Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 2, Episode 6 - Murder Wrap - full transcript

An Egyptologist is killed just before the opening of a stagey exhibit, featuring the mummy of an ancient Egyptian prince who legend says is waiting for his princess to join him in death -- and she looks just like Jennifer.


NARRATOR: This is my boss,
Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.





Oh, my prince, your tireless
odyssey has come to its end.

The princess is at hand.

Time is now.

She waits to join
you in the ecstasy...

of death.

MAN: Steady it right there.

Fred, spread it a little.

That's good, Fred.

Just spot it down a little.

That's it.

I think we've got it.


It's all theatre.

You've got to
capture this drama,

the spectacle of the actual dig.

Well, I, for one,
find it dazzling.

See, Jennifer understands.

People don't go
to a stuffy museum

to see a lot of old
relics under glass.

Nobody with a brain goes
to a museum for a floorshow.

Oh, my dear doctor,

if museums depended on
people with brains for support,

we'd be stuck with
your eminent self

and six and a half others.


Aren't you going to get rid

of these phony
stones before tonight?

Ah. Just part of the set.
Realism is the key, huh?

If you'll excuse me.

We've been excusing
you for years, doctor.

See you all at the opening.

Wearing black tie
or bush jacket, huh?


Dr. Whittlock,
you're incorrigible.

God's sake,

these are the roots
of our civilization,

and he's turning
it into a circus.

Oh, I don't think
it's quite that bad.

And it does sort of make
you feel as if you're in a dig.

MELISSA: We don't have

to be eternally grateful,
but Cole did get the museum

to put up all the
money for the shovels.

Yes, yes, Melissa.
You'll never let me forget.

Well, it's not Tutankhamen,

but uncovering the tomb
of Prince Menakortas,

I guess is worth a mention
in the Cairo Inquirer.


Well, I have to be
going, I'm afraid.

Oh, well, I'll show
you out. Good.

Doctor, thank you for being
so kind to a nosy reporter.

Oh, nonsense, Jennifer.

I only wish all my inquisitors
were as lovely as you are.


I'm anxious to meet

that lucky husband of yours.

Oh, you'll like him. He's
my greatest discovery.

[CHUCKLES] See you tonight.


Oh, boy.


Do they always go
at each other like that?

No, not really.

Dr. Whittlock's
getting a little cranky

in his old age, that's all. Ah.

I think Cole Morefield
thinks he's P.T. Barnum. Heh.

Well, I know Cole
better than most people.

He'd just like a little of the
glamour to rub off on him.

Oh, I see. I have
to go down this way.

Okay, I'll leave you here.

I have to go check
on my hieroglyphics.

Ah, how symbolic of
you. See you tonight.

See you tonight.





Is that you, Fred?




JONATHAN: Darling,
is this really necessary?


I mean, uh, mummy cuff links?

Oh, I sort of thought
they were attractive.

Cole Morefield had them made
up as a promotional gimmick

for the opening of the show.

The first hundred
people get a pair

and a year's supply
of bandages free.

Well, I don't know
about the bandages.

But you might
mention them to him.

On second thought, I'm sure
he's already thought of them.

Well, my prince...

What do you think?

Very Nefertiti.


Very Nefertiti.

By the way, is my, uh,
turban back from the cleaners?

Oh, Jonathan, don't
you understand?

Being with Professor Whittlock

has sort of
rekindled my interest

in Egyptology.

In ancient Egypt, ancient
Greece, ancient Rome.

Okay, okay, I'll
wear the cuff links.

Don't you remember?

I almost majored in archaeology
with a minor in anthropology.

Anthropology? Oh, yeah,
that's the, uh, study of man.

As a member of the
species, I have to tell you,

you've been neglecting
your studies lately.

I have?


Well, I'm sorry.

Can you forgive me?

Well, I can try.


MAX: Mr. H, I hate to rush
you, but your jacket's pressed,

and, uh, you don't wanna
keep them stiffs waitin'.


Where is your
appreciation of history?

Listen, take it from me,
when you've seen one old relic,

you've seen 'em all.

May I quote you?

You can quote the young
lady I was out with last night.

Max, you will you videotape
the fight for me, will you?

So I don't miss all the action?

Listen, with them two palookas
stumblebumming around,

you're better off in a
tomb with some real stiffs.

Uh, for openers, Max,

it's not a tomb, it's a crypt.

And it's not a
stiff, it's a mummy.

In fact, it's the organic
remains of an Egyptian prince.

Really? A prince, huh?

That's right.

Well, it just goes to show ya,

even being a prince don't help.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Which reminds me, let's.

I'll give your best
to the mummy, Max.

Yeah, tell him I'm
sorry about the accident.


COLE: Well, Mr. and
Mrs. Benson, how are you?

Very nice to see you.

I'm glad you
came to the exhibit.

Are you enjoying it?

Yes, well, wait till
you see the rest.

Hello, Fred.

Hello, Margaret, how are you?

So glad you came.
Glad to see you.


Oh, Jonathan, you
remember Cole Morefield.

Jonathan, nice to see you.

Good evening, Cole.

Jennifer told me you
designed the exhibit.


Thank you.

Has anyone heard
from Dr. Whittlock?

I haven't seen him.

Well, the last scroll that
arrived by carrier pigeon

said something about
the eminent doctor

trying to decipher the
mysteries of the bow tie.



Cole's done just about
everything tonight.

Yes, he's even
pumped in the musty air

from the Valley of the Kings.

You might think about
bottling that, Cole.

Ah, that's not a bad idea.
Dollar a whiff sounds fair.

This is a man
after my own heart.

Oh, Jonathan
loved the cuff links,

didn't you, darling?

Yeah, they're beautiful.
Thank you very much.

They'll go with
my King Tut tiepin.


Yeah, well, I know
it seems a bit much,

but front row at a tomb

isn't exactly the
hottest ticket in town.

Listen, by the way, I've seen
your name come up many times

on the list of endowments.

Don't think it
isn't appreciated.

Well, you're welcome.

It's the least we
can do for the past.

Well, now, if you'll excuse me,

the understudy may
have to go on for the star...


Oh, well, let me give
the understudy a hand.

I thought he was gonna
ask for the cuff links back.

Jonathan. Oh, Mr. Assad,
this is my husband, Jonathan.

Mustaff Assad.

He accompanied the exhibit

from the Cairo
Antiquities Service.

Mr. Hart, I have
enjoyed the acquaintance

of your beautiful wife
these past few days.

Now you know what
a lucky man I am.

COLE: Ladies and
gentlemen, your attention.

It appears our guest of honor,

Dr. Whittlock, has been
unfortunately delayed.

And I know you're all anxious,

so without further ado,

I invite you into the tomb
of Prince Menakortas.

Leave your coats
and drinks at the door.


I'm not going to bore
you with a guided tour.

Just a few highlights.

Once again, I would
like to apologize

for Dr. Whittlock's delay.

Probably got an emergency
call from his pyramid club.

Watch the torches.

Just file along on
either side of the tomb.

Come on along.

Get a nice view. Make
yourself comfortable.

I'm sure you're all curious
why there are two sarcophagi.

Insecurity. He didn't
wanna go without a spare.

One, of course,
was for the prince,

the other for his princess.

According to hieroglyphics,

the prince discovered

the princess was
cheating on him,

so he promptly
slashed her wrists.


But nothing chauvinistic
about the prince.

He then cut his own wrists.

They were to be
buried side by side.

Unfortunately for the
prince, she survived.

And he was forced
to make his voyage

to the underworld alone.

However, a testament to
her beauty did go with him.

I give you Princess Tarkahti.


ASSAD: Have you
taken notice, Mrs. Hart,

of the an uncanny resemblance
of you and the princess?


Well, that's very
flattering. Thank you.

He's right.

There is a striking
likeness. Oh.

Maybe you were, in a
past life, the princess.

I highly doubt it.

It is interesting you
should say that, Mr. Hart.

You are aware of the legend?

It was passed down
by the ancient priests.

Prince Menakortas
has never been at rest.

Why is that?

Have you seen the

His spirit roams the underworld

in search of his princess.

COLE: And this
is the inner coffin,

solid gold and ebony,

as was typical of a
member of the royal family.

Those of you with
delicate stomachs

might not want to look.

The prince has not kept

a high profile
over the centuries.

And so without further ado, I
give you Prince Menakortas,

descendant of
Ramses I, 1215 B.C.



JENNIFER: Dr. Whittlock.


Thank you. Thank you very much.

Boy, this is like one of
those old Bela Lugosi movies.

Uh, no, that was the vampire.

Lon Chaney was the mummy.

Oh, yeah, right, right.

COLE: Would you mind?

That's 3000 years old.

Yeah, right.


Right, so, uh,
let's, uh, go over

this whole thing again.

Now, the last time you
all saw Dr. Whittlock alive

was around 4
p.m. this afternoon.

And that was the last time

you saw the mummy.

And, uh, could you tell me

about how heavy was
this... mummy, Mr. Morely?


Oh, yeah, right, right.

It was about 100
pounds, more or less.

Anyone could have carried it.

Even a woman?

Well, yes, I suppose.

Even a woman, if she was
wearing sensible shoes.

ASSAD: No one
carried the prince.

He was lifted on the wings

of his own spirit.

Do you think Assad is
getting something on the side?

Assad. Assad.

Assad, you're the guy connected
with the Egypt Antique Service.

Uh, excuse me, Mr. Morefield,

but what kind of monetary value
is involved with this mummy?

Well, to science it's priceless.

But I can't imagine a mummy
having any resale value.

You are all failing
to see the obvious.

The prince is here to
reclaim his princess.




It's all right, baby.

It's only the wind.





Darling, do you know

that it's 2:00 in the morning?

I know, I know.
I couldn't sleep.

I kept thinking
about the legend.

I wanted to look something
up in a reference book.

Did you try the comic books?


You think I'm silly, don't you?

No, I think we had
a very frightening

and unpleasant evening.

Poor Dr. Whittlock.

Well, whoever killed
him is very much alive.

Very contemporary and
probably very, very crazy.

Are you absolutely sure?

You know, the ancient Egyptians
left very detailed instructions

on the resurrection of the dead.

There's no mummy back
to reclaim his princess.

Only a very lonely husband,
here to reclaim his wife.

Now, come on.


darling, I'm sorry. I...

I guess I'm just
getting carried away

with all this
ancient superstition.

Do you know what that is?

No, what?

That is the curse
of the pharaohs.



Yeah, it's the little like
the psychology major

who thinks he's going
crazy. [CHUCKLES]

Well, I'm very susceptible.


And you're very huggable.


Jonathan, it's him.


The mummy, and I
just saw him out there.

You call the police.

Jonathan, don't go out there.


Call the police.
I'll be right back.



Hello, I wanna
report a... A prowler.


His name?

Oh, my name. My
name is Jennifer Hart.

Mrs. Jonathan Hart.

3100 Willow Pond Road, Bel Air.

Yes. Yes.

And please hurry. My
husband went after him.


JENNIFER: Who is it?

Jonathan, is that you?

What was it?

I didn't see anyone. You didn't?


What have you got there?


What is that?

I found that snagged
on one of the bushes.


MELISSA: There's,
uh, no question about it.

It has the unmistakable
odor of resin, spices, of myrrh.

Myrrh? As in
frankincense and myrrh?


That's the resin used

by the ancient embalmers?

Yes, it is.

So that came from the prince?

Well, either the prince
or his second cousin.

Then I did see a mummy.

Please, darling,
don't get carried away.

Yes, there was a man
outside the window last night.

But it was no mummy.

Jonathan, I promise
you, I saw what I saw.

Melissa, you're a scientist.

Do you believe in all this?

Well, no, not really,

but, uh, hundreds of others do.

Well, that's because of Assad.

He created that monster

because of that, uh,
story he told last night

about the risen mummy.

Well, Assad is a
little superstitious,

but, uh, usually
he's quite reliable.

He certainly has a
sparkling personality.

Is it true that his family dates

all the way back
to the pharaohs?

Yeah, apparently they were
the guardians of the crypts.

So Assad fancies himself

the keeper of the flame.

I wonder where he's
keeping himself these days.


wanted for questioning.

"Mummy misses opening.

Mummy kills daddy."

This thing really has
caught on, hasn't it?

It's amazing, isn't it?

We've even got blurbs
in the New York papers.

I wouldn't have
thought a risen mummy

would be all the
news that's fit to print.

Well, judging from the crowds,

this publicity
hasn't hurt a bit.

Well, after the
tragedy last night,

I thought the exhibition
would have been ruined.

Well, it looks
like it stirred up

people's morbid curiosity.

Do you have any idea who
could have killed Dr. Whittlock?

I can't imagine.

Do you have any idea about,
uh, the poor man's Boris Karloff?

What, Assad?

mean, that crazy story

about the prince coming
back for his princess?

Nah, it's pretty
far-fetched stuff.

Well, someone is
dressing up like a mummy.

And stalking my wife.


It's true. Last
night at the house.

Well, that's unbelievable.

You think it's Assad?

Living out his fantasy?
I'll bet my cuff links on it.

I beg your pardon?

You've got a storage
area behind the tomb.

I'd like to get in there
and take a look around.

Oh, I suppose,

but the police have
been all over the place

like ants looking for crumbs.

Well, I'd like to
satisfy my curiosity.

You could arrange that?

I'll call Larry, the guard.

Tell him it's all right.


Oh, uh, by the way,

maybe you shouldn't
let that story get around

about the mummy at your place.

I wouldn't want this
story to get outta hand.

Believe me, neither would we.
We don't want to encourage him.


Hello. Martin Stenfield, please.

Hello, yes, Mr. Stenfield?

I just read your
fascinating piece

about the mummy in
this morning's paper,

and I thought you'd
be interested to know

there's been a curious
new twist to the story.


Oh, Jonathan,
this is impossible.

There are hundreds of places
someone could hide a mummy.

Yeah, I know.

Anybody home?

This is the logical place.

Nobody could have carried

that mummy out of
the museum last night

with all those guards
and people around.


After all, what could they
have said to each other?

"I beg your pardon, sir,

but what is that
you're carrying out?"


"Oh, that's my friend Harry.

He got a little wrapped
up in the exhibit."

I think this whole thing

was carefully planned.

Whoever did it had a
definite hiding place.

Do you think we ought
to think the way he did?

Or she.


Did you get a load of
Melissa's handshake?

She's got a grip like a grizzly.


Well, aren't you cute.




Jonathan, did you say something?



Come out, come
out, wherever you are.



Jonathan, that is not funny.

Oh, dear.

You're not Jonathan, are you?

Nice doggy.

Oh, boy!



Oh, Jonathan.

Jonathan, I... I saw him.

How could you have missed him?

No, no, no, not him, the mummy.


Over there.

Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure! I
looked right into his eyes.

He looked at me as if he
was trying to say something.


First, it's the mummies.
Now, it's dogs and mummies.

No, no, no, those were jackals.

They were considered sacred
by the ancient Egyptians.

Is that right?

Wait a minute,
we're losing the point.

It was a person.

Are you talking about the dog?

No, no! A jackal.

I'm talking about both of them.

I'm talking about a
mummy and the jackal.

Well, you have any ideas?

Yes, I do. Assad.

Well, we're trying to
get ahold of him now.

Look, I'm not taking this
mummy thing, uh, too seriously.

Don't get me wrong. I'm taking
the investigation seriously.

I hope you're taking

the investigation
seriously, lieutenant.

Because some Band-Aid
freak is after my wife.

Right, but two curious
things have developed.

What are those?

Dr. Whittlock's autopsy

shows that his neck was snapped

by a person, thing, whatever,
with incredible strength.

What's the second curious thing?

We checked the grounds
around your house,

and we got a pretty
good set of impressions.


Well, not exactly.

They were, uh, more like feet.

Big feet.

They were either your
friend, the mummy's,

or there's some guy
running loose out there

with very funny socks.


ASSAD: My prince,
I supplicate myself.

I have failed you.

It will not happen
again, master.

I swear on the head
of the god Horus.

May the great
falcon strike me dead

if I do not succeed.

Soon... the princess
will be with you.

I have prepared a potion.

You will possess
whoever wears it.

You must be careful

not to breathe the
vapors for too long.

JENNIFER: You should
have seen his face.

The look in his eyes.

I saw a mummy. [SIGHS]

Darling, there has to
be some explanation.

Well, I certainly
hope so, for my sake.

We'll figure it all out.

Excuse me, but this... This
was just delivered for you.

There's no name on it.

No return address.

Where do I send
the thank-you note?

Darling, let me open that.

You think there's
something wrong with it?

I don't know. We'll find out.

What is it? A new
flea collar for Freeway?

No, it looks like it's,
um, a collar for Jennifer.

"My dearest princess,

"a powerful potion
emanates from this vile.

"Draped about your
neck it will protect you

from the evil forces."

It smells like... myrrh.

Myrrh? As in murder?

That seems to be
the basic ingredient

for all their recipes.

We've got to find Assad.


Hart residence.

Uh, Mrs. Hart, please.

At the very least
he's a psychic.

This is Karnak, the


It's for you, Mrs. H.

Take it, darling.

Yes, hello?

Have you received the talisman?

Uh, yes, it just arrived.

You must wear it. Trust me.

You cannot ignore
what is happening.

What is happening, Mr. Assad?

Menakortus has risen.

He has?

Did you not see him?

Uh, yes, I did.

Only I can free you
and satisfy the prince.

You must see me.

Now, immediately.

And it must be alone.
Woodward Arms.

Yes, I know where that is.

Alone. And you must
wear the talisman.

All right.

MAX: Mr. H, you're not gonna let

Mrs. H. mess around with
that overgrown bundle of rags.

No, Max. Assad is not the mummy.

Assad is the mummy's keeper.

And if we're going
to get to the master,

then we have to
be nice to the dog.


It's been some day.

Would you believe 12,758
people came to see the late prince?

They came to see an
empty sarcophagus.

Nothing like a living mummy

to breathe a little
life into archaeology.

It's unfortunate.

Regrettable that all this

had to be at the
expense of Dr. Whittlock.

Regrettable? Really, Cole.

Look, I went out on a
lot of very shaky limbs

to get money for
that excavation.

Hey, I was the first person
to remind Dr. Whittlock.

And if it had been a failure,

I'm the one that
had been up the Nile

without the proverbial paddle.

Dead or alive, the good doctor

will always be remembered
for the discovery.

But the prematurely
retired Cole Morefield

would have been sent
on a slow boat to oblivion.

Look, I'm really excited that
the exhibit was a success.


More than you know.

Please, forgive the harangue.

Maybe I'm a little too involved.

Aren't these the
blueprints to the tomb?

Uh, yes, they are.

Oh, I just happened
to come across them.

I... I thought I might
learn something.


Well, I gotta run.

I'll tell the guard
you're still here.

Good night, Cole.



This is where
you've been hiding.

Well, you just stay
right there, my prince.

I'm gonna get somebody
to get you back into bed.


JENNIFER: I know we don't
have much choice, but I'm...

I'm not too thrilled about this.

Don't worry, nothing's
gonna happen.

Besides, Assad only wants
to deliver you to the mummy.


That's very reassuring.

Well, with Assad's
good-luck charm,

plus the extra charm
the lieutenant added,

you'll be in
earshot all the time.


You be careful, hon.

I'll try.

On the second floor, it's charming.

You don't know
what you're missing.

Well, here goes.

I hope you guys have
your shoelaces tied

in case something happens.


Princess, I am so glad
that you have come.

Oh, well, uh, you don't...

You don't have to
stand on ceremony.

You can just call me Mrs. Hart.

I know it is difficult
for you to accept,

but it is all true.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Believe me, it's not
the company, I just...

Would you mind if I sat down?


I'm sorry.


What was it you were saying?

Prince Menakortus has risen.

And for only one purpose.

I'm afraid to ask.

Yes. He has come
back for you, princess.

You are to join him
in the sarcophagus.


I never liked cramped quarters.

ASSAD: You of royal birth

have a different
obligation to fulfill.

I suppose so.

And the next world will
be even more magnificent.

It will not be long, my prince.

And soon you will
sleep the eternal rest.

I don't like this.

Do you think he gave
her some kinda shot?

It was the charm. I should
have known. Come on.




Where is she? Where are they?

They're gone?

Yeah, and I know where.

Do not be afraid, my princess.

It will be painless,
like going to sleep.

And then you will be united
with your prince for all time.


Why are you doing this?

It is my destiny and yours.

I am the jackal, the
guardian of the tomb.

Then who's the mummy?

Prince Menakortus.

Have you seen him?

Only in death.


Are you sure he'll take
her to the museum?

Of course. He's crazy.

He's got an appointment
with his master.

Now, Princess Tarkahti,
prepare yourself for eternity.

Oh, no, please, don't! Don't!



Why here?



Oh, no. No, no!


No, don't. Please.



No, no, no, please!

No, please! No!

You better check that guy out.
He may need an ambulance.



Where is she? Where is my wife?

Answer me!

Answer me.

Where is my wife? Where is she?



JENNIFER: Jonathan, I'm in here!

The sarcophagus!


In the sarcophagus!


Jonathan, I'm in here!


Hurry, Jonathan, hurry!


Darling, are you all right?

Oh, Jonathan.

It's all over.

Did you get him?

Assad, yeah. He's over
there, babbling like an idiot.

No, not him. The mummy.

The mummy?

Yes. The mummy's here.

Jonathan, look out!





I think the prince has
found his way home.



JENNIFER: Well, you certainly
have ensured your place in history,

haven't you?

No one will forget you now.

I do not understand.

He is... Very human.

And like every good mummy,
he's gonna live to take the rap.



JONATHAN: Feel like
doing something tonight?

Sure, what'd you have in mind?

Look at this.

There's a terrific double
bill at the Embassy.

The Mummy's Revenge
and Tomb of the Pharaoh.

You think I'm too
scared to go, don't you?

I didn't say that.

Jonathan, I never
believed in that mummy.

Of course you
didn't. That's kid stuff.

I mean, that's who they
make these movies for. Right?

That's right.


Max, what are you
doing in that outfit?

Sorry, I didn't
want to scare ya.

I'm going to a party.
What do ya think?

[CHUCKLING] Oh, it's great.

You'll be a big hit.

You know, I had my choice
of all the mighty monsters,

and I thought Frankie was
the only one with pathos.

Well, if you don't
mind, I'll see ya later.

Well, if, uh, we hurry, we
can make the late show.

Oh, I... I don't...
really feel like going.

I... I'd rather stay home.

But, uh, don't tell Max.

He'll never let me live it down.

Well, you know, as the
camel said to the sphinx,

"Mum's the word."