Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Woo-hyeol strives to turn In-hae's blood into full-of-love, but she shows no interest whatsoever. To make matters worse, rumors spread within the school that Woo-hyeol and In-hae are dating, which resulted in In-hae losing her job...

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It's you, right?

What is this about?

What on earth are you saying?

Were you dreaming?


Don't get cute with me!

My eyes!


I guess it works on vampires too.

This is amazing.


You approached me all of a sudden,
so I got scared.

I'm sorry.

Will you make me shed tears of blood
next time I scare you?

So tell me.

Why did you knock on my door at this hour?

You better have a good reason.

It's quite a tear-jerking story.

Are you ready?

Long ago,

there was a woman

who sacrificed herself to save me.

Is her name


But why did you call me by her name?

Do we look alike?

No, not at all!

Not one bit.

What the heck?

Before Hae-sun died, she said

that she'd come find me

and we'd love each other
with all our hearts.

That's why I wanted to become human.

I wanted to experience love

that makes my heart beat with her.

So when you opened my coffin

with a day left until 100 years,

it made my blood boil.

I'm sorry about that.

It wasn't intentional,

but because of me--

Yes, it was all you.

I think the coffin opened

because it was you.

What do you mean?

For a moment,

I thought you could be Hae-sun.



That would explain

why you were able to open the coffin

and why I was able to know
every time you were in danger.

You're delusional.

You said I was your butler's descendant,

and now I used to be your lover
in my former life?

I died trying to protect you?

Don't look at me like that.
It makes me uncomfortable.

If she and I don't even look alike,
what gave you that idea?

The other day...

when I tasted a drop of your blood
from your lips,

I felt Hae-sun.

Are you talking about

past lives, reincarnation,
and whatnot right now?

Are you serious?

-Don't be ridiculous!

You must be kidding me.

My current life is exhausting as is,
so stop yapping about my former life.

And even if I were that woman,

shouldn't you let me live my life
if I died for you in my former life?

You've been following me around
for multiple lifetimes.

That's considered a crime these days.

It's called stalking.


Yes, stalking.

What you're doing isn't love.
It's obsession.

It's an illness.

How could you obsess over
one person for centuries?

That's so creepy.


All right.

As long as you really are Hae-sun,

I can put up with anything you say to me.

-You're Hae-sun, right?
-Stop! I told you I'm not!

Past lives? I couldn't care less.

Reincarnation? It appalls me.

I'll consider this life
my first and last one,

so don't drag me into your nonsense!

-My gosh.


I can't believe she said that.

I didn't see that coming.

If she meant what she said,

there's no point in me becoming human.

She wants to be free.

Let her go.

There are many women out there.

But none of them like me.

I beg to differ.

You don't know anything for sure yet.

She may not be the woman
who you've been waiting for.

-You said from their conduct to looks,

they couldn't be more different.

And most importantly,

her blood is extremely poisonous.

But the woman you're waiting for
wouldn't have such blood.

You're right.

To become human, you need to drink
her blood after she falls in love.

So focus on achieving that goal first.

All right.

You're right.


-could I get her to fall in love?

I don't see the problem here.
Just make her fall for you.

-Fall for me?
-You're the mighty Seon Woo-hyeol.

You're not one to worry about women.

He's right.

You used to make women shed
quite some tears. What's gotten into you?

This time, she made me cry.


Oh, it's nothing.

Never mind.


to be honest, I feel a little hurt.


You never told us

why you wanted to become human
when we asked.

But you already told her everything.

We go back centuries
while you only just met her.

Does our friendship
mean that little to you?

Does it?

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to show you guys
that side of me.

And it's also a painful memory for me.

You wouldn't have understood if I told you
that I wanted to become human

to experience love
that makes my heart beat.


Hey, why would you...

This is why

I like Woo-hyeol.


He's tall, handsome, and fashionable.

He's too good to be true.

But there's always
this lingering sadness about him.

It makes me want to embrace him.

-Don't you agree?
-I do.

He couldn't be manlier on the outside,

but he's all soft and warm on the inside

like soft tofu.

You always seem to make food analogies.

Thank you for understanding.

I don't know
if I should be saying this, but--

There you go again. Don't say it.

One, two, three. I think I should.

This lady named Hae-sun...

Is she pretty?

If you have a photo of her,
can I take a look?

Hold on. She's too old
for there to be any photos of her.

How about a drawing?

This is why I can never trust you.

-What's wrong with being curious?
-Stop it.

Anyway Woo-hyeol, don't worry too much.

-We'll try our best to help.
-We will.

Thanks, guys.

Bring it in!

-We can do this!
-Let's do this!

We can do this, Woo-hyeol.

I didn't expect you
to pick me up yourself.

I'm touched.

Then my plan worked.

Thank you. I know you're busy.

I can always make time for you.

But what brings you to Korea
all of a sudden?

There's an old mansion that I once saw.

And I keep thinking about it.

As if it belonged to me.

I'd love to know more
about your new obsession.

It's in Gongcheon-dong.


Are you familiar with that area?

Well, I've been there a few times.

That's why I came to Korea.

I can't seem to get it off my mind.

I told you not to move.

I don't want to.

-You ask her.
-What's wrong with you?

-Hurry up.
-Come on.

Go and ask her.

-Stop it.

What do you want to ask me?

Ask away.

You ask her.

If you need to talk in private,
you can come to my office later.

Are you dating the handsome custodian?

-There are rumors going on

that the two of you are dating.

Who said that?

-Is it true?
-It's not, right?

-No, it's not true at all.
-Is it?

-Ms. Joo, wait!
-Wait up!

-Tell us!

Excuse me.

This is for you.


What is it now?

-Have some snacks.
-Why are you giving these to me?

I told you I wasn't your lover
in my former life.

-I know.
-Then why are you doing this?

I can't eat these anyway.

And sweets make people happy.

Mr. Seon Woo-hyeol, do you like me?


Haven't you heard the rumor?

What rumor?

That there's something going on
between you and me.

Like what?

I mean...

People think...

we're dating or something!

How ridiculous!

Who in the world...

Excuse me. I, too, hate
to be associated with you.

I'm stressed out as is
with my upcoming contract renewal.

What contract renewal?

Forget it. It's none of your business.

Those ridiculous rumors
aren't worth our time.

So don't be affected by it

and focus on doing your job.

And don't bring me stuff like this.

What are all these?

Lollipops, chocolate, jellies...

They're full of sugar.

Too much sugar causes diabetes.

I was just--

Are you trying to kill me
so you can take over the house?

Dream on. I'm going to live long.

Take it and leave.


No. I've given it to you,
so you do whatever you want with it.

What's with him?

How am I supposed to make
a woman like her fall in love?

Make her feel loved.

They say one needs to be loved
before they can love.

The same goes for her.

Make her feel
that there's someone who loves her

and is rooting for her.


Anonymous love letters.

This is my heartfelt gift to you.

You're more beautiful than a flower.

I hope you have a good day.

You were born to be loved.

I'm always rooting for you.

So it's a flower basket this time?

You must be very popular, Butler Joo.

Hello, is this the police?

I'd like to report a stalker.

Some lunatic has been leaving
flowers and notes on my doorstep every--

-What are you doing?
-What do you think?

I'm filing a police report.


Why are you reporting this to the police?

Can't you see?

Someone's been leaving these
on the doorstep every day.


you should consider
this person's feelings.

I hate people who do this
without revealing their identity.

When you receive these,

aren't you supposed to feel loved

and get excited?

Excited, my foot.

It creeps me out because
it feels like someone's watching me.

Well, that didn't work.

What did you say?


She almost had the police
come to the house.


That's odd. It works most of the time.

As if! Things could've been bad.

Is that all you have to say?

Since she's never been in love
or a romantic relationship,

even if someone is nice to her,

she must assume
there's an ulterior motive.

An ulterior motive?

Woo-hyeol. How about you try
audiovisual training?

Audiovisual training?


When she sees couples that are in love,

she might be able to feel something.

Goodness, you're being very distracting.

What is it? Do you have something to say?

Are you free tomorrow by any chance?



Look here.

I got these.

"Movie tickets"?

Where did you get them?

Do you know the tteokbokki shop
in front of the school?

I won a prize there.
It's called Dong-seop Snack Shop.

-Tteokbokki shop?

But you can't eat tteokbokki.


I was running an errand
for my fellow cleaning ladies.

Your fellow cleaning ladies?


Do you want to go with me?

As you know, I was asleep for 100 years,

so I haven't had the chance
to engage in new cultural activities.

And I don't know how to use these tickets.

Do you think I'll go with you?

Why not?

Do you not like going to the movies?

It's not that I don't like
going to the movies.

When a man and woman go to the movies,
it means they're on a date...

What I mean is...

Anyway, you don't go to the movies
just to watch movies.

What do you mean?

Who is that?

Who are you?

I thought that young man
was the only one who lives here.

-Well, that's...

I came by to drop this off.

What's wrong?


-What is it?

What brings you here?

So you were home.

You wanted to buy ox blood the other day.

-I had some leftovers.

You can have it if you want.

It's still fresh.

Why would you smell that?

Thank you. I really appreciate it.
You'll be blessed.

You definitely will.

Why are your hands so cold?

Cold hypersensitivity!

That's why.

He has poor blood circulation.

By the way,

how come you guys live together?

Are you newlyweds?

No! Never.

If not,

why would a young man and woman
live under the same roof?

That's because...

Haven't you heard of shared housing?


Shared housing.

People live together and split the rent

because housing prices
are so high these days.

It's a trend among young people.

-I guess you didn't know.
-What a ridiculous trend.

You can just say you're living together.
What's with the complicated explanation?

Because that's not it!

We strictly use
separate areas of the house.

It's really not what you think.

All right, whatever you say.

But I'm telling the truth.

I'm done here.

-I'll get going.

Go back inside.

-Go on.

-It's not what you...

You're quite the social butterfly.

When did you become friends
with the butcher shop owner?

I'm a vampire, not a butterfly.

A very sociable one, at that.

Weird rumors will spread throughout
the whole neighborhood now.

Aren't you the one who said
those rumors weren't worth our time?

Don't tell me...

Are you not going to the movies with me
because of the rumors?

What are you saying?

You know,

the lady thinking
we're newlyweds and whatnot.

Is that the reason why?

Fine, I'll go!

As I said, those stupid rumors
aren't worth our time!


Let's not worry about what others think.

But still, be careful.

If you do anything even vaguely weird,
I'll just leave you there.

Like what?

What are you trying to imply?

You're the one who's...

I get it.

I'll see you
at the fourteenth hour tomorrow.

-Fourteenth hour?

All right, then I'll meet you here
at 2:00 p.m.


I'm going to my room.

Oh, my!

Then Woo-hyeol, are you going on a date

with that human woman?

It's more of a task than a date.

It's his desperate attempt
to become human.

Have you decided what movie to watch?


Is there more than one movie?

Action, comedy, romance, horror.
There are many genres to choose from.

Since the goal is to teach her
about love, go for romance.

A sweet love story.


However, what's more urgent
than choosing a movie

is choosing my outfit.

That's right.
What you wear is extremely important.

I haven't been to the movies
in a long time,

so I have no idea what to wear.

I only feel satisfied
when I choose my outfit

according to
the place, time, and occasion.

You're not going to a film festival.
You're going to the movies.

Don't go overboard.

Don't go what?


Just wear casual clothes like these.

It'll be enough.

That's not a good idea.

It'll only be uncomfortable
if you get suited up.

Just go for the effortlessly chic look.

-Effortlessly chic.

-Effortlessly what?
-Go for the effortlessly chic look.

Go where?

Just do as I say.

Go for the effortless look.

Woo-hyeol, there's this thing
called the effortlessly chic look.

It means that you should look good
without trying too hard.

Hold on. Do you want me to help?

When it comes to men's clothes,

you should trust women's opinions.


Please assist me.

Let's see.

-This one.
-This is perfect.

-This is it.
-No, next.

Are you entering a talent show? Next.

Goodness, look how great he looks.

You paid for that?

I did.

Oh, my gosh.

Effortlessly chic?

Are these all you have?

Sang-hae, remember
that coat I sold to you?

Where is it?

You did a good job dressing
like someone from this generation.

So? How do I look?

Well, you look pretty good.

But where did you get these clothes?


That tteokbokki shop.

I won a prize there again.

Does a tteokbokki shop
usually give prizes like these?

Let's go.


What on earth is their relationship?

They're neither strangers nor lovers.

Butler Joo.

Are you upset?

You enjoyed the movie, didn't you?

After telling me not to do anything weird,

how could you snore at the movies?

I almost died of embarrassment.

I didn't get much sleep last night.

Didn't I tell you to go to bed early?

Did the thought of
going to the movies with me

-keep you from sleeping?
-How did you know...

I mean...

I just couldn't fall asleep!

I'm never going anywhere with you again!

What is he even saying?

How ridiculous.


-Look who it is.
-You've lost a lot of weight.

With Na Hae-won, my soulmate, so far away,

I felt lonely and empty.

Soulmate, my foot.

Aren't we business partners?

That's harsh.

How can you say that?

We have unfinished business.

Which is?

Haven't you heard the news about

Right, are you talking about the mansion?


I think I'm hooked.

I can't seem to give up on it.

You want it that badly?

There's nothing you can't do
if you set your mind to it.

It's not easy, is it?

Mr. Ko.

Did you think it'd be easy to turn
poisonous blood into blood full of love?

Sweets and romantic movies won't cut it.

It'd be a miracle if those tricks worked.

As expected, you already know everything.

You need to make genuine efforts.

Genuine efforts?

Pay more attention to her.

Have you once thought about
how she ended up

with such poisonous blood?


Turning poisonous blood
into blood full of love

is no easy feat.

It's as hard as sleeping inside
a hawthorn coffin for a century.

Perhaps it's even more difficult
than that.


You must touch her heart.

Feelings, not tricks.


You won't renew my contract?

It was decided
at the school board meeting.

But the contract isn't up yet.

This is too sudden.

It wasn't an easy decision.

There are rumors going around about you.

From cutting a student's hair

to the recent fire...

Are you blaming me for those incidents?

You should've let sleeping dogs lie.

Do you know how much trouble
you caused us?

All I had to do was fire that custodian,

so why did you have to butt in?

Anyway, we have no intention
of renewing your contract,

so prepare to hand over your duties.

Oh, have you heard
about Ms. Joo, the school nurse?

Her contract won't be renewed.

She shouldn't have stood up
for that custodian.

What brings you here?

Butler Joo.

By any chance,

did you get fired because of me?

Who said that?

I heard people talking.

They said you got fired
because you stood up for me.

I didn't stand up for anyone.

I only said what I saw.

It's not because of you.

This has nothing to do with you.

The principal always disliked me.

I'm serious.

He hates people
who say everything that's on their minds

and butt into other people's business.


I should be the one getting comforted.

She must've liked it.


We'll have a cheese platter
and a bottle of Côtes-du Village.

-Excuse me.

Can I have a cheese platter

and a bottle of Côtes-du Village?


I'd like to pay.

Ma'am, we're doing a lucky draw
to celebrate the opening of our bar.

Would you like to participate?

It says, "Free pass."

What does it mean?


Everything you ordered today
is on the house.

-It's free?

It's your lucky day. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Should we drive her home?


There are days when you want to be alone.

It'd be insensitive of me
to approach her now.

It's late. Why isn't she home yet?

What do I care?

Guys, stop!

Gosh, can you...


Are you okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

What brings you here?


Right, I was just passing by.

I see.

Anyway, did something happen today?

Why did you drink so much?

I'm out of work.

The school didn't renew my contract.

I was feeling down,
so I wanted to drink a little.

But it's okay.

Why do you always say things are okay?

Don't drink alone next time.

I'll drink with you.

You'll catch a cold. You should head home.




Is everything okay, sir?

Sorry? Why?

You seem to be happy
and in good condition these days.

Is there something going on
that I'm unaware of?

-Does it seem that way?
-I've known you for a long time,

and you've been acting differently lately.

Like what you did at the bar earlier.

Pretend you never saw that.

Okay. Don't worry, sir.

Anyway, I'm glad you look happy.

I am.

It feels like
I'm an innocent college student again.

Butler Joo,
don't you know what time it is?

Gosh, you reek of alcohol.

You're completely wasted,

and you bought more alcohol?

So what?

I can't even drink when I want to?

I need to relieve my stress
one way or another.

You said you wanted to become human
to experience love

that makes your heart beat, right?

-But you know,

the reality isn't

as beautiful or romantic as you think.

Love that makes your heart beat?

My heart only beats once every two years.

Why is that?

My contracts renew every two years.

Both my house contract

and my employment contract.

So every two years,
I worry if I'll get kicked out of my house

or get fired from my job.

It makes...

my heart go...

It makes my heart beat like crazy.

Are you saying...

you've never experienced love

that makes your heart beat?

I had no time to.

My mom was very sick.

And debts were piling up
because of her hospital bills.

My dad moved from place to place
looking for work

and running away from the creditors.

At some point, he lost touch,

and he didn't even come
to my mom's funeral.

I think that's when I realized,


I'm alone."

"I need to survive at all costs."

I couldn't even dream of dating.

Even the thought of dating
was a luxury to me.

But look where I've ended up
even after working so hard.

All my blood, sweat, and tears

went right down the drain.

I don't know what more I can do now.

You're doing great.

Although you were alone,
you stayed strong.

It's admirable.

I'm proud of you.

I must be drunk.

I'm going to my room.


What's wrong with me?

What a pleasant morning.

Butler Joo.

Butler Joo.

She's not one to sleep in till this late.

Butler Joo.

Butler Joo?

Are you still sleeping?

Butler Joo,
I'm not trying to do anything weird here,

so don't use that spray thing again, okay?

Butler Joo?

Don't spray anything.

Butler Joo.


How can you still be asleep?

Butler Joo, don't you know what time...

Butler Joo.

Butler Joo.

She's burning up.

Are you not feeling well?

I'm okay.

What do you mean you're okay?
You look like you're dying.

But look where I've ended up
even after working so hard.

All my blood, sweat, and tears

went right down the drain.

I don't know what more I can do now.


This is it.



Excuse me.

Hello, we've met before.

I'm Shin Do-sik, In-hae's college friend.


Is In-hae home?

Yes, but I'm afraid she's sick in bed.

I see.

Then can you give this to her?

What is this?

She seemed to be coming down
with a cold, so I got worried.

How did you know?


The ssanghwa-tang
from Dongui Bogam that's made from

white woodland peony,
broomrape, and cnidium.

You can get hold of it so easily now.

Goodbye then.

Here. I made this ssanghwa-tang myself.

Why would you make it?

Medicine is only effective
when prepared with care.

Drink up.

You must've been tired.


You look better.

The ssanghwa-tang you made was a big help.

Did I make any mistakes last night?

In fact, you did.

You went on and on about
how your heart beats every two years.

What are you talking about?

Seeing how you're raising your voice,
you must feel better now.

Anyway, thank you for caring for me.

I only ever looked after sick people,

but I never had someone take care of me
when I was sick.

It feels nice.

Well, it's nothing.

I'm getting a call.



Here are your drinks.

Thank you.


Thank you.

I didn't force you to come out
when you're still unwell, did I?

Are you really okay?

Yes, I'm okay.

I took medicine, so I'm feeling better.

That's a relief.

Are you in a better mood as well?


That's good.
You should take care of yourself.

How is it staying in that mansion?

The house is big so it must feel empty.

Considering how old it is,

I'm sure there are issues
with insulation and heating.

There must be bad drafts too.

That's true.

But I don't really have a choice.

Still, it's important to live
in a decent place.

I think it'd be better for you to live
in a warmer and cozier place.

Have you considered moving?

For now,

I don't think that's possible.

Are you competing with Mr. Seon
for the rights?

If that's the case,
I might be able to help.

No, that's not it.

It's a personal matter.


I think I have to live there
for the time being.


It's admirable. I'm proud of you.

Although you were alone,
you stayed strong.

Ms. Joo!

I've been meaning to tell you this
for a long time.

Thank you for what you did that day.

Thank you for paying attention to me.

Na-rae, you stayed strong.

It's admirable, and I'm proud of you.

Good luck
with the rest of your school years.

If you ever end up in a similar situation,

let your parents know.

They're always on your side.



I'm really jobless now.

How will I pay my card bills
and taxes next month?

What do I do?

Nothing seems to be going my way.

Come to think of it,

I haven't been down here
since my first day.

Gosh, I was too distracted back then
to notice anything.

So this is what the basement is like.

Butler Joo?

What are you doing down here?

You startled me.

I didn't hear you come in.

Must I knock when entering my room?

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry.

So what happened was...

Is this her?

The woman you're waiting for?

Yes, it is.

What would happen...

What would happen

if I really was her in my former life?

Would you fall in love with me?


What do you think about running a business
with the mansion you live in?

A guest house? Never in a million years.

A hot spot like Shaded Oasis.

There's a higher chance
that Hae-sun will come here.

Go ahead.

You want to invest?

I'm curious.

For what reason has it managed
to stand firm all these years?

She seemed familiar.

I can only become human
by drinking Butler Joo's blood

after she falls in love.

Let's focus on that for now.

It's pretty much done. You don't even
have to play matchmaker.

What's with your face though?

What? Why?

What do you think of In-hae?

She's the woman I wish to protect.

The fact that I'm living with her
must really bother you.

I'd be lying if I said it didn't.

Subtitle: Jea-heon Chung