Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Woo-hyeol is surprised to see Hae-won, who looks exactly like his past love, Hae-seon. He can't approach Hae-won because she doesn't seem to remember her past life. As In-hae feels sorry for Woo-hyeol, she invites Hae-won to a din...

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Ms. Na?

What brings you by at this hour?

I was nearby, so I thought I'd stop by.

I see.

If that's what suits you, then go ahead.


You found me...

just as you promised.

No way.

I missed you.

Not a day went by

without thinking of you.

Thank you

for finding me

as you promised.

Thank you so much, Hae-sun.

By the way...

have we met before?

There's no way I don't remember
someone this handsome.


It's me.

Do you really not remember me?

Seon Woo-hyeol.

He's joking, right?


I've desperately longed for you, Hae-sun.

You got my name wrong.

It's Hae-won, not Hae-sun.

Na Hae-won.

I'm sorry, Ms. Na.

He must've startled you.

He's lived too long, so...

I mean, he lived abroad for too long,

so he can go a bit overboard sometimes.

Please understand.


you crossed the line there.

Calm down, okay?

Hey, calm down.

Mr. Seon Woo-hyeol, right?

But really, have we met before?

You're as attractive as this mansion.

It was a pleasure meeting you.

See you again.


My apologies.

I was delighted to see you,
so I overstepped my boundaries.

See you again.



How can someone

wait and long for another for so long?


will meet again.

I will

come find you.

And when I do,

let's love each other with all our hearts.

Is it okay...

if I come in?

Are you okay?

She really does look a lot like her.

No wonder she seemed familiar.


kept the promise she made to me.

She said she'd come find me.


I failed to become human.

I'm sorry.

What can I do?

It is what it is.

You think Ms. Na
is a reincarnation of Hae-sun, right?

It felt

as if Hae-sun came back.

That's why I couldn't help myself.

I understand how you feel,

but she might've felt flustered.

Nobody remembers their past lives.

Try to put yourself in her shoes.

I missed you.

Not a day went by

without thinking of you.

What an unusual person.

The world may flip upside down,

but those who are meant to be
will end up together.

The moon is shining brightly tonight.


There were only three people who knew

that the gold bars were hidden
beneath the coffin.

Me, you,

and Butler Joo.


What do you mean?

Neither of us took the gold bars,

so who's the one left?

Are you suspecting Butler Joo right now?

He's been dead for decades.
That doesn't make any sense.

Why doesn't it make sense?

They say you can never truly know
everything about someone.

I definitely still don't know you.

Are you saying
we dig up Butler Joo's grave?

Have you lost it?

He would've been crazy
to take all the gold into his grave.

I'm sure he hid them somewhere
for his descendants

who have to live as vampire butlers
for generations.

What's the point of doing that

when Woo-hyeol would find out
when he wakes up anyway?

"Have you seen my gold bars?"

"No, I haven't."
They just need to play dumb.

Look at the current butler.

She insists that the mansion is hers.
Don't you see it?

It's strange, isn't it?

Think about it.

Don't speak ill of the dead.


You're here.

Damn you.

Butler Joo fulfilled his duty admirably

by not selling the house
and holding on to it.

It was his job to keep the gold safe too.


They stole your gold
and opened the coffin too soon.

What's wrong with the Joo family?

Are they holding a grudge against you?

You never should've left the gold
with a complete stranger.

If you had left them with us--

We would've spent everything.

That sounds likely.

I'm here to tell you guys something.


came to the house.

So you just let her go?


This isn't what I had in mind.

I thought...

I would be human

and Hae-sun would recognize me.

And I thought we would love each other
with all our hearts.

Woo-hyeol, you're almost there.

You've held out until now
for that one goal.

When you become human by drinking

that woman's blood
after she falls in love,

you'll be able to love
with all your heart.

He's right. Don't think too much.

Just focus on becoming human.

As for the gold, I was out of line,

but we'll take care of it.

Yes, don't worry.

-Lighten up.


Where have you been?

Just out.

I have a lot on my mind.

Do you have something to say?

Well, no.

You were gone all day,
so I was wondering where you were.

Rest up.

You make these yourself?

They're not for sale.

Why did you bail out yesterday?

You should report back after your patrol.

I'm sorry.

Participate in the patrol

even if I don't ask you from now on.

It's on the second and fourth Monday
of the month for an hour.

That often?

Why? If you're not up for it,
you can't live in this neighborhood.

Things like this should be voluntary.
You can't force people to--

Do you think we patrol because we want to?

We wouldn't be doing this
if the area had been redeveloped.

That hideous mansion

has been causing everyone so much trouble.

There were talks of redevelopment?

Yes, but the owner of the mansion
adamantly refused to sell his property

so it never happened.

Have you ever seen him?

Yes, but it was when there were
talks about the redevelopment.

So it's been a while.

Why do you ask?

Oh, it's nothing.

Let me ask you a question.

Is there a reason why
you're living in that run-down house?

A guest house?

They're going to open up a guest house
in that mansion?

That's what she said.

Come on, that's ridiculous.

Who would want to stay
in that haunted house?

Tell me about it.

Maybe it's a good thing.

I bet they'll throw in the towel
after a few months.

You're right. There's not much
to this neighborhood anyway.

Don't say that.

Right, I have to pay you
for the pork cutlet.

Forget it.

-I should still pay you.
-Forget it.

-I'm leaving.

Goodbye, ma'am.

Bye, sweetie.

Enjoy the pork cutlet.
I'll make more for you again.

-Thank you.
-All right.


-Freeze it if you don't eat it right away.
-We'll eat it right away.


Have this.

What's gotten into you?

You seemed down,
so I wanted to make you feel better.

I've given it some thought.

How about we invite Ms. Na over?

Ms. Na?

Yes, the one you saw the other day.

She's the one who wants to invest
in our guest house.

You should try to get to know her

and also make up
for what you did last time.

What's wrong?

I've given it some thought.

And I think you're right.

About what?

She's living a good life
without having any idea

about her former life.

Showing up out of the blue
and confusing her

is the last thing I want to do.

I'm not sure

if I'm doing her any good
by showing up in front of her.

Above all else,

it pains me to face her

when I failed to become human

and am still half-vampire.

Don't think of her as Hae-sun.

As I said,
no one remembers their past lives.

Don't think of her as the Hae-sun
who only lives in your memories.

Think of her as the Hae-won she is now.

They say true feelings always
find their way.

You've been waiting for her
for such a long time.

If you're true to her,
then she'll feel it too.

I'll help you.


Help me?


The moon is bright tonight,

there's a shadow cast on your face.

Mr. Ko.

You seem troubled.

Hae-sun appeared before me.

You knew?

When you live as long as I do,
there's little that you don't know.

I've lived for so long,

but I'm still clueless.

You seem laid-back.

-If Hae-sun showed up,

you should become human
as fast as you can.

There's no time for you
to be indulging in sadness.

You said you want to experience love
that makes your heart beat.

Isn't that what you told me a century ago?

Yes, I did.

It's dangerous to be
on the border of two beings.

So hurry and get her to fall in love
so you can drink her blood

and become human.

Go experience love
that makes your heart beat.



Mr. Seon?

Are you busy?

Yes, a bit.

What's going on?

Will you leave her like this?

Sorry? What do you mean?

You said you wanted to protect her.

Shouldn't you share her burdens?

I'm not sure if I understand.

I'm talking about Joo In-hae.

She's been stressed out all day

doing research for the guest house.

You know she's not one to ask for help.

If you offered to help,
shouldn't you follow through?

But why would you tell me this?

It was frustrating
to see her that way all day.

Goodbye then.

It's dangerous to be
on the border of two beings.

So hurry and get her to fall in love
so you can drink her blood

and become human.

Hi, Do-sik.

Hey, In-hae.

Do you want to go look at furniture
and appliances for the guest house today?


I was doing some research online,

but I wanted to see them in real life.

It'd be great if you could help me.

They'll rip you off
if you look inexperienced.

Let's go together and pick out some stuff.

-Okay, see you later.

Hello. We just opened.

-Please take a look.

What the heck?

How ridiculous.

My goodness.

Are you here to eat tteokbokki?


Come this way.

Excuse me.

What's wrong with him?


Are you crazy?

I've been watching them,

and people seem to love these things.

So I also gave it a try.

Who on earth would like that?

Are you trying to go out of business?

You should attract customers,
not scare them away.

Tell me about it. He's hopeless.

People only like fake vampires.
Real ones freak them out.

It'll be chaos.

You're right.

I was blinded by my greed for money

and couldn't think straight.

This is why we should
hurry and find the gold bars.

Gold bars?

What's going on?
Is it like a treasure hunt?

It's none of your business.

Why not?

I love gold too. Bling-bling.

How can we find them
when we don't even know who took them?



We even get to play detective?

So someone stole them?

I said it's none of your business!

What do you mean?
What's been stolen must be reclaimed.

What are you doing? Get moving.

Too bad I have to work.

Everybody, return to the scene first.

Hurry up.


-What about my shop?
-Business is slow anyway.

Let's go. Where do we go though?

Mr. Shin,
I cleaned the car inside and out.

Thank you.

Please get in. Let me drive you.

Mr. Gu.

I have someone
I want to drive myself today.

I'm going to Gongcheon-dong.


Where are you going?

Do-sik is helping me choose furniture
and appliances for the guest house.

Oh, is that right?

Will you be home late today?

Well, I don't know.

Anyway, I'll be back.

All right.

He's following my order very well.

This is great.

I need her to fall in love
so I can become human.

Yes, this is good.

Be a man and push forward!

Push forward.

All right, the width is 850.

The length is 1 600.

The table is perfect for four people.

Sit down and check the height.


The height is 730.

We have newer products too.

No wonder. These look a bit outdated.

This is it.

This goes well with that furniture.

You're right.
This is what's on that chair, right?

It is.

Then I'll take about eight of these.

How much is it?

I'll give you wholesale prices.

-Of course.

How about this one?

Do-sik, wouldn't this go well
with the wood interior?

-They all look great.

Which one is better?

-Isn't this one better?

-These might come in handy.
-They're good to have.

-A spoon rest?

I like...

Maybe these two are better.

-Do-sik, what about this?


Oh, it's nice.

It's nice, isn't it?

-It is.
-It's popular among newlyweds these days.

Oh, we're not married.


-Thank you.

This looks so good.

I'm famished from all the walking.

-Same. Let's eat.


It's so good!

Eat up.

Back in college,

whenever you saw me eating
food from the convenience store,

you'd take me to a restaurant.

Do you remember that place
near our school?

-The budaejjigae restaurant.
-The budaejjigae restaurant.

Of course, I remember.
We used to go there all the time.

I wonder if it's still there.

Should we go next time?

Thank you.


In-hae, wait here for a bit.

I'll go get the car.

-All right.

Give it to Daddy. It's heavy.

It's okay. I can carry this much.

Goodness, look how strong my girl is.

Slow down. Be careful.

Good job.

I'm so proud of you.

Get in. I'll load them.

Let me help.

Come in.

Is it okay for us to come in?

It's fine.

No one's home. Come on in.

This feels so nice.

I've been cooped up
in my tiny rooftop house,

but now I can finally breathe.

It's been so long
since we last gathered here.

He's going through male menopause again.

I've lost count.

I think it's his 16th one.

It's all my fault.

I should've taken better care of you
as your leader.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

Which brings us to this.

I present to you,

Gold Bar Search Party!

Get rid of the magnifying glass.
I don't want to see your face enlarged.

Would there be any clues left
after all this time?

We'll know after investigating.

Let's head to the scene first.

Is anything even there?

Gosh, my eyes.

You can see everything with the naked eye.

Stop making a fuss.

Just hold on.

I'm going to find something.

All right.

-There's nothing.

Wait, don't move!

Found it.


-What's with you?


I know what this is.

It's a cat whisker!

-Cat whisker?
-Cat whisker?

Then could it be...

Mr. Ko?

Who told you you could become human
by sleeping in the hawthorn coffin?

Mr. Ko.

Who's the only one

who knew you were sleeping here
other than the two of us and Butler Joo?

Mr. Ko!

The only being who can be a cat one moment
and a human the next.

-Who is it?
-Mr. Ko!

-He's the one!
-He's the one!

He stole the gold bars.

Is someone talking about me?

I'm going to get some makgeolli.


No, it can't be.

Then how will you explain this?

Well, that's...

Mr. Ko is a spiritual being

who is above all material possessions.

He would never be blinded
by some gold bars.

We'll see about that.

But we don't know for sure
if that cat whisker belongs to him.


Let's find out.

Do-sik, can I ask you something?

Of course.

What kind of person is Ms. Na?

Ms. Na?


She's just as she seems.

The only daughter of a wealthy family.

She's the type that always gets her way.

Do you know her ideal type by any chance?

Ideal type?

I'm not sure.

We've only ever talked about work
so I don't know anything about that.

I see.

Why do you ask?

Do you want to set her up with someone?

No, I'm just curious.

It seems like she lives

in a completely different world than mine.

It's funny I'm comparing myself to her.

Just pretend you didn't hear that.


I'm thinking of inviting Ms. Na over soon.

You're welcome to join us if you're free.

You're a proper businesswoman now,
aren't you?

You're inviting people over?

That's a good idea.

She'll be a great help
once you get to know her.

-Let me know when it's decided.

All right.

The ox blood here is good.

Gosh, it's so fresh.

We're enjoying a meal together
after finding our prime suspect.

It's all great,

but wouldn't it be awkward
if that woman walks in on us?

I'm worried.

Why would it be awkward?

This is Woo-hyeol's house.


Of course!

Make yourselves at home.

Seon Woo-hyeol, you've still got it!

What's going on?


Meet my friends.

Introduce yourselves.

Hi, I'm Woo-hyeol's friend, Lee Sang-hae.

-I'm Park Dong-seop.


Are you from the snack shop
in front of the school?

-You are, right?

Wait, then these people here...

No, I mean, these things are...


These "things"?

They're kind and hard-working.

They don't suck human blood.

That's right.
I have a lot of human friends.

I'm pretty outgoing.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is ENFP.

-He's the opposite of me.
-I'm an ISTJ.



Why are you suddenly saying

your initials?

You don't know
what Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is?

That's not it?

It doesn't matter.

Why are you guys all here?

Is there a problem
hanging out at our friend's place?

He's right!

Of course there is!

Woo-hyeol isn't the only one
living in this house.

You can't have random people over
without asking me first!

Are we "random people"?

Let's get this straight.

We lived in this house
a lot longer than you have!

-That's right!
-He's right.

What did you say?

On top of waking him up
with a day left until 100 years,

you're trying to steal this house?

Your ancestors would be
turning in their graves right now!

Darn you!


Let's calm down.

Can we come over from time to time?


All right.

I don't know if you heard,

but this place will become a guest house.

So please refrain from visiting
from now on.

I don't want this place
to be a vampire hideout.

-What did you...

Are we clear? Everyone leave now.

I hope we don't see each other again.

Goodness, I don't believe this.

-Listen, Butler Joo!

Do you want to leave with them?

Let's go out.

Hurry up. Let's go.

-Let's eat outside.

We're going.

I'll see them off.

Having one vampire around is scary enough.

But now he has friends?

Who is it?

Butler Joo, may I come in?

Give me a second.

Man-hwi, hug me.

-All of a sudden?

Not like that. Hold me more tightly.

People are looking. What's with you?

It's not the same.

As what?

I went to Gongcheon-dong the other day.

A man saw me in front of the mansion

and hugged me right away.

What a lunatic. So what happened?

I tried to recall where I saw him,

but I couldn't.


strangely enough, he's been on my mind.

He must be good-looking.

He is.

But the look in his eyes...

It's hard to explain.

But there was something about it.

What's going on?

You seem hung up on him.

He lives in that mansion.

Talk about coincidence.

How could you lure other vampires here
the moment I went away?

What do you mean "lure"?

We were just reminiscing
about our good old days

in this mansion.


I'm sorry. Don't be angry.

Anyway, how did it go today?

What do you mean?

With Do-sik.


What about him...


Things are pretty much ready.

I'm going to invite him this weekend.
Is that okay?


Will Hae-sun...

No, I mean...

Will Ms. Na be here too?

I was going to give her a call.

Should I call her now?


It weighed on my mind
that you had to leave like that last time.

I'd like to invite you over
on the weekend.

Will you be available?

That sounds great. I'm free this weekend.

How does Saturday afternoon sound?

Sounds good.

I'm excited.

I'll see you Saturday.

I'll see you then.


Is Saturday afternoon okay?


This is your chance, so good luck.

All right.

First, do not speak of Hae-sun.

Repeat after me.

"Do not speak of Hae-sun."

If you're going to call her,
call her Ms. Na.

I can't call Hae-sun by her name?

That's ridiculous.

Second, do not make
abrupt physical contact with her.

"Do not make
abrupt physical contact with her."


what do you mean by physical contact?

What I'm saying is, you can't hug her
out of the blue like last time.

I see.

Also, don't make her uncomfortable
by looking at her.

It's rude to stare at someone.

-It makes them uncomfortable.
-Come on.

I can't even call her by her name,

hug her, or look at her.

Isn't that too harsh?

If possible, don't do anything.

It's in your best interest
to keep your mouth closed.

Finally, and this is the most important.

Be careful not to
expose yourself as a vampire.

"Be careful not to
expose myself as a vampire."

That's a given.

You can't do anything
that would give yourself away, okay?

You took the words out of my mouth.

That's it.

How do you feel?

You seem a little nervous.

Nervous, my foot.

I'm not.

I think you are.

Is your heart racing with excitement?

I don't know how that feels.

I don't know how it feels
to have my heart race.

I've never felt it once.

If that's the case,

then how did you wait for her
for such a long time

when you don't even know
what it's like to have your heart race?

Are you stupid?

Thinking about and waiting for
one person for a long time.

That's love.

A racing heart and excitement
aren't the only signs of love.

Anyway, don't forget
what I told you today.

One mistake can blow everything
including the investment.


Butler Joo.

Thank you for looking out for me.


How is the preparation
for the guest house going?

It's going well.

We'll keep most of the structure

and only fix up the old facilities.

You seem to care about her a lot.


I'm talking about In-hae.

I tend to catch on quickly.

She's my dear friend.

And since you're interested
in this project, I should do my best.

My expectations are high.


In-hae invited you over
this weekend, right?


I'm so curious about the interior.

Honestly, I was quite surprised

when you said you wanted to invest
in the guest house.

I thought you were
only interested in purchasing it.

People tell you to forget
things that you can't have.

But I have a good memory.

Are you stupid?

Thinking about and waiting for
one person for a long time.

That's love.

A racing heart and excitement
aren't the only signs of love.

Doesn't it look like a star in bloom?

It's beautiful.





Hold on.

All done.


Fine, I'll make an exception today.

Look at yourself all you want.


What do you think?


Your eyes.

They must be here.



I'm finally here.

Thank you for inviting me.

Please. Thank you for coming.

-Come on in.
-Let's go in.


Is this for me?

It's gorgeous.

I apologize for the other day.

What about me?

You've been here before.

You're asking for too much.

You should show Ms. Na around the house.

Sure. Gladly.

I brought a gift.

Thank you.

Let me take your jacket.

Thank you.

This way.

-Come here.

How do you feel to be in here?

The house looks gorgeous from the outside,

but it's much more so on the inside.

Do you have to renovate the place?

I think it's better to keep it this way.

We're on the same page.

It's a pity those ignorant human beings

keep attempting to change everything.

Let's go. I'll give you a hand.

I saw that the mansion
is under Ms. Joo's name.

How did you end up living with her?


It's a very long story.

Simply put, I used to know her ancestor...

I mean,

I guess you could say
our families are acquainted.

In that case,

has it been arranged
that you marry her or something?

What a terrifying thing to say.

That isn't the case at all.

What is it?

Why are you looking at me like that?

It's nothing.

This way.

I'll set the table.

It's okay, I'll do it. Go take a seat.

As Mr. Seon said,
you don't have to treat me like a guest.

Relax, it's fine.

It looks like
you prepared quite a lot for today.

It's nothing.

The kitchen here is not fit to cook,

so I had everything ordered in.

I'm sure we'll enjoy it.

Let's get ready.


It's not much, but please enjoy.

Thank you.

It has a nice aroma.

It looks expensive.

Of course.

Expensive wines
are for occasions like this.

Mr. Shin, please pour everyone a glass.


Woo-hyeol can't drink.


That's a shame.

I've been saving this one
to drink with the people I like.


I'll have a glass.

I wish I could,

but I get drunk
just by walking past a wheat field.

I'm basically a teetotaler.

A teetotaler?

How do you even know that word?

Well, I'm quite old-fashioned.

I'll pour you one anyway.

You don't have to drink it though.

All right.

Shall we?

Mr. Seon, why aren't you eating anything?

Aren't you hungry?


Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I'm okay.

You should eat something.

You haven't even touched anything.


You didn't think I was watching, right?

I'm keeping my eye on you.


People don't peel shrimp for just anyone.

That shrimp...

Is it okay if I eat it?


I just love

shrimp so much.

I'll eat it.

In-hae, let me peel one for you.

No, there's no need.

Look at you.

I've never seen this side of you.


Nothing. You're so sweet.

Mr. Seon, eat it quickly
before she takes it.

I've never eaten anything so chewy before.

It's as if the sea is in my mouth.

So this is what shrimp tastes like?

Are you okay?

I've never had something
so delicious before.

In-hae, here.

Is it okay if I eat this?

What's with you? It's mine.

It's mine.

You can have it.

So this is shrimp?

You really love shrimp, don't you?

In-hae, are you feeling ill?



I need some air.

He seems pretty drunk.

He gets drunk just by smelling alcohol.



-What's with you, Woo-hyeol?
-Do you know how much...

I'm sorry. Please excuse us.

-To meet you again...
-He seems drunk.

-I wanted to experience love that...
-Why did you drink so much?

I really...

Try to sober up.

-Please get a hold of yourself.

-Hold on!
-Wake up.

-Hae-sun is going to give me shrimp.
-No, you can't.

-You can't go inside.
-Hae-sun is going to...

Can you please be quiet?

-The shrimp!
-I'm not doing this

because I hate you, okay?

I'm going to hit you just once.

I'm sorry!

Did that wake you up?

Butler Joo.

Look at me, Woo-hyeol.

Did you forget the promise we made?

Why would you eat so much
when you get drunk off of just noodles?



Are you okay?

Let me stay like this for a moment.

Will they be okay?

I've never seen anyone so drunk before.


It was a good idea to come today.

It was.

I saw a new side of you.

And I got to know someone interesting.

It's fun.

Tell me about it.

I love it here.

It's work. Please excuse me.

Hello, sir.

Hey, Woo-hyeol.

Sober up and get up now.

They're waiting for us inside.


Butler Joo.

I'm sorry.

I made a mistake.

I'll go in first.

Yes, sir.


Yes, it takes about that long.

The construction takes about two weeks.

Subtitle translation by: Jea-heon Chung


Did you get the gift I sent?

I had a car since 100 years ago,

but it was Butler Joo who drove it.

-Signal a right turn.

I have a date with a handsome lunatic.


All you talk about is Hae-sun!


If you keep it up,
I'll have no one to hang out with.

I saw it with my own two eyes.

He's not human.

-Mr. Ko?
-Mr. Ko?

He's living the most crucial but also
the most dangerous time of his life.

These little...

He needs your help.

I couldn't ask you out after that.

You will never get to see the moon again.

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