Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 6 - 15 Chefs Compete - full transcript

Previously on Hell's Kitchen...


In a challenge that
tested the team's palates...

Pork, chef.

The blue team was baffled.

Kangaroo, chef?

, man.

When was the last time
you had a kangaroo meatball?

While the red team...

Veal, chef!
Is it veal? Yes!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Led by Ja'nel and Jacqueline...

Swordfish! Swordfish!

Yeah! Yes!

Continue their
challenge domination

with their fourth
consecutive win.

If I was on the guys' team
right now,

I'd be begging
for a sex change.

The women were rewarded
with a beach day in Malibu...



While the men...

This is .

Made homemade bread.

I've never done anything
so hard in my life.

an early-morning wake-up...

Led to a surprise
breakfast service.

We will be feeding
emergency doctors,

nurses, and EMTs.

In the blue kitchen...

How much longer
on you guys's Benny?

Jeremy was
stuck in slow motion...

Jeremy, walk.

Come 'round then, big boy!

And made a ridiculous mistake.

Some disgusting pig

brought me the sample
scrambled eggs

that I cooked an hour ago!

Like, "Duh..."

On the red side...

Wakey, wakey.

Nedra's eggs Benedict...

Why you used the soggy one?

And Jacqueline's pancakes...

Look at me.
Too dark!

It's a breakfast.
Come on.

Put the women behind.

Walking! Walking!

Behind, behind, behind.
Go, go, go.

And the men...

Congratulations, blue team!


Managed to get a victory.

We just lost.

I am so stoked right now.

The women picked
two for elimination...

It has to be Jackie and Nedra.

But Nedra fought back.

I'm the bitch who kept
the station going!

So y'all if y'all
don't wanna save me!

Who's gonna go up
instead of you?


She's weak.

In the end, the nominees were...

Jacqueline, chef.


But chef Ramsay

had his eye on someone else.

You two, back in line.

Thank you, chef.
Oh, my God.

Find out right now.

There is one of you here

that is in way over their head.

Who will lose their chance

to become head chef
of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

at Caesar's palace.

The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen is...

* Fire


* The way you swerve
and curve *

* really wrecks my nerves

* and I'm so excited, child

Go, Jon!

* When you shake
what you've got *

* and, girl, you've got a lot *

* you're really somethin',
child *

* When you're hot, you're hot *

* you really shoot your shot

* you're dynamite, child

* yeah

* well, I can tell
by your game *

* you're gonna start a flame

* love, baby, baby

* the way you push, push

* lets me know that

Hey, hey!

* You're gonna get your wish

* oh, no

* fire

* what I said, child

* oww, fire

* uh-huh

And now,
the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.

Mary, Jacqueline.

You two, back in line.

Thank you, chef.
Oh, my God.

There is one of you here

that is in way
over their heads.

The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen is...


Get your ass up here.

You've done something
that I have never seen, ever.

You brought up a sample plate.

Give me your jacket.

Your time is done
in Hell's Kitchen.

Thank you, chef Ramsay.

Thank you.


I don't know
what I was thinking.

It was my fault.
I brought up the wrong plate.

But I've learned
a lot about myself.

I know I'm a fighter.

And above all,
I'm a great chef.

Men, you won today,

in spite of Jeremy,
so your reward

is me getting rid of him.

We're stronger
without him, chef.

Now, both teams,
get your crap together,

because I am going
to start cutting dead weight.

We will be open
for dinner service tonight.

Got it? Yes, chef.

Piss off.

I would never in a million years

think that chef Ramsay
would send home

one of the blue team,
even though it is

kind of a blessing in disguise,

because Jeremy was really
useless to us.

That's... hey, better
for us.

Better for us.

Everything happens
for a reason.

I'm sorry he had to go,
but I'm glad that chef Ramsay

knows that I'm more talented
than Jeremy is.

It is definitely
a chance at redemption.

And tonight,
I'm gonna prove myself.

The overall, you know,
mood, I would say,

of the team right now,
is somber.

Where do you guys wanna go?

Big bedroom.

A lot of words were said.

A lot of anger was had.

I just hope that
the rest of the ladies

swallow their pride
and just move forward.

We just have to execute.

If we can execute,
we'll be fine.

Are you gonna be okay?

What do you need?

Could have been me.
It could have been anybody.

Amanda is the only person
who felt like

I should have went up...
I gotta watch her.

All this cutie-cutie,

is done.

Come here.

I have no hard feelings
against you,

and I want you to know that.

Oh, my God.

I nominated Nedra.

If Nedra holds it against me,

that's gonna be
the downfall of herself

and the team, 'cause we
need her for service.

I just don't want any
hard feelings between us.


Come here.

I remain friendly with her

to keep the peace

and the morale of the red team.

I don't want to lose
any of you guys.

I'm not a person
who gives up or folds,

so I'm gonna fight.

We're cool.
We're cool?

After some stressful
time up in the dorm...

Let's go, ladies.

The chefs return

to prep for dinner service,

which is only a few hours away.

Start prepping.
Yes, chef.

But one chef is worried...

Do you feel nauseous?

About being late.

I'm all right.
I just would rather know

if I'm just, like, nauseous

or pregnant and nauseous.

My period's really late.

I've been nauseous
a lot of days in a row,

and so I'm nervous.

I have to pee so bad.

To me, there's no excuses.

You're pregnant or you're not,
it doesn't matter.

If you throw up, you throw up,

you get back on the line.


I can't worry about
another bitch's problems.

I need to worry
about my problems.

But she needs to get that
together, boop!


Mary's getting
her little testy.

I'll be really excited
if I'm pregnant,

but I'm also...
I mean, I'm nervous.

I don't know what that means
for the competition

if I am.

Definitely not!
Just so you know.

Definitely not.
Like, instantly, it came up.

I just wanna cook.
That's it.

I don't wanna deal
with all this other .

Keep goin'!

With Mary's
big question answered,

the red team refocuses
their attention

on getting ready for dinner.

But in the blue kitchen,
it's Dan...

All right, stupid question.

Frisee, what does that
go with again?

Who's looking for answers.


That's what I thought.
I just wanted to verify.

That's the one
I'm least familiar with.

I got the asparagus.
We got eggs.

Endive feathers?

That's what I'm missing.
Endive feathers.

Once again, I'm really
worried about Dan the most,

going into tonight's service

because I just question
his food knowledge

and his experience.

All right,
I got these dressings

lined up correctly, right?

And these are cut
into quarters or sixths?

All right, what do you
need from me, boss hogg?

Lemon tarts.
Lemon tarts, lemon tarts.

How do we make those?

Dude, are you serious?

Are you a chef or...
what are you?

What are you doing here?

Little pastry cups.

In the pastry cups?

He doesn't know
what he's doing.

It's like, dude, either man up

or get the out.

Do you have the empty ones
down there?

You can't use that.

After a very
early morning wake-up

for breakfast service,

followed by a non-stop prep
for dinner service...

All right, let's get
the hell out of here, come on.

The teams are
given a short break.

Big room.

Flat-out, we got a stronger team
than they do right now.

Even with Ray?

I like us right now.

Hell, yeah.
Just keep it going.

Mary, I like
that fight, baby.

Thank you.

Yeah, girl.
Yeah, for real.

I think it's great.

Earlier today,
the girls put Mary up.

Mary fought back.

I made my mistakes,
but I didn't let it get me down,

and I picked back up, chef.

And Mary, always remember
how they was talking.

No, they love me.

Don't you believe that, Mary.

You know what?
Shut your mouth.

Mary, they threw you
under the bus

faster than anything.

Don't even talk to me
anymore, I'm serious.


Bye, Mary.

That's her angry voice.


What happened, Mary?

The guys are being jerks,
and they're

talking crap to me.

Shut up!

If you can't win

because you're good,

then don't try to win

by shooting us down,
you know what I mean?

Like, I'm pissed.

They're laughing.

I'm-a just go hammer time
on all of them.

It's a couple people
I want to cross my path.

I can just hammer to 'em.

Oh, .

What up?

Listen, it's okay
to antagonize people

who can handle it.

Don't do that

to people who's weak.

That's up.

So whoever it was,

y'all can kiss
a big , okay?

Competition's getting
heated up.

The red team's
starting to really...

I feel like
they're cracking, man.

So it's fun
to with 'em.

So who was the bitch
who did it?

Who did what?

Antagonizing people.

Ain't nobody
antagonizing nobody.

All right, well don't
say nothin' to her.

Did we say somethin' to y'all
when y'all got up

two nights in a row?

So don't
say to us.

Say something to her
when you can win a challenge.

All right, heard. 'Cause I'll
tell y'all some ,

quick fast, in a hurry.

Ohh. You don't wanna
with me.

I'm Mike Tyson, bitch.

Ring the bell
if you wanna play.

Ring it.
Ring it, bitches, ring it.


Well, let's go, !

No, no, no, no, no.

The chefs take a quick break

before their second service
of the day.

I like us right now.

But after
the men tease Mary...

Don't even talk to me
anymore, I'm serious.

That's her angry voice.


So who was the bitch
antagonizing people?

Is ready to pick a fight.

Ring the bell
if you want to play.


Well, let's go, !

No, no, no, no, no.

Look, I don't want
to say nothin'.

Okay, that's what I thought.

Get y'all together.


They ain't had nothing to say.
That's what I thought.

Guys, don't
cook with your emotions.

Unless it's fire and passion.


I don't give a .

You think I'm here to make
friends with the females?

Uh-uh, I'm here
to win a challenge

with my boys in blue.

Nedra can try to blow
the house down

for all I care.

I can almost guarantee
a win tonight.

So it's on and popping now,

I'm ready to, seriously,
like, tear it up.

I am like, so "Game on"
right now.

I want to blow
their out.

With both teams
in a fighting mood...

Show 'em what we're
made of, ladies.

And dinner service
less than an hour away...

Let's go, let's go,
let's go, guys.

Big night.

Chef Ramsay wants the chefs

to focus on the task at hand.

We've had
some respectable moments

in Hell's Kitchen so far, yes?

Yes, chef.

But nowhere near
the consistency, okay,

that we really need.

And if the kitchen
isn't running properly,

the ones that are taking
the brunt of it

are Jean-Philippe
and his wait staff.

Uh, Jean-Philippe,

Can you give

both the red team
and the blue team

a little insight
to how much crap

you have to take sometimes.

Frankly, honestly,

it's been an absolute,
living nightmare.

No, on my hands and my knees
with every single table.

I'm sorry, I do have
a bit of proud though.

Jamie, come over, please.

Give us a little insight

into the kind of crap
that you've had to endure

as well, please.

I almost lost my job
the other night.

I had a table,
and I watched them

complain to Jean-Philippe
about me.

Jean-Philippe called me
in there to reprimand me,

and that's when he found out it
was because of the kitchen.

I have never been a waiter,

but I feel terrible.

You can really mess up
someone's life

if you're a bad cook.

I had a couple
that came from Arizona.

It was their vacation
to come here and eat.

Two hours later,
when they didn't eat,

out of frustration,
they got up and they left.

I don't like waiters.
'em, they're annoying.

Nothing could have
bummed me out more than that.

I know they go through
some , but so do we.

So tonight,

I want one individual
from each team

to be a waiter.

Tonight's redemption.
Tonight, we give back.

Tonight, we support them

a little bit more.


Yes, chef?

Dining room tonight.
Yes, chef.

I've never been a server
my entire life.

In my heart, I don't want
to be out there,

but I'm doing it for the team.



Tonight, you're
the blue team's waiter.

Yes, chef.
We're opening

in just under
30 minutes from now.

Let's go.

Yes, chef!

Are you kidding me?
I got no time.

Takes me a half hour
to do my hair.

I gotta rinse it,
blow-dry it,

straighten it.

Then put the glue in it,
and then check it,

and then check it again.

And then spray it,
and then check it again.

It's a half hour process
just to get my hair this way.


That's the way you're
gonna be looking tonight?

Yes. How are you?

Not too bad, and you?

Pleasure to meet you.
Good, I'm doing well.

Yeah, hi.

How are you? Good. How are you?

Yeah, good.
Keep your smile,

because you might need it.

It's the only weapon
you have to...

I was a waiter for six years.

Of course I know
how to write a ticket.

So I'm super confident...
confidence level

is up here right now.

Right, where's
the Belgian muscle?

open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.

It's a marathon, ladies.

We gotta pace ourselves right.

Game faces.

Now, the amount
of mise en place here

is extraordinary.

Here they come, boys.

Tonight, Hell's Kitchen opens

for its second service
of the day.

We gonna do this, ladies?
Yeah, we got this!

And both teams are confident

that they will score a victory.

Here we go, boys.

But before the
teams can start cooking...

Jean, what is she doing?

They'll need a ticket.

She looks confused.


Yes, chef?
Let's go, please.

I'm nervous going out
into the dining room.

I've never been a server.

Where's the red?

I just want to be back
in the kitchen.

I would love the pan-seared
scallops, please.


Where's Barret?

Where's the lizard?

What would you like
to start off with?

Can I do the crab cappellini?

Crab cappellini?
Excellent choice.


I need some tickets, please.

Barret, what's going on there?

I'm working on it, chef.

No, but come on, Barret.

I need a bit of energy
in there, yes?

Yes, chef.
Let's go.

Let's start service.

Come on, let's start service.

Oh, I wanna start service.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Hey! Blue team!

Guys, pay attention!

On order, four covers,
table 23.

I mean... ah, me.

Look at... hey, hey.

Look at the way
he wrote that ticket.

Look at how badly
that's written out.

What happened?

Rewrite the ticket!
Where's Jean-Philippe?

what is that?

Oh, my...
oh, off.

Hey, J.P., take him
and yourself

back to Belgium.


right off.

Hey, Barret, it's not
rocket science there, huh?

I know.
Yeah, you know.

I know. I'm sorry.

J.P. is like...

I just want to grab it
and, like, throw it away.

But I can't do that.

Jessica, why are these tickets

taking so long?
Sorry, chef.

Hey, come here,
you... stop.

Do you know what I mean?
Look. What is that?

Huh? Is that two or three?
Sorry, chef, that's...

what is that?
Ah, off, just...

Jessica, how long
were you in school for?

Six months, chef.

You only went to school
for six months?

Yes, chef.
. Hurry up.

Really? Come on.

My handwriting is not that bad.

Two seconds.
Don't disappear.

Yes, chef.
Yeah, it's scallops, Risotto.

What is that there?

Oh, my God.
Come on, Barret.

You stupid .

Yeah, but what...


Barret, you got the whole team

riding on your shoulders
right now... come on, buddy.

No, off, Barret.

Write it properly.
Hey, look at me.

Hey, Barret...
Yes, chef?

I got nothing going out!

Next mistake,

you're history!


Tonight in hell's
kitchen, Jessica and Barret

are serving as waiters
for their teams,

but 20 minutes
into dinner service,

their illegible tickets...
What is that there?

Have both
kitchens at a standstill.


Write it out neatly.
Let's go.

Hey, Barret.
Yes, chef?

hair looks beautiful.
Tickets look dreadful.

Let's go, come on.
Yes, chef.


Thanks, chef Ramsay.
Appreciate it.

I have enough
already without this.

I apologize.

I don't need this.
I apologize.

Whatever. I just don't have
the best handwriting

in the world,
so, you know, if...

If you want to me
to write like a bitch,

I guess I'll have
to write like a bitch.

Thank you. That's better.
Yes, chef.

Yeah, welcome
to the real world.

Let's go.
Yes, chef.

Two twos... two on table 42
and table 41.

Let's do two Risotto,
two scallops.

Yes, chef!

Let's go.

Susan, I'm waiting on my call

for scallops from you.

Yes, chef?

Yeah, you're driving
the section, yes?

Yes, chef.

He asked me to lead,

and I do not want
to disappoint chef Ramsay.

This is absolutely
the most nervous I've felt,

and the most pressure
that I've had

since I've been
in Hell's Kitchen.

Let's go.
Wake up, love.

One minute, chef!

Slow down, slow down.
Slow down?

Slow down.

Dropping scallops!

Scallops, risotto.

Come on, ladies.
Where are they?

Is the lobster ready
for the risotto?

I'm ready.
Yes, yes, let's go.

Good, let's go!

Behind you, hot.

Susan, no.
I'm flipping my scallops.

Don't walk yet.

Behind you, chef.

Susan was just really focused

on getting those risottos out,

which I appreciate,

but we need to go up together.

They should be done.

Come on!

I'm goin'!
I'm walkin'!

Scallops walkin'!

Behind you.

Service, table 41.
Let's go.

While Susan gets
the red kitchen fired up...


Over in the blue kitchen...

The men are hoping Barret
finally delivers

an acceptable ticket
so they can fire something.

Hey, Barret, plain English.

That's better.

Ohh, God!

Thank you!

Here we go, guys.
On order,

two risotto,
one cappellini, one scallops.

Yes, chef!
Thank you.

Drop the scallops.
Come on.

What's that?
The scallops.

Okay, how many orders?

You sure?


Two scallops, right?

Or is it one?

Two scallops, right?

It is two?

I don't know what's going on
on that fish station right now,

but these guys
really gotta get it together.

All right, great.
What do you want me

to do for you, man?

"Can I cook?
You gonna let me cook?

Can I try?
Can I be the limelight?"

No. Sorry, no.

I need tongs.

Can I have tongs, please?


Here you go.

Here you go, Ray.
Here you go.

I'm gonna make your life
a little easier.

Dude, I wanna cook
a few things today too.

Why don't you give me some
pan time here.

Let's go!
Yes, chef!

Let's go!
Ready to walk.

Wait, wait, wait.

Come on, get it up!

They're overcooked.

They're overcooked!

They are overcooked.

no way.

Come here, you.

Yes, chef.
Rubber. Rubber!

Get the pan hot!

Yes, chef.

Every time we start
a challenge or service,

you have these senior moments.

It's like it's a seizure.

sake, Ray!

Get your together!
Yes, chef.

There's two of you guys
over there, right?

Get it together.

Come on, Ray!

Comin' up, chef!

Scallops are here, chef.

Come on.
To your right, chef.



Yes, chef?

That's how to cook scallops.

Aye-aye, chef.
Aye-aye, chef.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Come on, boys.

Now that Ray has bounced back

on the fish station...


Appetizers are finally

making their way out
to hungry diners.

Enjoy, guys.
Thank you.

Service, please.

And, back in the red kitchen,

We're doing this, ladies!

We're not
going home tonight!

No, we're not!

Susan, let me know when you're
two minutes on risotto.

Is not about to
let anything slow her down...

Looks good,
looks good, looks good.

Wait to fire scallops,

Not even if
the rest of the food

on the order isn't ready.

This is the two, two.
Are you ready on risotto?

Yes, ready!

Walk, walk!

Why is nobody waiting for me

with the scallops?

We're calling out,
"Are you ready?"

You gotta listen!

Pay attention!
Talk back!

We're talking!

Come on, ladies,
I got nothing going out.

Yes, chef, waiting
on the scallops, chef.

Susan, this is just complete
and absolute .

Drive it.
Drive it, Susan.

Can you walk on that?

I can't stop what I'm doing
and say to her,

"Amanda, two minutes.

Drop your scallops now."

I mean, come the on.

Can we walk?

Walk those.

Walking with scallops!

Scallops, chef.


Scallop is raw!

Stone cold in the middle.
Who cooked them?

I did, chef.
Come on! Let's go!

I got another one going, chef.

Back in the pan!

They're not overcooked,

so you put them
back in the pan!

Look at her.

I'm sorry, chef.

Just hurry up and do it!

Yes, chef!
I'm hurrying.

Ohh, my God.

Wakey wakey, Amanda!

Yes, chef!
Are you ready?

Right now, chef!

Behind you, hot.

Good, good, good.
Service, please.

With Amanda's scallops
finally receiving a passing grade...

Here we go, yes?

Appetizers are
leaving the red kitchen

once again.

Meanwhile, nearly an hour
into dinner service,

the blue team has almost
finished their appetizers...

Away now,
three scallops, one cappellini.

And are now
moving on to entrees.

Followed by three halibut,
one pork, two Wellington.

Yes, chef!

Look out, I... Ray, I gotta
cook these scallops.

I understand, buddy.
Put 'em on.

Well, you gotta be a little bit

more organized over here.

Excuse me, buddy.

Tell me when you're
reaching in front of me.

You gotta tell me
when you're reaching, Ray.

I keep trying to get in there,

and I keep getting shut down.

He's acting like this
is an NBA game,

and we're at the bottom
of the key.

He's just boxing me out.

Can I cook a little today?

I'm still trying... I'm trying
to flip these scallops, man.

Are you kidding me?

Put a red jacket on,
grab your tampons,

and go on the red team,

Can you do a minute and a half?

I'm gonna do my best...
I just need Ray

to stop reaching over me.


Dan, you wanna put
the crust on those?

It's on it!
All right, you're awesome, Dan.

Who's better than you?

Ray, you gotta give me
some space, man.

I can't work throwing
elbows at you.

Stop it, guys.

It's about the food now, guys.

We're a team here.
Come on, guys.

We're a team!

I can't take much more of this.

Shut the up right now
and stop fighting

and focus on the food.

Dan, let's go, buddy.

Yeah, come on.
I'm workin' it.

Oh, .

Blue team, I don't
know what the

you two are doing down there...

How long?

Go ahead.
We're coming to the pass.

Let's go, then!

Three sea bass, yep!

Down the line!


Time out.
Three bass.

What do you mean, three bass?

I mean, no, two...

Look at you, you don't even
know what's on the order.

Hey, hey, hey.

What is that?

They asked for three...

Three halibuts!

That's what we're going with.

He doesn't even know.

Oh, my God.

That's bass!
That's not halibut!

I know that's bass, dude.
I know that.


Start that table again!

Three halibut, one pork,
two Wellington.

Never mind, I got it,
I got it, I got it.

Dan, Dan, Dan.

Hey, dumber and dumber.

Yes, chef?

Talk to your team,
and one of you

give me a time!

Yes, chef.
Five minutes.

Five... at least five minutes.
Five minutes?


While Ray and Dan
get the right fish in the pan,

out in the dining room,
Barret is doing his best

to keep impatient diners happy.

How are you guys
doing over here so far?


Okay, I'm gonna
check on the food

and see how much longer
I'll be for you.

Thank you.

I never wanna do this again.

And, back in the red kitchen...

Three risotto, one scallops.

It's a little loose, chef.
It's coming.

Come on, then, let's go.
Yes, chef.

Susan and Amanda

are working
on their final appetizers.

Nice color, Amanda.
Let's go.

Scallops in less than a minute.

It's all you guys
on this ticket,

so you guys
have to talk to each other.

Susan's really
struggling with Amanda tonight.

We don't communicate.

It's like people
are clams sometimes.

I'm ready on scallops.
I need to walk.

No, not yet.

Walkin' one scallop!

Behind you.

Oh, no.


How we lookin'?
How we lookin'?

I got it, I got it.
Just get the salad.

Okay, thank you.
Come on, yeah?

We're waiting!

Coming, chef!

Yeah, come on, Susan!

Let's go.

Susan, just go.

Go. Go!
Pick it up.

Coming, chef.

Right behind you, chef.

It's undercooked, the rice.

Wow. me.

Hey. Hey.

The rice is undercooked!

The rice is undercooked.

That's not ready yet, guys.

Start again!
Yes, chef.

Come on.

What are you waiting on?

34, chef.
Yeah, c-c-come in here.

Come in here!

How long they been waiting?

20, 30 minutes, chef.

Yeah, they've been actually
waiting 32 minutes.

Tell your team.

Let's go, guys!

Table 34...
No! Why you laughing?

I'm not.
I'm sorry, chef.

Hey, hey, all of you.

Come here.
all of you.

You think this is a joke?

No, chef, I don't.

We're dying

on table 34's

and you come in
and laugh at her.

What's funny?
Nothing, chef.

Do you want to go?

Do you want to go?

Nearly two hours
into dinner service...

Come in here!

Susan's undercooked risotto

is holding up the red team's
final appetizer order.

Tell your team!

And though it's clearly

not a laughing matter...

Let's go, guys!
Table 34.

For some reason, Jessica
can't seem to keep a straight face.

You think this is a joke?

Hey, all of you, stop.

We're dying

on table 34's

and you come in
and laugh at her.

What's funny?
Nothing, chef.

Do you want to go?

No, chef, I don't.

Can you tell your team

to hurry up?

Let's go, team!
I'm ready!

Hey, it's not so funny
now, is it?

No, chef.

Everything he says,
he's serious.

If you bust a laugh,

you might as well throw in
the towel, home girl.

Get me that risotto now!

Behind you.

Coming, chef!
Right now, walking!


Actually tastes quite nice.

The red team
moves on to entrees.

Two halibut, one pappardelle,
one bass!

Yes, chef!

But in the blue dining room,

instead of serving
Ray's fish...

They haven't gotten
their food yet.

There's only so much
I can do, you know?

Barret is busy
serving up apologies.

I'm used to kitchen etiquette.

I'm sorry, guys.

All right, sorry, guys.

Okay, guys?
I'm sorry about that.

If you need anything, listen,

just throw
a piece of bread at me.

It'll probably get stuck
in my hair, so...I'm okay.

If I have to go in there myself

and kick everybody out to cook,

I will get you guys fed,
I promise.


Well, maybe not.

What are you waiting on?

Three halibut and pork.

So how about
asking them?

How 'bout asking
your ... hey!

Hey. Hey, hello.
Do some , will you?

Yes, chef.

Raymond, how long?

Two minutes on the halibut.

You ready with
the pork, Anthony?

I've got pork and two Wellington
ready to go, yes.

Hey, Barret, do you understand

how painful this is?
Yes, chef.

He's been waiting 17 minutes.

How long, Ray?

It's ready to serve, chef.

Before, with the fish station,
I had a hiccup.

But don't worry, I have it.

Two Wellingtons and a pork
are ready to go.

There, go.
Behind you.

Two Wellington, one pork.

Wellington's cooked perfectly.

Don't over-reduce
the sauce.

Thank you, chef, yes!

Come on, Ray!
Yes, chef! Right here!

Walk up with it.

Those better be
the best halibut.

It's not hard.

Here you go, chef.

What has he done to that?

Hey, all of you.
Come here.

Yes, chef?

All of you!
Yes, chef?

You first.
Just touch that.

Just touch.

It's just dry.

That's ridiculous.


Hey! Hey! Hey.

Dan! Raymond!

You made me wait.
Yes, chef.

And then I wait!
And then I wait!

And then you me!
Didn't mean to, chef.

I'm sinking with
this ship right now.

And the best part is,

I couldn't even
do anything about it,

'cause, uh, Ray wouldn't
let me cook.

Hey! Anthony!


Take all your perfectly cooked


, if I have to kick
someone out of the kitchen

myself, they're getting out.

I'd be furious.

Every meat you've cooked tonight
has been perfect.

Yes, chef.

Sabotaged by somebody
who's not even cooking it!

All right, you guys gotta...
damn it.

Come on, guys,
pull it back together!

While Ray and Dan start
over once again on the halibut,

back in the red kitchen...

Nedra and Mary
on the meat station...

Are you ready to walk, Cyn?

Yeah, get up there!
The garnish just got up there.

Let's go then!
Yes, chef!

All right, walkin'!

Are ready
to impress chef Ramsay

with their first order
of entrees.

Keep up the energy, guys!

Raw pork.


Stop! Stop!

Yes, chef?

Raw pork.

Raw pork.

It is, like, still
oinkin' raw in the middle.

This is when it gets serious!

Raw pork!

Got another one coming, chef.

Let's go!

We can't put it back together

and put it in the oven?

How long?

Give me six minutes, chef!

Six minutes?

What are you doing to me?

Guys, you're gonna kill

the rest of the table!

Here you go, Nedra.

Here's your six minutes.

Take the tray!

There you go.

Mary, there you go.
Yes, chef?

She told me she got
another one... where is it?

It's right here!
In the pan, chef!

So is that
supposed to be funny?

No, I'm not laughing, chef!

When you say,
"I've got one more,"

you haven't got one more.

"I put one more on, chef."
Yes, chef!

I wanna hear the truth
from you a little bit earlier.

So I can relate it
to the customer!

Yes, chef!

Get me Jessica.


Yes, chef?

Hey, you.
Come here, you.

Yes, chef!

Can you take this girl,

and you explain...

how about an apology
to the customer?

Yes, chef.
With a bit of respect.

Yes, chef.
Hurry up!

Yes, chef.
Take her there!

I'm a real bitch, I'm
gonna own up to my .

At the end of the day, like,

if you don't own up to your
, you're full of .

Hi. How y'all doin'?

I'm Nedra, and, um,

I undercooked your LA...
uh, pork,

so it's gonna be
about five more minutes.

I do apologize, um,
thank you for being so patient.

Appreciate it.

Thank you.

Thank you, Nedra.

While Nedra begs
forgiveness in the dining room,

back in the blue kitchen...

Where is the halibut?

Comin' up, chef.
Come on, guys, push it!

Let's go, come on.
Get those up.

Ray hurries to
deliver his third attempt

at the same order of fish.

Where is it?

Right here.
Bring that up.

Got it right here, chef.

Come on, come on.
Go with that.

Good job.

Please, be cooked.
For the love of God, be cooked.

beautifully cooked.

Thank you, chef.
Pork's beautifully cooked.

But I have a problem.

I have a big problem.
Yes, I do!


This is raw!

Oh, my God.
This is raw!

Not again! Damn it!
This can't be happening.

Come on, Ray.

It's just raw!

Get three more going.
Get three more going.

Three more working.
Put 'em in the oven.

It's !

We're going down in flames.

The Titanic ain't got
on us.

I'm done!
You, you, you,

you, you, you,

get out!

Over two hours
into dinner service,

and Ray has failed
for the third time

on the same order.

This is raw!

As a result, the blue team

has yet to serve
a single entree,

and chef Ramsay,
not surprisingly...

I'm done!

Yes, chef.

Has had enough.

Get out!

Get the out of her!

I was doing good, damn it.

Did I not say
they were done?

I will let you know
when to leave it in.

Dan, just leave it alone.

I had it perfect.

Where are you guys?

Right here, chef.

I've spent 18 hours
with you guys today.

I give you everything I got,

and that's the
you're gonna give me

in front of chef Ramsay?

Make me look like a

in front of a dining room
full of people.

I'm beside myself right now
with that!

I can't look at you guys

Red team!
Yes, chef?

One more mistake,

I'm gonna kick you all out.

Wake up, wake up, yes, chef!

Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Yes, chef!

30 on bass.
Sea bass walking, chef.

Behind you.
Okay, I'm walking.

Garnish is up.
Come on, bubble and squeak.

Coming now, chef!

Right behind you, Suzy.

Yeah, look at the speed of her,

as if nothing else matters.

Right after that,
the pork is coming!

Coming, chef!

We're walking with the pork!

We cool, we in a box,
we got it.

Oh, dear.
On the board.

Yes, chef.

That's raw.

Oh, my God.

Come here, all of you!

My God.

Yeah, kept me waiting
28 minutes for raw pork.

You, you,

you, you, you, you, you.

Get out!


Get out!

Well, we gave
it our shot, ladies.

Wasn't good enough.

To get kicked
out of the kitchen

makes you feel like the biggest
failure in the world.

Nedra and Mary,
get it together, girls.

, we were so close.

I think he'd just had enough.

Well, obviously he's pissed off

because of those idiots.

You tell me what you can do.
It is what it is.


Get both teams downstairs, now.

Yes, chef.

Both teams
downstairs right now.

That was chef Ramsay.

Let's go.
Leave everything.

Move, move, move, move, move.

Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up.

Stay there!
Stay there.

We're not done yet.

Sous chefs and I
are still cooking in there!

There's no winning team.

You both lost.

Think of two individuals
from each team

that you want rid of!

off upstairs.


Honestly, it's so unfortunate
that that one pork failed.

I'm sorry
about that pork.

We both touched it.
We both thought it was ready.

I think it's an
extremely easy decision for us.

Meat's on the chopping block.

What the is going on?

I couldn't cook... He wouldn't
let me cook anything.

I cooked two scallops
all night, that was it.

Every time I try
to do something,

he's reaching over,
boxing me out.

"Oh, I got the .
I got the ."

He has me stacking scallops
all night.

I had
poor Dan going,

"Come on, Ray."

Sulkin' on the line,
you little bitch!

Is he callin' me
a little bitch?

Don't you dare
get the to it.

I'm not.
I'm just curious.

Just let me run
the station.

It was perfect!

This is the fight of my life,

and I am not going home
over some .

You put my ass on the line,
I will ruin you.

One piece of pork,
and I'm gonna go home.

You know, like, that sucks.

When I say I had
it, I say I got it.

Guys, shh.

Now I look like a .

Are they gonna fight?

That's my station.

No matter what anybody does,
it's my station.

Our station.
"Can I drive?

Come on, please, daddy?
Can I drive?"

Get the out of my face,
would you, please?

Ray's callin' me a bitch.

But Ray's not saying
to me.

This needs to stop.

Hey, dude, shut the up.

"Can I cook?

I wanna cook too.
Please let me cook."

Okay, I don't sound
like a child.

Stop that. You sound like
a little bitch.

Every time you ask me for help,

you just start
reaching across me.

That's because you're
supposed to be there

for support, dude!
I was supporting him!

If he starts to sink,
you hop in!

I tried to hop in!

Yeah, but I didn't ask you to!

You're interfering
with me, bitch!

Don't call me a bitch.
You're a bitch.

do something about it.

Go ahead.
Go ahead. Go ahead.


After the
worst dinner service yet,

both teams were kicked
out of the kitchen

and told to nominate
two chefs for elimination.

For the red team,

the decision is an easy one.

Our pork failed.

One piece of pork,
and I'm gonna go home.

You know, like, that sucks.

But on the blue team,

there's been a lot more arguing
than decision-making.

Stop interfering
with me, bitch!

Don't call me a bitch.
You're a bitch.

do something about it.

Go ahead.
Go ahead. Go ahead.

Stop, y'all.

Ray, you're gonna throw me
under the bus?

You want me to go home?


It's on like
Donkey Kong.

That was a disaster, right?

Yes, chef.


Red team's first nominee
and why.

Chef, our first nominee
this evening is Mary.

The biggest downfall
of the red team

was the raw pork.

Second nominee and why.

Chef, our second nominee
is Nedra,

because of the raw pork, chef.


Chef, blue team's
first nominee is Dan.

We feel his performance
on the fish station tonight,

it's what sunk the service.

Second nominee and why.

Our second nominee was Ray.

We had too many dishes
come back,

and we believe it's the reason
we didn't finish service.

Blue, fish...

Huge problem.

Red, meat,


All four of you, step forward.

Mary, tell me why you think

you should stay
in Hell's Kitchen.

Chef, I didn't have
any other mistakes tonight.

Pork was the one mistake.

She started it in the pan,
and I finished it in the oven.

We brought it out.
We checked it several times,

and it was still raw,
and I'm very sorry.

And I own that mistake, chef.


We up
on the pork, chef.

I can't make excuses.

So I'm telling you
here today, I apologize.

I extremely apologize,
and it won't happen again...



I'm telling you,
you'll see a lot from me, chef.

I'm telling you,
I have a lot to give.

Don't give up on me, chef.

I'm a team player.

I kept trying to support him.

Dan, I pull the fish out...

Can I finish a sentence, please?

No. I pull
the fish out...

I got nothin' to say, chef.

And then you put it back
in the oven.

I said it was done.
I said it was perfect.

It was hard.

Chef, since they want to argue,

I'm gonna fight for my life.

I want to be here.

They can argue
all they want.

But I want to be here!


when chef Ray's cooking,

you hear Dan
saying smart things

like, "Ray's in my way,"

and we can't move forward

with somebody like that.

He's full of , chef.

And, chef, right now,

if you don't believe me,
as I'm telling you this,

he's literally giving me
the finger behind his back.

Oh, I did.

I just gave him
the finger, chef.

He's what?

He's doing like...

he's doing like this
to me right now...

Behind your back.

This is the kind of attitude

that we put up with
on a consistent basis.

And the team is sick of it.

You know,
after all this

and the bad performances,

I've definitely got
the right four here.

What I'm struggling with

is which one of you
to send home.

My decision is...

Give me your jacket.


Give me your jacket, please.

Nedra, give me
your jacket, please.

Mary, give me
your jacket, please.


was such a disaster,

I've decided to do something
I've never, ever,

ever done before.

All four of you...

Next time, chef Ramsay
turns the competition on its head.

One, two, three, four of you.

I'm done.
I've had enough.

Chef, are you
kidding me right now?

At dinner service...

So how long
for the chef's table?

With special
guests in the kitchen...

How long on that lamb?

The pressure to perform...

I just dropped my lamb.

They screwed up our order.

Sends the red
team into a tailspin...

It's becoming chaos.

And forces a VIP
out the door.

It's a nightmare.


And you won't
believe what one chef...

I just need to get through
this dinner service.

Tries to get away with.

Hey...All of you,
come here.

See those six ladies?
And look...

Ohh. Ohh.

What the you doing?
You trying to kill people?

This is catastrophically terrible.

All next time...

You're done, aren't you?
Is that the best you can do?

On Hell's Kitchen.