Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 3 - Hostage Harts - full transcript

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H, she's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
because when they met,

it was murder.

Put some oil on my
back, Tommy, darling.

Well, what's so fascinating?

The Josephine Tiara.

The what?

The diamond crown Napoleon
gave Empress Josephine.

After 150 years,

the Paris Historical Society

has finally unearthed it.

If it's cut up

and the stones
sold individually,

we could net over
20 million Francs.

Well, that's more than we got

from that ratty old Baron.

And double what we picked
up on the Middlehaven job.

But it's gonna
be well protected.

Nothing I can't handle.

Well, where do we take it?

Jonathan: Paris.



We'll be there.

Jennifer: Who was that
on the phone darling?

Claude Luter.


They're holding the
auction next Friday

- and we are bidding.
- Good.

I didn't notice a catalog

from Luter in the mail.

Well, that's because
they're only auctioning off

one item, Max,

and that's a tiara
that Napoleon gave

to Josephine in 1809.


Do you realize how
important that is?


Well, this is one
of the few times

that the French government

has allowed a
national art treasure

out of the country.

If a foreigner gets it.

And this foreigner is gonna try

as hard as he can.

And you're buying it for Mrs. H?

For me and for all the
women in the world.

It's our industry's contribution

to the county museum.

I'd like to leave as
soon as possible

so that we don't
arrive at the auction

- with any jetlag.
- Well then, let's get packing.

Freeway, I'm gonna
take you to the pet shop

and show you some
French poodles.

That's as close to
Paris as we'll get.

Come on.

How did it go?

Piece of cake.

We go in through
the roof door, here.

How about security?

Standard lock.

I can pick that in a second.

And inside?

( indistinct ) for
red at the doors.

A time lock on the display room

and pressure plates
under the carpets.

How many guards?

Three, all armed.

So how do we get past them?

Well, the only one
we have to worry about

is the man in the foyer.

At about 2:20, he
begins his rounds.

Where is the tiara?

In the display room.

The door timer goes
off at 2:30 precisely.

We'll be waiting outside,

ready to walk right in.

Sounds incredible.

Where do we
neutralize the fuse box

for the inside alarm?

At the foot of the stairs.


Suppose something goes wrong?

I'll have the Walther
with the silencer

and you take the .38.

Pow, pow.

( indistinct chatter )

Ah, you expect the competition

this afternoon to be quite keen.

You know what I'm
really surprise about

is that nobody is
here representing

the Getty Museum.

The Josephine Tiara
is only 175 years old.

The Getty people
don't even nibble

unless it's B.C.


Before creation.

( beeping )


The doctor says I
shouldn't have coffee.

Why, Claude?

My heart.

But I can no more resist it

that I can resist
other temptations.

After the auction,
will you stay in Paris?

No, we thought we might
drive to the Coup de Coeur.

Oh, it's very crowded
on the Coup de Coeur

this time of year.

We'll stay off the beaten track.

How would you like to amble

through the Dordogne

and then head
west to the Pyrenees

like we did last year?


Do you remember
that one little, little inn

we stayed in in Perpignan?

The end of our trip.

Didn't see a soul.

Didn't even see Perpignan.

Claude: Sounds delightful.

2:35, is there anything
I can show you

before the gallery opens?

Well, there is one
thing I would like to see.

I would love to see

- the tiara, wouldn't you?
- I love it.

Before the crowds get there,
Claude, is that possible?

Why not?

After all, it is my gallery.

Oh, just a minute.

- Ready?
- Yup.

Jennifer Edwards?

Pierre Duval.

Oh, no.

This is amazing. Yeah.

- You look ravishing.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, darling, Pierre Duval.

My husband, Jonathan Hart.

- Enchante.
- Claude Luter.

- Pierre: Monsieur.
- ( speaks in French )

Pierre and I were the
Sorbonne together.

- Isn't that amazing?
- What a surprise.

I wish we had time to catch up.

- Oh, wouldn't that be nice...
- Yes.

But I'm afraid we
were just leaving.

Oh, darling.

I have a few things to
take care of with Claude.

I could go ahead at the gallery.

You could meet me
there in a few minutes.

- Would you mind?
- Not at all.

- Pierre, nice to have met you.
- My pleasure.

- See you later, darling.
- See you later.


Both: ( speaking in French )

( buzzing )

Oh, Monsieur Luter, bonjour.

( speaking in French )

And the tiara is in here.

Close the door.

One word and you are dead.

You'll never get out of here.

Do as he says.

Jonathan, they have the tiara.


As in Jonathan Hart?

That's correct.

Tommy: Hart Industries.

Well, put your
hands up, Mr. Hart.

The old McQuater
luck is still with us.

You'll find some
tape in the bag, Moni.

Tie them up.

Split up.

( alarm beeping )

( speaking in French )

Put your hands together.

Madame, I am not well.

My heart.

I need a medication.

We'll be gone in a few minutes.

When the gallery opens,

you'll both be
rescued in good health.

Well, that's very
kind of you, old fellow.

( siren wailing )

Put your hands together.

Leave him.

You want that man to die?

Do you want to join him?

Why don't you take the tiara?

Go out the way you came in

and let me get some
help for this man.

And alert the police?

No way, Hart.

Now stand back.

Into the gallery! Move now!

( siren wailing )

( indistinct chatter )

Michelot: Come out,

or we will come in and get you.

The roof?

The gallery is surrounded.
We'll never make it.

Why don't you give yourself up?

You'll serve less time.

If we're trapped,
so are you, Mr. Hart.

Remember that.

You're free to go.

Tell the police we
have Jonathan Hart

and we're prepared to negotiate.

Michelot: Come out
with your hands up.

You have 60 seconds.

What's going on here?

There has been an
attempted robbery

in the gallery, Madame.

They may be armed.

My husband is in there.

- Who is he?
- Jonathan Hart.

Well, we have the
situation under control.

Now please get back.

Get down.

Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

That's Monsieur Luter.

Get an ambulance!

( indistinct chatter )

We have Jonathan Hart here.


Get back.

What are you worth, Hart?

90 million?



I'm worth nothing
to you if I'm dead.

Who are you?

If you want Jonathan Hart alive,

you'll give me what I ask.

Then we must talk.

No police.

I will be unarmed and alone.

If I see one John
Doe move a muscle,

Hart is dead.

Let me go.


You are a civilian.

But you heard what he just said.

He won't talk to the police.

Who else are you gonna send in?

I cannot risk your life.


my entire life is
inside that building.

Get the names
and the descriptions

and how they are armed.

I won't risk my husband's life.

We are sending in Madame Hart.


Stay where you are.

Leave the purse.

That's far enough.

Are you all right?

So far.

I'm authorized to
hear your demands.

A car to take us
to Orly airport.

A plane with fuel to take us

at least 3,000 miles,

and no tricks or he gets it.

You have an hour.

Get out, darling, now.

Take the information

and if the police cooperate,

I'll be all right.

Go on.


( indistinct chatter )

What do they want?

They want a car
to take them to Orly

and they want a plane waiting.

- Oh, impossible.
- Why?

We do not give in to
blackmail, madame.

Inspector, if your
wife was in there,

what would you do?

I am single, madame.

How many of them are there?

Two. A man and woman.


Two guns.

The woman is blonde, very tan,

about 30-ish, I guess.

Very attractive, French.

The man?

He's tall, about
40 I think, dark.

He's English.

McQuater. Tommy McQuater.

You know him?

He is a psychotic
who steals jewels

for the thrill of it.

He has killed
before for no reason.

He has always
eluded me until now.

Inspector, he said

if we don't do what they say,

he'll kill my husband.

You wouldn't risk that

just to catch a
thief, would you?

Of course not, madame.

The car is no problem.

The plane, it is another matter.

It may take a little time.

Oh, listen. Hart Industries

has a Gulfstream
at Orly airport,

you can use that.

Very well.

McQuater, McQuater,

everything is being
arranged as you wish.

Do not harm Mr. Hart.

There. Excusez moi, madame.

I have the arrangements to make.

When are you
going to release me?

When we reach our destination.

Where is that?

Somewhere with white sand,

palm trees, good food,

and no extradition
treaty with France.

( tires screech )

McQuater, you have your car.

You will not be harmed.

You have a beautiful
wife, Mr. Hart,

who seems to love you.

Try to escape

and she'll be an instant widow.

( indistinct chatter )

What are you doing?

Following them, madame.

I'm going with you.

You have played your part

magnificently, madame.

From now on, it
is police business.

Instigate code blue.

What's that?

As they say, just a routine.

( speaks in French )

( indistinct chatter )

Oh, my God.

Don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

( speaking in French )

( indistinct chatter )

Jennifer: You lied to me.

You risk my husband's life

and for all I know, he
could be dead by now.

He was shot in the arm, madame.

People seldom die
from such wounds.

No, but they feel pain.

And what about that
stupid stunt you pulled?

What are you trying
to do Inspector?

Win yourself a medal?

I have many medals, madame.

I understand your concern

must be for your husband.

With me, I have
a larger interest.

Paris has become the playground

for terrorists and
extremists of all kinds.

Many an innocent Frenchman

has been killed over causes

you knew nothing about.

A rule has been made,

blackmail demands
will not be met.

Who made that rule?

Above my head, madame.

Oh, perhaps the
American ambassador

will have something
to say about this.

You heard?

Oh, yes.

I admire a woman of spirit.

It is sad that McQuater

will almost certainly
kill her husband.

But if he escapes France,
why would he do that?

Because he is mad, my friend.

He enjoys taunting
us and inflicting pain.

He won't escape France

through the normal exit routes.

You think a man of
McQuater's experience

will take a chartered flight?

There are borders with
Belgium that leaks like a soup.

Switzerland, the same.

In the southwest, the
Pyrenees honeycombed

with smugglers' trails.

I'll alert customs and send men

to the isolated crossings.

You forget one thing, Sergeant,

all the time he
has Monsieur Hart,

we dare not to touch him.

Jonathan: Where are we?

Tommy: In Dordogne.

What if he dies?

Madeleine will patch him up.

She took a bullet
out of my leg once

with a bread knife.

( car honks )

( dog barking )

Let's take him to the barn.

- How serious is it?
- I don't know.

He's lost a lot of blood.

He's our passport out of France.

For God's sake keep him
alive long enough for that.

Jennifer: I don't know
where to go to, Max.

No, they don't say that.

They said they're
doing all they can.

What did the cops say?

The cops are just interested

in catching the thieves.

Oh, Max,

I'm just so scared for him.

I don't know what to do.

You stay right where you are.

I'm hopping the next plane.

No, no, no, don't do that.

You could do more
while you're there.

Just call Senator Patton,

see if there's
anything he can do.

I'll do that.


I'm sorry about
all this, Mrs. H.

Me too, Max.

Good night.

( sobbing )

( phone ringing )


Inspector Michelot.

Have you heard anything
about my husband?

McQuater will call
me at midnight.

He wants to strike a bargain,

but first I have to know

if Monsieur Hart is alive.

Only you can identify
his voice for us.

I'll be right there.


I'm gonna telephone Paris.

Speak to your wife,

confirm that you're alive

and being well treated

without indicating
where you are.

Is that clear?

( phone rings )

Inspector Michelot.

Listen, don't attempt
to keep me talking

so you could trace the call.

Just listen to
what I have to say.

Advise all your checkpoints

that any car whose occupants
present Jonathan Hart's passport

is to be let through
without delay.

You may have his passport

but how do I know
you have him alive?

This is Jonathan Hart.

A moment, monsieur.

Darling, is that you?

Yes. It's me, my love.

Are you hurt badly?

I'm fine.

It's too bad this trip

won't end up at
Montagnes like last year.

McQuater: You
heard him, Mrs. Hart.

Confirm that to the Inspector

and we'll all get out
of this in one piece.

- Cheerio.
- Oh, no, wait a minute. Wait...

- ( dial tone )
- Damn.

Was that your husband?

We will drive you
back to the hotel.

What will they do to him?

Use the exit visa, madame.

They will not harm him
until they cross the border

and then, they will
have no reason.

No, don't worry.

Hey, Claude drive
madame out to her hotel.

Bonsoir madame and don't worry.

( phone rings )

Did you see her face?

She was distraught.

She reacted immediately

at the mention of Montagne.

I think that is a clue
to his whereabouts.

Have her followed.

If I am right,

she will lead us to McQuater.


Jennifer: Darling, is that you?

Jonathan: Yes, it's me, my love.

Jennifer: Are you hurt badly?

Jonathan: No, I'm fine.

It's too bad this trip

won't end up at
Montagnes like last year.

Pierre, you're the only person

I know in Paris who can help me.

What can I do? Just ask.

Jonathan gave me
a clue to where he is.

Did you tell the police?

Of course, not.

They'll probably
pull some stupid stunt

and endanger his life again.

I don't want anyone to know.

Thank you. Merci.

It's okay.

Where is he?

Near Perpignan.

How do you know?

Because on the
telephone last night,

he said he was very sorry

our trip wouldn't
end in Montagnes

like last year.

Last year, our trip
ended in Perpignan.

We will get the car.

Thank you, Pierre.

This is the first time
I've been photographed

since I was sent
down from Oxford.

When do we leave?

Andre will meet us
over at the border

with the plane at 4:00 AM.

Stop, you bloody fool.

- You can't get away.
- Back,

I'm beginning to
take a real dislike

to you, Mr. Hart.

You break into the gallery

and turn a perfectly
planned heist

into a fiasco.

You tried the old fleeing bit

at the ambush and
get yourself shot.

We patch you up

and you repay me
by doing it again.

You're an ungrateful
person, Jonathan.

One more move like
that and I'll kill you.

I don't think you'll do that.

I'm your passport to freedom.

Don't bank on
it, Mr. Millionaire.

And once we're safely
across the border,

I'm going to take great pleasure

in sending a slug right there.

Excusez moi, monsieur.

Have you seen a sedan like this

in the last 24 hours?

Oh, the Jonathan
Hart kidnapping.

I'm his wife.

The car, they
brought it in today

for a new windscreen.

Were either of those
two men driving?

No, only a woman.

A woman? Blonde?

- Attractive?
- Uh-uh. A brunette.

Oh, in a plaid jacket.

Do you have any
idea who she might be?

No. She had groceries and
something from the pharmacy

on the front seat.

But I'm sure she was local.

Well, thank you very much.

( speaks in French )

- Merci.
- ( speaks in French)




Let's hope we
get lucky this time.

I hope this is it.

This is the third
pharmacy we've been to.

Good afternoon.

May I be of service?

We're looking for a woman

who may have been in here today.

We have many customers, madame.

A brunette wearing
a plaid jacket.

Do you know her?

I don't know.

Is she a friend of yours?

Do you recognize this car

or either one of these two men?

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Did you see it?

Uh-hmm. The plaid jacket?

What are they doing?

I think this is where
Madam Hart's quest

is finally over.

Get out here, go
to the local station

and get reinforcements.

I will telephone you there

as soon as I know
where they are going.


She went inside the barn.

Let's go.

I wish that obnoxious
Inspector Michelot was here.

But he is madame.


Come with me, madame.

We have reinforcements coming.

And keep it down.

There may be shooting.

Stay exactly where
you are McQuater.


Go after her.

Darling, are you all right?

I'm okay.

I'm all right.

Let's go home.

Can you drive, monsieur?

- I don't think so.
- Of course he can't drive.

And then you will
have to madame.

I cannot let McQuater escape.

That is your problem, Inspector.

Michelot: This is not
California, madame.

This is France.

All right. All right.

( music playing )

( tires squealing )

Can't you go any faster?

I'm doing the best I can.

There he is.

Watch it.

I have lost him. He's gone!

Not yet, he isn't.

Monsieur, don't.

I can't arrest him there.

This way, please.

- Well.
- Well,

I suppose this is your
crowning achievement.

You are my crowning achievement.

( music playing )

Jonathan: Well,
that's wonderful.

Thank you very much.

That's very good news.


- That was Paris.
- Uh-huh.

And Claude has been
released from the hospital.

Oh, that's wonderful.

What are you reading?

Napoleon's Letters to Josephine.


( speaking in French )

My sentiments exactly.

- Oh.
- Oops.

Oh, sorry, darling.

Does that still hurt?

A little bit.

Maybe I can make it better.

Oh, not tonight, Josephine.

Want to bet?

( music playing )

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