Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 17 - Harts on Their Toes - full transcript

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.



MAN: Et one...



and up.

Fifth plié.

Arabesque... et one.

And fifth.

Rond de jambe.

Yeah, good.

Tendu battement.

Portebra to the bar.


And portebra back.

Tendu battement.


En dedans.

Please with the same charming,

soft and elegant.




And plié.

Through first position. Ja.

Careful with shoulders. Both
shoulders at the same time.


Tendu battement.


Fifth to one.


Nobody moves.

Second position arms.

And one.

Down. Demi-plié.

Chin up.

Very distinguished, ja?

Keep it.

Thank you. Take
your five, please.

And be ready to start
rehearsal after that.


Uh, Leonard.


Oh, maestro.

Oh, thank you so much

for letting me take
class with the company.

It was wonderful.

I know.


My pleasure, darling.

It is not every
patroness of the arts

I would indulge so much.

So very generous.

Actually, you do quite well.

I do? Oh.

I was hoping you
wouldn't notice.

But it's true.

If you had been so fortunate

to be born in Russia...
Oh, no, no, no.

It's possible you'd be
dancing with us this evening.

No, you're just being very
kind to a former student.

Excuse me, maestro.
Oh, thank you.

We thank you for the class.
Oh, you're always welcome.

As always, it's been
a great pleasure.

Oh. Thank you. I'll
take that as compliment.

Do you know Jennifer Hart?

Didn't you dance with the Royal.


Maybe in another
life, but not this one.

No, I'm with the
Theater Society.

I'm sorry. I'm
Christopher Hawks.

This is my partner,
Michelle Barrie.

I know. I've seen you
both dance many times.

You're wonderful.
I've enjoyed it so much.

Uh, would you please
excuse me right now?

I have to start
rehearsal. See you.

Okay. Bye.

Who's that?

Comrade Zabin.

The eye's and the
ears of the motherland.




I thought you two
would be on tour.

We start up in a month.

We're out here to do
a television special.

But it's always fun to
take one of Paniev's class.

And we're very
friendly with Yuri.

JENNIFER: Oh, yes. Yuri Rostoff.

He must be the greatest
dancer in the world now.

Uh, I mean...

It's all right. I agree.
There's no dispute.

Russian or Martian,
he's the best.

You both have different
styles, Christopher.

PANIEV: Yuri, be ready, please.

We will start with
the end of ballet.

Be careful with your knee, no?






I have warned you
about that fooling business

when I am dancing.

I will not have it.

I have character.

I am not to stop acting

because the great
Rostoff dances!

Yes! When I dance, you stop.

Or I will not permit
you on this stage!



I will not dance
again with this... this...

This peacock primping
at the back of me.



Yuri, you were wonderful.

I don't know how it's possible,

but every time I see
you, you jump higher.

Thank you, Mrs. Hart.

And Mr. Hart, how are you?

Oh, fine. Not as well as you.

Excuse me. You were great.

Yuri, this is for you.

Thank you.

Uh, Michelle, uh...

Michelle, this is my
husband, Jonathan.

How do you do? It's a pleasure.

Yuri, we'll see you
later. You were great.

Thank you for
coming. See you later.

See you later. Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

You were wonderful.

Thank you.

Beautiful work, Yuri.

Double-doubles knocked me out.

Well, thank you very much.


Did I detect a budding romance?

Oh, I think the bud
has already blossomed.

You know, dancing is one
of the most beautiful ways

to express love?

I didn't know you
felt that way, darling.

Well, one doesn't like to point
out their own inadequacies.

But you're an excellent dancer.

The truth: I always
wanted to be Gene Kelly.

Oh. I thought you always
wanted to be Frank Sinatra.

That was later, after I
discovered I couldn't make it

as Gene Kelly.

Darling. Hm?

If you want to
express your love,

be my guest.

Oh? Ha-ha.


♪ Just singin' ♪

♪ And dancin' ♪

♪ In the rain ♪

Oh, bravo!




MAN: Oh, my god. Vladimir.




Hi. I'm sorry I took so long.

I can't understand why
they wanted to meet this late.

Well, you know TV people.

Well, what did they talk about?

Nothing worth telling now.


JONATHAN: You don't
think that capitalism

and the theater really work?

Right, comrade?

Mr. Hart, an artist
exists for his art,

not for profit.

Here you are, comrade, Mr. H.

Oh, thanks, Max.

MAX: Three doubles
of the real thing:

100 proof, 100
percent Russian vodka.

Oh, Mr. Max, very kind of you.

A toast.

To our two countries.

Thanks. I'll have to pass.

You do not drink vodka?

Keeps me awake at night.

How do you get to sleep?

Have a cup of coffee.

That does it for you?

Well, not much.




Here's looking at you.


In my country, we have a custom.

In my country, we
have a custom...

a custom dishwasher.

Excuse me.

By all means.

Oh, I am sorry. What
you were saying?

Oh, nothing important.
It's just that, uh,

it's a shame we don't
get to see you more often.

Well, you know, by the way,

it is already my
third time in the West.

But unfortunate for me,

it's not often either.

Oh. Are they
planning another tour?

Another tour?

Yes, very soon.

Uh, Yuri, I think
I'm interrupting

with some diplomatic relations.

Oh, yes. Please excuse me.

I would like to
speak with Michelle.


Hello, beautiful.

Come on.

Oh, excuse me. Just
catching a little ice.

Don't mean to put a chill on
the East-West relationship.

YURI: Oh, darling, two
years away from you.

It has been terrible torture.


Thank you for inviting us.

Oh, it was our pleasure.

Will we, uh, see you
in class tomorrow?

Oh, no. I don't think so.

I'm going back to
being a patroness.

I understand. I had
a wonderful time.

Oh, I'm glad you could come.

We'll look forward
to seeing your show.

Good night. Good night.

Good night. Good night.

Oh, what a nice
party, Mrs. Hart.

Oh, well, it was nice
having you, Mr. Hart.

It was nice being,
uh... had, Mrs. Hart.





MAX: Huh?

We're going up.

Good night.

May a sugarplum fairy
dance on your pillow.



Darling... Hm?

Did you see Yuri go?

Actually, the last
time I saw Yuri,

he was going pretty well.

Oh, I wonder why he
didn't say goodbye?

Well, because I did not go.

I have taken my decision.

I stay in America.

You're defecting?

Yes. Thank you. That is right.

I am defect.



Please, forgive me
for troubling you in this,

but I do not know what to do.

Oh, no, Yuri, it's no trouble.

But did you just
decide to do this?

No. I have think
about for long time.

I want so much
to be with Michelle.

We are in very much love.

Excuse me, Mr. H.

But Ivan the
Terrible is downstairs

with another Siberian husky.

Russian security?

You got it.

I don't think they
came back for a chaser.

They seem to have
misplaced one of their dancers.

I am sorry.

Darling, what are we gonna do?

Don't worry, sweetheart.
I'll take care of it.


Good evening, gentlemen.

I'd offer you a drink, but
we've already done that.

Mr. Hart, this is
Comrade Voznevsky.

Please, forgive this intrusion.

You were most hospitable.

But it appears we are
missing one of our party.

Uh, Yuri Rostoff.

Yes. Perhaps he became
so engrossed in conversation

he failed to notice
our departure.

Could you tell him we are
waiting to return to the hotel?

Mr. Zabin,

Mr. Rostoff has decided
to change his residence.

I'm afraid that
is not permitted.

The company is required to
stay together in a common hotel.

I don't think you understood.

See, Mr. Rostoff has
taken refuge in our house.



He has taken his first
step toward citizenship.


Now, gentlemen, uh,
if you'll excuse me.

Mr. Hart,

I realize you're a very
influential and important man,

but I believe you're
outside your jurisdiction,

aiding a Russian national

in such an important matter.

Mr. Zabin, I don't
mean to be rude,

but you're 10,000 miles
outside of your jurisdiction.

Now, uh, it's getting late.

Good night.

ZABIN: Mr. Hart,

you will be hearing
from my government.

Mr. Zabin,

you will be hearing
from my government.

Oh, good morning, Max.

I ain't so sure.

I feel like I fell in
the pickled herring.

I didn't sleep so well myself.

How's the boy?

He's not up yet.

Real big step, giving
up your country.

Well, he's been thinking
about it for a long time.

He wants to be with Michelle.

No argument there.
That's one cute little muffin.

They haven't seen
each other for two years.

MAX: Long time between dates.

Well, they're gonna make a
lot of pas de deux together.


Uh, morning, Max.


That for me?

Yes. Thanks.

You seen Yuri?

Yeah, he'll be down in a minute.

I think he's been on
the phone with Michelle.



I got it.

Want some more
of that? That's good.


Sydney Marshall, FBI.

Well, have him come up.

Come on up.

That's efficiency for you.

I haven't even called him yet.

Maybe that's why they're
so good at what they do.


JONATHAN: I guess you're
here about Yuri Rostoff.

That's correct.
Won't you sit down?

Thank you.

I hope you don't mind.

But I have to record
this conversation.

It's standard procedure
in these cases.

I'm not, uh, quite sure
what the procedure is,

but I assume that once
you have him in custody,

the KGB can't touch him.


MAX: Hi, Yuri.

Good morning, Max. How are you?

I'll have your porridge hot
enough for you in a second.

Oh, thank you very much.

The FBI is here.

Mr. and Mrs. H are with
him in the living room.

Well, there does seem to
be some confusion, Mr. Hart.

We're not here to take
custody, so to speak.

What about political asylum?

That's a problem if
criminal charges are filed.

Criminal charges?


Just a minute. Uh,
who called you?

Didn't, uh, Russian
security call you?

Somebody called us, but
they didn't leave their name.

About what?

The possibility of murder.

Murder? Of who?


Vladimir... Dok... um...

Dokov... Dok... Duke...
Doko... Dokoudovsky.

Thank you.

According to our
anonymous informant, Mr...

The dancer was stabbed
to death in his dressing room

by Mr. Rostoff.

One of my men is at the
theater right now checking it out.

You mean, what
you're saying is that...

That Yuri supposedly
killed Vladimir.


You're here and you
haven't established

whether or not there's a murder?

Well, I admit it's a
bit unusual, Mr. Hart,

but, uh, our informant
said I'd find Rostoff here.

I didn't want to take a
chance of losing him.

Yes, he's here.

He spent the night.

When was this supposed
murder to take place?

Last night.

As a matter of fact, I have
to call the theater right now

and verify the crime.

Well, before you call, maybe
we can have Yuri come in.

Max, is Yuri still out there?

No, he just took off
in the station wagon.

He asked for the keys
and I thought it was okay.

Mr. Hart, you better give me
the plate number on that car.




Christopher, did you
hear? He's done it.

He called me this morning.

And he's with the Harts
and they're gonna help him.

Did he tell you about Vladimir?

Vladimir? What about him?

He's dead.

I don't understand.

You know they never got along.


And you're saying
that Yuri killed him?

I can't believe that.

You can believe he loves you.

What has that got to do with it?

I can't understand why
you're behaving like this.

It's been over for us for years.

I still love you,
but not in that way.


It was beautiful
for us until him.

Yuri wants us to go
on being partners.

He doesn't want
to interfere in that.

Oh, really?

And who is he gonna dance with?

You think he's gonna
settle for seconds?

You're the best.

He knows that.

He's using you.

Maybe he decided to
defect after he killed Vladimir.

You know he's been thinking
about that for a long time.


I guess you'll have a chance
to ask him yourself, huh?


Oh, darling.

Well, Christopher, how are you?

Could be better.

Me, too.


Why did you think
Yuri would be here?

Well, if I was in trouble,

didn't know
anybody I could trust,

I'd turn to the woman I love.

I certainly hope the KGB

isn't as romantic as you are.

Christopher told
me about Vladimir.

Darling, I swear, I do not know.

The last time I see
him he was alive.

But who would want to kill him?

Well, I have feel
like that many times.

But I could not do such a thing.

What is it?

It is KGB bag of tricks!

To keep you from defecting?


And, by the way, Christopher,

who tell you Vladimir was dead?

They did.

They? You mean Zabin?

Yes. He called looking for you.

You see what I tell you?

It is them.



Michelle, it's Jennifer
and Jonathan Hart.

Sorry to barge
in on you like this.

Oh, Christopher.

Well, we were wondering if
you heard anything from Yuri.

I have not kill anyone.

We know that.
We're here to help.

Yuri couldn't kill anyone.
You must believe that.

It is true, Jonathan.


I swear on grave on my mother,

I do not did this
terrible thing.

Comrade Rostoff, you
will come with us now.

Don't do a thing, Yuri.


Michelle, stay here.


Halt! Halt!

Don't do it, Yuri!

Yuri, don't!



Why don't we see
how far he can get?

Mr. Hart, this time
you've gone too far.

Go around to the street.
See if you can find him.

There you go.

I just didn't want
to see him get hurt,

that's all.

MARSHALL: Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart.

JONATHAN: Nice to see you again.

Have you two gentlemen
met each other?

This is Mr. Zabin
of Russian security.

This is Mr. Marshall of the FBI.

I was told at the theater
I could meet you here.

I would like to say that this
gentlemen has interfered

with the apprehension
of a Russian national.

Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Zabin.
I really can't comment.

But I would like your opinion

about the matter of
the body at the theater.

Body at the theater?

Well, actually,
there isn't any body.

You mean Vladimir isn't dead?

I, uh, don't know.

He's certainly
nowhere to be found.

What are you talking about?

We received an anonymous
call this morning that...

That a Vladimir...
Dok... Dokov... Dokou...



Was reportedly killed
at the theater last night

by one Yuri Rostoff.

I do not know of any murder.

As for Comrade
Dokoudovsky, he was taken ill

and put on a flight to Moscow.

Well, I would certainly
like to meet Mr. Rostoff,

depending on
who finds him first.

Of course.

We will contact you when we do.


I think we'll go by the theater.

Isn't it a bit early?

I meant backstage.


You think the KGB
killed Vladimir?

Well, that would be
one way to get Yuri back.

But they can't claim
Yuri killed anyone

unless there's a
body to prove it.

That's what we're
gonna look for:

a body.


Oh, excuse me, please.

Oh, hi, Willie. I... I
forgot my ballet slippers.

I tell you, Mrs. Hart.

You dancers is always
forgetting something.

Isn't it the truth?

That man your partner?

Well, uh, I tap a little,

but actually I look
after her things.

Ha. Don't look like
you're doing to good.

Oh, you should see
his buck and wing.

Nice and tidy, isn't it?

Certainly is.

All it needs is a bow on top.

You smell that?

Cleaning fluid?

What's that?

Blood. You sure?


The most difficult
stain to get out.

What's over here?

JENNIFER: Darling, look at this.

JONATHAN: That's Vladimir.

JENNIFER: And family.

This is certainly not the
kind of thing you leave behind,

no matter how
serious your illness is.

Uh-huh. Maybe they forgot

to pack this up when
they packed up Vladimir.

I better put it away.


JENNIFER: Maybe it
was a little too coincidental.

Maybe that stain on the floor

was really from a
leaky fountain pen.

Maybe Vladimir forgot the
photographs of his family

because he was in
such a hurry to leave.

And maybe that phone call

was really from
a practical joker.

But maybe we
should call the FBI.

Darling, you're a dancer.

Now, let's just say

that the lead dancer
did decide to defect

and his backup got sick,

and there was a
performance the next night...

Tonight, as matter of fact.

Don't you think that they
would have called a doctor

before they shipped
him back to Red Square?

That depends on
how sick he really was.

Sick of living.

Hm? I mean, he looked pretty
well the last time I saw him.


I got it.

Who is it, the FBI or the KGB?


Mr. Hart.

Officer Burke, how are you?

Nice to see you.

Thank you. I'm fine.

Uh, do you know this gentleman?

Oh, I certainly do.

Yuri Rostoff, he's
a friend of mine.

Hello, Jonathan.

Well, there's no
big problem then.

Mr. Rostoff was driving on the
wrong side of the double yellow.

No license, no registration.

And I managed to catch up to
him at just as he got to your gate.

Well, he's new in this country.

figures he's not a local boy.

Well, he's going to
become a citizen, though.

OFFICER BURKE: No kidding?

Well, here are a few citations

just to get the ball rolling.

Oh, thank you very much.

Welcome to America.

So long, Mr. Hart.

So long, Officer Burke.


I am sorry that I make
for you such trouble.

Oh, don't worry
about that, Yuri.

If Vladimir's alive,
you have no problems.


Jonathan feels he may not be.

If Vladimir was that sick,

do you think he'd
leave that quickly?


No. I don't believe.

He would have to
be dying not to dance,

especially when I am gone.

Or dead.


Good evening.




Happy endings,
they always get me.

You see,

all I want is to be
with this lovely person,

and to dance.


Why must it be so complicate?

Sit down, Michelle.

What about Christopher?

How is Christopher
taking all this?

I thought he was
very happy for Yuri,

but I suppose he's really not.

Why do you say that?

Christopher and I
used to be very close

besides the dancing.

You know what I mean?


I have a feeling
that Christopher

may not be so happy to be

in the past tense.

For sure.

What's bothering you, Yuri?

It is Christopher.

He said that the KGB
called him about Vladimir.

They told him he was dead.

He said they were
looking for Yuri.

It seems to me that, uh,

Christopher has a lot to lose

if you're around.

JENNIFER: He certainly does.

He's not only lost his partner

but he's lost the
woman he loves.

He said that to me this morning

But I told him that
Yuri wanted us

to go on being partners.

The two of you aren't
going dance together?

Maybe sometimes. We would.

Maybe that's what
Christopher was thinking, too.

But to kill Vladimir?

Maybe he mean to kill me.

Except now Vladimir isn't dead.

Isn't that what you said?

Well, that's what the KGB says,

but I think they're
covering it up.

But why?

Well, the way I figure it,

is if the premiere
dancer did it,

they wouldn't want to
have him coming back

and having to explain
a premiere murder.

Well, what do they do now?

Well, I'd say that the, uh,

tutu is in their court.




He want to make deal.

I do not make a deal.

I present possibilities.

Anything to the
contrary, I will deny.

Of course.

He want me to go
back, as like to forgive

and forgot.

Then tonight,

I should dance final performance

and tomorrow I go home,

as if nothing happen.


Well, he said... No.

I do not say.


That there is
rumor that Vladimir,

he is very sick.

And so sick, it is
possible he might die.

Then what you're saying is

that Vladimir might
be already dead.

We are not uninterested

in Comrade Dokoudovsky's
unfortunate condition.

But other matters
take precedence.

I'm afraid they got you, Yuri.

If Vladimir is dead,

they'll never let
you in the country.

I can't let you go alone.

I want to go with you.

You cannot do that.

ZABIN: I cannot speak
officially for my government,

but I'm sure that something
could be worked out.

That's a very serious
decision, Michelle.

I've been waiting for this.

I want to be with
the man I love.

If he can't stay here,
then I'll go there.

ZABIN: Comrade Rostoff.

I will wait for you
outside in the car.

I hope to have the pleasure
of meeting you again.

Perhaps in Russia.

You are sure?

I love you and I
want to be with you.

When Zabin
arranges it, I will come.

I must go.

I thank you very
much for your help.

Tonight, I dance.


Tonight, we all dance.



Hello, Christopher?

PHONE]: Michelle, where are you?

I've been calling all over.

I'm sorry.

I've decided to do something
that may not please you.


What is it?

Yuri is going back
home to Russia,

and I'm going with him.


Michelle, you're
crazy. You can't.

What about the show?

They can get someone else.

Well, what about your career?

You're throwing your life away.

I can dance in Russia.

And me?

You should
understand, I love Yuri.

When are you leaving?

In the morning.

So soon.

I'd like to see you.

I think it's best if we don't.

I'll send for my things later.


Look, I have to go now.

Yuri's at the theater

and he's dancing tonight

in his farewell performance.

Goodbye, Christopher.

I'll write.

Yes. Please do.

I am so scared.

Don't worry, Michelle.

We'll dance at your
wedding, and I don't intend

to go any further north
than San Francisco.


Do you really think
he'll try something?

If he meant to kill
Yuri in the first place,

this is his last chance.

It's Yuri's last chance, too.


Ten minutes. Ten
minutes to curtain.

Thank you. Ten minutes!

Ten minutes to curtain.

It's me.

Yes, I know.

Keep your eyes open for
something out of the ordinary.

You mean, uh,
something like yourself?

That's right.

Something like myself.

Everyone, places, please.


Yuri, are you okay?



Did you notice anything?

Yes. I think you need
to see the dentist.

Will you stop kidding around.

Have you seen anybody?

In this crowd? Are you crazy?





[MOUTHS] Christopher.


Your hunting season
is over, Christopher.


There's your murderer.

Now if we only had a body.

Ask the men in the
black jackets about that.

Yuri, please.

Do not make us drag
you back like a child.

You weren't thinking of leaving
us again, Comrade Rostoff?

It's Mr. Rostoff from now on.

Darling, whoever said
that ballet was boring?

I don't know.

But whoever said
it ain't got no class.



Mrs. Hart.




going to be great, Max.


To tell you the truth, Mr. H,

I know you promised to
dance at Yuri's wedding,

but I ain't so sure.

Jonathan's right.
You'll be perfect, Max.

You're gonna be super. Trust us.

You'll be terrific.

All right. Once more
with feeling, okay?

That's it. Now, from the top.