Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 4, Episode 21 - Too Close to Hart - full transcript

Man: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.

Max: Good morning,
Mr. and Mrs. H.

- Morning, Max.
- Morning, Max.

What happened to
you, spring fever?


I'm sorry it was
late, Mr. and Mrs. H.,

but Freeway got me up
in the middle of the night,

and I couldn't go back to sleep.

I hope his barking
didn't disturb you.

No, we didn't hear a thing.

What's the matter, baby?
Did you have nightmares?

I guess so. I checked the house.

He's got a vivid imagination.

If it's okay with you two,
I'll be back in a half-hour.

I'm going over to see Maria.

Isn't that the
Sawyers' maid, Max?

Yeah, she's been
depressed or something lately.

She says she's been
too busy to see me

for the last week.

Maybe it's because it's
her birthday tomorrow.

Well, you know how it is,
women and their birthdays.

Maybe she's depressed
because the Sawyers are away

on a safari in Africa.

I've got an idea.

Why don't you invite Maria
to come to dinner tonight,

- just the two of you?
- Is that all right with you?

- Sure, why not?
- Sure.

Bring her over, a little
party might cheer her up.

Yeah, maybe so.

I'll go over and
ask her right now.

Come on, Freeway.

- Freeway, go on.
- Get out of there, Freeway!

- Well, you know what I think?
- What?

I think that Max is smitten.

With Maria? She's
lived next door for years.

Come on, you know how it is.

When it's spring,

a young man's fancy
turns to... Forgery?

Well, not necessarily forgery.

There's been a forgery
in our neighborhood.

Listen to this.

The world famous Picasso owned
by the author Wente since 1968

has been declared a
master forgery by a panel

of experts from the L.A.
County Museum of Art.

Apparently, the painting
was loaned to the museum

for an exhibit.

Wasn't this one
of those paintings

they bought in that
collection in Geneva last year?

Yeah, I think it was.

And the Wentes are
trustees at the museum.

They're pretty
tough people to fool.

You know how good
forgeries are these days.

I'm awfully glad

we had our paintings
examined this year.

Well, you know me,

I always insist
on the real thing.

Thank you, darling.

Like butter.


For the croissant.


Max: I'm coming,
Freeway, I'm coming.

Okay, let's go.

Come on, Freeway,

we got a little
social call to make.

( barks )

Come on.

This way, Freeway.

( barks )

( doorbell rings )

- Good morning.
- Can I help you?

I'm Max, I work for
the Harts next door

and this is Freeway.

- Is our security system off?
- No.

We have keys to your
doors and vice versa...

Good neighbor policy.

Is Maria in?

She is, but she's a
little under the weather.

Oh, I guess I picked
the wrong time.

Well, give her my regards

and tell her to call
me one of these days.

No, please, come in.
I'll tell her you're here.

- Oh, Max.
- Hiya, Maria.


Maria, do you want to
come over for dinner tonight

on account of your birthday?

I'd love to, but... Oh, I see.

No, no, no, you
don't understand.

He works here. I'll
call you at home.

Woman: Maria?

Maria: Oh, Mrs. Hyatt.

Introduce us to your friend.

Yes... this is Max.

Max, this is Mr. and Mrs. Hyatt.

- How do you do?
- Friends of the Sawyers?

- Pleased to meet you.
- How do you do?

I'm from next door.
I work for the Harts.

Oh, the Jonathan Harts, yes.

Peter and Laura have
talked about them often.

I came over to ask Maria to
come over tonight for dinner.

Well, Maria, you know
your responsibilities here.

Can you afford the time?

It's her birthday.

Well, in that case, of course.

Thank you.

Come on, Freeway,
let's get going.

Maria, I'll see you about 8:00.

- Thank you very much.
- Bye.

- I'll be there.
- Thank you, Max.

- Oh, Blake...
- Oh, that's all right
I've been here before.

Very good, Maria.

If you can convince
everyone that well,

the Sawyers have a chance
of surviving their little safari.

Don't hurt them,
please. I'll do as you say.

That's the fellow I caught
her talking to yesterday.

He came in through
the garden gate.

They've got keys
to our whole system.


The Sawyers have
the keys to theirs,

but at least now we know.

You won't talk,
now will you, Maria?

No, I...

Because if you do, the
only endangered species

on that safari will be
the Sawyers themselves.

Oh, please!

( cries )

Oh, Max, that was
fast. It's all set?

Yes, she's coming
over tonight at 8:00.

- Well, did the invitation
cheer her up?
- Not much.

I think she's having
a tough time adjusting

to the house sitters.

The house sitters?

Yeah, a Mr. and Mrs.
Hyatt and their chauffeur.

They're staying at the house
until the Sawyers get back.

- Nice people?
- Seem all right to me.

The chauffeur's okay
if you like very tall men.

But the Sawyers never said
anything about house sitters.

We were supposed
to look after the house.

Darling, can you be a
half hour late for the office?

Sure, just give me time to
hitch up the welcome wagon.

Keys. Great.

Darling, what ever
happened to that safari trip

we were supposed
to go on this year?

Remember? The
Bahama trip came up.

Oh, wouldn't it be nice
to go to Kenya again?

Remember that little
cabin near Maralal?

No phones, no mail,

just 12 hours of sunshine
and 12 hours of night.

Let's book that trip again.

( doorbell rings )


- Yes, may I help you?
- Yes, we're the Harts.

We're friends of the Sawyers.

Oh, yes, your butler
was here earlier.

Please, come in.

Thank you.

Thank you.

He's a lot bigger than Max.

Well, maybe Max will
make it up to Maria tonight.

Well, this is our
day for neighbors.

- I'm Cheryl Hyatt.
- How do you do? I'm Jonathan Hart.

- This is my wife, Jennifer.
- Both: How do you do?

Oh, Laura's told us
so much about you.

Hello, I'm Bill Hyatt.

Nice to meet you. How do you do?

Well, what can we do for you?

Oh, well, I'm afraid we're
the welcoming committee.

We would have come over
sooner but we had no idea

that you were here.

Oh, please do
come in and sit down.

We've only been here a week,
and we're barely unpacked.

Otherwise, I would have
dropped by to say hello to you.

Would you care for some coffee?

- Oh, no, no, thank you.
- No, thanks.

We're just gonna
stay for a minute.

Well, it's nice to know
that Peter and Laura live

in such a friendly place.

Until today, we
hadn't met a soul.

Well, Bel Air can be a
very private community.

Well, we're not complaining.

Peace and quiet is
what uncle Leo needs.

We're just stopping
here on our way to Tahiti.

- Uncle Leo?
- Yes, there are four of us,

and Blake's been
with us forever.

Just sold my business.

All we want now is a nice
quiet place away from it all,

like the Sawyers in Kenya.

Oh, Kenya's my weakness.
We were just talking about it.

Bill: They love
it over there, too.

In fact, we spoke
to them yesterday.

We go back a few years.

Oh, yes, Bill and
Peter met in college.

I hope you don't mind Maria
coming to dinner with us.

Oh, of course not.

As a matter of fact, I
hope it will perk her up.

She misses her employers.

We have known her for years,

but somehow it's
just not the same.

Well, I think we
should be going.

Have a nice stay
while you're here.

- We'll be running along.
- It's so nice to meet you.

If there's anything you
need while you're here,

please don't hesitate to call.

- Maria has our number.
- Thank you for the offer.

- Pleasure.
- Good-bye.

- Blake will see you out.
- Thank you.

Thank you.


- They seem nice.
- Mm.

It's interesting that they're
traveling with their butler.

I would have thought that Maria

would have had a
little more free time.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe Max is losing the
battle for Maria's heart.

Ah, never mind.
We're gonna solve that.

I'm taking Max shopping today.

We're gonna get her a cashmere
sweater and some perfume.

- Cashmere and perfume?
- Mm-hmm.

That's the perfect
way to treat a lady.

I had a good teacher.

- They're gone.
- Good.

I'd like to weld that
garden gate shut.

You better check on Maria.

Well, let's get the
Monet. Leo needs it again.


Ah, at last.

You know, I cannot work
all day from the memory.

We've had company.

Leo, I told you
about the draperies.

There is only one thing
worse than electric lights,

a painting painted
under electric lights.

We seem to have revolving
doors on the garden gates,

friendly neighbors.

Not bad.

Leo: Thank you.
You're very kind.

Of course, the
composition is a bit off,

but that is Monet, not Calioni.

What's the timetable?

Two, three days.

But I think, perhaps,
there'd better be two.

One of the forgeries
has been discovered.


How were we to know
the lady of the house

was a patron of the museum.

I am good... very good.

But I cannot fool
all of the experts

all of the time.

Maybe we're still okay.

That forgery could have
been painted six months

to a year ago as far
as they're concerned.

No, no, no, no,
unfortunately there are tests.

You know that.

They will soon know the
paint is only five days old.

This is why we must hurry.

A pity, I like to take my time.

Can you finish in time?

Uh, si, si, it can be done.

The Van Gogh was the hardest.

It was so difficult
to duplicate that...

That volatile technique.

Those Harts are going
to miss their Vincent.

Bill: They may
miss more than that.

If they don't stop
crossing the garden,

they may find
themselves under it.

- Hi, Max, mail call?
- Yeah, Mrs. H,

and this one's got
some fancy stamps on it

to add to your collection.

Oh, it's from Kenya.

It must be Peter and Laura.

Let's see what they have to say.

"Dear Jennifer, arrived
in Nairobi last week.

It's so beautiful here.

Tomorrow we set
out for the bush,

incommunicado for three weeks.

We hate to see
this vacation end.

Tell Jonathan hello for us.

Thanks again for keeping...

Thanks again for keeping an
eye on the house and Maria.

See you soon, love Laura."

Mrs. H., how come they thank us

for looking after the house

when they got the
Hyatts over there?

There's something else, Max.

Why would they say they spoke
to them by phone yesterday?

This letter is
dated ten days ago.

They're still out in the bush.

There are no phones out there.

- I'm gonna call Maria.
- I wouldn't do that, Mrs. H.

I've been trying to
get her all morning

to check on tonight's menu,

and the chauffeur keeps
saying she's never in.

I got a hunch they
don't like her to get calls.

What's going on over there?

Tell you what? It's now 1:00.

Maria is usually
gardening from 1:00 to 2:00.

I can go over
there and talk to her

away from the house.

I tell you what...
let's both go.

Did you see anything?

Plenty, come on.

Jennifer: I know they're
planning a switch.

What are we gonna do?

We'll just wait for them
to steal the Van Gogh.

We'll do exactly what you said.

Just sit by and
let it disappear?

You're right, we've got to
take some kind of action...

and we will.

You know what we'll do?

We'll make it easy for them.

We warned you
about the curtains!

And I cautioned you as well.

I am not the maid.

I can assume that Mrs.
Hart saw the Van Gogh,

and I think she'll guess
that we're planning

to hit her house next.

Yes, but she's too
clever for her own good.

( phone rings )

- Maria.
- Yes.


It's Mr. Hart.

I didn't call him.

Mr. Hart... Jonathan,

we... well, that's
very kind of you.

We would be delighted. 8:00?

Thank you, bye.

What is it?

Our neighbors have suddenly
decided to become very chummy.

We are invited to
Maria's birthday party.

- I don't like it.
- I do, don't you see?

They're playing a little game.

They're planning to
set us up for the switch.

And after we leave, they
will take what they believe

to be the phony Van
Gogh straight to the police.

Hmm, what they don't know

is they'll be getting
back the original tonight.

As far as the police go,

they will look like the
little boy that called wolf.

Oh, they are making
it so easy for us.

( laughs )

Oh, that's perfect, Max.
Now put it out on the patio.

I want to get them out of the
house as soon as possible.

Right, Mrs. H.

I knew they were no good
the moment I saw them.

Poor Maria.

I think she's seen
better birthdays.

I know, but it'll all
be over by tomorrow.

Just tell Maria to hold tight.

I will.


I turned off the alarm
system. I left the gate open.

If the chauffeur
does his dirty work,

- they shouldn't have
any trouble getting in.
- Did you loosen the frame?

Yeah, all the
screws are loosened.

If we do anything more,
they'll have to cut us in.

Now what we'll do is we'll
give them plenty of time

to make the switch, then
they'll leave peaceably,

then you and I will
call the lieutenant.

- Okay. I hope it works.
- I hope so, too.

( doorbell rings )

Make a wish, Maria.

It's sure to come true.

Jennifer: Hey!

What a difference a
day makes, you'll see.

Oh, you have such a
lovely house here, Jennifer.

Why, thank you.

It is getting a
bit chilly, though.

Oh, but it's such
a lovely evening.

- Don't you think so, darling?
- Yes, I do.

Freeway, he gets so
excited when there are lots

of people around.

He must be quite a watch dog.

Not really, as a matter of fact,

we're thinking about
getting a Doberman

since our alarm
system went on the fritz.

- Mm.
- Oh, really?

- How inconvenient.
- Yes.

The cake is so
( speaks Italian )

Wonderful, and so
beautifully decorated.

That was once my profession.

Uncle Leo was the master
artist of the squeeze tube.

Darling, would you help
me inside with the kitchen?

- Excuse us.
- Excuse us.

When are they gonna do it?

- We can't make it
any easier for them.
- Not unless we wrap it up

and hand it to
them as they leave.

Maybe they're waiting
for the chauffeur.

- I'm sure he's in on it.
- Well, I wish he'd hurry up
and get here.

It's getting cold out there.
We can't stay out there forever.

( phone rings )

Maybe that's it.

Hello, Hart residence.

I'll put you on hold.

It's for Bill.

Uh, Bill, there's a
telephone call for you.

You can take it
in the living room.

Must be business
call. If you'll excuse me.

- Take your time.
- Take your time.

Well, is everything
going all right out here?

Uh, I think uncle Leo
is getting a bit tired.

Perhaps we should
drive him home?

Oh, well, it is early, and
Maria hasn't had a chance

to open up some of her presents.

Her presents. That's right.

Jennifer: Lovely presents.

- Here you are.
- Oh, yes.


Oh, thank you.

- Jonathan: Happy Birthday.
- Thank you.

Oh, all finished
with your phone call?

Lawyers, it's one of the
reasons I want to get to Tahiti.

It's late, darling.

- I think we should be
heading off.
- Yes.

Well, all good things
must come to an end,

and as they say, "all's
well that ends well."

Now you're sure you can
manage all these packages?


We could bring some of
them over for you tomorrow.

Bill: We can manage on our
own, thank you very much.

- Darling,
can you get the door?
- Oh, yes, I'll get the door.

We're awfully glad you
could join us this evening.

Thank you so much,
Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

Yes, you can't imagine what
a lovely evening we've had.

It was a lovely evening.
We appreciate it.

- See you again.
- Well, good night.

- We'll see you.
- Bye, Maria.


Do you think they did it?

Let's take a look.

What do you think?

It looks the same to me.

I don't know. The
ears look a little funny.

Whatever you do,
don't touch anything.

That's the only
evidence we've got.

Lieutenant Draper,
please. It's Jonathan Hart.

I know it's late,

but I think we've
got something here

that he might enjoy looking at.

You shouldn't have
taken any chances

with these people Jonathan,
'cause if you're right,

it might be wise for us
to keep an eye on them.

If I'm right, lieutenant?

I loosened the
screws on this painting

before they arrived.

Now they're tight.

Believe me, someone has
fooled around with this picture.

Besides, we had no other choice.

You wouldn't have
believed us otherwise.

There's no doubt
about it, Jonathan.

Thank you, Wendell.
That's why I brought you out.

You're the best
in the art world.

There you are, lieutenant,
the forged painting

right in front of you.

Whoa, Jennifer, forgery?

I didn't say anything
about a forgery.

You said there wasn't a doubt.

This is the real thing.

I'm sorry, Jonathan,

every one of these
paintings is genuine.

It's the first time I've ever
apologized for that verdict.

If any exchange
took place tonight,

then they exchanged
the fake for the original.

Maybe you should thank them.

Good night.

I'll see you out.

Well, at least you didn't
get any egg on your face.

Oh, this was nothing, Jennifer.

Until this afternoon
Gloria Wente's face

was practically an omelet.

Poor baby, she was sure
everybody would think

she'd been deliberately
displaying a fake Picasso

for years.

Until this afternoon?

Yeah, we ran some
tests down at the gallery.

The paint on that
fake was hardly dry,

five days old, week tops.

Whoa, was she relieved.

Well, I have to be on my way.

- Good night.
- Good night, Wendell.

- Thank you for coming.
- Sure.

( sighs )

Maybe the lieutenant was right.


Maybe the Hyatts switched
our fake for the original.

Our fake?

We had this painting
certified last year.

Well, if the Wentes were
burglarized ten days ago,

why not us?


Max did say that Freeway
was restless last night.

What about this for a theory?

Suppose the Hyatts
found our keys

that we left at the
Sawyers' house

and turned off our alarm
so that we wouldn't hear it.

Do you think we
were de-burglarized?

See for yourself, Mr. Hart.

William Hyatt, Cheryl
Hyatt, clean as a whistle.

No arrests for art
forgery or counterfeiting,

any involvement like that?

Not as far as we can tell.

I don't have to
tell you art security

has extensive access.

- They're clean.
- Nothing strange?

Well, there was one thing.

You said this Mr. Hyatt
and Mr. Sawyer went

- to school together.
- Yes.

- That's right.
- They went to Dartmouth
didn't they, darling?

That's right.

Well, this Hyatt didn't
graduate from any place.

At least ways Dartmouth
didn't claim him,

and we tried a hundred
other institutions.

Course, plenty of people
lie about their schooling.

Well, thanks very much, Jack.


Well, after last night,

the police aren't going to
believe anything we say.

What we need is hard evidence.

How did it go with
Gloria Wente today?

Oh, Gloria.

Gloria's convinced that
it's an international incident.

She's pulling every
string she can.

She's even tried to
set up roadblocks.


Well, that would really set
the Hyatts off, wouldn't it?

Hard evidence.

If we could only get
that fake Van Gogh back

to show it to the police.

We still have the keys
to the Sawyers' house.

Turnabout is fair play.

- Absolutely.
- Hmm, let's go.

Cheryl: When will it be dry?


A few days.

But we can hang
it this afternoon.

And this is the last one.

Good. 'Cause it's time we go.

Well, I hope the Harts
had a pleasant evening

explaining themselves
to the police.

Yes, I can't remember
having such a wonderful time

at a party.

Of course it cost us
millions losing the Van Gogh.

Darling, it only takes
the loss of a work of art

to turn trustworthy citizens
into cranks and crackpots.

I just called the airlines.

We'll have to get
there an hour earlier.

Apparently, that Wente woman
has everybody worked up.

They're checking all out going
baggage with a fine-tooth comb.

Oh, if only that forgery
hadn't been discovered

quite so soon.

Come on, we've got
to hire a private plane.

( phone rings )

- Yes.
- Max: The Hyatt car
just pulled out.

Couldn't see how
many people were in it.

That's great, Max.

Ring the Sawyers' house twice
when you see them coming back.

- Got you, Mr. H.
- Thanks.

They must have Maria
locked in the room upstairs.

We'll get her first and
then the phony Van Gogh.

( whispers ) Maria's
room is upstairs.

Leo: ( whistling tune )

( hums )

( hums )

( door slams shut )


Wow, he's really good.

Imagine what he could
have done with a cake.

If I remember correctly,
this is her room.

Are you all right?

Maria, are you all right?

You must leave, please.

They'll kill Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer

if they find you here.

- Get up.
- Please...

We're gonna get you
out of here, don't worry.

We'll get you downstairs.
Let me help you.

Sometimes the chauffeur
stays home, Mr. Hart.


( glass shatters )

Okay, get up!

Jennifer: Here.

Up, up.

- How are you?
- All right.

All right? She's fine.

Okay, let's get
the fake Van Gogh

and get out of here.

- It's in the den.
- Go on, Blake.

Oh, no!

Oh, signore, please.

No, don't shoot.

I'm not the resisting type.

I'm glad to hear it.

Oh, it's just a little
hobby of mine.

Imitation is the
sincerest form of...


Well, we simply came
by to steal a little evidence.

But since the surprise
has been spoiled,

I think we'll call the police.

We're driving up to
the house... quietly.

Lieutenant Draper
is out of his office.

They put me on hold
while they go look for him.

They are all here... The
four Wente masterpieces.

Well, that ought to
be enough evidence.

The copies I made were
the best works of my career.

If only I had more time.

Where you're going,

you're gonna
have plenty of time.

Think of it as
an artist's retreat.

Uh, si.

I wonder if they will give me a
cell with a northern exposure?

Hello, hello, lieutenant
Draper's, office?

Hang up, Mrs. H.

Another party, so soon.

My, my, we do have
friendly neighbors.

Take his gun, Blake.

I don't have to tell you,
Jonathan, how hard it is

to find good help nowadays.

Are you all right, Max?

Sure, Mrs. H., I'm
sorry about this.

Forget it, Max.

Why don't you give
all this up, Hyatt?

You're never gonna get those
paintings out of the country.

But you will, Jonathan.

- We will?
- Yes.

We've been trying to
hire a private plane all day.

And suddenly here you
are, two friendly neighbors

with a private jet
at their disposal.

You and Leo catch
up with us tomorrow

when you're finished...
mopping up around here.

Blake, keep an eye
on Max and Maria.

Cheryl: And put the
paintings in the Harts' car.

And we'll stop by your place.

We may as well take
the Van Gogh, too.

This time we'll
keep the Van Gogh.

- What about the Sawyers?
- That's our worry.

Here's yours... We need
that plane in one hour.

We're taking a trip to Cuba.

It has to be fueled up

and the necessary
customs arrangements made.

Never mind the customs.

We need enough
fuel to reach Miami.

We'll top off our tanks there,

and then we'll
touchdown in Havana.

Get your pilot on the phone.

Hello, Frank, it's
Jonathan Hart.

Something's come up.

I'd like to have you
meet us out at our jet

in about a half an hour.

We'll need enough
fuel to get us to Miami.

Have you got it?

- You're in trouble?
- That's right.

- Can you make it?
- I'll be there before you.

- That'll be fine.
- That's enough.

Let's go.

You guys are crazy.

Mr. H. isn't about to
let you hijack the jet.

That is why you are
so very important.

They will do
anything to save you.


Have you... have you
ever been painted?

Painted? No.

I was almost tattooed once.

You have a very leonine head.

Listen, just because
my hands are tied,

there's no reason to insult me.

Si, si.

Don't move.


Don't move!

Have I got a choice?


( speaks Italian )

How did you learn
about the Sawyers?

We met them in a
bar in Paris once.

They were in a
very talkative mood.

After that, well, we
applied ourselves.

For 7 million, you don't
mind doing a little research.

- Then they're not in danger?
- No more than you two.

Maria thinks we have
a gun to their head.

She has such a
vivid imagination.

- How much longer?
- About five minutes.

Hello, Bob, we're off again.

Uh, I don't see
you here, Mr. Hart.

Well, it's short notice.

You know the way, Mr. Hart.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

- Is this it?
- Yes, sir.

I don't see any pilot.

Relax, Frank's
probably on board.

Get out.

The keys, Jonathan.

Thank you.

I don't see any
fuel trucks either.

It fills up pretty quickly.

You better be right.

All right, Jennifer, after you.

Good afternoon,
Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

We clear in 10 minutes.

Can I help you with the bags?

No, thank you.

Is everything all right?

Never mind, Frank,

just do everything they say.

We'll go up now.

Jonathan, you help
with the paintings.

It's all right,
darling. Go ahead.

( gunshot )


( sirens wailing )

Have you got her?


Nice shooting, Jonathan.


Can you get your back-up
men up to Max and Maria?

Yeah, right away.

Are you all right?

As long as you are.

Well, what do you think?

- Ain't that something?
- Yes.

It's a wonderful
likeness, isn't it?

That Leo's something, too.

He promised to do
a painting of Freeway

if he gets sent
to the big house.

Well, we're on our
way, only this time

it's gonna be a
real birthday party.

Oh, this is the best
birthday I could have.

Everyone's safe,

those dreadful
people behind bars,

and the Sawyers
flying home early.

Well, we've got to get going.

The champagne is on the table.


Again, thank you so
much for everything

and for this.

It's lovely.

Well, we were glad
we could help, Maria.

You have a lovely evening.

- Night.
- See you, Max.

- Enjoy yourselves.
- Maria: Yes, thank you.

When are we gonna
get our Van Gogh back?

I would imagine when
the trial is over with.

- Sweetie.
- Move over there, Freeway.

Until then...

let's drink to the only
work of art in the house.

Oh, thank you, darling.

( sighs )



Did you know that I used to
collect art before I met you?

No, I didn't know that.

I thought you always left
the art collecting up to me.

No, I used to haunt
all the galleries.

I was looking for
the perfect work...

something beautiful, tasteful...

that I could hold
and look at forever.

Why did you stop looking?

Because I found her.

Aw... I love you.

You do?