Heavenly Delusion (2023): Season 1, Episode 2 - Futari no kokuhaku - full transcript

At a strange inn, Maru and Kiruko sink into a drowsy slumber. They awaken to something monstrous under the faint light of the moon. At the nursery, Tokio becomes more suspicious of the world around him. Meanwhile, Shiro receives an unexpected message.

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Of course there's an outside beyond here.

We don't know what happens
behind the teachers' doors,

or where our food comes from,
or what's inside the vents.

All these gaps
make me think of an "outside."

Why would Mimihime want to go outside?

Do you like Mimihime?

Well, yeah.

I see.

Are you okay?

I'm going back to my room.

-I'll come with you.
-It's okay.

Don't worry. I'll use the auto-drive.


Kuku, that drawing!

Kona gave it to me. Isn't it nice?

Give it here.

Why? He gave it to me.

Kona promised to give it to me.

No fair! You get them all!

I like Kona's drawings, too.
Why can't I get one?

-You're right.

Sorry, Kuku.

Hey! What's that for?

Why did you give it to Kuku?

You promised me.

I'll draw the next one for you.


I like the things you imagine.

Geez. Tokio is such a crybaby.

Just because Kuku got that drawing.


A message from Mimihime?

So sweaty.

Wake up, Maru. It's the Man-eater, Hiruko!

No good. It's locked.

I'll go out through the bathroom.

Wake up.

She fed us some sort of drug
to put us to sleep.

You two! It's dangerous. Get back inside!

I told you we can kill it.

The Kiru-Beam?

Fully charged.



I'm okay. Just tripped.

What was that?

Maru, try throwing something.


An ultrasonic blast?

No, I see something flickering.

That's not the sound of its voice.

That's the sound of its whip things!

There are three whips on each arm.

I can't get close unless we destroy them.

Three? Gotta get the wings, too.

Are there enough bullets?

No, three and three makes six.

I know that.


Where is it?

This way!


I hit an arm and a wing!

What a sniper.

The gun's range
is a bit longer than the whips.

If I can get a bit closer,
I can hit the other arm.

Then you can go after it, Maru.

-Here goes.

You'll lose an arm if you get too close.
Be careful.

I was trying not to think about that…


The manager?

Run! Get away!

Stop! That's my son.

So your son was eaten by that thing.

No. Yuto went inside it,
and it became Yuto!

You drugged us to protect the Man-eater.

I was almost eaten by one, so I know…

It cuts up its prey and absorbs them.

But I'm sorry, I don't think those
who are eaten take over its body.

But that is Yuto!

He protects me.

He even rescued me when I was attacked.

Fine. I get it.


I'm out of shots.

If it's not a threat,
there's no reason to kill it.


They understand.

I'm safe.

They can communicate?


Damn it!

Did you see?

The whip only swings in one direction.

So there's a pause between attacks.

How can you think like that?
Someone just died!

If I don't, we won't survive.


I'll kill it.

I got in!

Why didn't Hiruko attack
the manager until yesterday?

Maybe it was her son's consciousness,

or it instinctively kept her alive.

Since its prey gathers around this place…

Maybe she fed the guests to her son…

Let's stop.

The truth can stay hidden.

We already have enough on our hands.

Looking for "Heaven."

Oh, the batteries. Want to take them?

Didn't you give them to the manager?

Hey, stop that!

Sis, have you ever ridden a moving train?

I was three during the Great Disaster.

I wouldn't remember even if I had.


If you're 20, then you were five--


Is that water safe?

It's okay, I'm just rinsing my mouth.

Plus, it doesn't taste weird.

It's such a nice day.

Perfect for sailing.



Let's go down.

It's shakier than I thought!

Get on gently!

Step like a feather.

That's impossible!

All right!

It's floating somehow.

If those old guys were telling the truth,
Tomato Heaven is right in front of us.

Kind of late to ask, but there aren't
any sharks or crocodiles, right?

-Don't know.

The only thing I can kill is Hiruko!

You gotta do something if a croc shows up.

I-- I'll think of something
before you get eaten up.

You can't let it bite me.
You're the bodyguard!

If I was a crocodile, I'd eat you first.

Row! Go all out!

It's not that far.

Just keep praying
that a carnivore doesn't show up!


It's okay. I'll go get it.

The teachers-only door.

Is the outside behind it?

The ball went over there…

Go ahead and take it.

There it is.

Okay, stick there.

Are you really going to do it?
It's dangerous!

I'm going to test how strong this is.

They'll get mad if you break it.

I said it'll be fine.

Now, I'll begin the great experiment!



It's going so high.

At this rate, it'll go all the way up.

Whoa! Hold--


Why is Shiro the one bleeding?

What's wrong?

I get the feeling
something else is going to fall.

If this is "Heaven,"
then my job ends here.


But you don't know where "Heaven" is,
or what you'll do when you get there.


So my job doesn't end
until you're satisfied with the results.

I'll do everything I can,
so don't keep any secrets from me.

I'm not hiding anything, but…


There's a needle and a drug
inside this cylinder.

There's a guy with the same face as me
out there somewhere.

I was told to inject him with this drug
when I find him.

I believe that the person I'm looking for,
is in this place called "Heaven."

And after the shot?

Don't know. He'll get better?

Anyway, I was told it would help everyone.

I don't know anything else.

Did she tell you anything?

You were the last one to see Mikura.

Pull it down.

Protect Maru with this.

I will. Where should I take him?


She only told me to take you to "Heaven."

What're you guys doing?


You don't look like bandits.

Are you locals?

No, we walked all the way from Tokyo.

And you found us?

Someone told us about this place.

It's like "Heaven."

So you came here on purpose.

You want to join us?

You see, this kid is--

Let's take them to the Leader.

This way. Come on in.


If you're from Tokyo,
then you climbed down the big fault?

Oh, that huge cliff?

It was so tiring.
We made a raft and crossed over.

That's dangerous!

Saltwater crocs swim in those waters.


There were crocs. Crocs!

You weren't eaten so don't think about it.

I'm Kusakabe, the leader of this village.

This is my wife, Momoko.

As you see, we're just a rag-tag bunch.

We tried to cling to the past,
and dreamt of reviving our society,

but many people grew tired
of such futile hopes.

So we chose a simple life,
living off the fruits of the earth.

It was just my father and a few farmers,

but we soon became this large family.

Wow. That's awesome.

I heard this is "Tomato Heaven,"
is that right?

It used to be full of tomatoes.

Now we can grow all kinds of local crops.

Tomato Heaven is such a nice place.

A farm this size is amazing,
but something feels off.

They are nice enough to feed us, though.

Well, if you think so, Sis.

Make your own opinions.

Since no one's reacting to your face,
I guess that look-alike guy isn't here.

Right, that's one way to find out.

As if, did you not realize that
this entire time?

That face!

You're Kiriko Takehaya!

The electro-kart racer!

No, you got it wrong.

I was a huge fan.
Look, I still have your photo.

How long since you disappeared?

Five years? I was so worried.

There were rumors that you lost it
after killing your brother in a race.


She doesn't look--

They might look alike, but that's not her.

-I said you got the wrong person!

So sorry.


I just…

This! Sis, doesn't this look familiar?

Maybe, maybe not…

I got it! It's here!

Don't go around groping someone's leg.

No, this.

Where did you get this box?

Not sure.

We're always taking vegetables
and stuff to Tokyo on the ship.

Boxes like this can come from anywhere.

You can get to Tokyo by ship?


If we look into this logo,
won't we find a connection to you, Maru?

At least, we'll find out what it is.

By the way, do you know
of a place called "Heaven"?

-Right here.
-Other than here!

Asakusa during Kiriko Takehaya's era.

Thanks a lot.

That helps.

If we don't get any more information,
let's get on the ship back to Tokyo.


Japan is much bigger than I thought.

We'll never find "Heaven" this way.

It's a waste to go back,

but if we investigate your background,
I think we'll get to Heaven faster.

Found some potatoes! Want one?

They won't know if one is missing.

What's wrong?
You don't look good. Seasick?

Forget about Heaven.

We won't find it.

I want to live on the farm with you.

Not me.

Farming all day and getting high at night…

What nature? It's just a bunch of idiots.

That's not what I mean.

I could help you with your job.

I-- I like you, Sis!


Hey! Confessing in such a place
doesn't do either of us any good.

I'm serious!

Give me a serious answer.

Wait, stop! Get off!

Forcing is--

I'm so, so, sorry.

It's okay. Thanks, though.

Hey, I'm going to tell you something.
So listen.

It might be crazy, but I'm being serious,
so I want you to understand.

My body is a woman's,

but in here, my mind is a man's.

So… I'm a man.