Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 6 - Love Game - full transcript

A tennis instructor is using pillow talk with his students to keep make money with a crooked businessman. When Jennifer Hart organises a charity tennis match, she uses the him to obtain the stars and manages to turn the tables.

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
because when they met,

it was murder.

( music playing )

( woman chuckles )

( moans )

Josh: You're welcome.

Patti, your husband is crazy

to spend so much
time at the office.

Well, he's paying you

for the last two hours of...

tennis lessons.

I tell you what,

I'll throw in an
extra hour for free.


Generous to a fault.


To an exciting woman.


What if Travis finds out?

I won't tell him if you don't.

Travis: But I already know it.



Hey, I know how this
looks, Mr. Saunders,

but I just spilled some
coffee after the tennis lesson

and Mrs. Saunders
helped me clean up.

( screams )

She can clean up the blood.

Josh: Travis. Travis, wait.

Wait. Listen to me.

Listen to me.

I can... I can
make it up to you.


Pay me off with a free
tennis lesson, huh?

Secret information who's
got the best backhand in town?

I can give you information,
inside information.

I can make you a lot of money.


( screams )

( groans )

Dave Stockwood's antitrust case

is gonna lose.

How do you know that?

Susan, Mrs. Stockwood,

I give her lessons, too.

Susan Stockwood told you that?

Yes, yes.

A lot of wives tell me...

Tell me about their
husband's business affairs.

They're lonely, they need
somebody to listen to them.

Like I know you made a
bundle on that video disc stock.

You know how to use that kind
of information, Mr. Saunders.

I could find out a lot for you.

You gutless...
Beverly Hills pillow talk.

- Yeah.
- Love and money.

It might be worth a try, huh?


Patti: Oh.

You're not off the
hook yet, Romeo.

You don't produce,
I'll break your back.

Now, pick up your
things and get out of here.

You won't regret
it, Mr. Saunders.

I'll call you.

How did I do?


( music playing )

Jonathan: Darling, this has got

- your name on it.
- Oh, don't you dare.

- Your address.
- No, don't.

Yeah, we win.

Good, huh?

Well, I guess that
means we didn't win.

I'm sorry, partner. I
shouldn't have been there.

Oh, you were great.

- Oh, no, you were greater.
- Ah.

Nice game, Jonathan.

I am bushed.

Nice escape, Dave.

Oh, I cherish Dave
not only as my friend,

but as my lawyer and
as my tennis patsy,

so stay out of shape.

Never marry a young second wife.

Oh, I'll keep that in mind.

Oh, you two, you don't count.

Harts and their
magical marriage.

What's your secret, Jennifer?

My secret?

Be his slave.

Pander to his every needs.

At your service, effendi.

Woman, where are
the refreshments,

something cold to drink, hmm?

Ah, food taster, voila.

You're playing great.

I brought you some goodies.

- Thanks, Max.
- Anything else?

Oh, no, that'll be fine.

- So, you do use magic?
- Uh-huh.

She certainly does, Susan.

Now, there is no such
thing as a free lunch.

This is the perfect
opportunity to discuss

all the plans for the
pro-celebrity tournament.


Jennifer, I'm sorry.

I forgot to tell you

I've got to go to
Washington tomorrow.

I can't help you with
the tennis tournament.

Oh, David.

And as a matter of fact,

we don't even have
time to stay for lunch.

But David, you were
gonna get me all the pros.

He got busy as usual.

But like a good friend should,

I got right on it.

I've been taking lessons
from a teaching pro.

He used to do the circuit.

We're going to use his contacts.


What's his name?

Josh Dunston.

I gave him your
number, Jennifer.

He's going to call you.

Susan's grown very fond of him.

As a matter of fact,
I'm spending a fortune

in tennis lessons.

Maybe I should take some myself.

Oh, Dave, I just gave you one.

We do have to go.

Oh, right, well,

I'll talk to you later on
in the week, all right?

See you soon.

Hope it all goes well
for you back there.

- Thank you.
- Have a good flight, Dave.

- Bye-bye. Thanks.
- See you.

- Bye-bye.
- Good game.

- Bye.
- Susan: Bye-bye.

They don't seem to be getting
along too well these days.

No, I'm afraid they're not.

I know I shouldn't stick
my nose into their business

but I do feel a
little responsible

since I introduced them.

As a matter of fact,

the only time Susan never
seems happy anymore

is when she's playing
tennis or taking a lesson.

What are their
problems? Any idea?

Maybe Dave shouldn't have
married a younger woman.


I'm glad I married
an older woman.



I'm effendi.

- I'll give you effendi.
- Wait.

( laughs )

I'm sorry, Susan.

The firm's been
having some problems

and I guess I've been
taking it out on you.

Would it help to talk about it?

I'm gonna lose the
Brookside Oil antitrust appeal.

I'll probably lose
Brookside Oil as a client.

Somehow, and I
don't understand how,

the other side learned
what approach I was taking

and they were ready and waiting.

I just... I just... I don't
know how they found out.

( music playing )

Baby, we'll survive.

Oh, Dave, I am so sorry.

Wasn't your fault.

( music playing )

Josh: Come on,
Susan, it's ridiculous.

You can't believe what...

I talked about
Dave's antitrust case.

You listened, filed it away

in that gritty little mind
of yours, and then sold it.

Well, you didn't make me
swear an oath of secrecy.

As I remember, you
were really anxious

for somebody to
listen to your problems.


Well, I will just
have to live with that,

with what I did.

It wasn't all that
terrible, Susan.

And it's over, done.

You can tell your
friend, Mrs. Hart,

that I've gotten her
a few tennis stars

for her pro-celebrity

Tell her yourself.

( music playing )

Travis: Jennifer Hart.

- Her husband is...
- Jonathan Hart.

Jonathan Hart Industries.

Big, solid money, smart money.

You just might pick up
something valuable, Dunston.

If I do, I want 25% of the take.

Don't get greedy,
15% after expenses.

It could add up.

No more sweating your tail off
on other people's tennis courts.

God, I would like that.

Rich is always better.

And just think how much fun

you're gonna have getting there.

( music playing )

Jonathan: All right, Arnold.

Go ahead and set up the meeting.

- Mr. H.
- Hold up.

Mr. Dunston to see Mrs. H.

- Hello, Mr. Hart.
- Oh, you're Susan's friend.

Yes. I'm delighted to help

with this tournament.
It's a wonderful cause.

Well, I know that
Jennifer's expecting you.

She should be down
any minute. Max,

maybe Mr. Dunston would
like to have a cup of coffee.

- Would you excuse me?
- Of course.

Nothing right now, thanks.

Yes, Arnold.

That Syndicam Video,

oh, it certainly sounds like
they're ready to be acquired.

Go ahead and set it up.


Call London and
get their assessment

and have legal draft a memo.

Right. Thanks.

Jennifer: Hello.

- Mr. Dunston.
- Josh: Yes.


How you do? I'm Jennifer Hart.

- Please, call me Josh.
- All right, Arnold.

You go ahead and
proceed with that then.

I'll be in about a half an hour.

All right. Bye.

Sorry, darling, I have to go to
the office, something's come up.

Alright, then I'll
see you later.

Well, you're in good hands.

It was nice meeting you.

- Bye-bye. See you.
- My pleasure.

Won't you sit down?

( music playing )

Jennifer: The club is
donating their courts to us.

Now, if we could just
get a few tennis stars,

we could draw a terrific crowd.

We were very lucky last year.

We raised 100 thousand dollars.

- Really?
- Uh-hmm.

Which pros were here?

Connors, McEnroe,
and Tracy Austin.

Oh, they'll be in
France this year.

I know. I spoke to them.

I do have a call
into Vijay Amritraj.

Oh, Vijay, he's a
good friend of mine.

- Is he?
- I'll call him today.

Oh, that would be great.

Martina Navratilova
should be available.

Oh, she'd be wonderful.

I'm glad you think so.

- I guess I like you, Jennifer.
- Oh, thank you.

Starting with the way
you look in that outfit.

Oh. Thank you, Josh.

Are you going to play
in the tournament?

No, no. I don't wanna
embarrass my partner.

Not after a few personal lessons

from the magic hands
of Backstroke Dunston.

- Oh, well, that's...
- No charge.

That's very nice, but
I'm so busy these days,

which reminds me, I have to
go check on the luncheon menu

for the tournament,
will you excuse me?

Of course. I'll be around.




( music playing )

What'd you find out?

Ever hear of Syndicam Video?

Yeah. Why?

Hart Industries
might be taking it over.

When and for how much?

I think maybe I can find out

from the lovely Mrs. Hart.

No ifs, no maybes.

We're talking about
important money here.

You just make sure
you get that information.

Whatever you have
to do to Jennifer Hart,

get it.

( music playing )

( dog barking )

Get it. Go.

Go boy.

(screams )

Saved by the bell.

- Jennifer: Oh, please.
- Third round and it won.

That machine was
invented by a maniac

and perfected by a sadist.

You hit practically every shot.

You know, you should play in
that tournament. Thanks, Max.

Oh, flattery will get
you everything you want.

I'll get you something
cool to drink.

You're going to
stay here with us?

Our baby.

Good boy.

Cute old hound, huh?

How are things going
with the tournament?

Oh, good.

Josh Dunston has
been a big help.

But he's offered me
free tennis lessons.


As a matter of fact, I think
he's making advances.

Well, he certainly
has good taste.

He is very smooth and handsome

and a marvelous tennis
player, so they say.

And I may have to murder him.


Really, darling, if
he is bothering you,

we can get him out
of our lives right now.

Well, he isn't
really bothering me.

I have a feeling it's more
of a reflex reaction with him.

Actually, I think he's
having an affair with Susan.

You do?

Every time I try to get her,

she's busy, she's
out on the court

having a tennis lesson.

So I drove by there,

tried to see her when
she was having a lesson,

there was nobody on the court.

The neglected wife and
handsome tennis pro, and...

It's a cliché, isn't it?

And it's none of our
business, I know, but...

Susan's a friend
and Dave's a friend

and I just hate to see
them mess up their lives.

I got a line into
Syndicam Video,

not the best.

I couldn't find out
what kind of deal

Hart is gonna offer or how much.

But I found out when,

day after tomorrow,
that's 48 hours.

That's how much
time you got, partner.

What do we need to know?

Look, we buy Syndicam
Video stock cheap,

when they merge, we
got Hart industry stock.

The thing you have to
find out is how much more.

It could be worth
a hell of a lot.

I'll find out.

I'm gonna pay Jennifer
Hart a visit this afternoon,

with a surprise just for her.

Something she wants?

A lot.


A legend.

I cannot tell you how happy I am

we've had a chance
to meet and talk and,

of course, I'm grateful
you're gonna be with us.

Martina is a sucker
for a good cause.

Just say children's hospital
and she's pure Jell-O.

Oh, stop it, Josh.

I'm happy to be
involved, Jennifer,

and I enjoy playing tennis.

Careful, we might have it
out in the mixed doubles.

Hmm, I might enjoy
that even more.

Ooh, I'd like to see that.

Could happen, but you'll have
to excuse me now, Jennifer,

I have a match at
the Forum tonight,

so I have to go.

Well, I'll be talking with
you and I will send you

a whole pocket of information.

Max, would you see Martina out?

Max: With pleasure.

- Bye, Martina.
- Bye-bye.

- Good luck.
- Okay. Thank you.


Well, you got us a star.

I told you I'd deliver.


Well, how about
our private lessons,

2:00 tomorrow, all right?

Oh, Josh, I'm so sorry,

but I still have a
hundred things to do

for the tournament,
I'm afraid I can't.

Oh, that's too bad.

Well, anything you want

is all right with
me, lovely lady.

Oh, thanks.


( music playing )

Jennifer: Hi, Susan, come on in.

( door closes )

I was lonely, felt abandoned.

That's no excuse.

I'm not sitting in
judgment of you, Susan.

We've been friends too long.

I just wanna help.

You are.

It was a cheap, tacky affair,

and got very expensive.

And now I have to tell Dave.

I wanna be honest
with him, Jennifer.

I don't want any more
cheating in our marriage.

I want it to be...
solid, like yours.

Damn it, Jennifer, I
just have to clean up

this mess I've made.

Dave loves you.

He'll understand,
I'm sure of it.

Susan: I hope so, because
it's not just the affair.

You are the only person
that I can tell this to, Jennifer.

It has been tearing me apart.

I just have to get it all out.

Jonathan: Jennifer?

Jennifer: Oh, hello, darling.


- Hello, Susan.
- Susan: Hello.

Glad to see you.

Oh, I got the distinct feeling

that I may have
interrupted something,

so I'll just go on my way.

Oh, it's all right.

No, no, no,
Jonathan, don't leave.

Susan: I have a few
things I should work out.

Susan, make me a
promise, call me tonight?

( dog barks )

I promise.


Bye-bye, Susan.


I'll tell you about it.

Travis: She didn't tell
Jennifer Hart about you,

- about the affair?
- She was starting to

when Jonathan Hart
came marching in.

Listen to this.

Man on Radio: There
was a surprise increase

in the amount of Syndicam
Video traded today.

Nearly 200,000 shares
exchanged hands.

I bought almost all of
those 200,000 shares

and before I invest
any more money,

I need more information.

Well, I'm working
on Jennifer Hart.

But if Susan tells
her that I wrecked

Dave's Stockwood's
antitrust case,

it'll blow me away.

So we can't let Susan
Stockwood ruin all this,

can we, partner?

But how can I stop
her from talking?

See if you can
work that one out.

( music playing )

Woman: I'm sorry but
Mr. Stockwood's room doesn't answer.

Would you care to
leave a message?

No, no, I'll call back.

Thank you, madam.



Who's there?

Jonathan: How many times did
you call before it was out of order?

Jennifer: At least seven.

Still out of order.

You don't think she would
have done something stupid?

No, I don't think so, darling.

Anyway, we'll be
there in a minute.

( screams )

Jennifer: Susan? Susan!

( knocks on door )

Jennifer: Susan?



She's dead.

I'll call the police.

( glass breaks )



Probably done by
a burglar, pro too.

Back door Jimmy, no
prints, stocking mask.

You disturbed him
and he panicked.

And murdered Susan.

Her husband's out of town.

I think I'll better be
the one to tell him.

Sure. I understand, Mr. Hart.

But have him call me as
soon as you tell him about it.

Come on, darling.

- Josh: Hi.
- Man: Hi.

Jennifer, hi.

Jennifer: Oh, hi, Josh.

Have you heard? I've
got your Vijay Amritraj

for the tournament.
He's up there right now.

Oh, that's wonderful.

- Oh!
- ( clapping )

Jennifer: Ooh.

Too good.

Please, don't
encourage him, will you?

I thought I hit a winner.

You did. You just
didn't hit it right.

Jonathan: Oh.

Woman: Excuse me, Mr. Amritraj,

can I have your
autograph, please?

- Jennifer: Hi, darling.
- Jonathan: How are you feeling?

- Jennifer: Okay.
- Jonathan: Uh-hmm.

I just can't stop
thinking about Susan.

Me either. I thought I
could stop thinking about her

by coming up here and
hitting a few shots with Vijay,

but no luck.

Dave is coming in
at the airport at 4:30.

- I'm gonna pick him up.
- Oh, yeah.

You all right?

I'll be all right.

- Drive safe.
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye. Thanks, Vijay.

- Thank you.
- Oh. Hi, Vijay, how are you?

- Fine. How are you?
- Great.

I just wanted to stop
by and thank you

for participating
in our tournament.

You're welcome.

How in the world did
Josh convince you?

- Josh? You mean Dunston?
- Yeah.

Martina called me up and said

how much you two
do for the kid's hospital.


But I thought you and
Josh were close friends?

Well, not really. I
knew him when he was

on the Pro Circuit,

but I'm just happy to do
whatever I can to help.

It's my pleasure.

Oh, no, no, it's our pleasure.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Dave: I appreciate you
picking me up, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Of course.

Why are we stopping here?

I think you should prepare
yourself for a shock, Dave.

I knew something was wrong.

I tried to call Susan
last night, late,

but there was something
wrong with the phone.

It's not the phone.

It's Susan.

She's left me? Uh-hmm.

Oh, no, come on,
no, no, that's... no.

What is it?

She's dead.

She was murdered, Dave.

I'm sorry. I'm
really very sorry.

Oh, geez.

Who did it?

They think it was a burglar.

I'm not so sure about that.

What does that mean?

Susan had a lot of
personal problems.

She was afraid.

Jonathan: She was letting
all of this out to Jennifer and

never had a chance to finish.

Do you have any idea

what she might have
been worried about?

She's not dead.

She's not dead.


What do you think
she was worried about?

Oh, there's one thing.

I'm in a lot of
trouble, Jonathan.

We're losing this antitrust suit

because somebody's got
a pipeline to the law firm

and it had to come through me

but I'm not... I
didn't say anything.

But Susan...

Susan, knew all about the case.

She might have
talked to someone.

That's possible,

but that's no reason
to kill her, is it?

Is it?

( cries )


Jonathan: Josh
Dunston may be involved

with Susan's murder.

But it'll be safe.

Max will be on guard.

Look, I will invite Josh over

to give me a tennis lesson.

After the lesson, we'll
come in the house

and then we'll come
upstairs to the bedroom.

At precisely 2:00, I telephone.


And then you will
give me some sort of

fake information
about Hart Industries.

- Syndicam Video.
- Fine.

And when I walk in
Dunston takes off to his

mysterious financial partner

- and guess on the news.
- Exactly.

And when it blows up,

they'll blow up at each other.

Nothing tests the temper

like the loss of a
few million dollars.

Uh-hmm. It's perfect.

It'd better be perfect.

- Hmm, you know something.
- What?

We work very well together.

( music playing )

See if you bring that
racket back quickly enough

you can concentrate
on hitting the ball

early in front of me.

Concentrate? For
the last 20 minutes,

all I've been doing is
concentrate on survival.

You really put me
through my paces.

I'm in need of a shower.

I won't be but two minutes.

We can take our
time, beautiful lady,


Oh, well...


Why don't you run
the shower, baby?

Oh, what's the rush?

I've got some wine.

I will... oh, a bottle of
Montrachet on the cooler.

I'll be right back.

( car honking )

Do you like wine?

I love wine afterwards.


I'm sorry. I'm a...
I'm a little nervous.

I've never done this before and

I need a drink.

( car honking )

( dial tone )

( music playing )


You're a slow drinker.

Oh, well, I never rush

the good things in life.

Finish your wine.

Oh. That's the trouble
with modern life.

The neurotic
pace of civilization,

the desperate haste
for the true meaning,

don't you find that?

Yeah, I guess so.

( car honking )

( hiccups )

Oh, excuse me.

( hiccups )

Oh, I'm so sorry.

( hiccups )

You know, this happens
when I drink too fast.

( hiccups )


( hiccups )


( hiccups )

How long does it usually last?

As long as it takes.

( hiccups )

Oh, God.


Hours sometimes.


( hiccups )


sometimes it helps
if you rub my feet.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

( hiccups )

Oh, that feels good.

( tires screeching )

( phone ringing )

Oh, let me answer.
I'll get rid of it.


Jonathan: Hello, darling?

I hope that busy signal didn't
mean what I'm afraid it did.

My husband's not here.

He's at the office.

I'm not a messenger.

All right. What is it?

Syndi what?


All right.

I love you, darling?

I'll be there on one minute.


Now, where were we?

What was that all about?

Oh, it's just some dumb
business of my husband's.

He's trying to take
over a new company,

Syndicam Video,
something or other.

It's selling for $50 a share.

Oh, why does it matter?

( laughs )

( hiccups )


( car door opens and closes )

- Oh.
- Who's that?

- My husband.
- You're kidding?

Oh, you've got
to get out of here.

- Oh, my God.
- Quick. Quick.

Oh, the window!

Hurry. Hurry.

Let me help you.


Jonathan: Jennifer?
It's me, where are you?

Jennifer: Up here.

Jonathan: Jennifer?

What are you doing up here?

Jennifer: Waiting for
you as usual, darling.

( music playing )

You all right?

No, I have the hiccups.

( hiccups )

I really do.

( hiccups )

Jonathan: All right. Thank you.

- Jennifer: Well?
- It's working.

Somebody's been
buying up Syndicam Video

since the market
opened this morning.

The shark?

He'll be investing a bundle

so he'll be here keeping
an eye on Dunston.

Jennifer: Oh, great.

Now, the only trick is
gonna be to keep Josh

occupied in the court till
the market closes at one.

How you gonna steal
him for two hours?

I have a secret weapon.

Jennifer: Oh.

( laughs )

- Huh?
- Ah!

Fifty bucks a share?

And that's in
Hart Industry stock

for shares we've
bought at less than eight.

We're gonna be
very, very rich, partner.

Man over P.A.: Josh
Dunston, to center court, please.

Go get him.

( indistinct chatter )

This is Travis Saunders,

I wanna buy another

of Syndicam Video.

That's right. I know
the price is going up,

just buy them.

Man over P.A.: Good
afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Today's final match features

Ms. Martina Navratilova

and Mr. Jonathan Hart

versus Mr. Josh Dunston

and Ms. Francis Stevens.

Man on TV: Due primarily
to investor uncertainty

about current economic trend.

Activity was brisk

on the New York Stock
Exchange this session.

Among the volume
leaders at midpoint today

is Syndicam Video, up 7 points

on volume of 178,000 shares.

No reason for the volume yet,

but there has been
considerable speculation

that a takeover
is in the offing,

although Syndicam
Video management

has declined to comment.

Man over P.A.: Ms. Martina
Navratilova will serve first.

Lines people, ready?

Ball persons, ready?


Remember, we've got to stall him

so save the good
stuff for later.

Okay. Well, I can't
save too much of it

because they're
pretty good, but I'll try.

Just carry me, okay? Carry me.

Okay. No problem.

( indistinct chatter )

( clapping )

Man over P.A.: Love-15.

( clapping )

Man over P.A.: 15, all.

Man over P.A.: 30-15.

( clapping )

It's my money, Alex.
Just keep buying.

( cheering and clapping )

Man over P.A.: Game
to Navratilova and Hart.

They lead, five
games to four, first set.

Change sides, please.

Josh: You're playing like
this was Wimbledon, Martina.

Martina: Well, I don't
like to lose anywhere.

Josh: Neither do I.

( indistinct chatter )

( clapping )

Man over P.A.:
Mr. Dunston to serve.

( clapping )

Man over P.A.: 15-love.

( clapping )

Man over P.A.: 30-love.

Sorry about this.

Sorry about what?

What I'm gonna have to do.

Time out.

Man: Is there a
problem, Mr. Hart?

Yes, there is. These
people are bothering me.

- They're in my eyeline.
- Man: What?

My eyeline, I can't concentrate

with the people back there.
It breaks my concentration.

Man: I'm sorry, Mr. Hart,
but the rules are very clear.

Jonathan: What rules? What
rules are you talking about?

These people are bothering me.

I can't see what...
I can't concentrate.

What do you want me to do?

Man on TV: In other news,
commodity prices fell seasonally,

due primarily to
investor uncertainty

about current economic trends.

Man over P.A.: Out.



It was out two inches.

What do you mean it
was two inches out?

Did you see that?

Are those glasses prescription?

- Can you see all right?
- Man: Now, Mr. Hart.

Mr. Hart, I don't
wanna warn you.

Jonathan: You don't
have to warn me,

just get some
linesman who can see.

Keep your eyes open, will you?

What kind of a call was that?

Jonathan: Martina,
let me see that ball.

Is that a little flat?

Martina: I think it's dead.

Dead ball and the
number one star in tennis.

I can't believe it. A dead ball.

Ha, what about that one?

Martina: Well, it looks
a little dirty to me.

Come one. Give her a clean ball.

Throw her a ball.
Let's get going.

Man: Service.

Jonathan: Try to the
best you can now, Martina.

Man on TV: Fluctuations
in the price of gold

on the London and
Hong Kong exchanges

reflected further uncertainty

in the middle
market futures today.

Just keep me posted, Alex.


Man over P.A.:
Game, set score is now

4 games to 2, second set,

Mr. Dunston to serve.

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

( indistinct chatter )

Listen, I think we've
chewed up enough time.

You can throw in
the good stuff now.

Oh, great. I'd love it.

Sorry about that.

Shoe. Shoelace.

Man over P.A.: Service.

( clapping )

Man over P.A.: Love-15.

Man on TV: We'll get back
to our report in just a minute.

We have a bulletin.

Syndicam Video
has just announced

that they're filing
for bankruptcy.

Trading at Syndicam
stock has been suspended.

When an attempt
to secure financing

from Jonathan Hart
Industries failed,

Syndicam directors
were forced to declare

the company insolvent.

Syndicam stock is
essentially worthless.

No further details at this time

but we'll bring you any
further developments

as we receive them.

( music playing )

( indistinct chatter )

I did that?

And you did it just right, too.

How'd you feel about
that, Mr. Dunston?

Watch out.

( gunshot )

You have ruined me, Dunston!

You and Ms. Hart.

( gunshot )

( groans )

( gunshots )


The police are outside.

It's too late, Hart.

A woman.

Good Lord.

( music playing )



Just follow right
through, darling.

Darling, you told me four times.

I'm just trying
to share with you

what I learned from Martina.

- Oh, great.
- Jonathan: I wasn't too bad.

- Was I? Now just...
- No, no. You were fabulous.

Okay. I just...
Hit it at eye level.

- Like that?
- Jonathan: Well,
sort of like that.

- Jennifer: Like that?
- Yeah.

How about that?

- And how about this?
- Oh!

Oh, and smash through you!

Oh, Martina,

what she taught me
in the tournament.


( music playing )

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