Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 4, Episode 19 - A Change of Hart - full transcript

A female assassin takes Jonathan hostage, but he tells her he's Max.

Max: This is my
boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.

( theme music playing )

( spray hissing )

( telephone rings )

Man: Hello? Yes,
everything's a go.

No need to worry.

That's precisely why
you hired a professional.

Don't give the lady
another thought.

I will take exceptionally
good care of her.

And don't call here again.

The Kings got
clobbered last night.

Max: Yeah.

Gretzky had a hat trick.


Gretzky is a hockey player,

and a hat trick is when he
scores three goals in one game.

- Thanks, Max.
- That's all right.

I suppose sports ain't
exactly a lady's thing.

That depends on the sport.

Walt Kiley must
have leaked the story.

About the hat trick?

No, no, the payola scam
in Building and Safety.

"Walter Kiley, an exciting
award-winning architect

whose most recent
contribution to the skyline

is the Jonathan Hart
Tower on Wilshire Boulevard,

meets senatorial candidate

Building Commissioner
Milton Adbury

and District Attorney
Fletcher Morgan today

to discuss Kiley's accusations

that Adbury accepted kickback
money from major suppliers.

These charges have
caused Adbury's popularity

to drop in the latest polls."

Hey, weren't you supposed
to be at that meeting?

Yeah, but Walt said
it wasn't necessary

until he got the
D.A.'s reaction.

But the D.A. is
going to prosecute...?

It's hard to say.

You know how incestuous
city government can get.

Adbury's got local
government's big shot

at the seat in the Senate.

I'm going to pick Walt
up after the meeting.

Oh, well, why don't you
invite him home for lunch?

That's a good idea. Max
and I can make a few stops.

How about around 12:30?

Would you mind
starting lunch, Mrs. H.?

Not at all, Max.

I think I'll make a
little Gretzky salad.

"Gretzky salad"?

Sure. It's quite easy.

First, you take three
avocados and a splash of Oiler,

a slap of tomato,
a little poke-check,

and a dash of puck.

Then, to face it all off,

you add just a pinch of garlic.

There are other ingredients,

but I don't want to
bore you with the details.

( chuckles ) That was very good.

- Thank you.
- See you later.

Jennifer: Bye.

Jonathan: Thanks, Max.

Better get out there.

Want me to go get Mr. Kiley?

Oh, that's all right, Max.

I said we'd wait
for him down here.

You could do
something for me, though.


You know that flower
shop around the corner?


You ain't got any money, right?

I got it.

Could you pick up a couple
dozen American Beauties

for the "salad lady"?

- Gretzky?
- That's the one.


Hey, keep your eyes peeled.

These meter maids will nail you

before you can say you were
"just tying your shoelaces."

Lend me your hat, will you?

What for?

I'll tell them I'm waiting
for the Chief of Police.


( motor putters )


Hello, Officer. Anything wrong?

You gotta move the car, buddy.

I'm press.

I don't see any
exceptions on the sign.

Let's get it out of here.

Come on, give me a
break, will you, Officer?

I've got some identification.

I'll give you more than a
break. You got a whole minute.

Have a nice day, Officer.

You too.

Smart cop.

Woman: Here they come!

Mr. Adbury, what
did the D.A. say, sir?

Just a preliminary
meeting to determine

if there's anything to
these charges of Mr. Kiley's.

Mr. Kiley didn't
list the charges.

They're not charges.
They're facts.

Mr. Adbury, what effect
do these charges have

on your bid for
the next election?

Why don't you come to the
rally at my house this afternoon?

I think you'll find that my
support is stronger than ever.

Did the district attorney
talk about indictment, sir?

Totally premature.

Will there be an investigation?

Accusations of this
nature have always arisen.

I have an unimpeachable witness.

Care to tell us who
that is, Mr. Kiley?

- Ow!
- ( woman screams )

Somebody call an ambulance.

He's been shot!

What's going on over there?

- Drive.
- I don't do interviews.

Maybe you can talk to this.

Well, now that
you put it that way,

where is it you wanted to go?

Move it.

( engine starts )

You want to let me in on
what was going on back there?

It's none of my business,
but you're shedding.

The moustache.

Your looks have improved,
but not your manners.

You're a lot of
talk. Just drive.

You want to tell me where?

Where's the house
that goes with this car?

I don't think that'd
be a very good idea.

Jonathan Hart.

3100 Willow Pond Drive.

Since I never heard of it,

nobody'll look for
me there. ( chuckles )

You know I can
kill you right now?

I didn't catch your name.


Just call me Max.

After you.

Very nice, Max.

( bag thumps )

Beautiful place.

What about your
manners? The hat?

Do you have extra help,
or do you manage it alone?

I manage it alone.

Jennifer: Hello?

Oh, darling, I missed you.

Mrs. Hart?

We're not alone.

This is... Call me
Eve, Mrs. Hart.

The lady and the
chauffeur, how charming.

How do you do?

Can't say I blame
you. He is adorable.

But then I haven't
had the pleasure

of meeting Mr. Hart.

Sit down. Both of you.

Where did you
meet my... chauffeur?

Max was kind enough
to give me a lift.

Sit down.

Seems my driver got lost.

We're new in town.

Oh, I see.

I guess.

Now, Max,

since it seems you're
so fond of Mrs. Hart,

don't do anything stupid.

Don't be a hero.

I'm pretty efficient
with this weapon.

You wouldn't want Mr. Hart
to come home to bad news

about his faithful wife.

What do you want?

The phone.

Get it.

On the sofa.

Sit down.

Relax, Max.

( telephone rings )


What the hell happened to you?

I was hustled off
by a police officer.

I circled the block,
but you were gone.

My friend Max gave me a lift.

Where are you?

The place was
crawling with cops.

I picked up the first
available stranger.

Nobody'll find me. Do
you have the money?

More or less.

Which is it?

Eve, there's been an
extra added attraction.

I don't like cartoons.

Listen to me... The
gentleman is pleased

with your handling
of Kiley, but...

- But what?
- There is someone else.

Kiley had a witness.

I get paid one at a time.

Now first we settle up,

and then we discuss
new business.

Now, darling, I don't think
he's going to play it that way.

He wants the other
matter taken care of first.

Who is it?

The man's name is Jonathan Hart.


Jonathan Hart.


But listen, we play by my rules.

I get paid for the first
before I deliver the second.

I want the money for
both jobs delivered.


3100 Willow Pond Drive.

You deliver the money. One hour.

See you soon.

You're a very attractive
woman, Mrs. Hart.

How does Mr. Hart keep away?

When will he be home?

- Jennifer: Soon.
- Late.

Must be a terrible inconvenience

not knowing when he'll show up,

but I may have a solution
to all your problems.

Max, before the day is over,

you may be master of the house.


Good afternoon.

Sorry I had to
come here, but, uh...

she's pressing me
about the money.

Man: What about Mr. Hart?

She says she'll
take care of him.

Man: Where is she?

I don't know, but I
have an address.

Man: If she doesn't
get Hart, I go to jail.

Either I get Hart
or I don't pay.

Believe me... she'll get him.

But it would have been better

if you had told me about
Hart in the beginning.

I didn't know Hart was
involved until this morning.

I thought it was
Kiley's crusade.

It'll be taken care
of. She's a pro.

But who will take care of her?

I will.

I'm a pro, too.

Now where's the money?

Your greens are in
the box on the table.

Thank you very much.

You get the rest when
the job is finished.

Now get out of here because
I don't want you around

when my guests arrive.

Jennifer: Who are you?

Better yet, what are you?

I'm paid to solve
people's problems.

Jonathan: Oh?

Has Mr. Hart become
somebody's problem?



I make it my
business not to know.

I can handle my own jacket.

( stammers )
Listen, i-it's true.

Uh, Max and I are
having a relationship,

but that doesn't mean I
care any less for my husband.

I'm not a marriage counselor.

If anything were to
happen to Jonathan...

You can't play upstairs
and downstairs, too.

Perhaps there's
another approach.

You want to take his place, Max.

In your telephone conversation,

you obviously got
some kind of an offer.

Hart is a man of means.

Maybe he could top that offer.

That's very devoted of you,
Max. That's real touching.

It's just that I like the guy.

But you like his wife more.

- I need a drink.
- Stop.

Max can fix the drinks.

All right.

Your usual, Mrs. Hart?

Uh... no, uh...

Something a little
more picturesque.


How about one of those
tropical drinks you do so well?

Make that two of those, Max.

Don't ever leave
my sight again, Max.

Good drink, Max.

I'm even better
with fresh juice.

That's enough good housekeeping.

Take five.

I thought you said you
were waiting for him

by that building.

I did, but... So why
hasn't he called?

It's his day for golf.

Perhaps he's at the club.

( chuckles )

Why don't you call his office

and see if his secretary
knows where he is?

That's not a good idea.

( car approaches )

Maybe Hart caught the bus.

Couldn't stand being
away from his adoring wife?

( doorbell rings )

I'll get the door.

And think of us in here...

Mistress of the
house, me with a gun.

I think a double
funeral would be more

than the relatives could take.

- Where the...
- Oh, hello, Mr. Meyers.

How are you, sir?
Mr. Hart's not in right now,

I'll tell him that you
dropped by, though.

Who is it?

Who's that?

It's Mr. Meyers, the florist.

Doesn't he want to give those
lovely flowers to a lovely lady?

Yes, uh...

I suppose he does.
Come in, Mr. Meyers.

Mrs. Hart, Mr. Meyers.

Mr. Meyers.

Yes, oh, it's very good
to see you again, Harry.

How have you been?

Er, I can't complain.


Oh, this is my cousin
Eve from Milwaukee.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, are those flowers for me?

Oh, yeah. Here.

Oh, they're beautiful.

Seems my cousin has
her share of admirers.

Harry, how about
staying for coffee?

Well, maybe I... I don't know.

Didn't the doctor
say for you to stay

on that caffeine-free
diet, Mr. Meyers?

Oh, yeah, the doc told
me to lay off the stuff.

Well, nice seeing you all.

Say hi to the old man
when you see him.

Don't go, Harry.

Stay till Jonathan gets home.

Why don't you stay for dinner?

- Well, uh...
- Ah, Harry,

I always enjoy meeting
Jennifer's interesting friends.

Maybe I will have
a little appetizer.

I got a florist friend
waiting for me,

but I'll have a
little appetizer.


Shall we?

How long have you and
Jonathan known each other?

Well, um...

Jonathan and I go way
back together, right?

Jennifer: Right.

Eve: Even before Jennifer?

Max: Long before
Jennifer, right?

Jennifer: Right.

( gas hissing )

How you doing,
Max? I'm starving.

Everything should
be up in a minute.

Just heating up the plates.

For a salad?

That's the secret
of Gretzky salad...

- Wilted lettuce.
- Oh.

Isn't Jennifer
lucky to have Max?

I tell her that all the time.

Max is a jewel.

( barks )

Ah, Freeway.

Freeway, get down.

He doesn't bother me.

It's okay, Mrs. H.

He certainly seems
to like you, Harry.

We're old buddies.

I'm beginning to believe it.

Almost ready.

Here we are.

Harry, why don't you toss?

It's all taken care of.

Shall I serve, Mrs. Hart?

- Please.
- ( loud buzzing )

- I got it.
- I'll get it.

- What is it?
- It's the gate. I'll get it.

Hello? Who is it?

- Man: A friend of Eve's.
- Buzz him in.

- Come in.
- ( buzzes )

Max, how are those hot plates?

( hissing )

Should be ready any minute.

( crashes )


Well, I guess the
salad got tossed.

Call the police.

I'll check on our late arrival.

I'm not used to
using the front door.

Professional habit.

Put it down.

Looks like things around here

are not completely
under control.


Our employer didn't
happen to give you an ID

on Jonathan Hart?

I thought you had a line on him.

Close. Come on over here.

Don't be shy. Say hello.

This is Jennifer Hart.

Very happy to know you.

I may not look like
Nancy Drew, gentlemen,

but one of these fellows...

is Jonathan Hart.

- I'm Jonathan Hart.
- You believe this punk?

Does he look like a guy
with 100 million bucks?

I am Jonathan Hart.

Eve: The real Jonathan
Hart is gonna die.

I must say, I've gotten used
to the two of you together.

You make a good pair.

Maybe that's because
you are the originals.

I say kill them all.

Where's the money?

I haven't been paid
for the first one yet.

It's all in the car.

I'll pay double the money.

I'll give you triple.

( intercom buzzes )

What's that?

It's Harold.

- Get it.
- I completely forgot.

He said he was coming
by to deliver some papers.

We might as well sell tickets.


It's Harold.

Come on up, Harold.

How about some coffee, Max?

You did make us miss lunch.

I'm sorry, we're all out.

Well, grind some instant.

Cousin Jennifer and
I can handle Harold.

I'm talking to you, Max.
Or whoever you are.

Watch him.

Everybody else
into the living room.

- Hello.
- Hi, Mrs. Hart.

- Are those for us?
- Yeah.

These are the Farkus
papers Mr. Hart wanted to see.

I'll give them to him.

He asked me to give
them to him personally.

Hi. How are you?

Uh, fine, thank
you. How are you?

Don't be rude, Jennifer.
Harold's just doing his job.

Come on in, Harold.

Mr. Hart's in here.

You can deliver the
papers to him personally.

Hi, Mr. Hart, Max.

- Hi, Harold.
- Harold.

Oh, this is my cousin
Eve, from Milwaukee.

And... this is her
husband, Raul.

Nice meeting you, Harold.

- Same here, Harold.
- Likewise.

Gee, did you hear
the terrible news

- about Mr. Kiley?
- Jennifer: Walt Kiley?

Oh, yeah, it was terrible.
It was all over the TV.

- They actually had cameras...
- What happened?

He was gunned down in
front of the D.A.'s office.

Not in front of the office,

but the building
that the office is in.

Did they say why?

I think it has something to
do with this kickback thing.

Did they catch the person?

Well, they say it was
one of the reporters,

or somebody who was trying
to impersonate a reporter.


Don't you have
something for Mr. Hart?

Oh, yes, uh...

Mr. Hart, I have
those Farkus papers,

the ones that you see
right away, Mr. Hart.

That's right.

Sure thing. I'll take those.

I'd like you to stay for
some coffee, Harold,

but you see I've
got a mob of people

and a lot of
business to discuss.

So, if you're though...
Oh, yeah. Sure.

- See you later, Harold.
- Harold?

- I'll show you out.
- Okay, bye.

He knows the way.
Nice meeting you, Harold.

Nice meeting you.


Take Mrs. Hart to the kitchen.

After you, Mrs. Hart.

You're both very convincing,

and you both have your
own appealing charm,

in your own way.

Look, I can prove who I am.

I'm sure you can... Jonathan.

Don't pay no attention to him.

You're sweet, Max.

To put your life on
the line for your boss?

You make a very
attractive couple,

but it must be my
perverted nature

to think of you as lovers
rather than husband and wife.

One doesn't necessarily
preclude another.

You know, I try not to get
involved with the targets.

Makes me lose interest
in the assignment.

Anything I can do to help?

Mr. Hart, you're
so willing to serve.

Jennifer: That's
not very polite.

Don't get smart with me, lady.

I could easily put
your lights out.

Jennifer: I had the impression
that wasn't your decision.

Perhaps I didn't give
you the right impression.

( gasps )

( gunshots, dull thud )

- What happened?
- I took your advice.

You were right. Why waste time?

- Jonathan!
- Raul: Well, a job is a job.

My job is to tighten
up loose ends.

Sorry about this,
Eve. Ciao, baby.

- ( gasps )
- ( gun clicking )

Get up now, Mr. Hart.

Did you really think
that was necessary?

I'm good at what I do.
That's how I keep my health.

We need to know
who our friends are.

You got him before he got you.

So why don't you
just call it a day?

I got a contract to fulfill.

Would you be interested in
renegotiating that contract?

I already have.

I have a debt with
our future senator,

the lame duck, Mr. Adbury.


Who do you think ordered
the hits on you and Kiley?

Adbury wanted me out of the way?

Adbury needs to get into
office with a clean record.

His only mistake was that
he tried to double-cross me.

I wonder what it's gonna
feel like when he finds out

he's paid for his own hit.


Come here.

What do you want with her?

I'm taking her out on deposit.

Come here!

Max, give me your tie.

So if you think you can
identify me some later time,

don't count on it.

Throw it to me.

Throw me my jacket.

Come here.

Look, uh, Eve...

You look, Mr. Hart.
Let's understand this...

You come after
me or call the police,

and your wife is
dead. Get your coat.

Let's go. Come on.

Max: I'll call the cops.

If the police show
up at Adbury's,

they'll kill Jennifer.

We've got to do
something. We'll follow 'em.

Jonathan: We will,
but not too close.

I don't want them to see us.

We'll give them five
minutes, then we'll go.

Manx: But Mr. H., when we
get to Adbury's, if she sees us...

Jonathan: I know, I know.

Maybe you'd better
call an ambulance

for our friend Gates there.

Don't bother.

The doors are
controlled from the front.

What do you expect of me?

Very simple.

You're gonna be my escort.

You've done that before...

been a charming armpiece?

There's bound to be lots
of security people there.

I'll worry about
the security people.

You worry about
smiling pretty...

and keeping your mouth shut.

You worry about me.

( voices overlapping )

There he is, the
perfect politician.

Confident, smiling.

If he knew what was in store
for him, he'd stop smiling.

Listen... you don't
have to do this.

The first one was
in self-defense.

- You could just stop.
- I love it.

I took out your friend.

I almost took out your husband.

Don't worry.

I got you for insurance.

I... I just thought
maybe you'd...

Don't think.

Keep smiling.

Now please, please.

I'll answer all your questions.

One... one at a time.

What's your reaction to the
Kiley murder, Mr. Adbury?

Well, it's a tragedy.

But I'm certain that
Mr. Kiley would have wanted

my campaign to
proceed unhindered.

What are we doing?

We're waiting.

I want to see
Adbury take the rap

before he takes the fall.

How are you going to do that?

I won't.

Do you mean that the district
attorney will drop the charges?

There's absolutely no
case. There never has been.

What about Kiley's witness?

You think the D.A.
can produce him?

It is my guess that there
never was a witness.

But, Mr. Adbury... (
voices overlapping )

We'll go into this later.

Right on cue. That's the rap.

He's here about me.
Get him off the premises.

It's Fred, isn't it? It's
very nice to see you.

Eve is here, somewhere.
She's got a gun.

Excuse me, I'm going to
have to ask you to leave.

If we do, it could cost
Commissioner Adbury his life.

There's a woman here with a gun.

Can you give us a description?

She's dressed as a man.

Well, what does
the woman look like?

That's just it, we don't
know what she looks like.

She's tall, about six feet.

She's wearing a pinstripe suit.


the commissioner asks
that you leave the premises.

If we do, it could cost
the commissioner his life.

Let's check outside. Come on.

What do we do now?

Check them all.

Wait here.

Excuse me.

Pardon me. Oh, excuse me.


She's got to be here.

And knowing Eve,
she'll stick around

till the job is done, too.

What do you think, Mr. H.?

She's a clever woman.

She could have ditched
the chauffeur's outfit.

She could be anyone now.

- Any guesses?
- About what she'll try?

No, but it'll be something
we won't expect.

Eve must be a head taller than
any of the women down there.

Let's check it out.

Are you enjoying yourself?

- Immensely.
- Good.

Hit and run. Is that it?

( chuckles )

I'm sorry.

It's just that it's
been a hectic day.

( sighs ) Mine, too.


She's got to stand
out in the crowd.

Not if she's sitting down.

Over there.

Well, is there anything I
can tell you about myself

or how I stand on the issues?

Yes, you can.

How do you feel about
honoring contracts?

Well, that's a... That's
a very large subject.

What kind of contracts?

Anything. Doesn't
matter. Make it up.

Let's say you try to find
somebody to take out

that Kiley fellow,
is that his name?

You'd surely pay the debt.

Now look here...

No, Commissioner, you look here.

Over there.

I think you just lost the vote.


( woman screams )

There's no place to go.

Close it up. Nobody gets out.

Call the police.

Sorry, Mr. Adbury.

I guess the polls are closed.

You know, I prefer you as
the lady and the chauffeur.

Oh, that was very good.



Oh, Max. There you are.

I think you're
going to love this.

Aren't we starting
with the Gretzky salad?

No, no, Gretzky was
thrown in the penalty box

for unnecessary roughness.

Jennifer: Oh, soup!

Not just soup.

That's Magic Johnson's
"Slam Dunk Minestrone."

Ah, are those all
the basketballs

swimming around in it?

( imitating Max ) No, Mrs. H.,

those are the dumplings.

This is still a little warm.

I think we'll wait
until later for that.

Wasn't it nice of you to
give Mr. H. the evening off?

Oh, my darling,

how else would we
have been alone?

Max, do you have a
big evening planned?

It all depends on what time
your husband's coming home.

Not till after dessert.

Well, in that case, let's
skip the main course

and get right down to
the specialty of the house.

It's so hard to find
good help these days.

( theme music playing )