Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 7 - 14 Chefs Compete - full transcript

In's farm to table on family night.

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(Male announcer)
Previously, on Hell's Kitchen...

First place is blue team!

[All cheering]

(Announcer) After the men won the
special breakfast service...

Mary, Jacqueline, back in line.

(Announcer) Chef Ramsay surprised
everyone at elimination.

Jeremy, give me your jacket.

(Announcer) And even though
Jeremy was on the winning team...

Your time is done
in Hell's Kitchen.


(Announcer) Another bad performance
resulted in him losing his opportunity

to become head chef
of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

at Caesars Palace.

Then, at dinner service...

Let's go!

(Announcer) Mary...

Yes, chef?
Yes, chef?

Raw [bleep] pork.


(Announcer) And Nedra...

There you go, Nedra.

Take the [bleep] tray!

(Announcer) Crashed and
burned on the meat station.

One more mistake,
and I'll kick you all out.

And true to his word...

You, you, you, you,
you, you, you...

Get out!

(Announcer) On the blue side...

I can't work
throwing elbows at you.

(Announcer) Ray and Dan had
problems working together...

Hey, Dan, Raymond,
I have a problem.

Yes, I do! [Bleep]!

(Announcer) And unfortunately,
brought the whole team down with them.

It's just raw!

This can't be happening.

Get out!

(Announcer) Then, the bad
blood in the kitchen...

You're a bitch.

Don't call me a bitch.

Spilled over into the dorm.

Do something about it!

(Announcer) At elimination,
the men nominated...


(Announcer) And...

While the women put up...


(Announcer) And...

Ray, give me your jacket.

Dan, give me your jacket.


Mary, give me your jacket.

I've decided to do something
I've never, ever,

ever done before.

(Announcer) Find out what
chef Ramsay has in mind...

I'm done.

(Announcer) Right now...

I've had enough.

(Announcer) On Hell's Kitchen.

[Ohio Players' Fire]

♪ Fire


♪ The way you swerve
and curve ♪

♪ really wrecks my nerves

♪ and I'm so excited, child

Go, Jon!

♪ When you shake
what you've got ♪

♪ and, girl, you've got a lot ♪

♪ you're really somethin',
child ♪


♪ When you're hot, you're hot ♪

♪ you really shoot your shot

♪ you're dynamite, child

♪ yeah

♪ well, I can tell
by your game ♪

♪ you're gonna start a flame

♪ love, baby, baby

♪ the way you push, push

♪ lets me know that

Hey, hey!

[Blows kiss]

♪ You're gonna get your wish

♪ oh, no

♪ fire

♪ what I said, child

♪ oww, fire

♪ uh-huh

(Announcer) And now,
the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.

Tonight was such
a [bleep] disaster,

I've decided to do something
I've never, ever,

ever done before.

All four of you...
Are now...

On probation.

Go back in line.

(Ray) Thank you, chef.
(Mary) Thank you, chef.

Don't thank me yet,
and here's why.

Each and every one of you

will have to earn
your jacket back

by the end
of the next dinner service,

and if you don't,

you're history.

Piss off.

I can't believe
we're still here.

I can't believe I'm still here.

I live to have another day
in Hell's Kitchen!

Mary, bitch, you're a cat.


You got nine lives, girl.

I just want to show chef Ramsay

that I deserve
to have my jacket back.

I'm gonna fight
with everything I've got.

We'll get our jackets back.

Dan [bleep] up the station.

(Michael) I kept hearing him
whine and whine and whine.

I'd rather
have somebody positive

than somebody negative
on the team.

You know what?

[Bleep] you, [bleep] you.

Dan, man, you need
to get over yourself, cuz.


[Bleep] you, then.

[Bleep] off, Dan.
Piece of [bleep].

You gotta earn my respect back.

You earn your coat back first.

I will. Don't worry about it.
I'll have it back tomorrow.

(Ray) Dan, are you serious?

You're not gonna get
your chef coat back

acting like
a little bitch, okay?

You talk all you want, man.

Action. Be a man
and prove that [bleep].

End of conversation.

(Announcer) It was the most tense
night in Hell's Kitchen so far,

and this morning,
in today's challenge,

all of the chefs
will be tested once again.

Gettin' these jackets
back, ladies.

(Announcer) But for the
four chefs on probation,

this is their first chance
to win their jackets back.

(Gordon) Good morning.

(All) Good morning, chef.

(Gordon) You can probably
guess from the decor...

[Gong sounds]

Your next challenge,

we're gonna be working
with Chinese food.

I'm from the 'hood.
I like Chinese food.

We got a Chinese store
every other block.

Chinese store on 10th,
Chinese store on 11th,

Chinese store on 21st,
30th street, 40th street,

52nd street, 56th street.

I know a little bit
about Chinese food.

Each team will create
their version

of six stunning,
traditional Chinese dishes:

Chow mein, spring rolls,

Chinese soup,
classic fried rice,

and finally, stir fry.

I lived in Asia for a year,
so I'm gonna nail it.

This is my competition now.

We have over 200
fortune cookies.

In each cookie is a name
of an ingredient.

Two of you from each team
will be manning the boards,

and the rest of you will be
running ingredients up to them

to decide which five ingredients
goes into which dish.

One more thing, you'll be
carrying your fortune cookies

to the board with...

Starting from...now.

[Dramatic music]

[Yells] [Screams]

[Laughter] [Yells]

Oh, Susan.


Back over there.
Come on.

Way too easy.
Come on.

It's Hell's Kitchen, guys.

These cookies
don't work for me.

These are the fortune cookies

you'll be carrying
across the room.


I can't pick up a little cookie
with chopsticks.

How am I gonna pick up
a big cookie with chopsticks?

Ooh, lord, help me [bleep].

Red team, blue team,
I want you to decide

which two of you
will be manning the board.

Let's go.
Quick. Huddle up.

You feel strong
in Asian cuisine?

Hurry up.

Who knows Asian cuisine
really well?

I lived in Asia for a year.

(Dan) I am getting my
jacket back today.

Big risks equal big rewards,
so put me on the board.

Okay, ladies,
give me the names of the two

who are gonna arrange
the menu for you.

Ja'nel and Jacqueline.

(Gordon) Ja'nel and Jacqueline.

Jacqueline and I are definitely

the most comfortable
with Asian cuisine,

and we're gonna
make sure everyone knows

it wasn't a bad decision.

Blue team,
who's manning the board?

Chef, it'll be myself and Dan.

Wow. You both
haven't got jackets.

Yeah, we know that, chef.
We'll be fine, chef.

This is not gonna be hard.

These ingredients
pick themselves.

I can't [bleep] this up.

Everybody ready?

Three minutes.
Make it count.

Starting from...

Now. Let's go.
Go, girls, go!

(Announcer) For today's
challenge in Chinese cuisine,

each team has three minutes
to gather five ingredients

for each of their
six classic dishes.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

(Announcer) The pressure is
on ja'nel and Jacqueline...

I'll crack 'em.
Jackie, you pick 'em up.

(Announcer) And Dan and Ray,

to make sure the right
combination of ingredients

are well-suited
for each of the dishes.

Got vegetables right here.

Bean thread or wheat noodles
for the chow mein?

What do you think?
Which one? Both?

(Ray) Dan, he's asking
me a lot of questions.

I thought you went to Asia.
Why you [bleep] asking me?

Where do you want squid?

(Dan) Squid? Squid?
Egg noodles!

We need some sauces.
Can we get purple?

Sauces, we need sauces.

Purple, guys, purple.

If I knew we had to run today,
I would have put on three bras

to tie these bitches down.

Wonton wrappers.

Stir fry, we need what?

Last minute, guys.
Let's go!

Button mushrooms.

We need to load this up,
the spring rolls.

Do we need any more noodles?
No more noodles.

I see we only have
four ingredients

on some of our things, and...

I know we need five,

so I'm just starting
to shout out

some of these ingredients
that are laying on the table...

Rice, white rice.
You got a rice?

Hoping that they'll pick
something and put it up there.

Wonton wrappers,
wonton wrappers.

(Gordon) Three...

I need, uh...
I got rice.

Dumplings. Dumplings?

Brown rice.
Chinese hot mustard.

One...and stop!

All line up.

[Exhales] Good job, guys.

They have more ingredients
on the board.

(Gordon) Ladies, you've got

five out of six dishes
all missing ingredients.

Are you kidding me?

Ja'nel and Jackie
totally blew it.

You've got 40 minutes

to create six stunning dishes.

You guys figure out
who's doing what,

starting from...now.
Off you go. Let's go.

All right, guys.
Who wants to do what?

Uh, I'll do soup.

I want to do spring rolls.

There are eight of us,
and there's only six dishes.

We have to figure this out.
I don't know.

Cyndi, do you think
two people on dumplings?

(Cyndi) Uh, yeah. Mary.

Yeah, dumplings?
(Susan) Dumplings.

No starch for stir fry.

No rice, or anything?
(Jessica) Nothing.

We didn't put any rice up,
guys? Seriously?

Jackie and Ja'nel
seriously dropped the ball.

They really screwed us.

I wish I had napa cabbage
on the spring rolls.

(Ja'nel) I put the cabbage
in the spring roll.

It was the last one
I put up there.

We don't got none of that.

If it was on the board,
it'd be here.

(Announcer) While the ladies
find their ingredients

underwhelming, the men...

(Zach) Whoo!
Let's go, guys, we can do it!

Are overwhelmingly confident.

Come on, guys, I want to win.

I want to see my boys
back in the blue.

Hell, yeah.

But there is one exception.

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie.

I've never made
a chow mein, guys.

Basically, it's like
making a stir fry, man.

You put all your noodles,

and you just toss, toss, toss.

I'm looking at my ingredients,

and I don't even know
what to do with this stuff.

How do you cook Chinese food?

Those are, uh, daikon, right?

The... Is it? I've never had it,
I'm not gonna lie.

Ah, yes, daikon radish,

something I cook with
all the time.

Ah, what the [bleep]!


Ooh, yeah, it's different.

Just lay 'em down
on the plate, Mary.

(Gordon) One minute to go.

(All) Yes, chef!

I feel good
about working with Cyndi,

but my jacket's at stake,

and I really should have
taken a dish by myself.

Let's go.
Start plating.

Everybody's plating?

Everybody's plating.


Ooh, Jess, that looks amazing.

(Gordon) 30 seconds to go!

Give me the plate.
Where's the plate?

This is terrible.
This is [bleep] terrible. No.

It's coming down to the wire.
The blue team is a hot mess.

(Gordon) Ten seconds to go.

Not working.

Oh, my God.
We're gonna lose again.

Help me out.
Sauce, sauce, sauce.

Get it on, get it on,
get it on.

Four, three...

Looks like [bleep].

This is literally...
(Gordon) Two...


(Gordon) One!

Come on.

(Anthony) We're screwed.

(Announcer) Today,

it's the first-ever
Hell's Kitchen challenge

in Chinese cuisine...

Ten seconds to go.

(Announcer) And after losing
four straight challenges,

the men are desperate
to break their losing streak.

Sauce, sauce.
Get it on, get it on, get it on.

(Gordon) Five, four...

However, Anthony's chow mein

has the blue team
feeling a bit concerned.

(Gordon) One, and stop!

I hope all of you

have created
world-class dishes,

because judging
your dishes tonight

is an award-winning chef...
Martin Yan.

[Applause] [Chinese music]


That's amazing.

Oh, my God.

Welcome. Good to see you.
My pleasure.

Holy crap, I am about to put

something that
I've never cooked before

in front of chef Ramsay
and chef Yan.


Battle of the fried rice,
please. Let's go.

I'm getting my jacket back
right now,

'cause I lived in Asia
for a year.

What do you eat while you
live in Asia for a year?

Asian food.

Let's go. Jacqueline,
explain it to chef.

Okay, we have a firm tofu

with a little bit
of chili pepper, scallions,

rice wine vinegar,
and bean sprouts.

This is the first time
I've ever taste

fried rice use rice vinegar.

Mm-hmm. It works,
though, chef, doesn't it?

(Martin) It works.

Dan, let's go.
Fried rice with mushrooms.

I also used a little bit
of coconut milk,

and loosely crushed peanuts,

and some sweet and spicy
glazed prawns.

Presentation looks great.

(Dan) Thank you, chef.

The rice is
a little bit undercooked.

Chinese rice should never
be undercooked.

Dan, is that how
they served the rice in Asia,

where you lived there
for a year?

Which one do you prefer?

I prefer the flavor,
and the imagination,

and the creativity of...

Red team!

Yeah, Jackie!

Good job!
All right.

Hey, Dan, go back to Asia
for another year.

Uh, right, next up,
the stir fry. Let's go.

(Jon) This is my stir fry here.

Wheat noodles,
there are sea scallops,

also a little
mirin soy sesame oil.

It's very difficult
not to overcook this,

so you overcook this,
you ruin it.

[Speaking Chinese]

Means "amazing."
Not overcooked.

It's very good.

Very good.
Thank you, chef, thank you, chef.

(Gordon) Well done, Jon.
Good job.

(Jessica) My dish is more
of an appetizer dish.

(Gordon) I mean, it looks
a very weird stir fry.

This is supposed to be
a stir fry,

but you serve it differently.

I didn't have
a lot of components

to work with, so...

I don't want you
to make an excuse

in front of the chef, please.

He's given up his day
to be here.

what is wrong with you?

Take responsibility for that.

Which one do you prefer?

I will give...
The blue team!

(Gordon) Blue team, good.

All right, we got a point.

A point is a point is a point.

Okay, next up.
Spring roll, please. Let's go.

With the score tied,

Barret's zesty
lime spring roll...

Very imaginative.
Very, very nice.

(Announcer) Goes head-to-head with
Nedra's peanut sriracha spring roll.

(Martin) This is more a
vietnamese-style spring roll.

I give, blue team!

Thank you, chef.

(Announcer) With the men leading,
Ray's crab dumpling...

I like the shape, because
this is how you knead it.

And it takes skill.

(Announcer) Is up against
cyndi's honey soy dumpling...

Sweet and sour and spicy.

(Announcer) And although
both dishes impress...

The red team!


(Announcer) Cyndi gets the
point, evening the score.

The battle of the soup.
Let's go.

(Announcer) Ja'nel's
lemongrass red miso soup...

Incorporation of lemongrass
actually give it a little kick.

(Announcer) Packs a punch...

Very nice.

(Announcer) While Michael's
sweet and sour Halibut soup...

I like the overall

Does not disappoint.

Two good soups.
Which one do you prefer?


look at this as a draw.

One point and one point.

It all comes down
to the chow mein.

Let's go, Suzie.

Come on, Suzie.
Bring it home, Suzie, 5-0.

(Gordon) Let's go.

Susan, explain your chow mein
to the chef, please.

Yes, chef. I have...
Rice noodle.

A rice noodle with pork
that I did a quick marinade on,

and I threw in
some crushed cashews.

(Martin) I like the flavor.

The bean sprouts
give it a really nice,

wonderful texture,

but I prefer to have a
little bit more color contrast.

Green onion would
really, really perk it up.

Okay, Anthony,
please, let's go.

Chefs, I made a very simple
wheat and rice noodle chow mein

with daikon radish,

and it's topped
with candied ginger.

Very interesting combination.

I like the texture contrast,

and this is a very good
chow mein dish.

Oh, my God.
He is complimenting my dish.

We're tied right now,

and it's all down
to the chow mein.

Please say blue team wins.
Come on, blue team, blue team.

Tough one now,
because your decision

is gonna decide
which team wins.

I'm not worried.

I definitely think we have
this one in the bag.

I hope chef Gordon
also agree with me.

I will give this...

The blue team!

[Cheering] Thank you, chef.

Thank you, chef.
Yahtzee, baby!

That's awesome!

Ah, yeah.
That's the way, Uncle Ray.

We finally won a challenge.

Thank you, lord.

Thank you, chef!
Thank you, chef!

Thank you, chef!
Well done. Pleasure.

Dan and Ray, I'm gonna give
both of you your jackets back.


Give my boys their jackets.

Good job.
Dan, welcome back.

Thank you, chef.
Thank you, chef.

Mwah! Ah, you're mine.
You're staying with me.

Stay right here, baby.
Ha ha!

(Gordon) Blue team,

I have the most amazing way
for all of you to unwind today.

We need it, chef.

It's a surprise, okay?

(Zach) That's fine.

So head upstairs
and get changed.



[Trilling tongue] Wow.

It's about time,
and the best part is...

Look what I got.
Hee hee hee!

Ladies, you have a humongous
amount of preparation

ahead of tonight's
dinner service,

and one of our highlights
will be the beef pot stickers

and steamed dumplings.

These items require
great attention to detail,

so focus.
Out you go.

Yes, chef.

I'm on my last legs here.

If I don't earn my jacket back,

I don't live to see
another day.

So freakin' scary.

Did we find a broom yet, or no?

Our kitchen was a lot cleaner.

Who knows how to make
the beurre monte?

(Cyndi) I do.

We need it for both kitchens.


Oh, here they come.

[All cheering, clapping]

What goes around comes around,

All right, all right,
all right.

What up, ladies?

Have fun.
We'll bring you something nice.

(Anthony) How 'bout that, yeah?

Take that, skanks.

Whatever the reward is,
bring it on, man.

I just need the sun on my face.

This is awesome, yeah?

We're paintballing, bitches,
and the object: Kill Dan.

[Paintball guns firing rapidly]

I'm hunting Dan.
Bring it on. Pah!

[Paintball guns firing rapidly]

Boom! Boom! Boom, boom!

[Paintball guns firing rapidly]

[Mimicking paintball guns]

Ah, stop!
Pah, pah, pah!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!


That's game!
[Whistle blowing]


It was fun shooting Dan.

So therapeutic.
I loved it.


(Announcer) While the blue team enjoys
getting physical out in the sun,

back at Hell's Kitchen...

My back hurts.

(Announcer) The red team is not
enjoying the tedious physical labor.

This is delicate work.

To make these little dumplings
is so [bleep] tedious.

Hunched over, one after another,
after another.

I don't like punishment,
not one damn bit.

What that...

I'm hungry, though,
that's fo' sho'.

Yeah, right?

I ain't down
for this punishment stuff.

Let's hurry up
and finish prepping

so a bitch can go
get a snack or somethin'.

Chef Ramsay has prepared

something really special
for you guys.

It's a delicacy:
Balut eggs.

Oh, man.

We have a balut egg, which is
a baby chicken in an egg.

[Mock retches]

(Andi) Eat up.

You gotta eat 'em fast, guys.

I'm not puttin' that
in my mouth, I'm sorry.

The first one I cracked open
had a little baby chicken:

Bill and feet, eyes, wings,
feathers, everything.

We have to eat all of them?

(Cyndi) I'm gonna say yes.

We have so much work
ahead of us.

The faster we get this done,
the faster we can move on.

It's best if we can all
just suck it up

and just push through.

Oh, I can't do it
if I make eye contact.

Is the eyeball big?




(Susan) We have to eat it.

I'm not eating this.
This is nasty!

The red team has experienced

their first challenge loss...

Don't vomit, 'cause
it'll start a chain reaction.


(Announcer) And are now getting
their first taste of failure.

I'm gonna throw up.

(Andi) Come on, guys, you have
a busy day today. Let's go.


(Cyndi) Hold it back.
Hold it back.


Come on, guys.


I would've rather
have eaten raw chicken

than what I just ate today.

(Andi) Girls, let's go.

Yes, chef.

I seriously feel like puking.

I do too.

Make sure we have everything.
If we don't...

what about the men's side,
who's doing that?

[Chanting] Blue. Blue. Blue.

Blue. Blue.

(Ray) Hey, how's my
little dumplings doing?

Whatever happened
out in the field,

we'll leave in the field.

It's time to get back
in the kitchen now

and knock out
this dinner service.

Now, we're gonna start
taking the red out one by one.

Honestly, I feel

that you are ready

for a bloody good
dinner service.

(All) Yes, chef.

So we are launching
our chef's tables tonight.

In the blue kitchen,

you'll be taking care
of a very funny actor.

He was associated
with the hit series Entourage

as Ari's assistant.

Rex Lee
is gracing the chef's table

in the blue kitchen
the evening.

Rex Lee, this is
the creme de la creme,

and we gotta make sure
this [bleep] is right.

Ladies, you'll be cooking
for a Hollywood heavy-hitter,

directed the Wedding Planner,
Hairspray, Rock of Ages.

Mr. Adam Shankman and his guests
will be gracing your table

in the red kitchen
tonight, okay?

(All) Yes, chef.

Mary, are you ready
for your jacket?

Yes, chef.

Nedra, are you ready
for your jacket?

Yes, chef.

Well, you saw what happened
to the blue team.

Prove you're worthy,
you've got it immediately.

Okay, let's go, guys.

open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.

Good evening, welcome.

Let's do this, ladies.

No one's going home
tonight, right?

Shine as individuals,
work as a team, yes?

You guys ready?

Oh, yeah.

(Announcer) In addition
to his classic menu...

The cauliflower risotto.

Sourdough-crusted halibut.

(Announcer) Tonight, chef Ramsay has
added a tableside dim sum cart,

which will be looked after

by Ja'nel on the red side
of the dining room,

and Ray on the blue side.

Okay, ladies, here we go.

Good luck.
(Mary) Yes, chef.

Four covers, table 34.

One dim sum, one risotto,
two scallops.

(All) Yes, chef.

You have one risotto.

Gonna rock out
and get my jacket back.

I need a little
chicken stock, excuse me.

You know, the jacket
is protective.

It protect your arms,
your hoo-has.

You ready
with the first risotto?

Walking with the lobster.

We need
our [bleep] jackets back.

(Gordon) Come on, let's go.

Right behind you
with the first risotto, chef.

(Gordon) Nedra!

Yes, chef?

Come here!

Oh, my gosh.
Here we go.

We cannot
screw this up tonight.

Risotto, delicious.

Really delicious.
Off you go, jacket on.

(Nedra) Thank you, chef.


I got my jacket on.
Tha... thank you.

(Announcer) Mary and Nedra's
performance on the appetizers

has gotten the team
off to a great start,

and gotten Nedra
her jacket back.

in the blue kitchen...

Two scallops, one dim sum,
one cappellini.

Run with the capp.
Right here, right here.

Ready to go.
Walking with it!

(Announcer) Jon and
Anthony are in total sync

on their appetizers...

(Gordon) Very nice.

(Announcer) And have earned
chef Ramsay's praise.

Service, please.

(Announcer) But in the dining
room, Ray is way behind.

So sorry.
Ray is gonna come

and do your dim sum as well.


And appetizers from the kitchen

are hitting the tables
ahead of Ray's dim sum.

J.P., he needs to speed up
a little bit.

Hi, ladies.

The guys are abso-[bleep]
killing me over here, seriously.

I'll take this back.

They need to slow down,
because I'm by myself.

I need another risotto
because this is cold now, chef,

because I was too slow...
Oh, [bleep] off, Ray.

Fire one risotto, urgently!

Yes, got a risotto going, chef.
Pushing the risotto.

While the blue team backtracks

to re-fire
the table of appetizers...

Let's just get it going, guys.

(Announcer) Chef Ramsay
isn't slowing down...

Two risotto, one cappellini,
one dim sum.

Two minutes, chef.

Come on, then.
Coming up.

(Announcer) And if there wasn't
enough pressure already,

the VIP guests for
the chef's table have arrived...

Watch your step.

(Announcer) In both the blue...

Welcome, welcome.
Sit back and enjoy.

Thank you so much, chef.

And the red kitchens.

I'm Cyndi, I'll be
serving you this evening.

For your appetizer?

I'll do the Caesar
with prawns, please.

Yes, sir.


Yes, chef?
Two risotto,

one burrata, one dim sum.

Yes, chef!

I'm feeling really nervous
right now.

Nedra got her jacket back,
and I'm running out of time.

I'm gonna cook to save my life.

Come on, Mary, please.

Here's the risotto, chef.

Yes, chef?

Come here.
Yes, chef.

Risotto delicious.
Get your jacket on.

Thank you, chef!

Uh, madam,

now that you've got it,
keep hold of it.

Yes, chef.


(All) Good job, Mary.

Yes, chef.

(Announcer) With the exception
of the chef's table,

Mary, Nedra, and Ja'nel have
served all of the appetizers.

Please enjoy.
Thank you.

Come on, you guys, let's go!

Me and Mary, we've been
kicking ass and taking names.

Now, we just gotta keep moving.

(Gordon) Away next...

(Nedra) These bitches
bet' not [bleep] it up.

Entree, one cod, one halibut,
two chicken, two Wellington.

(All) Yes, chef. Let's go.

(Announcer) Now,
it's up to Susan on meat...

And Jessica on fish...

One halibut, right?

To keep everything on track.

Susan, how long on two chicken?

The... it's... that...
We need time.

Susan is a mess.
I'm worried.

How long?

What am I supposed to do?
I have two fish on that order.

What do I have in there?
Oh, let me check my chicken.

She needs to snap out of it,
get her head out of her [bleep].

I need to get
this chicken right.

(Announcer) While Susan
checks her chicken...

You ready?

Just keep moving.

Over in the blue kitchen...

Right here, right here.
Walking. Let's go.

(Announcer) The men have
rebounded on appetizers.

Very nice.

All right, guys, let's just
keep it calm. We're doing fine.

Serve the chef's table, please.

Let's go.

There's your cappellini.

I'm serving the VIP table.

Want you guys to enjoy it.

He's important to chef Ramsay,
so he's important to me,

so I'ma give him
the best service possible,

and I'ma do it with a smile.

(Gordon) Okay, blue team.

Blue team!
On order:

Chef, chef?
Two covers away.

Chef's table, yes? Vvip.

One halibut, one cod.

(All) Yes, chef.

I got it.

I feel great
that I'm being assigned

the fish station,

because I've cooked fish
thousands of times.

VIP table's a fish table,
so don't [bleep] us.

Dan is just, um, an [bleep].

How long? You ready?

How long you need?
How long do you need, Barret?

Shut the [bleep] up
and let me cook.

I'm ready.

One cod, one halibut.

I'll take your halibut sauce.
Behind you, chef.

Raw shrimp.

Hey, guys.
Hey, all of you, come here!

A table sat in the kitchen

and a raw [bleep] shrimp.

Stone [bleep] cold.

I guess you're not as good
as you think you are, Barret.

Yes, chef?

(Gordon) How dare you!

(Announcer) While Barret
has messed up the entrees

for the VIP chef's table
in the blue kitchen...

Food looks good.
It's just not coming our way.

(Announcer) Chef Ramsay is looking
for some better execution

from the red team.

Where's the ticket?

I'm ready with chicken!

Go ahead, I'm ready.

Coming, chef.

Service, please.

(Gordon) Next table!

On order, three covers.
Chef's table, yes?

(All) Yes, chef.

One halibut, one cod, one lamb.

Lamb requested medium.

(All) Yes, chef.

Let's go, Susan.
Yes, chef.

That lamb's gotta be perfect.

Chef Ramsay obviously
feels confident.

That's why he's put me
on the meat station by myself.

I need to make sure
this lamb is medium.

Do we even have the cod
in the pan?

Yes, cod is in the pan,

in the oven.

I feel ahead of the game.

Can I slice?
You can slice.

Everything's on point.

This [bleep] lamb!

This is really raw.

These lambs
are a son of a bitch.

They just take forever to cook.

Walking cod and halibut.

Yeah, really?

I need some time
on my lamb, guys!

How long for the chef's table?

Chef, we're dragging
on the lamb.

Just hurry up, Susan!

Drive the table!
Got it, chef.

This is a VIP table.

I have everybody yelling at me
for this lamb to be done,

but I can't make the oven
cook it any faster.

(Gordon) Susan, come on!


How long, Susan?

Coming, chef.


Oh, [bleep].

I just dropped my lamb, guys.

(Gordon) Oh, for [bleep] sake.

(Announcer) It's 90 minutes
into dinner service...

How long, Susan?

(Announcer) And all that's needed
to complete the entree order

on the chef's table is lamb.

Coming, chef.

But thanks to Susan...

Oh, no.

They won't be getting fed...


(Announcer) Any time soon.

I just dropped the lamb.

Is that the lamb medium?

Yes, chef.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe you dropped
the damn lamb for the VIP table!

Bitch, you better

get your [bleep] together
quick, homegirl.

How long on that lamb?

Still need five minutes.

Five minutes out
on the chef's table.

I am highly aware that
they screwed up our order.

It's gonna be eight minutes.
It's raw.

The meat and the fish station
have to work cohesively.

It's just becoming chaos.

Susan, how much longer

on the medium lamb?

Four minutes.

Is Susan gonna be ready
in four minutes?

Hey, blondie!
Yeah, airhead.

How long?
Five minutes, chef.

I'm getting different times.
My fish are overcooking

because Susan can't let me know
how much longer.

What's all this for?

It's overcooked, all that.

Yes, chef.

Oh, no.

How long's it been sat there?

It's been sitting here
for five minutes.


Why aren't you communicating?
Do you care?

Jessica's a mess tonight,

but it didn't help that meat
was giving us inaccurate times.

So how long
for the chef's table?

It'll be seven minutes, chef.

(Announcer) While the VIP
table continues to wait...

(Gordon) The two halibuts,
we can go with that.


Good. Let's go.

Table 22,
we'll go with that now.

Chef Ramsay pushes forward

with some of the red team's
other tables.

Really good.

(Announcer) Meanwhile,
in the blue kitchen...

Barret, come on!
Yes, chef.

Barret is finally ready

with his second attempt
at the VIP table's entrees.

(Gordon) halibut, please.
Yeah, lovely.

Zach, serve one of the courses
to the chef's table.

Yes, chef.

(Michael) At this point, I
mean, we really can't afford

to have anything done

Two Wellington, two halibut,
two lamb. How long?

Three minutes, chef.

And unfortunately,
we're depending on Dan.

Start slicing lamb, oui?



I'm on the meat station tonight,
riding solo.

The spotlight is on me.

Hey, I'm ready to walk lamb.

90 seconds, 90 seconds.

(Gordon) Hey, Barret? Yes, chef?

Hurry up, will you please?

Yes, chef.

Go ahead, buddy.

It's a perfect lamb.

Yeah. Service, please.

Ooh, Michael,
you see that lamb?

"Dan." "Yes, chef?"

I know, I cooked it.

Good job, guys. Dan,
you're doing awesome, buddy.

Thank you.


I'm like Charlie Sheen.
All I do is [bleep] win.

Beautifully cooked.

(Dan) Thank you, chef.

(Announcer) While Dan is
having his best dinner service

in Hell's Kitchen so far...

Here is your cod, sir.

(Announcer) The VIPs at the
chef's table in the red kitchen

are getting their entrees.

Your lamb.

Thank you so much, appreciate it.
You're very welcome.

It's... all the food
is delicious.

And now, the red team...

Last ticket.

(Announcer) Is moving on
to their final ticket.

Two Wellington,
one cod, one halibut.

Coming down the line.
Walking with entrees.

Halibut arriving, chef.

Halibut's raw.

Halibut is raw.

Does it bother you, at least?
No, you're not bothered?

Hey, look.
She doesn't care anymore.

She's going through
the motions.

Oh, my God.

Hey, you're done, aren't you?

No, chef, I'm not.

(Announcer) While the women...

Come on, ladies, come on.

(Announcer) Try to recover from
Jessica's blunder, the men...

Chef, I'm right behind you
with three Wellingtons.

(Announcer) Are delivering their
last set of entrees to the pass.

Dan, the Wellington's
cooked perfectly.

Thank you, chef.

Good job, Dan.
Thank you.

They're just missing...

Two halibut.
I'm dying!

Barret, talk to me!

Two halibut, four minutes out.

Yeah, I'm waiting
for two halibut.

Go, and come back
for the halibut, please. Quick.

Yes, chef.

I put you on there tonight
to test you. Come on!

Yes, chef.
I got it.

Come on, Barret,
let's hammer this halibut out

so we can finish this service.

(Gordon) Halibut, how long?

Coming right up behind me.

They are plating it now.

It's okay.

Hey, all of you, come here.


See those six glamorous ladies,
slightly older? Yeah?

And look.

Oh, my God.

(Announcer) It's two hours
into dinner service...

Come on, Barret.
Yes, chef.

(Announcer) And Barret has finally
delivered two orders of halibut

to complete
the blue team's last ticket.

Oh, my God.

(Announcer) But chef Ramsay...

Hey, all of you, come here.

Is not exactly pleased.


The paper.

Oh, my God.


You left the parchment
on it, man?

(Zach) What, you
trying to kill people?

By the time you swallow it,
it's too late.

You're on the floor with
Jean-Philippe doing CPR on you.

Who the [bleep] want that?

Hey, come here, you.
Yes, chef.

[Bleep] joke.
You should be ashamed.

I am.
I am ashamed.

Tonight, of all nights,

I'm just praying that we didn't
lose this dinner service.

Paper. To a senior.

(Announcer) While Barret
starts over on the fish,

in the red kitchen,
the women are very excited...

This is our last ticket!

(Announcer) To be closing
in on the finish line.

We got this!

Yes, chef?

Shut the [bleep] up.

High-fiving each other.
"Last ticket."

It's the same [bleep] ticket.

Two Wellington, two chicken,
one halibut, one cod.

Wellington walking!


(Gordon) Let's go.
Behind. Hot.

Service, please. Go.

Zach. Zach!

Serve it.

(Announcer) Both kitchens...

Service, please.

(Announcer) Finally manage to successfully
deliver properly cooked fish.

There you are.
Thank you.

Here you are, my love.

I apologize
about the wait, ladies,

and I apologize
about the mistakes.

(Announcer) And dinner
service is complete.

Suck [bleep].

(Announcer) But no one is in
the mood for celebrating.

Stoves off.

I really thought that this was
gonna be a night to remember.

I didn't expect
such ridiculous errors.

And that is why
I have no choice

but to declare the red team...

And the blue team...

As losers.

It's time to drop
some dead weight.

Each team, nominate your two
weakest chefs for elimination.

Got it?
(All) Yes, chef.

Get out of here.

(All) Yes, chef.

(Dan) The blue team...
they may have lost today,

but a little victory pour moi,
right here.

This is definitely
a dinner service

that I wanna crumble up
into a ball and throw away.

Just complete
and utter chaos tonight.

It was two people
on fish station,

and fish still went down.

(Ja'nel) Jessica, you should've
taken responsibility.

I did, how many times
am I supposed to ask

before she comes up
with an answer?

You can't keep blaming it on me,
Jessica, seriously.

I was talking tonight.

I was confident in my station.

I still deserve to be here.

I just wanna say this.

It was, like, at least
eight or nine pieces

of halibut thrown away tonight.

I did see a lot of fish
go in the garbage.

Is it because
they're cooking fish bad?

It was the re-fires.

Look, if Susan
doesn't go up tonight,

that's not right, dude.

She didn't communicate
on the meat station,

and that [bleep] us
very badly, so...

But I was by myself, and I think
communication goes both ways.

I am absolutely not
the weakest chef here.

If I am up
for elimination tonight,

I will not go down
without the biggest fight

that you have ever seen.

Well, who's the weakest chef?

None of us are.

Logically, the only way
to [bleep] do this

is we gotta put Barret up
because he [bleep] up tonight.

Fish put us to a grinding halt
during dinner service.

I'm gonna agree with Barret.

I don't deserve to go home.

What made me get backed up
was Raymond on tableside.

If anybody should be going home
tonight, it should be Ray.

51 years old,
memory's really not there.

He gets jumbled up sometimes.
He's the weakest link.

Okay, so, second vote?

My reason is the tableside.

It screwed us up
in the kitchen.

It just caused problems.

Yeah, but dude, it...

the people that got
my dim sum liked it,

they had a good time.

I don't deserve to be
up for nomination.

I've been doing this
for a long time,

I'm older than these guys,

I am better
than these [bleep] guys.

Chef tells us whenever
we go for elimination,

two weakest chefs on the team,

not who had a bad service.

So the person that we should
be putting up right now

would be Dan.

What? Are you kidding me?
[Bleep] you guys.

No, that's some [bleep]
backhanded [bleep].

You're dead weight.

Everything I sent out
was beautiful.

I see how it is.

Put me up on the heels
of a perfect service,

let's see how that ends.

Red team,
have you reached a decision?

(All) Yes, chef.

(Gordon) Thank goodness for that.

Yes, chef?

First nominee and why, please.

Our first nominee tonight

is Jessica, chef.


She was the driver
of the fish station tonight,

and just... the communication

between meat
and fish tonight, chef.

Second nominee and why.

Our second nominee is...

Susan. (Gordon) Susan.

Just inconsistent
time calling, chef.

[Exhales] Uh, blue team,

have you reached a decision?

(All) Yes, chef.

Dan, you worked
singlehandedly this evening.

Blue team's
first nominee and why?

Blue team's first nominee
is myself, chef.

And why?

I'm the weakest member
of the team, chef.

I had a fantastic performance,

and they put me up
'cause I'm the weakest.

Jon, you're shaking your head.

We feel like he's constantly

just slipping
through the cracks.

Um, second nominee and why.

The second-weakest link
in the team...


(Announcer) After an
inconsistent dinner service,

chef Ramsay
has asked both teams

to nominate two people
for elimination.

The red team has chosen...


(Announcer) And...


(Announcer) And the blue
team has decided on...

Blue team's first nominee
is myself, chef.

(Announcer) And their
second nominee is...


Raymond, chef.

According to the team,
had a lackluster performance

that could've set us behind.

Okay, Dan, Raymond,
Susan, Jessica,

step forward, please.

watching you on service

is like deadpan, no response.

And you have this blank stare.

Why do you think you should
stay in Hell's Kitchen?

Chef, I'm not done here.

It wasn't my best performance.

I have so much more to prove,
and I have so much more to give.

I think you trashed more fish
than you actually served.

Susan, timing was way off.

Yes, chef.

No control, no communication.

I did make some mistakes
tonight, chef,

but I guarantee you

that I will come back,
I will fight,

and I will prove to you
that I will be better

than I ever have been.

I will make you
so proud of me, chef.

I promise you that, chef.

Oh, dear.

Ray, seriously?

I'm getting tired of you
standing in front of me.

Sure. I don't blame you, chef.

You weren't even cooking
in the kitchen tonight...

I understand that, chef.

And you're [bleep] nominated.

I know you're looking
for a chef/line cook,

somebody to be on the line.

I'm looking for a leader.

You can't even run
a [bleep] trolley tableside.

Dan, why do you
think you should

stay in Hell's Kitchen,
straight up?

Figure I'm just gonna let my
performance in the kitchen today

speak for itself, chef,
that's why I should be here.

So, who should've been
up here instead of you?

Based on tonight's performance,
Barret, chef.

(Gordon) Barret.
(Dan) Yes, chef.

Is that right, Barret?

(Barret) No, chef, we're
basing it as a whole,

as who is the weakest links
on the team.


My decision is...


Back in line.

That's right.


(Gordon) Here's why
you're not leaving.

You ran the section

Thank you, chef.

And whilst the blue team think
that you're not a team player,

one thing I'm gonna confirm
is you can [bleep] cook.

Thank you, chef.

Now, the person
leaving Hell's Kitchen...


Give me your jacket, please.

Your time is done
in Hell's Kitchen.

I'm not feeling it.

I haven't got
any more patience.

Thank you.

During this experience,

I tried to stay very confident
and very strong,

and that came across as
not passionate, and that sucks.

I guess I just didn't
put up enough fight

for chef Ramsay
to believe in me.

Here's something
you all need to know.

We have got a long way to go,

and only the passionate
will survive.

Got it?
(All) Yes, chef!

Now [bleep] off.

I'm a little bummed
that Dan didn't go.

Chef Ramsay said he can cook.
All of us can cook.

There's gonna be no living
with this kid after this.

Starting now, I'm an individual.
[Bleep] the team.

Chef saying that I can cook...

that should be putting
a fire under everybody's ass.

Now you should see me
as a [bleep] threat.

I'm putting everything
on the table.

I don't care who I have
to fight, I'm gonna fight.

The end of the day,
I'm here to win Hell's Kitchen.

And that's what I'm gonna do.

(Gordon) When Jessica first arrived,
I had high expectations for her.

she let us both down.

Next time, on Hell's Kitchen...

we're running out of time!

(Announcer) Can Nedra
face her biggest fear...


What if we don't get to cook?


Come on, Nedra,
you're killing us!

(Announcer) Or blow the
competition for her team?

It's only a matter of time
before we vote her off.

And one chef's mistake...

Pink chicken.

Chef James's wife is pregnant.

Oh, my gosh.

May send someone to the E.R.

(Nedra) Raw chicken.

What the hell are you thinking?

(Announcer) And it all
leads to a bombshell,

as one chef speaks his mind.


How dare you!

Put that on TV.

And walks out of Hell's Kitchen.

[Bleep] you.

[Pig squeals]

(Announcer) All next time.

Bitch, I told you!

(Announcer) On the wildest
Hell's Kitchen...

At this stage in the game,

I don't expect to hear
"I'm sorry!"

(Announcer) Of the year.