Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 21 - Hart and Sole - full transcript

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.




VOICE: Good morning.

It is now 8:00
and time to get up.

It's 8:00 and 15 seconds.

You should be awake by now.

It's 8:01.

What are you doing in that bed?

Good morning, darling.

Oh. It would be better if...

somebody got rid of
that talking alarm clock.

I think it's adorable.

Oh, maybe to some people.

Darling. Hmm.

Which one do you like?

The one with you in it.

Oh, come on, help me.

I wanna find something to wear

to the screening of
Coppola's new movie.

Well, that's not a good idea.

Why not?

Well, I'm sure that Francis Ford

would want his guests

to watch the movement
on the screen, huh?

Oh. You're cute.

Oh, by the way,

Harry Fulterman sent
over your new suit.

If you want to wear it to
the screening this weekend,

you'd better try it
on and see if it fits

in all the right places.

Oh, I just thought of
something horrible.

Yeah? What's that?

What if all his guests

come wearing
jeans and a T-shirt?

Well, you could compromise.

You could wear running
shoes with your cocktail dress.

Oh, you're a great help.

How does the suit fit?

Like a glove.

A baseball glove.

If you want to wear it to
the screening this weekend,

do you think Harry
can fix it in time?

Knowing Harry Fulterman,
anything is possible.


I'm sorry, you know.

I gotta apologize profusely.

Ah, I'm in so much
tsuris, I'm up to my ears.

You wanna hear about tsuris?

Last week, I had to
hire my wife's nephew.

Like I had a choice, right?

Ah, the kid is tuned to
another channel permanently.

Harry, maybe you made a
mistake in the measurements.



[LAUGHS] I'm surprised at you.

I mean, how many suits
have I made for you, huh?


Thirty? More?

I may not be a
big macher lawyer,

like my brother, Arnold.

But I know the difference

between a collar and an inseam.

No, it's Cheryl's nephew.

Cheryl's nephew?

Yeah, the kid.

You know, I gave him

two blue suits to deliver.


It must have thrown him a curve.

You obviously
got the wrong suit.

The other fella's suit.

And the other guy's got mine?

Have you tried to track it down?

What do you think
I'm doing here?

Looking for
partners for doubles?


Here it is.

[LAUGHS] Here it is.


Martin Sole.


I remember this.

The guy don't even
come into the store.

Calls me up,

says Don Rickles
recommended me. Heh-heh.

Then he mails me
the measurements.

You wanna talk
about a hockey puck.

Mails me the measurements.

Harry... try calling him.

Oh, no, no, wait. He's
down at the marina.

Marina del Rey Hotel.

Right by the beach, you know.

Room 321, please.

Heh. I love the
suits-by-mail, don't you?




Thanks very much.
He left a message.

He'd be back shortly.

[SNAPS] I'll tell
you what, Jonathan.

I'll go down to the beach.

I'll exchange the suit.

You won't have
nothing to worry about.

Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait. Harry.

I'm going down
to the marina today

to have lunch with Jennifer.

We go right by the hotel.
And I can pick up the suits.

It won't be any trouble at all.

Are you sure? Positive.

I feel terrible.

I mean, you gotta make
a schlep down there

just because the
kid made a mistake.

Here, I'll put this on here

and there won't be any more
mistakes about this anyway.

Just trust me. I'll take
care of everything.

Actually, you're
doing me a favor.

You know what I gotta do today?

I gotta get out four
pair of pleated flannels.

Pleats are back, you know.

Pleats. Ugh!

Yes, Martin Sole, please.

Operator, I've been trying to
contact Mr. Sole all morning.

Is it possible he checked out?


No, no. No message. Thank you.


He said it was Room 321. Oh.

He doesn't seem to be in.

So he doesn't.

Well, the door's open.


He's still not in.

Uh, shall we?

I mean, it's not like we
were breaking and entering.

No. It's not like we were
gonna steal something.

Actually, we might
be doing him a favor.

We might.

What have we here?

Well, if it isn't the
mysterious Mr. Sole.

You've become quite
a celebrity around here,

if you don't mind my saying so.

Well, I'm, uh...

Darn if Lucille wasn't right.

She's always right.

About 6 feet tall, dark hair,

handsome. I'll say.

Oh, we had $5 in the pool,

but Lucille's always winning.

She even said he'd
probably have a girlfriend.

I'll say.


MAID: Oh, I'm sorry,

I do go on jabbering
away, don't I?

It's just that you've been
such a mystery, Mr. Sole.

We were beginning to call
you the invisible Mr. Sole.



Well, don't let me keep you.

You probably got a romantic
luncheon date together

or something.

Actually, we do.

MAID: Excuse me, Mr. Sole.

If you don't mind my asking...

do you really want me to
keep changing the linens,

seeing as you barely used
the ones I put on yesterday

and the day before?

Ah, no, That won't
be necessary, thanks.

I see that you got another
one of those fine, new suits.

Would you like me to hang
that in the closet for you?

Oh, no, I can take
care of it, thank you.


Oh, Mr. Sole.

What have you done?



MAN: Let's lose the
stiff, right now, okay?

Hey, anybody get an
I.D. on this guy yet?


Don't all talk at once.

It's a wonderful
crew I got here.

JONATHAN: Sergeant, uh,

why are you keeping us?

We've told you
everything we know.

Believe this?

I'm starving to death,

she gives me diet food?

Look at this. What
do we got here?

Oh, good.



That'll see me through
about five minutes.


Mr. Hart... I
believe your story.

Hell, I know who you are.
But what am I gonna do?

Find you and your wife
in another guy's room,

that's a B and E right there.

Plus we got some, uh...
Some poor Louie in the closet

pushing up mothballs.

JENNIFER: We told you,

we only came here
to exchange the suits.

Please, I'm straight
on the suit story, I think.

Would you like one of these?

No. No, thanks.

Mr. Hart... you're a big shot.

You're a big shot.

Sometimes that
can work against you.

If I pop you two out of here,

I'd have every civil
action group in the city

breathing down my
neck in two minutes.

I just gotta take you down
to the station for questioning.

Why won't you just let
us call Lieutenant Grey.

Come on, Mrs. Hart,

try to look at it from
my point of view, okay?

It's a murder investigation.

Murder. No favors.

Okay? Please.

Want one of these? You sure?

You're sure?


Excuse me. What?


All right.

Um, excuse me, somebody's
got an urgent message for me,

and naturally, it can't wait.

I'm sorry, I'll be right back.

Okay, it's urgent? Urge away.



Can I talk with you, Sarge?




Tell the coroner to hold
the razzle-dazzle, all right?

I'm not interested in what
the guy had for dinner,

what his girlfriend's
name is, all right?

Just stuff I can
use. Tell him that.

Sergeant, I'd like
to use the phone.

Sure, go ahead. Order
a pizza, while you're at it.

I want to call my lawyer.

No, don't bother.

[PHONE DIALING] You can go home.

But you just said...

I don't know, I just said...
What does that mean?

What does that mean?

I'm just the guy supposed
to find the murderer, right?

It's nothing, right?

Orders came... from up high.

[CHUCKLES] You can go.

I don't understand.

Whose word from up high?

Look. Um, excuse me,
Mr. Hart, I've had a long day.

I need my carbohydrates.

Be happy. Heh.

Go home.

Let me eat in peace.



Don't try to pull your poor-
little-puppy routine on me.


The vet says you gotta
take off two pounds.


You can whine all you like but
it won't do you one bit of good.

Because you're dealing
with a cold-hearted character,

when you're dealing with me.

They don't call me Max
the Heartless for nothing.


I know just how you feel...

but I am immovable.

I am implacable.

I am invincible.

Ha. You didn't think I knew
all those big words, did you?

But I know a little one too.

N-O. No.



You got no willpower,
you know that?


JONATHAN: All right, Lieutenant.


Okay, well, thanks very much.

All right. Bye-bye.

Lieutenant Grey says
they haven't even heard

of the murder down
at headquarters.

Really? Yep.

Well, then who gave
the orders to let us go?

I don't know, but I'm getting
more and more interested

as time goes on.


Poor Mr. Sole.

He never got a chance
to wear his new suit.

He might yet.

What do you mean?

Martin Sole wasn't the dead man.

[SCOFFS] How do you know that?

I thought you said the police
never identified the body.

Right. I did say that.

But the man that fell out of
the closet was half my size.

And if you remember, when
I put on Martin Sole's suit,

it was two sizes too big for me.

Hey. That's very good, Mr. H.

Thanks, Max. [POURS LIQUID]

Maybe we just ought to listen

to Sergeant
Finnegan's suggestion

that we just forget this thing

ever happened. Right.

Max, uh... do we
have any coffee?

Yeah. I'll make some.

But you know something.

Doesn't it strike you as strange

that everyone was so willing

to believe that you
were Martin Sole?

What happened to "forget
whatever happened?"

In a minute, darling.

And what do you
think about that maid

saying that you
never used the linen?

I don't know, but it would help
if we could find Martin Sole.

He's probably the only one

that knows what's going on.

Why don't we just ask him?

What do you mean?

Remember that piece
of paper I gave you?

He's having dinner tonight

at the Pompeii
Restaurant at 6:00.


Have I told you that
I loved you lately?

Yes, last night.

But not in so many words.



JONATHAN: You know, darling...

if you saw that note,

and, uh, the police
and probably the killer

saw that same note...

Yes, but... there's no law

against going out to dinner.


Anything wrong?

I think someone is following us.

Darling, don't turn around.

I don't want them to
know that we know.


I've got an idea.

Hey, that's very clever.

Thank you.

Can you see anything?

Well, whoever it is,

it certainly isn't Martin Sole.

How do you know that?

Because I can see him.

Doesn't look like a Martin.

Ralph maybe, or
William, but... not Martin.

Well, if it's all
the same to you,

I don't want any of
them following us.

Hang on.


Hold on, darling.






I just wanted to work up
an appetite before dinner.



Good evening. Good evening.

Oh, I have a
reservation: Martin Sole.

MAITRE D': Hi, Mr. Sole.
Right this way, please.


Would you like to have
a drink before dinner?

Oh, I don't think so. Darling?

Some wine?

Mmm. All right.

The house white is excellent.

Ah, fine. We'll have that.

Darling... what
would you have done

if Martin Sole was already here?

I'd have him pick up the check.

I'm serious.

What do we do now?

We order and we wait.

Buona sera. Mm.

We have the
special this evening,

fresh and delicious
catch of the day,

pesce alla sorrentino.

Oh. What kind of pesce is that?

A filet of sole off the bone.

I think I'll have the veal.

But the sole is really quite...

Make that two veals.

Something to start?

Um, prosciutto melon.

Ah, prosciutto
melon. Make that two.

Va bene.

Thank you.


WAITER: Perhaps some coffee?

Espresso, please.

Cappuccino for me.


Well, Mr. Sole certainly
keeps a low profile.

A little too low.

Well, it could have been worse.

He might have made a reservation
at the, uh, Ketchup Room.

Oh. Lovely.

Thank you.

STAFF: ♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ To you ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ To you ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ Mrs. Sole ♪

♪ Happy birthday ♪

♪ To you ♪

Oh, oh.


Thank you. Thank you.

How many birthdays
do you have a year?

Oh, one. Sometimes less.

Oh. Happy birthday, Mrs. Sole.

Thank you... very much.


Well, Mrs. Sole, it,
um, is your birthday.

I, uh, think you
better dig in. Hmm.

Suppose I have to make

a wish and blow out the candle.

Well, here goes.

Darling. Hm?


You all right? [GASPS]

Looks like someone wanted this

to be my last birthday.

Yeah, and someone's
wish didn't come true.




It's all right, Freeway. I
gave 'em the okay to come up.

Can I help you?

Is Mr. Hart in?

Mr. and Mrs. Hart
are out to dinner.

My name is William Dean.

I'm a special agent
with Central Intelligence.

The CIA.

May I come in?


When do you expect
Mr. and Mrs. Hart to return?

Not too late. They'll probably
be home right after dinner.

They're at the Pompeii.

[SIGHS] May I use
your telephone?

Sure. There's one
right there, help yourself.

Yeah, it's Dean.

They got away from me.

I'll explain later.

No, but I'm gonna
need four new tires.

Get someone over
to the restaurant.

I don't know. Somehow they
found out Sole had reservations.


Come on in, I'll fix
you a cup of coffee.

Thank you.

You knew about
this guy, Martin Sole?

Oh, all too well, I'm afraid.

CIA, huh?

Mr. H went out looking for him.

I bet that he's history.

I voted that he was
the guy in the closet.

The man they found in the
hotel was my partner, Alex Kane.

Then Mr. H is right.

Martin Sole is still alive.

I'm afraid not.

Martin Sole never existed.

Wait a minute. Mr. H
went to his hotel room.

Sole made dinner reservations.

My people made
those arrangements.

You mean you... you
just dreamed this guy up?

That's right.

Martin Sole was created to
smoke out a double agent.

Wait a minute. I... I better
see your I.D. card again.

Let me explain.

For the past 18 months,

information has been leaking
out of our London office.

We created Martin Sole

and let it be known
that he had evidence

on who leaked that information.

The evidence was for sale.

You figured this double
agent would get antsy

and make a move on Sole.

That's right.

We checked the
fictitious Mr. Sole

in half a dozen hotels

before the bait was taken.

Why do I have the feeling

that I've heard this
all somewhere before.

Oh. Anyway. That's why
I have to talk to Mr. Hart.

The double agent's
name is Patrick Burke.

When we moved
Sole to the States,

Burke followed.

Everything was moving smoothly

until Mr. Hart walked
into that hotel room.

You mean this guy Burke

thinks that Mr. H is
really Martin Sole?

It seems that way.

[SNAPS, GASPS] Now, I know why

this all sounds familiar.

Last week on the late show,
I saw an old Cary Grant film.

One of the men

in our Operations division
saw the same movie.


[GASPS] Darling.

There's the man
who was following us.

It's all right, Mrs. Hart.
My name is William Dean.

I'm with Central Intelligence.

DEAN: We really could use
your help in this matter, Mr. Hart.

To catch up with Burke?

That's right. If we could
get the two of you together,

he might tip his hand,

or you might be able to con
the information out of him.

With some luck he
might make a mistake.

And then again, he might not.

We have to protect
Mr. Hart, one way or another.

Burke thinks that
you're Martin Sole

and can put him away.

He's not about to give
up without a confrontation.

And you'd be doing
us a great service.

If the suit fits, huh?

Now, what I'd like to do

is get you down to my office

first thing in the morning.

Fill you in on what we know.

Catch you up on what
you're supposed to know.

I'll have some of my men
come out to watch the house.

I'll see you in the morning.

Mr. Dean. How do
we know your people?

Excuse me?

I mean, what code
are you gonna use?

"The soft breeze
blows across the river,"

that sort of thing.


Well, that's starting
to get a little corny.

You see, none of
our people could say it

with a straight face.

Just ask for their



You take care, now.


careful now, darling.

I will, sweetheart. Mm.

And don't you worry, okay?



Mrs. H, I know how you feel,

but I wouldn't worry too much.

Most of these agents
are pretty savvy.

Did you ever read
The Fedora File?

No, I don't think so.

I certainly hope Jonathan's
doing the right thing.

You gotta try to
keep your mind off it.


Yeah, that's the best
idea I've heard all day.

Well, I've got a
desk full of papers.

That ought to keep my
mind off of Martin Sole.

The moon is blue in January.



MAX [ON INTERCOM]: Who is it?

Central Intelligence.

You must be Mr. Hart's valet.

Well, not exactly.

Is Mr. Hart around?

MAX: Uh... Wait
a minute... Wh...

Mrs. Hart?


Special agent, CIA.

Your man told me to come up.

Oh, yes.

Ah, Dean said he'd be
sending someone over.

I'm afraid we'll want you
down at the office, ma'am.

Oh, uh, of course.

Listen, you couldn't manage

to redo this entire
week for me, could you?

I think I know how
you feel. I'm sorry.

That's all right.

Well, I suppose we should go.

After all, I only have one
life to give to my country.

That should be more than enough.

Thank you.

Remember, Mr. Hart,

Burke knows more about
Martin Sole than you do.

First, you have
to be convincing.

And, hopefully, you can find out

how he passed that information.

Uh, what's your name?

Tsk. Martin Paul Sole.



What's your status?

Special agent, European
division, double A.

You left London about
a month ago. Why?

I had obtained
records and information

on Patrick Burke...
containing proof

that he was selling
security information.

Did he use the
mails, the telephone?

All the correspondence
was re-read.

The phones were monitored.

Why, do I get the feeling
that someone's gonna ask me

who hit the winning home
run in the 1977 World Series.

This is important,
Mr. Hart. We have to find out

how he got around our security.

Now... after you left London,

where did you go?

Brussels. And then?


And that's where he kills you.

After Brussels,
you went to Antwerp

and then to Paris.

Burke knows where he was.

One slip and he will kill you.

He already tried to.

Nah. Burke's one of the best.

That stunt with the cake,

that was just to shake you up,

let you know that
he can get to you.

If he wants you
dead, you'd be dead.

All right.

London, Brussels,
Antwerp, Paris.

Okay. Who was your
contact in the States?

Richard Kline.

And when did you
arrive in Los Angeles?



How long ago?

We're leaving right now.


There's been some
trouble at your house.

JONATHAN: How do you feel, Max?

I'm all right, thanks.

I'm sorry, Mr. H, but
it all happened so fast.

I don't know what hit me.

Max... is this the man?

Yeah, that's him.

He showed identification.

Yeah, well, you
couldn't have known.

The identification's legitimate.


You got an extension?

Over there.


You know I have
your wife, Mr. Hart.

Let me talk to her.

You're hardly in a
position to make demands.

How do I know
if she's all right?

Three words. That's all.

"I'm all right."

I'm all right, darling.

Enjoy it, sir.

It may be the last
you hear from her.

What do you want?

You and your evidence.

I will kill her.

Where and when?

Motor Avenue. Parking
lot. Back of the tennis courts.

Two hours.


We gotta make a play.

Even with your wife...

Burke's not gonna believe
that you'd give up that easy.

We've got another problem.

He wants the evidence.

We don't have anything to trade.

Look, damn it, Hart.

I've been working
on this investigation

for 18 months.

And I am not
about to blow it now.


Let me tell you something, Dean.

I don't give a damn
about your investigation.

That man's got my wife.

And the thing
that's so dangerous

is that he's scared.

Now, we better figure out a way

to get her out of
there... and now.



Have you got it?

Where's my wife?

I asked you a question.

Have you got it?

This isn't what we
talked about, Sole!

Whatever it takes...
I want my wife back.

You can't even be
sure if she's still alive!

Stay out of this, Dean.

Get out of here.

There's gotta be
more behind him.

Get out of here before
they get both of us.

Get out!



What do you got? They're
a mile north of here.

What's our range?

Mm, about five miles.

We used the smallest
transmitter we could find.

All right, let's roll.


Now, Mr. Sole... or
should I say, Mr. Hart?

It would seem as if

you're not going
to be very popular

around headquarters from now on.

Where is my wife?

If she is your
wife... she's safe...

for the moment.

What's happening?


They're only up
about a half mile.

There's no movement.


Your gun.


Now... who are you... really?

I thought you were the one
with all the answers, Burke.

No, sir. I'm the
one with your wife.

Answer the question.

This was going to be a trade.

On my terms.



Five minutes. If they
don't move by then,

we're going on in. Right.

Open the briefcase.

It looks like you, sir...

have just run out
of bargaining power.

Close it.

And get rid of it.
Out the window.

He's moving.
All right, let's go.

[SIGHS] S... Something's wrong.

He's moving way too slow.

It stopped.

Pull over right here.


Hold it.


This is great.

And Burke's got
Jonathan Hart somewhere.

And all Hart's got

is a gun with four
blank shells left.


And hopefully... a lot of luck.


Where's my wife? Move along.

I expect you'd
prefer the front row.

Sit down.

Where's my wife?

My questions first.

Now, once again, who are you?

You mean, what do I
know about your selling out.

Selling out?

Oh, that's ironic.

The people I work for
used words like "patriotism."

I'm going to ask
you one more time.

I want to know how
you found out about me.

I was very careful.

Obviously, not careful enough.


We considered our little
telephone transfer undetectable.

They thought that
office was secure,

that no one could find a
way around their security.

And all I had to do was
pick up the telephone.

You monitored their phones.

Well, they always are.

But our device...
emitted no noise,

no audible code.

So, for every routine
phone call that you made,

information was passed
along electronically

in the conversation.

Clever, isn't it?

Every time someone
picked up the phone,

it didn't matter
who they called,

our device dumped
information into waiting hands.


you put too much
faith in technology.


How did you find out?



Of course, there's
another possibility.

Maybe you never
had any evidence.

Maybe you thought
you'd get lucky.

Kill me and get the
money you hoped

I'd pay for your evidence.

Better luck next time.


You can't get far.

think they've got Cody Jarrett.

They haven't got Cody Jarrett.

You hear, they haven't got him.

And I wanna show ya.
They haven't got him.




Ha-ha. Come and get me!

The hero dies in
the last reel, Mr. Hart.


You won't get away, Mr. Hart.

You can't hide forever.


Made it, Ma!

Top of the world!


Darling. Are you all right?

I'm fine. Just get me loose.

I'm trying to get a fix on
Burke, but I can't see him.

But he can see you.

Well, this simplifies things.

Now I can kill
you both together.


Dean and his men
will be here any minute.

Ah, now, that's a
desperate move, sir.

It was all staged.

I didn't kill Dean.


You see, the gun I used

to shoot Dean with...

it was loaded with blanks.

Standard issue.

Same as yours.

You've got my gun.

But no bullets.

Well, then you've
nothing to worry about.



I thought you said
he had the blanks.

I thought it always worked
that way in the movies.



Well, what do you think?


Harry did a great job.

What time is the
screening? Seven thirty.

You know, I don't even know

what Coppola's new
picture's all about?

Oh, remember that book
Max was reading last month,

The Capricorn Caper?

Oh, international intrigue.


Guns, double agents,
British accents.

Secret codes...
intriguing plot twists.

That's right. Uh-huh.

Anything good on television?

Darling, we have
a special invitation.

Well, we could
stay home and, uh...

not watch television.



What did you have in mind?

VOICE: Good evening, Mr. H.

It is now 6:00.

I am your... Don't say it.

Personalized talking
appointment reminder.

Jonathan. Reconfirming...

It is now 6:00 and 15 seconds.

We don't want to be late, do we?

All I was gonna
say is that, uh...

time sure flies when
you're having fun.