Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

In-hae struggles to find a new job. Do-sik suggests In-hae start a guesthouse using her mansion. Although Woo-hyeol strongly opposes the idea at first, he eventually agrees because there is no other way for In-hae and Do-sik to be...

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Butler Joo?

What are you doing down here?

You startled me.

I didn't hear you come in.

Must I knock when entering my room?

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry.

So what happened was...

Is this her?

The woman you're waiting for?

Yes, it is.

What would happen...

What would happen

if I really was her in my former life?

Would you fall in love with me?

Why do you ask when
your current life is exhausting enough

and you can't be bothered with past lives?

Did you have a change of heart?

No, I still stand by what I said.

But she's gorgeous.

She is.

No wonder you've been chasing her
for centuries.

Just out of curiosity,

what about me reminds you of her?

The woman in the drawing, I mean.

I already told you.

From head to toe,
you have nothing in common.

You asked if I'd love you

if you really were her.

Here's my answer.

It won't happen.

Because you're not Hae-sun.

But you said you felt something
in my blood.

You're changing your stance.

You seem upset to hear

that it won't happen.

It's nothing like that.

You keep changing your mind,
so I just want to clarify things.


I did sense Hae-sun in your blood,

but there was one thing
that was certainly different.

Which is?

Your blood...

Forget it.

Jeez, what is it?

Finish your sentence.

Your blood...

is full of poison.


It's far too poisonous

even for a vampire to drink.

There isn't any warmth to it.

None whatsoever.

That's why

you're not Hae-sun.

So don't even dream about it.

Hold on.

People have told me

that I can be as tough as nails,

but never have I heard
of my blood being full of poison.

I haven't come across
blood like yours before either.

Fine. It's for the best.

My blood is too poisonous for a vampire,
so that'll keep me safe from you.

"Safe from me"?

I don't go around
blindly drinking human blood.

See? You're changing your stance again.

You sensed something in my blood.

You said so yourself!


I apologize for that.

Old habits die hard.

-My blood is poisonous?

Says the one who sucked on my blood
like a mosquito.

Hold on.

Why are you home already?

Shouldn't you be at work?

I quit.


You liked your job.

There was a contract school nurse,

but I already kicked her out.

Don't worry.

I'll have her hired no matter what,

so tell her not to worry
about the interview.

There's no need to thank me.

What are friends for?

Who the hell did that?


Hey, you!

Have you lost your mind?

How could you dump water on him?

Should I not have done it?

If you were going to do it,
you should've dumped toilet water.

That's disgusting.

Serves him right.

You seem to have a thing
for disgusting things.

I can't believe
you thought of that. No way.

Right, well...

I admit what you did feels good and all,

but what do we do from here?

We can't both be jobless.

Tell me about it.

I miss my Shaded Oasis days.


-Shaded Oasis.
-What's that?

This mansion

was once a place

for men and women to get together and...

People these days
would've called it a "hot spot."

That's what it used to be.

Back in the day, I ran the place

and made quite a lot of money.

I wonder how a hotshot ended up like this.


What would happen

if I really was her in my former life?

Would you fall in love with me?

You must be out of your mind.


Because you're not Hae-sun.

Your blood...

is full of poison.

Why am I being bothered by this?

As if that's important right now.

Just focus on getting a job.

Would you fall in love with me?


That would never happen.

Yes, Attorney Park.

So only the property
was inherited with no debts?

All right, good work.


I see you worked at Gongcheon High School.

-The principal there

is a college friend of mine.




I will do my best for the students
as the school nurse.

Do you always look so serious, Ms. Joo?

-With that look on your face,

students wouldn't feel comfortable
visiting you.




Hey, Do-sik.

Right now?

She's not an easy one.

It might be faster for you to become human
by going in the hawthorn coffin

for another 100 years.

Mr. Ko told me not to rely on luck.

I need to touch her heart.

That being said,

do you think there would be a job for me?

Nothing works better than money

to touch her heart.

I'll get the job done this time
without any hiccups.


You should know
that trust is key to everything.

How can you ask me to get you a job

when you caused
all that trouble last time?

Because of you,
I completely lost their trust!

To be honest,

I thought we'd be financially better off
once you woke up.

Because you are our leader and boss.

But it turns out, I was wrong.

How can you have it worse than us?

We even had to lend you our clothes.

What happened to the great Seon Woo-hyeol

who reigned over Gyeongseong?

Goodness, tell me about it.

What's going on?

Is something going on?


What's going on?

-Please enjoy.
-What the...

Who's next?

Here you go.

Thank you. Please come again.



The spiciest level please.

-Of course.
-Thank you.

-Thank you.
-Please enjoy.

Dong-seop Snack Shop is better.

-Stop it.
-Thank you.

-This place is great.
-We have levels one to three.

-Level one?

We have levels one to three.

This is just wrong, damn it.

Woo-hyeol, how does this make sense

when a real vampire is right here?

Vampire Tteokbokki opened right next door.

Hold on. What are you upset about?

Are you upset that they opened
Vampire Tteokbokki

when you're the real vampire

or that they opened a snack shop
in the same building as yours?


To win over youngsters these days,
you need a good concept.

Vampire Tteokbokki.

How cool is that?

Meanwhile, there's Dong-seop Snack Shop.

It's so tacky.

You put zero thought into the name.

But you said snack shops
were meant to be tacky

and it would help me blend in.

You thought it was nostalgic.

Don't you know there's a fine line
between retro and tacky?

I meant retro, but you made it tacky.

What, you punk?

Guys, that's enough.

What's the use of arguing among us?

When a franchise bakery opened
a few months ago,

all the local bakeries shut down.

I guess it's my turn.

If you wanted to make money,
you should've gone with a franchise too.

Think before you speak.

It costs money to open a franchise store.

Whose fault was it
that I lost all my money?!

Why you little...

Damn it.

-Why are you taking your anger out on me?

As if you have the time
to slack off like this.

The tteokbokki will stick to the pan.

Hello, sir.

I was actually about to call you.

-What for?
-I mean,

how can there be two tteokbokki shops
in one building?

How can small stores manage

against franchise stores like that?

Why are you asking me that

when it's your problem as the owner?

But sir, this is a violation
of business ethics.

Business ethics, my foot.

Don't you know the law of the jungle?

Only the strong survive.

If that bothers you,
try beating your competition.

If your tteokbokki is tastier,

people will come to your shop instead.

Am I wrong?

You can't cut corners in life.

You must work your ass off.

Also, would it kill you to get a haircut?

Just look at you.
It makes one lose their appetite.

No wonder business is slow!

And with a face like that?

Who'd eat your tteokbokki?

Get a haircut.


You must've been at job interviews.

Did they go well?

Not really. They didn't go as planned.

And now I've run out of options.

By the way, the office is really nice.


Actually, I asked to see you

to talk to you
as a potential business partner.

A business partner?


Are you offering me a job here?


What do you think about running a business
with the mansion you live in?


I know that sounds grand,

but it's nothing more
than renting out the vacant rooms.

Like a shared house or guest house.

I see.

The place is spacious enough,

and we could give it a unique concept
by renovating it a bit.

I'm not asking for an answer on the spot.

Just consider the idea
since it's a viable option.


I don't give advice
to just anyone, you know.

I'm telling you because it's you.

I want you to be happier than anyone.

You deserve it.

When my blood is apparently
full of poison?


Oh, it's nothing.

Wouldn't it be better for you
to have others around the house?

Right, of course.

If you're interested,
I'll help in any way I can.

My company's not so bad, you know.
We're good at what we do.






A guest house?

What's that?

To put it simply,

we'll be renting out our spare rooms.

I see.

It must be the modern-day version
of a tavern or inn.

A guest house. GH for short.

-Never in a million years.
-Why not?

It's a no.

Why are you against it?

We have spare rooms anyway.

Don't you think it's inefficient
to have this big house all to ourselves?

How else will you pay me back my money?

I told you I was waiting for someone.

I'm not suggesting we sell the house.

A hot spot.

Let's turn it into a hot spot
like Shaded Oasis once was.

We can call it Shaded Oasis Guest House.

You said you once ran a popular joint.
Give that another try.

I said no.

Who knows?

If the place takes off,

there's a higher chance
that Hae-sun will come here.



might come?

That's a possibility.

Do-sik is a prominent figure
in this line of work,

and he's willing to help.

-Why would he help?


Because we're college friends?

Anyway, I'm not fond
of receiving help from others,

but I'm in no place to decline.

I have my credit card bill
and inheritance tax to pay next month,

and I'm out of options.

This house can be seized
if I fail to pay the tax in time.


-That can't happen.

So do as I say if you don't want that.

As of right now, this is our best option.


Are you heading home?



Staying late doesn't guarantee customers.

I'm better off saving money
on electricity.

All that sells is ox blood,
which makes no money.

Still, you're lucky to have
Mr. Ox Blood as a customer.

Lucky, my ass.

Watch your language, will you?

By the way, when is the upcoming
neighborhood patrol?

I believe it's this week. Why?

-Really? Are you sure?
-Yes, I'm sure.

I should teach them a lesson

that living in this neighborhood
won't be all that great.

Let's go.

The guy is quite famous.

Oh my gosh.

He's so handsome.

Can't you introduce him to me?

Why? So you can feed on him?

Don't be ridiculous.

"Every place he touches
turns into a hot spot."

"Man with the Midas touch, CEO Shin Do-sik
of Refresh Real Estate Consulting."

-So this man

will help you transform the mansion
into a guest house?

-How nice of him.

This isn't him being nice.
I think he likes her.

Offering help
without wanting anything in return?

That's a sign of love.

The way I see it,

I'm certain that Shin Do-sik likes her.

I'll get going then.

That's right.

Butler Joo also wasn't acting
like her usual self.


They must like each other.

Then I must get them together.

All will be well
if she falls in love with him.

That's right.

They'll get together often
to discuss the guest house,

so just be a good wingman.

Did they go well?

Not really. They didn't go as planned.

And now I've run out of options.

She rarely speaks of her hardships.





I thought about the proposition you made
regarding the guest house.

Can we meet up and talk
when you have time?


Hey, Do-sik.

So tell me.

Have you thought about it?

I hope I didn't call too soon.

It's all right.
I was just about to contact you.

I'd like to take your advice
and open up a guest house.


I'm glad.

But I know nothing about this field.

I've been doing some research myself,

but I'd appreciate it
if you could help me out.

How can I not when you're asking?

I'll help to the best of my ability.

Thank you.

While we're at it,
why don't we meet up today?


Bring me all the data we have
on guest houses.

Sorry? Why all of a sudden--

No, wait.

Let's put together a task force first.

Get them ready for a guest house project.

-Mr. Shin--
-We don't have time.

The client will be here at 4 p.m.,
so hurry.

Get moving.

Yes, sir.


Are you here to see Mr. Shin?

Oh, yes.

Please follow me.

You're here.

Do-sik, what on earth is going on?

I thought of a concept
for your guest house.

This is a bit much.

-Don't feel burdened.
-But I do!

Take a seat.

I will now begin the presentation
on the conception plan

for the guest house in Gongcheon-dong.

While retaining
the hanok style and structure,

we transformed it
into a more modernized guest house

with practical
and modern interior designs.

The unused space was turned into
a laundry and utility room

to accommodate the guests.

The elegant features
of the century-year-old mansion

will be kept intact while...

How was it today?

You came up with so many ideas
in such a short time.

I was surprised.

When I offer my help, I go all out.

Thanks to you,
I feel less burdened about all this.

Thank you.

I need to check out the structure
and measure the space.

When can I visit?

Oh, the house?

I'll discuss it when I get home
and let you know.

Oh, of course.

All right.

Let me know.


Thank you so much for today.

Sure. Call me if you have any questions.

Okay, I will.

Head on inside then.

Offering help
without wanting anything in return?

That's a sign of love.

The way I see it,

I'm certain that Shin Do-sik likes her.


I can only become human
by drinking Butler Joo's blood

after she falls in love.

Let's focus on that for now.


-What is it?
-Come downstairs so we can talk.


Why did you call me when you were home?

I didn't want to risk it

by knocking on your door.

-What's up?
-I contemplated long and hard

about that guest house you mentioned.

Go ahead with it.

It's already in motion.

-Also, Do-sik wants to

visit the mansion someday.

When is convenient for you?

Is this a situation

where I should give you two some space?


What are you getting at?
It's nothing like that!

Why are you getting defensive?

I was only worried
about my identity getting revealed.

What inappropriate thought
is running through your head?

Forget it. You can stay home.

My goodness.

Also, can you stop speaking in that way?

I shall try my best.

What's with him?

Whatever. Why do I even bother?

Do-sik, you can come by the mansion
at your convenience.


Mr. Gu.

Yes, Mr. Shin.

Are we busy this Friday?

You have a meeting
with a construction company

and a site visit scheduled.

If they're not urgent,

can we push them back to next week?


All of a sudden?

Something urgent just came up.

That urgent business that suddenly came up

must be related to the guest house.

I'm not sure.

All right.


Hello, Ms. Na.


I have a job for you.

-What is it?
-Shin Do-sik.

Look into him for me.

What exactly are you worried about?

Before I do anything,

I want to make sure he is a decent fellow.

Look into his love life, financials,

drinking habits,

and anything else
you can find out about him.

Are you looking out for her?

Don't be ridiculous.

You're acting like a worried big brother.

That's not it.

As if.

Why would you park...

What are you doing?


Lee Man-hwi.

I may look younger than you,

but I'm way older.

Show some respect.

-What brings you here?
-I'd like to ask that myself.

What are you taking photos of
hiding like a rat?

"A rat"? What are you talking about?

I was just intrigued
by this hot spot, that's all.


-Until when will you live like this?
-What do you mean?

We're forced to live for centuries,

so when will you stop living like a loser?

Woo-hyeol is back,
so things will probably get better.

What did you just say?

Seon Woo-hyeol is back?

I'll tell him you said hi.

Goodbye then.

Ms. Na.

It's tough to see you these days.

Sorry about that.

I had urgent business to attend to.

The mansion in Gongcheon-dong I mentioned.

I was hoping to buy it.

Oh, that?

The one who inherited the place
is a college friend.

-Is that so?
-But I'm afraid

purchasing the property isn't an option
due to her current situation.

Instead, we've been discussing
utilizing it as a potential guest house.

A guest house?

The noodle seasoning
does seem to add more flavor.

This piquant smell

that tickles my nostrils.



Until when must we live like this?

I thought Woo-hyeol's return
would turn things around,

but instead,
he only has me spy on someone.

What is it now?

Lee Man-hwi is as annoying as ever.

You ran into him?

I don't know who he's mooching off now,
but he's dripping with luxury.

He even has his own car.


He may not have his teeth
in someone's neck,

but it's the same as sucking human blood.

All he does is cause trouble
while mooching off someone rich.

Don't let yourself be fazed by this.

Nothing beats hard-earned money.

What's the point of slaving away?


Could there be another way?

Like what?

If only we had those gold bars.

-Gold bars?

The ones we buried
under Woo-hyeol's coffin.

Wait. Didn't you take them?

It wasn't me!

-I thought it was you!
-How many times must I tell you

that it wasn't me who took it?

All right.

I'm going to find those gold bars
just to clear my name.

If we had those gold bars,
our lives would've turned out differently.

Where did they go though?

Should we look for them?

Don't waste time on something useless

and learn a skill or two.

I hear excavator operators
earn quite a lot.

I don't have a driver's license,
so why would you suggest that?

It must be the landlady.

-Goodness, hello. Come on out.

What on earth is that smell?

-Ventilate, will you?

And let some light in
from time to time as well.


I was trying out a new recipe. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I came by to say
I'm increasing the deposit next month.

What? The deposit?

Why are you so surprised?

This is the cheapest place around here.

I guess, but...

This is all too sudden.

Ma'am, things are tight for us these days.

That's not any of my concerns.

Anyway, that's what I came to tell you.

What now?

What else can we do?
We have only one option.


Let's find those gold bars.

I should just quit.

I've had enough.

Is there a vampire in this day and age

who isn't aware of the consequences
of biting humans?

What the hell?

Damn it!

Who the hell are you, old man?

Lead a good life.

When times change,

so should you.

Heed my warning.

What the hell?

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

All you had to do was ask for help.

Why do you always do things alone?

I'm not used to doing that.

When you live alone for so long,
you forget how to ask for help.

Yet asking for help on the guest house
came easily.

It wasn't just to benefit me.

Then what?

You're waiting for someone here.

What if we end up losing the house

because we can't pay the tax?

If you're to meet that woman again,

this house needs to stay
in our possession.

Am I wrong?

I knew it.



Your eyes...

I'm talking about
my reflection in your eyes.


In your eyes...

What the...

Hey, Do-sik.

I just wanted to see my reflection.

This evening?

Yes, I'm free.

There's someone I'd like you to meet.

We'll talk over dinner.

I'll text you the address.

Oh, okay.

I'll see you later then.


There should be a reservation
under the name Shin Do-sik.

Just a moment please.

-Please follow me.


Hey, Do-sik.

Have a seat.



This is CEO Na Hae-won of Baderich.

She runs a real estate investment company.

This is Joo In-hae,
my friend from college.

It's good to meet you, In-hae.
I've heard a lot about you.

I heard you're preparing
to open a guest house.

Yes, that's right.

I told her in advance.

It seems tough,
but I'm willing to give it a try.

I'm not sure how this will sound
considering we just met,

but I was hoping
to invest in that guest house.

You want to invest?

I don't know if Mr. Shin told you,

but I've been interested
in that mansion for a while.

I see.

But it was built over 100 years ago,
so it's pretty worn out.

That's what I like about it.

I'm curious.

For what reason has it managed
to stand firm all these years?

It's as if the mansion is talking to me.

Did I sound like a lunatic just now?

We'll discuss it more over our meal.


She seemed familiar.

Hey, did you have a good time?

What did Do-sik say?

Since when did you call him
by his first name?

You barely even know him.

Because you always do.


So it rubbed off on me too.


We might receive an investment.

-An investment?
-Do-sik introduced me

to a CEO of an investment company,

and she wants to invest in our guest house

because she's fond of the place.

She has good taste.

She's also beautiful and rich.

Is that so?

She asked to see the mansion,
so I told her it could be arranged.

She's our investor,

so showing her around
is the least we can do, right?

Then it's decided.


What happened with Do-sik?


Shin Do-sik is a workaholic
who spends most of his time at work.

From the office to meetings,
and then back home. Day in, day out.

Nothing was out of the ordinary. The end.

Okay. Good job.

By the way,

do you know who I met while tailing him?

-Lee Man-hwi.

He was startled to hear about your return.

Is he doing well?

I bet he's better off than any of us.

Rich and all.

-Is that so?
-Which brings me to this.

Seop and I are thinking of
looking for the gold bars.

-The gold bars?

You already took them.

It wasn't me!

I already told you!
Why won't you believe me?

I'm going to find them
just so that I can clear my name.

It really wasn't you?

If I find it, we'll divide it equally.

-What do you mean?

We divide it three ways.

In half.

Do-sik, you're here early.

I came straight from my previous schedule.

-Come on in.
-May I?

Wow, this is nice.

It's well-kept for a mansion this old.

Hey, there. Welcome.


We meet again.

We do.

Pleasure to work with you.

Pleasure's all mine.

I'll give you a tour.

-Follow me.

We'll swap out this painting.

And we should get new wallpapers
rather than painting over them.

That sounds good.
The wallpaper extends to this hallway.

Don't you think the chandelier's
hanging too low compared to your height?

A bit.

Has the place been cleaned?

Yes, we cleaned it thoroughly.

I bet it took days.

-Who knew she could giggle like that?
-No, but it took a whole day.

So those are the rooms

-on the second floor.

I thought that the rooms on this side
could be for single guests.

-There are rooms that way that--
-Hold on.

Thanks, Do-sik.

-Would you like to check over here?

Let's see.

There's a car.

The place has been getting
a lot of visitors these days.

Are there talks about redevelopment?

The house is more spacious than I thought.

-Is it?

There are more than enough rooms,

so it'll be a great fit for a guest house
after some minor renovations.

I'm glad to hear that.

What's over there?


That's just the basement
we use for storage.

Basement storage?

Can I take a look?

Actually, no.
I didn't get around to cleaning it.

Did you enjoy your tour?

I did.

The structure's old,
but there's an elegance to it.

You seem to have better taste
than I thought.


Woo-hyeol, don't you have things to do?

I don't.


If it's okay, could I get a cup of tea?

Oh, of course.

Would you like to have a seat?


There's something
I've been wanting to ask.

May I ask about
your relationship with In-hae?

I heard your ancestors were acquainted,

but what's the exact nature of it?

Our ancestors did know each other.

And that's all.

If it's not too much to ask,

may I ask you to spell it out for me?

Are you that curious?

-I am.

How can I not be curious when
a man and a woman are living together?

The fact that I'm living with her

must really bother you.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't.

I also have something to ask.

Butler Joo, I mean...

What do you think of In-hae?



I think of her as a good friend.

Is that all?

What answer are you looking for?

A manlier one.

A manlier answer?

One that is more certain and reliable.

You know what I mean.

In that case,

she's the woman I wish to protect.

How's that for an answer?

Here you go.


It has a nice aroma.

It's jasmine tea.

Thank you for today, Do-sik.

It was my pleasure.

See you next time.

Have a safe trip back.

-I'll get going.
-Okay. Get home safe.

What did you talk about while I was gone?

It better not have been anything weird.

You must be happy to have
so many people who protect you.


Do you know what he said?

"She's the woman I wish to protect."

"How's that for an answer?"

That's what he said.

How manly of him.

What's with your face though?

What? Why?

What about my face?

You seem angry.

I'm not.


Don't worry. It's pretty much done.

You don't even have to play matchmaker.

All you have to do is wait.



You scared me.


What the...

What are you doing here at this hour?

Didn't you get the notice?

What notice?

We're supposed to go
on neighborhood security patrol today.

Security patrol?

Is that a thing?

-Of course.

As long as you live in this neighborhood,

you must patrol the area
on designated days.

-Of course.

The alleys are secluded,

and the police substation isn't nearby,
so our neighborhood...

-It is ours to protect.

Right, I see.

But that doesn't mean

you can come by my house unannounced
at this hour.

-My gosh!
-You startled me!

What is this about?

You startled us.

What brings you to our house?

Mr. Ox Blood, I'm glad you're here.

Get ready for tonight's patrol.

Here you go.

You heard them.

You will patrol your areas
in groups of two

-and meet back here.
-Got it.

-You know your areas, right?

Good luck then.

-Good luck.
-Good luck.

Over there.

-Over there?

Turn that on first.

Shall we?

Don't you think

we should cut those youngsters some slack?

They're still our neighbors.

Think of the real estate prices.

Right, the real estate prices.

Let's see how long they hold out.

-Come on.
-Let's go.

I haven't patrolled a neighborhood before.

I've done it countless times.

Neighborhood patrol?

I guess you can say
I protected humans every night.

I checked every night to see if any humans
were attacked by vampires.

You did?

Why? Is it hard to believe?

It wasn't for the humans though.

It was for our sake.

I didn't want to be hunted again.


There were humans
who were after vampire blood.

Vampire blood?

Hae-sun died in the hands
of those hunters for me.

And I've been waiting
for her ever since...

without being able to turn human
because of someone.

Talk about holding grudges.


when Do-sik came by,

you didn't seem all that happy.


I thought about it,

and I could understand why.

You kept the house intact for centuries,

but I swooped in
wanting to fix it here and there.

I felt bad.

A hundred years ago
must seem like yesterday to you,

so if everything disappears overnight,
you'd feel empty.

I'm sorry.

I didn't think that far
into how you'd feel.

You had dust in your hair.


Thank you.

I guess patrolling isn't so bad.

It wasn't.

Ms. Na?

What brings you by at this hour?

I was nearby, so I thought I'd stop by.

I see. Why don't you come in for some tea?


Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park



Are you suspecting Butler Joo right now?

Gold Bar Search Party!

Would there be any clues left
after all this time?

Just focus on becoming human.

Be a man and push forward!

It's Hae-won, not Hae-sun.

Na Hae-won.

Don't think of her as the Hae-sun
who only lives in your memories.

Think of her as the Hae-won she is now.

Mr. Seon, why aren't you eating anything?

-Be careful not to...
-"...expose myself as a vampire."

So this is what shrimp tastes like?

The world may flip upside down,

but those who are meant to be
will end up together.

Nobody remembers their past lives.

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