Headless Chickens (2023): Season 1, Episode 7 - Las 10 hostias de Beto Martín - full transcript

Life's finally good for Beto: his relationship with Sonia is going great, he feels valued at work and Martinelli no longer bothers him. But a mysterious offer threatens to upset this fragile balance.

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-Hold on, here it says...
-María José.

I'm on TV twice a week.
That doesn't cover it.

Then work more. Or sell the house.

I swear I didn't mean to hurt you.

A week in hospital, 14 stitches,
I almost became a half-wit.

I haven't told the girls
because I don't want them

to know what a monster you are.
They'll find out by themselves.

Unless you want me to go straight
to the police, fucking sign.


And a steal by Willy Sanabria.

Fucking hell! This is wrong!
I run faster than that midget!

-Don't get mad, it's a game.
-A game.

Look at the face they gave me.

I look like a jerk. Stop laughing.

Talk to them.

They improve my stats and fix my face
or we're leaving, man.

They just nominate you
for Galactic Player.

-You heard.

Fucking great! Mama! Mama!

All right! For the nomination
and also for you, guys.

You're my puppies!

And to celebrate it
we're all going to Paris,

No shit!

-To Paris? Seriously?
-Yes. Buy the tickets.

Right, yes.

I have to thank you
more than anyone,

so I'm inviting you and Sonia
to a restaurant, what do you think?

I think it's great, thanks a lot.
How about I take a friend?

-What are you saying?
-A friend.

The city of love.
I may even get laid.

Armando, please don't turn up
in a frigging tracksuit. Buy a suit.

Yeah. No worries.

Beto, it's Madrid.
They want to talk to you.

Bunch of assholes.

Honey. What is it?

Beto, I'm with the realtor.
You're 20 minutes late.

Forgive me, I totally forgot.
Madrid called me and I forgot.

Seriously? So you're not coming.

I can't. He's the president
and I can't say no.

You've been working
more than ever.

I know, I know.
But it's the final push.

I'll leave it all finalized
and in summer I'm gone.

Honey, I can't just go.
I want to do it right this time.

-Okay. Okay, okay.
-I'm going. Take photos. Big kiss.

Beto! It's been ages, you bastard.

Six months ago, I would've paid
to get Nardinho off my back.

Now he's playing better than ever.
How did you do it?

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

These fuckers would love that.

Well, Beto, let's cut to the chase.

What would you think
about discussing renewal?

Can we wait until Nardinho wins
the Galactic Player?

-And if he doesn't win?
-It's the beauty of football, right?

Nothing's written.

Very well, see you on Saturday
in Paris.

And congratulations again
on the nomination, kid. A 10.

Thanks a lot, president.

And if he wins the trophy,
ask whatever you like.

I will ask you for one thing.

I said that if I told him,
I'd have to kill him.

He's been telling everyone all week.

-I've heard it three times.
-Only three?

-But not your friend.
-Her name's Alicia.

Alicia. Sorry.
Alicia, am I boring you?

-No, not at all.

Well, it's all nice and such...

But didn't you have a revelation
in the hospital

Sure, but I can't do it overnight.

Sure. Don't stress out, Beto.
No, relax.

First, I have to sign the renewal,
talk to the guys, leave it tied up.

Besides, they might get mad
if I leave suddenly.

At the most a year? At the most.

You told me a month at first.
Then three. And now a year?

It's not that easy, honey.
Anyway, I'm sorry.

No, no. Don't be sorry.
I didn't ask you for anything.

This is delicious.

I'm going to the bathroom.

-Isn't the bathroom big enough?
-Alberto Martín, right?

I represent Radagast Investment.
We have an offer for you.

Let's wash our hands.

-A nightcap? Marula is right here.
-No, I start early tomorrow.

-What? Tell me. What?

-You're acting weird.
-No, I'm fine.

You barely spoke. Are you okay?

-Yes, I'm tired. Forgive me.

-Good night.

Hi. I need to talk to you.

-This is big news.

-Do you know who these people are?
-Yes, Qataris.

No, they're no ordinary Qataris.
They're filthy rich.

They're buying teams all over Europe.
What did they offer you?

A five-year contract.

I should think of a figure
and discuss it in Paris.

Look how the kid's grown up.

You don't think
it's Martinelli trolling me?

Martinelli doesn't know them.

Beto, these people aren't bluffing,
this is a whole other level.

This is big-time success.

-I don't know.

Leaving the agency
and everyone in the lurch.

This happens once in a lifetime.

What are you doing?

I want to shag you
before you're unreachable.

Wait, wait. Stop, stop.

I can't. I can't, I can't.
I can't, I can't.

I can't do this to my girl,
I'm sorry. I can't.

Alright, guys, we have a problem.
They promised five VIP passes, but...

We're sent to the peanut gallery.

No, they're having problems
with capacity.

They normally send loads of tickets
because most people don't go.

But this year everyone
has signed up, so...

-there are no tickets.
-Fucking hell. Can't you fix it?

-I've bought the plane tickets.
-Return them.

Or you come to Paris
and I'll see you after the gala.

What is this shit, Beto?

I know.
I'll try to make it up to you.

I'll invite you
to the Champions final.

What do you think, guys?

I haven't worn one
since my wedding.

I don't want to see
even coffee near it.

-Tell him, he's going to love this.

Are you going to tell me?

Beto, I've known you since before
you started jerking off. Spill it.

I've been made an offer
by some Qatari heavy-hitters.

But we're discussing it at the gala,
so I can't say anything.

All of us can suck it.

No, I was leaving anyway.

You weren't going to leave.
What are you doing with Qataris?

It's not finalized. I'll tell them
you're with me or they can piss off.

-Piss off!
-It's not fair!

I bust my ass for you guys,
it's not fair.

When things go well for you,
you turn into a moron with power.

Go to hell.

What's up, Fran?

Betinho, thank god you came.

-He's nervous, right?
-He won't go to the gala.

Is that the hairdresser?

My son is a mess.
You have to calm him down.

Don't worry.

-Any way you can.
-Yes, yes.

-Beto, looking sharp.
-Thank you.

-Don't you want a line?
-No, I'm working, thanks.

Are you telling me
that this shit is cool?

I look like I got an ax in my head!

Go away! This is shit!

What's wrong? What's wrong?

I'm not going up to get the prize
like this, like an asshole!

Listen. Look at yourself.

You're Nardinho.
You're fucking Nardinho.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow all the kids
will want this hairstyle.

-You think so?
-What? Look at me.

Tonight they're going to choose
the best player on the planet.

You! You have made history!

Hairstyles come and go,
the greats remain.



Purity. Hope.

-They're all beautiful...
-My mother insists on the gold.

I won't be the one
to contradict a mother.

-Thanks for everything, Beto.

-Whenever I need you, you're there.

Honey. Thank god you called.
Nardinho is so full-on...

- What's this about the Qataris?

Miguel just phoned
and told me you got an offer.

I wanted to tell you, but...
What did he say?

You didn't take them to Paris
because you'll take it.


Look, it's incredible money.

I can't just say no,
I have to think about it.

So, it's true.

Honey, it'd mean working
for five years?

And then we retire,
but not a year's sabbatical, no, no.

It means retiring forever.
Didn't you like Empordá?

We could live in Empordá or Miami.
We could buy a house in Miami.

What's this about Miami?

Honey, think big. Really, we...
We'd be multimillionaires.

We wouldn't have to worry
about money, football

Honey, say something.

You said it all, Beto.

Honey, I don't get it.
What's the problem?

You don't want to give it up, Beto,
it's a lie.

Damn, Sonia,
I'm getting a 10 for behavior.

- What does that mean?
-I'm being a fucking angel!

With Miguel, you, Nardinho, everyone!
You have nothing to reproach me for!

- Oh, great.
-Fucking great.

- Do what you want then.
-That's what I'm going to do!

Honey. Sonia.

-Relax, come in.

-Can I get one of those?
-Sure, Beto, we're celebrating.

You said it.


It turned out good, didn't it?
Shall we have another?

What are you doing?

Well... We should celebrate.
We won.

We haven't won anything yet.
Behave. You represent me.

He doesn't like gala events.

That's a friend of mine.

Mom, we've come to get our things!


Mom! Mom!

Mom! Mom! Mom, look at me! Mom!
Mom, look at me! What have you done?

They want to take my house.

Call an ambulance, hurry.

Mom, look at me, please.

Thank you for coming.

My English is a bit rusty.
I'm grateful, honored by your offer.

That's first.

They're impressed with what
you've done with Nardinho.

-They want to know your secret.
-If I told him, I'd have to kill him.

-How much are you asking?
-If I may...

They need to think about it.
We'll be in touch in a few days.

-Excuse me?

If Nardinho wins the Galactic Player,
which he will,

It'll cost you 10 million more
than that.

So it's better to close the deal now.

Look, there's only one Nardinho.
I'm not a magician.

Either there's talent, or not.

But I assure you that
if you give me a football player

I'll get the best out of him.


Thank you.

Laura, Laura!

Amazing, amazing.

You've started the party a bit early.

I just closed with the Qataris,
an incredible amount.

Congratulations. Beto, I'm working.

I was going to tell you something.

I'm staying here, at the Hilton.
See you after the gala, right?

I'm working. Call me in the morning
and I'll check my schedule.

Don't you want to finish
what we started the other day?

you're making a fool of yourself.

-You're not into me now, huh?
-You've suddenly lost your appeal.

Are you leaving me
without a shag?


Don't you dare touch me again,
you idiot.

Kid! Come here, come.
Listen, Chochiño...

-I'm Cicinho.
-Give me a little of that.

Nardinho says he doesn't want.

But you say nothing to him

and I won't tell him you're fucking
his little sister. Yes, Chochiño.


The time has come.

In this envelope is the name
of the winner

And the winner is...

-Leonardo Henrique José da Silva.

Thank you so much.
I've won four Galactics,

Thank you to my Mama,
my wife, Janina,

my Papa, may he see me play
from heaven,

my shaman, my sisters Mariana,
Alessandra and Luciana,

my cousins Marinho, Dominguinho,
Luisinho, Pepinho,

Pucho, Teco, Bacho,
Raulinho, Toquinho... Everyone!

But above all, a man who helped me
find a new direction,

Beto. This is for...

Nardinho, you got it all, man.


What are you doing?

I didn't expect this from you.

You made me look ridiculous.

I got the runs,
I went to the bathroom.

Bullshit! I didn't expect this!
I considered you a brother.

Are you listening to yourself?
Enjoy life,

you've got the prize,
shit, you asshole.

-I never want to see you again.

Nardinho doesn't forget.

You know what? I don't need you now.

I can't stand you.
And that hairstyle sucks shit!

Well, I told him
and he didn't take it too well.

-We have a problem, Mr. Martin.

Problem I don't have a problem?
I don't have any problem.

Do you know this lady?

Well, know, know... By sight maybe.

We found her in this state.

I gave her drugs? Look here...

she asked me for a line,
and to be polite I...

But hey, everything that happened
in the bathroom

was with respect and consent and...

Are you telling us
that you had relations with her?

I don't know,
it's not like I shagged his wife...

She's my daughter.

How was I to know
she was his daughter?

She hasn't said a word.



Honey, how are you? I...

I'm sorry about the time,
but I have to tell you

that you were right,
honey, you were right.

I said no to the Qataris.

What the hell am I doing
with some Qataris, you know?

Anyway, I told them to piss off.

They offered me a fortune,
I even felt bad for them.

And I thought you'd be happy
to know it.

I love you, see you at home

and I love you loads,
honey, I love you loads, okay?

Great, what a performance.

You had a court case pending.

Yes, I'll get off clean, but you...

-I what?
-You look fucked to me, man.

Is that a threat or? Are you going
to put a bomb in my car or what?


What for? I won't lift a finger,
you did it all by yourself.

Great. Nice tie. Goodbye.

-Greetings to your family.
-What family, clown?

I wonder the same thing, what family?

-What? What do you mean?
-You'll find out.

Fucking son of a bitch!
Fucking bastard!





Son of a bitch!

-Beto loves you.
-Some way to love.

Yes, well, it's success,
it chokes him,

Why are you defending him?

I don't know, I guess it's a habit
from when we were kids, you know.

Anyway, I'm leaving the agency.

-No, I mean...
-Come on.

I'm getting another coffee.
Do you want anything?

A glass of wine.

What the hell, two whiskeys.

Excuse me, two whiskeys, please?

You were right, they bought it.

I told you, dummy, tears never fail.

Deep down I feel a bit sorry
for Beto.

Don't worry,

-That's true.



Translated by: Francesca Villa