Headless Chickens (2023): Season 1, Episode 6 - El acuario - full transcript

Waking up amnesiac after a car crash, Beto tries to piece together what happened the day before.

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We need a scanner
for intubation!

-Didn't he play for Madrid?
-Sure, with Di Stefano, jackass.

He's going.
We're losing him. Fuck!

What the fuck is this?

-Fish sure are goofy, huh?
-Fuck, Toro.

What are you doing here?
You're dead.

You're shitting me.


I've croaked.
Have I croaked?

I wouldn't be surprised, Beto.
What have you been doing?

I was in the hospital...

I don't remember well,
but there was a big fucking fuss...

That doesn't sound too good.

Martinelli threw you into the sea
and now you're fish food.

Hello? Can you hear me?
Wake up. Open your eyes.

Can you hear me?

If you can hear me, blink twice.

Very good.

Relax, you've had a car accident
and you need some rest.

This will help you. You'll see.
Relax. Breathe.

Toro! Toro...
Toro, did you hear the doctor?

No. Is she hot?

-Damn, Toro.
-It's a habit, I don't...

-I had an accident.

Yes, but I'm alive.
I just need to rest.

Come on now.
Haven't you learned anything?

-You almost died years ago.

You had to give up playing football.

I thought I'd croaked and I hadn't.

-Not you, but...
-But what?

Who was in the car with you?


Maybe it wasn't Martinelli.
Can you be sure he leaked the photos?

Please, Sonia, don't be naïve.
I'm begging you.

He always takes it out
on others.

Sure, because it was my fault, right?

Beto, please, lower the revs,
the car is ancient, it's...

It's my fault for taking you.

The bear fucked it up?

The bear didn't shag Willy.
You two did!

-First one, then the other.


Honey, you gave me a fright.

No, no, don't speak.

-The girls?

-The girls?
-The girls?

The girls are fine, honey.

-Yes, just fine.

You were alone in the car,
it's all perfect.

Rest, honey. Rest.

See? I was alone in the car.
Are you happy?

Relatively. Look, I'm glad,
understand me, but...

You're such a pain, Toro.

I'm here for a reason, Beto?
And it's not to watch fish with you.

How do you know
you didn't take someone with you?

-What about that girl...?

Okay, let me try to remember.

-Everyone out.
-Beto, please,

don't do anything stupid.
Let's go home and tomorrow...

-You've made a real mess.

Don't be a child.
To prove what?

-Out, please.
-Me too?

-Dad, please.
-Beto, no. It's my mother's car.

Force majeure. Out.

Beto, be careful,
please, I'm begging you.

It's all we have left
of my grandfather, be careful.

Beto, please, be careful.

How are you?

I can't remember the accident.

It's normal to have amnesia.

It's only been three days.

-You'll remember.
-How's Pati?

Your daughter's doing badly.
No one can get her out of her room.

It's not like she was
the life of the party,

you know what she's like,
but now she's a total clam.

-And Sonia?
-I sent her home, to rest.

And to shower, poor girl,
she looked a mess.

She is cute, eh? But, however bad
you feel, you have to look good.

Listen, tell me... Sorry.
You really don't remember anything?

-How long have I been here?
-Five days.

-Five days?
-Six, Beto.

You've been here six days.
But they say you're progressing well.

Sorry, Miguel,
but my head is all out of whack.

You really fucked yourself up.
You got 14 stitches.

-You know, I saw Toro.
-No shit.

Yes, he appeared to me,
but like you and I now.

Jeez. What did he say?

Do you know if I ran into anyone,
in the accident?

No, you went off the road
all by yourself.

Between you and me,
what happened?

I was worried. You were nervous
when we saw each other.

Hold on, hold on.
I do remember that.

Miguel, you have to help me
find Martinelli.

I looked at his house, his work.
He's not in Giamperi or at the spa.

-How's your daughter?
-He's hiding, but I'll find him.

Didn't you do the same?

I'll kill him
and dissolve him in lime.

That sounds very Martinelli.

Don't shit me,
no one's waiting for you.

You should do the same.

Yes. When you're like this,
no good comes of it.

Easy. He didn't mess
with your daughters.

I risked my ass too. I'm afraid.

I snuck into his company,
stole data. It's a crime.

Come on, Miguel, you're a lackey.

-He won't go after you.
-What a compliment.

You know what I mean!
Mine is personal, he's after me!

What did you expect?
He's a mafioso!

Did you think you'd get off

-Beto, listen, look at me!

Do me a favor,
go home, rest up tonight,

talk to your daughter.
And tomorrow, if you want,

we'll find fucking Martinelli
and go medieval on his ass, yeah?

Okay. Okay.

You're too angry now,
and you're not thinking straight.

You're right, as usual.

-You promise?
-I promise, I do.

Be good, guys, and don't talk
to strangers on the way, I know you.

-Ciao, cutie.
-Gosh, look at you.

Ciao, honey. Tell me tomorrow.


-Sorry, it's late...
-No, come in.

-Can I?
-Come in.

I was having a drink with friends.

-Do you want a drink?
-No, I don't drink.

Laura, I need to find Martinelli.
Can you help me?

-Yes, it's urgent,

and I know you have friends
in common.

I can send a message,
but I don't think they'll answer.

-Because it's very late?

Forgive me, I've kind of lost it.
I'm going home, okay? Sorry.

-No, no, no, don't go.

It's too late to work,
but not to have a little fun.

I thought
you didn't like footballers.

Right, I don't think
it's a good idea.

I thought you liked bad ideas.
Do you want a little?

No, coke makes me feel
even worse than alcohol.

-It's not coke, it's tussi.

A little ecstasy, psychotropics,
Viagra. A bit of everything.

No, I'm not going to--

Look, my plan is to shag
for three hours, until dawn.

How about that?

Well, you have to try it.

-You'll love it.

-I'm going to... I'll be right back.

That's why I don't want to read you
anymore, because it doesn't help me.

You don't stop to think
of the damage you're doing.

And I'm not going to be around
for a while, I need to forget...

-Did you hit me?
-They said to wake you up for dinner.

That shit isn't worth it.

-Your sister?
-Home, doing her performance.

-You left her alone?
-Dad, she's a big girl.

She's strong,
but this fucked her up--

The bitch
has 20,000 followers now.

I should be the one in those photos.
Those followers are mine.

What a monster we've created.

I'm asking you to worry about
your sister for fucking once.

So she shags my boyfriend
and I have to worry about her?

-Fucking great.
-Pati's not like you.

You prefer Pati.
I don't know why I bother!

Andrea! Andrea! Andrea!

-Am I awake or asleep?
-What do you think?

You, reading...
I'm dreaming for sure.

Maybe you had a heart attack
or an allergic reaction.

Damn, you're so sweet, Toro.
Did you hear that?

Shit, that's creepy.

Let go of me.

There you go,
the light at the end of the tunnel.

Beto, don't cross that door,
you won't come back. Don't go.

Don't go, for God's sake.
You have to fight. Live, Beto, live!

-Shut your fucking mouth.
-You didn't have to be so mean.

-You're such a drag.
-On top of me coming to visit you...

You're a real pain
about the fish, aren't you?

No, I've got this block...

Didn't they take you
to see dolphins when you were a boy?

It's like... Like I didn't want
to remember something.

Is it going to break?

Watch out. If the crack breaks
all the fish will get out.

Will you help me?


No, wait.

-What's wrong?
-You had a nightmare.

Wait, wait, it's coming.

-Do you want the bedpan?
-No, no.

At Finkerman's place
I remembered that Willy

-had a commercial shoot the next day.
-At Finkerman's?

Never mind that.

The thing is that Martinelli
loves going to those shoots.



Do you want winning hair...?


"Free of dandruff and hassles."
Willy, it's been 36 takes, please.

-Do you want winning hair--?
-Again. Go for it.

-Do you want--
-You're covering your face.


Do you want winning hair,
free of dandruff and hassles?

Martinelli, you fucking pirate!
Where are you?

Cut! Who the hell is this jerk,
yelling in here?

-Why are you here, Beto?
-To talk, bastard.

-I was going to call you.
-Yeah. Where's Martinelli?

-To get my lactose-free frappuccino.

No, no, no.

No, no, stop, stop, let's talk.

-Too late.

You've crossed the line, you bastard.

You involved my daughters.
I'll destroy you.

-I don't know what you mean.
-You don't?

-Stop! It wasn't me.

I don't know, it was anonymous.

I remember the Martinelli thing,
but nothing about the accident.

Relax, it'll come, you know.

You're a bit intense at times.

Fifteen years ago,
when I fucked myself up,

the press only talked about me.

But I crashed into a girl,
a kid who'd just got her license.

I fucked up my knee,
I couldn't play again.

But she ended up in a wheelchair.

And in all that time I didn't have
the balls to go and see her.

Hey, honey, hey.

Toro, not even awake
do you leave me alone.

-I come when you call me.
-I get it.

-I'm the fucking aquarium.
-I didn't see that coming.

I'm not much for metaphors,
you know that.

I'm like a pressure cooker, a bomb,
and I'm spilling over.

-Looking at it like that...
-But it's over.

-I'm going to change.
-I said that before.

I'll give it up tomorrow,
on Monday, and look at me.

-We are what we are, buddy.
-No, I'm not like you, Toro.

Put on all the tape you want.
In the end, the aquarium will crack.

-Didn't you say you hated metaphors?

I miss you, Toro.

We sure partied that last day, huh?

It would've been great
if you hadn't died.

-At least, I died a footballer.
-Looking at it like that...

Who are you talking to?

I'm quitting.

Listen... I'm not okay.
Miguel can run things.

With Nardinho's contract,
I can hold out a year.

I can dedicate it to you
and to the girls.

Nothing to say?

-Is that what you want?

I didn't ask for anything,
don't do it for me.

I'm not doing it for you,
I'm doing it for me.

I like myself when I'm with you.
When I'm with you, I'm better.

-Hello! How's the patient?
-You're here again?

You don't need to worry.

Don't be silly, kid.
I don't have a show today,

so I can look after my ex.

Please, I get out this afternoon.

-What are you doing?
-Going to the bathroom. Do you mind?

Don't move, I'll get the bedpan.
Number one or number two?

The goddamn bedpan.

Girls. Yes. I have him here.
I'll put him on okay? Your daughters.

How are you?
Hi, how are you?

Fine, Dad.
Sonia says you're out today.

Yes. They can't stand me here
and they're kicking me out.

Listen, I'm so glad that you made up.

And your memory? Did you get it back?

No. I suppose some things
are better not to remember.

Dad, I'm getting another call.
I'm going. Take care.

Willy? Fuck off, Andrea.
Call him later.

A thing is faking it
in front of Dad but...

-You're a pain with Willy.
-That's it.

Beto? What's happening? Beto?

-What's with the visit?
-I've come to see Pati.

She went to volleyball
about an hour ago.

How is she? I haven't been able
to speak to her.

She's tough, all right.
She'll get over it.

Shit, always the same.




They're your daughters.

-Don't get mad, I can explain.
-All right...

They were meant to catch Andrea.
Pati was an accident.

-That explains everything?
-It didn't go so badly.

Pati had two friends at school.

Have you seen
her Instagram account now?

Oh, look, Mr. Moral Integrity!
It's not like you're a saint.

I have my limits
and I thought you did too.

-What are you doing?
-I'm going.

-Where to?
-To tell your daughter.

No, Alberto, you can't do that!

Come here! Come back here,
you son of a bitch! Come back!

Oh, Beto! I went a bit overboard.

I'm sorry, honey.
I couldn't let you do it.

Listen, relax, okay?
I'll call an ambulance.

Oh, please.

Hello? Is this 9-1-1?

Translated by: Francesca Villa