Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

Do-sik discovers that Woo-hyeol is a vampire and tests In-hae, who unexpectedly protects Woo-hyeol. Woo-hyeol, troubled by the fact that he needs In-hae's blood to survive, faces additional challenges when Hae-won becomes more affectionate towards him. Desperate to obtain In-hae's blood filled with love, Woo-hyeol's heart is tormented.

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I warned you, didn't I?

It's dangerous
to be on the border of two beings.

You're running out of time.

You'll begin to experience
abnormal symptoms like today.

You'll feel worse and worse.

You're saying I'm going to die?


I haven't become human yet.

So get yourself together
if you don't want to die!

You said you want to experience love
that makes your heart beat.

You said you want to keep the promise
you made to Hae-sun.

So live at all costs.

Brace yourself like when you decided
to spend 100 years in the hawthorn coffin.

You must


I can't die
without having lived a proper life.

I must survive...

at all costs.

I saw it with my own two eyes.

He's not human.

Why is he taking so long
to hand out rice cakes?

I'm sure he's slacking off somewhere.

He's never any help.

I'm going to teach him a lesson.

What took you so...

Do-sik, you said you were busy.
What brings you here?

It's your opening day after all.

It's been on my mind.

You didn't have to.

Thank you.

Where's Mr. Seon?

He went out to hand out rice cakes
and hasn't been back since.

In-hae, can we talk outside for a moment?

What's this about?

I know what I'm about to say

will sound extremely strange.

It's about Mr. Seon.

What about him?

Have you ever noticed
anything strange about him?

What do you mean?

I saw something odd
the day you invited me over

to this mansion.

There's no way
anyone can move at that speed.

It's been bothering me.

Do you know anything?

Oh, come on.

Maybe you were seeing things.

We all drank quite a lot that day.

I don't think
it's something we should laugh off.


I know Woo-hyeol can come off as unusual,

but he's not
as strange as you think he is.

I can vouch for that.

- In-hae.
- Don't worry.

I know him well enough,

so you don't need to worry too much.


You know him well?

Has it ever occurred to you
that you may not know everything?

Everyone has a side
that they'd rather hide.

Don't you?

Humans can't do this.

He's a vampire for sure.

You're slacking off
on our first day of business?

I'm sorry.

Is something wrong?

You don't look well.

There's nothing wrong.

Did you sleep well?

No, I tossed and turned.

I'm a light sleeper, you see.

It might be because the house is old,

but the stairs are creaky

and it gets on my nerves.

Is that so?

By the way, do you have any salad?


Breakfast is complimentary,
so I'm afraid this is all we have.

Shouldn't you take better care
of your long-term guests?

I can't eat those every morning.


Who are you?

And who might you be?

This is our staff member, Seon Woo-hyeol.

You saw the flyer yesterday, right?
He's the one who wrote it.

I haven't introduced you two
because he was away yesterday.

This is Ms. Hwang So-i,
a long-term guest in Room 201.

I see.

You are the first guest of Shaded Oasis.


May you enjoy your time here.

Why do you talk like that?


Can we talk?

What's the matter?

Did something happen yesterday?


Are you not feeling well then?

You don't have a fever.

Right, you can't have one.

Did something happen
while you were handing out rice cakes?

- No.
- Then why the long face?

What do you mean?

What long face?

I can tell.

Did you think I wouldn't know?

I have my eye on every action you take
and every face you make.

Isn't that


Don't be ridiculous.

I'm just saying
that I'm concerned about you.

So tell me if something's wrong, okay?

I should know.

I'm your boss,

and you're my...


So it's a master-servant relationship?

Let's call it
an employer-employee relationship.

You work for me.

Speaking of which,
we should negotiate the terms.




We need to divide our work clearly.

Divide our work?

We need to clarify our responsibilities
so you don't slack off again.

Slack off?

I never slacked off.

If you disappear during working hours,
that's slacking off.

I'll be in charge of customer service

and preparing breakfast,
so don't worry about them.

Then we're left with
room cleaning, bathroom cleaning,

living room and kitchen cleaning,

supplies management,
washing the bedding, and recycling.

That's about it.

How should we do this?

I'll be in charge of room cleaning

and recycling.

Leave them to me.

You know I'm quite good at cleaning.

I see you're experienced.

You should also take charge of
supplies management.

I'll clean the living room,
the kitchen, and the bathroom.

We can wash and change
the bedding together.



We'll split the profits 50-50.

It'll be deducted from your debt.

Wait, 50-50...

All right.

Negotiations are sealed with a handshake.

But 50-50...

Your hand is still cold.

I'll handle the guests most of the time,

so be careful not to reveal your identity.

I know that you're harmless,

but others may not think like me.

Do you understand me?


I didn't know

you cared about me so much.

I'm honored.


I have a question.

What is it?


If we're working like this every day,

when do we rest?

We need to have some days off

so that you can go on dates with Do-sik.

What dates?

Why would I do that with him?

We're not in that kind of relationship.

Why not?!


Why aren't you guys
in that kind of relationship?

I thought things were going well.

My priority is the guest house,
not my relationship with him.

How can we rest when we've invested
so much money in this?

We're going to work every day
for the time being.

- What?
- I'll get going then.


Things weren't going well?



What's going on? You can't do this!

Stop it!

What are you guys doing?!

It's illegal to operate a business here.
Didn't you know?

Still, how could you tear the place down
without letting me know?

We can. It's the law.

Article 61, Paragraph 1 of the Road Act.
Permission to Occupy and Use Roads.

You want me to keep going?

I didn't know.
Please let me off this once.

I need to make ends meet.

What do you mean you didn't know?
Look how many warnings you got.

You're lying through your teeth.


If you feel wronged, get a permit first.

Follow the law.

What are you doing? Tear it down.

Wait, hang on.

Make sure you tear it down completely.


Here, drink this.

Hey, just let it go and drink up.

Do they know how much that tent cost?

On top of that,
they broke all my furniture.

I should sue them.


You committed way more illegal acts.

You forged IDs and official documents.

You should be thankful
that you didn't get caught.

If you did,

you'd be behind bars by now.

Now that this has happened,

why don't you learn a skill or two?

Seriously? There you go again.

This is my skill!

Stop hiding in the shade
and doing illegal activities.

Come out into the light
and live an upright life!

I'm saying this for you!

Why would a vampire come into the light?

I like being in the shade! It suits me!

When will you grow up?

You still can't see straight
after all this?


Who are you to say that to him?

Hello, sir.

How can you be so relaxed?

The shop next door
is packed with customers,

yet you guys
are sitting around and chatting.

Your shop has been
doing poorly for a while now.

Can you even pay rent at this rate?

Do you want me to help you?


What's the point of holding on
to a failed business?

If it's difficult for you to quit,
I can help you.

What do you mean?

I've talked with the
owner of Vampire Tteokbokki

and they're going to expand the shop.

- Hey, Vampire!
- Yes, sir.

Come on in.

Take a look around.

- Okay.
- Go ahead.


you're crossing the line.

What line?

There's no line in the jungle.

Your contract is up soon anyway.

Move out by next month, okay?

Hey, Vampire.

I'll get going.

I'm offended.

I told you to get a haircut!

You're stubborn as a mule!

You look horrendous.

Don't worry.

You look great.

I think you could use a haircut.

Ms. Joo,

congratulations on the opening.

Ms. Na.

Thank you for coming. I know you're busy.

I wanted to come yesterday,
but I was busy.

They renovated the place beautifully.

It's nice.

The painting fits right in too.

By the way, where's Mr. Seon?

He went to the grocery store,
but he should be back soon.

Do you want some tea?

Sounds good.

If your families are acquainted,

were you and Mr. Seon like siblings
growing up?

We weren't that close.

But he's someone I have to look out for.

What kind of person is he?

Was that too out of the blue?

I thought you'd know him well
since you live with him.


a little odd and unusual.

Not a little. Very.

But that's his charm.

He's different from other men.

He lets my guard down.

It's comfortable and fun to be around him.

What do you think about Mr. Shin?

- Sorry?
- Why are you so surprised?

It was just too sudden.

It seems like he really cares about you.

So I was wondering what you think of him.


I owe Do-sik a lot.

If it weren't for him,

I wouldn't have even thought of
opening a guest house.

He helped me with everything
down to the smallest detail.

During the renovation...

And you're still going to play dumb?

Will you keep turning a blind eye
when it's so obvious?


I think I should focus
on the guest house for now.

It's not the time to date.

To be honest,

I don't even feel like it.


Mr. Seon.

Ms. Na, what brings you here?

I wanted to see
your gratitude for my gift.

How do you like the car?

Why don't you take me for a ride?

As you can see, I'm working.

No, it's fine.

You can go out.

We're not busy right now,
so I can handle it alone.

Take her for a ride.

You're not like your usual self.

Is something up?


nothing's up.

Are you nervous

to be on a date with me?

The weather is so nice today.

Do you want to go somewhere far away?


Do you think Ms. Joo
will scold you for it?

Scold? Who is she to scold me?

I've always been the one to scold others,
but never the other way around.

You always seem to be
walking on eggshells around her.

I won't take up too much of your time.

You don't want to get on the bad side
of your boss from the start.

It's been a while
since I've been this excited.

But that's his charm.

He's different from other men.

He lets my guard down.

It's comfortable and fun to be around him.

He's not just different
from other men, Ms. Na.

You'll pass out
when you find out he's a vampire.

It feels like we're in a painting.

You're walking around this beautiful place
with a beautiful woman.

But why do you look so sad

as if you have sad memories of daffodils?

When you look at beautiful things,

you're bound to become sad.

Seeing the flowers in full bloom

reminds me that they will soon fall.

I'm not sure how I feel.

Should I have been

less beautiful then?

Look at them all you want
while we're here.

And breathe them in as well.

It was a long time ago

when I first saw that mansion.

But I still vividly remember
how I felt then.

It wasn't just an old,
run-down house to me.

It felt as if it had been waiting
for someone there for a long time.

You remember our first encounter, right?

A man who I'd never met before
hugged me out of the blue.

But oddly,

I wasn't frightened.

When I got back home that day,
I thought long and hard.

"Who on earth

is this man?"

I just thought you were
interesting at first,

but then it hit me

that perhaps the reason why
I was so drawn to the mansion

for no particular reason

was to meet you.

You intrigue me, Mr. Seon.

And I want to know more

about you.

May I...

hug you?


wait just a little longer.

I have something I must sort out.

After that,

I shall keep our promise.

No matter what.

Does Ms. Joo know about Seon Woo-hyeol?

I'm not sure.

It felt as if she was
trying to protect him.

But I'm not sure if she knows
he's a vampire.

What's your plan?

Nothing serious has happened yet,

but who knows what can happen?

Please keep an eye on him
for the time being.

And see if there are other vampires
around him.

Report back to me
down to every last detail.

Yes, sir.

Why do you always do as you please?

You stood me up and ignored my calls.

What are you playing at?

What does he have to sort out?

And what promise?

What's with you today?

What did you do all day?

I'm so curious.

It's driving me crazy.

Look into it for me.

- Look into what?
- Seon Woo-hyeol.

Look into him as fast as possible.

What do you mean?

What he did in the past,

why he lives in that mansion
with Joo In-hae,

and everything else that's related to him.

You can do it, right?

Why aren't you answering?

I'll pay you handsomely.

I know you like money.

Are you just getting home?

Where are you going?

You had fun all day, so it's time to work.

You're in charge of recycling.


What? Where are you going?

You need to take out the trash today.

Do I have to nag you
about every single thing?

What's wrong?

Are you not in the mood to work

after having fun all day?


Do I look like I'm having fun to you?

Do you know how I feel?

Do you know how I feel inside?

You think I had fun today?


My heart is in a million pieces.

It's not like I'm at ease either.

I know how much you resent and loathe me
even without you making it obvious.

I can feel it.

You believe that I ruined it all

because you couldn't
become human because of me.

So the closer you become to Ms. Na,

the more you loathe me.

You're right.

It's all your fault.

This is all on you.

Everything is ruined

because you woke me up.

It's all a mess!

All because of you
and your poisonous blood.

It's all over.


Our last resort

is to find the gold bars.

Hey, forget about the gold bars

and go find a job.

We should see this to the end.

The only people who could freely enter
the house except for Mr. Ko

were Butler Joo's family.

If they took the gold bars,

they would've quit being butlers
and gone abroad already.

Why would they stay here?

Hey, put on your sunscreen!

- Maybe things went wrong.
- What?

Butler Joo wouldn't have opened the coffin

if she had inherited her duties properly.

She should've known about Woo-hyeol

and that the coffin wasn't supposed
to be opened.

But she was clueless and opened it.

It's strange.

You think so?

Hold on.


There's something fishy about her family.

Who is it at this hour?


Why would you buy something you can't eat?

I just want to get drunk tonight.

- Woo-hyeol.
- Woo-hyeol.


What are you doing? You can't.

Don't do it.

Woo-hyeol, are you okay?

Of course.

You guys know

how hard I tried

to become human.


I truly gave

my absolute best.

Even if no one else knows,

we do.

How did things turn out this way?

It's all because of Butler Joo.

If it weren't for her,

Hae-sun and I would be loving each other
with all our hearts.

I would've been

able to keep the promise
I made to Hae-sun.

How is it that...

I'm not even given the chance

to live for the person I love...

before I die?

Woo-hyeol, why would you die?

You know we can't die.

Things are rough for us too.

My tarot tent got torn down,
and Seop got kicked out of his shop.

But we still need to pay our rent
and monthly expenses.

Humans are sucking us dry.

You got kicked out?

What do you mean?

Why would you tell him that?

He's worried now.

As your leader,

it's my job to support you guys.

I'm sorry.

Why are you saying that?

Don't worry about us.

You just focus on becoming human.

Mr. Ko said

this is the most crucial
but the most dangerous time of your life.



It's all your fault.

This is all on you.

Everything is ruined

because you woke me up.

It's all a mess!

All because of you
and your poisonous blood.

It's all over.

Can I get a room?



you can.

I didn't expect this place to be
so clean and spacious from the outside.


You can stay in this room.

- Here's your key.
- Right.

Thank you.

Breakfast is served between 7 to 9 a.m.

in the kitchen on the first floor.

You can help yourself
to toast, fried eggs, and cereal.

The bathroom is on the first floor.

If you need anything
or experience any inconveniences,

feel free to let me know.

Rest up then.

Hold on.

Are you the owner?

- Yes.
- I see.

It must not be easy for a young lady
to run a guest house alone.

It's admirable.

Your parents did a good job raising you.

They must be proud.

Gosh, not at all.

I have a daughter

and she's in high school.

She lives in the US with her mom.

She moved there in elementary school,
so it's been ten years already.

Time flies.

She's a clever one,
so I sent her abroad when she was young.

But it's no piece of cake to support her.

Oh, I have a picture.

She looks nothing like me.

Take a look.


I live alone,
so I usually have no one to talk to.

I apologize for being so chatty.

It's late, so please.


Good night then.

- Good night.
- Bye.

Thank you.

Woo-hyeol must've been really distressed.

Look at all this human food he had.

Tell me about it.

He must've been so distressed.
Should we try some?

Look at him. He's fine.

So what if we get a little drunk?

We're different from him.

Come on. Let me drink
my problems away for once!

Isn't life hard for you too?

Then shall we?

Should we try just one?

This looks good.


This is tastier than I...

I only make this for my daughter.

What is this?

It's so soft and delicious.

- It's good, right?
- Yes.

I'm glad you like it.

Good morning, ma'am.

You're up early on the weekend.

You wake up earlier as you get old.

Do you want to try some?

Me? No, it's fine.

Come on.

Have a bite.

I'm not great with other dishes,
but I'm great at making toast.

It's much better
than what you get from stores, right?


This is the best food I've had
since I got here.

Try it.


It's delicious!

How did you make this?

I told you it's good.

It's my secret recipe.

My daughter told me
my toast is the best in this world.

You always talk about your daughter.

You must miss her a lot.

When did you last see her?

It's been a while.

Do you ever video call with your family?

There's a time difference,
and we're all busy.

I'm busy making money,

and my wife is busy
looking after our child.

And I shouldn't take
my daughter's study time, right?

Money might not be everything.

She might want to eat your toast
more than she needs money.

He's still not home?

What happened was...

Cheer up, Seop.

Just wait until I find the gold bars.

I'll open up a huge shop for you
right next to Vampire Tteokbokki.

I'm sick and tired of tteokbokki.

By the way,

I wonder if Woo-hyeol got home safely.

I hope Butler Joo
didn't tell him off again.

What is this?

Mr. Ko.

What's going on here?

- Did your shop go under?
- Yes.

Mr. Ko.

Aren't you being too harsh?

Why would you bring tteokbokki
to a failed tteokbokki shop?

I heard this place has become popular
with a retro concept,

so I thought it could inspire you.

You should've tried harder.


Should I try the ones
made with flour first

or rice?

- It's hot.
- Goodness.

Let me dip it in the sauce.

The pieces have to be big like this

for the food to look appetizing.

Too bad it's too late.

They look appetizing, don't they?

We can't eat it anyway.

We tried human food yesterday
with Woo-hyeol,

and we almost died.

Seon Woo-hyeol had human food?


Just like how humans drink
when they're frustrated,

he brought a load of human food
and went on a binge.

I asked him what was wrong,

and he wouldn't answer.

He's right.

He got drunk off of food
and kept going on about dying.

You guys didn't stop him
from eating human food?

You only watched?

Why? Is it bad?

He's not fully human yet,
so it can't be good.

If he had human food in his condition,

he must've been very distressed.

What's wrong with his condition?

Is he unwell?

Of course. He's heartbroken.

I know it's hard for you too,

but take care of him.

You guys rely on him too.


How many times did I tell them

anything stained with food
is regular trash?


Why are you drinking here alone?

I wanted some air.

It's nice out here.

And the moon is bright.

It is.

Then enjoy your time.

I'm sorry for interrupting you.

My daughter...

doesn't miss me.

After some time,

I felt like

I'm no more than a machine
that sends her money.

My wife and I
have been drifting apart too.

And it seems like they're not comfortable
with me visiting anymore.

Even if I spend a fortune to visit them,

they don't seem to welcome me anymore.

So I just send them money instead.

I had to use my deposit money

to move to smaller places.

And I think to myself,

"Am I going to die
after getting sucked dry by my family?"

I'm a parent,

but I'm also a person.

Part of me feels hurt by my daughter,

and part of me wants to live
the way I want to.

That's how I feel.

Did Dad feel this way too?

Oh, my.

I'm sorry for ranting.

Just pretend you didn't hear that.

Don't worry.

I understand how you feel.

I'm sure your family misses you.

It might be that they feel awkward
to express their feelings

because you guys don't see other often.

I've never said this to anyone before,

but my dad...

was missing for a long time

and was recently declared legally dead.

No one knows if he's alive or dead.

And I couldn't even hold a funeral.

For a while,

I resented him

thinking that he abandoned me.

But I miss him.

And I hope he's alive somewhere.

Even if he did abandon me,

he's still my dad.

It must've been...

really tough for you.

Since you spoke your mind to me

from a dad's perspective,

I wanted to speak mine to you
from a daughter's perspective.

I'm sure

your family misses and cares about you

much more than you think.

Thanks for saying that.

I want to thank you too.


Why are you alone?

Where's Mr. Ox Blood?

Well, he has plans,
so he couldn't make it.

We're an odd number of people then.

He should've kept this promise.

- Right?
- Of course.

Why is he so irresponsible?

Do you think we're all here
because we have nothing better to do?

Wait, isn't that him?

I apologize for being late.

If you're late or absent without notice
from now on,

you'll be fine so make sure to be on time.

I will.

We're in pairs now.

Let's patrol our designated areas

and meet back here.

- Good luck.
- Good luck.

- Here.
- Okay.

- Good luck.
- Good luck.

How could you leave without telling me?

Who are you?

Look here.

I'm sorry.

I thought about it,

and I was a little harsh.


very harsh.

I know you didn't do it on purpose.

I'm sorry.

How could you stay out all night
without telling your boss?

That was an accident.

I got drunk on human food

and passed out at my friends' place.

Are you serious?

Why do you keep eating...

human food?

What if something goes wrong?

I couldn't help it
because I was too distressed.

- I won't allow it from now on.
- What?

I won't allow you to leave work
during working hours.

I won't let you ditch work
even if it's for Ms. Na.

Got it?


And when you stay out,

tell me where you're going beforehand.

Don't just disappear.

I don't want another person
to disappear again.

I promise I'll do that.

- Aren't you coming?
- I am.

I didn't know there was such a place here.

So this is where he's been hiding out.

They look great.

You shouldn't stare at people.

- What?
- Let's go.

- Hurry up.
- I'm just...

Don't you want to experience love
that makes your heart beat

like the couple we just saw?

You're the one who said

my blood is filled with poison.

Love isn't for me.

You still had that on your mind?

I'm sorry.


I think it could be true.

I admit that I lived
with only one thing on my mind.

All I talked about was money

as if it was something
that could solve all my problems.

Of course money is great.

But still,

some things are more important than money.

But I had no choice.

Money was the most important thing
if I wanted to survive alone.


I'm not sure.

Do you see that tree up there?

The chances of me falling in love

are equal to flowers blooming
on that dead tree.

What do you mean by that?

Have you ever seen
flowers blooming on a dead tree?

I'm saying that it's close to impossible.

Only those who have been in love
know how to love.

I've never been in love,

so I have no love to give anyone.

On top of that, I'm struggling
to even love myself right now.

Let's go in.

You're running out of time.

You'll begin to experience
abnormal symptoms like today.

You'll feel worse and worse.

I greatly enjoyed my stay here
thanks to you.

I'm sure good things will come to you too.

I actually

run a toast shop.

Me falling in love

is the same as flowers blooming
on that dead tree.



What's this?

- It's a gift.
- A gift?

I bought it with the money we made
from the guest house.


I couldn't have opened
the guest house without you.

I've been meaning
to express my gratitude to you,

so I bought this as soon as I made money.

Thank you so much, Do-sik.

I'm honored.

Thank you.

I'll get you something better
when I make more money in the future.

Mr. Shin!

Mr. Shin!

It seems like a sudden cardiogenic shock.

There were no problems found in the tests,

so I can't seem to figure out the cause.

I suggest that he rest for now.

Thank you, Doctor.

He doesn't know the cause, right?

Mr. Shin!

Are you okay?

I don't think I've ever shown you
this side of me before.

Can I ask you for a favor?

I brought what you asked for.

Thank you.

You've been keeping
this old book in your safe.

That's right.

It's an important book
that's been passed down in my family.

The only way to cure this cursed illness

is written here.


Find the one who stands between
humans and vampires.

The scar on their body
will reveal their true self.

Take their heart out
and drink their blood.

Then you will become immortal.

Was this the reason
for your regular hospital visits?

I know it's hard to believe,

but the only way I can survive

is by following the instructions
in this book.

I must find a half-vampire
with a scar on their body.

Seon Woo-hyeol

might prove to be important
in solving my long-standing problem.

Are you just getting home?

Did you

put these up?

I wanted to show you

that flowers can bloom

even on a dead tree.

And likewise,

you can love and be loved by someone.

Can you tell me?

Tell me how you can become human.

If flowers can bloom on a dead tree,

who's to say a vampire can't become human?

Tell me if there's a way.

I'll help you.

I need your love.



What must one do
to have blood full of love?

She put up a wall that can't be broken.

Do-sik is what?

It doesn't seem completely hopeless.

Are you okay?

So this is how it feels
to have someone care about you.

It feels like I'm looking at my past self.

Do you recall something?

I like this mansion.

My life has seen more joy.

It bothers and annoys me
that you live with In-hae.

I'm asking you to leave Shaded Oasis.

Subtitle: Jea-heon Chung