Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

In-hae finds out that Woo-hyeol is a real vampire. However, what Woo-hyeol buys with her credit cards even makes her more shocked. She threatens to sell the mansion if Woo-hyeol can't repay his debt and starts living with him unde...

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Haven't you sucked enough blood?

Now leave.


go home.

You crazy bastard!

If you come back in here
claiming to be a vampire again,

I'll make you pay.

If I take your hand,

what will happen to me?

Are you here

to save me?


catch me?

For now,

let's say I'm here to save you.

Hey! Stop right there!

Where do you think you're going?

That ungrateful brat.

Stop running away!

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

That's not the problem, officers.
He's a crook.

He conned me.

You have to arrest him now!

Please save me.

Please take me to a safe place.

Please hurry, officers.




-Tell me the truth.
-I'm serious!

I slashed his face with my knife,

and the wound disappeared immediately.

So you used a knife?

And he was extremely strong.

He bent a steel pipe like it was rubber.

And a steel pipe?

That bastard...

He's no human.

I saw everything.

I know what he is.

What do you call it?

A vampire.

That bastard is a vampire.

Are you joking?

A vampire?

She saw him too!

Tell him what you saw.

You were there too!
What I said is true, isn't it?

Is it?

You better tell him the truth.

You damn crook.

Who are you to call him a vampire

when you've sucked me dry
by taking my money?

Give me back my deposit!

Give me back my money!

-Did you use it up already?

Give it back to me!

-I never took your money.
-There he is.

-Over there!
-There he is!

The more I think about it,
the more upsetting it is.

I jumped through the hoops to save her,

and she ditched me
without even thanking me?

What a cold-hearted woman.

How did I end up
getting involved with someone like her?

And what was that about?

What is this place?

A waterfall inside a building?

Feel free to take a look around.

Wow, that jacket looks perfect on you.

You look like a model.

I'm not surprised.

Would you like to try on a few more?

You look great.

-Would you like to purchase all of them?
-Sure, please--

Wait, I don't have money.

Will you pay it in full
or in installments?

I'll pay in full.


I forgot I had this.

I'll pay with this.

In installments?

I'll pay in full.

"Enjoy Korean food in style."

Where's the food though?

They're Bluetooth earbuds.

I'll pay in full.

I'll pay in full.

There are many victims,

and he'd rather serve time
than pay them back.

It won't be easy
to get your money back soon.

Wait. My wallet.

My phone's dead too.

This is driving me nuts.

This thing is incredible.

I can't believe

I can buy so much with just this.

Where should I go next?

Why are you getting home so late?

Hurry and open the door.

Hold on.

What are all those?



-It's maxed out.

You were asleep for 100 years.

Do you even know how to use these?

I can learn.

What on earth is this?


These are called Bluetooth earbuds.

If I put these in my ears,

I can listen to music.

I'm quite fond of music, you see.

I thought I'd need these

when I buy my cell phone.

That's not what I was asking!

Who said you could use my card?


You think I don't buy them
because I don't know about them?

I've been using these for years,
and one side even stopped working!

My gosh!

Can you bite me?

-You die if you get bitten

by a vampire, right?

Let's get it over with.

How dare you say that?

You want me to kill you after I saved you?

I have no reason to live.

Not only did I lose my money,

but there's a vampire living
in the house I inherited,

and that vampire maxed out my card.

I have no choice but to die.

Don't you agree?

I'd rather die.

Why would you die over just some money?

"Just some money"?

Say that again, will you?

Do you know how I've been living
because of that damned money?!

I've lived on expired food
from the convenience store to save money.

And people call me a tenacious bitch
for living such a life.


So don't you dare talk
about money like that.

Money is everything to me!

Why are you trying so hard to save up?

I don't have any family or friends,

and I never plan on getting married.

I'll be on my own forever,
so I'm responsible for myself.

I despise inconveniencing others
or asking for help.

So the only way to protect myself
is by having money.

And you'll regret living like that
in your last moments.

I'm speaking from experience.

Even 100 years pass by
in the blink of an eye.

It feels like I didn't get
a wink of sleep.

So you should live your life
doing what you want.

Follow your heart.

Don't live for money.

Who are you to lecture me
after maxing out my card?

So what if you're a vampire?

So what?

If I had known this would happen,
I should've told the cops the truth.

I will give you the money.

Do you think I went into that coffin

without any plans?

I made preparations
for circumstances like this.

I knew something like this would happen
so I prepared myself.

What does she take me for?

I almost burned them all away.

-My goodness.

What are all these?

They belong to Mr. Seon.

It's for when I become human.

Times may change, but gold won't.

Why do you have so much?

If you sleep above this,
you'll get a rash.

Please put it down
before you get a rash on your side.

Such great foresight.

All right.

With this,

I'll be able to live without any...

It's empty.

Where did they all go?


The thing is...

I had hidden some gold under the floor

for when I woke up.

But they all

vanished without a trace.

What did I expect?

I swear I put them...

Forget it.

Put this on.

For what?

You want me to leave?

We should return and sell what we can

to make up for the money you've spent.


You're going to sell this?

Do you really think there's anyone
who can pull this coat off like I do?




PRICE: 800 000 WON


The fact that she opened it and awoke you

tells me she is no ordinary human.

Keep her by your side
and keep an eye on her.

She might be the one holding the key.

How on earth did she open it?

What did you say?


And let me get this straight.

I have no intention of living
as some vampire's butler

just to keep a promise
made by my ancestor I don't even know.

Hold on.

If you do not wish to be my butler,

do you even have a place to stay?

What do you mean? This is my home.

This is a house
that I've rightfully inherited.

I cannot believe how shameless you are.


Who's calling who shameless?

If I sell this house without telling you,
do you even have a place to stay?

I'm warning you.

I can put up with everything else,

but don't you mess with this house.

And I can't put up with people
taking my money,

so work your ass off to pay me back.

I'm messaging you regarding the coat.

Is this authentic?

Of course, it's an authentic product
purchased at the department store.

May I see the receipt?

I don't have the receipt,

but it was only worn once,
so it's pretty much new.

I like the design and style, but...

Is it because of the receipt?

I'm not sure if it'll suit me.

What the...

So will you buy it or not?

So you can sell things this way?

Then please think it over and let me know.

I'll be honest.

I like the coat, but it's a bit expensive.

Can I get a discount?

I'm sorry.

You're stubborn like a mule.

What the...

Okay then. It's a deal. Let's meet up.

Go to Gongcheon Station
tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

At 2:00 p.m.?

By myself?

I have work tomorrow.

You bought it, so you sell it.

Goodnight then.

I mean...

-Let's go.




Min-jae, who are you greeting?

Do you know her?

I don't think I've seen her before.


Gongcheon Station at 2:00 p.m.

Find a man wearing a cap
and a long black puffer jacket.

Make sure he pays 800 000 won.

Do not give him a discount.

Excuse me.

Dangun Market?


What the...

They're all dressed the same.

Dangun Market?

Dangun Market?

Dangun Market?

Dangun Market?

Dangun Market?

Don't tell me he stood me up.

Dangun Market?

Yes, Dangun...




So something did happen.

I thought you were avoiding us
because you became human.

Honestly, if I had become human,

I would've avoided you.


How could you say that?

You're so harsh.

I was just kidding.

You haven't changed a bit.

And you still covet my clothes.

I don't have money,
but I have a sense of fashion.

I'm not sure if I should say this, but...

-Then don't.
-One, two, three.

I think I should.

Can you give me a discount?
I've wanted this coat for a long time.


She said I can't give you a discount.

Is she that scary?

Before that,
I'd like to ask you something.

What is it?

-It's you, isn't it?
-What do you mean?

The pieces of gold
buried beneath my coffin.

You took them, didn't you?

What are you talking about?

It's okay.

Just be honest.

-Is it really not you?
-What are you...

saying right now?

It's not me.

I swear it's not me.

Then who could it be?

I doubt it was Dong-seop.

Butler Joo isn't the type
to do such a thing.

Why am I the only suspect here?

Because you're suspicious.

No way.

Look at you, the star of Gyeongseong,

now selling secondhand items.

Seop will cry his heart out
if he sees you like this.

"Woo-hyeol, how did you end up like this?"

Woo-hyeol, how did you end up like this?

-Have you been well?
-Yes, as you can see.

We visited the house on the day
you were supposed to wake up.

I can't believe you woke up one day early.

Tell me about it.

One second.

See? I told you.

You must be hungry.

Drink up.

What about me?
Is he the only vampire around here?

You're so petty.

I'm sorry, Woo-hyeol.

We should've checked up on you more,

but it's hard making ends meet.

Why should we apologize?
We're not the ones who opened the coffin.

No, you're not.

Sang-hae is right.

You have no reason to apologize.

It's all my fault.

What are you, half-baked?

I can't believe
you're half-human and half-vampire.

What will you do now?

As Mr. Ko said,

I will keep my eyes on her.

There must be a way.

Either way,
it's a relief that you're okay.

I was worried sick about you.


The world has changed a lot

while you were in the coffin.

Selling blood? It's been banned for ages.

Sucking human blood?

You can't even dream of it.

CCTVs and dashcams are everywhere.

With scientific investigation,
they can even catch spirits.

I've never sucked human blood
since the Third Battle of Seoul.

How did the world become
such a harsh place?

It's all because of money.

People even give up on getting married
and having kids because it costs money.

The population is taking a nosedive.

It's the worst famine in history for us.

That pack of blood you drank
costs over 100 000 won.

-100 000 won?

That's why you must be on your toes.

In this day and age,
vampires don't suck human blood.

Humans suck vampires dry.

That's right.

Speaking of which,

do you have any money saved up
by any chance?


About five million won.

My gosh, Woo-hyeol.

I have some money
I must pay back urgently.

How could you already have a debt
when you just woke up?

And a whopping five million, at that.

Well, if five million is too much,

then how about a million?

I'm also neck-deep in debt
after starting this shop.

I almost forget.
I need to get back to cooking.

I've always been neck-deep in debt!

I see everyone has it rough.


We have purchased cheap old buildings
in deteriorated urban and industrial areas

and are giving them a makeover.

With millennials and Gen Z
looking for new vibes,

retro designs and...

Do you have a place to stay?

Yes, I do.

Does she really have a place to stay?

The area doesn't have
much foot traffic yet,

but the potential is high.

It is certain to boom in the near future.

They caught the crook
you mentioned last time.

They caught him?



I was in the area
to check on the construction.

Are you packing up?


Oh, come on in.


I heard the crook got caught.

Yes, how did you know?

Well, I'm somewhat involved in the case.

Anyway, it's a relief.

Go away!

There it goes again! Where is it?

Where is it?

-Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

I'm not good with cockroaches.

You knocked down a criminal,
but you're afraid of cockroaches?

I'm not the one who...

I mean,

all crooks must be punished.

But don't do that next time.

You're more important than money.

What if things went wrong?

The taped boxes are good to go, right?

I got it, Do-sik.

You needed a cab anyway.

Just buy me coffee.

It's your lucky day.

Are you sure you have time for this?

I know you're busy.

That's not true.

-I'm not as busy as you think.

I'm my own boss.

I read your interview a while ago.

Oh, you did?

"The newtro leader, CEO Shin Do-sik
of Refresh Real Estate Consulting."

You're very popular.

Not at all.

You're embarrassing me.

By the way,
how did you get your new place?

I doubt you already got your money back
from that crook.


I inherited it.

You inherited it?

This is the place you inherited?

Yes, it's this house.

It's more like a mansion.

I didn't know
such an old house like this still existed.

It's cool.

Thank you for helping me today.

Don't worry about it.

I'll help you with the boxes.

No, I got it. It's okay.

Drive safe.

Thank you so much.


Butler Joo.

Who is he?

-Well, he's--

What brings you to our house?

Right, well...

He was acquainted with my ancestor.

He's staying here for a while
due to personal reasons.

Hello, I'm In-hae's college friend,
Shin Do-sik.

I am Seon Woo-hyeol.

Why are you so surprised?

Your hand...

is quite cold.

Cold hypersensitivity!

That's what it is.

He must have poor blood circulation.

I'm sure you're busy,
so you should get going.

Thank you.


I'll get going then.

Okay, goodbye.

We'll talk inside.

Why inside?


Damn it.

Why would you butt in there?

"Butler Joo"?

Have you lost it?

What did I do wrong?

And what was that handshake for?

Are you running for office?

What kind of vampire
loves attention so much?

Can't vampires love attention?

In your opinion,
what should a vampire be like?

Hiding and avoiding people,

being isolated, lonely, depressed,
or something like that.

Try getting as old as I am.

How can anyone live in hiding,

feeling isolated, depressed, and lonely
for so long?

-I am Seon Woo-hyeol.
-I wasn't asking for a handshake.

I want my money.

The money you got after selling that coat.



That's why you must be on your toes.

In this day and age,
vampires don't suck human blood.

Humans suck vampires dry.

There's 50 000 won missing.


That's not possible.

Didn't you count the money
when you received it?

Did you just take what they gave you?

Sang-hae, that little brat.

Gosh, this is frustrating.

I was too distracted
to say this yesterday,

but write me an IOU.


For my card bill.

I get that you're a vampire,

but that doesn't give you
the right to use my card.

You think you can get away
with spending my money?

Look here.

I think we're even here.

Because you opened my coffin a day early--

How much time do you need?

Three months? Six?

Fine, six months.

Write it yourself.

If only my gold
had still been there, I would--

Then go find it.



I'll write you an IOU.

Bring me a brush and an inkstone.

Just use a pen

before I hit you with an inkstone.

All right, Butler Joo.

Here you go.

I, Seon Woo-hyeol, will pay back
Joo In-hae within six months.

Sure. Great handwriting.

Anyway, keep your promise.

Or else, I'll sell this house
and take off.


So make sure to pay me back at all costs.

Should I just bite her?


What brings you to our house?

He was acquainted with my ancestor.

He's staying here for a while
due to personal reasons.

-I am Seon Woo-hyeol.

Acquainted with her ancestor?


Pick one.

Based on the card you picked,

you're not the one keeping an eye on her.

It's the other way around.

She's going to sell the house
if I don't pay her back.

Oh, money?

Then you should make an ID first.

An ID?


You need something like this.

Without an ID, you can't find work.

It seems like yesterday
that we used identification plaques.

Times sure have changed.

If I have an ID like yours,

can I start using my cell phone?

When did you buy this?

Then let's take a photo first.

All right.

A little to the left, Woo-hyeol.

A little to the right. Stop.

Now squat down.

Keep going.


All right. Come on, smile.

Never mind, don't smile.

Here we go. One, two.

You little...


Who knew you were good at something?

How would you like to pay, sir?

You took my 50 000 won,
so let's call it even.

This costs at least 500 000 won!

Then you shouldn't have scammed me.

Have you thought about how to find work?

I'm not sure.

Then follow me.

To where?

Where are we going?

You said you have to make money.

Come on.


Goodness, he's very good-looking.

Would there be any work he can do?

There's plenty.

You have an ID?


All right, let's see here.

-What type of job are you looking for?
-Anything is fine.


If possible,

it'd be great if I could wear a suit.

As you can see,

I look great in suits.

I feel dizzy

from smelling the incense for hours.

You wanted to work with a suit on
and you're doing exactly that.

Some more slices of pork please.

Coming right up.


Hurry and serve this.


Hold on.

Why isn't he cleaning up with me?
Where did he go?

Are you guys even human?

Get lost this instant!


I know you were exhausted,

but how could you sleep
in someone else's coffin?

They say lacquer coffins are nice,
so I wanted to give it a try.

Will you ever make any money?

Is there any other type of work I can do?

Rather than smelling incense all day,

I'd love to be outdoors,
getting some fresh air.

My gosh.

You're unbelievable.

What is that thing?

A vehicle.

A vehicle?

-Woo-hyeol, this is great.
-It is indeed.

We normally don't hire men for the job,

but you gentlemen look so friendly,
so I'm making an exception.

-Good luck.


Excuse me. One dairy drink please.

Bless you.

Oh, no.


Oh, no, the cooler.


Are you okay, ma'am?


You're a sir, not a ma'am.

You're laughing?

You little brat.

Hurry up and pick these up. Now!

I don't want to.

This little brat.

That little brat.

Hey, you!


What's wrong with you?

I got you a job at a funeral service,
and he slept inside a coffin.

I pleaded with the dairy company

and got you a job delivering dairy drinks,
and he messed that up as well.

He's still adjusting, so...

I'm about to get fired because of you!

Please calm down.

You know me, sir.

Could you please give us one last chance?

Never! Dream on!

Who knows what you'll do next?


What about the money
for the hours we worked?

Money? What money?

You should be relieved
that I'm not filing for damages!

Damn it!



Is he meditating or what?

It's cold. He should go home.

Why is he sitting out in this cold?

Is this some kind of performance?

It can't be.

This isn't the time to sit back.




Why do you look so tired?

I tried this and that to make money,

but it's not easy.

Of course not.

Making money is no easy feat.

Be ready to sell your soul to make money.

You sound like the Devil.

You're scaring me.

Here, take this.

I'll help you make money.

All right.

Let's begin cleaning.

If you help me,
I'll forget about the 50 000 won.

-Shall we begin?

Where do we start?

What are you talking about?

Shall we start with these?

Butler Joo.

Let's uncover the rest.

What are you doing?
Stop standing in the middle of the dust.

Hold on.

-Change into slippers.


Change into these.

What are these?

Hurry up.

The house looks much better
now that it's clean.

Good job today.

You too.

Well done.

How long have you lived here?

Well, this area used to be a forest

a long time ago.

And this place

was a small hut.

Since then,

it's been around 400 years.


That long?

Why did you settle here?

I'm sure there were other houses
that were fancier and had a better view.

I'm waiting for someone.

You're waiting for someone?

This used to be

our secret hideout

that only the two of us knew.

Hold on.



It's well-cooked.

It's delicious.

What was that?

I believe that they'll come back...

no matter what.

By the way,

are you

not afraid of me?

I'm more afraid of humans than vampires.

Didn't you see last time?

On top of taking my money,
that jerk even attempted to kill me.

I'm not that afraid of you.

If you wanted to kill me,
you would've done so already.

But you didn't.

Rather, you saved me from death.

How did you find me that day?

-How did you know

I was there?


I just...

felt it.

No need to stare at me like that.

Let's just say I saved you in return
for the noodles you bought me last time.


Are you saying that my life
is worth a cup of noodles?

Are you...

not afraid of me?

You saved me from death.

But still.


not human.

I'm a vampire.

You're not a monster, Woo-hyeol.

You're my savior

and my one and only friend.

What is this doing here?

Dad, don't go.

I won't be too long.


Hold on to this.

I will come back for you.

Keep it safe until then, okay?

All right.

I'll be back.

Sometimes, it took a day.

Sometimes, it took a week.

And sometimes, it took a month.

Every time my dad left
after giving me this pocket watch,

he came back without fail.

I believe that they'll come back.


Have you lost your mind?!

Her lip was bleeding.
I couldn't help myself.

No way. Are you saying you kissed her?

I felt Hae-sun in Butler Joo's blood.

Hae-sun allowed me to drink her blood.

We're good then.
I'll pretend a mosquito bit my lip.


From their looks to their conduct,

they couldn't be more different.

-I can't believe I felt

Hae-sun in her blood.

Welcome, Ms. Na.

Is it because of your
family's medical history?

Let it at least be you

who breaks this damned curse.

Drink her blood after she falls in love,

and you will become human.

Subtitle: Jea-heon Chung