He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002-2004): Season 1, Episode 24 - Separation - full transcript

In an effort to separate themselves, Tuvar and Baddhra, still trapped in the single form of Two Bad, seek out the three pieces of the Triad of Discidium.

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I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.

This is Cringer, my fearless friend. Fabulous...

By the power of Grayskull!

I have the power!

I have the power!

Um... much tasty.

You are the most disgusting...

Now see what you've done!

Not my fault, we share stomach.

Now look at me!

Stinker wonders why you're always fighting! Aren't you happy to be an evil warrior?

You've been inhaling too many of your own fumes, Stinkface.

Being a warrior, you're the only one who can help you.

You have your own fumes, Stinkface.

Being attached to this oversized wart is ruining my life.

In that case, you should go see Stinker's old pal, Vormus,

biggest eater of spells and potions in the dark hemisphere.

Hmm... it was magic that fused us together.

Stands to reason that...

Where we find this Vormus...

Grr, we'll take you there! That's okay.

Now we find him ourselves.

It looks bad, Your Majesty.

Courage, Duncan. We've never lost a battle to this enemy before.

Well, that is the first time for everything. Our move, Adam.

It seems our children have finally surpassed us.

Oh, it could have gone either way.

Got lucky.


Something about the game troubled you?

Seeing Prince Adam and Teela with their parents has brought back memories of my own family, now long gone.

My data tracks indicate this unit you call Family constantly creates new members.

Logically, some of your family should still exist.

You're right. I must seek out these new generations.

You ever try knocking, sonny?

We require...

Spell of separation!

So you do.

Well, just let me check the archives.



Ah, here we are.


The Great Spell of Separation.

Sounds like it'll do the trick.

Hmm, I hear he requires three artifacts to be joined together at the Well of Darkness, and then...

Oh, oh my, oh my, no, no, no, no, no.

I cannot sell this at any price.

You got that right!

Says here, the first artifact can be found on the ocean floor.

The Great Spell of Separation.

Ready, boy?

It's Adam, and he-man is needed in Castle Grayskull at once.

Something big is up, Grinch.

By the power of Grayskull!

I have the power!


Look upon the triad of Dissidium He-Man.

Its tale has not been told for many years.

Long ago, the triad was created by evil sorcerers at the command of the Dark Warlord, Hordak.

He joined the pieces of the triad together, and the terrible spell of separation was cast.

In a matter of minutes, darkness covered half the planet.

The creation of the light and dark hemispheres.


Hordak assumed his evil legions would thrive on the dark half, and one day conquer the realm of light.

But the energies he released proved too powerful.

Realizing that even his own evil existence was in peril, Hordak commanded his minions to stop the spell.

Though the triad was indestructible, they were able to separate the pieces, scattering them to the farthest corners of Eternia.

Thus, the planet was saved from total devastation.

The artifacts remained hidden, and were eventually forgotten.

But now, someone has found the first piece, and, I fear, seeks the other two.

But why?

Even Skeletor isn't mad enough to destroy the whole planet.

The thief may not realize the true nature of the spell.

But if he succeeds in reassembling the triad, our world is doomed.

Then succeed he won't.


No one remains.

Let us leave this place.

A ramp, no doubt built by the Caligars as a gateway to Septurnia.


Patrol guards everywhere! How we get past!


Two down, one to go.


Your scavenger hunt is over! He...

You're dealing with forces you don't even comprehend too bad. Now hand over the artifacts.

He says so. We better do.

No tricks. Step back and keep your hands where I can see them.

Yeah, and make sure you look real good.

We can't let him get the third piece of the triad.

I failed to comprehend your sad demeanor, Cyclone.

While it is true you found none of your descendants, you are essentially missing people you have never met.

You never had a family, Roboto. You could not possibly understand.

Agreed. Which is why I'm curious as to...

I do not wish to speak of it.

Not much left of place.

Good. That means nobody hanging around to get in the way.

Shoot on this, Blametongue!

What so happy about? Still no fine artifact?

Oh no...

I'm not sure what to do with this.

Easy, Battlecat. She's an old friend.


This is it!

Now all we do is insert the three artifacts, invoke the spell of separation, and I'll be back in my own body tonight.

Wait. Remember what he-man say. Many forces we not comprehend.

And you actually believe him?


Maybe better we stop.

And spend the rest of my life attached to a foul-rested tree.

Not a chance!

Your breath isn't really all that bad. I mean, I've spelled worse!

We're too late!

There is still one chance to save the planet, he-man.

By returning the three artifacts to where they lay hidden. But you must hurry!

Down to the well, Battlecat!

My sensors indicate this phenomenon is affecting the entire planet.

Prudence indicates that we should land.

No! We must make it back to the royal city. The others will need our help.

Two more to go, Battlecat!

Two subternia!

Two subternia!

If that support column goes...

We need fire brigades in the northern perimeter!

Good to have you back, Cyclone. And you too, Roboto. You're needed.

We need fire brigades.

Hurry, he-man! The planet is beginning to separate!

Down! We have to go down!

I forgot. Dragons and water don't mix!

We need fire brigades in the northern perimeter!

We need fire brigades in the northern perimeter!

We need fire brigades in the northern perimeter!

We need fire brigades in the northern perimeter!

Am I incorrect? Or do I no longer detect sadness in you, Cyclone?

I am heartened that all is right with the kingdom once more.

But you never found your family.

Ah, but I have.

For what is a family, but people who support and care for each other?

The masters of the universe are my family.

Stupid spell not work. Now stuck with you.

You're stuck, preten!

And stop eating a disgusting food!

Shut mouth, scale worm!

Stink, breath!

Cyclone found that when people care deeply for one another, it's easy to think of them as family.

And if enough of us start caring for our neighbors, maybe one day the whole world will think of itself as one big family.

Until next time.

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