Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 4, Episode 20 - Hartstruck - full transcript

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.

( theme music playing )

( Latin folk guitar
music playing )

Hello, Manuel.

I have your table
ready, Mr. Hart.

Mrs. Hart's going to
be a few minutes late.

An hour, a few minutes.
The table will still be there.

Okay. Thanks very much.

( woman gasps ) Oh, gosh.

I'm sorry. Did I get you?

Just the shoes.

I'm really sorry.

Oh, I think they'll live. I
had them Scotchgarded.

Would you like another drink?

Uh, yeah, bourbon on the rocks.

Bartender, could you
bring this lady another drink?

And I'll have a Glenlivet
on the rocks, please.

( chuckles )

Oh, one of those days.

I think I'd be better
off if I just didn't move.

I'll get that for you.


( guitar music continues )

There you are.

Thank you.

Oh, it's the least I could
do for running into you.

- ( clinks )
- Here's to a better tomorrow.

Here's to a better year.

Thank you.

I was reading my astrology
column in "Cosmo" this month.

Things were supposed to
"improve steadily" by the 15th.

Well, give it time.
It's only the 18th.

The fault, I regret,
lies not with our stars.

Here's to
unemployment insurance.

All this on
unemployment? ( chuckles )

It's a week's check, but it
makes me feel employed.

( telephone rings )

Are you waiting for someone?

- Yes, um...
- Mr. Hart, telephone.

Oh, thank you.

Excuse me. Good luck.

- Over there, Mr. Hart.
- Thanks.

Hello? Hiya, darling.

I know, you're going
to be a few minutes late,

but you're leaving right now.

Jennifer: No, I've gone
about as far as I can go.

- What's the matter?
- Car trouble.

Andy says it has something
to do with a "U-joint,"

and since I have absolutely
no idea what a U-joint is,

I won't argue with him.

Well, why don't you take a taxi?

Oh, darling, would
you mind very much

if skipped we L'España,
and just ate dinner at home?

I'll slip into something
more comfortable.

Hey, that sounds terrific.

And then I can explain to
you all about U-joints, huh?

Thank you.

I'll see you later, bye.


Manuel, Mrs. Hart's not
going to be able to make it,

So we'll cancel, I think.

Can I help you?

Oh, no, thank you.
I was just leaving.

Ah, I love what
you slipped into.

Well, I hope you like dinner.

I know you had
your taste buds set

on paella at L'España.

Mmm, it's delicious.


Isn't it?

When I came home
from the garage,

there was hardly
anything in the refrigerator.

I don't think Max has
shopped for a week.

- Where is Max?
- Aha.

Max is off to his
Scandinavian cooking classes.


What is Max doing taking a
Scandinavian cooking class?

I think he's more interested
in the Scandinavian cooks.

Well, the timing is perfect.

No U-joints. No Max.

A baked potato,
caviar... and you.


Besides dessert is
always better at home.



He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

( disposal rattling )

( rattling stops )

He loves me.

Woman on TV:
Mrs. Ballin Mundson.

Is that all right?


Man: Oh, you don't
congratulate the bride.

- You congratulate the husband.
- Man #2: Really?

What are you supposed
to say to the bride?

Hi, Susan, Robin.

Oh, I'm all right.

Susan, I met a guy.

No, no I just... I just
bumped into him.

Listen to me...

No, he's not like
all the others.

He was, um, attentive, nice.

Kinda different.


- Jonathan Hart.
- ( teakettle whistling )

Susan, hold on a second.

Man on phone: And the
Lord raised up His arms

and said unto His people,

"Believe in Me, and
you shall be saved."

Send your prayer donations to...

Hi, where was I?

Marie, will you be
sure that these get filed

first thing tomorrow morning?

And when Maggie calls,
tell her that Jennifer and I

plan to be in London
by the end of next month

and I'll call her to give
her the exact dates.

Is that everything?

You're still expecting that
call from Andrea Markovich.

Oh. What time is it there?

Well, same time as it is
here. He's in Anaheim.

( chuckles )

Let's see, I'm
meeting Alan Roland

at the Garden Terrace for lunch.

Yes, I know Mr. Hart. I
made the reservation for you.

Well, that's just in case
of any emergencies.

Well, don't they always come up?

Yes, they do, but you
have a special way

of rooting out the imposters.

I'll see you later.

Ooh... oh, I'm sorry.

( chuckles ) Don't say it.

You've run into me before.

This time was, uh... dryer.

I'm sorry.

I just had a job
interview upstairs.

I think I'm still
a little nervous.

Well, relax. I'll put in
a good word for you.

You work here?

I have a little influence.
What's your name, by the way?

Robin, Robin Wall.

Robin Wall.

I'll see what I can do, Robin.

My interview's finished, um...

if you're free.

I have a lunch date,
and I'm running late,

but I will talk to
Personnel about you.

- Take care.
- Okay.

- Hello, Mr. Hart.
- Hello, Nick.

- Mr. Roland's waiting for you.
- Okay, thanks very much.

Sorry I'm late.

Roland: I was about
to send out the cavalry.

Jonathan: Well, it seems
like nothing gets done

until it reaches
crisis proportions.

Waiter: May I get you
something from the bar, sir?

Yes, I'll have some club
soda with a lemon twist, please.

- Yes, sir.
- No, no, I'm fine, fine.

Well, here I am. Now
what's the big news

that makes you want
to see me personally?

Well, it looks like we're about
to lock up the Lantech deal.

Hey, that is terrific.

Thank you.

- May I help you, miss?
- Yes, table for one, please.

- This way, please.
- Oh, excuse me.

- Could I sit over there?
- Of course.

Thank you.

Thank you.

- Here's to you.
- Roland: Thank you.

There's one other thing.

I think Lantech has
turned down their best offer.

It may be... time for
you to play hard to get.

( Roland chuckles )
Well, that's a pretty girl.

Can I see your papers?

Oh, yeah, sure.

Why don't you plan
on having dinner

with Jennifer and me
sometime next week?

Ah, sounds good.

- Bye, Mr. Hart.
- Bye-bye, Nick. Thank you.



You okay?


I'm just thirsty.

I'm gonna get
something to drink.

- You want anything?
- Yeah, sure.

That bottle of Beaujolais
is still on the bar.


You are a beautiful lady.

Thank you.

You know, I asked Jonathan
to have lunch with me today.

But he said he had
to have lunch with you.

Well, he helped close a
very profitable business deal.

Well, I'm sure it was important.

He could have cancelled.

It's your fault.

Is there something wrong, Robin?

I'm just teasing, silly.

Kiss me.

I love...


Jonathan: When did
this happen, Lieutenant?

Well, as near we can figure,

sometime between
9:30 and midnight.

Now, you say that you
talked to him yesterday?

Yes, we had lunch,

and he had some
news on a new contract.

Did you notice anything?

Did he say he was
having any trouble?

No, he was very
excited about this merger.

That's... all I could tell you.

I may be reaching for this,

but when we went
through his apartment,

his Rolodex was
opened to your name.

Maybe he tried to call you.

I only wish he had.

( telephone rings )

I'll get it.

Hart residence.

Is Jonathan there?

I'll let you know as
soon as we hear anything

from the medical examiner.

If we can be of any help,
Lieutenant, just call us.

- I will. 'Night.
- Jennifer: Good night.

I'm sorry, Mr. Hart
is busy right now.

Can you leave a message?


Jonathan: Who was that?

Somebody called for
you and hung right up.

At this hour?

Any idea who it was?

I didn't recognize the
voice. She just hung up.

Well, good night, Max.

I'm sorry about what happened.


I love you, Jonathan.

Good night, Marie.

Mr. Burwer called.
It sounded important.

Frank thinks that
everything is important.

It'll wait till morning.

Mr. Hart, this came for
you about an hour ago.

- I didn't want to disturb you.
- Who's it from?

I don't know. It
came by messenger.

Well, thanks again,
Marie. See you tomorrow.

- Good night.
- 'Night.

( telephone rings )

Mr. Hart's office.


Jonathan: Darling, I'm home.

Jennifer: In the kitchen!

Mmm! Does that smell good.

Hi, darling. How'd it go today?

As well as could be expected.

Uh-huh. Any more news on Alan?

I'm afraid not. What is this?

Oh, it's a new
recipe I'm trying,

and I hope you're
not too terribly hungry

because it's going to
take a little more cooking.


- I have an idea.
- What?

Why don't we try this with it?

Oh, great.

You open that up,

and I'll get some brie
and some crackers.

Where'd you get this?

A messenger
brought it by the office.


"With love, Robin"?

I think you have an admirer.


That must be the girl
that I ran into at the office.

What girl was that?

I think she was
applying for a job.

Something wrong?

It's just that she...

She turned up at the restaurant

when I was having
lunch with Alan.

I think I'll call and find out
if she did apply for a job.

( keypad clicking )

Marie, it's Jonathan.

Would you do me a favor
please and check with Personnel

and find out if a girl
by the name of Robin

applied for a job with
Hart Industries yesterday?

A Robin... something.

If she did fill out
an application,

would you have it sent out
to the house by messenger?

Thanks. And, uh,
don't work too late.

Good night.

You're lying!

I don't believe you.

I'm telling you,
Mr. Hart isn't in.

- He's already gone for the day.
- He would have called me!

I sent him a bottle
of wine today!

He received the wine.
He was very ple...

- Jonathan!
- Miss! Please!

Miss, I'm going to
have to ask you to leave.

I'm sorry.

Um... could I leave my number?

Jennifer: Darling, you're
not even sure that Robin

had anything to do with Alan.

That's true, but I do
know that Alan noticed her

at the restaurant,
and knowing Alan,

I don't think he'd
let a pretty girl

pass by without
asking her for a drink.

Robin Wall.

I'm gonna check this out.


I want to find out
what this girl is up to.

Man: And Christ looked
up among them, telling them,

"Let he who is without
sin cast the first stone."


Listen to that.

And Christ looked up
among them, telling them,

"Let he who is without
sin cast the first stone."

- ( loud whirring )
- Good night, Nick.

( elevator bell rings )

( gasps ) Ellen!

- Scared me half to death.
- Working late tonight?

What do you mean?
It isn't even 9:00 yet.

( chuckles ) I know
what you mean.

You really shouldn't walk
around here at this hour.

Next time, call George and
me. We'll be glad to get you.

- Thank you.
- Good night.


( engine starts )

( sighs )

( soft piano music plays )

( gasps )

( groans )

( horn blaring )

I'm sorry.

The security guard
at your office said

that she saw her
about quarter to 9:00.

Am I boring you, Jonathan?

Oh, I'm sorry, Lieutenant.

I was thinking about
something else.

Well, this is not my favorite
way to start the day either,

but I got to come up
with some answers.

First, Alan... now Marie.

I'm beginning to think
that I'm the missing link.

Well, they both worked for you.

Did they know each other?

Alan and Marie?

So maybe there's some
connection between the two of them

that you don't know about.


It may be a little
far-fetched, Lieutenant,

but I have a theory of my own.

Jonathan: What about
the bottle of wine?

Well, that's an interesting
theory, Jonathan,

but maybe it's
just a coincidence.

A little too
coincidental for me.

Let's check and see
who called here yesterday.

Not only did she
call here yesterday,

but she was here.
Look at that...

She made eight phone calls

between 3:00 and 6:00.

Well, she likes you a whole
lot. She called you eight times,

sent you a bottle of wine.
I can't bust her for that.

I can't even talk to her.

Well, I can talk to
her. She left a number.

( phone keys clicking )

And I can find out whether
she had a connection with Alan.

Jona... It's the exchange.

Would you tell Robin Wall
that Jonathan Hart called?

She has the number.
Thank you very much.

Darling, why do you have
to do the investigating?

Lieutenant, why can't you
have one of your men talk to her?

Mrs. Hart, she may
very well be guilty,

but all we're operating
on here is a theory.

- A theory?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, if all we
have is a theory,

why don't we talk to Walter?

You know, psychiatrists
sit on their tails all day.

This is supposed to
improve my health.

A shot of vodka would
improve the drink's health.

What do you make of
the situation, Walter?

I'm thinking, Jonathan.
The drink is just a stall

until I formulate
a learned opinion.

What you've told me
doesn't sound unusual.

It seems as if Robin
is having problems

with her boundary lines.

Would you give me an explanation
of "boundary lines," Doctor?

Jonathan was nice to her on
their first chance encounter.

As far as she's concerned,

they've got a
full-blown relationship.

Then you agree that
she sounds a little crazy?

I prefer the term
"bonkers," but "crazy" will do.

Most likely, she'll just
act rejected by Jonathan.

There's no reason to
suspect she's a killer.

But she's had the
opportunity... twice.

On the other hand,
she might be the killer.

It's too vague
from this distance.

If I could sit down with
Robin, I could tell you more.

Well, Doctor, do you have
any theories about Alan

or Jonathan's secretary?

I'm a psychiatrist, Lieutenant.
I always have a theory.

But that's what
it is... A theory.

If she wants him and
she feels he wants her,

anyone who comes between them

is going to have a
pretty bad time of it.

Sure, even when you reject
her, she doesn't want to hear that.

According to her, the
reason you didn't have

lunch with her,
its Alan's fault.

And your secretary, Marie?

( chuckles ) She screens
you for annoyances.

She kept Robin away from you.


( intercom buzzes )

Yeah? Thanks.

It's your office.
Robin's on the phone.

They're transferring the call.

Use the speaker.

Jonathan: Hello?

Robin: Can you talk?

Yes, I can.

You got my messages?

It was, uh, on my
desk this morning.

Robin: I've been
thinking about you.

I've been thinking
about you, too.

I know.

Robin, you remember the
man that I was having lunch with

the other day at
the Garden Terrace?

Tell me what you've
been thinking about me.

First, I want to tell you what
he was thinking about you.

He thought you
were very attractive.

Are we going to open
that bottle of wine?

Robin, Alan noticed

that you were very attractive.
Do you remember him?

Would you come
over for dinner tonight?

I don't live too far from you.

( silent )

Yes, I can.

About what time?


Do you need my address?

No, I can get that.


Right, then I'll see you tonight

around 8:00 for dinner.

Bye, Jonathan.


( handset clicks )


( line rings, clicks )

- Hi, Sue? It's me.
- ( man on recording plays )

Guess what?

He's coming to dinner.

Of course, Jonathan. Who else?

No. No problems anymore.

Nothing's going to
come between us.

Listen I just wanted to call
and give you the good news.

I've got to get
dinner started. Bye.

Reporter: Mr. and
Mrs. Jonathan Hart,

seen at the
underground garage...

Robin: "Mrs. Hart"?

Reporter: Police indicate
there are no leads at this time...

Mrs. Hart.

We'll see.

This is real sweet piece
of equipment, Mr. Hart.

It's called a "tran,"
or a micro transmitter.

Now it's very sensitive.

So you can talk in a
perfectly normal tone of voice,

'cause this little baby will
even pick up a whisper.

Is that going to be
comfortable for you?

Jonathan: Yeah, that's fine.

Man: The lieutenant will have
a scanner in the car with us,

so we can stay with your voice

up to about a quarter mile away,

and I'll activate the unit just
before you enter the building.

- Thanks.
- That it, Lieutenant?

- That's it.
- Thanks, Mr. Hart.

Well, Mr. H., you don't
need me for anything.

So I'm off to my cooking class.

Jonathan: How's
your class going, Max?

Oh, great. Tonight I'm
learning Crêpes Suzette.

Crêpes Suzette
isn't Scandinavian.

Tell it to Suzette. She
was born in Stockholm.

See ya.


Jonathan, I don't
need to tell you,

just get into the building,
get the conversation,

get out again. Now we're
gonna be right outside.

We'll listen to
every word you say.

Okay, I'll, uh, meet
you outside in the car.

All right.

Everything is
going to be all right.

Nothing is going to
happen. I promise.

All I'm going to do is to go in

and find out if Robin and
Alan had a connection.

And then I'll let the
Lieutenant take over.

I don't like it.

Nothing is going to
happen, I promise.

Well, why can't I go
with the Lieutenant?

You heard what Walter said.
It's not me she wants to hurt.

It's anyone who gets in the way,

and a wife would definitely
fall in that category.

Now keep a warm
spot for me, will ya?



See you later.

- Be careful.
- Will.

( knock on door )

Jonathan, hello. Come in.

Good evening. How are you?


That's for you.

You remembered.

How sweet.

Please, have a seat.

Thank you.

Well, you, uh...
certainly like candles.

Yes, I do. I love them.

Especially red ones.
Hope you like them.

I hope you're hungry.
I fixed us a big dinner.

It's funny how we met, isn't it?

So, um, accidental.

But I guess that's how
these things work sometimes.

Well, here's to coincidence.

Y-you don't mind if I get
dinner ready while we talk?

No, go right ahead.


You know, I know a lot
more about you than you think.


Like what?

Well, I knew who you
were right after we met.

I didn't really just bump
into you at the office.

Why didn't you say something?

I didn't know how
you'd feel about it.

Well, I would have
been a lot happier

if you'd have told me the truth.

Robin: Well, you're right.

I guess we should both
tell each other the truth.

Like about your wife.


What do you know about her?

It's not important.

All that's important
is that you're here...

what's between the two of us.

I was going to tell
you about her tonight.

Well, we won't let
her get in our way.

All that matters is
that you're here...

with me... alone.

That's all.

- Robin, I, uh...
- Shh.

Don't say anything.

Kiss me.

What the hell is
going on up there?

Oh, Jonathan.

We've reached
the moment of truth.

( chuckles ) Stop, Jonathan.

At least wait until
we finish dinner.

Now, he's getting to it.

This is a guy who takes his
undercover work seriously.

No, darling, not yet.

Let's just turn on
some music and dance.

( soft instrumental
music plays )

( chuckles ) Come on.

Oh, Jonathan, you
dance wonderfully.

I don't like it.

Tell that to Mr. Hart.

He seems to like it a lot.

No, you don't get it. This
is not Jonathan's style.

Maybe he's just
trying to warm her up.

Sounds like he's
doing a pretty good job.

( laughs )

Robin: Oh, Jonathan.

Hey, hey, cut the
comedy, will ya?

Later, my love.

( door opens, closes )

Oh, gee, check her out.

- Hmm?
- Nice legs.

- Yeah. What? Oh.
- Tell you what, Lieutenant,

how about you
stay here and listen?

I'll see if the young
lady needs an escort.

How'd you like to be
writing traffic tickets?

Oh, great.

Just great.

( Freeway barks )

It's all right, boy.

It's just a power outage.
Now you stay here.

I'm going to find
the circuit breaker.

- You stay here, Freeway.
- ( barks )

( music continues )

( knocks )

Police, open up!

Come on! Police, open up!

( bangs )

No one there. Is he okay?

Well, I got a pulse.

Jonathan! Jonathan!

Jonathan, come
on! Hear my voice!

Yes, come on! Come on, Jonathan!

That's it. That's it.

Lieutenant, look at this.

We got to get going.

The house!

Get some oxygen
from the car. Hurry up.

That's it Jonathan, you got it.
Let's get up and walk around.

Come on, shake
those white cells.

Oh, dear.

- ( Freeway barks )
- ( gasps )

Freeway! Shame on you.

I thought I told
you to stay upstairs.

You scared me. Come on.

What's that doing open?

Come here.

- Freeway.
- ( barks )

Come on.

Come on.

( telephone rings )


Robin: Hello, Jennifer.

Today is Armageddon.

Jonathan loves me.

- Come on.
- ( barks )

( Jennifer gasps )

( bangs )

Oh, please.

Hello? Hello? Hello?

You can't call for help.

Why are you doing this to me?

I want Jonathan.

No, no, don't hang up!

( pounding on door )

( grunts )


( gasps, moans )

( siren wailing )

No! No!

Ah! Jonathan! ( sobs )

Hello, Jonathan.

Lieutenant: Jonathan.

I'm sorry...

dinner didn't work
out exactly as planned.

Stay put, Lieutenant.

Why, Jonathan?

( Jennifer sobs )

We never even got to dance.

There's still time.


Put down the knife.

Put it down.

( clatters )

There's still time to dance.

How do you like the
mozzarella marinara?

Jennifer: Mmm, it was delicious.

Jonathan: Wonderful, Max.

I... I expect it had about
a trillion calories in it.

I hope the main course
won't be quite as devastating.

What is the main course?

Coq au vin.

( faint sizzling )

Oh, does that smell great.

Wait a minute...
Mozzarella marinara,

coq au vin, and pie à
la mode for dessert?

Wait a minute, somehow,

this doesn't strike me
as a Scandinavian meal.

It's the Scandinavian
influence, Mrs. H.

You see, the marinara
comes from Maria.

Maria's mom once was snowed in

at Oslo Airport.


Maria Salvatore.

The chicken is from Yvette.
She sees a lot of Bergman films.

Oh, I get it. A "hint"
of Scandinavia.

Who is "pie à la mode"?

Debbie. She's from Fresno.


I suppose she
drives a Swedish car?

No, Mr. H.

Debbie just drives me crazy.

( chuckles )

( theme music playing )