Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 4, Episode 22 - A Lighter Hart - full transcript

Man: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.

Jennifer: Oh, Max.

You remember my cousin Betsy?

She's coming down
from San Francisco

to spend a few weeks with us.

Gee, that's great Mrs. H.

Last time I saw that kid,
she was a roly-poly teenager,

always putting the touch on
Uncle Max for snack money.

Well, she's not a kid anymore.

In fact, she's a very
wealthy young lady

since her father died.

She's coming down to attend
the Barry Grayson Torso Salon.

You ever heard of that?

Hey, I was reading
about that in here.


Here it is.

You really gotta be
loaded to get in that joint.


"Where the elite get petite."


"Vidalite, a liquid-diet program

combined with aerobic
gymnastic classes.

Apparently she's been getting
this Vidalite through the mail,

and now she's coming down here

to join the aerobic
gymnastic classes.

I'll get the guest room
ready for her after lunch.


I guess it doesn't matter
how much this costs

as long as it keeps
her off those diet pills.

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven!

That's it! That's fantastic!

Four, five, six!
You're looking good!

You're already
losing that weight!

I can see every inch coming off!

Okay, we're gonna go
side-to-side, here we go.

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven!

That's it! Oh, sometimes
it goes the right way!

Sometimes it goes the wrong way!

Okay, yeah, one, two,
three, four, five, six!

Marilyn, look at this!

An 8-page spread in
The Beverly Review.

Barry's a star!

( laughs )

This is great!

Oh, Kathy, take over for Barry
and send him in here, please.


Barry Grayson
and his Torso Salon.

Fitness guru of the glitterati.

( laughs )

Plans for an exercise empire.

Oh! Oh, what'd I tell you?

That press agent is
worth his weight in gold.

Oh, his timing is great.

What was the
reaction on the floor?


They can't wait to invest
their husbands' money into us.

I knew I could
take us to the top.

It's all in the
packaging, of course.

My charisma and personality,
plus the Vidalite plan

and the exercise equals success.

Ahh, don't forget
your silent partner.

You may be
charismatic, Mr. Grayson,

but this is what they
keep coming back for.

They're here!


They're here!

- Betsy!
- Jen!

Okay, where's the ice cream?

Hi! Oh, thanks.

Welcome back.

You look marvelous!

Oh, I feel terrific.

Much better than I felt
in that dreadful hospital.

Oh, come on.

I'll never be able forget
what you and Jonathan did

to help me kick that habit.

Don't be silly.
What's a family for?

Jonathan: Is that my
favorite cousin-in-law?

Oh, Jonathan! Whoo!

- She looks wonderful.
- Doesn't she?

Yeah. How was your flight?

Gorgeous, chicken a l'Orange,

beef burgundy, cherry cobbler,

chocolate parfait... I
didn't touch a thing.

Good girl, because at 8:00,

we have a lovely
little supper planned.

Oh, what time is
it? Oh, 7:30. I'm late.

Barry is very particular.

How many of those do
you get to drink a day?

Four, but I get to add one more

when I start my exercise
routine tomorrow.

I have heard the most wonderful
things about Barry Grayson.

I know you're
gonna love him, Jen.

I'm gonna love him?

Oh, yeah, I want you to go
with me for moral support.

Sure, what have I got to lose?

Don't remind me.

Isn't this terrific?

Ohhh, Audrey Hepburn,
eat your heart out.

Five, six, seven!
Oh, looking good!

( shouting indistinctly )

Jumping jacks, and...

One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven!

( shouting indistinctly )

Some of you ladies are
wearing your weekends

around your waistline.

Running in place! Seven, eight!

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four!
What are we here for?!

Hey! Get them up! Hey! Hey!

Hit it! And!

Five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four!

What is it?

I was really getting
through to them up there.

I spoke with Gina
Hallstead before class.

She's offered to host
the investors' reception

- at her house next weekend.
- ( laughs ) Great!

She's one of our
biggest boosters.

If you were on her
Vidalite dosage,

you could boost the
Great Depression.

( laughs )

Here's our guest list.

And I just thought of
a welcome addition.

Oh, yeah, she came in
with that young heiress

from San Francisco,
Betsy Bach, right?

Betsy's been on our special
formula for about two weeks.

I have doubled her dose.

By next week, she'll
be eager to invest.

And you think her friend
might be willing to invest also?

Her friend is Jennifer Hart.

Uh-huh. Hmm?

As in Mrs. Jonathan Hart?

Hart Industries?

Oh! Yeah.

The only thing fat about
her is her bank account.

But I think we could
reduce that, don't you?


( cheering )

Oh, hi, Jen!

You must have lost
ten pounds already.

I feel every ounce.
Come with me.

I want you to meet
Barry and Marilyn.

She's his manager. Marilyn?


I want you to meet my
favorite cousin, Jennifer Hart.

Marilyn Gann.

Very nice to meet
you, Mrs. Hart.

Barry Grayson, Jennifer Hart.

- Welcome to Torso Salon,
Mrs. Hart.
- Thank you so much.

Betsy's absolutely
crazy about Vidalite.

Well, she's our first
Vidalite commuter,

and she is doing wonderfully.

I have to take your
blood pressure.

Will you excuse us
for a minute, Mrs. Hart?

Barry, why don't you
show her around?

Of course. Follow me.
This way, Mrs. Hart.

Sit down here.

That was great, Marilyn.

Betsy, you may know that Torso

is looking for investment
money at the moment.

Yeah, some of the girls had
said that you're going national?

That's wonderful!

If we can get the
necessary funds.

That's why we're having an
investors' reception next week.

Of course we're
hoping you'll be there.

Oh, I wouldn't miss it. I
really believe in Barry.

How nice.

I wonder if the, uh, Harts
would like to come, too.

That is a great idea.

I know they would
love to be a part of this.

Leave it to me, Marilyn.

Oh, I cannot keep up with Betsy.

She's absolutely on the
go from morning until night.

She sure seems up.

And she's dropping
all that weight.

- Mmm.
- How long has it been now?

Oh, it's been about a week.

She's so cute.

Has she talked to you yet
about investing in Torso?

She has suggested
that a couple of times.

I have a feeling
that we're going to go

to some kind of
reception this week?

I think so. If I make it.

I wish I had her energy.

Well, it is good
to relax as well.

You think so?

See, Barry is not the only one

with a planned design
on physical fitness.


As long as you
don't open a salon.


They're ready for their rations.

- Just a few more to go.
- Yeah.

( knock on door )

- Hi, Barry.
- Hi, Betsy, come on in.

- Marilyn.
- Yes?

I know this sounds
kind of funny,

but what's in Vidalite,
I mean, exactly?

Are you having problems
with the formula?

Uh, no, not problems.

I'm getting this
familiar feeling.

Sort of a buzz.

Do you know what I mean?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

Well, you're doing beautifully
on the program, Betsy.

I know. I'm not
even hungry at all.

But I can't sleep at night,
and my hands shake.

Oh, dear, your
body is going through

some changes, that's all.

It'll smooth out in time.

You don't know
this, but last summer,

I kicked this really
bad amphetamine habit.

Diet pills.

That feeling that I had then...

is the feeling that I
have now on Vidalite.

That's very odd.

My doctor wants
to be real cautious,

and he won't even
allow me any caffeine.

And, oh, I wondered if I
could have a list of ingredients

just to check it out, you know?

Just for my own piece of mind.

Of course.

( sighs ) Thanks.

Here is the list of ingredients.

I'm sure that your doctor will
give us his stamp of approval.

It's not that I don't
trust you, Marilyn...

Please, Betsy, not another word.

You see, what you're
feeling is a natural high.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So come on, why
don't you go out here,

take a little breather,

and Barry will bring
you your Vidalite.

- Huh? Okay?
- Okay.

See you later Betsy. Bye.


We hooked a former speed freak
who recognizes the symptoms.

Don't panic.

We'll just put her on a
clean formula from now on.

I think we better change
the rest of the formulas.

Oh, sure, and have
everyone in withdrawal

at the investors' reception.

( chuckles ) Then our
pickings would really be slim.

No, we will just worry
about Betsy Bach.

And don't you worry.

This whole thing will blow
over by the end of the week.

Trust me.


( chuckles )

Jennifer: Good
morning everybody.

Good morning,
darling. You look great.

Oh, thank you.

Have you seen
Betsy this morning?

You should know
better than that.

She's been to Torso and
back for her 6:00 AM workout,

and right now she's out
on the court warming up.

I don't believe her.

Somebody ought to time that kid.

If she was a race horse,
I'd be a millionaire by now.

I better get down there.

Oh, darling, we
could use a line man.

Oh? Judging from where I
sit, your lines are just fine.

Oh, well, thank you.

I'd better concede right now.

Finally! I've been up for hours.

I don't remember you
getting up this early before.

And your energy, have
you always had this much?

No, I never used to.

But this Vidalite
is terrific, Jen!

Complex carbohydrates,
protein, the works!

My doctor just gave
it his seal of approval.

Oh, did you talk to him today?

Just casually. Ready?

You are feeling all right?

Fine! It's a long story,
Jen. I'll tell you about it later.

After I beat the pants
off you. Come on!

All right, it's a deal.

But at this rate, I think it's
going to be a very short game.

Shall we rally?

( ball thumps )

I'll get it.

Whoo, awfully glad
you missed one.

You all right, Betsy?

I'm okay. Let's go.

Betsy, what's the matter?

Oh, God...



Betsy, what the matter?

My arm! No!

Betsy! Bets?!




You'll both be happy to hear
she has an excellent chance.

And I'm sure the
specialist you're flying in

from Boston will concur.

Can you tell us, doctor,

when you think she
might be out of the coma?

Not precisely.

But we do know you
got her here on time.

Isn't she, uh, rather young

to have had a heart attack?

Doctor: Yes, but you
say she was dieting,

exercising strenuously.

That kind of stress

coupled with a
chemical imbalance

often leads to a heart problem.

Amphetamines very
definitely and seriously upset

the chemical balance.


She's been off pills
since last summer.

I'm afraid she's
back on them again.

Her blood tests
tell us that much.

I can't believe it.

I'm sorry.

Why don't you go
home and get some rest?

There's nothing
more you can do here.

I'd sort of like to stay
in case she wakes up.

I think the doctor's
right, darling.

Why don't we go home,
and we'll come back

and see her tomorrow?

Betsy Bach just
had a heart attack.

She's in a coma
at County General.

Shut the door.

Shut the door!

How did it happen?

She was playing tennis.

She collapsed on the court.

You gave her too
big a dose, Marilyn!

Coma, that's good.

She won't be able to
tell them her suspicions.

The blood tests.

They're gonna know by
now she was on speed!

That's okay.

They'll think she
went back on the pills.

We go on just as before.

I better ring for some flowers.

Flowers? What are
you talking about?

The cat is out of the
bag. We have blown it.

My career, this salon, the
cable franchise, the works!

Calm down!

Have you been
on the Vidalite, too?

Now, nobody knows anything yet.

And maybe Betsy won't recover.

Well, what if she does,
and what if she tells the Harts

what she told us this morning?

What if? What if? What if?
We'll just have to wait and see.

Now listen, we've
got an easy million

in investment money
coming in tomorrow

from grateful husbands.

Who says we have to stick
around to deliver the goods?

You mean, take
the money and run?

Why not?

It's not as if we're
out of training.

And just think, Barry...

You and me and a million dollars

away from all of
this in Rio, hmm?


Did you find anything?

Not even an aspirin.

Why would she go back on speed?

She was doing
so well on Vidalite.

Well, it's all beginning
to make sense.

Her energy, her
lack of appetite,

her nervousness.

I know there was something
she was concerned about.

We were going to
talk after our game.

She said she spoke to
her doctor this morning.

Well, I'll call him tomorrow
and I'll check it out.


If she was on pills,

maybe someone at the Torso
Salon would have known about it.

They're having that
investors' reception tomorrow.

The Salon will be closed.

Maybe we should
go to that reception.



The Evanses, Jim and Marcia.

She's lost 25 pounds.
Put him down for $200,000.

Okay. The Harpers.

Hi, how are you?

Mr. and Mrs. Harper?

Sheila and Dave.

She's been complaining
about the exercises.

Put her down for $100,000.

Any trouble, cut it back to 50.

You got it.

What are they doing here?

They must be very
pleased with the turnout.

Well, it looks like
the Vidalite treasury

will put on a few pounds.

Hi! I'm Gina Hallstead!

Oh, I remember you. Jennifer!

This must be your
husband, Jonathan?

How do you do?

Oh, Betsy's told us
all so much about you.

How is the poor dear?

The doctor's very hopeful.

Oh. This is the Torso brochure.

It's a remarkable
opportunity, isn't it?

Do you realize I
have lost 20 pounds?

What do you think?


( laughs ) Thank you!

Everyone I know
just loves Vidalite.

I do, too. I just feel
so up all the time.

I just feel so full of life!

I hope you're going
to be generous.

Betsy loves it, too.

Oh, the poor dear
has a weak heart.

Do you know I had
a weak heart, too?

I had rheumatism, I had colitis,

until I started
drinking Vidalite.

I just love it,
love it, love it!

Well, I'm sure
that Barry Grayson

appreciates your enthusiasm.

Oh, Barry! Oh, how stupid of me!

Where are my manners?

I forgot to introduce you
to our guests of honor!

They're right over
here. I have to run. Bye!

Well, so much for
"Malibu mellow."

I've never seen anyone
so excited over a liquid diet.

The Harts are here.
They're right over there.

I want you to go see
them. Go see the Harts.

Just go see.

Mr. and Mrs. Hart,
how nice of you to come!

Marilyn, Barry, my
husband, Jonathan.

How do you do?

- Mr. Hart.
- Barry, it's my pleasure.

How is Betsy?

Still the same. But
we're very hopeful.

Thank you for the flowers.

- You're welcome.
- Our pleasure.

We've tried to reach
her doctor up north.

The doctor here
said her bloodstream

was flooded with amphetamines.

That's what caused
her heart attack.

Oh, no!

Betsy did have a pill problem.

We thought she'd overcome
it, but apparently not.

I'm very sorry.

You wouldn't have any
idea where she could get hold

of pills, would you?

We haven't been able
to find a single one.

I have no idea.

But, under the circumstances,
Mr. and Mrs. Hart,

we certainly appreciate
your both being here today.

Ah, enjoy yourselves,
Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

Will you excuse us, please?

Oh! No, no, no, no!

Don't touch the pink
one! That's my Vidalite!

Help yourself to champagne,
juice, whatever. Bye!

For someone who
doesn't go near the bar,

she certainly is filled
with a lot of spirit.

Doesn't that sort of energy
remind you of someone?

You know they found two things
in Betsy's bloodstream, right?

Vidalite and amphetamines.

Now supposing that Vidalite
had amphetamines in it...

That would explain why
we didn't find any pills.

And why all these people are
so eager to make an investment.

And why Gina Hallstead
is bouncing off the walls.

Why don't you go
watch the presentation?

And I'll go check out

some of Gina Hallstead's
private Vidalite.


Ah, ladies and gentlemen,
thank you very much!

Boy, you sure
look good out there.

First of all, I want to thank
every one of you for coming.

Now, I see you all
have your brochures.

So let's see what we can do
to get those figures off the page,

and into motion.

Hit it!

( lively music plays )

A little too much champagne.
You know where the milk is?

There's some in the
fridge. Help yourself.


Find anything?

I think we need a doggy bag.



Where'd he get that?

It's Gina's.

If he has that analyzed,
we're in big trouble.

They won't. ( chuckles )

But there's going to be a
slight change in the program.

Let's go.

Thank you very much, Kathy.

Let's hear it for Kathy, huh?

That's quite a demonstration.

Okay. Thank you all very much.

Now at this time, it
gives me great pleasure

to bring up the moving
force of Torso, Inc.,

our General Manager,
Marilyn Gann!

Thank you, thank you, Barry.

"Moving force" is a
good way to describe

a daily exercise routine
that we have developed

for our Torso couples.


( lively music plays )

Look easy? It is!

We'd like some volunteers now.

Of course, for a
beginner's version.

I wonder why we never
do anything like that.

Because we always come
up with something better to do.

Oh, yes, oh, no,
this won't hurt at all.

Do you think it would
be rude if we left

before they asked
us for a contribution?

I don't think so.

Besides, four celery
tonics is your limit.

Come on.

- Very simple.
- I can't do this.

No, it's really very simple.

( screams )

Oh! Help!

- Help!
- Jennifer!

- Oh!
- Wait.

( all murmuring )

Here, give me your hand.

Help, Jonathan!

Hang on.

I got it.

I've got you!


Put your arm around my neck.

There. Take my wrist.

That's it. There you go.

Please, step back everyone.

Oh, Mrs. Hart, thank
goodness you're all right!

I'll be fine. Just let
me catch my breath.

Well, all's well that
ends well, I guess.

Poor dear. Such things!

What a horrible thing to happen.

The party was going so well...

Mr. Hart, I'm terribly sorry.
Is there anything I can do?

- Barry, are you all right?
- I think I'll take
Mrs. Hart home now.

Of course, Mr. Hart.

I can't apologize enough
for what happened, Mr. Hart!

They're suspicious, I know it.

Let them have their suspicions.

As long as they don't
have their evidence.

Man: I understand
how you feel, Mr. Hart.

But I have no evidence.

There's a girl lying in a coma.

We were almost killed
ourselves. Isn't that all you need?

Well, a heart attack is
not a crime, Mrs. Hart.

And, as far as I know,
neither is a bungled backflip.

They just don't justify search
warrants and seizures of...

What do you call the
stuff? Vegimite? Beggamite?


This is not a
theory, Lieutenant.

Well, there's no crime,
there's no witnesses,

there's no evidence,
and there's no testimony.

Betsy hasn't even
regained consciousness.

I'd say that sounds
like a crime to me.

I understand how you
feel, Mrs. Hart, I really do.

We ran a check on
these two people,

this Marilyn Gann
and Barry Grayson.

There's nothing on them,
not even a traffic violation.

My hands are tied.

Now, if this girl
regains consciousness,

and she can testify,
then we got something.

Well, let's hope that
she does, Lieutenant.

Thanks for dropping by.

See you later.

And you said the full amount
will be available for withdrawal

tomorrow morning at 9:00?

Perfect. Thank you.

We'll just make
that 11:00 flight.

If the Harts don't find
out something before then.

They didn't get
Gina's Vidalite sample,

but what is to stop them from
getting someone else's, huh?

Because as of two hours
go, everyone is on clean,

pure, unadulterated formulas.

The evidence is down the drain.

Unless someone
has some old stuff

in the back of the refrigerator.

Barry, please! We
are so close now!

If we can just hold out
till tomorrow morning,

we'll be one and a half
million dollars richer!

Why did I ever listen to you?

All I wanted was a legitimate
career on the up-and-up.

This town is full of muscle
men and ex-lifeguards.

You never had a chance.

Not without our little hook.

Now all we have to do
is hope that Betsy's coma

lasts till tomorrow noon.

Jonathan: No thanks.
I'll try him later on today.


Her doctor's not in.

He's due back
sometime this afternoon.

I sure would like to know

what he talked to her
about that morning.

You know what makes me angry?

The lieutenant's attitude.

What sort of evidence
does he need?

The kind that we couldn't
hang onto yesterday.

Well, I've got an idea.

What if we call these investors

and tried to get some
Vidalite from them?

Well, the only problem
with that is that Vidalite

is made on a daily
basis, and I'm sure by now

that Barry and Marilyn have
probably cleaned up the formula.

Well, it wouldn't hurt to try.

And this should take me
the better part of all day.

Well, I'll try to get Betsy's
doctor from the office,

and I'll talk to you later.

- Bye-bye, darling.
- Bye. Bye-bye, Max.

Well, if we can't get the
Lieutenant solid evidence,

perhaps we can get him liquid!

I just talked to Sheila Harper.

- Guess what?
- What?

Jennifer Hart is
calling all of our clients

and asking them if they've
had any strange symptoms

since they've been
on the Vidalite plan.

Well, that's all right.

I already told you, all
the formulas are clean.

That's just the problem.

A couple of our clients
are going into withdrawal.

Mrs. Petrie called.
She's shaking all over.

Marsha Evans is seeing double.

What'd you tell them?

I blamed it on the
caterers at the reception.

That was good.

But no one's gonna
believe that long enough

for us to get out of here,
not when Jennifer Hart

is calling people, putting
ideas in their head.

We have got to stop her!


if Jennifer Hart wants evidence,

then we'll just have
to give it to her.

Won't we?

Doctor: She's had a good
day. We're very hopeful.

According to her specialist,

she should be coming
out of it very soon.

I'll leave you two alone.

Thank you, Doctor.

( telephone rings )


Hello, Mrs. Hart,
this is Marilyn Gann.

Oh, hello, Marilyn.

Your butler told me I
could find you there.

Um, how is Betsy?

Is she awake?

Uh, no.

She's about the same.

Actually, I'm calling
regarding her.

I found something of Betsy's
when I was cleaning out

her locker in the salon.

You did? What was that?

Perhaps you'd better
come down here.

I think it explains
a few things.

All right, I'll be right there.

Thank you, Marilyn.

- Hello.
- Mrs. Hart.

- Is Marilyn here?
- She's in her office.

- We were just about to close.
- Ah, yes, I know.

She called me to ask
me if I might come over.

Oh, thank you, Kathy.

Mrs. Hart, thank
you for coming over.

I didn't want to discuss
this on the phone.

I found these in Betsy's locker.

I'm very sorry.

So she was back on the pills.

Yes, that's what it looks like.

She has been edgy for
the last couple of weeks.

- She was?
- Yeah.

Jennifer: I... I don't
know. I just can't believe it.

Marilyn: I know.

Did they say how long
they think the coma will last?


I'm so sorry. I know
you're about to close.

Excuse me a second.

I... I was just feeling so bad.

I was shopping in Neiman
Marcus, and I was very dizzy.

Well, Gina, sit down over
here. Let me call your husband!

He's out of town.

If I just sit down
for a minute, I'll...

I'll get her some
smelling salts.

And some water?

I'll get it for you.

Just lean back for a
minute. How is it now?

Is that better?

It's... my chest!

M-my arm!

Your arm?

Here you are. Here's
your water, Mrs. Hallstead.

I think she's having
a heart attack.

I don't think it's anything

as serious as a heart
attack, Mrs. Hart.

She'll be okay.

Well, I think we should
call an ambulance.

Maybe you're right.

Great. Another victim.

And Jennifer Hart's out
there picking up the pieces.

Now what?

We kill them both.

You're crazy.

Just determined to
make that plane tomorrow

with a million and a half...

even if it means...

we have to kill two
people to make it happen.

Three, you mean.

Nobody's killing
anybody. Gimmie that gun.

Come on.

It's okay, Mrs. Hart.
I called her doctor.

He's gonna meet
her at her house.

- Her house?
- Thanks, Kathy.

Why don't you go lock
up the back, all right?

What about the hospital?

Well, he says she has
these spells all the time.

It's really nothing to
worry about. Here we go!

Thank you so much
for your help, Mrs. Hart!

- I'd prefer to go with her.
- That's really not important,
Mrs. Hart...

I'm afraid I have to insist!

I'll bring the station
wagon around the front.

Okay. Here we go.

There we go, Mrs. Holstead.

Jonathan: So she did
have some reservations

about that liquid diet when
she spoke to you that morning?

Well, thank you
very much, doctor.

No, no, she's...

she's doing as well
as could be expected.

Right. Thank you very much.


( telephone ringing )

Hart residence.

Jonathan: Oh, Max,
is Mrs. H. there?

Not yet, Mr. H. Wanna
leave a message?

Yes, you can tell her that it
looks like our theory was right.

I talked to Betsy's
doctor in San Francisco,

and the Vidalite
might well be spiked.


I think Mrs. H. Is
at the Salon now.

She's at Torso? Why?

Well, this dame called
and said she had something

of Betsy's that would
explain everything.

Come to think of it, Mrs.
H. should be home by now.

Max, you call over
there, to Torso,

right away, will you?

And tell Mrs. H. To
get out of there fast.

I'm going over there myself.

Woman on recording: I'm sorry.

The Torso Salon is
closed at the moment.

If you'd like to
leave a message,

please do so after the beep.

Anybody home?

Mr. Hart!

Where's Mrs. Hart?

Oh, she just left.

Her car's outside.

She went with Barry and Marilyn.

- Any idea where they went?
- The Holstead place.

Mrs. Holstead didn't feel well.

Your wife thought she
might have had a heart attack.

Did a man by the
name of Max call here?

He could have. The
machine might be on.

Is that an outside line?

Yes, press the first button.

Max. There's a
file there on Torso.

In that, there's
a list of names.

Look up a name called Holstead.

Give that address to Lt. Draper,

have him meet me there,
and send an ambulance.


Easy now. Easy. There you go.

Easy, Gina.

We'll put her on the couch.

- You're gonna be fine.
- ( gasping )

Let's get you to lay down here.


Here we go.

Easy. Easy.

She looks awful.

Where's the doctor?

I thought you said he
was supposed to be here?

Oh, yes, he said there was
some medication in her room.

- I'll get it.
- I'll get some water.

Who's your doctor?


M-my purse.

This thing gets worse and worse.

I say we cut our losses
and leave tonight.

And leave without the money?

Just a few hours more!

And Mrs. Hart. What are
we gonna do about her?

- Malone?
- Malone.

Dr. Malone, please.

Jennifer Hart
calling, I'm call...

So I was right.

Dead right.


Wait a minute! Listen to me!

Listen to me. There's
still time to think.

You haven't killed
anybody. Betsy will be fine.

And Mrs. Holstead'll be fine
if you get her to a hospital!

At the very worst
it'll be just fraud.

What makes you think
we'll settle for the worst?

Mrs. Holstead doesn't
know anything, honest.

She couldn't possibly
incriminate you.

What would it hurt
to call an ambulance?

Maybe she's right.

We could call an
ambulance, at least.

Here's the scenario.

We cover our tracks
back at the salon.

Mrs. Holstead won't be
found until her husband returns.

And you... ( chuckles )

Silly Mrs. Hart
returns to the scene,

to recover the
contents of her purse.

Let's go.

- You all right?
- ( groans )


Well, two Harts
are better than one.

How's Mrs. Holstead?

Not bad.

I think she'll be okay.

Thanks for the medical report.

But what we're really here for

is to help your wife look
for her personal effects.

I wouldn't start hatching
up any happy schemes

if I were you, Marilyn.

The police are on their way.

Of course they are.

Right after the
Mounties and the cavalry.

You made too many
mistakes, Barry.

Or maybe she made them for you.

Don't listen to him.

Like she said, if we
stop now, it's only fraud.

Look, we could be
living in Rio like kings.

You give me the gun!

Oh! Oh!

Not a very secure
feeling, is it, Barry?

Help me!


Help me. Please, help me.


You know something,
darling? They were right.

Rio is lovely this time of year.

This is the ultimate in
hospital dessert... pink!

I think I've had
my fill of pink.

We talked to the doctor,

and he said you'd be
able to go home tomorrow.

Oh, that's wonderful.

Everyone's been
so great, Jonathan.

What about Barry and Marilyn?

Barry and Marilyn
will get about,

uh, ten years.

Just think of it this way...

They have all that
time to develop

a new bread-and-water diet.

I don't know.

I'm kinda grateful to Barry.


I lost ten pounds in this coma.

Now I can eat all
the ice cream I want.

You know, she's right?

There's nothing I like
more than ice cream.


Well... there is one thing more.

Thank you, darling.

Chocolate chip cookies.