Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 5, Episode 2 - Straight Through the Hart - full transcript

( music playing )

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy

because when they
met, it was murder.

( crash )

( bark )

( crash )

( music playing )

( crowd chattering )

( radio in foreign language )

( music playing )

( door closes )

Did you get it?

You're sweating.

A police car drove by.

Did it stop?

No, but that's not the point.

We're taking too many risks.

I do the work.

You sit in the car and wait

and you're the one who sweats?

I could not face going to jail.

All right. All right, Jose.

Let's make this
our parting glory.

Wanna see it?

( music playing )

- It's exquisite.
- Yes, it is.

It would be more
exquisite when our contact

in Los Angeles give us

a million Yankee dollars for it.

I'll take it.

California, here we come.

( horses galloping )


Mr. H, looks really
fantastic out there.

Yeah, doesn't he?

I mean, his game.

Oh, of course his game.

( horse whining )

Hey, I think the
opposition has arrived.


The Argentine champions.

They don't look
too hard to beat.

( laughs )

It didn't look hard
to beat last year

and they tromped all over us.


After watching Mr. H,

I'm gonna bet a few
Somalians on Saturday's match.

Max, polo's an amateur game,

you're not
supposed to bet on it.

But I know a guy.

( laughs )

( horses galloping )

( music playing )

Whoa. Well, done.

Oh, thank you.

Thanks, Michelle.


That is for skill and ingenuity.

Oh, yeah?

What's that for?


Excuse me, Jonathan.

- Oh, Jose. Excuse the glove.
- Hello.

Remember my wife, Jennifer?

This is Jose, the captain
of the Argentinean team.

I remember Jose and
I remember very well

what you said last year.

What was that?

You said the American
team was good

but not as good as we are.

Oh, yes. And I remember you said

wait until next year. I
think she wants to see

this championship
ring on you, Jonathan.

I certainly do.

How about going up to the
club and having a cold drink?

- Great.
- Oh, that will be fine.

Jose, there's a
couple of new players

I like to have you meet.

Is Winston Scott
is still on the team?

Oh, he's in Athens.

I think he's buying
another boat for his fleet.


You all right, Jose?

( sigh ) Yes, I am.

I have a little jet
lag supposedly.

Oh, well, I hope
you get some rest

before tonight's gala.

I would not miss the chance
to dance with you Senora.

Oh, thank you very much.

Excuse me, Jonathan.

I have something for you.

Please regard this as
a token of my affection

in honor of our
long0standing friendship.

- One of your mallets.
- A very special one.

It has been in my
family for many years.

It is the one my
father used to help us

win the world cup in 1947.

Oh, Jose, I appreciate
this very much

but really I can't accept it.

That belongs in
your family, Jose.

No, please. I beg you.

I brought it especially for you,

to give to you.

I'm very honored
and I thank you.

Thank you.

Ah, to think of it, I
must take a rain check,

now, on your hospitality.

I have work to do.

I'll see you tonight.

Thank you.

( music playing )

( crowd applauding )

First, we have to
decide whether or not

we're gonna mount it under glass

or sort of leave it all natural.

Darling, pheasants are
mounted under glass.

Polo mallets are shellac.


Oh, that's a good place for it,

right above the mantel.

I was saving that
place for a fish.

The last one you caught
would make a great bookmark.

That's cute.

Max, right now we
need some suggestions

on where to put the mallet.

Any ideas?

You really want me to
tell you where to put it?

In the hall closet
way in the back.

Be serious, Max.

Mrs. H, these Argentinean
guys beat us last year.

It's bad luck to
stick up their mallet.

Max, luck is not going to
determine the winner of the game.

No, but at 5 to 1,
every little bit helps.

Well, look, we
don't have to decide

where we're gonna
put it right away.

We can go ahead
and have it mounted

and then we can figure out
what we're gonna do with it.

Yeah, I could take it
over to Eddie's place.

He was gonna do
that fish for you, Mr. H,

but he could not find
a case small enough.

( laughs )

You too have your
fun, but someday

I'm going to catch a
fish that's going to make

Jaws look like a sardine.

( laughs )

( music playing )

Thank you.

Unfortunately, we
need to postpone

delivering until tomorrow.

I don't deal in last
minute changes.

I understand and I'm sorry,

but you see we
ran the risk of losing

the emerald all together.

This is very good.

I can assure you,

you will have the
stone tomorrow.

- Are you coming?
- Later.

Thanks again.

( door closed )

He must have run
into some problem.

If you ask me,
he is the problem.

What do you need him for?

You're the one
who takes the risks,

he's a liability.

Besides, he doesn't
have my charm.


You and I can still do business.

It's always business
with you, isn't it Fernando?

Not always.

You're slipping,
you've got 24 hours.

( crowd chatting )

( music playing )

- Thank you.
- Oh, thank you, dear.

Good evening.

- Well.
- Here's to you

- for proving me wrong.
- About what?

Every time I don't think
you can look better,

you always surprise me.

Oh, thank you.

You don't believe me?

It's him, I'm telling you.

The same man I saw in Rome,

in Paris and Buenos Aires.

He's been following
us around the world.

You're jumping at shadows

and drinking too much.

You think I'm making this up?

That man is out to get us.

Perhaps, you are too blinded

by our buyer to
notice what happens.

Who do you think he is?

Police, insurance.

I don't know.

He is someone official.

You panicked and handed

a million dollar emerald
to Jonathan Hart.

I had to get rid of it.

Fernando: Well now,
you have to get it back.

Well, I can't.

Not yet.

I had to insist he
accept the mallet.

I'll think of something.

No, you've done enough.

I'll think of something.

( music playing )

Jonathan is a fortunate man.

Oh, thank you very much, Jose.

He'll even be more fortunate.

When he wins that ring
from you on Saturday.

Well, if he does.


He already possesses
the real prize.

Jose, are all Argentineans
that complimentary?

Fernando, do me a
favor, would you, please?

- I'd be glad to.
- Round up your team,

I'd like to introduce them
of the rest of our members.

- It will be an honor.
- Thank you.

He's here.

I saw him just two minutes ago.


He disappeared, I turn around...

I need a drink.

Not now.

Hart is about to
introduce the team.

For God's sake, wipe your face.

You look as if
you're in a sauna.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen,

the captain of the American team

Jonathan Hart.

( applause )

Ladies and gentlemen.

It is indeed our pleasure

to be your host this evening.

And for me, as captain
of the American team,

I have the pleasant task
of welcoming our visitors.

Worthy world champions,

the National Polo
Club of Argentina.

( applause )

Jonathan, Jennifer,
distinguished host.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.


may I say, on
behalf of all of us,

what an honor it is.

It is an honor to be
once more in your...

This... your wonderful country.

We are to meet old friends,

we look forward...

Something's happening...
( music playing )

( gasping )

( chatter )

Jonathan: Thanks very much
doc, I appreciate your call.


Preliminary report says
that he had a heart attack.

A man in his 30s?

An international
sportsman in perfect shape?

Doesn't make sense.

Well, what do you
two want for breakfast?

No, I don't care about
anything, thanks, Max.

You got to eat, you got
a big match coming up.

Maybe not.

It's up to the Argentineans,
maybe they'll postpone.

( phone ringing )

Hart residence.

Hold it, please.

Fernando Olvera.

Okay, hold on.

Yeah, hello, Fernando.

Hi, Jonathan, the
team met this morning

and decided that Jose
would have wanted

the game to go on as scheduled.

Well, whatever
you think is best.

Is there any way I can help?

They picked me to
take over as captain

and I would like to arrange

a practice session this morning.

- No problem.
- Fernando: Will you be there?

There are certain rules

I would like to
discuss with you.

Questions of interpretation.

- Jonathan: How about 11:00?
- That'll be fine.

Thank you. Bye-bye, Jonathan.

All arranged.

You'd better hope so.

( birds chirping )

Jennifer: All right, Lieutenant,

he's at the polo
fields right now

but I'll get word
to him right away.

( honking )

- Oh, hi, darling.
- Hi.

Jonathan: I thought you're
gonna have lunch with Jenny.

I am, I'm on my way.

What a surprise.

Lieutenant Draper called
before I left the house.

They've done an autopsy on Jose

and there's some
doubt he may have died

of a heart attack.
They're doing some tests.

Well, what else could it be?

You know Lieutenant Draper.

He's not chatty at
the best of times.

I did feel

that he was trying to
hold something back.

Anyway, I just
wanted you to know.

Have a nice lunch,
you look beautiful.

Thank you.

( engine rev )

( horse galloping )

( birds chirping )

Are you hurt?

It's nothing serious,

it's my bad knee
seizes I have regularly.

- I'll give you a hand.
- No, I'm fine,

I just need to rest in a
hot tub or something.

I'll be fine.

You can stay here and my gauchos

can go over things with you.

I'll be okay.

( music playing )

( birds chirping )

( engine revs )

All right, mister.

Let's see how much you
want to play this game.

Oh, boy.

( tires screeching )

( honking )


( music playing )

( engine revs )

( music playing )

Freeway, either you help me

with these groceries
or no dinner.

( dog barks )

( music playing )

( phone rings )

Hart residence.


Has Jonathan come home yet?

No. I don't think so.

Freeway and I just got in.

Is there anything wrong?

I'm not sure.

I'll be home in a little while.


( music playing )

( dog barking )

What's with all this barking...

( grunting )

( dog barking )

( music playing )

Come in.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you feeling?
- Fine.

Well, you look great.

You really do.

We talked to your doctor.

He said you won't
play the violin again.

The way that guy messed
up with my vocal chords

I won't be singing
no opera either.

We're glad you're alright.


What did the cops get?

Well, apparently the
man was a real pro.

He took out the alarm system

and he didn't leave any prints.

What did he take?

The Cezanne,
the silver, jewelry?

As far as we can tell, nothing.

Doesn't make any sense.

How long was I out?

Twenty minutes, he
could have cleaned us out.

None of it makes any sense, Max.

- Jose, was murdered.
- Murdered?

Yeah. The coroners
office called and said

there were traces of
poison in his bloodstream.

I wonder if Jose's
murder, the break in,

and that man that followed me

were connected somehow?

Well, you know, how
Lieutenant Draper talks.

He has to have proof,
he has to check it out.

Talking about checking out,

I'd like to leave this joint.

Only when the
doctor says you can.

Why shouldn't he?

I feel great.

Well, on the other hand,

I still get dizzy now and then.

Oh, I almost forgot,

the mallet will be ready
the day after tomorrow.

I left the claim check by
the phone in the kitchen.

Thanks, Max.

Feel better, Max.

Take it easy with
the temperature.


What do you need
the thermometer for?

My mom used to kiss
me on the forehead.

That's the car that followed me.

- Are you sure?
- I'm positive.

Are those the same plates?

The same plates, same model,

same color, same year.

And the same driver, Mrs. Hart.

Mr. Hart.

I'm listening.

Let me explain.

If you reach into
my jacket pocket

and take out my ID.

Uh, darling, I think
we ought to let him go.

I think we ought
to call the police.

He is the police.


Between the two of you,

I may have to consider
another line of work.

You're quite a
driver, Mrs. Hart.

Thank you.

I didn't want to alarm you.

I just wanted to talk to you

when Jose wasn't around.

Maybe you better fill in
some of the gaps, Inspector.

In the past year,
there have been major

jewelry robberies
in London, Paris,

Hong Kong and Buenos
Aires. In each case,

the Argentine polo team
was in town at the time.

But why should you suspect Jose?

He gambled heavily and he lost.

He had two houses, six servants,
a string of polo ponies to feed

and no income and polo
is not a poor man's sport.

You do know that he
inherited his father's fortune.

Most of that had gone.

His creditors were
pounding on his door.

But that's no reason
to think him a criminal.

Somebody killed him
in a particularly nasty

and premeditated way.

That suggests the other partner,

who realized he was
very close to cracking

and who decided it might
be safer to do it alone.

That's a very
interesting theory.

May I ask one question?


Why did you think
that my wife could help?

Forgive me.

But the way he
was looking at you

when you were dancing
with him last night,

it occurred to me

that he might have
confided in you.

He didn't say anything out
of the ordinary as I recall.

Too bad.

I thought you might be
able to give me some lead.

But, thank you, anyhow.

Thank you very
much for your time.

Of course.

If anything occurs to you,

I can be reached at this number.

Oh, thank you.

If you ever want to
give driving lessons

to our police, we'd be
very happy to have you.

Well, thank you
very much, Inspector,

but I think I've done
the last of my wheelies.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Thank you.

I just can't believe
Jose is a jewel thief.

It's the partner
I'm worried about.

You mean, in case
he's on the team?

But that would mean
that one of the polo players

broke in here last night.

But why?

( gasps )

- The mallet.
- The mallet.

It's not in here.

Well, it's not in here either.

Where did Max take it?

Eddie's Place.

We can get the address
on the car phone.

( music playing )

( door opening )

He said he'd wait for us,

but it looks pretty dark.

( music playing )

We missed him.

Jonathan: Eddie?

Hello, Eddie?

Anybody here?

The lights are dead.

Let's hope Eddie isn't.


( music playing )

( steel clanging )

( music playing )


Give me a hand with this.

( grunting )

That was pretty good sword play.

I don't know. It's
all pretty fishy to me.

( music playing )

A polo mallet?

Whoever it was knew that
Jose had given me the mallet.

And they obviously broke
in here to steal it back.

How's Eddie?

He'll be all right.

Unfortunately, he
didn't see his attacker.

Neither did Max.

Neither did we.

I assume he found the
mallet there and ran out,

but thank you for
your cooperation.

Aren't you gonna call
Lieutenant Draper?

What for?

Well one consideration might be

to search the
Argentinean's hotel rooms.

They'll never get a warrant.

We do not have one
solid piece of evidence.

Besides, our man has probably

disposed off the emerald by now.

But thank you again. Good night.

( music playing )

Always the
professional, Fernando.

You could've brought
the emerald with you.

Well, you could have
brought the cash with you.

And tempt the hotel maids?

When can you have it?

Tomorrow, after
you've won the game.

It was careless of
you to lose the ring.

Yes, I know.

If Mr. Hart finds it,

you'll have to kill him
with your Latin charm.

( music playing )

( dog whines )

Shh. Shh.

( groans )

( laughs )

It's time to wake up.

( yawns )

I was awake
after the first kiss.

I've got something for you.

- You do?
- Um-hmm, breakfast.


Oh, breakfast.

Oh, lovely.

Thank you, darling.


Don't say anything
to Max, though.

You know how sensitive he gets

when somebody starts
taking over his job.

Ah, Max.


What time is it?

Oh, about 11:00.

I'm late.

I promised Max that I'd make
him two corned beef sandwiches

and take them to the hospital
before I went to the game.

Lots of mustard.

No. Mustard on one,
butter on the other.

Corned beef and butter?

- Jennifer: Mary Ann.
- Mary Ann?

Mary Ann, the nurse.

She likes corned
beef and butter.

Max said what
she lacks in taste,

she makes up for
in, bedside manner.

I'll tell you what we'll do.

Uh, I'll make the sandwiches

and drop them
off at the hospital.

You go onto the polo
fields and I'll meet you there.

- Okay?
- All right, darling.

Oh, good luck in the game.

Ah, thanks.

( dog panting )

Well, Freeway, how
do you like your eggs?

Scrambled? Here, come on.

Atta boy.

( indistinct chatter )

( clapping )

Man: Ladies and gentlemen,

the captain of the
American team,

Jonathan Hart.

And the captain of
the Argentinean team,

Fernando Olvera,

leading their
teams onto the field

for this international match.

( clapping )

( cheering )

Man: They will
play seven chukkas,

a period of seven minutes each.

( dog whines )

( dog barks )


( dog barks )

Oh, all right, Freeway.
I'll give you a little...

( dog barks )

What's that?

( music playing )

Announcer: Teams will
switch ends after each goal.

For those of you who
are not familiar with polo,

the game is believed to
have originated in the Orients.

Some say it was invented

by the cavalry of Genghis Khan.

Man: Bien, si.

Announcer: Today, it is a
worldwide sport and an Olympic event.

Each team consists
of four riders.

The Argentine side includes

Olympic medalist, Carlos Garcia.

And international
stars, Ricardo Reino

and Rafael Federico Suarez.


( music playing )

- Play!
- Man: And play has begun.

( whistle blows )

( horses galloping )

Man: The Argentine
team on the attack.

Olvera has it.

It looks like we
have a breakaway.

He shoots again.

He shoots and it's a goal.

( cheering )

A beautiful goal.

( whistle blowing )

Announcer: Argentina
opens the scoring.

( tires screeching )

Announcer: And now
we're five and a half minutes

into the second
chukka, Hart charging

the Argentine goal.

Riding hard.

He shoots.

( cheering )

Man: The American
captain, Jonathan Hart,

levels the score
at one goal each.

( cheering )

- Jonathan!
- Man: Olvera's charging.

He broke his mallet.

Time will be called while we
have an equipment change

Give me an 82.


( music playing )

Come on, hurry up.

Come on!

( horse neighs )

Freeway found this
by the refrigerator.

Whoever hit Max
is on that field.

Without it.

( blows whistle )

Man: And now play has commenced.

( music playing )

It's all over, Fernando.

There's no more
ring around the collar.

You are right, Mr. Hart.

It's all over.

( music playing )

( blows whistle )

( horses neighs )

( panting )

Someday, Mr. Hart.


When you get out of prison.

Be sure and give us a ring.

( music playing )

Jonathan: Yeah, I
understand, Max.

But you are in
the hospital to rest.


Okay, good night.

Sleep well. Yes, I'll tell her.

- Good night.
- How is he?

He's now insisting on around
the clock nursing service.

Oh. That sounds like him.

I'll say.

- Darling?
- Uh-hmm.

Why don't you look
under your pillow?

Why? Did the tooth
fairy leave me something?


- Serious?
- Uh-hmm.

( laughs )

The championship ring.

- You like it?
- Oh, I love it.

That's very cute of you.

You do know
that, uh, officially,

- play was abandoned?
- Of course.

But you would've
won, I'm sure of it.

- You think so?
- Uh-hmm.

Why don't you look
under your pillow?

Why? Did the tooth fairy
bring me something, too?

Go ahead, take a look.

( laughs )

( gasps )

Oh, you didn't.

( laughs ) You like it?

Oh, it's beautiful.

I talked to the owner
in Buenos Aires.

The Estrada Emerald
is now the Hart Emerald.

Oh, darling, thank you.

Shall we see if it
glows in the dark?


( laughs )

Oh, it's glowing Oh.

( music playing )

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