Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 19 - Vintage Harts - full transcript

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.


Goodness, you're as
jumpy as a cat, Raymond.

Don't worry about me.

Did you, uh, get the labels
and plate back from the printer?

Yes, of course.
At a hefty price.

I guess you can't
trust anyone nowadays,

not even your
family counterfeiter.

Oh, thank God for Jonathan
Hart's high standards.

Hart-Cabri is just a
moderate cabernet sauvignon,

but he uses expensive bottles,

just like the bottles they use

for Chateau St. Claire,
the queen of Bordeaux.

And, uh, we sell
an $8 wine for 80.

What a nice man.


We must ask him out
for a drink sometime.


Matt Taylor had better
learn to knock on doors,

or else he'll be learning
to pound pavements.

Oh, Mr. Dumont wanted
this case of Hart-Cabri.

I was just bringing...
Yes. All right, Matt.

That door must remain locked.

We have inquisitive employees.

He's just eager to
learn the business.

Parts of this business
are none of his.

To your good fortune
with Hart-Cabri Vineyards,

my dear friends.


Thank you, Giorgio.



That's a wonderful wine.

You've done it again.

Not a bad vintage
to retire on, eh?

And about time, too.

It's been five years

since you bought my
vineyards, Jonathan.

At last I yield to
my doctor's orders.

We're certainly going
to miss you, Giorgio.

And I you.

But we will remain friends,

if not business partners.

Of course.

And I leave my vineyards
in the best of hands.


We're amateurs, Giorgio.

Ah, from the Latin
amator... "Lovers."

And that's as it should be.

Oh, you're sweet, Giorgio.

We too, have a toast for you.

Chateau St. Claire.

How did you come by it?

Well, I pulled some
strings over at Dumont.

We recommended a young
man by the name of Matt Taylor

for a job over there

and he repaid us with this.


And they say the young
have no manners, eh?

Incidentally, speaking
of the Dumonts,

I haven't yet told them
that you'll be reviewing

our distribution contracts.

That's why I'm going to stop
by there personally tomorrow

to let them know
that it's going to be

strictly routine when
the new man takes over.

You had no problems
with them, did you?

None at all, they
move our wines quickly

and they're very
pleasant as well.

Which reminds me,

Friday, we are launching
the new Hart-Cabri

with a wine-tasting
at La Cachette,

now don't you forget.

Darling. Ah.

Giorgio, to your past successes

and your future happiness.

Thank you.

To Giorgio.

My palate isn't as
educated as yours,

but, uh, doesn't this
Chateau St. Claire seem

about the same quality
as the Hart-Cabri?

Forgive me for saying,
but it seems to be off.

I know the house well and...

This simply isn't
up to their standard.

Well, maybe it was a bad year.

Well, maybe.

Still, I... I think I owe
it to my old friends

to make some inquiries.

The Dumonts, you said?

You mind?

JENNIFER: No, not at all.

Now, Giorgio, don't
forget about Friday.


It shall be my
pleasure, Jennifer.


Jonathan, goodbye.

I still think it's too risky

to try and fool the
domestic market.

We have no choice.

We've already exhausted
the South American

and Canadian market.

Look, if it worked in
Brazil and Québec,

it'll work here.

People don't really
know the difference.

They buy wine for the
label, not for the taste.

If they see "Chateau St. Claire"

they'll buy it.

Even if it's Hart-Cabri.


it's already a fait accompli.

What do you mean?

I've already begun
a few test deliveries.

A few wine shops,
couple of restaurants.

Without, um... [CHUCKLES]

telling me?

I'm funny that way.

I don't like hysteria.



Giorgio Cabri?

Of course.

Well, what do you
think he wants?

Do you think he's
found out something?

Raymond, the labels.

Frankly, I, uh... I
don't understand.

Nor do I.

Do you detect a
resemblance to Hart-Cabri?

[CHUCKLES] Of course.

The Cabernet sauvignon grape

is the foundation of both wines.

I don't mind telling
you, Mr. Cabri,

we have had several
complaints on this vintage.

I'll get another bottle.

Oh, Raymond, darling,
would you get the bread?

Well, here's another
bottle. Let's try this one.

I know we should let
it breathe, Mr. Cabri,

but we really
don't have the time.

Here, darling.

Dear me.

CELESTE: How unpleasant.

Yes, isn't it?

But my bottle was
not acidic, not like this.

It's unheard of in a
Chateau St. Claire.

Quite clearly
the quality control

is not as rigid as
in years gone by.

Our deepest
apologies, Mr. Cabri.

Perhaps you're right.


An old man imagines things.

Imagination is like
curiosity, Mr. Cabri.

Dangerous to indulge in.

Yes, well, if that's all.

Thank you.

Incidentally, how did you
come by the other bottle?

I obtained it from the Harts.

One of your employees, uh...

Matt, uh, Taylor I
think, gave it to them.

Oh, he's a nice young fellow.

Well, thank you, Mr. Cabri,

for bringing this
matter to our attention.

Thank you.

So I hope that shot of
vinegar put him off the scent.

If only Matt Taylor
hadn't given the Harts

one of those fake
Chateau St. Claires.


With all our money tied up

in bottles and casks,

the one thing we
can't afford is a leak.

Maybe it's time to plug it.

JONATHAN: Flowers ordered?


Invitations sent?


You didn't forget
Jeremy Lane, did you?

Oh, darling, do we have to?

He is the top wine
and food critic in L.A.,

yes, we have to.

I know, but I mean, I
always have the feeling

that he'd rather be nibbling
on me than the hors d'oeuvres.

What can you say
about a man with taste?


You know?

I'm beginning to wish we
could spend Friday night alone.

Oh? Well, there's still tonight.

Where would you
like to have dinner?

I know this quiet little
place on Willow Pond Road.



Is it crowded?

Not very. It's Max's night off.

I have it all planned:

a loaf of bread, a
jug of wine, and thou.

I'll settle for the
last course alone.

[GIGGLES] You could?



I'll see to the loaf of bread,

and you see to the jug of wine.

And we'll discuss
the "thou" later.


Uh... Darling?

Yeah, something wrong?


You weren't very
hungry, were you?

No loaf of bread?

Sort of.

No cheese and fruit?

Marmalade and chutney.

Marmalade and chutney?

It's the "in" thing now.

Well don't worry, darling,

we still have the other two.

Oh, yes.

Has the wine finished breathing?





Well, then,
there's still one left.


Wait, pl... Please.


MAX: Breakfast is served.

BOTH: Breakfast.


Come in.

Max, you're an angel.

Ah, don't mention it, Mrs. H.

Say, uh, Max, what happened?

Sorry I left you without food,

but yesterday was a bad day.

I made up for it, though.

This morning, I was
at the grocery store

at the crack of dawn.



Sliced oranges,
shirred eggs and bacon,

hot buttered toast, and
the coffee is coming up.

I would have brought
you some marmalade,

but I don't know
what happened to it.

Oh, Deanne phoned
from the office

to remind you about
your appointment

with Dumont Distributing.

Thanks, Max.

MAX: Don't mention it.

Mm... That is great.

Oh, I've got an idea.


Why don't I go with you?

That way on the way home,

we can stop and have
a lunch at La Cachette.

One meal at a
time, huh, darling.


Breakfast in bed.

Is there any better way
to start the morning?

I can think of one.


JONATHAN: I wonder what
the police are doing here.

I hope this doesn't
mean prohibition's back.

At least not until after
this year's vintage.

Let's find Matt after
we talk to the Dumonts.

RAYMOND: Jonathan.
Hello, Raymond.

Nice of you to drop by.

Nice to see you. You
remember my wife.

Mrs. Hart.


We wanted to check out

your operation ourselves.

As you know, I'm gonna take
over this end of the business.

Oh, but of course.

Oh, do you know my wife Celeste?


We met last year at Napa.

How nice.

As you can see,
business is booming.

Oh, look, uh, take a seat.

TOGETHER: Thank you.

The contacts, Raymond, dear.

Well, yes, uh... [CLEARS THROAT]

Now, Jonathan, we don't want
to take up much of your time,

but I have the
distribution contracts

for the latest
Hart-Cabri vintage here.

Same as last year's.

Georgi tells us
you'll be handling

more of our wine than ever.

Well, as a matter of fact,

we'd like to order,
say, 300 more cases

of last year's vintage

and an increase of order
of maybe 500 for this.

Well, that's what I came
here personally to tell you,

that I'll be handling all the
distribution contracts myself.

Naturally we'd hoped
that Mr. Cabri's resignation

wouldn't affect our
business relationship

with Hart-Cabri.

No, Mr. Cabri is gonna
remain on the board of directors.

My management team,
though, will be investigating

all the business aspects.

uh, it's strictly routine.

I'm sure everything
will be the same.

I'll be in touch with you.

Oh, I see.

We will still be able to obtain

the extra 300 under
last year's contract?

Of course. I don't
see any problem there.

I'll write a letter to that
effect when I get to the office.

Darling? Yes.

Oh, I wonder if you could tell
us where Matt Taylor is working.

He's a friend of ours,
we'd like to say hello.

Well, as a matter of fact...

we don't know where he is.

He didn't show up this morning.

I decided to call the police.

Oh, we, uh, saw them
leave when we drove up.

That's odd, I, uh, wrote
the personnel department

about a year ago
recommending him.

He's a... He's a very good boy.

Hm, I'm sure it's nothing
to be alarmed about.

I hope not.

Well, Raymond, we
mustn't keep the Harts.

So nice of you both to stop by.

Nice to see you.


Thank you.

I'll be in touch
with you, Raymond.

Thank you very much.

Why are they holding back?

Because he's
completely in charge now.

It's only natural.

Now I'm more worried
about Matt Taylor.

I hope our story
holds with the police.

By the way,

I found this in the
office this morning.

Is it yours?


Oh, I didn't think so.

It's a Bel Air exchange.

Matt Taylor was
dialing it when I, uh...



Hart residence.

Matt Taylor was phoning
the Harts last night.

Mrs. H promises that the flowers

will be delivered
Friday morning at 9:00.

That gives your staff
time to place them.

I promise everything
will be comme il faut.

If that means everything
for the wine-tasting

is hunky-dory,
then it's okey-dokey.

It's okey-dokey, Max.

CABRI: This wine is
not Chateau St. Claire!

I see the label...

Excuse me, Max.


Waiter, I know
wine and this is not...


Antoine, this is not
Chateau St. Claire.


Never mind!


Monsieur Cabri, I didn't
know you were here.

Oh, hello, Max,
I'm just leaving.

What's the trouble?

Just a trifle.

Please convey my respects
to the Harts and pardon me.



JENNIFER: Oh, I'm certainly glad

Giorgio's gonna be on the...
On the board of directors.

Yeah, with his knowledge,

it'd be a crime to see
him retire so early.


body of a 22-year-old man

was found early today in
a ditch off State Road 51.

The dead man, identified
as Matt Taylor of Saugus,

was shot twice.

Although no motive has
yet been established...

Matthew Taylor?

The victim was an employee

of Dumont Distributing
of Los Angeles.

We'll return with the
traffic report right after this.

Why didn't the Dumonts tell
us when we asked to see him?

They must have known about it.

Yeah, it's a real shame.
He was a nice kid.

Why don't we drop
by police headquarters

and see what they found out?

MAN: Ordinarily, I'd have to keep
mum about the case, Jonathan,

but, uh, seeing as how
you knew the poor kid,

uh, I'll fill you in.

Oh, that's awfully
decent of you, Wilbur.


See, it's like this,

no motive, no murder weapon.

Kid goes to work,
punches out, poof,

eight hours later he
turns up in a ditch.

Was he killed
before he got there?

No, dead when he was
dropped off, two bullets.

We figured he got killed near
that, uh... That place that he worked.

Dumont Distributing.

Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Car was still in
the parking lot.

One of the doors to the
warehouse was jimmied.

Looks like he foiled a
burglary attempt, and, uh...

Well, he got off work at
7:00 and the coroner said

he wasn't killed until
after midnight, but that's...

Well, maybe he forgot something

and came back to check it out.

And what are you thinking?

Well, nothing yet,
but keep us posted

if you find out anything.

Sure, sure.

As long as it works both ways.

Bye, Wilbur.


Dumont? Cabri.

Yes, something is the matter,

something I must talk
to you about immediately.

Well, yes, tomorrow,
9:00, I'll be there.


What does he want?

He knows, I'm sure of it.

What can we do?

What else?

Stop him.



[SIGHS] Missed it.

I guess Max isn't home.

Have a cup of coffee?

I'd love one, thanks.

Max is gonna be awfully upset

when he hears about Matt.

Yeah, that just doesn't
add up about Matt.

I mean, he punches out,

presumably leaves the warehouse,

and then he comes back.


[SIGHS] I don't know.

But he did come back.

And when he did,

he found the door jimmied open.

Well, assuming
that's true... think:

you're the burglar.

All right.

This kid surprises
you in the act.


So you kill him,

then you drag his body outside,

put it in the trunk of your car,

and drive 25 miles

and dump it into a ditch?

Not very logical.

Or very likely.

On the other hand...

I'll get that.


Oh, yes, Giorgio.

Was that you who
called a few minutes ago?

We just got in.

Yes. I can meet
you tomorrow at, um,

Ten in the morning.


Eight o'clock in the morning.

Well if it's that important...

All right, I'll meet... [CLICK]

We got cut off.

What did he want?

He wanted to meet me
tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning.

He had something
very important to tell me

in person.

Tomorrow morning?

Yeah, but the time schedule
has just been moved up.

Come on.

He said he was
calling from the cellar.


Watch your step.

All right? Uh-huh.

Well at least the
candles are still lit.

Phone's dead.

I hope that's not an omen.

JENNIFER: Jonathan?


WILBUR: The way
I see it is simple.

Cabri invited a buddy over here,

split a bottle of vino.

They got in an argument,

and the guy killed him.


Any relation?

I don't think it is quite
that simple, lieutenant.

If they were having an argument

while they were
splitting a bottle of vino,

then why is the wine here
and the body over there?

And also, why are
there two corks?

And where's the other bottle?

What other bottle?

There must be 100 corks
laying around the floor here,

it's a wine cellar.

I don't see any.

Let's wait for the lab report.

My hunch is the
killer's fingerprints

will be found on one
of those two glasses.

This is routine for me, routine.

CELESTE: Oh, that Jonathan Hart.

First he plants Matt
Taylor in the business,

then Matt stumbles on
something he shouldn't

and tries to get
in touch with Hart.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Hart

show up last night at Cabri's.

Are you aware of a pattern here?

God, yes, they're on to us.

Spare me the
histrionics, Raymond.

It could be worse.

At least you
managed to spirit away

the bottle of
Chateau St. Claire.

That buys us time.

Yes, but if they'd
seen me do that...

No, the problem now is Hart.

He'll probably show up today

full of questions.

I'll get tickets to Rio
and we'll get out of here.

Uh... Who flies to Rio now?

Maybe Jonathan Hart is
trying to learn the ropes.

But the ropes might
have tricks of their own.

JONATHAN: Whatever
was bothering Giorgio

had to do with Hart-Cabri.

We've got all the questions,

but none of the answers.

First of all,

why would Giorgio be
tasting our own wine?

Maybe he was comparing
it to another bottle.

Ah! Thus, the second cork.

Do these help you?

Productivity and sales

have doubled in
the past five years.


Aw, the Hart touch.

The only curious
thing is, darling,

look at this.


Dumont Distribution.

See that?

seem to have ordered

more Hart-Cabri than
anyone over the last two years.

Distributing was Giorgio's area.

And Giorgio trusted the Dumonts.

Let's look at the facts.

Matt was killed during a
burglary at the Dumonts.


And Giorgio... Giorgio
died tasting wine

distributed by the Dumonts.

That sounds like two
Dumonts too many.

Well, maybe we shouldn't
jump to conclusions,

but we should get
an expert's opinion.

Which expert?

Who else?

Jeremy Lane. Jeremy L...

If we hurry, we may be able
to catch him at La Cachette.

He may still be
there. All right.

And afterwards, we'll get the
fingerprint report from Wilbur.

To Giorgio Cabri.

To Giorgio.


We had rather a difficult
night last night, Jeremy.

Ah, yes.

Poor Giorgio.

It's quite taken
away my appetite.

Now, how can I help?

Well, um, we need
some background.

And you being the
leading food and wine critic

in Los Angeles...

As well as a celebrity
in my own right.

Yes, thank you, Jonathan, go on.

We thought you
could shed some light

on Dumont Distributing.


Dumont, Dumont, Dumont.


Yes, it's coming to me.

Something about wine.

They distribute for Hart-Cabri.

Ah, yes.

I don't know much
about the firm.

But if I were you,
Jonathan... [SIGHS]

One thing I'd do is sack them.

What for?

If they're supposed
to distribute Hart-Cabri,

they're doing a bad job of it.

Do you realize how hard it is

to get a bottle of your
modest little wine?

I can't get it anywhere.

I, Jeremy Lane,

leading food and wine
critic of the West Coast.

And celebrity in your own right.

But they, uh, Dumont,

handle thousands
of cases of our wine.

Then I suggest that
Mr. Dumont drinks it all himself.

They said they don't go
on the general market.

I hope there'll be some
of the wine-tasting.

It's still on?

Oh, yes.

Yes, we decided
to carry on with it.

Giorgio would have
wanted it that way.

I'll send you a case.

That would be most kind.

Care for some dessert?

Right, Raymond.
Thanks very much.

Well it's all set. We can stop by
the Dumonts' on the way home.

Thanks for the use
of the phone, Wilbur.

Uh, any news on
the fingerprints?

Cabri's prints were
on both glasses.

No one else's.


So much for the
theory about the friend.

Well, maybe his friend
wore gloves, I don't know.

Well, what about the second
cork and the missing bottle?

What missing bottle?

Look, Jonathan, we analyzed
the contents of each glass.

Each contained the same
wine, your Hart-Cabri.

Why would Giorgio be
comparing the same wine?

WILBUR: Uh, look...

I've got some
important work to do.

Everything's under control.


What about the Matt
Taylor murder, hm?

We're on it.

It's routine.

I told you, it's routine.

We'll keep in touch.


awfully late for a meeting,

but Celeste said she'd be here.


Did you say they
were expecting us?

Well he's probably
in the office.


CELESTE: Jonathan, Jennifer.

Hurry up, dear.

I was so grieved

to hear about poor
Mr. Cabri's death last night.

Yes, he was a very
good friend of ours.

I, too, lost a dear friend
last week as you know.


CELESTE: Matthew Taylor.

JENNIFER: Oh, yes, of course.

JONATHAN: Well, we
won't take up too much

of your time, we just want to
ask Raymond a few questions.

CELESTE: Raymond, do hurry up.

You are so tiresome,

Jonathan and Jennifer are here.

I can't imagine
what's keeping him.


Poor Mr. Cabri.

But in a sense,
he is still with us.

Oh, yes.

Well, I'll go and see
what Raymond's doing.

I'll hurry him up.

We won't take too
much of his time.

It's chilly in here, isn't it?

I suppose it has to be
because of the wine.

That's about the only thing

I like about this
store's operation.

Well, one thing's for sure,

they certainly don't
waste any money

on interior decorating.

Take a look at this.

Chateau St. Claire.

Ah, yes, one of France's best.

That's a little odd. What?

A French wine in a crate
made in the United States?


Every bottle,
Chateau St. Claire.


And no customs stickers.




Jennifer, what happened?

could say that we...

came out from underneath
a mean hangover.


MAX: You both look beautiful.

JENNIFER: Thank you.

Here's to a great evening.

To a great evening.

Lovely bouquet.

You know, this is the
same quality as a wine I had

last week at a
French restaurant.


It was no better or
worse than this wine,

but they had the nerve to
stick a $60 price tag on it.


These expense
account clip joints

slap a phony label on anything

and rip you off.

You may be more right
than you think, Max.

What are you thinking, darling?

I'm thinking about
giving Max a raise.

onto that thought, Mr. H.

No, it's what you said

about the same wine
in the same bottles.

Some sell for $6,
some sell for $60.

That's not a bad return
on your investment.

You mean you think the Dumonts

are trying to pass off
Hart-Cabri as something else?

That's exactly
what I'm thinking.

Something more expensive.

That's why they buy more,

and there's less and
less on the shelves.

So that missing bottle
of wine in Giorgio's cellar

could be the wine
they're counterfeiting.

And maybe that's what
Giorgio and Matt discovered.


I think I'll give that sommelier
a call at La Cachette,

and we'll find out what
kind of wine sent Giorgio off

that afternoon.

My guess is...

it's Hart-Cabri masquerading
as something else.

Maybe we ought
to call the police

and have them
arrested for fraud.

The proof is in the
bottle... so to speak.

Yeah, fraud, yes, but
what about the murders?

It could just be coincidence.

I don't think they've
got enough evidence

for it to stick in court.

The only chance
that we could have

is to catch the
Dumonts off guard

before they cook up
some story between them.

It's not gonna be easy
to find Celeste off guard.

Yeah, but there is Raymond.

And under the eyes of
those wine connoisseurs,

he's liable to crumble.

I wonder how Wilbur Gillis
would look in a dinner jacket.


What are we doing here,
we should be on that plane.

Well, maybe the Harts think
something and maybe they don't.

If we don't show
up at that reception,

they'll suspect the worst.

What are you doing?

You said you wanted to travel,

here's your passport.

Bang, bang.


Yes, well...

All right, just in
case we need it.

But don't let anyone see it.

And don't open your purse.

It's not the gun that's
going to give us away.

Come on.


Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

It's wonderful,
it's really beautiful.

You've done a great job.

For me it's an honor
to host your reception.

Now I must go. I have
to attend to the kitchen.

Excuse me.

Thank you very much. Thank you.

Roger? Oui, monsieur?

Is everything ready?

Just as you
ordered it, monsieur.

Oh, good. Well, then, darling,

do you think we ought
to start with the wine?

Oh, yes, I think
we should. Okay.

Very good, monsieur.

Thank you, Roger.

Dear... Jennifer, darling.

Oh, Jeremy Lane.

Your hands remind me
of a delicate blancmange.

Well, you're a bit
of a soufflé yourself.


Good evening, Jonathan.


When does Wilbur get here?

I hope soon enough.

As long he gets here
before the Dumonts.

Uh, darling?






Nice to see you.

We do hope you've recovered
from yesterday's catastrophe.

We're so sorry.

Oh, think nothing of it.

Well, you've, uh,
come at the right time.


Raymond, uh, please join me.



Uh, waiter?


JONATHAN: Ladies and gentlemen?

May I have your
attention, please?

Thank you all very much

for coming to our
reception this evening.

First of all, I'd like to
take this opportunity

to introduce Raymond Dumont,

who handles most
of the distribution

of Hart-Cabri vintage.


Well by now, uh,

you should all have a glass
of Hart-Cabri in your hands.

Hopefully. Do you?


My wife and I would like
to take this opportunity

to drink to your health.

And to the memory
of Giorgio Cabri.

GUESTS: To Giorgio.

Uh, for many years now,

California wines have been
compared to French wines


Giorgio Cabri
didn't believe this,

and it was a challenge to him.

But tonight, we're
going to convince you.

Mr. Dumont has so
graciously donated from his firm

one of the finest French
cabernet sauvignons

that has ever been produced.

It's a wine that's worth
ten times the amount

that our modest
Hart-Cabri is worth.

And Jennifer and I

would like to drink a toast...

to you.


This is the same wine as before.

Exactly, that's
my point, Jeremy.

JEREMY: No, I'm serious,

it's the same wine.

Let's see the bottle.



[YELPS] Idiot.
Everybody get down.





You all right? Oh, yeah.

But I'm sure gonna have
a headache in the morning.

As long as it's not tonight.


What happened here?

Wilbur, glad you could make it.

You're just in time
to mop up the case.

Jeremy, good work.

Thank you.


Nice-looking suit.








Not for you, Freeway.

No, no, no. Off, off.

Go on.

You know, all things considered,

it was a pretty smashing
party, don't you think?

I hope there was no
pun intended there.

Of course not.

What's this, marmalade?

Ah, ah...



Not bad.

Max the night off.

All that cooking
he's been doing,

I think it's gone to his head.

Not to mention the Hart-Cabri.

Which reminds me,
what are we gonna drink?

I want you to guess.

Uh... Château Lafite?


Champagne Dom Perignon?


Uh... Not more Hart-Cabri?


Château Milwaukee.


You know I'm an old six-packer.


Cheers. Cheers, darling.