Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 14 - Families Come to Hell - full transcript

Families of the four remaining chefs visit; chefs must base a dish on a secret ingredient hidden in a gift chosen by them; the family members anonymously vote on the dishes; a dinner service and an elimination.

Previously on
"Hell's Kitchen All-Stars"...

Ricky Williams!

Chef Ramsay invited all-star athletes...

Reggie Miller!

To cook with the All-Star chefs

in the first black jacket challenge.

Grab a whisk out of that little...

Is this a whisk?

Robyn and NBA
Hall-of-Famer Reggie Miller

quickly found their groove.

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

And Milly was blown away...

Oh, my God.
It's good?

By Heisman Trophy winner Ricky
Williams' skills in the kitchen.

Yeah. Yeah.
At judging...

Robyn and Reggie's scallops...

Well done. Please take a seat.

Earned them a place on the podium.

This throne is now ours.

Milly and Ricky's
seabass three ways scored big.

Does it beat Robyn and Reggie?

Yes, it does.

Get up out of here, Robyn and Reggie.

But Michelle and
WNBA star Candace Parker...

That's cooked to perfection.

Hit the game winner with their seabass

and uni pasta.

Michelle and Candace, congratulations.

We won.

In the first black
jacket dinner service...

To Hell's Kitchen. Let's get it.

Milly got the
All-Stars off to a shaky start.

Hey. Pan's burning.

Oh, my God.

But when the smoke cleared...

Milly. Delicious.
Thank you, Chef.


It was Robyn who struggled
to deliver on garnish...

Who in their right mind is
gonna serve that [BLEEP]?

Just answer me.

I don't have an answer for you, Chef.

Hey. All of you, come here.

And then tried to
shift the blame to Chef Ramsay.

Chef, I'm sorry if you
[BLEEP] misunderstood me.

What did you just say to me?

At elimination, Chef Ramsay called up...

Robyn and Milly.

And things turned a bit ugly.

Milly, you don't help out
when people ask help.

You're a liar.

I'm sitting there busting [BLEEP] out.

Get out my face.

Y'all judging me on something else,

and it ain't got nothing
to do with cooking.

You tripping.

Chef Ramsay ultimately eliminated...


Ending her dream
of becoming the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's
Kitchen restaurant

at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation of
"Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars."

Get out of here.
Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.
Thank you, Chef.

Thank you, Chef.

Yes, Chef?

Listen to me. Listen to me.
Yes, Chef.

You have so much talent,
you have so much strength,

and you have an immaculate palate.

Yes, Chef.
You don't need to brawl.

You don't need to fight.
You're better than that.

I hold you better than that.

Rise above it.

I will, Chef.

Thank you, Chef. Chef Ramsay,
I thank you for the advice.

I need the advice.
Now I know to be great,

I just have to block that
out and not respond.

I'll probably never, ever, ever respond

to another hater ever again.

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Here we go.


This is awesome.

As I walk into the dining room,
I am seeing Christmas trees,

Christmas lights. I love Christmas.

I love any holiday,
especially when food's involved.

As chefs, we work lots of long hours,

and many times we never get to
enjoy the holidays properly.

And seeing as you're the final four,

I've got these lovely gifts over here.

Oh, okay.

Now, Michelle...

Yes, Chef?

I got for you...

Your sister Lizzy.

And your nephews Nathan and Julian.

Stop it.

I have pictures of my
nephews in my pocket,

and I look at them every night.

It's hard not to get choked up

when you see your 9-year-old nephews.

I mean... yay, you're here.

Benjamin, I've got your wife Rosanna

and your daughters Anna and Ala.

Oh, my God.
Enjoy. Come on.

You deserve it, bro bro.


Okay, go grab a seat.

They're so cute. They're so cute.


Right, Nick. Your husband
Michael and your mum Jeanne.


Last time I was here,
my family did not get to come out

because I got eliminated the day before.

You guys got to come this time.

I know.
This time it's a whole different story.

They're here. I'm killing
it. It's awesome.

Milly, here's your girlfriend
Natisha and your son Pepper.

Pepper's here?

He's been talking about Pepper a lot.

Aw, Pepper.


He just fell asleep. [INAUDIBLE]

Pep, wake up. I love you.

Look, it's me. I know
he's missed me so much.

Pep Pep, Daddy got you
across the country like...

Look at that, Pep Pep.

Daddy gonna win for you. Like, yes.

Hi. I miss you.

I miss you too. I miss...
Hey, wait a minute.

I gave birth to you.
Can I get over there too?

Come sit here.
Oh, I'm fine.

It's been great, you know?
Great on the challenges.

Service, I've been killing
it the last couple services.

This is my dream, and my
family supports me for that.

They're definitely why I'm
fighting every moment

to make the finals.

Don't do it. Don't... no.
Where are you going?

I've known Pepper now
for 18 months, 9 months

in his mom's stomach,
9 months on the planet Earth.

Pep, look. Show Daddy your teeth.

I haven't even been gone that long.

He got an extra tooth. He crawling.

Like, he making progression,
so I got to make progression.

Oh, I got to ride on a
helicopter yesterday.


I really wish I was there.

Give me a high five. Come on, hey.

The hardest thing
to do in Hell's Kitchen

is to stay focused.
We got new shoes.


But we all got to remember family.

That's the prize.

Look at that smile.


Please say goodbye

'cause we have a busy
day ahead of ourselves.

Bye, guys. Love you.

All right. Love you, honey.
Bye, sister.

Bye, Michelley.

Bye, Pepper.
Oh, my God. He's so cute.

Bye, darling.
Bye-bye, everybody.

Man. While there's no
better gift than family,

I did get you some presents as you well.


Yes, Chef?

Look at those four amazing boxes.
Which one would you like?

I will represent the
team I used to be on

and take the red present.

The red present?
Yes, Chef.

I'm pretty sure

there's ingredients in these boxes.

I'll go with gold, Chef, please.

Thank you, Chef.

I'm just hoping I don't get stuck

with an ingredient that I don't want.

I'm gonna go with the
silver with the blue.


So my mind is definitely
turning right now.

Happy holidays.


I want you all to come up with
a dish that screams holidays.

Now, make three incredible portions.

You'll have 45 minutes.
Your time starts now. Let's go.

I feel like everybody in this kitchen

is supposed to be here,

so now it's just time
to rise above the rest,

get to the finals,
and win this competition.

Great. Milly, what's on the menu?

Green bean casserole.
Lobster mac and cheese.

Lobster mac and cheese?
Nick, what's going through your mind?

A peppercorn-crusted filet.

My husband loves peppercorns
on everything, so.

Good. Benjamin,
describe your dish please.

I'm gonna do a chestnut
stuffing on the salmon

and bring a little flavor
out with the cabbage.

My mom has made braised cabbage

every holiday since I was a kid.

That's as holiday as it gets to me.

Michelle, how are you
cooking the venison?

I'm going to sear it and baste
it with holiday flavors.

Holiday flavors? Great. Milly?
Yes, Chef.

That looks very homely, Milly.
Yes, Chef.

I'm a little scared for Milly right now.

This is maybe a little too casual.

This is not the buffet.
This is Hell's Kitchen.

Just under 4 minutes, yes?

Coming down to the wire,
I'm jammed up on time.

I've got to plate lobster mac
and cheese, zucchini cornbread,

smashed potatoes and gravy,
green bean casserole,

and sauteed spinach. That's five things.

Three plates. That's 15 [BLEEP] items.

5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

And stop, guys. Well done. Let's go.

Who better to judge this
incredible challenge

than your own family members?

Benjamin's wife Rosanna,
Michelle's sister Lizzy,

Nick's mum Jeanne,
and Milly's girlfriend Natisha.

An elite panel of judges,
as you can see.

Please take a seat. Thank you.

My wife is a former chef.

She's worked at four-star
James Beard restaurants.

Damn it, I know that my wife
is gonna be super tough.

Let's bring out our first dish
please, a seared venison loin.

Oh, my God.

Now, chefs, a peep out
of any of you guys,

instant disqualification.

Yes, Chef.

Ladies, please, dig in.
Mmm. Bon appetit.

How does that venison pop?

Does it melt in your mouth?

A little too rare.

It's still good, though.
You can still taste the flavor.

Natisha, all she know how to do is eat.

She can't judge no food; she can't cook.

I like it. It kind of
reminds me of, like,

a little forest with the
deer running through it.

Yeah? Yeah?
Yeah, it looks good.

Quiet in the back row.

The flavors, they're definitely
festive, Christmas-y.

Great. Lizzy?

My sister and I are pretty
close, so I'm, like,

mentally trying to tell her, like,

"Sister, come on. It's my dish.
Sister, it's my dish."

A little rarer than I would usually eat.

Slightly under?

But I would eat that
whole thing right now.

Dish number two, please.

This is an incredible
peppercorn-crusted filet mignon.

I was cooking for my
husband and not my mom,

so I have no idea what
to expect from her.

The puree's a little salty.

Puree's a little salty?


I think I'd like a little
rarer for my taste.

So it's a little bit overcooked for you.

For me, yes, it is.

"I like mine a little more
medium-rare to rare."

My mom is loving being able to
critique on everyone's food,

and she thinks she's a star.
It is a little salty,

but I think the potatoes balance it out.

Does it scream holidays?

No, not at all.
Interesting. Right.


Number three is a
chestnut-crusted salmon.

I guess it's holiday-esque.

I love this. It all goes together well.

It'd be something I would
order in a restaurant.

I think the salmon is a little dry.

The salmon's a little dry?

Aye aye aye.

It is good though.

Please, Rosanna.

Please like my dish.

The colors are a little weird.
The colors are weird?

Benjamin's wife

is killing his dish, and I love it.

Our fourth and final dish:
a lobster tail mac and cheese.

The lobster was a little chewy,
but it had a good flavor.

Big portion.

Yeah, the flavors are all good there.

It looks a little messy for me.

Too much?

You know damn well that's how
you eat on the holidays.

Don't act like that, Nick's mom.

I liked it. I like lobster.

Natisha, nominate your top two dishes.

Number one...
The beef?

And the second one?

And number two.
And the salmon.


Salmon and the venison.
Salmon and the venison.

We'll see after this if I'm
gonna cook a filet for her.

Lizzy, top two?

Definitely the venison
and then the salmon.

Venison and the salmon. Rosanna?

The venison and the steak.
Oh, my God.

Everybody but my wife
seems to like my dish.

We're tied. It's between
the venison and the salmon.

I brought you in to make sure

that I didn't have to
make this decision.

I brought you in to make sure

that I didn't have to
make this decision.

In today's holiday dish challenge,

the chefs' family members
have judged all four dishes

and are deadlocked between
Michelle's venison

and Benjamin's salmon.

The decision now falls to Chef Ramsay,
who will break the tie.

The individual who cooked the
dish that I think has all

the technical attributes
of a festive dish

is Benjamin.


Thank you.
Let's say our goodbye

to our loved ones.

Quick. You can go give
'em a hug. Oh, boy.


I haven't, like,
all-out won a challenge yet,

so it feels amazing.

Everybody seemed to
enjoy it except my wife.


Kiss the boys for me.
I will. Fist bump.

All right, love you.
Love you. All right.

Love you.
Look after Pepper,

will you please?

Benjamin, congratulations.

Thank you, Chef.
Today I have arranged

a big surprise for you.

You're gonna spend some quality time

with an incredible three
Michelin star chef:


We'll take a scenic
drive through the canyon

to one of my favorite spots,

Saddle Peak Lodge, in my Ferrari.

Benjamin, go get changed.
See you shortly.

Thank you, Chef.

Right. Well, we have a big
dinner service tonight.

This tree and Christmas
decor needs to go.

But before that, as I was
coming in this morning,

I noticed the Hell's Kitchen
SUVs have got rather dirty,

so I need those things
absolutely cleaned,

vacuumed, detailed.

Head back to the dorms.

I'll call you when they're ready.

Oh, man. I was so close to
winning this challenge.

Nick, why didn't your
mom vote for my dish?

I don't know. Ask her.
She didn't [BLEEP] vote for mine.

90 more seconds on that
venison and I would've won.

Great job, Ben.

I knew Tisha was gonna vote for you

'cause she don't even
know what venison is.

It [BLEEP] feels good.

This is, like, a once in
a lifetime experience.

To have my idol talk to me
and hang out in his Ferrari,

that means the world, you know?
I'll even admit it.

Like, I think I have a huge
crush on Chef Ramsay.

Hopefully, you know,

this is a precursor of the
future to come, you know?

Let's go.
Guys, have a good one.

Thank you.

See you later.
All right, you have a good day.

Good job.
Benjamin, jump in.

Hey, guys. Watch the water please,
yeah? Don't splash the car.

That [INAUDIBLE] cold.
Thank you.

Oh, my gosh. Look at this.


Oh, my gosh.
Are we ready?

Yes, Chef. Adios.


What? He in that 'Rari.

Milly. What are you, Helen Keller?

Who taught you how to [BLEEP] scrub?

This [BLEEP] streaky.

That's 'cause my soap dried up.

I don't know who taught these people

how to properly wash a car,
because they suck.

So yeah, thanks a lot, Mom.

This how they be
at a car wash in Philly.

Like, when you come out the
car wash, they be like this.

Did you scratch it?
Get out of here.

It looks kind of okay.

This is amazing.
You been to Malibu before?

No. This is amazing.
Really beautiful.

So how are things going?

I feel like I'm a step behind.
First of all,

your cooking is absolutely spot on.

Thank you, Chef.

The only thing you
need now is the voice.

Yes, Chef.
The conviction.

Put them in their place.

Just [BLEEP] own it.

Just own that space.

I can do it, Chef.
Right now it's totally surreal.

Gordon Ramsay is one of my idols.

He is an amazing chef.
He is an amazing businessman.

He's an amazing family guy.

He is the wittiest,
funniest person I know.

I truly love Chef Ramsay.

I couldn't really ask for much more.

Yeah, who do you think your
biggest competition is right now?

I mean, you got your eyes on the prize?

Probably Michelle, I think.

She's tough. I think
she is very talented.

She's very intelligent,
but sometimes she gets flustered.

If I win the competition,

I would like to stay with you.
I'd prove over the next year

or two years that I
deserve to stay with you.


This place is amazing.
Have you been here before?

No, Chef, I haven't been here.

Saddle Peak Lodge.

It's beautiful. Beautiful.

To spend time with Chef in a Ferrari,

shooting down Malibu
mountains, it was amazing.

Let's jump in.

Nothing else matters right now.

My family's in the past,
today is in the past,

and it's just me and Chef
Ramsay. How you doing?

Well, how are you doing?
Nice to see you.

Table for two please.
I'll show you right to the table.

Thank you very much.

Ladies, hello.

I couldn't think of a more
fitting array of guests

to join you for lunch.
Good to see you. Enjoy lunch.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Wait, wait.

Where you going?

You see that guy has a hat on?

There's been so many surprises
in this competition,

but this is easily my favorite.

Well, I'm glad you guys
were able to come out.

Daddy almost didn't make it.
Mom didn't vote for him.

That's gonna hang over my
head for the rest of my life.

No. Oh, look, you got mac and
cheese and chicken fingers.

Oh, and chicken fingers too.

You've got to save room for dessert.

Don't eat too many French fries, okay?

So I fill up my belly,
and I push it back,

and I get room for desserts.

Oh, you just push it back?

I wish that worked for me.

Okay, so what we need to do is

to take... this one is your main focus.

So all the balls,
you have to take them down.

You wrap the balls...

I'm good with that.
And you put them here, okay?

Okay. And then you need
to take down the tree.

Oh, my God.

No more punishments.

Get your balls out of my face.




Season 14's gonna be the finale.

Let's be honest.

How cool would that be?

It's gonna happen.
Us three did not have

a bad dinner service.

Let's make it a sweep

from the season 14.

Hell yeah.

Coming up...

You run a kitchen or it runs you.
Yes, Chef.

When Michelle makes
a surprising mistake...

Yes, Chef?

I need lamb sauce. This is duck sauce.

Oh, my bad.

Come on, Michelle. Seriously?

I need that jus right now.

It's not hot.

What is she prepared to do

to make it into the finale?

Come on, Michelle.
You got to speed it up.

Michelle, this spinach is too salty.

Michelle, are you sabotaging?

Si, Chef?

Open Hell's Kitchen please. Let's go.

The dining room is
abuzz with hungry guests

and VIP diners...

This is beautiful.

All eager to have dinner

prepared by the All-Star final four.

Thank you.
Oh, this is so awesome.

Tonight, the All-Star chefs face

their most critical test so far.

They will each take a
turn running the pass.

All four of you eyes wide open.
Yes, Chef.

Chef Ramsay will test
their attention to detail,

leadership, and quality control.

All-Stars, show me that you
want to be in the finals.

Yes, Chef.

When each chef takes
their turn at the pass,

sous chef Christina will
cover their station,

delivering surprise sabotages

designed to keep them on their toes.

I am so excited.

And the first chef to run the pass

this evening will be...

Benjamin, on the hot
plate please. Let's go.

Yes, Chef.

Christina, appetizers please.
Yes, Chef.

You run the kitchen or it runs you.

Yes, Chef.
Good luck.

Four top in, table 31.

We have two risotto,
one carbonara, one tartare.

Yes, Chef.

Tonight's service is do or die.

It's gonna be really hard,

but knowing that I have
the support of my wife

and my children to follow my dreams,

I can't ask for anything more.
I've just got to out there

and perform at the
highest level possible.

Hey, are we ready on the
carbonara and two risotto, Chef?

30 seconds.
Thank you, Chef.

Benjamin's first
test is a carbonara made

with spaghetti instead of fettucine.

Walking carbonara.

Chef, the pasta's wrong.

I'm sorry?
This is spaghetti.

Well spotted. Well spotted.

Benjamin caught the spaghetti
instead of fettucine.

That's no surprise.

I'm glad he can tell his pasta shapes.

Refire. Refire.

Thank you.
Sorry about that, Chef.

Very nice, Chef.

Benjamin is off to a strong start,

running the pass and
directing his brigade.

Hey, how long are we gonna
get on those lobster tails?

Are they gonna be ready?
15 seconds.

Nice and composed. Stay on it, Benjamin.

I think Hell's Kitchen's
kind of a microcosm of life.

You have all of these things
that you have to overcome.

I need a little bit longer.
It's not done yet.

Good. Well done.
And you put your head down,

and you just fight every single day,
every moment, you can win.

Two risotto, carbonara,
scallop. How long?

Flipping scallops.
Just melting the mascarpone.

I need 15 seconds, Chef. 15.

Risotto in between your plates, Chef.

For the next quality control sabotage,

Chef Christina has added
carrots to the risotto

instead of butternut squash.

Thank you, Chef.
Are you happy with that?

Oui, Chef.

Stop and look at the color of the diced.

Those are carrots, aren't they?

Come on, man. Come on.

Chef, these are carrots.
These aren't butternut squash.

How did I miss that?


Look at me. You have
to taste everything.

You got absolutely over

every little detail
except that last risotto.

Yes, Chef.
Back on the appetizers then.

Oui, Chef.
Mmm. I like it.

I actually really like it.
It's really good.

Right. Milly?
Yes, Chef.

Over please.

I want to see an upgrade from season 14.

Remember last time you stood here?

Yes, Chef.

You know how difficult it is, yeah?

Yes, Chef. Two halibut, one Wellington.

That's only three entrees.

Read the ticket first.
Yes, sir.

Last line of defense is you.
Yes, Chef.

Watch everything.

Yes, Chef. This is the biggest
dinner service of my life!

I've got to nail it.

This for my family,
and this for my boys on the line.

I'm not gonna let y'all down.

Chef Milly, I have an order for you.

It's a four top, okay?
I'll bring you dessert later.

Four top. Heard that.

Milly's first test
is already in his hand,

an improperly-written
ticket from Marino.

The entrees are gonna be two salmon,
one lobster Wellington,

and one beef Wellington.
And there's a special request.

No pork on this ticket, okay?
There's no pork.

No pork?

What do you mean?
What the [BLEEP]'s happening?

Just make sure there's no pork
touching none of the entrees.

Oh, my God.

Hey. We can't do the
Wellingtons with no pork.

[BLEEP]. I made a mistake.
Listen, we need another order

because we can't do the beef
Wellington with no pork.

Yeah. Hey, wake up. Wake up.

That's like a pizza with no
dough, you [BLEEP] idiot.

Hey, focus.

Yes, Chef.
I'm 100% focused,

and I've got to turn up bad.

I'm talking about, like...
literally, like,

I'm talking about keep the wheels going.

I can't make a mistake again.

Benjamin, the carbonara
needs more salt please.

Well spotted.
Lobster tails, Christina.

No, I need 'em right now,

Christina. Please.

Where are they?
It's in my hand now.

Sorry, Chef.

Gently. Gently, Christina.
Yes, Chef.

Let's go.
No way. Christina?

Yes, Chef?
These are two shrimp.

I need two lobster tails right now.

Got it in my hand, Chef.
Well spotted.

Milly spots the prawns
instead of lobster.

What's the big deal?
That should not be a hard one.

I saw the prawns.

Go, go, go.

After a bumpy start,
Milly has rebounded,

delivering entrees to hungry diners...

Here you go.

And he's now looking to Michelle

to keep up the pace on garnish.

Michelle, can I get a little
bit more salt in these

tartare potatoes please?

Yes, of course.
More salt. That's it. Bang.

Straight, straight, straight.

More salt.
Not "Please may I have"

"a little bit more
salt." More salt! Bang.

Taste it, Michelle.

I did taste it. There's a
lot of salt in here, Chef.

Working the garnish station
right now is really hard

because we're moving fast,

and, you know, right now I'm just,
like, pumping garnish out.

Here you go.

Thank you. Michelle, come get
this spinach. It is too salty.

I'm talking about this
[BLEEP] salty as [BLEEP].

I want all the garnish at
the same [BLEEP] time.

Yes, Chef.

I need it right now, Michelle.
All right. Give me right now.

Come on, Michelle.
You've got to speed it up.

You've got to speed it up, Michelle.

Either she's not listening or
she's out to sabotage you.

Michelle, look at me.
Are you sabotaging?

It's over an hour into dinner service,

and the black jacket chefs are
taking turns running the pass.

Come on, Michelle.
You've got to speed it up.

You've got to speed it up, Michelle.

And with Milly currently in charge,

his biggest issue so far
is Michelle's garnish.

Either she's not listening or
she's out to sabotage you.

Michelle, look at me.
Are you sabotaging?

No, Chef. I'm sorry, Milly. My bad.

I'm not about trying to sabotage
people. That's not how I work.

I'm gonna be a team
player until the end.

Here's your refire spinach.
Sorry about that.

Thank you.
That's better.

Go. Sorry about the delay.

When they're slow,

you need to tell them,
"Change [BLEEP] gear."

Michelle, one bit of garnish,

one bit of garnish. Nothing complete.

Yes, sir.
Okay, back on the fish please.

Let's go.
Heard that. I feel great.

I feel like I did a better
job in this challenge

than I did on Hell's Kitchen 14.

Michelle, hand over to Christina please.

Yes, Chef.

I'm concerned you're not
changing gear. Are you okay?

I'm good, Chef. I really
want to get into the finale.

I was this close in
season 14 to making it,

but I'm not gonna let that happen again.

Listen up, we've got two
two tops walking in.

Entrees, one pork,

one salmon, one halibut, one duck.

Yes, Chef.

Now that there's only four of us,

you can't make any mistakes
because they will be magnified.

Chef Christina, I need that spinach.

I'm right on your back.
Where do you want it, left or right?

Right here on my right-hand side.

Got it.

Chef, that's not spinach.

Chef, this is not spinach.

Well spotted. Come on. Let's go.

Yes, Chef.

Milly, come here. This halibut
is a little undercooked.

The other one is perfect. Okay?

Oh, [BLEEP] hell, Milly.
Just, like,

30 more seconds in the pan.
Please, Milly.

Heard that.
Well spotted. Let's go.

For Michelle's second
quality control sabotage,

Chef Ramsay has replaced the
New York strip with a ribeye.

Slice the New York strip please.

Yes, Chef.
Quick. Fries. Come on, guys.

Yes, Chef.

Strip garnish, Chef. Come on, Michelle.

New York strip on the plate.
Happy with the New York strip?

It's a little under, Chef.

More importantly, what steak is that?

Ribeye. No?

Oh, this sucks. I hate going
through this right now.

Come on, Michelle.

Yes, Chef. I knew that was wrong too.

Well, you sliced it.
I don't know. Chef, I'm sorry.

Young lady, just get in the
game a little bit, yes?

Yes, Chef!

I mean, come on. Really?

Michelle, you are better than this.

Service please. Right. Nick?
Yes? Yes, Chef?

Careful. Swap with Michelle please.

Michelle onto meat.
Nick to the window please.

Yes, Chef. Yep.

Look at me. No one's
had a perfect service.

Let's get it right.
Yes, Chef.

Check everything, young man.

Top four is just not good enough for me.

I wanted to be in that finale,
and I want to win.

I'm ready to rock it.
How's that pork, Milly?

Pork is beautiful.
Garnish in the window.

Let's go.

Heard that.

Halibut garnish. Thank you.
Halibut. Thank you.

Let's go, Milly. That pork right away.

Thank you.

For Nick's first tes,
Chef Ramsay has switched out

the pork chop for a veal
chop cooked by Chef Jocky.

Slice your protein please.

Yes, Chef.

Check everything.

Milly, nicely cooked.

Thank you.

It's a veal chop.

Oh, [BLEEP]. Sabotage
number one I just missed.

I didn't notice that was veal.

Eyes wide open, young man.

To go home on something as silly

as a missed veal chop
is mindblowing to me,

so I'm not even going
to think about that.

Going forward,

I really need to make sure
everything is just perfect.

Yes, Chef?

Salt. Please.

Yes, really. Salt.
[BLEEP] hell.

Come on, Nick.
We're getting flooded now.

Chef Christina, I need those garnishes.

30 seconds, Chef.
Duck garnish 30 seconds.

Right now.

Duck garnish on your left please.

Duck garnish.

Let's go.

Chef Christina?

I need cream leeks,

not cream spinach.

I love the idea,
but let's get cream leeks up.

Heard that, heard that.

Thank you for the feedback, Chef.

You're absolutely right.

Well done catching the cream spinach.

Thank you, Chef. Come on, Michelle.

I need that lamb.

Walking your lamb. On your right.


Yes, Chef?
I need lamb sauce.

This is duck sauce.

Oh, my bad.
Oh, [BLEEP].

Come on, Michelle. Seriously?

I got you, I got you.

That's for your duck.

This is the last thing
that I need right now.

Come on, Michelle.
I need that jus right now.

10 seconds, Chef. It's not hot.

I'm trying to get this
meat station going,

but it's just hard when you have to

jump on someone else's station

and try to finish it.

Guys, don't forget my egg
with my halibut please.

I won't.

Come on, guys. Pick up the speed.

Shrimp, sauce, egg.

How's that egg, Milly?
The egg is beautiful.

What is this? The egg is [BLEEP].

It's over.

Milly, show a bit of [BLEEP] respect.

I need one more egg.
Egg in 30 seconds.

Let's go.

Come on, Milly. Come on, Milly.

Come on. We are [BLEEP] now.

Can we poach a [BLEEP] egg?

It's over two hours

into the final black
jacket dinner service...

Let's go, Milly.

That will help determine which two chefs

will move onto the finals.

Milly, the egg is [BLEEP].
I need one more egg.

Egg in 30 seconds.
Let's go.

Nick is doing a solid job

running the pass, but he has
an eggstr-ordinary problem.

Come on, Milly.

Come on, can we poach a [BLEEP] egg?

Come on, Milly.
You're killing me right now.

Milly, what is this? This is [BLEEP].

We're All-Stars. Get it together.

I'm not asking for much. Let's go.

Right now. I'm sorry, man.
You're all right, Milly.

Much better, Milly. Thank you.

Thank you.
Service please.

Well done. Really good.

Thank you.
Last table, guys.

Two halibut, two lobster Wellington.

Yes, Chef.

We've been pushed so
hard in service tonight.

Working the pass, sabotages.
I mean, it's a lot.

Come on, Michelle. Where's that Welly?


Chef Ramsay's trying to break us,

but it's not gonna happen.

Let's go. Well done, Nick. Clear down.

Yes, Chef.
Follow, guys. Stove off.

Yes, Chef.


Great job, y'all.
Thank you.

Man, that was, uh... that was intense.

Definitely the most intense
dinner service I've had.

In both seasons.

Listen, I want this job
so bad, for my girl,

for my kids, for the hood.

I want all them little
kids in every hood to say,

"No longer do I want to be President.

I want to be a great
chef like Chef Milly."

Listen up. First of all, that was tough.

Nobody had a perfect night.

Understand that.

I want all four of you
to head to the dorm

and come to a consensus on the chef

you think deserves to be
alongside you in the finale.

Is that heard?
Yes, Chef.

Get out of here.

Do I feel safe tonight?

There's no way we can all
come up with a consensus.

That doesn't make any sense.
There's four people.

No, not really.

There's definitely a season
14 connection going on.

Milly, do you want to go?

So looking at the last challenge,

to get up at that pass and see

if somebody could go harder than me,

I've got to keep it 100.

I want to go at Nick.

Standing at the pass
looking over, he was solid.

If you don't go up against
the best, you a [BLEEP],

and nobody respects that.

Just like if you beat up on a
kid that don't want to fight,

you don't get no cool points for that.

Milly, you've got a lot
of heart and passion.

Your food has a ton of [BLEEP] flavor.

Nick is cool as a cucumber.

I know you don't cook on the line,

but there's times we've
pushed you in the kitchen

and you're totally cool.

It's harder to judge on you
because I didn't watch you.

You're on the Red Team.
I didn't give a [BLEEP].

The person I want to go against?
I would pick Nick.

Okay. Benjamin is Benjamin.
He can vote however he wants,

but the fact of the matter
is I've only worked

with these guys for two dinner services,

so they can't really judge me.

I kind of feel like the
odd woman out right now.

Can we move over there?

Yeah. It got a little crazy over here.

I really, really,
really want to win "Hell's Kitchen."

I was so close last time.
I know I can do it this time.

I'm not gonna psyche myself out.

I'm not gonna let anyone
else psyche me out.

Y'all are voting based
on the entire season

and you've only worked with
me in two dinner services.

Well, you said today was
your worst dinner service.

Today was my worst dinner service,

and then yesterday was
my best dinner service.

Yeah, but you weren't busy yesterday.

Yeah, you wasn't that busy last night.

I mean, how many fish did you pick up?

I don't remember.
That was [BLEEP] yesterday.

And you missed the sauce
on the halibut each time.

Okay, well...

I mean, I'm just saying.
Those are facts.

I don't think Michelle had
really a good service tonight.

I thought her service was kind of poor.

I mean, it was a [BLEEP] nightmare.

Who's your decision?
Who are you choosing?


Wait a second.
Let her think.

You just looked at him like that,
like a poster boy.

Well, I'm looking at each of you.

I mean, I want to go against Nick.

Surprise. So you're safe, Nick.
You've got immunity.

No, I'm not. No, I don't.

Chef Ramsay could easily be like,

"That's cute that you guys
picked him, but too bad."

No, I don't feel safe.

Just because three of
my fellow competitors

have chosen me to be the person

they want to go up against
doesn't make me feel safe.

Okay, Nick. Who are you picking?

I need to think for a second.

It's really up to Chef Ramsay.

An amazing journey.

All four of you have been
very worthy competitors.

I am not looking forward to
sending two of you home.

Milly, which chef would you want
to go up against in the finale?

I think Nick deserves to be
in the final with me, Chef.

Why do you think you deserve a spot

in the "Hell's Kitchen" finale?

Since the last time I seen you
in 14, I've grown so much.

I feel like I'm just so
comfortable in the kitchen,

running the pass, working stations.

Tonight, I just kept fighting,
kept fighting, kept fighting,

and I could've just kept
going on all night,

showing that I am a consummate chef.

Two words,

fight and composure.

I think that I'm the
most composed chef here.

I think that I can handle my own.

I don't melt under pressure.
I keep fighting.

I just come to cook, and I
think I've proven that to you.

Benjamin, which chef
do you think deserves

to be alongside you in the finale?

I'd want to go up against Nick, Chef.

I deserve to go in the finale
'cause I'm technically sound.

I'm a true leader.
I have found my voice.

I can be your chef for
Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas

and beyond, Chef.

I can handle the pressure.

And finally, Michelle?

I deserve to be in the finale

because every single day I've
been here, I've brought it.

I have had to overcome
a lot of obstacles.

All the [BLEEP] on the Red Team.

I'm the last woman standing
because I held my composure

and I stayed true to myself.

I have even more to show you,

and if I can get into the finale,

I think I'm gonna blow you away

with everything that I can do here.

Thank you, chefs.

This is... has been a tough one,
but it's time to tell you.

The first chef who will not be
heading into the finale is...

The first chef

who will not be heading
into the finale...




Love you, Milly.
Get over here.

Listen carefully.
First of all, I'm so happy

I gave you a second
chance as an All-Star.

Your energy and confidence

are what you've got going for you now.

It's extraordinary.

I'm going to do something
I've never done before.

I want you to come and spend
a week with me as a stage...

Yes, Chef.
In my three Michelin star establishments...

Oh, my God.

And just stand in a kitchen in Chelsea,

in the middle of London,
to open your eyes.

I'll take care of the flights,
the accommodation.

That's amazing.
Would you like to come?

I will. I'll be there.
It's been an incredible journey...

Yes, Chef.
And I can't wait to see you in London.

I will be there.
Got it?

Yes, Chef.
Keep hold of that jacket.

Thank you, Chef. Thank you.
Yo, I love y'all. Kill it, man.

I love you, Milly.

This has been the
greatest experience of my life.

Yes, Chef?

That is delicious.
Thank you, Chef.

I fought my heart out against
Hell's Kitchen All-Stars.

Milly, your poutine
goes on tonight's menu.

My confidence level
was through the roof.


I done did so many first time things.

We riding through clouds.

I went to Vegas for the first time.

I've never seen this many lights.

I've never seen this much energy.

I ate caviar by a lake. I rode a horse.

Damn, that's the
biggest horse I've ever seen.


I got to teach Ricky Williams
how to make a dish.

He making risotto.
He made a fritter. Yes.

I got the first All-Star
black jacket of all-time.

Yes! Yes!

Chef Ramsay, I only got
one thing to say to you.

I love you. I love you.

You've been the best mentor.
You've been the best person.

Like, the best... like,
a father figure, like, to me,

and I just love you period point blank.

I mean, nothing in between.
I love you, and I appreciate you.

The first chef progressing
into the finale is...


Well done.

Thank you.

Young man, let me tell you something.
Yes, Chef?

You have improved more than
any of the other chefs

that I've invited back.

What have you been doing?

Everything, Chef. I've been
trying to learn everything.

Yeah. You're a fast
learner and it shows.

Thank you, Chef.

Benjamin, Michelle,
I'm gonna get this done quickly.

The person joining Nick in the finals...

It's so tough.




Oh, man.
Thank you.

Benjamin, you've been brilliant.

Strongest chef in the kitchen tonight.

Assertive, controlling, demanding.

You performed like a chef.

Thank you, Chef.

Yes, Chef?

You've had a phenomenal journey.

Feel proud of everything
you've accomplished,

everything you've overcome,
everything you've done and stood for.

This was so hard for me,
and it was so close,

but I'm sorry to say

you are gonna have to
stay a while longer.


Oh, my God.
I'm so proud of you.

That's right.

For the first time ever in the
history of Hell's Kitchen,

three chefs are going into the finals.

You've all earned it. Congratulations.

Thank you so much, Chef.
Get out of here.

Thank you, Chef.
Sleep well.

Thank you. Oh, my God.

It literally was, like,
an emotional rollercoaster for me.

I don't even know how to
process this right now. Yay!

Good job.
I've got to kick it into,

like, seventh gear, tenth gear,

whatever... however
many gears there are.

I have no idea. Oh, my God.

I was, like, devastated for a moment.

I know. I almost started crying for you

because I know how badly you fought.

This is so amazing.

I worked my ass off this
season to get here.

I couldn't be more proud of myself.

Oh, my God. This is...
how is this gonna work?

I have chills.

How are we gonna do three?
I don't know.

I'm freaking the [BLEEP]
out. I don't know.

How are we gonna do this? Oh, my God.

I am in the finals.
I fought for my life tonight.

It's gonna be a tough competition,

but I feel like I'm the best chef here,

and I'm gonna prove it to Chef Ramsay.

Milly has had two fantastic
runs in Hell's Kitchen.

I'm personally going to make sure
that that big, kindhearted man

with so much culinary passion
gets the right training he deserves.

Next time, on the 2-hour season finale

of "Hell's Kitchen All-Stars"..

I know I have the right three
still in the competition.

The table is set.

It's sink or swim time.

We are cooking for our lives,
and this is it.

Delicious. Really good indeed.

Thank you, Chef.

You have improved more than
any of the other chefs

that I've invited back.
Thank you, Chef.

Near perfect.

Thank you, Chef.

Which two will
advance to the final showdown?

I am the best chef in Hell's Kitchen.

I'm gonna prove that to Chef Ramsay.

Whose All-Star brigade will play nice?

Bring it out.

For the Blue Team.
The Red Team's stacked.

We got this [BLEEP].

And whose will be downright nasty?

I'm rude? No, you're rude.
Don't ever tell me to shut up.

It's all next time...

So you sabotaged?
No, Chef.

I would never sabotage!

On the epic 2-hour...
On the count of three.

Season finale...
1. 2. 3.

Of "Hell's Kitchen All-Stars."