Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 23 - To Coin a Hart - full transcript

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.



Good morning, Max.

Morning, Mr. H.

What's that? Uh,
the new alarm clock

or the beginning of
World War III? Oh.

The carpenters
came to do the trellis.

Sorry about the racket.

But at 25 bucks an hour,

I wasn't gonna
wait until you got up.

Oh, that's okay, Max.

You have any coffee?

The carpenters polished off

the last of it.
I'll replenish...

Oh, that's okay, that's okay.

My pancreas can use a rest.

What is this, the
end of the gold rush?

Oh, no, Max just laid
waste to his piggy bank.

To pay for the trellis?

I'm afraid not.

Can you believe it was full?

Didn't we give you this

little piggy bank for Christmas?

That's the little piggy.

The next thing you know, Max,

you'll be letting the air
out of your rubber ducky.

Isn't it amazing how it filled
up in only a few months?

And it's making me no
interest sitting in the pig.

What are you gonna do,

put it into an IRA account?

No, I'm gonna put the whole load

on Angel Feet
in the third today.

Well, to paraphrase
an old saying:

an angel and his
money is soon parted.

Hey, what do we got here?

Looks like an Indian head penny.


You know something, Max?

That could finance one
of your long shots today.

Is it that valuable?

Well, it's gotta be worth
more than a penny.

I'll tell you what I'll do.

I'll, uh, take it with me
to the building today

and have Walter
Hampel take a look at it.

He'll give you a
free estimate on it.

He's the coin maven?

Mr. Numismatic himself.

Darling... I've gotta go.

Oh, I'll be down that way later.

Oh, yeah?

I'll take you to lunch.

Great. I adore you.


Max, I'll call you later
with the good news.

Accept any reasonable
offer, but no checks.


Maybe there's
another one in here.

Yeah, look for it.


What do you think they
have, an open-door policy?

The place is wired.

You wouldn't get in two feet.

Besides, you wouldn't know
what we were looking for

if you were allergic to it.


Smog is killing me.

Bless you.

Hey. There's a taxi.

Isn't that him?


Hey. I think I see a
little gold in our future.


Jonathan. How are
you? Fine, thank you.

You're just the
man I'm looking for.

Oh? About what?

Well, you know my friend, Max?

Yes. Yeah.

He found this ancient treasure.

Hmm. An Indian head. Heh.

It's available to
the highest bidder.

My, uh, feathered friend

has managed to stay
way ahead of the, uh,

incredible shrinking dollar.

Oh. You mean that I should, uh,

send an armored
truck around? Heh.

Let me go up in
my office and, uh,

take a peek at it
through the loop.

You see, the date
and the condition.

That's what matters.

Hello, Mr. Hart, Mr. Hampel.

Good morning, Hannah.

How are you, dear?

[LAUGHS] I can't complain.

Oh, yes, you can. Heh.

I want one of these
bunches... [WHIMPERS]

for my niece.

She's flying in today.

That's Laura, is it?

Yes. How is she doing?

Master's degree, Sorbonne.

I'm very proud of her.

I imagine you are.

Yeah. She'll be a
great help to me.

Now, now, Mr. Hart,

you can't get away with that.

Take one, please.

Let me tell you
something, Hannah.

The only person in the
office today is Stanley.


Well, take one for him.

God knows he could
use a little color.

You got something that
would go with a pinstripe suit?


Take care of her,

Have a nice day, Hannah.



Come in.

Yes, gentlemen?

May I be of help? [DOOR CLOSES]

I hope so.

We're collectors.

Yeah, collectors.

What do you
actually have in mind?

Oh, something very old and rare,

one of a kind.

Well, maybe
something, uh... Italian.

Yes. Yeah.

Maybe the Belletza Chalice.

The Belletza Chalice?


We rung a bell.

Of course.

It's very old.

But I've never known anyone

who's ever seen it.


So why don't you give
us a little peek at it?

Yes. Then you will
have seen someone

who has seen it.


Look... we don't
wanna make a mess...

but I know it's here.

Why don't you just save
yourself a lot of trouble?

Tell us where it is.

Search him.

No, please. Aw, shut up.

Oh. Oh.

We got something here. Yeah.

I've waited all
my life for that.

Don't take it, please.


The golden grail.



That wasn't necessary!

I just gave him a little tap.


Blow your nose!




Okay, everybody,
back in the building.

Back in the building.

Back in the building. Move it.

Come on, it'll take one minute.

Back in the building. Come on.

Folks, everyone, back
in the building, please.

Thank you very much.
Thank you, ladies.

We need everyone
back in the building.

Thank you very much.

Folks, please.
Back in the building.

Everything's fine. Nothing
to worry about, ladies.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Thank you, ladies.



Thank you. Take a flower.

What happened?

I don't know. Must've
been a robbery.

Sorry. Inside, please.




Hi, Hannah.

Hello, Mrs. Hart.
What's going on here?

Uh, I heard the alarm go off.

A man told me it was a robbery.

Someone must have been hurt.

I heard the ambulance.
I... I'm not sure.

Do you know if they
caught the person?

I certainly hope so.

I just don't know what's
got into people these days.

Yes. Well, I better
go see Mr. Hart.

I'll let you know
if I hear anything.

Wait, take your
change, Mrs. Hart.

Oh, Hannah.

HANNAH: No, no,
no. Now, I insist.

All right.

You better count it.

I trust you.

Thanks, Mrs. Hart.

It's nice to see you, Hannah.

I called him last night

and asked him to open
up for me this morning.

I had to meet with a customer.

It could've been me.

Don't do that to yourself, Alan.

It's not your fault.

Oh, Jonathan. Is that Walter?

Yeah, I'm afraid so, darling.

Uh, this is Alan Chambers,
uh, Walter's partner.

This is my wife, Jennifer.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Thank you.

Do you think it could
have been robbery?

Oh, it looks that way,
but nothing was taken.

Well, the police
either think it's that or...

he might have
had a heart attack.

What am I gonna tell Laura?

She's coming home tonight.

Oh, Laura's Walter's niece.

She's been going
to school in Europe.

Well, if there's
anything you need, Alan,

don't, uh... Don't
hesitate to call us.

ALAN: Thank you.


One second.

This must've dropped.

It's just a gift
case for a... coin.

I appreciate your concern,
Jonathan, Mrs. Hart.




Hello, there.

Oh, hello.

You come back
for another flower?

No, actually, I, uh...

Oh, bless you.

Little vitamin C
could be good for that.

Oh, yeah? Thanks.

You know, I think I
must have given you

my good luck piece by mistake.

Oh, yes. About the
size of a quarter?

Yes, that's it.

It means an awful lot to me.

I'd be happy to give
you a nice reward for it.

I thought it felt strange

when I was making
change for Mrs. Hart.

Mrs. Hart?

I'm so sorry. I gave it to her.

Who is she? Does
she come by often?

[LAUGHS] Oh, yes.

Her husband owns the building.

Yeah, a pretty
lady, red hair and all.

I'm sure she'll
give it back to you

if she still has it.

I'm sure she will too, ma'am.

I'm terribly sorry.

I know how lucky pieces are.

Yes, thanks.

It won't be so
lucky for Mrs. Hart.



I guess it's just gonna take
some getting used to, huh?

JONATHAN: What's that?

The lattice. How do you like it?

Well, it's, um... interesting.

It looked great in the sketches.

Maybe you should
hang the sketches

and let the ivy crawl on them.

Get back down.

Well, if we don't like it,

we can always change it.

How about
returning it for credit?

Thanks, Max.

By the way...

where are the
carpenters this morning?

Ah. That's what I'm
missing. The carpenters.

Oh, I forgot to tell you.
They called and said

they had to stop
somewhere else first.

Anything in there
about Walter Hampel?

Well, just that they, uh,
haven't found a motive

and everything is
present and accounted for.

I-if you don't mind, Mr. H.,

I'd like to find out
about my Indian head.

Oh, sure, Max. I can ask
Alan Chambers about it

when everything settles down.

It's okay.

I can wait to reap my spoils.


I'm gonna have lunch
with Margo today.


Yes. She's read the
galleys of my book.

She thinks it's wonderful.

Now, why shouldn't she?

I thought it was terrific.


That's just because
you're my favorite fan.




Yes, Mrs. H.?

Don't forget I have
lunch at Rapisardi's today.

Oh, perfect. I gotta
be in that neighborhood

to pick up some things.

Oh, great.

Uh... which reminds me, Mr. H.,

do you have any change
for the parking meter?

Uh, no, Max, I'm fresh out.

So, what else is new?

Oh, do I detect some bad
news from the track yesterday?

A little.

What happened?

Angel Feet had
her wings clipped.


I've got some change.

My purse is over on the counter.

Thanks. At least
someone in the family

has a couple of pennies.


You know what I think
would be a good idea

is if we stopped off
and saw Walter's niece

just to... pay our condolences.

Oh, yes.

Wasn't a very good
homecoming for her, was it?

Yeah, I'll say.

Well, I gotta run, darling.

Oh. I'll walk you to the car.

I know.

I just don't understand.

If nothing was taken, then why?

Laura, there was
something taken.

But you said that
nothing... I know. I... I had to.

[SIGHS] What are
you talking about?

Your uncle and I recently made

a very significant purchase.

A coin?

You know how...

how he always wanted to own...

possess something...
that no one else had?

A prize?

One of a kind?

Yes, of course.

Well... recently a
coin like that came up,

and Walter... had to have it.

So we... we put up all the money

we could beg, borrow
and steal to get it,

and that was... almost $400,000.

And it was taken?


Well, why didn't
you tell the police?


I see.

It was stolen.

No, not exactly.

It was the Belletza Chalice.

Belletza Chalice? I
thought that was lost.

So did I and so did Walter,

but we were contacted
by a man in Belgium

who said that he
could get it for us.


Now it's lost again.


And the business is finished.

We can start over.

I have contacts and investors.

We can do it.


Well, your uncle
always meant for you

to be a part of the business.

Alan, I know, but I'm really
not very good at business.

Well, no, I would do all of that

if... if you would let me.

Now, you know how I've...

I've always cared about you.

What are you saying, Alan?

Well, uh...

when you were here at Christmas,

I-I thought, uh...

Well, we... we were close.

[SIGHS] I don't
know what to say.

I... I've made a life
for myself in Paris.

I... I plan to go back there.

That's fine, I love Paris.

We... we could...

We could get married there.

We could... start the
business up there.

Uh... uh, just think,

we wouldn't even have
to change the name

on the partnership papers.


Ah, I thought she'd
never come out.

Yeah, well, we could've
gone in and got her

and saved ourself a
couple hours, you know.

Yes, and probably ended up
with another couple of bodies.

You're getting too
rambunctious, Karp.

You're a little
too enthusiastic.

Now, remember that...

when we introduce
ourselves to Mrs. Hart.



Are you all right?

Oh, I don't think
you should move.


You didn't even look. I'm okay.

You think we should
go to the hospital?

No. Are you sure?

You don't look so
hot. Your eyes are red.

It's the oil from the street.

It's bad for my sinuses.

Oh, I don't think
you should get up.

No, I'm okay. Not a scratch. Oh.

Would you like to see a doctor?

Nah, no problem, no problem.

I took worse raps when
I was with the Steelers.

Forget it, forget it.

Are you sure you don't
wanna go to the hospital?

Forget it. Forget it.

He didn't even look.

Lucky we weren't going fast.

Guy didn't look.


Not even a dime in this bag!


Come on, go faster. Go faster!

You're gonna lose 'em.

You wanna drive?

I'm absolutely positive
it was connected.

One man fakes the accident

and the other one grabs the bag.

Well, did they get much money?

Mm. Not very much.

Mainly credit cards,

all the things that
are hard to replace.

Ah. Well, that's the worst.

But you're all right.


It's amazing how some writers

will go to any lengths

to avoid paying
a, uh, lunch tab.


Oh, Margo.

Well, my dear.

Here they are, the galleys.

Now, I made a lot
of noodle-y notes,

but, Jennifer,
it is sensational.

Really? Mm-hm.

You really think so?

How you got those people
to open up to you like that.

It's incredible. It's...

Mrs. Hart, there's a
phone call for you up front.

Oh. Uh, excuse me, Margo.

Oh, I'm running a little late.

Uh, would you call
me at the office?

Uh, sure. Bye-bye. Okay. Bye.





I'd like the Belletza, please.

Sounds fattening.

Don't be cute.

Talking the Belletza Chalice.

I want that coin.

If you wanted money,

you should've robbed a bank.

MENACE] That's enough!


I suggest we
continue this outside.


Hey. What's this?

You are gonna remedy
that situation, aren't you?


Oh, yeah.

Officer, you ever see
anything like this before?

It's very nice, but
you're overdue.

Looks like a cup or something.

Hold it!

Hello, Officer!

Dropped something, ma'am.

Oh, oh, that's all
right. Doesn't matter.

Oh, you don't understand, ma'am.

I can cite you for littering.

You can?

Officer, couldn't
we just forget this?

We'll pick it up.
She's very sorry.

Oh, no, no. No,
I'm not sorry at all.

You're leaving me no choice.

Well, then, Officer, I suppose

you're gonna have
to do your duty.

Officer... she's a little, uh...

But we can control her.

Uh, no. No, no, I
can't control it at all.

You see... I simply
can't help myself.

I'm a litterbug.


You're getting a ticket.

That's, uh... uh, Jennifer Hart.


Oh, maybe you two
ought to go on ahead.

I'll join you later.

Willow Pond Lane.

And you see this man over here?

Come with me, Officer.

This is my driver.



Hi, Mrs. H! Look at this.

It just turned up in my pocket.


Hey, what's this? I put
the coin in the meter.

I'll explain later, Max.

If I catch you
throwing this away...

Thank you, Officer.

Let's go.




All right, she got the ticket.

How 'bout a little cleanup here?



MAX: I'm telling you, Freeway,

you won't regret it.

I know it's your money.
And you earned it.

And we were saving
up for a sweater.


Stop that, you're
acting like a child.


I'm telling you, kiddo,

if we find one 1909 S penny...

That's from the
San Francisco mint...

That little sucker's worth
a whole lot of sweaters.


Anyway, it's almost
summer. You...

You don't need a sweater.



Sure, go ahead. Run away.

You're willing to
share the spoils,

but you're not willing
to make a sacrifice.

More losers.


What's that? My wallet?

So I broke your bank.
I'll get you another one.




All right.

Here's a fin also.

Take a French poodle to lunch.


That kiddo really
drives a hard bargain.

It's beautiful.

So how do you figure
it got in Mrs. H.'s bag?

I don't know.

Do you think this has something
to do with Walter Hampel?

More than likely.

But nothing was missing.

So Alan Chambers says.

Can you read the
inscription on that?

Uh, it's, uh...

the date, I think, in Latin.

You remember that box

I found on the floor yesterday?

Oh, the little velvet one?


Couldn't you see that
nestled snugly inside of that?

What I'm wondering is

why Alan Chambers
never said anything about it.

Why don't we ask him?

I think we should go see Laura.

We owe her a condolence visit.

And we could ask if she knows
anything about Alan Chambers.

I'll get my jacket.

What do you think
that baby's worth?

More than an Indian head?

Max, maybe you could
check that out for me.

You want me to
see another dealer?

No, I think it's better

if you don't flash that coin
around to a lot of dealers.

But if you take
it to this man...

I think he can tell you.

Whatever you say.

And, Max... be careful, huh?

I know, Mr. H.

Don't trade it for
any wooden nickels.


he said it was called

the "Balletz"...
"Balletza" Chalice.

Something like that.


You know it?

It's very famous.

I don't know anybody
who's ever seen it.

Your uncle had it?

He and Alan, his partner.

Alan just told me
about it this morning.


I wonder why he
didn't say something

to the police about it.

Well... he and my uncle
apparently acquired it

under some sort of
suspicious nature.


Alan says no.

Does he have any idea who
would want to rob your uncle?


But it's a very special piece

in the world of numismatics.

I suppose it's not... unusual

that someone might
wanna kill for it.


Ah, excuse me.

Hi, Laura. Hi.

How's it going? Okay.

Uh, Jonathan.

Hello, Alan.

Mrs. Hart. Oh. Alan.

I just spent the morning

talking with the police.


Did you tell them about
the Belletza Chalice?

I told them, Alan.

I'm wondering, uh,
why you didn't tell them?

I'm not accusing
you. It's just that, uh...

if they knew who took the coin,

then perhaps they could
catch the people who did it.


Ah. You're right. I
should've told them.

Was it stolen?


But when a coin hasn't
been around for a few years,

there's always a
question of ownership.

Walter... wanted the coin.

For me, it was just
a business deal.

You buy something wholesale,
you turn it over for a profit.

But Walter... was
obsessed with the coin.

He wanted to keep it?

Yes, but it involved

over $200,000 of my money.

did you get the coin?

Walter arranged it through a...

[SIGHS] A European dealer.

And where did he get it?

I don't know. I
didn't want to know.

JONATHAN: Do you have any idea

who would want it?

Who, I... I think they have it.

No, we've got it.


I don't know how
but we've got it.

And somebody's giving
us a lot of pressure

to give it up.

You have it on you?

No, I don't.


Could you get it?

Oh, yeah, I could get it.

But I don't think it's a
good idea if you have it

because, you see, there's
blood on that chalice.

And if somebody decides
to spill some more...

I think that we should keep it.



ACCENT]: Fantastico.

Excuse me, signore.

I was asking the
Lord to forgive me

for coveting such a beauty.


I've never seen it...

but I know its mates very well.

You mean, there's more than one?

Oh, si. A set.

Commissioned by
Prince Giovanni del Norte

as a testament

for his love of his princess.

Some nice testament.

Let's see.

That was, um... 1632.

You see...

the princess had
left him senseless...

so Prince Giovanni

commemorated the five senses.

The chalice here
being for taste.

It's probably the most famous,

since it's been missing
for almost 200 years.

Where's the rest of them?

The Vatican Museum.

[SCOFFS] As a matter of fact,

there's a little extra
niche in the display...

in the hopes that one
day it may show up. Heh.

Sort of like the extra
setting for Elijah, huh?

You could think of it that way.

Well, Mr. Hart
ain't the real owner.

If he was, I'm
sure he'd donate it.

I know it.

If it does come up for sale...

the Vatican Museum
would be very grateful.

You'll be the first
to know, Father.

Grazie. Grazie.

Contact the associate curator,

Monsignor... Bellacqua.

Bella acqua.

"Beautiful water," huh?


Parla Italiano?

Chicken Cacciatore
is the best I can do.

Buono. Buono.



And so that coin belongs

with the rest of its senses
in the Vatican Museum.

And this guy is
the chief honcho...

who you should speak with.

Oh, thanks, Max.

Now, if you don't mind,

I'll slip into something
more comfortable.


Isn't that a lovely idea?

The five senses?

It's so... romantic.


loving someone so much

that you commission
a work of art

to commemorate that love.

I commemorate your,
uh, senses every day.

You do? Mm-hm.

And I'd rather
do it in the flesh...

than with gold.

Aw. Mm.

Which one of the five
senses do you like the best?

Well... that's a tough decision.

Oh? Mm-hm.

Seeing you... and
hearing you... Mm?

Pure delight.

Aw, how sweet.

And to touch you...

ah, it's heaven.



Jonathan, I... [WHINES]


The carpenters.
They must be back.

I better see how they're doing.

Oh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

What happened
to all of the senses?

The five senses, romance,

commemorating, all of that?

I tell you what.


You call the Vatican,

I'll see to the carpenters,

and then we'll, uh...
commemorate later.

Oh. I never thought a trellis
would come between us.


See you in a minute.


Oh. Well, now, that
looks much better.


Definitely much better.


What happened to
the other carpenters?

Oh, they got all tied up.

They did?

But what...? Yeah.

Oh, no.

No, no.

Jonathan! Jonathan!

Help! Jonathan!


MAX: Hey, what's
going on out there?

Come on.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Well, it's nothing the
carpenters can't fix, huh?

Those weren't the carpenters,

those were the men
from the restaurant.

I think we owe 'em
a ticket for littering.

I loaned the
carpenters some clothes

so they could get home.

Oh, dear.

Do you think they'll
ever come back

and finish that job?

What with me changing my mind

and them getting mugged?

No problem, Mrs. H.

They're a little sorry

because they let
those guys in the house.

Darling... isn't it time

we gave the coin to the police?

I'd like to try one
more thing first.


Hart residence.

Who's calling?

Man says he wants
a little something

for the collection box.

I don't think it's
your favorite charity.

This is Jonathan Hart.

Mr. Hart...

I hope we didn't
bruise you up too much.

No, you haven't been
too much of a nuisance

under the circumstances.
What do you want?

I think I found a solution
to our whole dilemma.


What's that?

A trade.

What are you trading?

Hold on, I'll let you speak
to our side of the offer.


Mr. Hart, it's Laura Hampel.


Laura, where are you?

They want the coin or
they say they'll kill me.

You see, Mr. Hart,

it's a very simple solution.

You bring us the coin,

and in return, you
get one live lady.


The carousel... in the park,

tomorrow morning, 6:00.

And, Mr. Hart, please, please...

no company.


You sure he'll come?

He has no choice.

Look, I don't want
anybody hurt this time.

Do you understand?

I got you.

Just get me that coin.


You know, Ms. Hampel,
this whole episode's

cost us a lot more
time than I estimated.

It also cost me an uncle.

That was an accident.

So you insist.

That was an
unfortunate accident.

Now, I calculate you're gonna do

very nicely on this.

How I do is no
business of yours.

Oh, yes, it is.

You've become a very
special client to me.

So I've taken a more
personal interest.

Look, Rollins, it's your
bungling that cost you.

Now, now, now.
Ms. Hampel, be nice.

Because from this moment on,

you're totally dependent
upon my good graces.

So I suggest you be
a little more agreeable.


All right.

I'll give you a bonus
when the job is finished.

Now, that's more like it.


You know, I think
we're gonna get along

much better from now on.

Don't you, Laura?

Just remember one thing.

I have the only reliable buyer.

You can count on me, Laura.

Hi, Alan. Hi, Mrs.
Hart. How are you?

Very well, thank you.

Jonathan's still on the phone

with Monsignor Bellacqua. Ah.

Do you think I could
see the Belletza Chalice?

Of course. It's over in there.

JONATHAN: Yes. Uh-huh.

No question.

All right. Why don't
you have a seat.

Well, thank you very
much, monsignor.


I appreciate it very much.

Yes, sir. Grazie.


Hello, Alan.

Good to see you. Mm.

Well, the good father
has an interesting story.

Really? What?

Well, apparently, uh,
she was the intermediary.

She handled the whole thing.

Excuse me,
Jonathan, who is "she"?



Laura Hampel.

Laura? I don't understand.

She was Walter's
European broker.

Well, she has made some
purchases for us in the past,

but the... Belletza?

Why wouldn't Walter
tell me it was her?

Well, she probably found
out that the coin was available,

she knew that her uncle
would be interested in it

and she also knew
that the Vatican Museum

was interested in
completing the set. Mm-hm.

You mean, she arranged to...

sell it to all of us?

A-according to the monsignor...

she's been stalling
him with a story

saying that, uh, the
original seller was undecided

about, uh, letting it go.

Now we're ransoming Laura back

so she can get her own coin.

For double the money.


I don't understand.

I was just talking
to her about...

being together
and... getting married.

Oh, I'm sorry, Alan.

Uh, I know that's your coin...

but would you mind if
we held onto it for a while?

Be my guest.

But be careful. I'm afraid

the Belletza Chalice has
a touch of hemlock on it.


Well, if everything
goes all right,

I'll give you a shot
at the brass ring.

Just make sure
that's the only shot.

I'll give you five minutes...

and then I'm
calling in the troops.


Is he alone?

He better be.

Your life's at stake.



You get him?


Where are you?
Are you all right?


He's resting.

Now, don't do anything
you'll be sorry for.

You looking for me?

I won't hesitate to kill her.

I'm sure.

Come on out... so I
can see you better.

This is as good a look
as you're gonna get.

Where's that coin?

Pick it up.

Pick it up!

It's a quarter.


Hart, what do you
think you're doing?

One more cute trick
like that and she's dead!

Do you understand me?

I figured her life ought to
be worth at least two bits.

You've got five seconds
to come up with that coin.


Two, three, four, five.

What are you
crazy? I'll kill her!

Go ahead. Kill her.


It'll save the state the expense

of housing her for 20 years.

Please, Mr. Hart,

I didn't mean for
my uncle to be killed.

Oh, sure.

You only meant to steal a
little something from him.

Get down in there!

And don't come out!





Darling, are you all right?

A little dizzy, but
otherwise I'm okay.

Sorry, Mr. Hart.


I guess I owe you one
for turning it on for me.


I didn't mean for
anybody to be hurt. I...

just needed the
money to be free.

Well, I'm afraid that
where you're going,

everything's gonna be free.



Darling? Hm?

How long is that gonna go on?

Oh, just a couple more days.

I have this new
idea... Darling. Darling.

Don't tell me.
Surprise me, okay?

Morning, everybody. Okay.

Morning, Max. Morning, Max.

What is that?

Wait a minute, this
is very important.

Let's see...

Well, what do you think?

The size or the color?

I want a good location

so you can't help but
notice it as you go by.

I think it's fairly
noticeable there.

You know, I got 75
bucks for my Indian head?

That's very good, Max.

Good? It's fantastic.

So I'm really into change now.

In fact, I'm giving up
the nags for the pig.

You don't think that
that was a fluke?

Are you kidding?

Numismatics is the thing.

So that's why from
now on... I want you all

to treat this little pig here...

as one of the family.



Well, one good thing
about the pig, Max.

You won't have to walk it.