Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

The blood on In-hae's lip triggers a memory in Woo-hyeol, reminding him of Hae-sun. Woo-hyul wonders if In-hae is the reincarnation of Hae-sun. In-hae is concerned about her first kiss with Woo-hyeol and feels more uncomfortable s...

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Just like how you only have one heart,

you can only truly love one person.


will come find you.

And when I do,

let's love each other with all our hearts.

Drink my blood...

and remember me.


What are you doing?

No way.

Can you put me down first?

Right now!

Oh, right.

Slow and steady!

I'm scared!

Could you...

truly be...


I knew it.

All that for a drop of blood?

Have you lost your mind?!

I definitely felt it.

Feel what, you pervert?!


I definitely felt Hae-sun

in her blood.


There's no way.

My first kiss was with a vampire?

You drank her blood?


Don't tell me...

No, it wasn't like that.

Then how?

From here.

Her lip was bleeding.

I couldn't help myself.


Are you saying you kissed her?

Well, it wasn't my intention,
but yes, that's what happened.

No way.


How can he have more game
when he's only just woken up?

I've never kissed anyone.

And you never will.

Don't be silly.

What is it? Is something up?


Have you guys

ever seen someone's past
or glimpses of their former life

after drinking their blood?

This sounds awfully familiar.

-Don't you see that in TV shows?

Seeing the past and cracking cases
after drinking blood.

You're right.

But that's only fictional.

It's never happened to me. What about you?

Drinking blood alone
is a luxury I can't afford.

Why do you ask though?

Did you sense something in her blood?

No, it's...

I was only wondering if it could happen.

It's been ages
since I last drank fresh human blood,

so I must be out of it.

Who is it at this hour?

-I'll get it.

Hey, customer. When will you pay up?

It's been months!


Get inside.

Let go!

Woo-hyeol, help me!

I told you to pay up. You're dead meat!

It's Seon Woo-hyeol.

No way!

Woo-hyeol, is it really you?

I can't believe it.

Did you become human
after your 100-year slumber?


You don't smell human though.

I'm afraid that's how it is.

Why? What happened?

Rose, it's a long story.

Then keep it short.

He's half-and-half.
Half-human, half-vampire.


hang in there.

There's not much I can offer, but...

Take this.

This is Rh-negative. It's hard to come by.

Hey, hands off.

If you don't pay up
by the end of next week,

you can kiss your deliveries goodbye.

Anyway, I have backed-up orders
to take care of,

so we'll catch up some other time.

-I'm off. Bye!

-Bye, Rose.

She just left?

That smells delicious.

I see that Rose

is just as feisty as ever.

She's too feisty for her own good.

She still goes dancing every night.

What's wrong about doing what she loves
with the money she earns

from early-morning delivery jobs?

Early-morning delivery?

Right. These days,
when you order something,

it's delivered to your door
the next morning.

While delivering packages for humans,

she's been dropping off
packs of blood for vampires.


Why don't we get in
on this early-morning delivery service?

Are you hoping to crash a truck as well?

I don't think that's a good idea.

By the way, Woo-hyeol,
what will you do now?

-About what?
-You must be in a tight spot

after kissing her.

Why don't you stay the night here?

-Should I do that?

What are you talking about?

Why sleep here when you have a house?

I thought I had made myself clear.

You are to secure that house
no matter what.

Get going, Woo-hyeol.
Go home and face it head-on!


Be a man and tell her the truth.

"I hadn't seen fresh human blood
in so long

that I completely lost control."

"That's all."

"I don't have any feelings
for you whatsoever."

All right.

Where were you all night?

I was out getting some fresh air.

I see you're still awake.

How can I sleep?

I'm living with a vampire
who's out for my blood.

"Out for your blood"?

When have I been out for your blood?

Just for a drop of blood,

you didn't hesitate

to put your lips on mine!

If that isn't you being
out for my blood, what is?

I apologize for that.

But it truly wasn't intentional.

Then what?

Seeing blood right before my eyes,

I ended up losing control.

In no way was I making a move on you.



My heart has never beaten.

Romantic feelings are unknown to me.

I am not wired to experience love
that makes my heart beat like humans do.

All I have

is a desire to drink blood.

Same here.

All I have is a desire to earn money.

We're good then.
I'll pretend a mosquito bit my lip.


What's wrong?

Isn't it better for us that way?

A "mosquito"?

That's a bit harsh.


are pests!

Would you prefer being called a tick?

A "tick"?

If you think about it,

I'm not entirely wrong.

Clinging on to others
and sucking their blood.

That's what ticks do.


You little...


If you want me to treat you like a human,

get out there and earn money.

You said you wanted to become human.

Then be prepared to live like one

and quit acting like a mosquito.

Why aren't you answering me?

Have you actually become a mosquito?

Understood, ma'am.

There's no way she's Hae-sun.

Absolutely not.

Please enter--

The door is unlocked.

The door is open.


This is a secret book
that has been passed down in our family.

Let it at least be you

who breaks this damned curse.

Two visits a year would suffice.

Coming by this often

will only fatten the hospital's pocket.

My chest feels tight,

and it's bothering me.

Is it because of your
family's medical history?

I understand.

Your father was healthy

until he passed away from a heart attack
before turning 40.

The same goes for your grandfather.

Multiple tests show
that you're perfectly healthy,

but you're experiencing symptoms.

I get why you're worried.

But still, try to take it easy.

Stress can affect your health.

I got word that Ms. Na
will be coming to Korea this week.

This week?


I'll pick her up at the airport,
so adjust my schedule accordingly.

Yes, sir.

A mosquito? A tick?

Must she be that harsh?

She's the very reason
you ended up this way.

It's strange though.

What is?

First, she was able to open the coffin.

And now, the bite mark she left

throbs every time she's in danger,

as if we're connected somehow.

She bit you?


did she bite you?

-I mean,

how can a vampire get bitten by a human?

Well, she didn't exactly...

It wasn't that deep.



I don't see anything.

That can't be true.

Every time she was in danger,
the bite mark would throb, so I saved her.

-Is it really not there?

There's nothing.

That's odd.


is she the reason you asked
if drinking blood

could make you see the past
or former life of someone?

What on earth did you see
after tasting a drop of her blood?


you see...

I have an upset stomach.

What did you have for lunch?

What is she doing there?

What is it?


My gosh. You found hair in the tteokbokki?

Goodness me.

I'm terribly sorry.
I'll have the order redelivered.

How could that have happened? I apologize.

My goodness.

I've been so stressed out
that I'm losing my hair.

Anyway, I'll go drop off the order
at the high school across the street.


That one?

Yes. They found hair in the food.


Can I

deliver the food?



What the heck?

Am I seeing things now?

Please enjoy.

You shouldn't run your business like that.

Not when the food is for kids.

Oh, right.

Take this to the dumpster on your way out.

We couldn't even eat it.

Do me a favor, will you?

This is just pure trash...

You can't call at the last minute
and say you can't come.

We're short-handed as is.

When you don't show up,
the workload falls on the rest of us.

Whatever. I'm hanging up.

Look here, young man.

-Hold on.

You can't just chuck this out here.

Haven't you heard of recycling?

No, I haven't.

What should be recycled?

Cans and plastic should be placed

in their designated bins.

You can't just leave a heap of trash here.

Look what's in here.

I only brought it here
because someone asked me to.

Trash shouldn't be thrown out like this.

Anything stained with chili powder
can't be recycled,

but you people never listen.

-Get over here.


I'll teach you how to recycle today,

-so put these gloves on.

-Watch closely.

This is regular trash.

As for cans...

-Cans go in here.

Sort out the trash like so.




I don't think I recognize you.

Where do you belong?

I'm on my own.

Gosh, don't joke around.
Who sent you here?

Dong-seop Snack Shop.

Just get back to work.


By the way,

do you know someone
by the name of Joo In-hae?

Joo In-hae?

As in Ms. Joo, the school nurse?

Ms. Joo.

I tripped and hurt myself.

A school nurse
who tends to injured and sick students.

What an honorable occupation.

Can I help you, sir?

-Stop pushing me!

The school grounds aren't open
to just anyone!

-Hurry up and leave.
-"Just anyone"?

Look here.

I was here to make a delivery...

If you want me to treat you like a human,

get out there and earn money.

Could there

perhaps be a job around here I could do?

A job?

What kind of job?

I used to teach at a night school.

If I'm to teach students again,

history seems like
the most suitable subject.

As a living witness of history,

I can offer great insight to students.

What are you yapping on about?

There's nothing you can do at this school,

so get lost.

-Get lost!
-It can be anything.

-I told you to leave!
-I just need a job.

-All I want is a job.

Wait, it's the young man from earlier.

-Do you know him?

Are you looking for a job?


Then follow me if you want.

I wasn't expecting a handsome
young man like you as a colleague.

My goodness.

Right. How may I help you, ladies?

Why does he sound so formal?

Would you like me to carry this?

My goodness.

He's so handsome!

He's unbelievable!

-No way.

-He's so hot!
-Can you believe this?

He's so good-looking!

I've never seen someone so handsome.


Are you okay, ma'am?

You're a sir, not a ma'am.

You're the motorcycle guy.


Is this intentional?

Jumping from one women's job to another?

And do you keep attacking me on purpose?

Pick them all up this second!

Isn't it your job to clean?

That little...


It's another slow day.

I haven't had a single customer for days.

Are you here for a tarot reading?

I am here to take a load off my heart.

Says the man who looks like a guru.

What could be troubling you so much

that brought you to such a humble place?

I have a friend who has been living
his life fueled by one goal,

and there's something I must tell him.

But I'm not sure how I should tell him

so that he can take it well.

I just can't figure it out.

Right, I see.

Anyway, you came to the right place.

Let's take that load off your heart.

You sure know what you're doing.

Now, choose five cards
while thinking about your concern.

Flip one of them.

This is...

Look at the card.

It shows a collapsing tower,
which symbolizes efforts in vain.

Do you see how the tower
is being struck by lightning?

Talk about a bolt out of the blue.

Perhaps your friend has been
working on something for a long time,

but that will all have been for nothing.

Or maybe not.

I guess the situation is somewhat similar.


See? The cards always know.

What the...

Come on.

Stop that.

Is it just me
or do these all look the same?

If you take a closer look,

the colors are slightly...

All is well as long as
the reading is correct.

Trust me on that.

This is the only one you can read, right?


You're a lost cause.

What did you say?

Talk about being rude.

Do you not feel bad

for cheating desperate people
out of their money?

Shouldn't you know better
after living for hundreds of years?

Who the hell are you?

Guess who I am, and I'll let it slide.

This must be a crackdown.

You pathetic fool.

How do you expect
to put blood on the table?


I panicked, thinking you're human.

Cut a fellow vampire some slack.

As if.

You and I are different breeds.

Right, of course we are.

Anyway, here you go.

The prices are marked, so take your pick.

And don't forget to pay me
for the tarot reading.

It's 20 000 won.

Come in.

I'm here to empty your trash can.

What are you doing here?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm emptying your trash can.


I got a job.

Are you crazy?

This is a school and my workplace.

As of today,

it's also mine.

That's not what I meant.

Quit immediately.


You told me to earn money
if I wanted to be treated as a human.

Also, cleaning turns out to be quite fun.


Why did you have to choose this school
of all places?

Can't vampires come to school?

Of course not! It's filled with students.

I'm no threat to them.

How can you guarantee that

when you jumped on me
as soon as you saw me bleeding?

Who knows what'll happen?

Well, that--

Ms. Joo, my nose is bleeding.

Please leave.

Right now!

What does she take me for?

The least she can do
is compliment me for working hard,

but instead, she treats me
like I'm some monster.

Who says you can get me to quit?

I won't quit!

Woo-hyeol, please calm down.

I can't believe
I felt Hae-sun in her blood.

I must've been out of my mind.


It's nothing.

By the way, what are you wearing?
Did you get a job?

Oh, this?

I got a job at the school.

-I see. Congratulations.

But please tell me
you made the delivery first.

Right, of course.

I did.

What a relief.

Thanks a lot.

-It's not much,

but let me at least pay you
for delivering the food.

Gosh, forget it. That's not necessary.

Keep it.

I got my job thanks to you, so we're good.

-But still.

Break time is over. I should get back.

Have a good day. I'm off.

But Woo-hyeol...

I should've offered more.


In-hae, are you free this evening?

If you are, maybe we can grab dinner.

Sounds good.

Where should we meet?

Do-sik, I'm at the address you texted me.

Are you sure this is the place?

Where are you? I'm on my way out.

-Hey, In-hae.

-Gosh, that took me a while.
-This is the place.

I was looking around everywhere.

Let's head in.



Have a seat.

I didn't expect this
from what I saw outside.

Thank you.

Is it because it's remote?

It's almost empty.

-It isn't officially open yet.

It's the wine bar my company is opening.

The official opening is next week,

but I wanted to bring you here
before that.

It's been a while since we met,
and we haven't even had a meal together.

I probably lost
a lot of points as a friend,

but here's to making up for it.

Choose a dish,
and I'll recommend the wine.


I'm not familiar with these things,
so you can just order.

Is that so?

Then first,

we'll have a cheese platter
and a bottle of Côtes-du Village.

It's quite delicious.

Would you like to try it?

-Excuse me.

Damn recycling.




this smell?

I'll get right to you
once I'm done with this.


His teeth.

They're pointy.


What did I say about
pointing fingers at people?

-I hate you, Dad.
-I apologize.

It is all right.

How much is this?

Let's see.

Do you need ox blood?

Are you making soup?

Hold on.

Didn't we meet
in front of the mansion the other day?

You said you were the owner.

-You do look familiar.
-I knew it.

Did you get into the house all right?

Luckily, I managed to find the key.

Aren't you the one who told me

that my family will be blessed
for generations?

-That crazy--

You're the one
who resembles your ancestor.


Anyway, do you want some?


I'm afraid I forgot to bring any money.

Do you live around here?

He does, in the huge mansion nearby.

The one with the walls.

He lives in that mansion?


The haunted house?

The place is off-limits to kids
because it's spooky as hell.

Do you really live there?

We thought it was empty.

The house had been vacant for a long time,

and I only just returned.

You returned?

Would you perhaps
like to stay for a cup of coffee?


That is quite all right.

And the ox blood?

I shall return.

-He returned here?
-After a long time?

Daebak Real Estate,
Jeil Real Estate, or Woori Real Estate.

The house wasn't sold by any of them.

So when did he buy the place?

Why are they all so nosy?

Mr. Ko.

Have you been well?

You drank a drop of her blood?

Yes, one thing led to another and...

I told you to keep an eye on her,
not drink her blood.

But I felt something strange

from Butler Joo's blood.

What do you mean?

I felt Hae-sun in her blood.

She's the one who sacrificed herself
for me a very long time ago.




What's wrong?

You must run away.

The people found out.

They will come for you.

It is all my fault.

Because of me...

Let's go together.

Let's run away together.

That's the only way we can be together.

What is the meaning of this, Lord Shin?

Step aside.

He is a vampire.

He is a dangerous being
who feeds on human blood.

No, he is not.

He is the one who saved my life.

He would never knowingly hurt a human.

How is a lady of noble birth

defending such a monster?

Step aside while I give you the chance.

If you do not,

we will have no other choice.

She stood up for me in front of others.

She's the only person
who accepted me for who I am.

Even while sacrificing her life for me,

she allowed me to drink her blood.

It makes no sense.

From their looks to their conduct,

they couldn't be more different.

So how could I have felt Hae-sun
in Butler Joo's blood?

When you miss someone deeply,
it can cause confusion.

On top of that, you hadn't had
fresh human blood in ages.

Give me your hand.


How peculiar.

Is there something--

Do not covet her blood again.

Her blood is poison to you.


Take water for instance.

Water starts boiling at 100°C.

So what would happen
if it is removed from the heat at 99°C?

It wouldn't boil.

That's right.

I don't know how she opened your coffin,

but what she did was the equivalent

of removing the water from the heat
just before it boiled.

To make the water boil,

you need her blood.

Her blood?

You just said it was poison.

That's right. Her blood
is too cold for you right now.

Rather than heating the water
to its boiling point,

it will cool it down.

Have you ever seen a human in love?

Of course.

Rosy cheeks, flushed lips,

and blood pumping wildly through the body
from the heart.

It's a marvelous sight.

That's it.

Her poisonous cold blood

must be filled with passionate love.

You must get her to fall in love.

That is what you must do.

Drink her blood

after she falls in love,

and you will

become human.

"Blood filled with passionate love"?

How's your new place?

Do you like it?

Well, kind of.

It's not so bad.

It must require maintenance
considering how old it is.

I'll have to fix the issues as I go.

Let me know if you need any help.


Thank you for the meal today.

Get home safely.

Just a second.

What's this?

It's a housewarming gift.

This really isn't necessary.

It's nothing big. Open it.

I noticed the other day that the alley
was rather dark and secluded.

It must be scary to walk home alone.

Thanks, Do-sik.

Hopefully, you'll never get to use them,

but just in case.

I'll get going then.

Goodness, you reek of alcohol.

You can smell it from there?

We, vampires,

have heightened senses compared to humans.

We're sensitive to smell,
so please keep that in mind.

Whatever you say.

Also, it's not respectable

to chat so loudly on the street.

Why would you eavesdrop?

I didn't.

I just happened to hear it
while I was on the roof of my own house.

As I said, I have heightened senses.

That includes my hearing.

By the way,

quit your job at school.


Or I'll expose your true identity.

Do as you please.

I thought you wanted me to earn my keep.


There's so much trash to sort out.


I will take care of it, so do not worry.

I hate to burden you like this.

The boss shouldn't see you resting.


You should go to the nurse's office.

Go rest there.

You have a bad leg as well.

Thank you, young man.

Come in.

Your ankle is swollen and badly bruised.

Doesn't it hurt?

I sprained my ankle while walking down
the stairs this morning.

This might be a bit cold.

I recommend that you rest for a while.

If you walk on this, it'll only get worse.


Thank you, Ms. Joo.

The young man
who recently joined the cleaning crew

has been so considerate.

I only came to see you
because he insisted.

He even offered to fill in for me.

He's not like people of this day and age.

Well, he's not someone
from this day and age.


Oh, it's nothing.

He doesn't mind carrying heavy things

and respects his elders.

He's been a huge help.

Why is it that there's no end
to this so-called recycling?



That little brat.

Classes resumed ages ago.

Where were they at?

What were they up to back here?

More recyclables, I see.


Woo-hyeol, where are you?

I'll be right there!

Is there a fire?

What's with the fire trucks?

There's a fire.

-My gosh.
-How did this happen?


Make sure it doesn't spread
to the adjacent building!

-Oh, dear.
-My gosh.

Who started it?


-Oh, my.
-My goodness.

-What's going on?
-The storage caught on fire.

-That's right.

What will we do? My goodness!

-Oh, no!

My goodness.

What are we going to do?

Oh, dear!

I knew there would be a fire.

-I see there's a fire.

-It wasn't me.
-What do we do?

I told you not to smoke.

-Please step back.
-Oh, dear.

I know what to do.

A member of the cleaning crew
smoked behind the abandoned storage?

How thoughtless can you be?

Your job is to clean,
not smoke on school grounds!

The entire school almost went up in flames
because of you!

I never smoked.

All I did was clean up the area.

How dare you deny it?

The kids saw you!

They saw you smoke there,
so don't you dare deny it!


there seems to be a misunderstanding.

I've gotten to know him,

and he's not one to blatantly lie.

When he saw I hurt my leg,

he sent me to the nurse
and filled in for me.

You rested at the nurse's office
while on the job?

How could you be resting
while on the clock?

Just quit if you're going to slack off!

Maybe it's about time
we switched cleaning companies.


How will you take responsibility for this?

I won't let it slide.

The school will officially
file for damages

and have you compensate us, understood?!

Instead of cleaning,
he was smoking on school grounds.

What will the students learn?

Who hired someone like that?

-What's your problem?

What is it?

You have the wrong person.

Smell his hand.

-Why you...
-Didn't you know

kids gather behind the abandoned storage
to smoke and drink?

Or did you knowingly turn a blind eye?

In case you didn't know,
here's the evidence.

You little...

Let's not accuse the wrong person
when it's clear who's at fault.

-Can you believe it?
-No way.

Why would you hide there and smoke
when you should be studying?

Have your parents come see me!

Don't just stand there. You're dismissed!

Get over here.

Something's fishy.


What do you mean?

The guy who moved into the mansion.

He gets on my nerves.

He speaks a bit strangely,

but he's tall and good-looking.

Who cares about his looks?

Did you already forget?

The neighborhood was almost chosen
for redevelopment.

Yes, I remember that.

There were talks,
but then it never happened.

That's right.

And it's because of that mansion.

The owner of the mansion back then

made a huge fuss
and refused to sell the place,

so the project was squashed.

Is that so?

The owner was adamant about
not selling the place.

So who's that man
and how is he living there?

I'm sure the owner had their reasons.

You dimwit.

This isn't a matter to take lightly.

The mansion has to be taken down
for the area to be redeveloped.

It's standing firm
and ruining our neighborhood image.

That's why real estate prices
have been at a standstill.

So what?

It's not like we can kick him
out of the house.


we'll have to find out
why he moved in there.

If things don't look good,

we'll make him leave of his own accord.

Let's not accuse the wrong person
when it's clear who's at fault.

He is the one who saved my life.

He would never knowingly hurt a human.

What on earth did you see
after tasting a drop of her blood?

I definitely felt Hae-sun

in her blood.

I see myself...

in your eyes.

Are you not afraid of me?

I'm not that afraid of you.

You saved me from death.

You're my one and only friend.

Welcome, Ms. Na.

What is it?


What's wrong?


Drink my blood...

and remember me.

It's you, right?

Have you been well?


There was a woman
who sacrificed herself to save me.

I keep thinking about it.

As if it belonged to me.

-You're Hae-sun, right?

Stop! My current life is exhausting as is,

so stop yapping about my former life.

Could I get her to fall in love?

-Do you think I'll go with you?

Is he going on a date?

Have you once thought about
how she ended up

with such poisonous blood?


Butler Joo,
did you get fired because of me?

Are you competing with Mr. Seon
for the rights?

If that's the case,
I might be able to help.

You must touch her heart.

Although you were alone,
you stayed strong.

You're doing great.

Subtitle: Hye-lim Park