Heavenly Delusion (2023): Season 1, Episode 1 - Tengoku to jigoku - full transcript

Japan has collapsed after the Great Disaster. Kiruko accepts a request to take a boy named Maru to a place called Heaven. Meanwhile, children live behind the walls of a nursery in luscious green surroundings. After receiving a mysterious message, Tokio begins to doubt the world around him.

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Tarao! Want a tomato?

Thank you.


What are you daydreaming for?

Class is about to start.

We have a test today.

What? Today's just a normal class, right?

But, we do have one.

Get ready for the test.

-You never said.

Teacher! I haven't studied at all.
It's impossible.

Even if you had, it'd be impossible.


Everyone, please be quiet.

If you paid attention in class,
you'll be fine.

There are ten questions.

Why does the fish have arms?

Well, to catch other fish of course.

Have you seen one before?

No, I just made it up!


It's weird.

Strange, right?

Yeah, but I want to show the Director.
It's funny!

Can I have it?

-When I've finished it, okay?

Fifteen minutes left.

Geez! Come on.


Outside of…

the outside?


So, shall we go hunting for treasure?

Sure, okay.

This neighborhood
doesn't seem too messed up.

We need to find houses
that haven't been broken into.

Let's go further in then.

It's locked. That's a good sign.

Wait, Maru? Where are you? Hey, Maru!

Sis! We can get in from over here!

The windows are barely broken.

I guess no one's been in here yet.

Oh, it's a total wreck.

I'll go and check the other rooms.

Oh, got a toothbrush.


I found an unopened pack of toilet paper!

Nice one. I'm dying!

Oh, no!

Having a toilet makes all the difference,
even if it doesn't work.

Hey, don't look!

Well, shut the door then.

There is no door.

As if, the roof is wide open.

That's why this place is a dump.

I'm so hungry.

Don't say it.

I'm trying not to think about it.

What is it--

Most of the people who survived
ended up dying of starvation.

Since they died in this house,

it means there's no food here.

Let's go to the next house.


Sis, this house is amazing.

It's so glamorous.

Yeah, the people who lived here
must have been super rich.


Wow, you finally opened the canned food?

Well, we didn't exactly
find anything to eat, did we?

Maru, can you find us
some plates or something?

On it. I'm starved.

Hey, what's this veg stuff?

The weeds growing all over the place
around here. I think they're edible.

I thought it might fill us up a bit more.

-It's so bitter.
-Spit it out!

It stunk out the whole dish.

I'm sorry!

That was our precious canned food!

I said I'm sorry!

Is that your boyfriend?

You're awake?

I can never fall asleep.

You're always fast asleep way before me.

I guess I'm a useless bodyguard then.

I'm fine protecting myself.

You can go back if you want.

One is my friend, and the other
is someone I want to see.

If I can find them
while I take you to your destination,

that'll be two birds with one stone.

That's why it's important
I tag along with you.

Anyway, I'm not gonna go anywhere
while you're sleeping,

so you can relax.


So, where shall we go today?

We don't have enough info to go on.

I'm sick of wandering around aimlessly.

Well then, let's start looking for others.

Let's go somewhere that might be busy.

A place where people gather,

like somewhere with land,
or near a station.

Yeah, somewhere like that.

For now,
let's walk alongside this railway track.

Great! And I want a new pair of shoes.

Okay, okay.
Let's keep an eye out for a store.

And after that,
I'm desperate for some tasty food!

Are you still annoyed at me
for yesterday, or what?

That's not what I meant!

Guys like you

are always saying stupid stuff like that,
even if it is by mistake.


Just when I thought life
wasn't worth living.

Two women appear.

I'm a man.

Great, a little brat boy.

I'm a boy too.

I'm not stupid!

All right, put down your heavy bags.

I'm gonna take you to heaven.

Just when I thought we'd found someone

it's just a couple of bums.

Whoa, wait. We don't have many bullets.
Don't waste them.

Get outta here if you want to live!

So our lives are worth less than bullets.

They're from the lawless generation, whose
world ended before it had even begun.

Who knows what they're capable of.
Let's go.

Not like you could hit us anyway, fools!


Wait a sec. Is that even a real gun?

What's this, what's this?
Dropping it now, are we?

I've never seen a gun that weird before.

You're just bluffing
with some kid's plaything.


There's no escape!
I won't let you make us look like idiots!

It shoots…

So, you were saying something
about taking me to heaven?

That was, I--

We're looking for it. Heaven.

Take us there.


Wow, what a flashy home you guys have.

What do you think, Maru?
Anything catch your attention?

No, nothing.


There's no way this is the goal.
It'd be a miracle.

Oh, there's a generator!
That's a generator, right?

Can you charge my battery?

Why would I do that?

I don't think you're really grasping
the full reality of your situation.

You attacked us,
but we turned the tables on you.

Even if I decide to kill you,
you don't have the right to complain.

We'll leave once the battery is full.


And while we're at it, you guys
heard of a place called "Heaven"?

At this point, anywhere
with "heaven" in its name,

or even a place you think
feels "just like heaven" will do.

As if anything like heaven exists
since the Collapse.

I understand that.

That's why I tried to
make the question simpler for you.

Do you guys like tomatoes?

They're back.

Why? Gonna give us some?

If you do, then I've heard of something
you might call "heaven."

-Maru, don't you like tomatoes?
-Love them.

Tell us the details.


Oh, thank you so much!

What kind of battery is that exactly?

My gun battery.

You little brat!

You've been controlling us with a gun
that doesn't work this whole time.

I wasn't even sure that last shot
was gonna fire. I was out of bullets.

Right, Maru?

Morons! I hope you die by the roadside.
Lawless youths!

You should respect your elders!

Phew, that was close.

It was no big deal.
Just a bunch of old idiots.

We got this charged up too!

I feel so much better
now we've got four shots.

It's probably better not to
count it as four shots.

The number of times
that thing doesn't work…

Well anyway, off to "Tomato Heaven."

What the hell is "Tomato Heaven"?

I'm not really sure
that's the best way to hold an exam.

Mimihime, how did you know there
was going to be a test?

I don't know. I just had a hunch somehow.

But there is one thing that is certain.

Just because you know there's a test,
there's no promise of full marks.

Class is done! Let's play some sport.

I want to continue working on this, so…

Then, Anzu?

No thanks.

There's no way I can win against you.


Tokio has something
to discuss with me. Right?

Fine then.
I guess I'll get Kona to play with me.

Where on earth
does he get reflexes like that?


You said something about
the outside during the test, didn't you?

No, that was…

What do you think
the outside is like, Tokio?


Why would you ask--

Not here. Outside this wall.

Huh? There's an outside beyond the wall?

Isn't it just nothing?

I think there is something else.

I've always had a feeling that there is.

And recently,
I've been able to imagine it more clearly.

When I think about wanting to go outside,

two people from the outside come
to help me, and one of their faces…


…is exactly the same as yours.

Outside the room…

outside the school…

outside of…

the outside.



If you can't sleep,
do you want some medicine?

No, I…

Is there an outside beyond this one?

Did you think of that yourself?

Mimihime did.

That girl has a sharp intuition.


It's only a matter of time
before they find out. Don't worry.


There is an outside beyond here.

Hey, Maru,

it may surprise you to hear this,
coming from your bodyguard--

I'm pretty sure nothing you say
could surprise me anymore.

I can't walk any further.


What? We've been sleeping outdoors,
traversing mountains.

I've reached my limit.

There's nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep.
I can't go on.

All that talk of there being shops
on every corner before the Collapse…

Was it all a lie?

It's just because
we are on a path between cities.

You're a city girl, aren't you?

I'm a Tokyo girl through and through.


Let's at least find
a decent spot to sleep.

Where do you get so much energy from?
Is it because you're young?

We're basically the same age.

You're 15, right?

I think so. You?

I'm 18, wait, 20.

What's with the two-year gap?

I'm not good with numbers, okay?

No way.

That place is open?

We are, yes.

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve.

All right, that'll do.

Are you sure it's enough? It's so cheap.

I feel bad. Take these too.

Wow, AA batteries! Thank you!

Can I look at the guest book?

Go for it.

You can't get batteries like this anymore!

And in a place like this!

He's not in here.

Have you ever seen these two here?

He's good-looking. If I had, I'd remember.

What are their names?

Robin Inazaki.

Well, I really don't know.

What about the older, punky-looking one?

I don't know his name.

Everyone called him "Doc" or "Sir."

I see.

Oh, before I forget, have you ever heard
of a place called "Heaven"?

Well, that's how
everyone describes this place.

It's heaven!



The mirror.

That's a huge crack in the mirror!
I was just looking at it.

The shower doesn't work,
but you can use the hot bath water.

There are plenty of bottles,
but just use what you need.

The one that foams nicely is the shampoo.

We don't have power reserves here,
you need to use that while the sun is up.

Got it.

Excuse me,

that case, is it a gun case?

Uh-huh. There's a monster
that prowls around this area.

Don't go out wandering at night.


You mean a "Man-eater"?

People call it different things,

but it's this big, confusing shape,

and it eats people.

We can kill it.

That's-- Guns have no effect on it.

We'll do it.

My Kiru-Beam works on it, and this kid--




Just because it's your beam,
you named it after yourself?

Why do you need the details?

You already think it's weird anyway.

Exactly, it's weird.
That's why I'm asking.

I've made a stew with some kind of
boar meat and vegetables, if you like?

Really, we can have some?

It's really good!

I wanted to discuss
something with you both.

Well, it's a bit tricky to find the words.

Even though you two were raised
in these strange times,

you use chopsticks perfectly,
and seem to have been educated well.

I may be meddling,
but I have to say something.

It's not my opinion,
or a rule or anything,

but having children with a close relative,

genetically speaking,
is fundamentally dangerous!

What are you trying to say?

He might keep calling me "Sis,"

but we are not even slightly related!

And more to the point,
we are not even dating!

I got completely the wrong idea!

Give me a break!

I do all kinds of stuff in Tokyo,

I'm sorta like an odd-job girl.

I received a request to be
this guy's bodyguard during his travels.

He is nothing to me
beyond an object of my protection.

What's wrong, Maru?
Why are you suddenly so down?

Why are you dragging your futon
so far away?

Hey, are you mad about something?


So today you fall asleep straightaway…

May as well go to sleep too then.


Am I really that tired?


feels strange…

Is there an outside beyond this one?

There is an outside beyond here.

However, it is a filthy world, a hell…

where abhorrent monsters lurk.