Heartbeat (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Vampire Woo-hyeol has one desperate wish: to become human and experience heart-pounding love. He tried many ways to become human, but none of them worked. After hearing from a 1000-year-old cat that he can become human if he sleep...

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Long ago,

immortal beings lived on this land.

And there were greedy humans
who sought to obtain immortality

by drinking their blood.

Get them! Over there!

Do not let them get away!

Let's go.

I'm sorry. It's my fault.

My lord, I brought what you requested.

The arrowhead is made of silver,
which is deadly to vampires,

and the shaft is made of hawthorn wood.


Are you okay?

Oh, no.

That must hurt.

You should run. Hurry.

You have to.

They will never stop chasing you
now that they know what you are.

I'll be fine, so you should go.



What are you doing? Shoot him down!

Bring him down!

Capture that monster!


"Seon Woo-hyeol."

"He was our good friend."

"We will never forget him."

"He was our leader."

"A good-looking and fashionable leader."

"Despite being surrounded by women
all the time,

he was ungrateful and..."


"He was a very friendly person."

"Even if he leaves us,

the memories of him
will forever remain in our hearts

and long for him."


I plan on keeping
one of his favorite coats

so that I can remember him forever."

-Seop, you choose one too.
-I'm good.

Didn't you say Woo-hyeol's hat was cool?

That's only because he was wearing it.

My head is too big for it.

Who cares?

Just take it and worry about that later.

No, I'm really good. Hats aren't for me.

Then take it and give it to me later.

That seems a little unnecessary.

-I asked for a memorial ceremony,

but you're plotting treason?

When did you fly over there?

Woo-hyeol, you shouldn't be sitting there.

We haven't gotten
to the most important part.


Will you sell this house once I'm gone?

You're hurting my feelings.

Woo-hyeol, it's me, Lee Sang-hae.

You and I go back more than 130 years.

-Do you still not trust me?

I see. Forget it then!

Don't pick it up!

Do you know how much effort
I put into this eulogy?

I even got a nosebleed
staying up for three days to write this!

I put my soul into each and every letter.

How can you do this to me?

Butler Joo.

He ignored me.

You're the only one
I can trust with this house.

Please take good care of it.

Consider it done, sir.

I am forever at your service.

Let go. Woo-hyeol.

Let me ask you something.

I've been curious since day one.

Why are you so desperate to become human?

You're asking me that now?

Answer me.

Why are you trying so hard
to become human?

That's because...

Butler Joo.

I'll tell you once I become human.

Come on. I'm dying to know!

I really don't think this will work.

-We are vampires.
-What is the matter with you?

We must drink human blood to survive.

People fear us.


we aren't much different from these guys.

Mosquitoes don't suck people's blood
until they die.

Similarly, we don't suck people's blood

until they die.

This much is all we need.

Consuming less also extends your lifespan.

We hate the sun,

but we sometimes do go outside
during the day.

Exposure to the sun

increases blood consumption.

So we need to drink blood more often.

Do we have superpowers?

We can fly and are strong.

But we don't use our powers outside

since we have to blend in.

Why can't he clean with us?
He's so annoying.

-What did you say?

Our powers do come in handy when cleaning.

All right.

Goodness, you look exquisite.

You have such a well-proportioned body.

You love looking in the mirror, don't you?

Do you like the suit?

How would I know?


we can't see our reflection

in the mirror.

I love it.

Thank you.

As time went by,
vampires were forgotten by humans.

Therefore, we were able
to blend in with humans

and carry on with our lives.

He's so handsome.

Look at him.

He's so handsome.

-He's so good-looking.
-He looked at me.

I'm just too popular.

They aren't looking at you.

Woo-hyeol and I aren't too different.

We both have two eyes and a nose.

But the arrangement is different.


You're ugly.


Butler Joo, can we make it in time?

We can.

That person might come today.

They will come one day.


Shaded Oasis.

The most popular spot in Gyeongseong

that means "a shelter from the sun."

Those who love the night more than the day

gather here night after night.

Look at those moves!

Vampire hunters are no more.

But vampires still exist
living among humans,

under everyone's nose.

Butler Joo, I need a strong drink.

A strong one.

A soft cocktail.

A strong cocktail.

The woman killer.

Don't mix them up.

Have a drink.

I think I'm a bit drunk.

That's even better.

It makes the night more enjoyable.


It's nothing. Drink up.

Is there a girl?

Do I have a girlfriend?

Believe it or not, I'm single.

-My girlfriend is...
-That's not what I meant.

The owner.

Don't mind him.

We can go somewhere quiet and...

Let's go out. Give me a...

Stop bothering me like a dung fly
and get lost, will you?

A dung fly?

-If I'm a dung fly, then you must be dung!

-You smell like it!


Stop slacking off and get back to work.

-That hurts.
-Does it?

Excuse me.

-Follow me.
-You have no eyes for men!


How are you so handsome?

How can you be so perfect?

Do you have a girlfriend?

If you'll excuse me, ladies.

They didn't come today either.

What are you doing?

I clearly told you

that it's forbidden to suck human blood
at Shaded Oasis.

I didn't kill him.
I just had a little taste.

It's forbidden to suck human blood

at Shaded Oasis.

Has Seon Woo-hyeol not given up yet?

Becoming human? Jeez.

He even stopped drinking fresh blood.

A vampire who doesn't drink human blood?

How ridiculous.

How dare you talk about
Woo-hyeol that way?

Run your mouths again,

and I'll knock your fangs out.

-Are you cold?
-I'm okay.

My long-time hobby is observing

humans in love.

-Oh, my.

Thank you.

The flushed cheeks.

The red lips

that whisper love.

It's pretty.

Thump, thump.

Your heart races,

pumping blood

throughout your entire body.

It's fascinating.

My heart...

has never beaten once.

Because I've never been human,

I have never died,

nor have I ever

actually lived.

They say that
just like how you only have one heart,

you can truly only love one person.

What do you think true love is?

If your heart flutters,

does that mean it's true love?

If your heart flutters?

If your heart doesn't beat,

does that mean you can't experience love
that makes your heart beat?

I wanted to know

what love that makes your heart beat

felt like.

Since then,

I've tried everything to become human.

I want to become human!

-I want to become human!
-Woo-hyeol! Have you lost your mind?

-Are you crazy?

-It's so hot!

Despite everyone calling me crazy,
I kept on going.

-Gosh, Woo-hyeol!

Woo-hyeol! Seriously.

-What's wrong with you?
-Come on!

-Spit it out!
-Woo-hyeol! Why would you eat that?


-Why would you go this far?
-Is this really necessary?

Woo-hyeol, the Buddha must feel
uncomfortable. Stop it.

He should get some rest too.

Let's just pretend you became human.

-You seem human enough now.
-You do.

Nothing was able to make me human.

You must've been really hungry.

Do you like it?

Do you have makgeolli?

My taste has changed.

Do you like makgeolli?

-I'm Yang-nam.

Ko Yang-nam, as in "cat man."




You want to become human?

Yes, I want to become human.

Please tell me how.

You're almost 1 000 years old.

Since you found out
how a cat becomes human,

you must also know
how a vampire becomes human.

Why would you ask a cat about that?

I'm just a cat.

A 1 000-year-old cat.

Now I know why humans prefer dogs to cats.

What was that?

I'll be going then.


Why do you want to become human?

-What do you care?
-So I can tell you how.

Because of love.

I want to experience love
that makes my heart beat.


I made a promise.

That we would meet again

and love each other with all our hearts.


I'm okay.

I'm okay, Woo-hyeol.

Just like how you only have one heart,

you can only truly love one person.


will meet again.

I will come find you.

And when I do,

let's love each other with all our hearts.

Drink my blood...

and remember me.

Hawthorn coffin.


If you sleep

in a hawthorn coffin for 100 years,
then you can become human.

By hawthorn, do you mean...

That's right.
It's just as fatal to vampires as silver.

Telling me to sleep in a hawthorn coffin
for 100 years

is the same as telling me to die.




Only those who are ready to face death
will be given a new life.

Did you really think
you could become human that easily?

Woo-hyeol, it's not a year or a decade.

It's a whole century.
Will you really be okay?

If I can really become human,

I would stay in there for 1 000 years.

You'll get bedsores.

You talk too much.

From now on, think for three seconds

before you say something.


I wasn't going to say this, but...

Then don't.

One, two, three. I think I should.

Do you really believe that?

A vampire becoming human
after sleeping for 100 years?

It doesn't make any sense!

I want to believe it.

As of now,

this is the only way.


we'll see whether or not

it makes any sense.

I'm immortal anyway.

What difference does it make
if I waste 100 years?

That's a long time.

Butler Joo.

Sang-hae, let's add more flowers.

You won't be here when I wake up.

I'm sorry I won't be
able to attend your funeral.

Have a good life.

Do not worry, sir.

My descendants will continue
to protect this house.

Even after I die,
my children, and their children,

and their children, and their children...

and their children
will protect this place.

Thank you.

Woo-hyeol, hold on. Is this really it?

I should go before the sun goes down.

Then that coat...

Never mind.

You even look ugly from up here.


Don't you see Seop next to me?

Right. Dong-seop, give me a mirror.


Here you go.

Thanks, Butler Joo.

What do you need a mirror for?

I'll look in the mirror
the moment I wake up.

To see how good-looking I am.

You'll be shocked.

It's time.

I trust you, Butler Joo.

See you in 100 years, my friends.


How are we going to live without him?

Gosh, it's cold.



What is that?

Hold on.

The heater is broken again.

Don't you see I'm working?

We can talk later.

Later when? It's been days.

What if I catch a cold?

Will you pay for my medical bill?

Fine. I get it.

For now,

go to the bathhouse with this money.

We'll talk again later.

I have to get back to work.

If my deity gets angry,

I'll lose power.


Why is this all crumpled up?


Who the hell are you?

Hold on! Who are you?

Why are you doing this?

What do you mean why?

-Please let go!

-You messed with the wrong person.

-Please let go!
-Gosh, that hurts!

What's going on?


She asked her to remove the gum
from her hair,

and look what she has done
to my daughter's hair!

What's a nurse's office for?

It's your job to clean up after the kids.

Can't you do your job properly?

Ma'am, please calm down.

How can I calm down?

Look at her hair!

I'm sorry, ma'am.

Ms. Joo, apologize right now!

What should I apologize for?

-Ms. Joo!

Also, the nurse's office isn't there
to clean up after the kids.

It's there to educate the well-being of
the students and teachers by...

You're not even a real teacher.

You're a temp on a two-year contract.

How dare you try to lecture me?

If you messed up my dear daughter's hair,

the first thing you should do
is apologize!

How dare you talk back to me?

She's a sensitive adolescent right now,

so I barely convince her to go to school.

I told you that's not it!

You don't know anything.

I guess you aren't aware

that your dear daughter
is being bullied at school.


Na-rae came to see me recently.

I didn't ask her what happened.

I didn't want to hurt her any further.

That's why I cut her hair.

I thought her parents should know.

And that you'd pay her some attention.

I'm relieved that you've found out.

I apologize for messing up her hair.

I was trained to be a nurse,
not a hairdresser.

Why didn't she tell me?

School violence
is such a big problem these days.

The school will do its best to prevent it,

but the parents should also
take interest in their kids.




Hello, sir.

Look at this place.

Still no customers?

That's right.

You know what today is, right?

Of course, my rent is due today.

I'll go to the bank later and pay in cash.

Just wire it. Cash is a hassle.

Okay, sir.
I'll wire it to you later today.

Wire it by 6:00 p.m.

If you're even a minute late,

I'll rip that griddle out.

Of course. You can rest assured.

Six o'clock, okay?

Goodbye, sir.

Goodness, money talks.

It makes you grovel to someone
who's still wet behind the ears.

It's sad to watch.

This is all because of you.

If only you hadn't spent so much money
on gambling and failed businesses.

If Woo-hyeol were to find out,
he'd jump out of his coffin.

Come on, let bygones be bygones.

You can't move forward
if you remain stuck in the past.

-What did you say?
-I'm thirsty.

I have nothing to give you.
Even if I did, you'd have to pay.

I don't even have money to pay my fees
to the Red Cross, let alone to buy blood.

Gosh, you're so stingy.

I miss the good old days.

Without CCTVs and dash cams,

sucking human blood was a piece of cake.

I don't even remember
what fresh blood tastes like.

Who knew we'd have to pay for blood?

Sang-hae, you should quit flipping cards

and learn something practical.

It's not flipping cards.
I'm a tarot reader.

I told you already.

To be blunt, I'd rather flip cards
than stir around food that no one wants.

You and I are both
an embarrassment to Woo-hyeol.

He'll be so disappointed
to see us like this.

What's wrong with us?

I doubt Woo-hyeol would have done
any better in this day and age.

If I knew this would happen,
I would've gone in a coffin too.

Hold on.

Hey, there are only two days left.

Do you think he's human now?

Fat chance.
He's lucky if he didn't get bedsores.

Goodness, you startled me!

Are you going somewhere?



I'm going out of town on business.

On business?

I often perform rituals in other regions.

It'll take a few days.

What about my heater?

Oh, that?

The handyman will come tomorrow morning.

So please hang in there.

Starting tomorrow,
you'll be able to live in warmth.

Here, I promise.

I pinky promise. Come on.


Can I trust you?

My deity says yes.

Have a safe trip.

At least tell me
whether you're alive or not.

Gosh, it's cold.



This man is capable of

bringing any dying neighborhood
back to life.

May I touch your hand?


He really has the Midas touch.

Every place he touches
turns into a hot spot.

You're truly extraordinary.

People are saying

that a doctor saves dying patients

while Refresh Real Estate Consulting
saves dying neighborhoods.

What do you think?

My work isn't comparable to saving lives,

but I feel honored to hear that.

It feels rewarding that I can
make people happy by doing what I love.

That's not all.

We also heard through the grapevine

that you've been supporting children
with heart disease for seven years now.

Well, that's...

I think our society can
take a step toward goodness

when more people use their influence
to help others.

Was that the last interview?

Yes, sir.

Did the results come in?

They found nothing wrong.

Your blood tests and CT scan
came out fine.

Then what's wrong with me?

I don't feel well.

You barely got any sleep
with the store opening and all.

It makes sense you're tired.

Right, did you purchase the house
in Sebuk-dong?

Yes, we finalized the purchase
a few days ago,

and we're scheduling
the renovation right now.

Make sure to purchase
all the valuable land nearby.

It's important to acquire the land
before the area gets developed.

Yes, sir.


Why is this door locked?


Is someone in there?


Hello? Is someone in there?

Are you here to fix the heater?

-Come on in.

Did your landlord not tell you?

We're tearing this place down.





Your call cannot be completed
at this time.

You will be redirected to voicemail.

Eight previous convictions of fraud.

He's a habitual offender.

This is him, right?

He's no joke.

He pretended to be a pastor, monk, priest,

and now a shaman.

He once even shaved his head
to look like a monk.

Is he a son of God or what?

What about my money?

What about my deposit?

We have to catch him before anything.

But it's not easy.

What are you talking about?

Even if we catch him,
if he says he doesn't have the money,

there's not much we can do.

-I mean...
-You should go home for now.

We'll look into it and let you know.

I have no home to return to.


Unfortunately, you don't have
a guarantee insurance.

So there's not much we can do to help you.

Would it be possible
to take out another loan?

I'll have to pay a deposit

if I were to find another place to stay.

My salary is paid into this account.

And this bank is the main one I use.

Is there a way?

I'm sorry, ma'am.

You've already reached your loan limit
with your previous loan,

so I'm afraid there isn't.



Thank you.




-Is this Ms. Joo In-hae?

Yes. Did you catch him?


According to the will
left by Mr. Joo Dong-il,

I will execute his will.

Mr. Joo Dong-il, your father,

has been declared legally dead

after five years of being missing.

His assets will be inherited by you,

his only heir.

If I'm inheriting his assets,

does that also include debt?

My financial situation
isn't great right now.

Oh, don't worry.

He doesn't have any debt.

He has some money deposited in the bank
as well as an old mansion in his name.




What is this?

What the...

What was that?

What's going on?

Don't come near me!

Don't come near me! Stay away!


Descendant of Butler Joo.

Do not be frightened.

I am now human.


Stop right there.
You can talk from where you're standing.

What did you just say?

Butler? Descendant?

What does all that mean?

Don't tell me you don't know about me.

Who are you?

Seon Woo-hyeol.

-That is my name.
-I'm not asking for your name.

I'm the true owner of this house.

What are you saying?

I met with a lawyer and checked
the certified copy of the register.

What is your name?

-Joo In-hae.
-Joo In-hae.

-You've done a good job.

Thank you for protecting this house

while I was asleep for 100 years.

I was able to become human
thanks to Butler Joo

and his children,
and their children, and their children,

and their children,
and their children, and their children...

and their children.

All right.

Tell me.

I will grant you a wish
to celebrate my becoming human.

-Please get out.

Get out of this house
before I call the cops!

Hold on!


You crazy bastard!

This shouldn't be happening.



I need to look in a mirror.



Why is he being so creepy?


What happened?

-It can't be...

Why do you keep touching me?

-What's the date today?

Isn't today December 9th, Year 4355,
of the Dangun calendar?

It's not the ninth, but the eighth!

The eighth?

It hasn't been 100 years then.

I'm one day short.

I woke up a day early.

Hello? Is this the police?

I'd like to report a break-in
in Gongcheon-dong.

A pervert...


What do you think you're doing?

What's your deal?

Why did you wake me up?!

Why are you yelling at me?


broke the promise.

What promise?

Do you know...

how much I suffered...

in that coffin?

You ruined everything.

It's all your fault.

You will be punished

for waking me up.



Reacting to food that isn't blood?

Don't tell me you're drunk.
You're drunk on noodles?

My instinct to suck blood still remains.

I can't believe how one can spew
such detailed nonsense.

You're neither a vampire
nor a human being.

Darn it!

I said, get lost!

I woke up after 100 years

but haven't been able to drink
a drop of blood.

I feel so weak.

What if someone gets hurt?

Can I hold you accountable?

Are you okay?


Stop right there!

Something must've happened.

Shouldn't we look for him?

Keep her by your side
and keep an eye on her.

She might be the one holding the key.