Heavenly Delusion (2023): Season 1, Episode 6 - 100% anzen mizu - full transcript

Maru and Kiruko are on the hunt for the Immortal Order. On the way, they stay at a hotel run by a girl named Totori. Dumping their bags and searching for safe drinking water, they stumble upon a badly injured man.

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Oh, this place.

If you go a little past
that elevated track,

there's an underground entrance.

Water gets collected over there.

Thanks for the help.

Hey, do you need a place to sleep?


I have clean rooms
and aired-out futons, you know.

Sorry, but we're just passing through.

I see.


it'd be good to leave our bags
while we get water.

Since the water will be heavy.

You did that just to give her money.

You're too nice.
What if she steals everything?

We don't have anything worth stealing.

She even told us to take our money
and valuables with us.

Let's trust her.



Isn't this it? The underground entrance.


It's water.

But isn't it just collecting here?

It doesn't look very clean.


Someone's collapsed over there!

Maru! Don't jump
recklessly into the water!

That looks really bad.

Is he still alive?

My buddy…

Help my buddy.

It was a monster.

My buddy…


-That guy's a goner.


It worked.

It took an extra shot, but…

Look. It's out cold.

Once you know it's gonna chase you,
it's easy to come up with a plan.

Your quick thinking is really amazing.

Hurry up and kill it, Maru.

Oh, right.

All right.

Fatal Dive!

Fatal Dive! Fatal Dive!
Fatal Dive! Fatal Dive!


It's not a Hiruko! It's a wild animal!

What? No way!

Over there, Maru!

Sis, wait!

Here. Hurry up!


Climb up!

Good thing I managed to get up here.

It's a bear! A bear!

Can you imagine how that felt, Sis?

Just when I was thinking,

"Huh? It's not going in. That's weird."

I met the bear's eyes from this distance!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

That guy said it was a monster!

Don't blame it on someone else!

That bear basically is a monster!

But it's a good thing it's a bear.
It can't climb up.

We'd be done for if it was a gorilla.

Not good.

It's getting cold.

Wait. Where did the bear go?

It kept walking around, but it's gone now.

Let's take the chance to get away.

If the fourth bullet fires,
I've got one shot left.

Will it shoot?

I'll warm up the battery.


What? "Uh-oh"?

Three choices.

One. I dropped the battery.

Two. Well--

That is--

What are you doing?

Geez, it really fell.

-Go get it.
-Stop joking.

What if the bear is still around?


Do you see me as a woman? Or a man?

What? What's with that question?

Well, you look like a woman, so--

I guess that's probably
not what you want to hear, but…


I'll let you touch my boobs
if you get it--

He jumped!

That idiot!


There it is!

It was hiding and waiting
for us to come down.

It's definitely targeting us.

We can wait it out forever up here

or get down and shoot it
when it's in range.

Damn it.


I managed to climb up
from the adrenaline rush,

but I can't climb down from here.

-No, see.

It's not normal to be as tough as you.

Normal people can't handle this height!

So Maru,

this time, go down with the Kiru-Beam
and kill the bear.

Then I'll use the dead bear as a cushion
and get down.

As long as it's not a Man-eater,
all you need is one shot to the head.

Let me tell you one thing, Sis.

Even if you give me the gun,
I can't shoot as accurately as you.

Am I that good of a shot?

Yeah, you're really good.

Normally, you can't shoot a power pole
while climbing a fence

or aim for the enemy's arm while running.

Am I helpful?

Of course you are.

I would've died five times already
without you.


I'm help--

I want to be helpful to Robin.

I'm not playing around!
I told you not to come. It's dangerous!

I'll drive it away.

I know I can do it.


Let's make a new plan.

First, wait for the bear to get far away
while warming up our bodies.

And once it's far away?

Maru, you use that chance to get down.

I'll come down as soon as I hear you land.

Then you run as fast as you can
after catching me.

What about you?
What if the fourth shot doesn't fire?

If that happens…

I'll hold it off until you get away.

Why didn't you get away?

You actually thought
I'd run away alone? That hurts.

And it was a flaw in your plan.

I was confident
the fourth shot would fire.


The battery was charged
with your horny energy!

What the hell? Stop that!


Iwata! Hang in there! Iwata!

-Shimomoto didn't make it.


What about the people who saved Iwata?

They said their names weren't worth it
and left like the wind.

For real?

Who were they? The bear's head
was completely blown away.


-I wanted to meet them.

To think there'd be a bear around here--

It's so nice animals aren't like Hiruko.

Their carcasses don't disappear
and we can eat them.

I'll tell you how we got tricked,
so you can keep it in mind.

We got tricked?

The vigilantes in the tent city
were also bandits.

We were completely lured
into their hunting grounds.


100% safe water.

I'm sure their plan was to block

the underground entrance
once we got close.

That map-seller must've been in on it too.

Then we can't trust anything on the map.

It might not all be fake.

That's enough regretting. Let's sleep.

We're stuck here anyway.

What's wrong?

She gave us two rooms, so let's sleep
comfortably on our own.

Did you forget something?

Did you forget about your promise, Sis?

I risked my life, you know.

Let me touch your boobs.


My sister's hair was originally
black and straight.

It seems your hair can change

after undergoing surgery
for a major injury.

That's probably why I started growing
this red, dry hair.

But I think it's a curse from my sister.

Saying "Don't mess with my body!"

I see.

Now take off your jacket.

You sure?
Touching my boobs means this, you know.

If you still say it doesn't matter,
then I'll keep my promise.

Because it's a promise between men!

Wai-- Rules! Let's set some rules.

Like how many sec--

That sounded just like a girl.

Hey, you two.



This is not the place for doing that!

-You, come this way.


how about me?

Eight hundred thousand.

Or that solar-powered light!

That will be enough.

So you did go through our stuff.

I didn't take anything,
so what's the problem?

So how about it?

Should I keep the bandana on?

Call me Totori. I don't know my last name.

Hey, I'm good.

Do you know what "no, thank you" means?

I prefer older girls--


Sis! Get over here!

What're you doing?

Don't move.


What's wrong, Maru?

-I got in!
-Ouch! It hurts!

What went in where?

What did you do?


After realizing
the difficulties of having to explain

the various misunderstandings
of this situation,

all Maru could see was
the dark depths of his despair.

There are no signs of an illness.

Really? What a relief.

You show signs of fatigue.
Please take a nap here.

Who's there?



What are you good at, Tokio?

What do you mean?

It disappeared.

What? My leg is--

Doctor! Doctor!

A dream?

How are you feeling?

I'm fine.


We are really sorry!

My heaven is right here.

I will take full responsibility.
Please forgive me.

Well, I don't mind
if we continue chatting like this.

But you look so pitiful,
so let's stop here.

You didn't do anything wrong.
I was the one who came on to you.

Thank you!


Even if you ask me what I am,
I'm just your average orphan.

I can only remember being raised
by those vigilantes.

So you were born after the Great Disaster,
and raised as an orphan?

But your parents could be alive somewhere.

It's not like I want to look for them.
Or meet them.

I've realized something.

Anything that feels good makes money.

I'll earn money by getting
more clean rooms and futons.

I'll have sex with the customers I like,

and become the King of Hotels!

I don't get why I can enter a human.

But good thing I cleared up
that misunderstanding.

I thought the only way
I was gonna get you to believe me,

was by killing her with the Maru-Touch.

Oh, yeah?
Wasn't it the Whatchamacallit Dive?

Forget that ever happened!

I knew it was bad the second I said it.

I remember now. Fatal Dive.

I told you to forget it!


Well, see ya.

The futon was really comfortable.

What's up? You don't look too good.

What happened to all that energy
from last night?

They said the Boss didn't make it.

He died early in the morning.

Even though you saved him.

He was so tough.
I didn't think he would die.

He was a good boss. So kind to us.

Well, dying is a part of life.

Want to join us?


Then be the King of Hotels.

Even a guy like that
was important to somebody.

If I was born and raised in this area,

I might've been one of his guys.

You look better today.

I was worried about something,
but it's all better now.

That's good.




I found it. This is it.

The footprint in this room is…


But how? Without anyone noticing?

I saw Asura's ghost today.


But it might have been a dream.

You liked Asura, right?


But it's different to my love for you.

You know that, right?


Translated by Annie Chen