Heavenly Delusion (2023): Season 1, Episode 5 - Omukae no hi - full transcript

Maru and Kiruko return to Tokyo to find a neighborhood crowded with tents. When Maru goes off to a game center, Kiruko is left to gather information for herself, and hears a scary rumor.

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[crowd chattering]

[child laughs]

-[mother] Okay.



Get your newspapers!


We can take two more resource collectors!

Let me join, will ya?


Oh! GAGA by Peat Moth.

You found a rare one.

If it still plays, it's worth 400,000.

[gasps] No way!


-Oh, man! I really wanted to hear it!


[video game music playing]

Sis still isn't done yet?


[video game music playing]


-[chuckles] What have we here?
-[thugs laugh]

Crocodile Quest, right?

Why are you only using two people,
when you could use four?

-[thug laughs]
-Not from around here, are ya?

If you're gonna play here,
you better speak when spoken to.


Ever had a girl you like
turn out to be a guy? Can you imagine?

-Can't say I've come across that--

What's that got to do with anything?

Don't just say "Hi." Insolent brat!


[grunts, groans]



Wasn't one whack enough?

[thug] What was the kick for? Say sorry!

Guess you're right.


-[blow lands]
-[Maru grunts, coughs]


Take it outside, will you?
You're tearing the place up.

[groans] Ouch.

Oops, look at you now.

Why are you looking away
in the middle of fight?

[thug 2] Is he stupid or what? Moron.

[thugs laughing]

[Maru laughs]

[thugs grunting, screaming]

Wait, stop.

You brat!

-What the hell is this guy?
-[blows landing]


[thug 3 screams]

[Kiruko grunts]

-Are you okay, Maru?

Whoa, why did you bulldoze in
with no clue what's going on?

What if it was my fault?

We've been hanging out for ages.

I think I'd know if you were the type
who looks for fights.

And anyway,
who knows if he was about to call backup.

If you attack, you've got to get them all.

-Guess so.
-It's not just "guess so."

Wait, your tooth!

-Your tooth broke off.
-[Maru grunts]

Hey, let me see.

It'll grow back.

It won't grow back. It's an adult tooth!

Let's get out of here.

Let's get further away
then sleep somewhere.



[Maru] I was born the same year
as the Great Disaster, apparently.

The first memories I have
are from three or four years old.

I lived in a spacious room
with other kids about my age.

I was cold and hungry,

but there were adults to take care of me,
so it wasn't so bad.

I think I was about seven
when the place closed down, I guess.

The adults took us all
to different locations.

There were others like me,

without any relatives, I suppose.

We were all put in a separate group

and somehow
survived on scraps for three years.

The adult who led our group
was killed over some sort of turf war.

We went with the killer

and became part of their gang.

I was still working with them
until recently.

Then Mikura turned up and took me in.

She was the one who taught me
how to kill Hiruko.


Did you think of Mikura as a woman?


Not really.

She was just the next person
I had to listen to.


[Kiruko] You don't fall in love easily,

[Maru] What are you talking about?

Anyway, whenever she looked at me,
she always had this coldness in her eyes.

She didn't really treat me like a human.

Can't you at least remember
where the town is, or the name of it?

Until I started traveling with Mikura,

I didn't know how big Japan was.

I didn't even have any idea
where I was in Japan.

My life has basically consisted
of nothing but following adults around.

Don't be dramatic.

Especially if you're not offering
any new information.

I've told you the story a thousand times.
What did you expect?

Not the point.
If you tell it over and over,

you might remember something,
or notice something.

I read that somewhere.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of books,
have you seen the next room?

There are so many books! Let's sell them.

I packed as many novels and comics
as I could while you were sleeping.

I'm going to burn any books
that seem useful after I've read them.

Knowledge has more value
if you keep it to yourself.

[Maru] Oh, got it.


Oh, that's a newspaper from the town.

Why don't you read it while waiting?

Aren't we going shopping together?

Your face will get us busted.

We'll be in a total mess
if the guys from yesterday recognize you.



It's fine!

It's a bit swollen, but it's not busted.


Oh, boy.

Try to understand, okay?

I'm not saying your face is busted.

I'm saying your face will get us busted.

So, if Mikura taught you everything,

does that mean she has the Maru-Touch too?

No, she said only I could do it.

And that's why I need to go to Heaven.

By the way, the poster at your office
said you could kill Man-eaters.

That was just advertising.


Where'd he disappear to?
The stupid kid with the disheveled hair.

That brat doesn't bother me.

We should be focusing
on the Ministry of Reconstruction.

[thug] You think they're nearby?

[thug 2] No idea.
That rumor is always flying about.

[Kiruko] Ministry of Reconstruction.

That rumor is still being passed around?

[Robin] There's a group abducting people
with the right skills and expertise

to get civilization back to how it was.

-Are they going to come to Asakusa?


It's just a rumor, but they might.

Sis said that's just a fantasy
that old people believe.

That's an alternative explanation.

Wait a sec.

Does this have something to do
with all those disappearances?

Well, you guys have pretty special skills
fixing all those electro-karts.

Better to act stupid
if someone you don't know comes along.

How would you act stupid? Ran?


Oh, you're good at it.

I didn't do anything yet!



We've searched all over the place
and he's not here. Must have left.

But what if he's still here?

We'll just grab him.

Iwata said he wants another round.
One on one.

You wouldn't say that
if you were there yesterday.

There were eight of us
and he completely destroyed us.

He's like an explosive.

No way I want a second round.


My little Maru is strong, huh?

My Maru?

Why am I proud of him?

I'm just his bodyguard.

Once he finds what he's looking for,
I'll be alone again.




Hey, Maru.


[wind blowing]


Ma-- Maru!




Where is he?

-[Kiruko gasps]
-Be quiet!

Why are you yelling like that?

-I was hiding like I'm meant to be.

What were you doing in the next room?

What? I was just…

I was looking to see
if there are any useful books in there.

[groans] Hey, wait!
There's nothing to see.


[Kiruko] I get it.

You were just using those porno magazines.

[Maru] Using? I was just look--

Wait, I wasn't looking either!

Sis! What happened?

You seem weird.

I never thought I would panic like that.

I got back and you weren't here.
Please don't do that again.

I told you before.

I might not always
be exactly where you left me.

[Kiruko crying]

Sorry, I was wrong.

I think?

When I was telling you
about my upbringing,

I was wondering
whether yours had been even worse.

[Kiruko] Hey.

I-- I can feel something hard.


You can't blame me!
I was already halfway--

Wait, I wasn't halfway anywhere,
but even so!

[Maru] I was reading something
in the newspaper.

Before the Great Disaster,
humans made robots to make life easier.

But they started to get nervous
that the robots were monitoring them.

[Kiruko laughs]

[Maru] But the truth is,

humans had too much spare time
and ended up monitoring each other.

They started to push their own rules
onto each other,

and slaughtered one another
until everything perished.

[Kiruko] That's the War Collapse Theory.

Sounds made-up to me.

It's too much like an old fable.

The story just means that life before
wasn't just like Heaven.

Besides, if Heaven existed
before the Great Disaster,

I'd have to go into the past,
which is impossible.

But everyone who knows about life before
wants to go back.

What if, somewhere out there,
civilization has already been restored?

[computer beeping]



Is that…

a footprint?

Why would there be a footprint here?

[folk music playing]

[bells jingle]

What are you doing?

If Tarao hears some fun sounds,
he might wake up.

[Taka groans]

And over there?

When Tarao was well,
apparently he could pick up that rock.

He didn't just pick it up.

He could throw it all the way over there.

Tarao was really strong.

[Taka] I can do it too!

[folk music ends]

[rhythmic beeping]

[steady beep]

[doctor] Ten'ei 17, October 16th,
11:34 p.m.

I'm so sorry.


[robot teacher] Good morning, everyone.

Once dressed please come to the square
before going to breakfast.

Tarao passed away last night.




[Kuku crying]

Did Asura have the same disease?




Maybe, yes.

Mina, may we cremate Tarao's body?

[Mina] Yes, we've already taken
the samples we need.

It's desperately sad.

This is the second death
among the children.

No one could have predicted
Asura's suicide.

-That's not true.

Asura was born into a body
that could not bear its own mind.


[Director] We are the ones responsible
for Asura's death.

Too many cruel ideas
were forced upon Asura.

Asura's birth itself was a sin.

Put Tarao's grave next to Asura's.

Was Tarao's illness a strange one? Or…

If an illness developed within a body
built with immunity to everything,

then it's possible that all the children
could fall ill.

[Director] Then we have a big problem!

The Day of Fate is the only thing
that can't be changed.

Until then,
figure out what it is and how to cure it!



[Tokio] Me too?

Am I sick too?

[Kiruko] What do you think?

I sold all the books in my backpack
and bought this map.

That's the value of information.

Yeah, right.

"Water safety level, 50%."

What are these numbers based on?

The guy at the map store said it's
based on taste and how clear it looks.

That's subjective, isn't it?

"Water safety level, 100%."


A place where the water is
100% safe would be Heaven, right?

That's subjective.

-I guess we could stop by, though.
-[footsteps approaching]


Quiet! I hear footsteps.

Someone's in the building.


-[both gasp]

They're coming straight for us.

Do you think that gang has found us?

Sounds like just one guy.
We can probably handle it if we need to.

What are you gonna do if he's mega strong?

[stranger] I know you're in there!

I was on the ship with you. Let me in.

I spotted you in the tent city
and followed you here.

I'll get straight to the point.

Will you protect me?

Well, if we're heading the same way,
I'll think about it.

I'm not going too far.

Just to the Immortal Order.

-Immortal Order?
-What's that?

Well, at least, that's what it's called.

But maybe it has a different name.

I heard there is a doctor
who can keep you alive forever.

A doctor. A doctor?

The doctor, is it this man?

Wait. I haven't been there, or met him.

Where is it?


If you don't tell me,
I won't be your bodyguard.

I can't take on the job
if you don't trust me.

I've trusted you since
I saw what you did on the ship.

I need you to protect me
and the contents of this bag.

Those things that appeared
after the Great Disaster,

like that indestructible monstrosity
that attacked the ship--

If you transplant part of a monster
onto a human,

they become extremely powerful
and have immortal life.

Had you heard that before?

Don't tell me that bag you're carrying…


Don't take it from me.

Don't dare take it.

[both groan]

Isn't it rotting? It's all sloppy.

Huh? What? [gasps]

It wasn't like this
before I got on the ship.

Don't chuck it everywhere!

[stranger whimpers]


After I finally got my hands on it.


Hey, pops.

Where is this Indestructible Order,
or whatever?

Wasn't it the Immortal Order?

[stranger cries]

I'll buy the information from you.

You can use the money
to find more Man-eater parts.

[stranger cries]

Let's get some of that 100% safe water,
then off to the Immortal Order.

Sorry, it's a bit of a detour.

Doesn't matter to me.

There's a chance the Immortal Order
could be where Heaven is too.

But, there's something a bit dodgy
about the location.

On the map, it just says "strange people."


Director! It's urgent!

Why are you crashing about like that?

Tarao has been cremated, but--

Deal with the rest yourself.

But you need to see this!

What on earth is going on?

[Director gasps]


[Director] What is it?