He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002-2004): Season 1, Episode 17 - Roboto's Gambit - full transcript

When Tri-Klops attempts to conquer Eternia with a multiplying force of minions, only a chess playing robot can devise a plan to stop it.

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I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.

This is Cringer, my fearless friend. Fabulous-

By the power of Grayskull!

I have the power!

I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.

Guard to Emperor D3.

It is your move.

Cleric to Paladin B8.

Excellent move, Roboto.

Thank you.

And thank you for building Roboto for me, man-at-arms.

I thought you needed a worthy opponent.

He means unlike the rest of us.

I'm taking the others on Northern Perimeter Patrol. You can join us when your game's done.

Spire to Empress J7.

I have you now, Roboto.

Perhaps not. Paladin to Guard Q9.

Game match.

So it is.

My compliments, Roboto. Excellent strategy.

Thank you. I call it the Roboto Gambit.

Well, I need to join the others.

Until our next match.

Yes. Until our next match.

This had better be good, Triclops.

Oh, I think you'll be pleased.

Our new secret weapon. What'd you think?

If your giant warrior couldn't defeat He-Man and his moronic masters,

what makes you think this ridiculous pint sized?

New upgrade. He-Man destroys one, two take its place. He can't win.

This just might work.


Stop them!

You've outdone yourself, created a weapon that not only fails, but multiplies its own failures.

It's just a glitch.

It can work. I'll prove it.

All right. All right. I yield. And the winner is... Adam!

If I had more upper body strength...

Strength is not always the key, Teela.

Remember, the reed bends before the wind, while the brittle branch snaps in two.

Uh, right, Cyclone.

All I'm saying is, one must be less rigid in approaching a problem, more flexible of mine.


That's Teela, inflexible.

I'll show you inflexible.


How's that for inflex-

Uh, Cyclone?

Skeleton warriors. Junior versions of the one Skeletor used against us.

These must be the baby cousins.

This is the best Skeletor can throw at us. He's slipping.

Any ideas?

A few. Unfortunately, they all depend on us being somewhere else.

Return to the palace and warn the others.

I will hold them off as best I can.

My God!

Where is everybody?

Father took them out on patrol.

Then I guess it's up to us.

Gather the royal guard. Adam, you-

Right. I'll, uh, double check to see if any other masters are around.

I'll hold them off as best I can.

By the power of Greyskull!

I have the power!

Okay, we're heading out. Maintain a tight formation at all-

No, Teela.

You and the guard need to stay here and protect the palace. I'll join Cyclone at the perimeter.


A failure, am I? You'll see, Skeletor. They'll all see.

We're vastly outnumbered. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

But if we strike down a thousand of these, two thousand take their place.

Point well taken.

And should the enemy breach the palace perimeter, we'll break off into quadrants and-

Roboto? What are you doing here?

Volunteering for duty.

This is a battle situation, you're not-

I assure you, I am fully equipped to handle any situation.

You're a game player, not a warrior.

True, yet both require strategy, command capability-

War is not a game, Roboto. Now go!

You're a game player, not a warrior.

And now, I am a warrior.

The king and queen are being flown to a safe spot.

If those bone creatures keep multiplying, there may not be such a place.

When the attack comes, we hit them hard and fast. Are there any questions?

Yes, where would you like me?

Not again.

I have upgraded myself to warrior status. I await orders.

I told you, Roboto, no. Weapons or not, you're just a game player.

I failed to see the logic in your position.

Battle positions!

That cave! I'll lure them! You do the rest!



They are already beginning to dig their way out.

Yes, but we've bought ourselves some time.

If only we knew what was controlling these creatures.



Time to implement upgrade number two.

Skeletor is going to be mighty for... Wait a minute. Who needs Skeletor once we take the palace?


If we could divert them to the gravel quarry...



Nothing can stop them! Nothing can stop me!


Prepare for battle!

For evaluation analysis, enemies increasing exponentially.

Direct opposition is not an option.

It has come to my attention that the warrior known as Triclops is controlling the playing field of his location behind that hill.

I shall implement the Romato Gambit.


That's the best they've got! A robot!

He won't last long!

The same could be said for you!

Working solo, Triclops? I thought Skeletor kept you on a short leash.

I don't need Skeletor. Not anymore.

Give it up, e-man! Nothing can stop my warriors!

I'm not so sure of that. Battle count!



We need to chat, Triclops!



It's been a privilege to serve.

Poor Romato. You were right about what you said, Cyclone.

I am inflexible. I was too rigid, too narrow-minded in my definition of a warrior.

I refuse to even give Romato a chance. And now he's...

I just wish I had the chance to make it up to him somehow.

I'm pleased to say you'll have that chance, Teela.


I am fully upgraded and back online. I'm glad to be of service.

But right now, I'm scheduled for a rematch with Manny Robot.

Don't despair, Triclops. Things didn't work out that badly. For me.

After all, if your plan had succeeded, I've no doubt you would have seized power for yourself.

No, Skeletor. Honest. The thought never entered my mind.

Oh, really? Well, in that case, you're free to go.

If you can reach the door.

It's important to be flexible in mind as well as body.

The common way of doing things isn't always the only way.

A flexible mind is creative and open to new ideas.

Until next time.

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