Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 3, Episode 1 - Harts and Flowers - full transcript

Mrs Hart has been entered into a rose growing competition by Max, and her flower is chosen for the finals. At the same time, one of the main competitors a Greek organized crime figure is killed. The begin to investigate.

my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of
them, which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.




This is gonna be our year,

so keep those heads up high.


Oh. Papa is gonna
make you a star.



Who's there?

Who's there?




There, Freeway.
What do you think?


You're right.

My perfect rose. A
year in the making.


[WHISPERS] You better get up.

I have a surprise for you.

Oh, yeah? Mm-hm.

I like your surprises.

Especially first
thing in the morning.


Morning, everybody.

Breakfast in bed, darling.

That's my surprise?


Second nicest way to
get up in the morning.


Paper, Mr. H.

Thanks, Max.


Oh, Max, what a beautiful rose.

Oh, just a little something

I whipped up in my spare time.

You mean you grew it?

Grew it?

I created it.

A little water, some fertilizer,

a little cross-pollination,
and voilà.

The Jennifer Hart rose.

You named this after me?

Why, Max, I'm very flattered.

It's absolutely gorgeous.

Max, you're a man
of many talents.

I've never seen this
side of you before.

I like to keep a low profile.


Hey, Max, you're in a
very dangerous hobby.

It says here that
Xenophon Papadopoulos

was overcome last night

by his own insecticide.

Was that Papadopoulos,
the gangster?

Yeah. I didn't know
he was a gardener.

Yeah. Looks like, uh, Zeke
the Greek was into flowers.



David Stinton here.

The David Stinton?


Who's David Stinton?

He's here. At the front gate.

Come on up.

Congratulations, Mrs. H.

You must have made
the finals. Come on.


The finals?

Darling, I knew you
were good, but, uh...


Good morning. I'm David Stinton.

Yeah, yeah. Uh, I
know. Come on in.

Of the National Rose
Academy Award Committee.


I'm here to see Jennifer Hart.

That's wonderful.

Uh, to see if she
qualifies as a finalist.


I'm Jennifer Hart.

This is my husband, Jonathan.

Uh, I'm terribly sorry, but...

I'm afraid there's been
some misunderstanding.

That's what I was trying
to tell you about upstairs.

He's here to see about the rose

you entered in the contest.

STINTON: You made
the semifinals, Mrs. Hart.

And with that achievement
comes this award.

Well... I'm terribly flattered.

Thank you.



Thank you.

Uh... isn't this nice, darling?

Mr. Stinton...

perhaps you'd like to
see Jennifer's roses.

Oh, yes. I'll need
to. Follow me.

why didn't you tell me?

Well, it was such a long shot,

I figured that if
you didn't qualify,

you'd be disappointed.

I'm sorry if I
embarrassed you, Mrs. H.

Embarrassed? What
am I gonna do now?

Well, uh...

you're more at home
with these rose people

than I'd be, uh...
I'd be out of place.

Are you sure? Sure.


[SIGHS] I suppose
it's the least I can do

for the Jennifer Hart rose.

Oh, Max.



Delicate scent.

Circumference of the blossoms.

Symmetrical balance.

Marvelous color.

And the strength of
your stems is impressive.

So I've been told.

The Jennifer Hart
is magnificent.


You've discovered
something I've known for years.

To what do you attribute

the size of your blossoms?

Excuse me?

It's a secret fertilizer a
bookie told me about...

Uh, I mean, that
he told Mrs. H about.

Easy, Max. I see.

Well, we're honored to
welcome the Jennifer Hart

to the distinguished circle of

National Rose
Academy Award finalists.

Well... Uh...

What an honor.
That's sensational.

Uh, she's overwhelmed.
Easy, Max. Easy.

I hope you and Mr. Hart

will be able to attend
the garden party

for the four award finalists

this Saturday at
the Westphal estate.

Of course we can.

As long as we can bring Max...

Jennifer's assistant.

Yes. His thumb is
almost as green as mine.


Sylvia. Why... Hello.

You look so, uh... pink.

Oh, thank you. [CHUCKLES]

I'm so glad you
invited me here today.

Adolpho. Oh, yes.

Well, I do need a
drink. Thank you.

Thank you.

Why don't we go and mingle.

Yeah. Oh, I'd love
to. I, uh, believe

you know just about
everyone here, don't you?

Well, I think so.


Well. It's certainly
beautiful grounds.

Isn't it?

Mr. and Mrs. Hart.
Oh, Mr. Stinton.

So happy you
could join us today.

Oh, it's a lovely gala.

I take it there's
money in roses.

Oh, indeed, yes.

In addition to
worldwide recognition...

that you've grown the best,

this award can be worth
millions to the winner...

in merchandising rights
and advertising revenues...

as, uh, each of your
fellow finalists is well aware.

If looks could kill. Mm.

The Rose Academy Award winner...

can make more in one year

than my nursery can make in 10.

Your nursery?

Stinton Nurseries.

The same. JENNIFER: Well...

Something tells me
that the competition

can be very competitive.

Uh, shall we mingle?

Why not. Will you excuse us?


See you later.


Why, uh, you must
be Jennifer Hart.

Oh, yes, I am.

Magnificent. What?

I mean, cute. Uh.

That's a cute little
rose you're wearing.


Marcello, champagne.

Uh, this is my
husband, Jonathan.

And, uh, this is
our friend, Max.

Hamilton Westphal III.

Thank you.

This is your estate? Mm-hm.

Very impressive. Oh.

You think this is impressive.

Wait till you see Lady Westphal.


Your wife?

My rose. It's
named after Mother.

And something tells me
this is going to be our year.

Not if this year's crop

is the same as
the last 12 entries.


Or do you really expect
this to be lucky 13?


Cute, Sylvia.

Sylvia Williams.

Oh. Jennifer Hart.

Eliot Knox.


Well... [GIGGLES]

I guess we're
the four finalists.


Mr. Papadopoulos
would have made it five,

but he, uh... had an
unfortunate accident.

Yes, we read about
that in the newspaper.


Oh. What a shame.

Occupational hazard, you know.

What do you call
your rose, Mrs. Hart?

Uh, it's called the
Jennifer Hart rose.

Oh. You've named
it the Jennifer Hart.

Yes. SYLVIA: Oh.

How modest.

I named the rose.


You know something about roses?

A little.

Why don't you and I
find the hors d'oeuvres

and discuss some
serious cross-pollination?

Excuse us.


Watch out for Sylvia.

Raising roses isn't
just a hobby with her,

it's life and death.



Get away.

Get that away.

Get it away. Get it...

I'm sorry. Are you all right?

Oh, yeah, I'm... I'm fine.

Uh... Uh, that was just a bee.

Oh, I know. It's just that, uh,

well, I'm very
allergic to bee stings.

You are? What a shame.




know, if we stay here

and don't get back
to the buffet quickly...

Goodbye, lamb kebob.

Goodbye, shrimp puffs.

Goodbye, rumaki.

Goodbye, stuffed mushrooms.

Goodbye, cracked crab.


They have cracked crab?



WESTPHAL: Alone at
last with all my little winners.

Ah, good afternoon, kids.

Wake up. Rise and shine.

That's it. Terrific. Ha.

Oh, that's good.
That's real good.

You're making
good progress there.


You, you're not even trying.

Perk it up. Perk it up.


All right, boys
and girls. This is it.

This is the big day.

I want to see blue
ribbons out there.

We're gonna be number one again.




Oh, no.




No. No.


It sounds like the
party's breaking up early.


Help me! Please, somebody!

Help me!

Please! No!

Somebody help me.

Please, somebody.

Please... help me.

It's locked.

Whoa! Ooh.



He's dead.


MAX: I'm sorry, Mrs. H,

that you had to witness
that gruesome accident

at the award party.

It's all right, Max.
It wasn't your fault.

Yeah, but if I hadn't
entered my rose...

Max, check my
arithmetic, will you,

but, uh, doesn't that make

two of the five
Rose Award finalists

out of the way by accident?


If they were accidents.

Well, a man who
is allergic to bees

doesn't keep a hive
in the greenhouse.

Yes, but...

the million dollars
the award could bring

might be a little too enticing

to one of the finalists.

Yeah, and there
are three finalists left.

And you're one of
the three, Mrs. H.


MAX: I'm sorry.

MAX: Hey!

You made Holly Woods today.

Oh? What's Holly Woods?

You know. The
columnist who covers

society, gossip and restaurants.

You're under "Dribblings
at Party Pourings."

Oh, yeah? Who did we
dribble on, Max? Heh.

As you see, she covered the
rose finalists' reception yesterday.

But you can't believe everything
you see in the newspapers.

Why not?

I was at that reception.

She didn't even mention my name.

Oh, it was probably
just an oversight, Max.


I carefully spelled out my
name to her three times.

Max, will you get

Lieutenant Grey on the
phone for me, please?


Something interesting?

Yeah, I wanna see if, uh,
what's in the society page

has anything to do with
what's on the front page.

Take a look at
that. MAX: I got him.

Hold it, please.


Lieutenant Grey, Jonathan Hart.

Hey, what's up, Jonathan?

This morning, uh,

in the newspaper
on the front page,

it says that your autopsy
on Xenophon Papadopoulos

shows that he had a lot
of chemicals in his body.

Exactly what kind of
chemicals were they?

Jonathan, Papadopoulos
is dead and buried.

Why the big interest?

The big interest
is, uh, Jennifer.

I don't want to have
her dead and buried.

Yeah, she's fine.

Uh... what are the
chemicals, lieutenant?



Sodium hypochlorite.

That's right, hypochlorite.

And trisodium phosphate.

Sodium phosphate.

Is that it?

Well, thanks very
much, lieutenant.

We appreciate it. Bye.



So, what was in his body?

Sounds like a drugstore.

The problem is, I don't
know anything about this stuff.

Take a look.

"Insecticides, plant sprays."

That's David
Stinton's livelihood.

Maybe he can analyze it for us.

That's a good idea.

If the insecticides kill bugs,

then Papadopoulos'
death would be an accident.

And if it kills people?

Then, darling, there's a
murderer on the loose.



Stinton's place is on up ahead.

It looks like we're not the
only ones headed there.

That car's been following
us for the last couple of miles.

He's going on by.

That's Eliot Knox.

What a coincidence.

Isn't it.

Mr. Stinton around?



Hello, there.

Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

Well... after the
recent tragedies,

it's a pleasure to see a
contestant still up and about.

Oh. No, it's our pleasure.

I can only hope that you're
here to try and bribe the judge.

Buy this business, and the
Rose Academy Award is yours.


Uh. You don't seem
to be too terribly upset

by what's been going on.

Frankly, it appears
that the finalists

have more to fear
than the judges.

So... what can I do for you?

Well, um... actually,

we need your
professional expertise.

Fine. Come back to my office.


What's that?!

It's a mulcher.

One we developed here
for recycling plant debris

into usable fertilizer.

Certainly has a
healthy appetite.

It's just an overgrown
garbage disposal, Mrs. Hart.

You leave it alone,
it'll leave you alone.

Oh. What beautiful roses.

My personal collection. Oh.

They're my passion, really.

These would make
you the perfect judge.


Have you ever
entered the contest?

No. It's only for those
with amateur status.

Owning this nursery
disqualifies me.

Rules are rules.

So then none of the other

finalists are professionals?

Eliot is a bank cashier.

Sylvia is just about to
open her own flower shop,

so, uh, this will be

the last year she can compete.


David, uh... I've got a
list of chemicals here

that a friend of mine
is using on his garden.

Can you tell me whether
they're dangerous to him

or any of his plants?

Looks like a variation of

some sort of commercial spray.

I can get you an
exact breakdown.

It'll take a few minutes.

Well, that's very kind of you.

You're welcome to
look around the nursery.

If you see anything you like,
I can get it for you wholesale.


Well, that's an offer
we can hardly pass up.

Shall we take a look? Yes.

See you later. Yes. Bye.



Oh, look at these.

Aren't they beautiful?

I wonder what they're called.

"Beloperone guttata."

Shrimp plants.

Oh. Eliot.


Your husband's not
here to help you now.

It's just you... and me.

Well, Eliot... what
are you talking about?

We can stop playing
games, Mrs. Hart.

We both know those
deaths weren't accidental.

Yes, I suppose we do.

Eliot... listen to me.

Ah... Jonathan!



What? Ah! Oh!

What's the matter? What's wrong?


Eliot Knox.

He thinks we
know he's the killer,

and he tried to kill me.

Are you sure it was Eliot Knox?

Darling, if I hadn't have run,

you could have checked
his fingerprints on my throat.



Up there.




Are you all right?

Yeah, darling. I am.



I hope Stinton doesn't treat
all his customers like this.




That's Knox's car.

Let's give Lieutenant
Grey a call.


It's Stinton's ring.





It's David Stinton's, all right.

And that's all there is
to make a positive ID on.


Poor man.

And he was just saying
it was safer to be a judge

than a finalist.

Jonathan, tell me everything

you know about this Knox guy.

I already told you, lieutenant.

He tried to kill my wife

and, uh, three other people.

Oh, thanks, Bob.

Why don't you check
the grounds outside.

See what you can find.

Point of information.

The FBI has had your Eliot
Knox under investigation

for embezzling $500,000
from the Golden West Bank.

And frankly, they don't
know what the hell he's done

with the money.

Well, he certainly
didn't squander it

on fine clothes and fancy cars.

Maybe he made a
short-term investment

in a rigged flower show.

But wait a minute. Why...? Uh...

Why would he bribe the
judge and then kill him?

Maybe they had a falling-out.

Knox wanted his money
back, Stinton wouldn't return it.

So he killed him.

I don't think so, lieutenant.

Uh, I don't think those murders

are tied in here.

The bottom line: I'm putting
out an APB on Eliot Knox.

Can we, uh, go on home?

Uh, Jonathan, I'll need
you here a little longer

to help with my report.

I'll drive you home.

And Jennifer, I would
suggest you head for home

and, uh, lock your door.

You know the, uh, first
prize in your Rose Award

could go to anybody
who survives the contest.



See you later.

Bye, darling.



Your tea will be ready
in just a second, Mrs. H.

Oh, thanks, Max.

And not from any dinky tea bags.

I'm brewing this
from fresh Darjeeling

right from the den.

Oh. The best news
I've had all day.

So poor Stinton was
mulched to death, huh?




Oh, I'm sorry, Mrs. H.

And you don't think it
was an accident, huh?

I don't know what it was.

But it's too awful to imagine.


Here you go, Freeway.


Special water for
your daily contribution

to the soil which
produced that magnificent,

prize-winning specimen.

I couldn't have done
it without you, kid.

Freeway... go to your mom.

She's had a tough day. Go ahead.



Mwah. I love you too. Yes.

Oh, the baby.


Thanks, Max.

I enter a flower show,

and you wind up playing
chicken with a truck.

Oh. It's not your fault.

Main thing is that the
police are after that psycho,

and you and Mr. H are safe.


What's the matter?

We're safe.

But Sylvia Williams isn't.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna try to
get in touch with her.

See if I can warn her.

Williams, S-Sylvia.



Hello, Sylvia?

Oh, no.

What's the matter?
It's a machine.

missed your call, but even on Sunday

I'm on my way to my
flower shop on Bailey Street.

When you hear the beep,
please leave a message

or try me at the shop.


Hello, Sylvia. This
is Jennifer Hart.

If you get this message
before I reach you,

don't go home.

Your life may be in danger.

Eliot Knox is the murderer,

and he may be looking
for you right now.

So just call Lieutenant
Grey at police headquarters.


Eliot Knox is too dead...

to be looking for
Sylvia or you, Mrs. Hart.

But I'm not.



She's not answering.

She may be on
her way to her shop.

Listen, Max, I'm
gonna go down there.

Alone? Yes.

I need you to stay here.

You keep calling this number.

And if you get her
before I get there,

tell her to call Lieutenant Grey

at police headquarters.

And then... cross your fingers.






Miss Williams?

SYLVIA: Yes? Who is it?

It's me. Jennifer Hart.

I've come to warn you. I
know why you've come.

So you can drop
the innocent act.


I came to warn you
about Eliot Knox.

He's the killer.

Oh. Well, that's funny.

He said the same
thing about you.

But he...

There was never any
trouble with the Rose Award

until you became a finalist.

You must want to win very badly.

That's what the
two of you thought?

So that's why he
was following me.


But Eliot's the one who
wanted to win so badly.

He even bribed the judge.

Are you sure of that?

Eliot embezzled $500,000

from the bank where he
worked and gave it to Stinton.

That doesn't prove anything.

Why not?

So did I.

STINTON: Sylvia's
telling the truth,

Mrs. Hart.

They all bribed me.

This year, the big
winner will be...

the judge.



Too late, Max.


So the contest was
completely rigged.

Very astute, Mrs. Hart.

Can you guess the rest?

I might be able to.

If you could get $500,000
from a simple bank teller

and... a reasonable
sum from a...

respectable businesswoman...

just think of what you could get

from Papadopoulos,

or... Hamilton Westphal III.

You took money from all of us?

Well, I sold my soul

to my pompous
relatives for nothing?

[LAUGHING] Oh. You heel.

Makes me no worse
than you, Sylvia.

Only more enterprising.

You can't appreciate
what it was like, Mrs. Hart,

handing out all that
money year after year

and all that notoriety

to some clumsy amateur

who stumbled across
a new shade of pink,

while I barely eked out
a living at my nursery.

You're not gonna
get away with this.

I'm doing all right so far.

JONATHAN: That's it, lieutenant.

That's all I can tell you.

Then Knox peeled out of here.

Well, that just about
does it. [SIGHS]

The only loose end is
catching up with him.

Well, we got an APB out and
a stakeout of his apartment.

Yes, but as Jennifer said...

why would a man who
embezzled $500,000

want to kill the only man
that could help him recover it?

That doesn't make sense.

Look, Jonathan, you're right.

Jennifer is right.

Let me finish the
report, I'll run you home.

Stinton's personal bankbook.

Now, that's a funny
place for him to keep it.

Lieutenant, a man like Stinton

struggles in a
place like this, huh?


Then why would he have over
$2 million in his bank account?

Now, let me see that.

It makes no sense.

Sure it makes sense.

If Eliot Knox wasn't
the only finalist

who was trying
to bribe the judge.

It's ridiculous.

Why would Stinton take
money from four contestants

if only one can win?

I mean, he'd never
get away with it.

Sure he could.

If the other contestants
were disappearing,

he could get away with it.

Yeah, but there's only one
problem with your theory.

David Stinton is a dead
man. Not Eliot Knox.

Suddenly I'm not so sure.

Jennifer was
afraid of Eliot Knox.

Maybe she had no reason to be.

Hello, Max?

Is Jennifer there?

I'm sorry, Mr. H,
but she's not here.

She went down to a
flower shop on Bailey Street,

uh, to warn the Williams
dame about Eliot Knox.

I've been dialing the shop,

but there's no answer
and I'm worried.

Yeah, you have reason
to be. Thanks, Max.

Come on. Let's get down
to Sylvia Williams' shop.


STINTON: Mrs. Hart, I must say

I was disappointed when
you and your husband

didn't pick up on my little
hint about bribing the judge.

But no matter how much money

the finalist gave you...

there can only be one winner.

That's right. In
the corner, ladies.

Over there.

One winner, and a
number of very sore losers.

Unless something
happened to them.

In a matter of hours, I'll be
on a flight out of the country.

And thanks to you and
your husband, Mrs. Hart,

the police probably
think I'm dead.

And that horrible
machine... The mulcher.

Eliot Knox, of course.

Clever of me to think
of the ring, wasn't it?

Unfortunately, I can't allow

either of you the opportunity

to let the police in
on our little secret.

Inside, ladies.




A mink coat will last
forever in cold storage.

Pity you two won't.

Just be patient, ladies.

It takes a few minutes

to lower the
thermostat gradually

to the sub-zero climes.

[SINGSONGY] Don't want
to break the thermostat.


Some flower show.

Bodies dropping
like rose petals.

That's a new one on me.

How much further
is Bailey Street?

Usually, it's to call me in
when people like to grow things

and then smoke 'em. Ha.

How much further?

Jonathan, Jennifer's in danger.

Now, you know there isn't
anything I wouldn't do for her.

But we don't know
who's after her.

I believed her when she told
me that Knox was after her.

Now, maybe he was after her

to accuse her of
the other murders.

That's ridiculous.

Now, wait a minute. Put
yourself in Knox's shoes.

Every year the Rose Award
Show goes off without a hitch.

Suddenly Jennifer's involved,
and then what happens?

Murder. Right.

That $2-million bank
account of Stinton's,

that leads me to believe
that his ring might be a decoy.

If you're right about Stinton,

you're up against
a very clever man.

Yeah, and a very dangerous
one. Can you step on it?

My foot's on the floor
now. Take it easy.


Stinton, don't do this.

Please. Please let us out!

Save your breath, ladies.


Farewell, ladies.

Don't catch your death.

Don't leave us!
You can't do that!

Come back!

Save your energy, Mrs. Hart.

It's Sunday.
There's no one here.




as long as we're gonna
freeze to death together,

you may as well
call me Jennifer. Ah.



It's Stinton.

Halt. Police.

Jonathan, wait!



Help! Over here!



JENNIFER: Please! Help us!


JENNIFER: Over here! Help!


Cover me, will you?


Get us out of here. [GUNSHOTS]

Get us out of here! Please!

Help! Help us!

Help! Let me out!





Okay, lieutenant? Yeah, fine.



The next time
I'm late to dinner...

remind me not to
bring you flowers.




[SNIFFLES] Bless you.

Thank you.



Oh, darling, I'm
so sorry. [SIGHS]

I told you... you'd get it

if you stayed in
here last night.

It was worth it.


Oh, dear.


Take two of these.

I already took two of those.

Well, do you feel anything?

No. Oh.

They're not set to
go off for an hour.


Juice time.

I'm gonna... [SNIFFLES]

I gotta... Quick. Grab it.

I got it, Max.


Here. Thank you.

Oh, Max.

Did I give it to you too?

No, you gave it to Freeway.

He gave it to me.



Did you grow me
another beautiful flower?

My green thumb days are over.

Sylvia's place
opened this morning,

and I went down
there and bought it.

Aw, thanks. I wish
I could smell it.

Oh, Freeway, my
poor little invalid.

Here, darling. Here.

The vet says

you should get this twice a day.

What is it?

Chicken soup.