonna choose someone
I've cooked with in the past,

I've competed with in the past,

someone who has my style of cooking.

I'm gonna pick Jennifer.


I picked Jennifer first

because I knew that Michelle liked her,

so I wanted to take her away.

Right. Michelle, second pick.

My next choice was a former
member of the Red Team.

She always brought it every
single day in challenges

and dinner service as well,
so my next pick is Dana.

Dana, let's go.

Good to see you, Dana. Right.

Benjamin. Second pick. Tell us who.

My next pick is someone who
cooks with a lot of passion

and soul, cooks food from the heart.

He has fine dining training,
and he's as technical as anything.


Thank you. That's my boy.

I'm gonna kill it for Ben tomorrow.

Welcome back. Nice to see you.
Okay, Michelle.

Chef, the next person
I'm gonna pick I know

is gonna have my back.

I worked with him in season 14.
I got to go with Milly.

Yeah, Milly.

Right. Benjamin, third pick.

The next person I'm gonna pick
is once again a passionate chef.

She was with the Red Team before,

and she came to the Blue Team
and showed what she had.

I'm gonna pick Robyn, Chef.
Robyn. Welcome back.

If you want me to be completely honest,

the selection was kind of slim.

I kind of knew I was gonna
go before Barbie and Elise.

So, Michelle, last pick.

Effectively, you're
choosing for both teams.

I'm literally stuck between
a rock and a hard place.

Elise is the hard place...

It's on. Oh!

You opened a can of worms.
It's on now, baby!

Okay, Michelle. Please give us the name.

And Barbie is crazy.

I need that spinach, please!
Worry about your beef.

How about I get that spinach, Michelle?


the next person I'm
gonna pick on my team...

I don't want Elise.

I don't want Barbie;
I don't want either of them.

Next time, one of these two chefs

will be named the winner

of "Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars"...

We need to end on a strong note.

I got third place last time.

That's not gonna happen again.

And the head chef at Gordon Ramsay's

Hell's Kitchen restaurant
at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

That's for the Hell's Kitchen
I want to be the head chef at.

Will it be Michelle...

We need to keep rolling. Yes, Chef?

Yes, Chef.

The young and fearless
all-star from Dallas, Texas...

These tickets have to be
perfect. You all got it?

Yes, Chef.

All right.
Or Benjamin...

Come on, guys. Let's go.

The veteran chef and father of two

from San Antonio, Texas?

I need bass to the pass. Walk.

I'm the best chef here,
and I'm gonna prove it to Chef Ramsay.


On the count of three.