Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 8 - Hart of Darkness - full transcript

A man, who blames Jonathan for his sister's death, plants chemicals in the Harts' pool to blind him.

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.





♪ Slow down ♪

♪ Slow water ♪

Better not go near the water.





You're staring at me.

No. Mm.

I'm not staring at you.

Yes, you are.

I'm looking at you.



I like looking at you.

[CHUCKLES] Asleep?




Come here. Is that for me?

It certainly is.

Oh. Is that for you?

"Jonathan Hart."


Do you ever wonder
how he does that?

Ooh, he's just a good boy.

Well, he is a male dog.

Get it?

Aw. That's snappy.

You like that, huh? Mm-hm.


JENNIFER: Morning, Max.

MAX: Good morning.
Breakfast is ready.

JONATHAN: Good morning, Max.

Max. Doughnuts?

That's not exactly the most
healthy breakfast in the world,

you know. Swim a few extra laps

and you'll work
off the calories.

Ah. He has got a point.

Jonathan, you'll have to do
five extra laps for that one.

I'll do 10.


You're impossible. Mm.

Hi, Freeway.


Let me ask you. Here.

Come here.

Are you up for 10 laps? Hm?

Are you?

I'll do the dog paddle.


Well... here goes.




My eyes!


Dr. Morse here.

Right. I know,
Connie, but I have...

I have an emergency here.

Cancel all my morning
appointments. Right, bye.

Hello, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Hart.

I'm Dr. Morse.

I head up the Ophthalmology
department here. Oh.

Your doctor called me.

Oh. How do you do?
What's happened?

Oh, well, uh, my husband
was swimming in the pool

and something burned his eyes.

MORSE: Keep your eyes closed.

Did you do this?


MORSE: Pretty good.

I washed his eyes
out with water.

You did fine, Mrs. Hart.

WOMAN [ON PA]: Nurse
Bartlett call Physical Therapy.

Now... let's have a look.

Open your eyes.

Do they still burn, darling?

Not as much as before.


It's possible...

an accidental
overdose of chlorine

could've irritated your eyes.

Check your pool.

No, I don't think it
was the chlorine.

Why is that?

I can't see anything.

I'm blind.


MORSE: Mr. Hart...

your corneas are
pretty badly burned.

And you were right:

Chlorine couldn't
have done this.

The next 72 hours are
crucial to us, and to you.

The tests you're going to take
here are going to determine

how much damage has
been done to the cornea

and to the conjunctiva.

I'm a surgical specialist,

but let's hope we don't have
to perform a corneal transplant.

I want you to have
complete quiet and rest.

That's the best
thing you can do...

for you.

Hello, Dr. Morse.

Hello, Peggy.

Peggy's gonna give
you a sedative for rest

and an analgesic for pain.

I'll look in on
you a little later.

[WHISPERS] Mrs. Hart...

could I speak to you
in the hall a minute?

I'll be right back, darling.


Oh, doctor, do you think
you could arrange for me

to have that room adjacent?

Mrs. Hart, I know you
want to be with him,

right by his side.

But... we've
heavily sedated him,

and he needs complete quiet.

Frankly, I think you'll
even upset him more

if he knows you're
here all night worrying.

Visiting hours
are plenty for him.

Well, I don't know that I
like that idea very much.

I'm going to be
with him constantly.

I'm going to conduct
all his tests personally.

Well... you're the doctor.

I have your number at home.

If I need you I'll call you.

Thank you.

Peggy. You'll check
Mr. Hart's intraocular pressure,

won't you?

PEGGY: Yes, doctor.

Dr. Smith, call your office.

Dr. Smith, call your office.




Well... how you feeling?


Well, come on, now. Soon
those shots will take over,

and you'll be sleeping
just like a baby.

Now for the bad news.

Doctor's orders, I'm
not allowed to stay.

Oh, no.

Well, I'll be back
in the morning,

and I'll bring you
your robe and slippers

and shaving kit,
toothbrush. Everything.

Mm, I don't intend to move in.

Just for a couple of days.

[SIGHS] Besides...

give you a chance to miss me.

I certainly will.

And I certainly
will miss you too.


You know, I'm...

I'm beginning to feel
a little sleepy already.


Sweet dreams, darling.

I'll call you first
thing in the morning.




WOMAN [ON PA]: Dr. Frensell,

report to Dr. Barr
in Administration.



I'll get it.


Hart residence.

Hey, Max.

Mr. H., what are you
doing up at this hour?

Oh. Darling?


What are you doing up so late?

Well, they turn the phones
off around here about 10:00,

so I'm calling you from
a pay phone in the hall.

Had the operator dial
the number for me.

You're not supposed
to be out of bed.

I miss you.

I want to hear your voice.

Oh, I miss you too.

Oh, listen...

I called Stanley, and
he sent over a chemist

who tested the
water in the pool.

They found
something called loxite.

I've been trying to get ahold
of Jerry, the pool man, all day,

but he's... He's never home.

They got me all doped up.

I'd rather have a brandy.

As a matter of fact, I'd...

like to have a brandy with you.

Well, I'd like to have
a brandy with you too.

I really do love you.

And I really do love you.

Is there anything you need?

I'll bring it with
me in the morning.


All I need is you.

See you in the morning.

Good night, darling.

Good night.


WOMAN [ON PA]: Nurse
Hall, call your station.

Nurse Hall, call your station.


Who is there?

[MUSIC STOPS] Who's there?


What is it, Mr. Hart?

Somebody's been in this room.

The furniture's been moved.

Hm-hm. Not likely.

You're just not used to
finding your way around yet.

Come on, I'll help
you to your bed.

No, no. This way.

That chair... was in the corner.

The bed wasn't here.

I'll call the nurse.

Perhaps you would sleep
better with a sedative.

No. No, no, no. No more.

I'll help you with
your slippers.

If you need anything...

just press the call button.

I won't be far away.

Sleep tight, Mr. Hart.

And don't let the bedbugs bite.



Good morning, darling.

Oh, good morning.


Nurse. Please don't breathe
a word of this to my wife.

Heh-ha, I won't.

What are you wearing?

Uh, that, uh, green silk.

Oh, the one that, uh, I
picked out in London?


How do you feel this morning?

Anybody around?


I had some trouble
in my room last night.


The music was playing...

Oh, they pipe that in.

But suddenly it stopped.

And I couldn't find
my way around.

Don't you understand?

Someone moved the
furniture in my room.

Darling, you know, when
you called me last night,

you were... You
were pretty out of it.

Someone moved
the bed... the chair.

Wanted me to
fall so I'd be hurt.


WOMAN [ON PA]: Nurse Bartlett,

call Physical Therapy on 214.

Orderlies not assigned to duty,

report to Emergency.

[MUSIC STOPS] Who are you?

I'm new.

New on the floor?

Yeah. New on the floor.

New at the hospital.

Well, what were you doing?

Oh I was just straightening up.

We don't touch
patients' property.


I thought maybe there was
some nice music on here.

Give me the cassette.

Give me... the cassette.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


Who are you?

I'm Harmon, and
you know too much.


Dr. Morse says that the
fluid they took from your eyes

shows that all the
loxite was washed out,

so there's no
danger of cataracts.

Did she say when I'd
be able to see again?

She needs another 48
hours to be absolutely sure

how much damage has been done.

Be patient, darling.

Oh, it's just that I feel
so helpless in here.

Well, then let's remedy that.


How nice of you to
come. It's been too long.

I came as soon as I could.

Is this lovely woman your wife?

Jennifer... this is Jim Blye.

Oh, yes. Jonathan's
old professor.

He quotes you all the time.

Oh. Well... I try to make
a lasting impression.

That's a lovely
dress you're wearing.

Oh. Why, thank you.


How did you know I
was wearing a dress?

Slacks don't rustle
when you shift position.


Jonathan, how does it feel to
be groping around in the dark?

That's why I called you.

Uh, we have every
reason to believe

that Jonathan will
regain his vision.

I understand the tests
so far have been positive.

Jennifer insists that
I have to be prepared

in case I can't see again.

JIM: Mrs. Hart...

he's willing to face
that eventuality.

You must also.



Now, Jonathan, I've got
classes the rest of the day,

so let's start
your basic training

first thing tomorrow.

I'll see you then.

Excuse me, Mr. Hart,
we're ready for your tests.

Uh, Jennifer, I'll meet
you back at the room?

JENNIFER: I'll see you later.

Well, Jim...
thanks an awful lot.

I... About your dress. Yes?

One question.





WOMAN [OVER PA]: Dr. Renfeld,
report to Dr. Barr in Administration.

Dr. Renfeld, report to
Dr. Barr in Administration.

Mr. Hart, you want to
relax your head for me?

There. Thank you.

Mr. Hart, I want
you to hold very still.


Just wanted to line that up.

Now, Mr. Hart...
don't open your eyes...

until I completely
remove the bandages.

You can open your eyes now.

Now, I'm gonna put some drops
in your eyes to dilate your pupils.

Gonna want 'em wide open

so we can get an anterior
look at your ciliary body.

That hasn't been done
to me for years. Hm.

Now, Mr. Hart, I'm
gonna give you this test

'cause Dr. Morse
is a little late.

So try and hold
as still as you can

and keep those eyes wide open.




Oh, excuse me.

Uh... I'm Mrs. Hart.

Where's Dr. Morse?

Well, I, uh... I expected her.

I... I don't know. Heh.

What's the matter, darling?


It's just that, uh,
Dr. Morse said

that she would personally
conduct all your tests.

Well, he's already started.
He might as well finish it.

I-I could wait
for her, but, uh...

I can give Mr. Hart the test.

Oh. I'm sure you can.

It's just that I'd prefer
to talk to Dr. Morse.

Do you think you could
go and find her for us?

Oh. Of course.

[DOOR OPENS] Thank you.


do you remember when
you told me that someone

was moving the furniture
around in your room?


Well, I believe you now.

Lieutenant Grey called.

That loxite didn't
wind up in our pool

by accident.

And he also found
Jerry, the pool man.

He's got a concussion.

Someone knocked
him over the head

and poured that
stuff in our pool.

Here, let me move this machine

until the doctor gets... Ow.

What happened?

Uh... Uh, nothing.

I just, uh, caught my nail.



I'll get it.


Well, if it isn't
Lieutenant Grey?


Lieutenant Grey? [DOOR CLOSES]

Well, in that case,
God bless you.

How you doing, Jonathan?

I should have the bandages
off day after tomorrow.

Ah, that's great.

There's no guarantee...
Hey, don't worry about it.

I'm gonna make
book that you'll be fine.

Herschel... isn't this the time

that you usually take
your two-week vacation?

GREY: You know,
you're right, Jonathan.

I was all set to go to Vegas
when I got this... This...

Ah... Ah-choo!

Bless you. Thank you.

The hospital is a little
drastic for sneezes, isn't it?

[SIGHS] Well,
better safe than sorry.

That's what I always say.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Thanks for coming, lieutenant.

Ah, that's all right.
And Jonathan...

until you check out of
here, wherever you go,

I go.


Dr. Smith, call your office.

Dr. Smith, call your office.

Security office.


Yeah, hello, this is
Lieutenant Grey, Homicide.

I want the
personnel files pulled

on all your male employees here.

That's right.

I'm sending down two
officers to check 'em out.

Look, all I know is

there's a man roaming
the halls around here,

that you people have
been smiling at every day.

And he's a killer.


Hi. How you doing?

How are you?

Uh, the word
"handicapped" is, uh...

Is a bit overstated, but it all
depends on how you look at it.


How you perceive it.

I said I don't feel handicapped.

Uh... there are
things I can do now

that I never dreamed of
doing when I was sighted.

See, when you're sighted,

the other senses can relax.

There's a tendency
towards laziness.

I'm very impressed.

When do you two get started?

Ah, motivation.

The secret to any
student-teacher relationship.

Jennifer, uh...

I think it's better
for us to solo.

It is about independence.

I understand.

Jonathan... tools of the trade.

Give me your hand.

White cane?

JIM: Yup. Let's you ride
the city bus for free. Heh.





PA]: Nurse Webster...

Pay attention to everything:

what you hear... what you smell.


Now, wait a minute.
Let's... Uh, let's stop here.

Come around here.

What do you smell?


Well... Specifically...?
Yes. Yes.

I'm not sure.


Definitely broccoli.

Salad, Roquefort dressing.

Hey. How do you do that?

Oh, hi, Andy.

Hello, Mr. Hart.

Andy... toss Mr. Hart
one of those apples.

Well, wait. Now
that's a bit advanced.

Toss it to me.


Here goes.

Hey, that was great.

I take it you caught it?

Hey, you guys are the
funniest thing in this hospital.


Jonathan. Mm-hm?

No, no, no, it's a...
Jonathan apple.


All right. Let's go.
See you, Andy.

Yeah. Sure.

Poor Andy. Terrible
thing we did to him.


You really scrambled
his brains up.

Jonathan, it's all a matter
of how you play the game.

See, the sighted feel they
have an advantage, hm?

Oh, you admit that?

Well, depends on
whose court you're on.

Turn out the lights...

then who has the advantage, hm?


Hi, Andy. Hi.

Hello, Andy. How you doing?

Okay. Can I get you
some lunch, Mrs. Hart?

No, thanks, that's all right.


This hospital food is
beginning to bore me.

I know, darling, but
try to have a bite.

Is this your tape recorder?

The chef always
tries to surprise me.



Don't move.


Mr. Hart." Hm, that's funny. "Mr. Hart."

She saw you every
day at the office,

but she always thought
of you as Mr. Hart.

I tried to tell her she
was not thinking clearly.

Maybe she wasn't.

It was very hard for
Alice to think clearly

'cause she was in love with you.

She tried to write you
so many times before,

but she never had the courage
to send any of her letters.

So this one I'm going
to deliver for her.

Myself. For you.

With love, from... your Alice.


We found that in
Jonathan's room.

Jonathan, who is Alice?

When Jennifer first played
the tape, I had no idea.

But then when I
heard it again, I...

I think it's a girl that used
to work for Hart Industries.

She, uh, worked
there for many years.

As a matter of fact, uh,

I had to insist that she
called me Jonathan.

But she never would.

She'd always call
me... "Mr. Hart."

Her name is Alice Harmon.
She worked in Accounting.

She got ill and then she left.

What did that guy
Shakespeare say?

"Hell hath no fury as
a woman scorned."

It's revenge she wants.

She doesn't want
anything. She's dead.

A notice came to the office
that she had passed away.

I'll run a check on
her family and friends.

Then I'll come back here and
I'll let you know what I found.

We won't be here. GREY: What?

We're going home tonight.

I've already called Max.
He's coming to get us.

But what about your
treatments here?

My last test is at 6.

Then all that remains is for
me to take the bandages off

in 48 hours and see if
my eyes have healed.

JONATHAN: Darling?

You see that basket of fruit

over on the nightstand?


There's an apple in it.

So there is. Do you want it?


But don't bring it to me.

Toss it to me.

Toss it?

Mm-hm. Toss it.

Are you sure?


All right. Here goes.

That was great.

Not bad, huh?

How did you do that?

Jim taught me.

Uh, uh. Heh-heh.

Oh, that's great.

That's fantastic.

Darling. What?

When they take the
bandages off tomorrow...

suppose... I can't see.


there's not a single
thing in the whole world

that will ever change
the way I feel about you.

All right?

All right.

You'll have to take care of me.

Oh. Are you kidding?

We have to take
care of each other.

And from what I've just seen...

you can take pretty good
care of yourself already.

So... I'll just finish
packing all this up...


Dr. Smith, call your office.

Excuse me, uh, but we've just
run a check on Alice Harmon.

Her mother and father
died 15 years ago.

No friends to speak of,

and the only
relative is a brother,

Arnold Harmon.

Did you talk to him?

Oh, one week after Alice died...

Arnold was committed
to a state hospital.

He escaped last week.


He did?

Well... that explains it then.

If he was familiar with
the hospital routine,

he could have come and gone
here without anyone noticing him.

Well, I spoke, uh, with
the head of the hospital,

and it seems that Harmon

had an unusual
attachment for his sister...

but his doctor
feels he's harmless.

Well, perhaps his doctor

ought to have another
look at his inkblots.

I agree.

Jonathan, are
you ready to leave?

Yes, I am, lieutenant.

All right. I'll check with Max
and see if the car is ready.

Darling... [DOOR CLOSES]

let's go home, huh?

I know you don't like
the chair, Mr. Hart,

but it's hospital rules.

Mr. H. Max.

It's sure good to see you.

Would you put those up, please?

Yeah, certainly.


Thank you, Peggy.

Oh, good luck, Mr. Hart.


Watch your head.



Here we are.

Welcome home.

We're sure glad
to have you back.

Sure good to be here.

Heh. Just a little bit farther.

You made yourself
bacon for lunch, Max?

Hey, you're psychic.

Better get used to it, Max.

Straight ahead, darling.

I'll go get Freeway.
He's dying to see you.

We're heading toward the
white chair closest to the bar.





SPEAKER]: Flower delivery.

Flower delivery?
Come around back.

The kitchen door.


Good. Freeway.

Ohh. Freeway.

Guess who's happy to see you?


[CHUCKLES] Yes. Daddy's home.


Hi. Hi. Hi.

Uh, could you please help me?

There's quite a lot of bouquets.

Sure, I'll give you
a hand. Thanks.

Darling. Mm-hm.

I realize that this is a
moment for celebration...

but since we can't
pop any champagne

because of your medication,

I think I'll just go
get us some juice.

Oh, darling, why don't you
just change into something

more comfortable. I can
ask Max to fix me the juice.

Or better yet, I
can fix it myself.

You're sure?



You be careful.



Everything's in the same place.






Who is it?

♪ You can relax ♪

♪ You know who I am ♪

Yes, I do know.

So you know the
police are involved.

♪ And I've taken care ♪

♪ Of my loose ends ♪



You remember Alice... don't you?

Yes, I do.

♪ Such pain ♪

♪ Raining pain ♪

She died... for you.

She died, Arnold.

She was sick.

Sick girl. Sick world.

Hidden fever got her.

You could have loved her.

She never told me how she felt.

Too afraid... of
great Mr. Jonathan.

Too scared.

Arnold... we can help you.

Listen to me.


You listen to me,
Mr. Heartthrob!

Alice had nothing!

No parents, no friends!



But you?

She wanted you!

She had her song.

♪ In her sweet little
Alice Blue gown ♪

♪ When she first
wandered Into the town ♪

I am going to kill you.



Now we're on equal terms.


Max, we blew a fuse.


You'll die so
sweetly in the dark.

Wait. No light?

Can't see in the dark.

Is he here?

Where is he?

Can't see in the
dark, can I? Can't I?

Is he here?

You see? Uh.




JENNIFER: Jonathan! Jonathan!



It's all right. It's all right.

It's all right,
darling. It's over.

It's over.



Take these off, will
you? It's killing me.

No, darling. The doctor
said you're not supposed to.

Please, take 'em off!


All right, all right.


Can you?


Yeah, I can.




Morning. JONATHAN: Morning, Max.

JENNIFER: Max, how thoughtful.

Ah, that looks great
and smells great. Mm.

Broccoli and fish for breakfast?

Mr. H. thinks he's still
back at the hospital.

Last night, he
checked out a list

of exactly what he wanted today.

Uh-huh. Enjoy.

Thanks, Max. Come on, Freeway.

I got your breakfast...
in the kitchen.


See, I believe

that when a person comes
home from the hospital,

they should get whatever they
want, whenever they want it.

I see.

Now, darling, I know you've
been through a lot, but...

you're not gonna start
becoming difficult, are you?

Difficult? Mm-hm.




I'm gonna become... very easy.

Now, you're supposed
to take things slowly.

Oh, I'm gonna
take it very slowly.

Oh. Mm-hm.


You know what the
doctor's orders are?


Stay in bed.