Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 10 - It's All Gravy - full transcript

The remaining contestants must prepare a five-course meal for a private charity event.

Previously on
Hell's Kitchen: All Stars...

Go fish!

It was the Catch of The Day Challenge.

Yukon potatoes.

Stick it in there. Stick it in.

Nice and deep.
Get in deep.

Elise's pickiness with ingredients...

Elise, just pick something!

You're gonna screw your team, Elise.

Came back to haunt her
when she was judged by

Michelin starred chef,
Michael Cimarusti.

It kind of feels like two dishes.

I'm at a disadvantage, unfortunately.

She put herself at a disadvantage.
You're right, Chef.

But strong dishes from Jennifer...

Well done.

And Dana... Absolutely on point.

Kept the Red Team afloat.

Come on, Barbie.

And then it all
came down to Barbie and Van

in the battle of Dover sole.

Are you feeling lucky?
I'm feeling lucky, baby.

'Cause you're going to Vegas.
Yeah! Whoo!

For one of you guys
this is gonna be home.

That's the Hell's Kitchen
I want to be the head chef at.

At dinner service...

Barbie, push the team, please. Yes?

Yes, Chef.
There you go.

Chef Ramsay looked to Barbie to lead.

Two salmon, one cod, one lamb.

But Elise made a power play of her own.

Two salmon, two cod, two
strip garnishes in the window.

One strip.
Don't give me an attitude.

Barbie. Elise.

You two, sort it out, now.

Don't put your hands in my face

and don't [BLEEP] call me a lunatic.


In the Blue Kitchen,
the chefs found their rhythm...

Strip, cod, sole, lamb.

Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
Strip, cod, sole, lamb.

Until Robyn got a little too groovy.

I heart all of you.
Robyn, hurry up, will you?

Fannying around.

And Van was out of sync.

Where's the salmon?

Bringing it right now. We have it...

Yeah, but that's your job
to [BLEEP] bring it, then.

Not me to chase you!

And when Milly delivered raw steak...

It just go in slow-motion, like...

Raw in the middle.

Back to the pan.

The Blue Team lost its tempo...

Whoo. And dinner service.

Where's the [BLEEP] bounce back?

Chef Ramsay called up...

Robyn. Milly. Van.

And ultimately eliminated...


Ending his dream of
becoming the head chef

at Gordon Ramsay's
Hell's Kitchen restaurant

at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

And now, the continuation
of Hell's Kitchen: All Stars.

[BLEEP] off, will you?

Van left. That was very unexpected.

It really doesn't make any sense.

Barbie should have definitely gone home.

I want Barbie to go home,

but not bad enough
to throw a dinner service.

She'll do that to herself.

Let's not forget that Barbie
is a whole 'nother level crazy.

"You forgot your meds at home" crazy.

Like, "Is it time
for your dosage yet?" crazy.


I didn't see that coming.

Barbie should have gone home.

Should have gone home.

I've never heard Barbie like that.

Like her eyeballs were about to, like,

pop out and go...

You're a lunatic.

I'm the lunatic? We're done. Vote.

She has, like, a really
distorted perception of reality.

That's what I'm saying.

I'm listening to my tem

and they're going stir-crazy.

These girls can chat away,
talking about me,

but I'm gonna keep my eye on the prize

and get myself ready to win
Hell's Kitchen: All Stars.

I don't think anyone here
is a legit lunatic.

I do.

You don't think Barbie's nuts?

That's not normal to lie like that.

She has... she has issues.

Like, especially when you're, like, 50.

She's not 50.
No, she's older than Jennifer.

How old are you?

You're 32?

Don't look a day over 26.

They say good black don't crack.

That's true. Black don't crack.

Especially when you work out
and eat right.

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Oh, my God.

Is that a real camel?
Yeah, it stinks.

Oh, my God. It's huge.

"Is that a real camel?"

No, it's an inflatable
with a pair of [BLEEP].

Of course it's real.

The camel's pretty gorgeos
as far as animals go, of cours.

My wife's much more beautiful
than the camel.

For centuries, camels carried
spices from Asia to Europe.

Today, the camel is carrying

a very important part of your challenge.


Today's challenge is
the 17th Blind Taste Test.

The annual "Hell's Kitchen"
Blind Taste Test.


You can't see anything.
You can't hear anything.

And so this is a hard challenge.

For today's challenge, you'll be
tasting herbs and spices

and I've made an incredible potato purée

to act as a base.

I know herbs and spices, like,

I haven't tasted
every spice in the world.

But Chef Ramsay has loved my food

so I'm confident with my palat.

But there is one more thing.
Oh, God.

One of you will be up there,
competing in the taste test,

and one of you will be
sat right over there

in front of a mashed potato cannon.

Oh, my God.

Now, if you get three answers correct,

your teammate will stay clean.

But if you fail and get two wrong,

your teammate will be
blasted with mashed potato.

Robyn, what goes with mashed potato?

Thank you.

That's what happens
if you get three wrong.

If you get all four wrong,

you'll get dunked again
with mashed potato and gravy.


Up first, Dana versus Robyn. Let's go.

Come on, Dana.

Michelle and Milly
in the chairs. Let's go.

I'm kind of nervous right now because

my season, I didn't do so well.

Robyn, can you hear me? Robyn!

But to be a great chef
you have to have a great palat.

It goes hand in hand.

Let's start off easy.

This is a olive oil mash.

Here we go.

Let's see if Dana gets it.

Come on, Dana.





Come on, Robyn.
Olive oil.

How the [BLEEP] did she get that?

Next one is poblano chili.

Here we go. Dana, Dana, Dana.

Here we go.

Let's go, Robyn.
It's tricky.




If Dana gets this wrong,
you know what happens.

I'm getting ready, Chef.


Oh, man.


[BLEEP]. Seriously?

Well, I'm gonna stand over here.

Here we go. Fire.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my [BLEEP]!

He did say it was a cannon.

Easy one.

Cilantro. Just the fragrance of that.

That's easy.



Here we go.

Come on, Dana.



What the [BLEEP]?


Oh, no.
Gravy, please.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

It's so cold.

Last one. Vanilla.

And Robyn. Good go.

Robyn is already two for three.

That tastes like
a beautiful vanilla bean.



Oh, my God.


Gravy, please.

That's double gravy. Oh, [BLEEP].

Chef, I'm traumatized right now.

Headsets off.

Robyn, three for four. Great job.

I'm so glad Robyn's palate was on point.

I stayed dry through the whole thing.

Up next is Jennifer from the Red Team,

Nick from the Blue Team.

Dana and Robyn in the chairs.

Let's go.
Come on, Jennifer. You got this.

Come on, Nick.

Let's start off with
something a little bit easy.

It's a hazelnut mash.


And in.

Now, Jennifer.

Onion, Chef.

What is happening?

An onion tastes
absolutely nothing like a nut.


Chicken stock.


Red bell pepper.

Come on, Nick.


Chives, Chef.

Oh, man.

Oh, God.


Oh, my God!

That was, like, so forceful.

Come on, Nick.

Jalapeño pepper.


Oh, he should have just said pepper.


Nick just shot in my mouth.

Thanks, Nick. Appreciate it.


I can't make it any easier than this.


Like, if you can't tell
when something is garlic,

you do not deserve to be
a all-star at all.

Roasted garlic.


Come on. Jennifer.

Coriander, Chef.

Oh, my goodness me.

It's garlic.

What is happening?

Gravy on the mash.

Oh, it's so gross.

I'm, uh, feeling a little moist.

Okay, fourth one. Basil.

Open, please, Nick.

Come on, Nick.

Yes! Yes!

Well done. Jennifer, the answer is?

Celery root, Chef.

Oh, my goodness me.

Oh, my [BLEEP] God!

Dana, I'm so sorry!

Double wham.

It's just all gravy.

Mashed potatoes and gravy.

It's gooey.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

Guys, five to nothing.

Up next, Barbie versus Benjamin.

Jennifer, you're in the chair
and so is Nick.

I am nervous about Blind Taste Test.

I don't know what I scored
on my first season,

but I think I did really bad.

Overcooked white bean, Chef.


Clam, Chef.

Benjamin, you surprise me.

It was just a complete failure.

I don't know, what's the word,
"epic"? I don't know.

This is mustard.

And Benjamin, open up, please.


Here we go. Barbie.


First point for the Red Team.

Mustard, Chef.

Let's go, Ben.

Correct. Up next is a black truffle.

Benjamin's got it.

Truffle, Chef.

Right. Barbie, come on.



This is Parmesan.

And open, please.

Let's start with Ben again, please.

Cheese, Chef.

I'll take it.


Right. Barbie, come on.


Well done.

It's the last one. Fresh dill.

Oh, he's got this.

That's easy. Dill is [BLEEP] easy.

Celery root, Chef.



Oh, my goodness me.

I'm so scared.



This is so embarrassing.

I'm so pissed off with my team members.

But I just have to sit here and take it.

Right. Up next, Elise and Milly.

You got this, Milly.

Barbie and Benjamin
in the chair, please.

This is so delicious. Open up.

This is an incredible
chive mashed potato.

There was the chives.


Here we go, Milly. Here we go.


Oh, well, why's she [BLEEP]
making faces at us?

She sucks too.




Let's make things a little bit easier.

Caper mash. Let's go.

Here we go. Elise.


I don't know.


Barbie, here we go.

With only six blind tastings

remaining for the Red Team,

and the Blue Team
holding a six point lead...

If the Blue Team get this
next one right, it's over.

They have to get one more point.

Oh, [BLEEP].

Right, Milly.

Capers, capers, capers,
capers, capers, capers, capers.


In today's All-Star
Blind Taste Test Challenge,

the Red Team trails by six points.

If the Blue Team get this
next one right, it's over.

Right, Milly.





Can the Red Team
make an incredible comeback?

Last one. Parsley.

With only six tastings remaining,

Elise must answer correctly

or the Blue Team will win.

Very little margin for error, Red Team.

Elise first.

I've tasted this before.

Oh, you've tasted it before.

You cooked with them before.

And you cannot get this wrong.

Celery root.


Oh, thank God.

Congratulations, Blue Team.
You are the winners.


Today could not have
gone any worse for the Red Tea.

This is our absolute lowest

point in the competition, for sure.

No gravy on the Blue Team.

Yes, Chef.

I'm sending you to dine

at Roy Yamaguchi's signature restaurant.

Oh, [BLEEP].

You'll taste some of Roy's
signature Hawaiian cuisine.

I mean, the food is incredible.
You're in for a treat.

[BLEEP] yeah.

And there's a fantastic prize

waiting for all four of you.

Whoo! Blue Team wins again.

The Blue Team's unstoppable.
Let's be honest.

Ladies, I need you all to focus

on separating peppercorns.

Oh, you got to [BLEEP]...

All the pink and the greens

and the blacks
separated for different sauces.

Once they're separated,
I need them all ground by hand.


But before that,

we need to clean up the mess.

And you know the best way
to shampoo a carpet.

By hand.

By hand, thank you, Nick.
Yes, Chef.

Blue Team, go and get changed.
Thank you, Chef.

What happened to the Red Team's palate?

Not sure, Chef.

Barbie, you did two for four.

You had the best palate in the Red Team.

Thank you, Chef.

The rest of these girls
get their [BLEEP] together,

maybe we can get out of here.

But until then...

I touched my pants.

I got potato in my ear.

I took a shower, and
my bra smelled like gravy.


It got all the way down to my bra.

Good luck with that.

Let's go.
We're free!

We're free!

Again, Blue Team is free!

We out of here.
Here we go.

Come on. Come on,
come on, come on, 'cause...

It was a ton of gravy today.

A ton, right?

So, you have shovels, buckets,
all your cleaning supplies here.


And, uh, we have
a couple more tasks after that.

Can we put it in the middle?
This is disgusting.

Ew. Why does it smell so bad?
I don't know.

I just took a shower

and now I have to get, like,

ankle-deep in this gravy again.

Mmm. Dinner.

While the Red Team
is steeped in punishment...

This is disgusting.

The Blue Team is
reaping their rewards at Roy's.

Aloha, everyone.
Hi, how you doing?

What? Did we win Vitamixers?

Oh, my God.

All right.


We just won a Vitamix.

They're top of the line,
and my husband's

gonna be so excited
to know that I won a Vitamix.

Oh, yeah, baby. Look at that.
They're so beautiful.

So beautiful.

I haven't been treated
this good in my life.

I missed out on a Vitamix on Season 14.

I come back and I win a Vitamix.

I'm happy as [BLEEP].

Everyone enjoy.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.


Awesome. This looks amazing.

I'm here.

Oh, my God.

He dropped a crazy spread
for the Blue Team.

Look at those asparagus.

It's crazy.
Oh, my gosh.

It's lobster stuffed with crab.

It's sushi all over the place.

Beef tenderloin.

This is ridiculous.

Oh, man. Piña coladas.

I really love seafood.

It is crazy, Roy.

Roy's killing it.

At least we can appreciate it,

'cause we know
what food tastes like, right?

Oh, man.


Man, it feels really good to win.

Again, four times in a row.

We crushed them bad.

Like, bad-bad.


Robyn beat them just by herself.

I'm gonna make sure that
I rub it in their face good.

Damn, Red Team, y'all suck.

Let's have a great service
tonight. You guys are awesome.


We can do it together.

Cheers, guys.

"Sort the peppercorns."

It's like picking
a needle out of a haystack.

I think this is
our worst punishment yet.

I think it is.

How about Van yesterday? That was deep.

That just goes to show.
It don't matter what you say.

Chef Ramsay could pick anybody.

He wasn't the one that
should have went home, though.

Who do you think should have went home?


Guess it's a good thing
Chef didn't think that.

For us.

The Red Team doesn't have my front,

doesn't have my back.

They don't have nothing for me.

So, I'm just gonna focus on me.

Wasn't trying to open
a can of worms with that one.

It's fine. I'm not
scared to state my opinion.

And I'm not scared to defend myself.

Good for you.

Holy [BLEEP], Michelle. Like, damn!

Barbie doesn't trust Michelle.

Michelle doesn't trust Barbie.

Unfortunately, they need
to trust each other

in order to get through
dinner service tonight.

Well, yesterday is yesterday.
Today is today.

And we'll see what happens tonight.

Oh all right.


Who promises? Not Dana?

I don't know what's gonna happen.

I hope not.

I don't want to make
a promise I can't keep.


I didn't say that, Barbie.

Say what?

That I don't know what
to expect out of myself.

That's not what I said.

Well, do you have faith
in yourself? Raise your hand.

Yes. I don't have faith in you.

Maybe we're learning a new menu.

Y'all ready?

You got this, Milly?

Line up, please. Quickly.

Listen carefully, all of you.

Tonight is very important to me.

Hell's Kitchen is honoring
two very special charities.

There'll be two incredible tables of 12.

Red Team, tonight you'll be cooking for

the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,

an organization that's
dedicated for funding

cancer research across the country.

It's important for me

to have a good dinner service tonight

because my father died of lung cancer,

and it really, really
feels close to home.

Blue Team, tonight you'll be
cooking for Shane's Inspiration.

Their mission is to create
incredible playgrounds

that unite children of all abilities.

So, tonight,

there will be an incredible
five-course tasting menu.

Each of you will be responsible
for your own course.

Both tables must receive their courses

at the exact same time.

Got it?
Yes, Chef.

Get to it.
Yes, Chef.

Sí, Chef?

Please, open the doors to our guests.


Tonight, Hell's Kitchen is closed

to the public for this

private and exclusive charity event...

You're so cute.

What... there's something
about you I already love.

Honoring contributors to the

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society...

Here's to this lady right here,
who is in remission.



And Shane's Inspiration.

Let's raise our glass
for Shane's Inspiration.


All of tonight's special guests

will enjoy a five-course meal,

featuring pan-seared scallops

headed up by Michelle in the Red Kitchen

and Nick in the Blue;

lobster spaghetti,
led by Jennifer and Robyn;

striped bass, led by Elise and Milly;

a beef fillet Rossini,
led by Barbie and Benjamin.

And because the Blue Team
only has four members,

Nick will also manage the
passion fruit soufflé dessert

against Dana.

Michelle and Nick.

Come here, please.

You're to start off
with a pan-seared scallop.

Yes, Chef.
Six minutes.

Yes, Chef.
I trust this team.

I trust them.

I have all these trays ready to go.

You just have to season them with salt.

There's no way I can
sear 60 scallops by myself.

How long do you have?
90 seconds!

90 seconds. Heard.

One of you keep searing.
One of you bring me scallops.

I need them now.

We're down a person, and I'm taking on

two courses tonight,

but I'm feeling confident.

I know that it's hard
to have a perfect service,

but we're really gonna try tonight.

It's for two awesome
charities and we don't

want to let these people down.

Ben, come here right now.

Start putting garlic chips
inside the aioli.

Hey, I need three more scallops!

Three more pieces of scallops!
Down in the pan!

Who [BLEEP] that up?

I don't know, Chef.
You don't know.

Did everybody have 10 in their pan?

I had 10 and 10, yeah.

I had 10.

Michelle, did you forget how to count?

I don't see how

that happened when you
weren't, I don't know,

doing anything else.

How long for the scallops?

45 seconds, Chef!

I need them as soon as possible.

Nick, so I got one plate here.

The first plate, done beautifully.

And now they're getting
crispy and darker.

Don't let these get too dark, please.

Yes, Chef.
Oh, my God.

Is Milly trying to sabotage me right now

with overcooked scallops?

Sear those scallops less.
I need it cooked perfectly.

No more of this [BLEEP].

I got perfect scallops coming, Nick.

Come on, Michelle, please.

Right, are you happy with those?

Yes, Chef. I am happy with these plates.

Go, please.

You know, I think we're

really getting off to a good start,

minus the missing three scallops.


Who plated first, baby?

Totally, we're winning.
We're winning...

We're winning. We're ahead, guys.

Pasta drop. Jennifer.

Hey, no. No. Look.

You're [BLEEP] stupid.

I'm not...
I need to complete this!

Yes, Chef.

Seriously, Robyn,

can we focus as a team on one course

before we jump onto the next course?

One more garlic chip. Okay.

I'll take it from here.
Thank you.

Service, please.

Here we go.

LA service.

I guess so.

While both tables
enjoy their scallop appetizer..


Chef Ramsey is looking to Robyn...

Toss it.
Toss it, heard.

And Jennifer...

Ready? First one.

To deliver
on their lobster spaghetties...

Here we go, start.

So we're in.
First one.

At the same time.

Y'all, they're plating!
We need to hurry up.

Coming right now.

Just like this, guys. Just like that.

Beautiful. Cheese and oil.

Robyn, stop. Stop.

Jennifer, come here.

Oh, [BLEEP] hell. [BLEEP] me.

Just look. That's the normal size.

That's, like, gigantic, Chef.

Robyn, portion control.

Refined. Elegant.
Yes, Chef.

Not a pile of [BLEEP].

Less pasta, please, guys!
It's too much pasta.

While the Blue Team frantically works

to correct their portion size..

10, 11, 12.

We have 12.
Let's go, please.

The Red Kitchen is ready

to send out their food first,

maintaining their lead
in the dinner service.

Love it, girls. Thank you.

Oh, my God.

But the Blue Kitchen...

12, thank you.
Go, please.

Isn't far behind.

Thank you.

Wow. Thank you.

Lots of s'ghetti.

That is good.
It's really good.

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Bass. How long?

Um, you want to go...

Nine minutes...
To the window, Chef.

Nine minutes. Let's go.

Let's go.
Let's go.

We got nine minutes to the window, bro.

Please don't try to [BLEEP] me, y'all.

I don't want my course all frazzled,

everybody running around.

I want you to start
the shrimp, Michelle.

Please don't get color on them...

Yes, no color. I got you.

Thank you.

All right.
That one belongs there.

Don't let that burn.
Hey, hey.

Turn the gas on.

Oh, my God.

You said no color, so.

When you bring potatoes,
you stay up there.

Help me... plate the first dish, okay?

You got it. You got spoons over there?


Once you're done with all the fish,

you stay up there
and help me plate, too.


That's the way to delegate.

This is my dish. I'm gonna lead.

And I'm gonna make sure
everybody in the kitchen

is doing something right now

to get simultaneously 12 dishes

to the pass and to the customer.

Nick, how long on
the first six fish, Nick?

First six fish in 30 seconds.
Heard that.

Hey, Red Team.
Come on, you guys!

The Blue Team is nearly ready.

Where's the sauce, Michelle?

Chef, it's reducing
right here on the stove.

It's reducing now?

Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef?
You put out the sauce?

No, Chef.

Oh, man.

Barbie, I'm working on this

right here, okay?

We don't need three people
working on the sauce.

Bring me the rest of my shrimp, too.

Heard. Rest of the shrimp.

Right here.
Coming with shrimp right now.

Have you tasted this?

You haven't tasted it.

Oh, my. Hey. Hey-hey-hey, Red Team.

Come here.

Hey. Just taste that.

Taste that.

Not an ounce of seasoning.

What in the [BLEEP] is going on?

Oh, he's brutal.

I just want to slap her to reality.

It's like, "Wake the [BLEEP] up."

Like, "I didn't [BLEEP]
your course like this."

Why are you [BLEEP] mine?"

Michelle, you're in charge of the sauce!

I gave you sauce and shrimp.
Did you taste it?

No, she didn't.

I was reducing it, and she pulled it.

She didn't taste it. It's her dish.

No, I said, "Is this ready?"
You said, "Take the first pan.

It's ready."
I would assume at this point...

No. Elise, I don't want
to argue with you.

I don't want to argue with you.
Stop it.

I love it. Drama.

Let me check that fish first.

Yeah, just...

Look at this.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

It's [BLEEP] now.
What the [BLEEP] is this?

Oh, my God.

It's burnt.

This is why
I didn't want to turn my back.

Elise, please. I need to go.

Oh, my God.

It's an hour into a special five-course

charity dinner service
in Hell's Kitchen.

Thank you all for doing this.
Oh, my God.

It's burnt.

This is why
I didn't want to turn my back.

Both teams are on the third course,

which is led by Milly on the Blue...

Bring me the rest of my shrimp, too.

I'm coming with shrimp right now.

And Elise on the Red.

Oh, my God. Are they all burnt?

And right now,
the Red Kitchen is in chaos

with badly-cooked striped bass.

They're saying it's not sabotage,

but one [BLEEP] tray of fish was burnt.

I can't cook everything
and plate everything.

Elise, give them a time
'cause we are screwed.

How long?
Six minutes.

Because they [BLEEP] the fish.

Okay. So six more minutes.

I need fish to the window!

Milly, can I put this one up?
Yes, you can.

Thank you.
Uno más.

And that's 12.
That's 12, Milly.

Go, service, go.

Milly, great job.
Thank you, Chef.

The best-executed course so far.

Nice job, Milly.
Yes, Chef.

It feels great for me to hear it,

but for the rest of these
[BLEEP] on my team to hear it.

Y'all hearing it
from the best chef in the world

that I'm better than y'all right now.

Very nice.

That's really good.

It's so good when it's hot,

but yours is gonna be cold.

Oh, all right. Enjoy yourself.

But we're getting more wine.

Chef Ramsay's actually
apologizing for the wait.

They have to re-plate
everything for you, okay?

Sorry about that.

Blue Team. Blue Team.
Blue Team. Blue Team. Blue Team.

Blue Team. Blue Team. Blue Team.

You [BLEEP] it up, Red!

I need more fish. Can you a...

Find out when there's more fish coming?

They're cooking the fish.

How long on fish?

30 seconds.
30 seconds, heard!

Oh, my God.

I've got to start
serving some customers, Elise.

Yes, Chef.

Coming through.
Elise, please.

He's yelling at our team a lot.

Go, please. Go. Come on.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.

[BLEEP] me.

Our apologies.

Buon appetito.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Now what... who can I help?

Who can I help?

You're next, Barbie?
Yes, I am.

What can I do for you?

Can you do foie for me?


And I'll make sure that it's cooked.

It just pisses me off because

I gave their dishes 110% of my effort.

Elise, focus for me.
What do you mean...

I'm focused.

Barbie, come here.
Yes, Chef. Coming down.

Benjamin, come here.

That was a disaster.
It was, Chef.

I'm firing the beef. How long?

Seven minutes, Chef.

I am gonna show Chef Ramsay

that I am the leader that I say I am.

I have been nice
and I'm not gonna be nasty.

I'm gonna be firm.


Pop the onions in the oven.

Um, I'm... I just realized

I'm supposed to be
helping Dana with the dessert.

Can you have Elise do your garnish?

The dessert doesn't go out
until after my course.

Yes, but we have to make them
during your course

so they're ready to go
in the oven. Is that okay?

You already told me that
you would, though.

I know, but what do you
have Elise doing?

I have Elise doing foie.
That's right.


That's a lot.

Well, I'll... I'll do both, then.
Yes, you are.

You're gonna work garnish
'cause you said you were.

And there's nobody else to.

So, yes, you are.

Dana, she wants me to do her garnish,

so I'll jump back and forth.

While Michelle reluctantly

starts the garnish
for Barbie's steaks...

Blue Team are dressing, Barbie!

Over in the Blue Kitchen,

Benjamin is already beginning to plate.

Robyn, after you finish that asparagus,

I need you to pass to help me plate up.


Keep an eye on the
foie gras and those fillets.

Heard that.

Flip them over. Glaze them, please.

I'm a born leader,
And I do push my guys.

And I try and get them organized.
And I try to keep positive.

And I'm not gonna let anybody
step out of line in our team.

Milly, these are not hot throughout.

They're not cooked yet.

They're cold. Get them
back in the pan, please.

Come on, Milly.
They're not cooked.

They're not cooked.
Come on, Milly.

Quick. Back in the pan.
Heard that.

The onions, please.

I'll show you where I want them.

Hot beside you.

Hot. All right.

It gets five, like a star.

Oh, my God.

Hey. Hey, ladies. Come here.
Red Team, come here.

Have a bite. Have a bite.

Just bite it. Pass it on.

It's burnt.
Just... just bite it.

It's burnt.
It's burnt.

Is this how you honor a charity?

No, Chef.
No, Chef!

Oh, my God.

Could you help her get
new potatoes on, please?

She's got dry, burned potatoes.

It's another cluster [BLEEP]
just like the fish course.

[BLEEP] me.

He's throwing things.
He's throwing something.

What is he throwing?
He's throwing... he's throwing...

What is that?
That's our food.

Is that beef?
That's our dinner.

That's our dinner.
Oh, my gosh.

While Chef Ramsay and Marino

play a game of hot potato,

over in the Blue Kitchen,
Benjamin is waiting on

Milly's refired foie gras
to finish his plates.

Hey, I need foie gras
to the pass, please.

Right here.

Right on top of the steaks, please.

Nicely cooked.
Thank you, Chef.

Go, please. Let's go.
Yes, Chef.

Let's go, Blue!

Here we go.
Let's go, Blue!

Let's go, Blue!



While the Blue Team's
charity enjoys their fillets...

Wow. That's really good.
To the Blue Team.

Blue Team!

Blue Team!
Sacré Bleu!

The Red Team...

I need my asparagus, please.

All right. Give me 10 seconds.

Is desperately trying to finish plating

for their hungry table.

I need that spinach.

10 seconds.
I need to put more salt in it.

Come on, Barbie.

I've got the foie gras.
Where's the beef?

I need the spinach!
Beef is coming, Chef.

Got to go, Red Team. Let's go, please.

I need that spinach, please!

Worry about your beef!

How about I get that spinach, Michelle?

Oh, my God.

It's the fourth coure out of five

of a special night in Hell's Kitchen,

honoring contributors to
the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

and Shane's Inspiration.

Got to go, Red Team.
I need that spinach, please.

Worry about your beef!

How about I get that spinach, Michelle?

Oh, my God.

And while the Blue Team's table

is already enjoying their steaks...

Our steak is clearly better than Red.

Oh, man.

The Red Team's 12-top continues to wait.

Michelle, this is not your course.

Do what I tell you to do. Thank you.

This is awesome.

Is it wonderful? Good for you.

Michelle, can you bring me that beef?

Where's the beef?
Yeah. I'm organizing it.

I need you to just bring it to me.

Oh, my God. This is not
how you run a course.

Barbie, you are sinking like
the Titanic right now.

Come on. Stop giving up.
I'm not giving up, Chef.

That's sloppy, Barbie.

Can you please just
pour the sauce, Elise?

I will. I'll do it right.

That's not how I want my sauce, Elise.

Oh, my God.
I want you to pour the sauce.

I'm trying to help
and she's yelling at me.

So, you know what? If you don't want
this life support... this raft...

That I'm trying to offer you,
then drown.

Go, please.
Thank you. Oh.

It's cooked to perfection.

This is so good.
I'm in love.

Despite all the issues
in the Red Kitchen...

That liver is really [BLEEP] good.

It's good, right?

Both tables have thoroughly

enjoyed their meals so far.

Nick, two seconds, please. Dana.

Yes, Chef?

I need some redemption.
Yes, Chef.


Yes, Chef.
Understood, Chef.

It is literally all coming down
to these soufflés.

The pressure is on.

And they look amazing.
Coming in hot in the middle.

Soufflés, go.

Guys, we need two people dusting.

I'm thinking maybe we can
bounce back and Chef Ramsay

will forget all about
those other horrifying courses.

Did you guys have fun tonight?

Oh, man.


Thank you so much.

Hey, yo. This is first-rate.

Enjoy the soufflé, please.
That all good?

So good.

Yes? Good. Sorry about the delay. Enjoy.

Okay. Shut it down.

I'm gonna speak from
the bottom of my heart.

Tonight has been
the worst-ever charity dinner

performance in the entire competition.

Get upstairs,
have a brutally honest chat,

and come up with two names

that would make your team
better without.

Get out.

Tonight was a terrible service.

It was not a team effort.

Dana and Michelle, they're a clique...

The same two.

And I don't trust them.

So, let me guess. Me and Barbie, right?

At the very beginning
of your course you said,

"Everybody listen because I don't want
everyone running around frantic."


And then you were
running around frantic.

No, I wasn't running around frantic.

Yes, you were frazzled. Yes, you were.
No, I wasn't frazzled.

You were.
That's [BLEEP].

You were trying to do everything.

Yeah, because y'all wasn't
doing [BLEEP].

Because you weren't letting us.

You wouldn't let us.
You said, "Stop."

Don't do it yet. Stop. Don't do it."

First I was giving you

too much to do
then I wasn't letting you.

You wouldn't even let me
walk the shrimp.

Well, 'cause you didn't have
the burner on.

How are you cooking shrimp
sauté with no heat?

Elise, the oil was hot.
I was flipping them over

and they were pink on that side
'cause the oil was [BLEEP] hot.

No, you were cooking with no fire.

Watch that [BLEEP].

I don't give a [BLEEP]
if you frustrated.

I'm sorry.
Don't throw no [BLEEP] at me.

I'm sorry.
You tripping.

Can I explain what happened
on my course now?

Oh, wow. Wait, she's gonna tell you

that's why all her [BLEEP] was burnt.

My turn.
Let's hear this tall tale.

This gonna be good. We need popcorn.

Elise, let her talk.

My dish had 15 things to plate on.

I think the main issue with your dish

was that the potatoes
were burnt, which it was.

No. It was the distraction.
And just the unnecessary...

Who was distracted?
She's gonna try to paint her

like she's better than me

but we all know that that was the worst.

No, no, no.
Now, hold up and wait a minute.

Okay. I'm voting for Barbie

because you needed to
redeem yourself and you didn't.

Elise, I'm voting for you because

you would not let us help you and...

That's not true.
You were very standoffish.

I wasn't standoffish.
You were.

No. That's not true.
That's why I'm voting for you.

My vote is for Barbie and you.

Every time I gave you a direction,

you came back with something else to say

and you weren't executing
what I told you to do,

and it's not the first time.

It's all the time with you.

You can sit there and cross your arms

and shake your head,
but facts are facts.

Elise and Michelle is my vote.
And me?

Yes, you.
Why are you voting for me?

Michelle, you come up with
these snarky little comments

at the most inappropriate times.

That's why you're voting for me?
That's the example right there.

"Oh, I can work garnish for you,"
and I said, "Sure. That's great."

But then when I ask you for stuff,

"Oh, you know what?
I just decided I quit."

I did not say that.
You said, "I can't do it"

'cause I have to cook desserts now."

No, I did not.
Let her talk.

I'm trying to tell you
what happened in the situation.

Mm-mm. Yes or no, Michelle.

Yes or no. Did you say that or not?

I did not.
She's lying.

I did not say I'm not doing it.

She's lying!
You did not come up to me and say,

"I can't do garnish for you?"
No. She just came up to me and said,

"Can you have someone else do
garnish?" And you said, "No."

And I'm like, "Okay, that's fine."
What the [BLEEP] does that mean?

What does that mean?

No, I didn't go up to her
and say, "I can't do garnish."

She's like, "Um, Barbie",

I can't do garnish for you
because, um, I have to..."

I did not say that.

Yes, you did.
I just realized

I'm supposed to be
helping Dana with the dessert.

Can you have Elise do your garnish?

[BLEEP] this.

Y'all are not real
with y'all selves. Period.

Full of [BLEEP].

So the answer to that question was yes.

What happened? Who's going up?

They're full of [BLEEP].
I'll tell you what happened.

I cooked to perfection
for everybody's course.

When it came to mine,
everybody [BLEEP] my [BLEEP].

She's in there telling lies
about everything.

The first tray of fish
came up [BLEEP] burnt.

Who cooked them?

Elise knows what she's dealing with,

and to [BLEEP] play
this game right now, please.

I am from Massachusetts.
The Boston area.

We don't [BLEEP] play.

Yeah, don't talk about me
like I'm not here.

I'm talking about you
like you [BLEEP] here.

And I said...
You ain't perfect.

I'm not perfect. But you know what?

I grow from it and I [BLEEP] know it.

As do I. I cooked to perfection
for all y'all [BLEEP].

No wonder it went off the rails.

And what'd I say?
What did I get in return?

Nothing. But that's per usual
with the Red [BLEEP] Team.

I'm sorry. When did I fire fish?

When you said to go.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I take that back.

After Chef Ramsay told me
to fire [BLEEP].

You mean when did you burn it?

Y'all are [BLEEP] full of [BLEEP].

Jennifer, Red Team's first
nomination and why, please.

Our first nominee is Barbie, Chef.

The meat course was a train wreck.

The potatoes were completely burnt.

It was a cluster [BLEEP]
in plain English.

The Red Team's
second nomination and why.

The second nominee is Elise, Chef.

She seemed very disorganized and frantic

while we were trying to get direction.

Barbie and Elise, step forward.

Barbie, your team,
are they giving up on you?

Five minutes before it was
time for me to fire my course,

Michelle ran over and said,
"Hey, I can't do garnish."

I said, "No. Yes, you are."

Yes, you are gonna do garnish
because I need you there."

I cooked her garnish for her.
Excuse me.

And then I had to tell her
that she was gonna stay there

and then I had to make her stop
with the snippy comments.

All of that stuff is the stuff
that interferes with the Red Team

and keeps us from being cohesive.

Holy [BLEEP].

Elise, why do you deserve
to stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I deserve to stay in Hell's Kitchen
because I started off strong,

I've had some great moments here,
and I'm not finished yet.

Tonight, there were a few bumps
in the road

but I didn't give up and I bounced back.

I kept repeating to my team
what I needed to do,

like, five, six times.

It was a team effort and I don't
think that they gave me 110%.

Ladies, I'm shocked
at how fragmented you

as a team have become.

And all I get is this fight
and this bitch fest.

The person leaving Hell's Kitchen is...


Come here.

Barbie, give me your jacket, young lady.

You've got a heart. You're determined.

But you have to bounce back, Barbie.

Good night.

Good night, Chef.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Chef says that I'm not ready.

Am I the worst chef in Hell's Kitchen?

No. Was I worst chef on the Red Team?

No. But it is what it [BLEEP] is.

So, now what it is is me ready
to go the [BLEEP] home.

Elise, back in line.
Thank you, Chef.

Blue Team, you are on a roll.

At this rate,
you four may be the final four.

Red Team, get it together.

Yes, Chef.

Now, piss off.

Yes, Chef.

My wildest dreams have
come true and Barbie is gone.

Farewell. The only thing
that would've been better

is that Barbie and Elise went home,

but I'll take one out of two.

I'm loving what the Red
Team is doing to each other.

All they've been doing since day
one is bringing each other down

and I really don't see any of them

standing at the helm of Hell's Kitchen.

We're at the halfway
point. There's nowhere to hide.

Michelle and Dana are
the weakest links on the team.

I think they've been
skating through service.

Hopefully people who aren't
pulling their weight

or just coasting by will be exposed.

Barbie's performance
at charity night was a disaster.

So, I performed a charity act

for her team by sending her home.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen: All Stars,

It's a feud that began
eight seasons ago.

No one helps with...
Shut up!

My [BLEEP] turn.

You know what, Elise? Sit and rotate.

Oh, [BLEEP].

This is the last person on Earth
that I wanted to see.

It's okay. You can hate me.

But with only eight
all-stars remaining...

Hey. Can you and I talk?
I guess.

Jennifer and Elise do the unthinkable.

We need to work together
to get them out.

Am I making a deal
with the devil right now?


It's all next time...

We need to kick their asses.

On a devilish episode
of Hell's Kitchen: All Stars.