Heavenly Delusion (2023): Season 1, Episode 7 - Fumetsu kyôdan - full transcript

Maru and Kiruko find what they believe is the doctor and the Immortal Order. Instead, it is a hostile organization that is strongly opposed to the treatment that the Immortal Order provides.

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Hey, is this how you spell "Man-eaters"?


You're asking as if
the rest of the words are spelled right.


[sighs] Let me write it.


[Maru] Why can I never write
even though I can read fine?

[Kiruko] I know, right?


[Kiruko] There.

You have to put "Man-eaters"
on a new line, or it'll look bad.

How come?


[Kiruko] On my office door in Nakano,

it looked as if I killed and ate men.


Then there was actually a murder in town.

Everyone suspected me
and came storming over.

Seems to me people get blindly aggressive
about stuff they don't understand.



I messed up because I was talking!

Now it says "Man-eats."

You're making it sound like it's my fault.

[Kiruko sighs]
I'll rewrite it on the other side.

You should include the other names
so it's easy to understand. Like Hiruko.

[Kiruko] You're the only one
who calls them that!

[Maru] Mikura called them that too.





I hope someone snaps up our offer quickly.

Since they call themselves an order,

I thought once we got to the area, there'd
be a flag or sign on an obvious building.

If it's this quiet,
how are we supposed to find them?

[gasps] I got one! Maru, the net!

[Maru] Wait a sec!


What's with the mysterious face?
Thinking about something?

The King of Hotels?

Hmm? No.

There's an odd number of fish,
and they're all different sizes.

I was wondering how
we're gonna divide them up.

-What's wrong, Sis?

[groans, sighs]

You look so good when you're quiet.

But you ruin it
as soon as you open your mouth.

Wait! Let me try again.

-No, it's totally different.

[Maru] Wait, one more try!

[Kiruko] No way, you blew your chance!

Hey, there's a weird pair
at the end of the road.

They're not from that group, are they?

You should probably report it.

-[ventilator beeping]
-[knocks, door opens]

[beeping continues]

[follower] Dr. Usami.

[Usami] What is it?

A couple of people
are loitering around with a strange sign.

It says something about being able to kill
Man-eaters and monsters.

They might be roaming bodyguards.

[Usami] Bring them to me.

Hmm? Oh.

Right, of course.

-[Maru] Huh?
-[Kiruko grunts]

[chuckles] Looks like
we've made another catch.

[person] This way, please.

Watch your step.

[door opens]




[Maru] This place…

So, we have some business
with the Immortal Order.

What kind of business?

If you've come for treatment,

you shouldn't think of it
as any ordinary hospital.

I'm here to see the doctor
who offers the treatment.

He's an old acquaintance of mine.

Hmm? That's not Dr. Usami.

Maybe he's a new doctor.

[both] Huh?

Are you people
not from the Immortal Order?

[all] What? No!

[follower] What?

Where'd they go?

We lost them.

-This is a waste of time.
-Wait, don't go!

At least hear us out!

Our group is opposed to the ways
of the Immortal Order.

We are called Liviuman.

I am their leader, Mizuhashi.

We saw the sign that you made.

So we brought you here to discuss it.

Hold on a second.

First things first, we basically have
no idea what the Immortal Order is.

Are they running
some kind of free hospital?

It may look like a hospital,

but, please, take a look.


It must have been about a year ago.

I had an injury and went to
the Order for treatment.

But, in the end, they restrained me
and amputated my leg.

Then they attached this metal leg.

We thought it was one
of Dr. Usami's human experiments.

[Mizuhashi] Even now, people come from
all over to have their injuries cured.

But, instead, they are
subjected to the work of the devil,

and their body parts
are replaced with machines.

That's what the Immortal Order is.

But since it's called an order,
they must have followers

and people who don't complain
about the treatments, right?

Even before the Collapse,

machines were used to replace
body parts that had deteriorated.

This led to the idea that the brain,
or its memory data,

could be transplanted into a robot's body,
thus transcending mortality itself.

From an ethical viewpoint,

it wasn't possible to actually
carry out anything that radical.

But now we live in a lawless world.

If there are doctors
willing to take their research that far,

then there are probably people
who would happily become machines.

[Mizuhashi] I bet you're thinking,

"Why not let those
who want to be involved get on with it?"

[Maru grunts]

Or, "Isn't it your fault for going there
without knowing what you were in for?"

[Kiruko grunts]

I suppose that's what you think.

-[member grunts]
-[stutters] It's not that…

I understand.

You're probably wondering why
I speak out against their ways.

But I have seen it.

The repulsive reality.

[ventilator beeping]

[Mizuhashi] Oh.

[door closes]


Behind a curtain,

I saw a body completely chopped to pieces,

hacked up to a point
that ought to be beyond survival.

A human being kept alive
by an impossible number of machines.

When it noticed my presence,

it spoke to me.

-[robotic voice] Let…

Let me die.

[member] Even more shockingly,

that mass of machines, which has trampled
on any remaining human dignity,

appears to be
an object of worship for them.

So we decided to do something about it.

[member] Dr. Usami has gained followers

from the knowledge he has acquired
with his inhumane acts.

It's possible that in this era,

their way of doing things
will become the dominant one.

So this guy isn't Dr. Usami?

That's not him.

Usami is younger.


We heard that the Immortal Order

are transplanting parts of the Man-eaters
onto human bodies.

[all] What?

Really? So that's what they're doing.

That's connected to
what I wanted to discuss with you.

It seems that the Immortal Order

is keeping a Man-eater in the basement
of their building.

[Maru] What are we going to do, Sis?
Shall we do it?

Let's do it.

They said they'd pay us.

If a Man-eater can be killed, we kill it.

People are going to get eaten if we don't.

That much is certain.

If you say so, then I will, but…

But what?

[Maru] You're not as coolheaded as usual.

You're turning into Haruki again.

What's that supposed to mean?

I've always been Haruki in my head.

I am coolheaded.



[Maru breathing shakily]

She was naked.

No, no, stop it.

From Sis's point of view,

it's possible the doctor we're chasing
is part of the Immortal Order,

which might bring us closer to the reason
why the woman she loved died.

No wonder it's hard to keep cool.

But something doesn't feel right.
What is it?

I need to figure it out.

[Maru strains]

Perfect. Being squished so close,
I can only think of irrelevant stuff.

[Mizuhashi] As many of you already know,

this morning
another large building collapsed.

Day by day, the civilization that we knew
is returning to the earth.

It is useless to us now.

Those of us who remain don't have
the power to rebuild what is left.

What did machines bring to humanity?

Tanks! Bombs!

Fighter planes!

What did we get in return for this poison?
Electricity! Convenience!

What we are left with, as a result,
is an endless winter

and a mountain of debris
just rotting away.


[Mizuhashi] This kind of thing

is not needed!

[crowd exclaims]

-Our leader!
-Ms. Mizuhashi!

Are you okay?

We don't need machines.

We don't need machines!

[crowd] No machines!


[shouting continues]

It's getting really crazy out there.

All we can do right now
is rant and rave outside their building.

But if we get rid of that monster,
we can have a discussion on equal terms.

A discussion, huh?

They could release that monster anytime.
While they have that secret weapon,

the Order is not going to listen to us.

Well, we're only being paid to kill it.

After that, you can do what you like.

[member] Fine. So, as for today's plans…


Stop human experiments!


[member] Now, they're demonstrating
against human experimentation

outside the Immortal Order's building.

But it's a diversion.

We'll use it to get you to the basement
through another entrance.

[Kiruko] There's no guard?

[member] The guard to the basement
is one of our own.

I've heard the plan.

We're counting on you.

[Kiruko grunts]

[Kiruko] Huh?

-[door closes]
-[Maru] It's so bright.

[Kiruko] The lights are on.

They must have
some serious power generators.

All that talk of life-support systems
is starting to sound more credible.

But it's weird, isn't it?

There's no sign of a Man-eater here.
Not a single sound.


I've had a weird feeling for a while.

I think I just got what it is.

It feels like we're being set up.
Just like when we went to find the water.

What if there are no Hiruko here?

If there were Hiruko in this basement,

then why would that old guy
who wanted a transplant

go to all that trouble
looking for Hiruko parts?

[Kiruko] No, but…

No, wait.

What you're saying makes sense,

but that guy probably
has never been to the Immortal Order.

It's pretty likely
he was on a wild chase after some rumor.

If they just wanted to lock us up in here,
that plan seems way over-the-top.

Why would they do all this?

To use us for experiments!

If we don't escape, they'll chop us up
and keep us alive like that forever!


[Kiruko] They could use
a gas heavier than air to put us to sleep.

Is that why we're in the basement?

This is way too risky, Sis.
Let's get outta here!


What is that?

Is it a dormant Man-eater?

Yeah, it's a Hiruko.


Crushed it.


It's weird that I'm glad
there was a Man-eater here,

but looks like
you were worried about nothing.


Wha-- Sis!

Isn't that one down there too?

Another? What the hell?

I thought there was only one.

There could be more.
We need to cover every corner.

The fact that they're not moving

is actually more annoying.


Got you.

Is this guy the big boss?


Did those little ones
multiply from this guy?

But why are they frozen stiff?

[Kiruko] When a Man-eater
is on the verge of death,

it enters a state of suspended animation.

They survive by playing dead.

These ones probably haven't had any food
since being trapped down here.

Right. Food…

And now that two humans have shown up,

I guess they'll start to wake up?






There's a little one that's moving!

I don't know if I got it.

Where'd you go?

[breathing heavily]

-[chittering, thrumming]


They've got quick moves. Watch out!


[Kiruko] No way.

They're slipping through the walls.

[shouts, grunts]

Damn it, get off!

Maru, run!


[strains, gasps]


Go to hell!




[Kiruko] This can't be happening.

Die! [breathing heavily]

-[gun clicking]
-Just die already!

Let me go!




[Kiruko breathing heavily]


Help me, Robin!


[Kiruko sighs] It's over.

I can't…



[both strain]



You're okay.

There's nothing here. Nothing happened!

Was I dreaming?

That's impossible.
Did it make me hallucinate?

Thank God. You're back to reality.

I don't know what I'd have done
if you'd stayed like that.

You just started shooting at nothing
and flailing violently out of nowhere.

Just rest like that for a bit.

I'll deal with the rest of the Hiruko.

Hey, Sis?

I guess you wanted Robin to save you.



Sorry, I thought they'd already got you.

[Maru] Damn it.

What kind of guy says something so stupid?

[Kiruko] Why exactly
should I be apologizing?

[thrums, sizzles]


[Maru] I think that's all of them.

Are you feeling better, Sis?


[Maru] When you were staring
at that huge Hiruko,

it must have hypnotized you.
I'm sure of it.

That's why I told you
you weren't as coolheaded as usual.

[sighs] Aha.

I'll try and focus more.


[Kiruko] As if you're trying
to sneak another one in!

-Are you stupid?

-[footsteps approaching]
-[Kiruko] Oh.

-Someone's coming.

Is it dead?



This guy's clearly bad news.

[gun cocks]

There's someone else I want you to kill.

Someone I want you to help.


If we can.

I mean, it depends on what you're asking.

Aren't you from the Immortal Order?

I don't remember
ever referring to it that way,

but I've heard it called that before.


So, is Dr. Usami here? We want to see him.


That's me.