Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 3 - 17 Chefs Compete - full transcript

Culinary boot camp begins.

Previously on Hell's Kitchen...

20 chefs began
the competition in Las Vegas,

where they learned
this season's prize...

One of you will
become my head chef

at the Gordon Ramsay
Pub & Grill

at Caesars Palace.

And battled it out
in the first ever signature dish

done in front
of a live audience.

Congratulations, ladies.
Great job.

Yes! Yes!

Back in L.A.,
there are high expectations

and a huge turnout for the grand
reopening of Hell's Kitchen.

I'm guaranteeing
a complete dinner service.

But the blue
team failed to deliver.

The bone thicker than the meat.

It's disgusting.

Get it together!

And for chef Ramsay...


It was no laughing matter.

You, Zachy-wacky?

Chef Zach!
Is this a joke?

The three of you, get out!

Get out!
Get out!

In the end, Zach
was the last man standing.

I've got it, chef.

I'm a monster.

On the red side,
Gina failed on scallops.


And put the blame on Nedra.

Mary, do you wanna do scallops?

I wanna do scallops.

Somebody else
has gotta do risotto.

Gina, don't throw me

under the bus because
your ain't right.

Get out!

Those little bitches.


Come on, Danielle!

Was lost.

I'm confused.

But chef Ramsay
gave her clear direction.

Get out!


Thanks to Jessica...

Who cooked the lamb?
Me, chef.


And Nedra...

And the risotto was delicious.

Thank you, chef.

The women rallied.

Coming, chef.

In the end, the
red team was victorious.

And after
a tense deliberation...

You ain't
doing it good, playboy.

He just stepped on me
real hard!

The men picked
two for elimination.




My decision is...


And with that, Sebastian...

It's a kitchen,
not a place for comedians.

Became the first
to leave Hell's Kitchen.

And now,
the continuation of Hell's Kitchen.

That didn't feel good at all.

I'm feeling like Jeremy got by
on the skin of his teeth,

and he got a lot to prove.

And he won't
be so lucky next time.

It'll be adios.


Challenge tomorrow, gentlemen.
Can we please win it?

Yep. I just get stronger
and get stronger.

I still have my confidence
on winning this competition,

but I'm humbled.

I got a second chance.

Let's start over, all right?

I'm gonna have to work
a hundred times harder.

Tomorrow's a new day.

I don't like
to go to sleep angry,

so I need to get it
off my chest.

So don't... at the end
of the day,

don't throw me under the bus.


Uh, you.

How did I throw you under the bus?

How the hell it's my fault
the scallops is messed up?

The risotto...
I didn't say it was your fault!

Well, what the hell
did you say?

Somebody else
has gotta do risotto.

What do you mean?

It's her station.

You said I'm the reason
why the scallops didn't go out.

Nobody's gonna say I said
something when I didn't!

Well, you don't know what
the hell you said right now.?


Don't laugh at me!

She all getting
all dramatic and .

Bitch, it ain't
even that serious.

I'm just letting you know
what I gotta say.

You better watch your "p"s and
"q"s because you don't know me.

I know you crazy
as .

Don't call me crazy.

And watch how you talk to me.

Let's press the bell, bitch,
because we can argue.

Don't call me bitch!

Don't mess with a heavyweight,
and you a lightweight.

You're dealing
with the wrong person.

Yes, I'm dealing
with a crazy, deranged person.

What a baby.

You need to watch yourself.

Eh, she pointed her finger at me

about the risotto.


Oh, my God,
she just broke the ceiling.

Oh, my God.

After a combative
night in Hell's Kitchen,

chef Ramsay has a plan to keep
the chefs in the line of fire.

Get up!
Get up!

Let's go!

Good morning, gentlemen.

Get up now!
Get up, get up!

Bam. whole military
comes flying in.

"Get up, get up, get up!"

I feel like
I was back in boot camp.

Move it!
Keep moving.

They're screaming for me
to catch up with my team.

Get out there!
Hurry up!

What team?

These little bitches haven't
treated me as a team member.

So I'm finished with them.

Team of one.

Get in line.
Let's go.

Good morning.

Good morning, chef.

Now, this morning...

Excuse me, chef.

I have something to say.

Please, Gina.

Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be
staying here for this challenge.

I'm gonna be leaving.

You're happy to throw
the towel in so quickly?

I have some personal issues.

Unfortunately, I have to.

I'm not gonna stop you.

Please, go back up to the dorm,

pack your stuff,
and leave Hell's Kitchen.

Thank you, chef.

Bye, Gina.

right on the team challenge,

this stupid bitch backs out.

Bitch, you gonna back out
of doing a competition?

If you can't stand the heat,
get out the kitchen.

That bitch folded
like a piece of wet paper towel.

Ladies, one down.


Stand strong.

Yes, chef.

Last night,
I saw minimum teamwork

in both kitchens.

Yes, chef.

The service

could have been so much easier

if only
you relied on each other.

Let me show you
how a real team works.

Soldiers, take it away, please.

Come on, let's go!

Get up there!

These are army people, they
start jumping over the wall.

Hoorah. Hoorah. Hoorah.

Go! Hoorah. Hoorah.

And we're all just
standing there like,

okay, now what
the do we have to do?

Good job.

That's what I call teamwork.




It's your turn
to go over the wall.


Oh, my God.

My big ass climb over the wall?


That is... no.

That is not going to happen.

Soldiers, please.

One, two, three.

Go, go!

Careful, careful, careful.


Yes, chef.

Thank God.

Now, this morning,

you're gonna conquer
the wall as a team.

Yes, chef.

I mean, I'm looking
at this wall, and it's like,

it's still, like, 8 feet high,

and we still gotta get over it.

But there's one more thing.

Oh, what the ?

A live lobster cage.

Oh, my God.
That's mud.


I'm so stoked.
This is a physical challenge.

God, I'm ready to go all out.

Listen carefully.

Here's how it's gonna work.

I want each team

to get over that wall.

You then go into that cage

and pick up
one lobster at a time.

You've got five minutes

to get as many lobsters
as you can.

Think it's about time
that you started showing

some form of teamwork.

Yes, chef.

Your time starts now.

For this team-building exercise,

each team
will have to work together

to get their chefs over the wall
as quickly as possible

so that they can gather

as many lobsters
as they can in five minutes.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Get out!
Seven, eight.

Come on, guys.
One, two, three.

I'm looking at this wall,
saying there's no way

that I'm getting over this.

Got you.

But then we had big boy Jeremy

boosting us over.

Come on.

He was just throwing us over
like we were all rag dolls.

Come on, go, let's go,
let's go, let's go!

Three minutes to go.

Got this, guys.
15, 16.

It's really, really close.

I realize that, if we can get
just a couple more,

we could probably
beat these boys.

We're just gonna dig deep
and get it done.

16, 17.

Watch out.

Last minute!
Let's go!

Let me go, let me go!


My ankle.

My ankle rolled as soon
as I got over that wall.

Injury or not,
we gotta win this challenge.

You got this,
man, you got this.


20 seconds to go!

Oh, ! Oh!

I got you, I got you!

Seven, six... Go, go!


four, three,

two, one!



Everybody line up.

Oh, my God.
Good job.

That is what I call teamwork.

Well done!

Hell of a job.

Chef Andi, the red team's bin.

How many lobsters are in there?


Good job, girls.
Yeah, ladies!

James, in the blue team's bin,

how many lobsters are in there?


We needed this win.

We finally beat the girls.


Let's go.
Let's take a day off now.


Thanks, chef.

You won...


That's right.

You honestly thought
that was your challenge?

That was step one.

Now change
into your chef jackets upstairs,

and meet me in the kitchen.

You didn't win .

The guys may have won
the physical part,

but I know, I know that
they can't cook for .

There's no way we're gonna lose

the second part
of this challenge.

I rolled on my ankle

with my full weight
coming off that wall.


As soon as...
as soon as I hit the ground,

my ankle just went
right over it.

I-I can't put any weight
on this right now.

Oh, me to nayhill.


Where's the medic?

Praying that I didn't
seriously injure myself.

There's, you know,
not much else we can do.

You may have to go to the hospital
and get some x-rays. Yeah.

See if anything's broken.

I can't... I can't
get taken out of this.

I can't be down.

Yeah, I'm pretty scared
right now.

With their lobsters collected...

Watch out.

The chefs quickly dress
for the second part of the challenge.

Well, all of the chefs but one.

I can't get taken out of this.
I can't be down.

Dude, I can't sit here, like...

do me a favor.

I need to get
into my whites, dude.

We cannot go
three losses in a row.

Ankle be damned.
I can still cook.

This is nothing.

I can cook one-legged.

You okay?
I'm feeling good, chef.

You sure?

It's something, chef.
It's pretty swollen right now.

I admire your dedication.

Uh, red team.

Great job.
31 lobsters.

Blue team, 37 lobsters.

Now let me tell you
what the real challenge is.

The goal is to clean as many
stunning lobsters as you can.

I have never cleaned a lobster.

Let me show you.

Take off your claws.

Knife on.

Claw number one.

And extract
all of the lobster meat.

And just pull that tail out.


Tail, head.

I mean, even the legs.

I didn't even know
there was meat in the legs.

I mean, that was some
pretty substantial cleaning.

So I'm a little bit nervous.

One presented lobster,

out of its shell.


Once you've completed

the lobster on the plate,

you'll come up your side
of the pass, ring the bell.

If it's good, gets a point.

Blue team, as you know,

you captured 37.

Red team, 31.

Yes, chef.

So you have to be a little bit

more careful, right?

Yes, chef.

Both teams,
you've got ten minutes

for this challenge.

I'm from Boston, and, I mean,
lobsters are just everything.

I've been doing this
all my life.

This is like a no-brainer.

Your ten minutes starts now.

Go, girls.

I'm gonna grab the lobster.
Grab a plate.

For the second part
of a team-building challenge...

Do you wanna go there?

The chefs will pair up...

I'll do the tail and the claws?

And have ten
minutes to extract the meat

from as many lobsters
as they can.

Behind, behind.

Let's go, guys.

Come on, guys.

How we looking, ladies?


Jessica and I,
we jump on our first one.

Yes, baby.

Come on, girls!

We bang it out just like that.

Let's go.
Go, go.


Two claws, two knuckles,

six legs, one perfect tail.

Good job. Excellent.

Well done, great job.
Come on.

Oh, jeez.
Two claws, two knuckles,

one stunning tail.
Great job. Yes!

We're getting our ass kicked.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, ladies,
we're already up

two-nothing, actually.


How the
are they doing that?

we're halfway there.

They're all the way done
with number two.

Guys, come on.

The ladies have got two up.

Y'all, let's go!
Come on.

All right, we got 'em going.
Let's go.


Come on, come on, come on.

Ring that bell, let's go.

One, two, three, four, five,
six legs, one perfect.

All right, come on,
grab another one.

Let's go, guys.

Two to one.

Good job.
Great job.

I'm hearing these dings, man.

Five, six, perfect.
Good job.

And me and Jeremy don't
even have one out yet.

I'm struggling right now.

It's stuck, it's stuck.
Redo, redo.

Man, are you serious?

I'm like, we gotta get something
in the window.

Jeremy and Jon!

Yes, chef?

What are you doing?

We're going fast, chef.

We're going as fast as we can.
Come on!

Three, four, five, six.

One stunning tail.
Great job.

We start hearing the bells ring
on the blue side.

Well done.

Good job.

We like, oh, .
We better catch up.

Good job.

Two, two, two, two.

We need one big push

to send us home to paradise.

Perfect. Good job.

That's... let's have a look.
Show me.

One, two. One, two.
Perfect. Let's go.

Come on, guys.
Come on, guys.


Five, four...

Walk it, walk it, walk it!

Go, go, go!
Run, run, run, run!

Two, one.

That's out.

that's out.

Men, you've got

one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

Ladies, you've got
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9, 10, 11!

Oh, yeah.
Ladies win.


Well done.

Thank you, chef.

As your reward,
you are gonna have

the most amazing day
on a 85-foot luxury yacht.

Oh, my God!
I'm ready.

I have
a very special treat for you.

the incredible sushi master,

will be sending over

his finest creations for lunch.

After that,
I've arranged for all of you

to have
the most amazing massage.

Getting body massages

and sipping champagne
and on yachts.

I want a massage.
I need a massage.

My back hurt.

Ladies, off you go.

Well done.

Rock it out!

That's three in a row.

Three in a row.
Good job, girls.

Jon and Jeremy.

One lobster, ten minutes.

Way to go.

Way to help the team out.
Good job.

Men, you are in

for a horrific day.

Today is fish delivery day
in Hell's Kitchen.

You're gonna be preparing

hundreds of pounds

of fresh halibut and branzino.

Each fish needs
to be gutted, de-finned,

scaled, portioned.

Got it?

Yes, chef.

Double time, double time.

We're gonna be getting intimate
with this fish.


Scaling fish, gutting gish,
portioning fish.

Oh, it
stinks like a !

I smell like I just got in
a Greco-Roman wrestling match

with shamu, and I didn't win.

Man, I hate you, fish.

While the men dig
into their punishment...

Oh, it stinks.

The women...

Are digging their reward.

It's going down
on the yacht today, baby.

Oh, my gosh.

The yacht is massive,
it's gorgeous.

Total VIP.

It's just beautiful.

What was going
through your mind

being woken up
that early this morning?

I was nervous, chef.

My hoo-has
was all over the place.

I had no brassiere on.

Who was all over the place?

My hoo-has.

What are they?

Susie. Annie.

You've named your breasts?

Susie, Annie, meet chef.

Sitting there having
conversations with chef Ramsay

is absolutely incredible.

Teamwork is all about
understanding each other.

As the orders come on,

don't get confused
with what's being called out.

Two or three of you
run to the window.

Come up and find out.

He has such great advice
for us,

and he's really funny.

Will you promise me one thing?

Yes, chef.
Under no circumstances

let Jean-Philippe
get into his speedos.


Thank you, ladies.

Thanks, chef.

with chef Gordon Ramsay.

How awesome is that?

Bye, chef!

As the red team
is going full steam ahead

onto the high seas...

back at Hell's Kitchen,
the blue team...

Oh, my God, I'm starving.

Finally gets a break.

Lunch is served.

Oh, .
What is that?

Fish head soup.

Oh, my.

It's gonna be terrible.


Oh, my God.


That was not good by any means.

What the...?

What the hell
is fish head soup?

Who eats that?

Oh, every time it hits me
with the smell,

I'm gonna just upchuck.


The worst part is if I threw up,
it would look just like this.

Do you like your sushi?
My favorite.

It's so fresh.

This is so... that is...
that is really good.

We're on the California coast,

the most gorgeous day
we could ever ask for.

Oh, my God, the air.

Relaxing on a huge yacht
with a massage waiting for me.

It's unbelievable.

The red team
has complete momentum,

and I don't think
we're gonna stop anytime soon.

With the much
anticipated second dinner service

only hours away,
sous chef Andi...

It's a serious day.

Yes, chef.

And sous chef James...

You guys need
to get this stuff done today.

Are pushing for
a productive day of prep.

Let's do it.

And with dinner
service fast approaching...

Fifth gear, fifth gear,
fifth gear.

How you feeling, girls?

Good. Good?

Things are moving
smoothly in the red kitchen.

You all right over here?

Or maybe not.

What the
happened to these ones?

This look like
t-Rex chewed on it.


You know how expensive lamb is?

I don't even know what chef's
gonna say about this .

This bitch done up
three racks of lamb.

How the hell you do that?

This meat is sexy.

You gotta finesse the meat.

You gotta make love
to the meat.

Right now
you butchering the meat.


You up already.

If it come down to it,

I'ma probably throw
Danielle under the bus

and drive her over
a couple times

if she don't
get her together.

If chef... if chef
see that ,

he is gonna cuss our asses out.

While Danielle's
lamb is a total loss,

over in the blue kitchen,
one chef...


Is just lost.

You're walking around here
with your head up your .

Jeremy, he's moving in first
and second gear all the time.

And I really need him
to pick it up.

Then get it clean, man.

Let's get it...
let's get it moving.


Uh, blue team.

We're opening in 30 minutes.

Get a grip.

So we need to hurry our ass,
tidy up our stations.

It's time to move,
like, we gotta go.

I'm just waiting
for the chef to come back,

so I can do the mushrooms.

So they're not done.
Do you see what I'm doing?

That was, like... that was, like,
a half hour ago though.

I don't want nobody
to this up tonight.

I have somebody
come over in my ear saying,

"Hey, weren't you
supposed to do this?"

I'm like, "Shut up.
I'm doing it."

It's been clean
for 25 minutes.

I'm doing everything else.

Shut the up.
Focus on your .

Dinner service
may be 30 minutes away,

but already tension is running
high on the blue team.

I'm doing everything else

that everybody else
is calling out.

Focus on your .

Uh, guys, we don't have time

to be talking
about here.

Let's just
get this done.

Finish what you were doing

before you start working
on something else.

That's all I'm saying.

We just gotta get it done.

I'm gonna show my team
that I'm here to stay

because I'm just gonna...
I'm gonna bust it, I'm a hustle.

Zach, be advised, dude.

I'm gonna grab some water
and get it set for the polenta.

I'm with you, chef.

And hopefully I'll do better.

I'm right here, guys,
I'm right here.

Ladies, come over, please.

Yes, chef. Let's go.

Let's go, guys.

Line up, please.
Let's go.

Tonight I am expecting

a much better service
from the blue team,

let me tell you.

Yes, chef.

Ladies, show me our opening
night in Hell's Kitchen,

and your performance especially,
wasn't a fluke.

Yes, chef.

Bottom line for all of you,

I really should see
some great teamwork.

Yes, chef.

Let's go.

open Hell's Kitchen, please.

Let's go.

Swelling gone down?

It's gonna be all right.

It's hurting,
but we're gonna do it.

Guests are arriving.

All right,
are you feeling good?

We're gonna do good.

Once again, Hell's Kitchen

is the place to be
in Los Angeles.

Tonight, in addition to
chef Ramsay's classic dishes...

What can I get
for the young lady?

I'll have the lobster risotto.

We're gonna start off
with the pan-seared scallops.

He will also be offering...

The lobster special, please.
Lobster special.

Served tableside
by Nedra in the red kitchen

and Jeremy in the blue.

How long we steaming
the lobsters for?

Six minutes, chef.
Six minutes? Good.

As the first orders
are hitting the kitchens...

Let's go.

The pressure is now

on Mary and Danielle
on appetizers

to get the red kitchen
off to a good start.

Ladies, here we go.

On order, four covers,
table 32.

Three risotto, one scallops.

One lobster special,
one bass, two halibut.

Yes, chef.

I need two-minute warning
on scallops.

We need seven minutes
for the risotto

because there's three of them.

I'm a butcher,

but I can cook circles
around anybody.

And so I'm ready
to get in there

and show chef Ramsay that
I definitely know my flavors.

Walking to the pass
with the risotto.

Coming right up, chef.

Risotto's right here.

Behind you.

How is it?

What is that?


All of you!

All of you!
All of you!

Yes, chef?
Taste that!

Hurry up! Jessica!
Yes, chef?

I haven't got time
to piss around.

Coming through,
coming through.

I mean, what's the first thing
you taste?

White wine, chef.

Come on, Mary.
Get it together!

That's basic .

How much wine
did you put in there?

No, I put in
just a few squirts, chef.

So you have to reduce it down.

Yes, chef, yes, chef.

Get a pan on,
start the risotto.

Come on!
Yes, chef.

Just not hot enough yet.

Just give me
about ten seconds here.

In Hell's Kitchen, it's
about it being 100% spot-on,

no mistakes, no -ups,
exactly how it's supposed to be.

Let's get it going.
Let's go, let's go.

Just give me about ten seconds.

While Danielle takes
ownership of Mary's risotto,

over in the blue kitchen...

Scallops, are they ready?


Bring them then!

And Zach...

Three risotto!
Where are they?

Working now, chef, in the pan.

Are ready to impress

with their first set
of appetizers.

All this, go, that's three.

Taste that .
Don't just push it, all right?

Scallops were never cooked.

Rubber scallops!

Rubber scallops!

You having a drink?
You all right?

Little bit of lemon in there?

Hey, you , come here.

We're in the .

No, not a good start.
This is embarrassing.

Start again!

Three risotto,
one scallops.

Yes, chef!

Both kitchens...

All right, let's go, gentlemen.

Are off to a shaky start.

We're gonna
get through this, ladies.

We're gonna get through it.
Don't worry.

But with specials on order...

Lobster out, let's go!

Chef Ramsay sends Nedra
and Jeremy out to the dining room

to retrieve
the necessary lobsters.

For this table,

is, uh, Jalen Rose.

He's a massive NBA player,

Yeah, and which one
is that one?

The guy in the suit?

So please schmooze, schmooze, schmooze.
Yes. Schmooze, schmooze.

What type of lobster
would you like tonight?

I want a big one.
You want a big one.

Where's Jeremy?

It's okay, it's okay.

Are you serious?

I don't know how long
this is gonna take.

Oh, no, you don't.

You're not going anywhere.

What's he doing?

While Jeremy tries to
figure out where to go next...

Was it that table?
That table?

In the blue kitchen...

Three risotto, one scallops.

How long?

Four or five minutes long,

Well, look, his scallops
are cooked!


I didn't tell you
to fire the scallops.

Has jumped the gun.

Yes, guys.
Sorry, guys.

We've been open for 57 minutes.

There's nothing coming out.

And I don't know
what the hell is going on.

I don't know where the
teamwork's disappearing.

Christian, one portion
of scallops urgently.

Yes, chef.

I'm always confident
in the kitchen.

Knowing that I'm backing up the kitchen
is killing me in the inside.

Coming to the pass.

Chef... risotto
right behind you, chef.


Dude, you gotta sear
and flip 'em.


I am flipping 'em, guys.

I told you
I'm having a hard time.

I apologize.

Stop apologizing
and just fix it.

Do something!

They're not done.

I'd rather die, guys,

instead of serving
raw scallops on you.

I must have made scallops
a million times.

Scallops, please!

I can't believe
I'm doing this right now.

They're not done.


Oh, .
No, no, no.

This is a joke.

There's just nothing
coming out.

We are struggling.


Stop me around!

It's one hour
into dinner service,

and almost no food
has left the kitchen.

It's taking a long time, huh?


Chef... risotto
right behind you, chef.

But all the blue team needs

to complete its first order
of appetizers is...

Scallops, please!

They're not done.


This is a joke.

There's just
nothing coming out.

We are struggling.

Come on!

Where's your energy?

Okay, let's go.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

The men have finally sent out

their first appetizers.

Come on, guys, keep it up.

And the guests...

So good.
I'm enjoying it.

Are impressed.

Meanwhile in the red kitchen...

How long?

Danielle is finally ready

with her risotto.

Walking on three...
three risotto.

And the red team is hoping

their appetizers are up
to chef Ramsay's standards.

Did you taste it?

Yes, we tasted it.

Come on, Danielle.

You gotta know your .
You gotta be on it.

It's not my job to taste
everything that you're doing.

I'm walking on scallops.

Let's go
with the risotto already!

Okay, right behind you.

I'm ready with the risotto.

Too much white wine
in there again.

All of you.

Oh, my God.

Taste that.
Hurry up.


I think that tastes good.

I think it needs salt.

No one can't taste
the white wine in there again?

Have you got
a drinking problem?

No, chef.

The first thing you can taste
in there is white wine.

Yes, chef.

So you want about a tablespoon?

You have to burn off the alcohol.
Yes, chef.

I'm great at what I do,

but this is hard.

I mean,
this is harder than hard.

teach these two idiots

how to make a risotto!

Yes, chef!

Mary, are you
watching what I'm dong?

While Ja'nel
schools Mary and Danielle

in how to make
a proper risotto,

back in the blue kitchen...

Two capellini, two scallops.
How long?

The men...

Two minutes!
One order.

One order?
One order right now.

Are looking to Christian
to deliver on scallops once more.

Let's go then!

Christian, anything else
you guys need?

Anything else I can help with?

I'm fine.

My responsibility is to help out
Christian as much as I can.

Are you guys okay?

Come on, buddy.

I'm asking you
if you want my help

and y-you deny me.

All right, this is...
this is golden right here.

Let's go then.

Hot, chef.

Where's the scallops?
Come on, guys!

Capellini's up.


Chef, here you go.


Yes, chef?

He brings up scallops.


I mean, seriously?

What the hell are you doing?
Come on, pick it up, please.

Hey, you.
Come here, you.

Touch them.

Hey, you, big boy, come here, you.
Yes, chef.

You're the one that's supposed
to be supporting them.

Yes, chef.

Well, how about supporting
your gut?

Both of you sit down.

Hey, enjoy your .

I don't know how
I'm in this situation right now.

A glass of wine, please,
for the two chefs.

It was... it was his scallops.

I didn't even have anything
to do with them.



Hey, get a grip.

Scallops urgently.

Heard, chef.

While Jeremy and Christian

dine on appetizers,

well ahead
of many of their customers,

over in the red kitchen...

We're ready to sell the risotto.
The two risotto.

Thanks to Ja'nel,

Mary and Danielle are ready
to present their appetizers.

Come on, work it, ladies!

Okay, walking.


Here's the risotto.

Mary, delicious risotto.

Good job, ladies.

Yay, ladies, we're back.
We're back in action.

Good job, Mary.

Don't leave me hanging.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Stay in the zone.

It's an hour and
a half into dinner service.

Service, please.

And food is finally

leaving the kitchens
at a steady pace.

I got your
scallops right here.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

We do wish you a bon appetit.
Enjoy. Thank you.

Are you guys done eating?
Are we done?

Can we go back and help?

Yep, yes, chef.

Come on!

We are so behind.

Look at this, man, like...

Gorgeous, isn't it?
Beautiful, man.

Jon, Raymond, how long?

Lamb, we got the two bass.
The lamb's walking, chef.

The bass is right there.

They're just lagging behind
all the time!

Let's go.

Right behind,
right behind, right behind.

Bass behind you, chef.

This is a joke.
Try this .

That's awful.



All of you.

Who cooked that?

Come here, you.
All of you.

Come here.

How much more
does one need to take?

A dining room full of guests

waiting for that.

I'm so pissed at myself
right now.

And I just... I wanna punch myself
in the .

You're making me
look like a idiot.

Get out!

Leave me alone!

Leave! Get out! Get out!
Get out!

There you go.

There's your second course.


Get out!

Get the out of here!

It's 90 minutes
into dinner service

and unbelievably, no entrees
have left the blue kitchen.


How much more
does one need to take?

And chef Ramsay has
a suggestion for the blue crew.

Get out!

Get out!

Get the out of here!


They don't call it
Hell's Kitchen for no reason.

Wow, did I
get my reamed.

I promise you,
you don't wanna be here.

You don't wanna be here.

And you know what?

Right now we need to figure out

what the went wrong
with this .

While the men
ponder their predicament,

back in the kitchen...

Here we go, five covers,
table 30, two lobster special.

Two bass,
two Wellington, one lamb!

Yes, chef.

It's up to Susan and Ja'nel

on the meat station...

Put two Wellingtons in.
Got it.

To keep their
entrees moving to the pass.

How long?

Seven minutes.
Seven. Seven minutes.

I can't wait to redeem myself

for the royal screw-up that
I did with my signature dish

and the raw lamb.

I'm courageous.
I say, "Bring it on."

I know I can cook the
out of this lamb.

Ja'nel, I'm gonna
need your help. Okay.

I need to cut this meat.
You got it.

Nice and quick.
Come on, girlie. Faster.

It's hot.

Come on, Susan, trust your gut.

You know
what it should look like.


Coming, chef!
Yes, chef.

That's good. It's good, it's
good, it's good, it's good.

I'm behind you with sauce.

Chef, garnish for lamb.

Walking with Wellington.
Coming up.

Bass is ready.

Two Wellington, one lamb.
Walking with the entrees.

Behind you.

That's raw.
That's raw.

Ah, me.

Nedra, come here!
Hurry up!

Yes, chef?

All of you!

All of you!

Yes, chef.

Oh, my gosh.

What the is that?

It's raw, chef.

Who sent me raw lamb on the
signature dish? Who was that?


It's a joke for you, isn't it?

Not a joke at all, chef.

So what's that then?

It's raw lamb.

All of you, get out.

Get out!

I'm done!
Get out!

This sucks.

Leave it.

Like, we're all talented.

We're all good at what we do.

Leave it!

It shouldn't be that hard.

Get out!

I was actually

expecting tonight to be
a-a good service.

But both kitchens

were a disaster.

Tonight there's no such thing
as a winning team.

I had two pathetic,

embarrassing brigades.

And so I want each team

to do something that they
haven't done all night.


And come up with two individuals
on the blue team

and two individuals
on the red team that you think

should leave Hell's Kitchen.

Got it?

Yes, chef.

Piss off.


I'm real pissed at my team.

I can't put up
with too much of that .

I blame everybody
for tonight's disaster.

Biggest question on my mind is,

who's the next
I'm getting out of here?

Let's get to business.

We gotta put up two people.
Just vote.


All right, one for Christian.



I would say Christian

because he needed
the most help.

I mean, he froze up.

I won't lie
that I froze up, guys.

But listen,
I-I fight for myself.

I will get better
and do better.

You have to accept
when you make mistakes.

If I stay here
and get a second chance,

I'll step up, and I'll show
chef Ramsay I'm here to win.

I'm going with Jeremy.

Because when we were prepping,

he didn't have a second,
third, or fourth gear.

I'm sorry to say it,

but you didn't take
any initiative.

I agree with Mike.

Jeremy, who's the last person
to get downstairs?

Who's the last person
to get anything, dude?

You're always the last one.

Anthony gets down before you.

You've got a up foot.

There's not enough hustle.

What more
did you guys want me to do?

I don't belong
in front of Ramsay.

I asked every single station
if they needed my help.

Did you even watch me
on my service?

I lifted the whole team
off a wall.

Come on.

What us up
was appetizers.

It was appetizers.

The apps
were definitely the weakest.

Mary and Danielle
clearly held us back.

Once I got a handle
on what I was doing,

I freakin' fought back.

And none of my other dishes
came back

once I got the handle on it.

Mary, I appreciate you
owning it.

And, Danielle, I don't hear you
fighting for it.

If you wanna be here,

tell us what you think.

There were problems
in everybody's station.

The lamb came back undercooked.

Because of
the appetizer situation.

I would have had s...

like, extra time on the lamb

to know that it was rare.

I don't think
that's fair to say.

Raw is raw.
If you know raw, you know raw.

If you don't, you don't.

I am so pissed.

No, I don't wanna talk anymore.
I'm done.

I'm not going home for lamb.

W-what's our decision?
Let's go. I'm done.

if that's what sends me home,

then that's ridiculous.

Susan, why are you getting upset?
No, I'm done.

I don't wanna talk anymore.



Okay, Jon.

Yes, chef.

Blue team's first nominee
and why.

Chef, our first nominee
tonight is Jeremy.

He walks slow.

He just doesn't seem
to have the fire.

I helped my whole team get over
a wall by myself, chef.

I don't know how much more fire
they want from me.

Second nominee and why.

Chef, our second nominee
is Christian.

We feel like that was one

of the biggest failing stations

And there just seems to be
no sense of urgency.

Ja'nel, red team's
first nominee and why.

Our first nominee...

Is Danielle.

Because even though
we were struggling and having

a hard time,
there wasn't much fight there.

Second nominee and why.

We also nominated...

After a dinner
service so disastrous

that every chef
was kicked out of the kitchen,

both teams
have been asked to nominate

two chefs for elimination.

The women's
first nominee was...


Second nominee and why.

We also nominated...


She was struggling as well.


Danielle, Mary,

Jeremy, Christian,
step forward.

Mary, why should you stay

in Hell's Kitchen?

I made
a lot of mistakes tonight,

and I realize that,
but I fought back, chef.

I fought back.


still lacking in confidence.

Is it complicated here?

It's just a lot to grasp.

A lot to grasp?

You get stressed before we
even turn the gas on.


I know my stations.

I understand them.

Chef, to be honest,

I haven't even had a chance
to really cook yet.

Can you get any better?

Of course, chef.
I can always get better.


I think I brought
the whole team down,

but I have a lot more in me.

I have the heart, chef.

I'm willing to learn

and try my ass off
for you, chef.


My decision is...



Back in line, both of you.

You're kidding.


How much wine
did you put in there?

I put in
just a few squirts, chef.

So you have to reduce it down!



Yes, chef.

He brings up scallops.


The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen...

Give me your jacket, big boy.

Your time is done.

Hey, I'm a Boston guy.

I had my bill Buckner moment.

I froze at a big time,

but I didn't get
my second chance to fight,

which really pissed me off.

Chef Ramsay made a big mistake

by getting rid
of this Boston guy.

Hell's Kitchen

is all about fighting back.

Got it?

Yes, chef!

Get out of here.


Stay there.

What the is going on?

We're down two people.

We can't lose anyone else.

Chef Ramsay calls out Jeremy,

and I'm like, who cares?

I'm ready for him to go home.

Come here, you.

Next time on Hell's Kitchen...

Wake up!

Hurry up,
you dimwit, Mary!

All hell breaks loose.

It's not good enough!

And one chef
heads for the hills.

Where is Mary?

No one knows where she is

or if she's coming back.

She is screwing us royally
right now.

In the men's kitchen...

Where is it?

A simple question...

You just looked
at the lamb.

How... Move.

Leads to a fight...

yelling at me.

Of epic proportions.

bump into me again.

Don't bump me.
You ain't .

You wanna fight?
Come get it!

Get the out of here.


Next time on a law-breaking...

I don't care if I
go to jail tonight.

What the ?



Get the out
and go home!

Hell's Kitchen.