Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 2, Episode 16 - The Murder of Jonathan Hart - full transcript

After two attempts on Jonathan's life, he stages his own murder to see why someone is trying to get him out of the way. A stranger who once helped Jonathan out of a snowdrift turns up with a will supposedly leaving everything to him, and Jonathan's lawyer Owen starts putting the moves on Jennifer.


my boss, Jonathan Hart,

a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H.

She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,
'cause when they met,

it was murder.





Omit one Jonathan Hart.

What do you think?

Looks good to me.

I mean the swing.

The swing, the sway,
everything is fine.

You're no help.

Oh, darn.

Don't worry, darling.

You always did look
cute with a pail and shovel.

What a beautiful
day sur la plage.

You think you've
got enough club?

I don't know.

I think maybe I need a... five.

Ah. Thanks.

Give it a blast.



You all right?

I'm fine.

Boy, when you said
blast it on out of here,

you weren't kidding.

LT. GREY: From the
fragments we found on the bomb,

it was clearly a
professional job.

Looks like someone
wants you dead.

Maybe it was a mistake.

Maybe they thought it was

someone else in the golf cart.

A possibility.

I don't think it was a mistake.

This is the second
time that they've tried.


Well, last week when
I was driving home,

the car went out of control.

So I had it checked
into, and, uh,

the steering column was
almost sawed completely through.

Well, why didn't you tell me?

Well, I didn't want
to worry you, darling,

and I had our
security look into it.

Well, if I were you, Mr. Hart,

I'd be very careful.

Oh, that's very reassuring.
Thank you, lieutenant.

No, what I mean is,
we'll do the best we can.

Uh, thanks, lieutenant.

In the meantime, take care.

Have a nice day, considering...

If someone wants you dead,

there must be a reason.

I think we'll find
out what it is.

Yeah. Well, in the meantime,

just remember what
the lieutenant said.

About what?

About taking care of yourself.


you belong to me.


STANLEY: The last
thing I wanted to show you

was the guest list for

the opening at
the gallery tonight.


Yes, Deanne?

Mr. Grant is here.

Send him in, will you, please?

This is all very good, Stanley.

You seem to have handled

the security
arrangements real well.

Well, Jonathan,
you look terrific,

considering your big
blowup at the club.

Ha. Thanks very much, Owen.

Well, you certainly shook
the place up. How are you?

Wonderful, thanks.

You know Stanley Friesen?

Of course. Hello, Stanley.

Hello, sir. How are you?
Uh, we'll be seeing you tonight

at the opening of the
gallery? No, I'm sorry.

I'm afraid I have a previous
business commitment.

Uh, I guess I'll be going, sir.

Nice seeing you, Mr. Grant.

Nice seeing you.

Thanks very much, Stanley.

Well, Jonathan...

all you have to do

is sign these 20
or 30 legal forms,

and ownership of
your sculpture collection

and the new piece
you commissioned

will pass to the city.

Oh, that's terrific.

I'm very pleased
about this project.

And I'm really looking forward

to the unveiling tonight.

Yes. A lot of people are.


Good evening, folks.

Some party you got here.

You enjoying
yourself, lieutenant?

Yeah. But, uh, I don't like it.

Something can go wrong.

There's... There's
too many people here.

Do people dress
like this all the time?

Have some champagne?

Oh, thanks, Max. Thank you, Max.

You know, uh,

I'm a little nervous being here.

I could use a little
fortification myself.

How about some champagne?

How about something
a little stronger?

You got it. Follow me.


Everything's going along
right on schedule, Mr. Hart.

Thanks, Stanley. How
are you doing, Deanne?

I'm fine.

So you think it's
about time, huh?

It's about time, sir.


Darling. [SIGHS]

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

May I have your
attention, please?

On behalf of Hart Industries,

it's my pleasure to congratulate
the city on the opening

of this, uh, new
municipal art gallery.


It is my pleasure
to officially unveil

this beautiful piece of work

by that great
sculptor, Giocondi.


We all know that a picture
is worth a thousand words,

so instead of saying
anything more...

I give you this
beautiful new sculpture.




Here, Mrs. Hart.
You forgot this.

Oh, thank you, Norman.
Just what I was looking for.

[SIGHS] I thought it went well.

Oh. So did I.

You were very convincing.

Not a bad performance.

But if you think
that was something,

wait till you see the
show I'm opening in.

Oh, I'd love to.

NORMAN: I'll send
you a couple of tickets.


Great job, Norman. Thanks again.

Nothing to it, Mr. Hart.
Show business is my life.

I hope this dumb little
show of yours works.

Please, lieutenant.

Show, yes. Dumb, no.

I got an early
rehearsal tomorrow,

so, uh, if you all don't mind...

I'll show you out, Norman.


Good night, Mr. Hart.

Good night, Norman,
and thanks again.

Oh, remember. You're
invited to my opening night.

I'm playing Nathan Detroit
in a revival of Guys and Dolls.

If I'm back from
the dead, Norman,

I'd be delighted.

Good luck.

You know, this
thing better work.

My job is on the line.

Oh, well, thanks for
your concern, lieutenant.

Uh, would you like some Scotch?


You know, it's a good thing
you talked to the commissioner.

We're friends.

Uh, tell me something.

Now, what was the
magic formula you used

to make the old man
go for a scheme like this?

Common sense.

It's the only way to find out
who wants me out of the way,

and why.

Mr. Hart, lieutenant...

Come on, it's almost
time for the 11:00 news.

Oh. We don't want to miss that.


the desert to the sea

to all of Southern
California, good evening.

Tonight, shock waves reverberate

throughout our community

after the murder
of Jonathan Hart,

one of America's
leading industrialists

and philanthropists.

Our live minicam takes you
live, now, to Hart Industries,

where a statement is being made.

On behalf of Mrs. Hart
and Hart Industries...

I'd like to thank everyone for
their expressions of sympathy.

In accordance with
Mr. Hart's wishes,

there will be no
funeral services.

We'll have more on
the untimely death

of Jonathan Hart after this.

WOMAN: The sea never suffers

from underarm perspiration.

But you're not the sea...

Max was good, wasn't he?

Isn't that something?

A brief message
interrupted by a commercial.

Uh, fame is fleeting, darling.

Jonathan Hart will be missed,

though the contributions made
to our community will live on.

On another note, police
in Manhattan Beach

are baffled by a
series of street...

OWEN: Congratulations, Jenks.

This was even better

than the way you
eliminated Tommy Nickerson.

Yeah, thanks.

Well, now that Hart is
dead, what are we gonna do?

I have something in mind.

Phase one was the
elimination of Tommy Nickerson.

Phase two was the
death of Jonathan Hart.

Now it's time to
begin phase three.

Would you have this
delivered, please?

JENKS: "Mr. Billy Ray Thompson,

Rural Route 24, High
Sierra, California."

What is it?

Billy Ray is about to
receive a very large gift.


Uh. May I help you?

Ja. Danke.

I am looking for the
office of Frau Hart.

Oh. Uh, Frau Hart's
office is... Is right this way.

Let me show you.


Follow me.

Uh, excuse me, Mrs. Hart.

Uh, Deanne was away
from her desk, and...



Oh, Fritz, I'm so
glad you're here.

This is Jonathan's uncle,
Fritz von Hardt, Stanley.

When did your plane get here?

At 10:03 exactly. Oh.

I, of course, flew on
our own Swiss airline.

Oh. Oh, you're
Swiss, Mr. von Hardt?

If I was any more Swiss,

I would be a cuckoo clock.

Uh, Herr Friesen.
Stanley Friesen.

Distinct pleasure.

Likewise. Of course.

Um, if you won't be needing me,

I'll be leaving.

Thank you, Stanley.

Think nothing of it, Mrs. Hart.

VOICE]: By the way, Stanley...

Yes, Mr. Hart.

Mr. Hart?

Well, I guess the makeup
job was a success,

wouldn't you say, darling?

Almost as authentic
as Swiss cheese.

I'll say.

It looks so real.

Yeah, a friend of
mine, Frank Westmore,

a Hollywood makeup
artist, he did it for me.

Great job, isn't
it? It's incredible.

I wonder if he could
do anything for my hair?

Well, I don't know, Stanley.

The next time I
see him, I'll ask him.

Excuse me, I... Oh.
Excuse me, Mrs. Hart.

I... I didn't realize
you had visitors.

Uh. Deanne, this
is Mr. Hart's uncle,

Fritz von Hardt.

Oh. Very nice to meet you.


Um, the plant expansion
people are waiting for you

in the conference room.

Oh, yes. Thank you.

Uh, Fritz, would
you come with me?

I'd like you to sit
in on this meeting.


Oh, uh, Stanley, why
don't you fill Deanne in

on our Swiss family tree.

Certainly, Mrs. Hart.

Expanding plants. What is this?

Oh, I'll explain
it all to you later.

Auf Wiedersehen.

That's Mr. Hart.


It's Mr. Hart.

MAN 1: So to sum up...

if you decide to renovate

the magnesium
products uh, facilities,

uh, it would have a great effect

upon the steel processing.

Uh, in the long run, of course.

So, Mrs. Hart, uh,
what do you think?

Well, there are...

so many things to consider.

I mean... there are
not so many things

to consider, are there?


Uh, that's my point exactly.

So we alter the polymer process.


No. I... Well, you
may think yes, but no.

Let's not.

MAN 2: Excellent, Mrs. Hart.

That's exactly my opinion.


MAN 1: Now, Mrs.
Hart, we have to, uh...

We have to answer
some questions here

from the Farquar
Brake, uh, division.

We do?

MAN 1: Oh, yes, we do.


Excuse me. Uh, Mrs. Hart.

Could you come
back to the office?

I'm afraid there's an emergency.

An emergency?

Uh, well, kind of a disaster,

but you'll have to
see for yourself.

Oh, will you excuse
me, please, gentlemen?

Fritz. Would you, please...?




Well, howdy there, folks.

Come on in here. How you doing?

Uh, I'm... I'm sorry, Mrs. Hart.

There wasn't... That's
all right, Deanne.

I beg your pardon.

Forgive my ignorance...

But, uh, who are you?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm, uh,
Billy Ray Thompson.

And who do I have the pleasure
shaking hands with here?

I am Fritz von Hardt.

The late Jonathan Hart's uncle.

Well, it's just real
nice to meet you, Fritz.

I'm the late
Jonathan Hart's heir.

You're what?

Uh, I'm the late
Jonathan Hart's heir?

He, uh... He left all
this to me in this will.

Let me see that.

I guess you folks are probably

as surprised
about this as I am...

but, I... I showed
that to my attorney,

and, uh, he said
everything's on the up and up,

so, uh... [CHUCKLES] Well...

I guess I'm the boss here, now.


tell you for sure

it's the last thing I ever
expected to get in the mail.

Can you tell me why you think

Mr. Hart left you everything?

I don't know. I...

I think it's probably because
that time I saved his life.

You saved his life?

BILLY RAY: Yes, sir, I did.

It was about, uh... About
four or five years ago.

There was this
real big blizzard.

Big blizzard.

Blizzard. What...?
What is blizzard?

snowstorm. Big snowstorm.

Snowstorm. Ja. I know this.

Anyway, I was coming
home, I heard this sound.

It was a pitiful,
terrible voice.

And he's calling out for help.

And you're absolutely
sure it was Mr. Hart?

yes, ma'am, it was.

He had taken and fallen off

in a trench into real deep snow.

Walked up to the
edge of that trench,

I looked down in there...

and there he was at the
bottom of a 30-foot hole.

He was all broken.
He's bleeding.

Looked like he is
near froze to death too.

It was cold. It
was... It... Near zero.

What did you do then?

Well, I got this rope
off my backpack,

and I tied one end of that
sucker to my snowmobile,

and then I threw the
other end down near to him.

And then I just yanked him

right out of that big
old 40-foot-deep hole.



He was real grateful.

Ja. I would be also.


Oh, I tell you,
boy, look at this.

Billy Ray Thompson
owning all of this.


Mr. Thompson... would
you mind very much

if I made a copy of this?

Um... No, I guess
that would be all right.

Thank you.

Deanne, would you
come in here, please?

Yes, Mrs. Hart.

Oh. You're... You're Mrs. Hart.

I... I should've known that.

Mrs. Hart...

I'm real sorry about what
happened to your husband.

He was a real nice man.

Thank you.

Why is it always the
nice ones die first?

Isn't that always the way?

DEANNE: Yes, Mrs. Hart?

Uh, Deanne... would you, uh,

make a couple of
copies of this, please?


Uh, little lady?
Uh, hang on there.

Mind if I go with her?

I... I just as soon not
let this out of my sight

until, uh, we get it to a judge,

or, you know, somebody like that

that'll declare it official.

Sure. Follow me.


Well, we certainly
did smoke him out.

He's, uh, the smoke,
but not the fire.

He couldn't concoct all this
on his own and forge a will.

The thing is that
it's not all concocted.

You mean there
really was a blizzard?


And you fell 30 to
40 feet into a crevice?

Ten-foot trench.

And broke your leg?

Twisted my ankle.

But Billy Ray did come by and
pick me up on his snowmobile

and give me a ride into town.


Oh, well, I remember.

You were out on that
survey trip with the geologist.

What's his name? Hamilton Baily.

That's right.

But when you came
home you didn't even need

so much as a
bandage on your ankle.

You might say that
maybe Billy Ray Thompson

exaggerates a little.

Yeah, but the only thing is
that the incident did happen.

And he did pick you
up on the snowmobile,

and somebody may have seen him.

What are we gonna do?

Well, I'd like to have
Owen Grant look at the will.

And I'd like to find
out whether Billy Ray

really worked this
thing out on his own,

and if he has a chance
of actually pulling it off.


OWEN: It certainly looks
like Jonathan's handwriting.

The real problem
is that it is dated

after Jonathan's
last formal will.

that mean it is an informal will?

What it means
is, if it's authentic,

it's a perfectly legal document.

But it wasn't
witnessed by anyone.

According to California law,

witnesses are not required
on handwritten wills.

To be valid, it must be written,

dated, and signed in
Jonathan's handwriting.

And this will is,
so it could be valid.

But it must be a forgery.

Uh, I'll have the
court check it out.

But don't worry, Jennifer.

I'm going to contest this will,

even if it takes years
before it's settled.


Well, in a claim against

an estate as large as this,

it can be very complicated.

But I'll be with
you through it all.

No matter how long it takes.

I will be here also.

Oh, thank you... both.

You're very fortunate to
have a family member with you

at a time like this.


Are you planning to be
here long, Mr. von Hardt?

Call me, please, Fritz, ja?

Actually... I plan to
stay permanently.

My other plans are not yet made.

And, uh...

Jennifer needs my
business advice.

I see.


I have a few things to
discuss with you privately.

Can I see you for dinner
tonight, say around 8:00?

Oh. Yes, of course.

Good, excellent.
I'll... I'll pick you up.

Goodbye, Jennifer.
Goodbye, Fritz.

Don't bother to see me out.


Auf Wiedersehen.

Bye-bye, Owen.


Dinner at 8:00.


Do you think he wants
to discuss the will?


But something tells me

he'd rather mix
business with pleasure.

Know what I mean?



Do you have any other samples
of Mr. Hart's handwriting?

Uh, yes.



Well, what do you think?

Well, there are a few
strokes here and there

that aren't consistent, but...

under oath I'd have to say

it's Mr. Hart's handwriting.

Could this be the
work of some forger?

The only forger I know

who could do work like
this is Tommy Nickerson.

No, we thought of that.

Nickerson's dead.


Well, life is
short, art is long.

thank you very much,

Mr. Matthews.

No trouble. Anytime.

It's a pleasure getting a
breath of fresh air. Heh-heh.

Yeah, I'm sure it's been great.

Let's go.

I gotta get him back to jail.

Thank you, lieutenant.

It's too bad about
Tommy Nickerson.

Got out of prison
early and, bang,

gets hit by a car.

He could've been your man.

Danke... Herr Matthews.

I'll see you out.


So much for that.

Interesting, isn't it?

The one man who
could have helped us

conveniently turns up dead.


And a little scary.

Well, who's ever behind this

seems to have
thought of everything.

Maybe your dinner
tonight with Owen

might uncover something.




Thank you. I'll pour.

Oh, champagne.

What are we celebrating?


Just my incredible good fortune

in having such a
charming dinner guest.

Oh-ho. That's very
nice. Thank you, Owen.

Cheers. Cheers.


[SIGHING] Well, so, uh,

you said you had
something important

you wanted to discuss with me.

Yes. Yes, I do. I do.

Oh, I wanted to
talk to you about...

certain matters.

I don't think I understand.

Well, let's just say

that I felt uncomfortable
talking to you

with that, um, Fritz
fellow hanging around.

Oh, you don't have
to worry about Fritz.

You can speak as
openly in front of Fritz

as if you were
speaking to Jonathan.

I trust him implicitly.

I'm sure you do.

But, uh, I could
hardly talk about...

my feelings for
you in front of him.

Now, could I?

I wonder where that
captain is with the menus.

I'm absolutely
starved. Aren't you?


Jennifer, I know

this is not the
proper time or place,

but... I want to help you.

I want to be by your side.

By my side.


Oh. Well, look who's here.



Fritzie, over here.

What a wonderful surprise.

Absolutely wunderbar.

Ach du Lieber.

What a coincidence.

Here I am, all by myself, alone,

and who do I see
but my dear friends,

Frau Jennifer and Herr Grant.

Oh, you're alone, Fritz.

Well, you really must
come and join us.

Nein, nein, nein. I could not.

Jennifer, we... We do have a
lot of important things to discuss.

Maybe I should join you.

As you Americans say, why not?



My, my, my.

Isn't this just ducky?

Yes, isn't it just.


Oh, would you please
excuse me? Ja, ja.

I'll be back in just a minute.

Isn't she lovely?

This is nice, ja?

What a remarkable coincidence

that you just happened to
pick this restaurant tonight.

Ja. Ja, ja.


What's your game, mister?


What is this game?

Is it money you're
after or what?

Nein, nein. You
misunderstand. Huh.

Do I? I don't think so.

The dutiful uncle shows
up for an indefinite stay,

comforts the grieving widow,

and then starts to advise
her on the operation

of a highly profitable business.

Ah. So you think that I try to

keep this all in the
family, so to speak?

Not "so to speak."

That's exactly what I think.

But my job is to protect Mrs.
Hart from fortune hunters.

And sometimes it
makes much more sense

to pay someone handsomely

instead of fighting him.

Do you... understand my meaning?

I think, possibly,
maybe I'm beginning to.

Ja. Mm.

How are you two getting along?

Oh, wonderfully well.
Isn't that so, Fritz?

Ja. Like one
million Swiss francs.


what shall we have for dinner?

Uh, poor Fritz is
not feeling too well,

so he's decided not
to join us after all.

Isn't that right, Fritz?

Ja, ja, ja. That is right.
Alone you must be.

Do you have to leave?

Alas, yes, I must go. Ja.


[ANGRILY] You...!

Oh, how clumsy. You idiot!

I'm so sorry.
Forgive me, please.

Oh, Owen, you're drenched.

Better go home and
change your clothes.

You'll catch your death.

No, no. It'll be fine.

I absolutely insist.

We can have dinner another time.

Uh, Fritz, are you
going directly home?

Ja, Jennifer.

Good. Then you
can give me a ride.

Forgive me, ja? Please.

Oh, besides, if
you're not feeling well,

we better get you home.

Ja. Perhaps a bowl
of chicken soup.

Oh, that would be super.

Now, Owen, you should
just go home and dry up.

I-I mean... Uh, I'll
call you soon. Uh...

Forgive me, ja?

Uh, come on,
Fritzie. Guten Abend.


Clumsiness can
be fatal, Herr Fritz.


JENNIFER: It's a good
thing that you came along,

because in another five
minutes, I was gonna bop him one.

Well... there he is.

Old Fritz.

Oh. Yes. It's great.

I don't know how
you women take it...

putting that makeup
on and taking it off.


It's really fantastic.

John, don't you think it's
time we call Lieutenant Gray?

And tell him what?

That Grant wanted to
make a move on you?

And he was willing to pay
off Fritz to make it possible?

Now, I don't think that
would have much to do

with proving that he was
part of the murder attempt.

No, I suppose not.

Well, I guess we're
just gonna have

to keep looking for evidence.

That and chicken "zoup."


Chicken zoup?

Isn't that what you said
was good for what ails me?


I guess I did, didn't I?


On the other hand,
I have a better cure.

Ah, just what the
doctor ordered.


JENKS: I thought you
made a deal with him.

Yeah, well, he seemed
to go along with it.

There's something suspicious

about that Fritz von Hardt.

I have to get some
information on him.

Who do we know in Geneva?

There's Fiedling.

No, he's in Zurich, though.

I'll get in touch with him.

Maybe he can learn something

about this Herr von Hardt.


See who it is.


Guess who.


Whoo-wee, lookie here.

Oh, boy, this is some
place you've got here.

Bet it cost you a
pretty penny, didn't it?

Billy Ray, what
are you doing here?

I thought we'd agreed

that we wouldn't
be seen together.

Ah, don't you go getti"
hot under the collar.

I ain't done nothin' wrong.

What do you want?


A drink wouldn't hurt none.

All right.

What else?

[SIGHS] Well...

I wanna go home.

I can't wait around
here for this will thing

to get settled.

Uh... Couldn't you just
give me my money now?

Billy Ray...

with so much money at
stake, we can't rush things.

You'll get your
money soon enough.

Now, is anything
else bothering you?

Yeah, yep. This...

This whole business with
that nice Mrs. Hart lady. I...

I don't like connin' her.

JENKS: But what do you care?

Besides, he left plenty for her.

I kinda like that lady,

and I don't want to see
nothin' bad happen to her.

I just want my
money. That's all.

Billy Ray... I suggest
you have patience.

And you leave everything
to me and Jenks.

Meanwhile, I'll get you

a little money, okay?

Yeah, well, that
would help a little bit.


There's another thing
that's botherin' me.

That Fritz guy. I don't like
the way he looks at me.

Don't think he
likes me very much.


Probably not.

And I don't like him.

But it's like... cards.


If you don't need a
heart... get rid of it.



JENNIFER: Baily remembers
less about that survey than you did.


The was only person
with me on that survey.

And that was Hamilton Baily.

I don't think anyone else knew

that, uh, Billy Ray
pulled me out of the snow.

The only thing we've got
to go on is that phony will.

We've been over
it a thousand times.

I know, but there's something
about it that bothers me.


I don't know.
Something I'm missing.

The only thing we
know for certain

is that I didn't
write that will.



What's that?

Well, either the guy
behind us is a road hog,

or we're in for
a little trouble.





Deanne, is Stanley back yet?

standing here, waiting.

Oh, would you
send him in, please?


Keep your fingers crossed.

Uh, hello, Mrs. Hart, Mr. Hart.

Or should I say,
"Mr. von Hardt."

[CHUCKLES] Gut, gut.

Need any help?

No, I'm okay.

Stanley, uh, did
you have any luck?

Uh, yes, Mr. Hart.

You were right. Uh...

There was something strange

about the death of that
forger, Tommy Nickerson.


STANLEY: He was hit
by a car on the street,

but several of the
witnesses thought

that the car
deliberately hit him.

A staged automobile accident.

Does that sound familiar?

It certainly does.

I'd like to have the
name of that law firm

that got Tommy out
of jail in the first place.

They might have some
information we could use.

He had great lawyers.

The firm of Huntzinger and Zotz.

Now, that is a coincidence.


Why is it so coincidental?

Huntzinger and Zotz
take in a lot of work

for Owen Grant.

Why not? They recently
merged into his firm.

They did?

Uh, thanks a lot, Stanley.
Uh, you've been very helpful.

Uh, don't mention it.

Auf Wiedersehen.

How about that.

The firm connected
with Owen Grant

gets Tommy Nickerson
out of prison early.

And then a few weeks later,

he's has an
accident, and is killed.


A little too convenient.

The date.

The will that Billy
Ray brought in here

was written after my
original will was drawn up.

And who else would
have knowledge of that will

but Owen Grant?

But how can you prove that?

What could he
possibly have to gain?


And as your advisor,

he could suggest
to you that, uh,

you could settle out
of court with Billy Ray,

instead of going
there and fighting it out.

But Owen's a wealthy man.

No one ever gets enough,

but I think it's more than
money that he's after.

What do you mean?


The wealthy widow.

Through you he could
control the entire company.

And you got to admit,

he does have an eye for you.


Yes, Deanne?

A Billy Ray Thompson
here to see you.

Uh, tell her to
give us a minute.

Uh, Deanne, give me a minute,

and then send him in.

They'll be with you
in just a second.

Oh, delightful. Thank you.

That's somethin', isn't it?


I think we're going
to find some proof.



DEANNE: Now you can go in now.


Thank you very much.


Will you lookie there
at you two, huh?


Billy Ray.

"Ah. Billy Ray." Yeah.

Boy, if you don't beat all.

It's mighty upsettin'

to see you trompin' all over
your dead husband's memory

with that uncle of his.

I guess you're just as bad
as all the rest of 'em, huh?

What do you mean,
all the rest of them?


I was just runnin'
off at the mouth.

Y'all go ahead and
do what you wanna do.

FRITZ: Wait. One moment,
please, Billy Ray. Would you...?

Would you mind if I
spoke to Billy Ray alone?

No, no, no. Not at all.
It'll only take a moment.

Ja, ja.




If you are willing, we
could make a deal.

A deal?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I-I... I just want
what's due me.

What about Grant?

Grant who?

Grant. The lawyer.

I-I-I don't know
nothing about him.

He must have led me astray.

He said you would cut me in.



He did. Well.

Are you tryin' to con me?

Well, why would I do that?

You know what your deal is.

All I know is I got this will,

and that's that.

Grant made me some
very nice promises.

He said you would go along.

I don't wanna hear any of this.

I don't wanna hear
any more at all, okay?

I'm gonna leave.

And, uh, I'll just be...

I'll be seeing you in
the funny papers, buddy.


Well... Did you strike pay dirt?

No, but I think I
struck a nerve.

Now all we gotta do is, uh,

find out where
Billy Ray is going.

Come on.


Well, it isn't exactly
the royal suite, is it?

Well, I've been
talking to Fritz.


Well, according to Fritz,

you're trying to muscle me out,

just like you did that
guy that forged the will.

Are you crazy? Now,
why would I do that?

That's what I'm here
to find out, isn't it?

The cupboard's bare.

Well, I don't get it.


A $10 million mansion
with no furniture.

When one runs out of money...

one has to sell what he has.

You see, Billy Ray,

they tricked you, so
they could follow you.

Wasn't very neighborly
thing to do, Fritz.

Not Fritz.

Jonathan Hart.


Uh-uh. No.

I did a little checking

on our Swiss friend.

He doesn't exist.

Let me congratulate
you, Jonathan,

on a superior job of deception.

And I thought only my
hairdresser knew for sure.

This way, please.


Through the doors.

To the left.


I thought you said
you sold everything.

What you see
here is all I have left.

The most precious of my
remaining possessions.

Do these... accessories
suit you, Jennifer?

Oh, yes.

All except one:

the gun.

up those murder attempts

then you had Billy Ray
bring in his phony will,

thinking that I was dead.


Correct, Jonathan.

It seemed a foolproof way
to get my hands on quite a lot

of Hart Industries' money.

Being down to your
last Chippendale

didn't suit you.

That phony will isn't
going to fool anyone.

On the contrary, my dear...

my late client was
a brilliant forger.

That will is a work of art.

Besides, even if
the will didn't hold up,

Billy Ray's claim
could have frozen

Hart's Industries'
assets for a long time.

And I'm sure you
would've settled generously,

just to have the whole
matter over and done with.

Don't count on it.

I don't think I need to now.

What, uh...?

What are we gonna do with them?

Everyone already thinks

Jonathan Hart is dead,

so he won't be missed...

when he dies for real.


Mrs. Hart.

What about her?

Another... unfortunate obstacle.

a minute, Mr. Grant...

Tie them up, Billy Ray.

I-I don't wanna do this.

say, you clodhopper.

The alternative is
life imprisonment.




You all right?



Freeway. Will you
give me a break?

You coming to bed, darling?

Ja, ja, ja, mein Liebchen.

One little moment,
please, yes? [CHUCKLES]

Oh, Fritzie's back.

No, Fritz is not back.

As a matter of fact,

all that's left of
Fritz is the accent.

And... this.

Oh. Alas, poor
Fritz, I knew you well.


Will you miss him?

I don't know.

He was an awfully good lover.


And I really did
like that mustache.

Well... that's easily remedied.

Hey, look.



I always wondered
what it would be like

being in bed with Groucho Marx.

MARX] You bet your life.

Say the magic word
and collect $100.