Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 7 - Rhinestone Harts - full transcript

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.



Mr. Simpkins.

Excuse me, please.

Good afternoon.

I'm Arland Simpkins,
the manager.

How do you do? I'm Mrs. Belding.

This is my son, Robert.

My favorite niece is
graduating next week,

and I want to get her
something special.

Uh... a necklace.

I'm not concerned
about the price,

but I do want to warn
you that I know the value

of a piece of jewelry
to the nearest dollar.

I can see that, Mrs. Belding.

Here we are.

Ah, yes.

That's exactly... [GASPING]

I can't breathe.

The doctor said you
shouldn't exert yourself. Oh.

Uh, what should we do?

I need to lie down...

Do you have
someplace? Of course.

In the back. Uh,
there's a couch.

Uh, we can phone for a doctor.

Easy now, Mother.
Just try to relax.

You'll be fine.


You'll be fine,
Mother. Just relax.

Anything I can do, sir?

No. She, uh, just needs a
little rest, and to take her pill.

This has happened before.

Uh, thank you, Howard.

Yes, sir.


Now... if you'll
kindly open that safe.

Oh, Mother. What have we here?

MOTHER: Move over to the couch.

Come on. Let's
not press our luck.

This... is... the last.

Come on.



I hope you'll be feeling
better, Mrs. Belding.

I'm sure she will. Thank you.

Stop them!

We've been robbed!


Hurry it up, Lori. We got
that television interview

in less than an hour.

Afternoon, Jesse.

What are you doing here?
She's right in the next room.

Easy, Jesse. Take it easy.

I just came by to pass
along some good news.

Good news? It's done?

You can read about
it in tomorrow's paper.

The little old lady scam
worked like a charm.

Now, you're sure there's no way

they can connect, uh,
me or Lorene in this?

That's the beauty
of this plan, friend.

Now, once the
merchandise is dressed up,

I'll deliver it to you at
the Playtime in L.A.,


Yeah, that's next week. Right.

And you know no
one's gonna suspect

the little ol'
Rhinestone Cowgirl.


You gotta go.

Just one thing, Jesse.

And I want you to listen close.

Now, I've handled
my end of this deal.

The rest is up to you.

I intend to get my share.
All of it. You got that?

Yeah, I got it. See you later.



♪ My heart beats
With the lonely rain ♪

♪ Wishin' I could
See your face again ♪

♪ Changed the
dial On the radio ♪

♪ Find somethin' playing
Kinda bluesy and slow ♪

♪ If things were only
Like they used to be ♪

♪ We'd be lyin'
In love tonight ♪

♪ I wish you'd call
me On the telephone ♪

♪ I don't want to spend
Another night alone ♪

♪ Sleepin' with the radio on ♪

♪ It's the only way I
can make it till dawn ♪

♪ Sleepin' with the radio on ♪

♪ You're on my mind ♪

♪ And I can't forget you ♪

♪ It's gettin' late,
Almost quarter to 4 ♪

♪ And I hear a
knock At my door ♪

♪ Stumble in the dark... ♪

Well, Jesse, she's
never been better.

If she wasn't under contract
to our record division,

I'd make sure that she was.

This is the last
show before the tour,

and she's gonna be real
excited you two made it.

Ha-ha. We wouldn't have
missed it for the world.

WOMAN: ♪ ...as close to you ♪

Used to be close to you ♪

WOMAN: ♪ No more nights ♪

♪ Of sleepin' alone ♪

♪ No more days with
these Lovesick blues ♪

♪ Cause we'll be sleepin'
With the radio on ♪

♪ Let's take the
rest Of the day ♪

♪ To get it back together ♪

♪ And I'll unplug
The telephone ♪

♪ Now that you're here ♪

♪ I'm gonna love you forever ♪

♪ Sleepin' with the radio on ♪


All right, all right.
Miss Lorene Tyler!

How about it, folks?

The Rhinestone Cowgirl.

ANNOUNCER: All right, all right.

Now, how about it, huh?

All right.

Along with Billy Neal
and the Texas Rangers!

How 'bout that, huh?

Did I promise you
a big night or not?

All right.

Has she been doing
this well every night?

Oh, you betcha.

Ever since we started
this tour in New York.

We got ourselves quite
a gal there, you and me.

Ha-ha. My wife and
your recording star.


Come on, let's go backstage.


Here they are,
darling. Heh-heh-heh.

Lorene. Hey. How are you?

Oh, you were wonderful.
Yeah, you were great.

Y'all like a drink? Thank you.

Ah, no thank you.
You like a drink?

Yeah, I'll have a bourbon.

All right.

Excuse me while I
change. Sure, sure.

I'm so glad y'all finally
got to meet Jesse.

Oh, we are too.

Say, how did you convince him

to be your husband
and your manager?

Convince him?

Actually, he convinced me.

He said he just couldn't stand

to be away from me.

Didn't you, honey?

You got that right, darling.

You really got some wonderful
reviews in the New York papers.

Oh, they were real nice
to Lorene in New York.


It took a $9 million

diamond robbery at Van Daam's

just to knock me
off the front page.


Can you believe that?

These costumes are getting
more and more elaborate

every time we see you.

Well, the Rhinestone Cowgirl has
to keep up her image, you know.

you must be exhausted.

Yeah, we'd better get going.

We'll see you tomorrow,
then. Thanks for the drink.

You bet. LORENE:
Right, the party.

This is so sweet of you
two to give me this party.

JONATHAN: Oh, it's
gonna be terrific for you.

It'll be a great kickoff
for your world tour

and your new album.

I hope you like what
we've done to the house.

If there's a shortage
of hay this year,

it's entirely our fault.

Well, we can't wait to see it.

Uh... honey, why don't you have
someone show 'em to their car.

Oh, you bet.

see you tomorrow.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Frank, would you show
these folks to the car, please.

Thanks, Jesse.

See you tomorrow.

Bye-bye. Take care.

Don't forget, boys.

We got ourselves
a party tomorrow.

But I want everything packed

and on that plane by
3:00 Saturday, all right?

No problem. Meet you there.


Delivery for Lorene
is out back. Uh...

you want me to handle it?

No, that's okay. I'll
take care of it, Buddy.

You just make sure her
plane is ready to fly tomorrow.

You the one with the
delivery for Lorene Tyler?

Who wants to know?

Do you have the outfit or not?

Hey, not so fast.

You got the cash?

Yeah. I got what we agreed on.

Well... you see, I know
what we agreed on,

but things have changed.

The rhinestone market
is funny that way.

So... unless you want me to find

another buyer for this,

it's gonna be a lot more
expensive than you thought.

Hold on a second.

I don't know, but, uh...

I think it's gonna be a lot more
expensive than you thought.



JENNIFER: Darling.
Wait till you see

the outfit I had made up
at Nudie's in the Valley.

JONATHAN: Really? I had
Nudie make up mine too.

You're kidding. I didn't know
you were gonna go there.

Yeah. I thought it
would be a surprise.




Yeah. We could
do an act together.

Mm-mm. Roy and Dale.

Uh... more like Smith and Dale.

Very funny.

You know, talking
about happy trails,

I think I'll go down and
check out the decorators.

The last time I
passed the living room,

it looked like the O.K. Corral.

All right. I'll be with
you in a second.

I just have to put on
some finishing touches.

I'd like to put a
finishing touch on too.

Ooh. I love you.

[LAUGHS] Thank you.

How's it coming, darling?

Just some final
touches for atmosphere.

Oh, I think we have
plenty of atmosphere.

Any more and we'll have to
start paying taxes to Texas.

Do you have any
polite suggestions

where we could put this wheel?

Hm-hm. Back on
the wagon. Back...

MAX: Okay, I need some
volunteers in the kitchen.




What can we do for you, Max?

Max, that's the biggest
bowl of chili I've ever seen.

MAX: It'll go fast. You watch.

I need somebody to
tell me if it's spicy or not.


Can't you tell?

Nah. My taste buds burnt
out about an hour ago.

Who's ready for
the chili challenge?

BOTH: Freeway.




Okay, Freeway.
What do you think?


I think you got
your answer, Max.

Mr. H, I think
it's almost there.

Excuse us.

See you later.



What are you doing
out here so early?

We weren't expecting
you for a couple of hours.

Well, Jesse and I thought
you might need a hand.


Max, you haven't
met Lorene, have you?

No, I haven't. This
is our friend, Max.

This is a real pleasure
for me, Mrs. Tyler.

Thank you. Nice to meet you.

I'm a big fan of yours.

Thank you.

This is Jesse.

Nice to know you, Mr. Tyler.

The name's Cowan.

Tyler is just my stage name.

Oh, I see.

Well, we certainly didn't intend

to put the guests
of honor to work,

but we'd love to
show you around.

Okay. I have to make a call.
Can I use your telephone?

Sure. Uh, Max?

Certainly. Follow me.

Well... what do you think?

It looks great. It really
does. [GIGGLES]



This is the first chance
I've had to talk to you.

It came last night.
Everything's in order.

Getting through customs in
Vancouver now will be a snap.

I wonder what Van
Daam's would think

if they could see their
9 million in diamonds

on Lorene's new outfit?

Oh, no. She doesn't
suspect a thing.

And I'm not letting that
outfit outta my sight.

Listen, those
diamonds are as good

as out of the country right now.

Oh, and Jennifer, I
have a surprise for you.


I thought about this
all the way over here.

I know y'all have
already planned

your outfits for
the party, but...

I wondered if you
would consider this?

It's a brand-new suit, and
I haven't even worn it yet.

And I thought you might
like to wear it for the party.

Oh, Lorene, you're very sweet,
but no. Thanks very much.

Y'all have been so nice to
me. I'd really be honored.

Well, I-I...

I think that's an offer you
can hardly refuse, darling.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Yeah, it looks like
a million bucks.

[QUIETLY] More like 9 million.



FAN 1: Good luck on
your world tour, Miss Tyler.

You show 'em what
country is all about.

Thank you very
much. I'll do my best.

FAN 2: We have all your
records. Every one of them.

Thank you. Oh, Jennifer.
Oh, the outfit looks great.

You think so?
Yes, it's beautiful.

Well, thank you.

Would you excuse me?

I have to look after
some things in the kitchen.

I could use a breather.
Could I go with you?

Sure. Straight through here.

Excuse me. Sure.

Excuse us.

Right there. To the right.



Did you, uh, take care of
that little matter in the alley?

Nobody's gonna find a thing.

But what are we gonna
do about that outfit?

Well... the longer
she wears it, uh,

the more likely somebody's
gonna figure out what we're up to.

So, uh...

we gotta separate
Mrs. Hart from that outfit

one way or the other.


You just leave everything
to me, Jesse boy.


Wait till you get a
load of this, Miss Tyler.

Worked on it all day.

Do you like chili? I love chili.

Uh, Lorene, I think
maybe you'd be

better off with a steak. Yeah.

Oh, I love chili, Max.

Really, I'd like to
have a bowl of that.

Well, ah, be careful,
heh. It's spicy.

Oh. Couldn't be
too spicy for me.

You sure?

I was raised in
some of the hottest

chili country in the...

You got a glass of
water on you, Max?


Do you like it?

Well, let me put
it this way. Yeah?

Give me another glass of water.


What's that?

That's just the thing
to cool us off. Come on.


What's this?

A shoddish. Come on,
let's show 'em how it's done.

Oh, no. No, no. Go on.

No, no. I'm not a country
Fred Astaire. Believe me.

Come on. You can
pick it up in no time.


Come on, Jennifer,
let's cut the rug.

Oh, no, no, no, Jesse. Come on.

No. Come on.




Mind if I cut in?

I'm warning you, I'm
not very good at this.

Oh, that's all right.

You're doing fine.


Where are we going?

Hey, now, don't you think
you're taking this cowboy thing

a little too seriously.

You just move right on
upstairs and keep laughing, huh?



It won't be long now, Buddy.

The lady's upstairs changing
clothes one way or the other.


Get in there.

Wha...? Get!

We're all alone now, Mrs. Hart.

What do you want?

Can't you guess?

W... Wait a minute. Uh...
Uh, just wait a minute.

Please, don't.

Oh, no. Oh, don't... Come on.

May I cut in?

Sure, Max. I'll go
find my steady partner.



Take it off.





[WHISPERS] There's David.

Stop that man!

Jonathan, be careful!




I saw you chasing that guy
and I heard what happened.

Yeah, I lost him in the bushes.
Help me find him, will you?

Take a look down there.

One of us is bound to spot him.




Jesse. You've gotta
get me out of this.

Oh, you can count
on me, Davey boy.

Hey, Jonathan!

Something just
moved over that way!



You're out of it permanently.

I didn't find a thing. Did you?

Looks like he got away.


Okay, thank you.

It's not much to
go on, Jonathan...

but with, uh, Jennifer's
description of the guy,

and whatever we learn
after I check out his car...

I should be able
to put out an APB.

Thanks very much, Herschel.

You sure you don't have
anything to add, Mr. Cowan?

I'm sorry, lieutenant, but I
didn't get a good look at him,

but, uh... I do know it
wasn't one of our boys.

Well, I'm glad of that.

I feel bad enough
about this as it is.

Oh. Don't be silly,
Lorene. It wasn't your fault.

GREY: Well, let's
hope your next party

has a better class
of gatecrashers.

We'll be in touch.
Jonathan. Jennifer.

Nice outfit.

Thank you.

Well, I think I can
find my way out.

Just follow the trail of hay.

Well, we're lucky that the
only real casualty was the party.


Well, I wouldn't say that. I
thought the party was great.


Well, you'll certainly remember
this sendoff, won't you?

LORENE: That's for sure.

Well, you two must be plum
tuckered out by now, and, uh,

me and Lorene, we got us a
big day ahead of us tomorrow,

leaving and all.

Let us show you out.

Uh, Jennifer, you know,
if we can take that outfit

back to the hotel
with us tonight,

it sure would
save us an extra...

Jesse. Oh, well...

I won't hear of such a thing.

You just rest for tonight.
We can stop by in the morning

on our way to the airport.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Now, Jesse, say good night
so these folks can get some rest.

Ha. Good night. Good night.

Good night. Night.

Sleep well.




What a mess.

Darling... would
you do me a favor?


What is it?

Oh, please.

Oh! Ooh-ooh. Ooh.


Oh, yes.

The other one. This one.


You know the worst
thing about today?

Max's chili.

I never got a chance
to dance with you.

You know, you're right.

And I think that that
is unthinkable. Oh-ho.

I just happen to have
saved the last dance for you.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hm.

What a coincidence. [CHUCKLES]


[CHUCKLING] Ah, the waltz.

You know I think that
this may come back.

Really? Mm-hm.


Oh. That's the same reaction
Lorene had to my dancing.

Oh, no, no, no. I
stepped on something.

Oh, look.

Oh, they're the rhinestones
from the costume.

Well, they must have come
off when you were dancing.

I'll have to sew them
on in the morning.

Well, if there's
nothing else, Mr. H.

Well, there is, Max,
one or two more things.

Look at this place.

You're not gonna
leave it as it is?

I think it's homey.

Okay, I'll bring in a bulldozer

and start cleaning it up.

Max... do you think
Celebrity Dry Cleaners

could do overnight
service on this costume?

Sure thing, Mrs. H. I'll
drive it down there myself.

But with all that glass,

I don't think you
need a dry cleaner,

I think you need
a window washer.




Boy, what a day.

But tomorrow,
we'll be on our way

to Canada and...
Japan and Europe.

It's like a dream, isn't it?

Oh, for sure,
Lorene. It's, uh...

It's like a dream
all right. Sure is.

Is something on
your mind, honey?

Oh, no. Nothing. It's
just that, uh, I wish

we could have gotten
that outfit back tonight.

It's just one more thing

to worry about
tomorrow, you know?

You know what's
wrong with you, Jesse?

You're a worrier. You
just worry too much.

I know that you just
want to make sure

everything goes okay for me,

but... believe
me, it'll all be fine.

Just you and me and...

that whole big
ol' world out there.


Uh... come on in.




Hi, Buddy. Everything
checked out for tomorrow?

Oh, yes, ma'am, it is.

Uh, plane checked out
just fine this afternoon.

Uh... Lorene, uh,

why don't you,
uh, get the driver

to take you back to the hotel.
Me and Buddy can finish up here.

But, Jesse, I... But
nothing, darling.

You need your rest.

And, uh, me and Buddy, we
got some business to take care of.

Okay. You're the boss.

Night, buddy. Ma'am.

That sure is a beautiful
wife you got there, Jesse.

And, uh...

where might her
beautiful outfit be, hm?

It's still at the Harts'.

At the Harts'?

Wh... Well, you
trust them with it?

Buddy, I don't trust anybody

where $9 million in
diamonds is concerned.

Well, uh, isn't there
something you can do about it?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, there's something
I can do about it all right.


JONATHAN: Darling.


I'm hungry.

Oh. Really?


No. I mean I haven't

had a thing to eat all day.



Come to think of it,

I haven't had anything
to eat all day either.


Why don't we go downstairs...

and raid the refrigerator?

That's the second best
idea you've had all day.


[WHISPERS] Come on.



Uh, Jennifer, this is
Jesse Cowan, uh...

I'm sorry to be
calling you so late,

but, uh, I got business in
your neck of the woods tonight,

and thought I might
stop by and pick up

that rhinestone outfit,
if it's okay with you.

Oh. I-I'm sorry, Jesse,

but it won't be
back until tomorrow.

Be back? Where is it?

Oh, well, I sent it over
to Celebrity Cleaners.

You sent that outfit to
the cleaners? She what?

Well, certainly.

I couldn't return it without
having it cleaned first.

Don't worry about
a thing, Jesse.

They're very reliable,
and they promised

to have it ready first
thing in the morning.

Well, it's just that,
uh, that outfit's

sort of a one of
a kind, you know.

Well, I'm... I'm sorry

if it's causing
you any problems.

Well, it's... No,
it's... I understand.

No... No problem. Good night.

You think they're on to us?

I don't know, Buddy.

But I do know that we're
that close to 9 million bucks.

And if those Harts
try anything funny...

they're just liable to wind
up in the park next to Barnes.

Who was that?


He wanted to know
if he could come by

and pick up Lorene's
costume tonight.


What's that?

There's somebody in there.



Mr. and Mrs. H. What are
you doing up at this hour?

The same thing
you're doing down here.

Did you find anything good?

Sit down, I'll fix
you up something.

Oh, great.

MAX: Who was on
the phone this late?


He sure seems to be, uh,
interested in Lorene's costume,

doesn't he? Doesn't he.

Hey, by the way...
the rhinestones

that fell off that costume,

I put on the table.

JENNIFER: Oh? Oh, I see them.

I'll have to sew them
on in the morning.


MAX: Hey.

I didn't know
rhinestones cut glass.

They don't.

Diamonds cut glass.


JESSE: Can you, uh,
speed it up a little bit?

I'm in kind of a hurry.

Here you are, Mr. Cowan.

The Rhinestone Cowgirl's
outfit ready and waiting.

But I thought Max was
picking it up. Thanks, uh...

Well, I just thought I'd
save him the trouble.

Uh, thanks. Lorene
will be mighty pleased.

We took
extra-special care of it.

You know, the Rhinestone
Cowgirl's my favorite singer.

Uh... But don't let
them know that.

Ha-ha-ha. I'll tell Lorene.

Uh... Um... this be
enough to cover it?

More than enough,
Mr. Cowan. I'll get you change.

And thanks for the picture.

It's gonna go up on the wall
right next to Elvis Presley.

Mr. Cowan! Your change.

I guess he was in a hurry.

Hi, Sam. You got my
rush order ready yet?

Look, Max.

Oh, the Rhinestone Cowgirl's

manager picked it up himself.

Jesse's been here already?

You just opened.

Oh, he said they
were leaving early.

I-it was okay to let
him have it, wasn't it?

I hope so.

If not, you'll have to
explain it to Mr. and Mrs. H.

Then help me out here.

If I put Lorene Tyler up
here next to Elvis Presley...

what do I do with Sonja Henie?

No problem, Sam.
Just put her on ice.


MAN: Hm. Ah!

JONATHAN: What do you think?

What I think is that
you've got yourself

quite a pair of rocks here.


The color, the clarity, the cut.

All magnificent.

What would you say
that those were worth?

A ballpark figure?


This one, I would say
between $250 and $300,000,

give or take.

The other one...

a little bit less. [DOOR OPENS]

That's some ballpark.

JONATHAN: Oh, hi, Max. Hi.

Uh, have you ever
met Carleton Withers?

He's the only Beverly Hills
jeweler that makes house calls.

How do you do?
It's our friend, Max.

You can forget that
razzle-dazzle costume, Mr. H.

Jesse Cowan beat
me to the cleaners.

He picked it up first
thing this morning.

JENNIFER: Oh, Jonathan.

You think that...
the whole thing...?

WITHERS: An entire costume

covered in stones like these?

Phew. It would
be worth millions.

JENNIFER: I guess that
man last night wasn't after me.

He was after the outfit.

I don't know if I'm
insulted or relieved.

But where could anybody
lay his hands on all that ice?

Darling... do you
remember Lorene mentioned

the Van Daam
robbery in New York?

Oh, Jonathan, I don't think
Lorene could be involved

in something like that.




Jonathan. It's Herschel Grey.

I think we found
Jennifer's assailant.

Well, that's good news.

GREY: Well, it's not
as good as I like it to be.

Couple of kids were
playing in Skyline Park,

and they found a body
matching the description Jennifer

gave us yesterday.

Skyline Park.

Yeah, that's where I lost him.

Well, when he lost
you, he found a bullet.

Now, we've got a
positive ID on the guy.

His name is David A. Barnes.

He works... or I
should say "he worked"

for Lorene Tyler.

Have you spoken
to her about this?

I called her hotel.

She and her husband
checked out 10 minutes ago.

Okay, right, lieutenant.
Uh, thanks very much.

I'll pass the word.

That man from yesterday is dead?

That's not all.

He worked for Lorene.

Well, then why would Jesse
say he didn't recognize him?

That's a good question.

And I think Jesse is the
only one that can answer it.

MAX: But maybe it's
more than a coincidence.

The name Jesse has
popped up a lot today.

Thanks very much, Mr. Withers.

Uh, Max, will you call
Lieutenant Grey for me

and tell him to meet
us at the airport.

Sure thing, Mr. H. Uh...
Max. Keep those for luck.

This is one time

when diamonds are
not a girl's best friend.

Thank you again.


Jesse. Don't you think
we're here a little early?

I know what I'm doing, Lorene.

The boys won't even
be getting here for hours.

Are you okay?

You know, you've been acting

kind of strange
ever since New York.

I'm fine, Lorene.
I never felt better.

Yeah, we're all topped off,
cleared for takeoff, Jesse.

Good. What is going on?

This is not our plane.

There's been a change
in travel plans, Lorene.

We're going to Mexico.

What are you talking about?

Is this some kind of
joke or something?

I've never been more
serious in my life.


Get in there.

Jesse, why are you doing this?

Because once I peddle
the diamonds on that outfit,

I won't need you or
anybody else to pay my bills.

Diamonds? These
aren't ours, are they?

Jesse, don't you
know we'll be running

for the rest of our lives?

You're throwing away
everything that we ever had.

We never had anything, Lorene.

You had a head full
of schoolgirl dreams,

and I had me a plan.


There they are.

Hey, what's going on?

If you ever want to see
that cowgirl alive again,

you better do something quick.

Only one of 'em's gonna get
off that plane when it lands.

You got a plan?

Not yet. But when I
think of one, I'll tell you.


I think your friends, the
Harts, are a little too late.

I hope you know
what you're doing.

I hope he doesn't.

It's just a bluff, but
it's all we can do.

Heading right for
us? Are they crazy?

Jesse, please. Shut up, Lorene!

Don't bluff me, Hart.

I'll run over you if
that's what it takes

to get this thing
off the ground.

No. I won't let you do this.

Get away! Get aw...!

Hang on.




You just managed
your last performance.

JENNIFER: Are you all right?

Shucks, honey.
'T'weren't nothin'.



JONATHAN: Here is to
cookouts, roundups and hoedowns.

[CLINKS] May they
all be behind us.

I'll drink to that.


Oh, Max. What's this?

Have I got a surprise for you.

Let me guess. Go ahead, guess.

Crab bisque.


Bird's nest soup?


Bouillabaisse à la Jacques.

Chili à la Max.

Oh, really.

How wonderful.

MAX: I know what you're both
thinking, but this is different.

I have finally
perfected the recipe.

Looks like you lost
something, Max.

I don't understand.

It was all there a minute ago.