Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 4 - Pandora Has Wings - full transcript

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
because when they met,

it was murder.

( music playing )

( trumpet blowing )

( helicopter whirring )

( men counting and chanting )

Welcome back, Mr. Kendall.

If you really want
me to feel welcome,

tell me the problems with
Pandora has been solved.

Well, I wish I could, sir.

When I hired you as my
chief radar engineer, Redstone,

I was told you
could walk on water.

But seems it's just
another false prophet.

Pandora is a very
sophisticated piece

of equipment, Mr. Kendall.

Just give it to me straight.

The problem is in
the telemetry circuits.

Now, if we could extend the
deadline just a few weeks...

That's out of the question.

The navy plans to test
Pandora in three days.

If we miss that deadline,
the contract says

we have to pay a
penalty of $10 million.

I don't have the money.

There's no way I can
get it working by Monday.

Then we can't let
the test take place.

( door closes )

Here's what happens,
Pandora gets damaged

by accident, maybe sabotage.

We blame the navy and
demand a chance to rebuild,

time to make it work.
No penalty payment

and you get to keep your job.

Washington will order
a full investigation,

call in the FBI.

No, I don't see how.

Damn it. You're
supposed to be a genius.

Find a way.

( music playing )

( door opens and closes )

( music playing )

You really look
lovely this evening.

Well, thank you, darling.

( music continues )

You're playing our song.

Am I? What a coincidence.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


Your favorite, Mrs. H.

Are we celebrating
something I don't know about?

No, it's just my way
of saying how happy

I am that we're together,
alive and in the same place.


No, no. You're up to something.

What do you think
about the navy?

The navy?


They have lovely uniforms.

Wait a minute, you got
that defense contract?

Not exactly. My
naval reserve unit has

been called into active duty.

Just for a few days, Mrs. H.

But why?

I can't tell you that.

Top secret, national security,

and all that stuff.

Well, I'm gonna miss you.

You're coming with me.

I am?

You're one of the directors
of the company, Mrs. H.

I got special security
clearance for you

from Admiral Springfield.

Well, then you can tell
me what you're doing.

No, I can't. You're
just going have to be

an understanding navy wife.

( music playing )

Do I salute or something?

Or something.


( music playing )

Lieutenant Commander
Hart reporting for duty.

Well, welcome to Palm's Bay.

The officer's lodge is straight
ahead and your left, sir.

- Thank you very much.
- Yes, sir.

Well, there it is.

The Navy Ritz, raised
on double bunks.

Well, I'm sure you can manage.

Can you get that?

Smitty, you startled me.

Sorry, Mr. Redstone,
just making my rounds.

Everything all right?

Yes, yes, yes, of course.

You must be looking
forward to the test flight.


Well, good luck!


Jennifer: There it is.

Jonathan: Oh, thanks.

Mustn't go without those.

I hate to rush off like
this but I've got to meet

the admiral in 10 minutes. I
don't know when I'll be back.

Oh, that's all right, darling.

I have plenty to do.
I'm gonna unpack,

go do some shopping.

By the way, would you

pick me up a screw
driver, medium size?

Sure. Why?

I've got some repair work to do.

- I love you.
- Bye.


Oh, Chief Smith.
Good to see you.

They told me you
were coming aboard.

It's been a while, Subic
Bay, One Arm Richard.

Bonnie Dick. You look great.

- Thank you.
- I see you're

a civilian like me now.

Yes, I took my pension
three years ago.

But you never
really left the navy?

Now I'm inside. I'm
with special security.

How's Dorothy?

Boy, you got a good memory, sir.

She's fine, thank you.

Commander, I know
why you're here.

I'm on the same project.

There's something I've been
wanting to talk to you about.

It may be nothing, but
it's been bothering...

Well, I'm afraid it's gonna
have to wait for a while,

Smitty, because I've got
a date with the admiral.

Oh, fine, that'll keep.

Okay. I'll catch
up with you later.

- Oh, thank you.
- Good to see you.

( music playing )

( knock on door )

Lieutenant Commander Hart, sir.

- Jonathan.
- Admiral.

- Good to have you with us.
- It's good to be back, sir.

You know Duke
Vintner, of course.

I certainly do, ever
since he was an ensign.

Nice to see you again, Duke.

Good to see you, Jonathan.

You haven't changed.


Except for the haircut perhaps.

I'm sorry about that, sir.

I don't have a chance to get
a trim before I came up here.

Oh, that's all right.
We have an excellent

barber right here on base.

( chuckles )

Gentlemen, tell me,
how much do you know

about Project Pandora?

It's all right, you're
both cleared.

It's an experimental
airborne radar device.

My company has made
most of the components, sir,

It was subcontracted
by Kendall Electronics.

That's why you're here.

And Duke is here
because he's a top test pilot.

That's right. Now, I don't mind

telling you gentlemen
that I am not

at all happy with the way
this project has been going.

I can't put my finger
on it but there have been

enumerable delays
and extensions.

Well, Kendall must have a
deadline in their contract, sir.

Monday. And I want to
put that tin box through

the toughest workout
that we can devise.

It would help, sir,
if we knew exactly

what it was supposed to do.

Well, I'll have
Kendall's project

director take care of that.

Redstone: You all know about
the American stealth bomber,

a revolutionary plane
that does not register

on radar screen.

It is quite literally invisible
to enemy defenses.

And naturally, rival
powers are racing

to develop stealth
aircraft of their own.

I can assure you,
they're wasting their time.

Nothing can hide from Pandora.

Pandora can detect
anything that flies.

Pandora neutralizes stealth,

as this test program
will demonstrate.

Thank you.

Thank you. That's
all the information

that you're gonna
get at this time.

Except that, tomorrow
marks the anniversary

of my graduation
from Minneapolis

and my wife is giving me a party

at the Officers Club.

You are all invited
and you will all kindly

be there with your
ladies. Dismissed.

( indistinct chatter )

( music playing )

You're certain the
phone set up will work?

Yeah. Let it ring
once and you hang up.

Call again immediately

and the place will
burst into flames.

All right, up.

On your feet, come on.

Smitty? He heard.

All right. Give me
the gun, Mr. Kendall.

Get the scotch. Get it!

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

Pour it down his throat.


Do it!


Come on.

All right. Get his car.

Jennifer: Darling, don't
you have to go through

some sort of a
retraining program?

Jonathan: Well, normally I would

but I'm here as sort
of a technical advisor.

Jennifer: Oh, that's too bad.

I was hoping I'd get to
see you marching, drilling.

Oh, nothing violent,
nothing violent.

I may need to brush up
on the latest hardware.

Duke said he'd
check me out on that.


Duke: You know
what they're saying,

that Smitty was drunk.

Well, they did find
a bottle of scotch

in the car and he
was reeking of alcohol.

He had a history of alcoholism,

but that was a long time ago,

when we were all shipmates.

We got him into a
rehabilitation program.

He dried out completely.

Things like that do happen.

You'll know more
after the autopsy.

I guess so.

I just can't believe it.

I had to talk to you.

We appreciate you coming by.

Good night.

See you in the morning, Duke.

( radio beeping )

Here's your invitation
to the admiral's party.

I'm not a party
man, Mr. Kendall.

Well, you're going
just the same.

We both are.


It's the perfect alibi.

While we're having
fun with the admiral

the Pandora Project
will self-destruct.

A few flowers,
some pillows sort of

brightens up the place.

Yeah, makes it
real nice and cozy.


Where is the screw driver?

Oh, in that bag over there.

Jennifer: Darling, you're
not gonna start fixing

something right now, are you?

I certainly am.

You have a problem in there?

Jonathan: No.

No problems at all.

Everything is going just great.

How about some more brandy?

No, thanks. Not for me.

Can you come in here
and give me a hand?

What are you doing?

Unscrewing the bed.

See, they screw
it down to the floor.

Why do they do that?

Oh, it's an old navy custom.

It stops the pitching
and the rolling.

Come on give me
a hand, will you?

On dry land?

Yeah. Well, the navy
never takes chances.

Oh, there.

Yeah. Nice, huh?

I didn't realize you
were such a handyman.

Oh, in an emergency I
can get things together.

Oh, yeah?

( music playing )

( indistinct chatter )

( applause )

Jonathan: I don't know
who's harder to please,

you or Duke Vintner?

Jennifer: Oh, I don't know
what you're complaining about,

I let you lead.

Jonathan: Speak of the devil.

Duke: Jonathan,
Smitty's wife is outside.

She's asking to see you.

Darling. Excuse us.

Excuse us.

Jonathan: Hello, Dorothy.

I'm very sorry about Smitty.

I'd like to have you
meet my wife, Jennifer.

- This is Dorothy Smith.
- It's a pleasure.

- I'm terribly sorry.
- Would you like sit down?

Oh, thank you.

What is it you want
to talk to me about?

Well, Commander, you were always

such a good friend
to him, to Smitty.

And you got him off the liquor

and I just wanted you to know
that he didn't let you down.

You do know that they found
liquor in his bloodstream?

Yes. And a bottle in the car

but even when
Smitty was drinking,

he never touched scotch.

He hated it.

And he phoned me, Commander,

about 20 minutes
before the accident,

to say he'd be a little late.

He was going over to the
Kendall Research Center.

And he was cold
sober, I swear it.

20 minutes before he died?

Would you like a drink, a
cup of coffee or something?

No, Jonathan I think
I'd better go home.

We'll try to stop by

before we go back
to Los Angeles.

All right, Dorothy?

Thank you.

- Nice to have met you.
- Thank you so much.

Now, I'll see you home, Dorothy.

Jennifer, Jonathan.

Good night.

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking that I'm
gonna try to get inside

the Kendall Research Center.


I can't get you
involved in this, darling.

Darling, I'm already involved.

Besides, you said
the admiral cleared me

for top security.

You will probably
get me keelhauled.

All right.

I'm gonna open up Pandora.


Jonathan: That's the code name

for the secret project,

probably the most advanced
to airborne radar system

in existence.

Shall we go?

( music playing )

Buck: Admiral.

Hello, Mr. Kendall. How are you?

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

You know my wife, Joan.

- Nice to see you.
- It's a pleasure to see you.

Chaplain Shultz.

Chaplain, how are you?

Kendall. Hello.

( music playing )

( crickets chirping )

There it is.

The marvel of military science.

( phone ringing )

( music playing )

( footsteps )

Smells like wet paint in here.


( phone ringing )

( explosion )

( music playing )

( music playing )

( metal clanging )

Jonathan: Where's
the main valve?

( music playing )

Jonathan: Let's get out of here.

( music playing )

( sirens wailing )

( music playing )

( indistinct chatter )

The sprinkler
system was turned off.

And I think the
interior was treated

with some kind of
flammable substance.

Somebody tried to
sabotage Pandora.

I'm ordering a
full investigation.

Jonathan, the navy
is grateful to you.


The navy is to blame for this.

My company requested
additional security.

We're gonna look
into it, Mr. Kendall.

As far as we can tell,
any damage to Pandora

is strictly superficial.

Kendall: How can you say that?

Pandora's circuitry
is super sensitive.

Years of work,

millions of dollars
of equipment.

Washington's gonna
hear about this.

Take him home,
Jennifer. Put him to bed.

You heard what the
admiral said, darling.

That's an order.

Aye aye, sir.

( music playing )

- Jonathan: Feel better?
- Oh, I was frozen to the bone.

Here, try this.

Oh, thank you, darling.

While you were in the shower,

I was thinking about Smitty.

Oh, what about?

Well, he telephones his wife,

he says he's on the way
over to the Kendall compound,

and then he dies.

And the compound
conveniently catches fire.

Do you think there's
any connection?

Maybe Smitty knew that someone

was planning to destroy Pandora.

But who?

I think we could rule
out any foreign agent.

They'd try to steal
it, not destroy it.

Maybe it was a
competitor of Kendall's?

Well, if Pandora
failed to pass the test,

then that would leave
the door wide open

for any of Kendall's
competitors to come

ride in and get
development contract.

I'll call Arnold first
thing in the morning

and have him run a computer
check on the companies

that lost the bid
to build Pandora.

Good idea.

In the morning.

( music playing )

You will have to postpone
the flight test admiral.

I'm taking Pandora to my plant,

stripping it down to
check out every circuit.

How long will that take?

Three months.

Kendall: I just can't
take any chances.

The reputation of
my company is...

( door knocking )

Lieutenant Commander Hart, sir.

Commander Hart,
would you mind telling us

where you have
been for the past hour?

I've been at
Kendall laboratories.

Examining Pandora.

He has no right to
touch that equipment?

He was following
my orders Kendall.

What are your findings?

( Jonathan ) There
doesn't seem to be

any internal damage, sir.

Everything seems to be
in perfect working order.

That's a highly
sophisticated piece

of electronics hardware,
a revolutionary concept.

This is a job for
experts like Redstone,

not some hotshot pilot.

Commander Hart happens
to be the owner and founder

of the firm that provided you

with most of your component
parts for the project.

Jonathan Hart Industries.

I didn't connect.
I... I need more time,

I've got everything riding...

She's going up tomorrow
Kendall, as planned.

Mr. Redstone,
as project director,

I would appreciate it if
would be with me tomorrow,

- in ops control.
- That won't be possible.

He's going to Washington
with a letter from me,

officially protesting
your decision.

As you please.

Good day, gentlemen.

Jonathan, are you and
your wife free for dinner?

Yes, we are, sir. Thank you.

Redstone: Why don't
you go to Washington?

Buck: Nobody's going,
but you need an alibi.

I don't understand, Mr. Kendall.

You're gonna rig
Pandora, make it a bomb.

So when it's activated
on the test flight,

the plane blows up.

We don't have to destroy it.

All we have to
do is we let it fail.

Blame it on the fire damage.

Not good enough.

With Hart's expert testimony.

I can't, Mr. Kendall.

We'll talk about it inside.

Now get to work.

I've let you make me
a criminal, Kendall.

I was a man of science.

And a thief, don't forget that.

It's true, but I'm not a killer.

What about the
security guard, Smitty?

You're as guilty as I am.

I'm telling the truth.

I never meant Smitty to die,

but you had a gun.

I still have.

( music playing )

I can rig the bomb myself.

( gunshot )

( music playing )

Thank you. No wine
for Commander Hart.

Just orange juice.

Remember, you're flying
backseat for Duke tomorrow.

That's right. No
alcohol before a flight.

Hangar six, 0700 hours.

Yes, sir.

To the project.

To the project.

( glass clanging )

( music playing )

( engine revving )

( music playing )

Man: Pandora system
installed and A-Okay.


The test area is now
closed to all shipping.

The only aircraft
permitted in the area

will be yours with Pandora
and a stealth plane,

piloted by a
civilian test pilot.

Naturally he will be invisible
to the radar observers

on the ships
surrounding the test area.

But if Pandora does
its job, we'll find it.

Man: Pandora crew report.

Better get moving. Good luck.

- Thank you, sir.
- Thanks very much, Admiral.

( indistinct chatter )

Darling, there's no reason
for you to wait around here.

It'll be almost an hour
before we reach the test area.

Oh, that's all right,
darling. I don't mind waiting.

I made arrangements
with Lieutenant Morrison

to take you to
breakfast. You'll be back

in plenty of time
to see the test.

By the way, you may be
getting a call from Arnold

at the office about
the rival bidders,

while he's at it, I'm having him

check out Kendall Electronics.

Will you save a
blueberry pancake for me?

Will you be careful for me?

( indistinct chatter )

( jet engines roaring )

Man: This is Pandora control.

Take off, 7 minutes.

All personnel, clear the area.

( jet engines roaring )

( siren blaring )

( jet engines roaring )

Man: ( indistinct ) report.

Weather conditions stable,

all the way to test area.

( indistinct chatter )

( jet engines roaring )

Man: Pandora One
rolling, begin takeoff check.

( indistinct chatter )

( jet engines roaring )

Well, you all set?

Let's do it.

Pandora One, check completed.

Man: Pandora One,
you're cleared for takeoff.

( jet engines roaring )

( indistinct chatter )

( jet engines roaring )

Man: Pandora
One, airborne. 07-11.

Thank you.

Shall we?

( indistinct chatter )

I won't take
responsibility, Admiral.

That apparatus should've
been stripped down.

We're saving it as much
as we can, Mr. Kendall.

Pandora won't be activated

until it enters the test area.

( indistinct chatter )

Admiral: Which will be exactly

43 minutes from now.

I know a little
place off the base

that serves the
wildest flapjacks.

Oh, really?

Sounds great. I'm
with you, Lieutenant.

Go ahead and give
them a read off, Jonathan.

Pandora One, altitude 225,

speed 505 knots, heading 295,

ETA test area,

0800 hours.

Control to Pandora
One, looking good.


Operations control.

Sorry, Mrs. Hart just left.

You might catch her
at the main entrance.

Hold on, I'll have
your call transferred.


Have this call transferred
to the main gate, please.

( phone ringing )

( engine revving )

Mrs. Hart, a phone call for you.

Oh, thank you.



Man: Pandora control
to Pandora One,

maintain present
airspeed and course, out.

Do you have any idea
how this miraculous

contraption works, Jonathan?

I believe, the first thing

we're supposed to
do, is switch it on,

when we get to the test area.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you.

Something wrong, Mrs. Hart?

That was my husband's office.

According to our
office computer,

Redstone was
accused of embezzling

at Kendal Electronics,

only two days before trial,

the charges were dropped.

Sorry, I don't see
what you're driving at.

Neither do I.

Jennifer: I just wish I
could talk to Redstone.

Why don't you?

Well, I can't.

He's on his way to Washington.

Oh, no, ma'am.

Well, I mean, I couldn't
help over hearing

the conversation and... well,

Mr. Redstone is still on base.

Are you sure?

Man: Well, one thing for sure,

he hasn't left this base
within the last 24 hours.

Might still be at his
office, we'll soon find out.

( jet engines roaring )

Man: This is Pandora control,

all systems are nominal.

Man: Reception level is stable.

Please acknowledge, Pandora One.

Man: T-minus 40.

( indistinct chatter )

MAN: Stealth target
aircraft to ops control,

approaching test area, over.

Control to stealth
intruder, roger.

Man: Maintain radio silence.

He doesn't answer, ma'am.

Maybe he's at the lab
tearing some things out.

Well we can't call him out
there, the line is still out.

Uh, Lieutenant, shall we?

We shall.

( engine revving )

( indistinct chatter )

Man: Pandora One,
come in, control.

Man: Stealth target aircraft

now entering test area.

Man: You have a go
on stage one, over.

Roger, beginning
stage one now, out.

That's your cue, pal.

Here we go.

Stage one.

( indistinct chatter )


( coughs )

This place is a mess.

( music playing )

Look at this, Lieutenant.


They found scotch
in Smitty's car.

He's wife said he
was here that day.

The admiral should
be told about this.

I think so too.

Let's do that.

Wait a minute.

- What's that?
- Looks like blood.

It certainly does.

It trails off back here.

( gasps )

( jet engines roaring )

T-minus 20 minutes, Duke.

DUKE: Thanks.

Pandora One to control,

we'll start counting down
at T-minus five, over.

Roger, countdown
begins, 0755, over.

DUKE: 0755, roger.

( jet engines roaring )

( beeps )

Hello, operator.

This is an emergency.

I must speak with
Admiral Springfield,

he's in operations
control, please hurry.

Operations control.

Sorry, the admiral
isn't available right now.

This is Mrs. Hart,
I must speak to

Admiral Springfield
immediately, it's an emergency.

WOMAN: Hold on, Mrs. Hart.

( indistinct chatter )

I'll take it.

Can I help you?

JENNIFER: Who's this?

Lieutenant Briggs.

This is Mrs. Hart,
you must stop the test.

Mr. Redstone is dead.
He's been murdered.


Are you sure?

I'm positive. I
just saw his body,

it's in Kendall Electronics lab.

Now please tell the admiral

to stop the test, please.

Very well, Mrs. Hart.
We'll hold the countdown,

you just stay right
where you are.

I'll alert security.


( jet engines roaring )

MAN: T-minus 8 minutes, 20.

Looks like somebody
tore the guts

out of the black box.

Why would they do that?

Pack it for something else.

I hate to think what.

Like a bomb?

It's a good thing I got a hold

of Lieutenant Briggs.

He said they're gonna
stop the countdown.

Who did you say?

Lieutenant Briggs.

Mrs. Hart.

I've been the admiral's aid

for five months,

I've never heard of
a Lieutenant Briggs.

( music playing )


( music playing )

( jet engines roaring )

MAN: Pandora
control to Pandora One.

Standby to begin countdown.

T-minus 5 and counting.

JONATHAN: Standby, Duke.

We're about to make
the defense breakthrough

of the decade.

( indistinct chatter )

Almost there.

Dead on schedule.

( indistinct chatter )

( engine revving )

MAN: T-minus 2 minutes, 55.

( indistinct chatter )

This is Admiral Springfield.

Jonathan, find that
ghost plane for me.

We'll take his picture

and have him sign it, sir.

T-minus 2 minutes, 30.

MAN: Looking good, Pandora One.

( music playing )

It's all right, guard. Lieutenant
Morrison, special project clearance.

Special project.
Come on, let's go.

( music playing )

Well, I was coming
for you, Mrs. Hart.

- Help...
- Don't scream.

We're gonna collect Redstone

and take off in my chopper.

They'll never find
either of your bodies.

Now, move.

( jet engines roaring )

MAN: T-minus 1 minute, 55.

( music playing )

MAN: T-minus 1 minute, 30.

( music playing )

MAN: T-minus 1 minute, 20.

( music playing )

MAN: T-minus 50 seconds.

( music playing )

( indistinct chatter )

MAN: Pandora One on flight deck.

Looking good, Commander.

( music playing )

MAN: T-minus 10.

Nine, eight, seven, six...



Abort Pandora.

( music playing )

JONATHAN: Mission aborted.

( music playing )

JONATHAN: This is Pandora One,

request further orders.

Jonathan, Jennifer
says to come on home.

( music playing )

here's to the navy.

If this is a sample
of navy life,

I'm gonna join up myself.

Do you think they'll
let us stay together?

Maybe I could get the admiral

to pull a few strings.

If I get my haircut that is.

Then we could
have lots of intimate

little dinners just like this.

Just the two of us.

( laughs )

( music playing )

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