Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 2, Episode 11 - Slow Boat to Murder - full transcript

Stanley's evening at a singles bar ends with a murder, and it's up to Jonathan and Jennifer to find out who set him up.


NARRATOR: This is my boss,
Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

She's one lady who knows
how to take care of herself.

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of both of them,

which ain't easy,

'cause when they
met, it was murder.




Uh, I think that's all there
is to the East Coast reports.

Oh, that's great, Stanley.
We're just about done.

Uh, well, there are a few things

I'd like to, uh,
check over again.

Hello, darling. JONATHAN: Hi.

Almost done?

Finished and famished. Oh.

I shouldn't wonder,
it's almost 10:00.

Mm. Well, Stanley,
you're working

late tonight.

Well, it is annual-report
time again, Mrs. Hart.

Uh, why don't you two run along,

and I'll double-check
the figures

on the sinking funds.

You've already
checked them, Stanley.

True, but one
can't be too careful.

I'll tell you what, Stanley.

Why don't you go out,

have a couple of
drinks, some dinner,

relax and enjoy yourself.

You did a wonderful
job. I appreciate it.

Thank you. But what
about the sinking funds?

The sinking funds.

Well, they won't, uh,
sink until tomorrow.

Remember the
old saying, Stanley,

"All work and no play..."

You know, maybe you're right.

I'll go for it.

Arnold in Sales said something

about going to the
marina for a beer.

Ah. Well.

Have a good time. Thank you.

Uh, you too.



Did you make a
reservation? [SIGHS]

Yes, I certainly did.

A very nice little place.

Yeah, soft music, gourmet food?

Mm, something like that.


Chez Maurice?


Chez Hart.

Chez Hart?

Well, how appetizing. [LAUGHING]



Okay, swingers, drink 'em up.

I can't believe I'm in
a singles bar, Arnold.

This is ridiculous.

Besides, tomorrow's a work day.

Relax, Stanley.
Go with the flow.

I mean, you gotta, you
know, have the right attitude.

Watch me.

Hey, sweet lips.

How's about it?

How's about what?

Whatever. Go with the flow.

Buzz off, you
turkey, or I'll tell you

where you can go with your flow.

See? Now she's interested.

All right, all right, that
was Random Violence

with their latest hit,
"Unlock Those Chains."

Listen, I'm gonna be
stepping down right now,

but Bernie here's gonna
be jockeying the discs

for your dancing pleasure.

So, uh, nighty-night. Have fun.

Alrighty, let's keep
on doing it, people.


I'm sorry, Arnold.

This isn't as much fun
as a trip to the dentist.



Oh, I'm sorry. Let me help...

Uh... Wow. It's all right.

It's no harm done.


My name is S-Stanley Friesen,

and I'm single, and... And...

I'd like to buy you a drink.

Is that okay?

Adele Himmelburger.

I mean, Holmby. Adele Holmby.

That's, uh, my
professional name.

Yeah, sure, I'd love a drink.

Uh, can I have my purse?

Oh, sure, yeah. [CHUCKLES]

Shall we? Yeah.

Sam, the boss wants
to see you in the office.


It's really quite simple.

You just give me what I want,

or everybody will know
exactly what you're up to.

If it's special girls,

you know we'll take care of you,

like we always have.

But don't rock the boat, Carl.

We've got a good
thing going here.

Just shut up, Jess.

Look, don't try
and con me, Carl.

You bring the house down on us,

you'll bring it down
on yourself too.

Not really.

And even if I am implicated,

it's not nearly to the extent

that, uh, everybody else is.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah, just a second.

Anything else?

No, ahem, not at present.

But you think on
it hard, young lady.

And I want your answer tonight.

Henderson, are you, uh,

bartending on my
yacht this evening?

Sure thing. Good,
good, good, good.

And, uh, do try to invite
some of those charming

young ladies, you
know, like last time.

See you later.

What does he want
now, Girl Scouts?

Carl needs to be
taken care of tonight.

No sweat. What do
we need, the right girl?

No, we need a fall guy.

ADELE: Even though
I don't get paid to sing,

a girl could get noticed
in a place like this.

I'll say.

I mean, I noticed you.

Your profile's very
high in my book.


Likewise, I'm sure.


Hey, man, we're closing.

Time to split.


No, just sign the tab.

A big spender's buying
drinks for the house.

Earned a freebie.

Oh, that's great.

SAM: You coming
to the party tonight?

ADELE: Mm-hm.

I want you to bring your friend.

Oh, wow. I'd like that.

Hey, a party?

Some guys have all the luck.

See you later, sport.

One fall guy comin' up.

My life's really taking
a turn for the terrific.

Wait till I tell
Mr. and Mrs. Hart

about this.



MAN [ON TV]: Well, if
he didn't do it, who did?

The murderer is
right in this room,

sitting at this table.

Waiter, uh, will
you serve the nuts?

I mean, will you serve
the guests the nuts?

You know, you were right.

This is a lot more fun than
having dinner in a restaurant.

Of course it is.

Would you pass me the salt?



Would you like some cheese?

No, thanks.


Does Stanley have
a steady girlfriend?

I don't think so.


Hm, I was just thinking.

Maybe we could
find him a nice girl.


Nicky, he might have killed you.

So, what's the matter?
You sorry he didn't?

Oh, I'm glad you're
not a detective.


How about that blond in Legal?


Maybe she can cook.

What's cooking
got to do with it?

Well, it's important.

It means a lot to a man.

Some men.

What does that mean?

Well, it's not important
to me because, uh...

Well, you don't really cook.

I don't really cook?

I made dinner.

You call apples,
cheese, peanuts dinner?

You asked for the peanuts.


If you're not careful,

I'll flip your cookie.

Oh, anything but that. I love
my chocolate-chip cookies.

I think Mandy in Legal
would be perfect for Stanley.

Mm. She's a nice girl.

And even if she can't
cook, they could lie in bed

and eat their
chocolate-chip cookies.



Adele, how are ya? Hi.

Fine. How are you doing?

Welcome aboard. Thank you.

Have a good time. Have
a good time. A good party.

Hi. Hi.

MAN: Hi, how are ya?

MAN: How are you? ADELE: Fine.


Hey, good buddy.

Glad you could make it.

For you...

For you, I've got a
very special drink.


It's called a Mount St. Helens.

Hope it doesn't blow
my head off, heh.


You're a real comedian, huh?


For you.


Drink up.


What do you think?

He is perfect.

Excuse me.



Stanley, are you all right?

I don't feel so good.

You want me to get you a Bromo?

Don't go to any
trouble, but hurry.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Hey, good buddy,
having a little trouble?

I think I'd better sit down.

No, I think you,
uh, better lie down.

But Adele... I'll tell
Adele where you are.

I didn't know you could
get seasick at the dock.

Yeah. Come on.

CARL: You're stalling
me. That's all you're doing.

Carl, it's not that way...
No, listen to me! Come here.

I won't put up with it anymore.

Carl, you better listen to me.

CARL: I want my
share! And I want it now.

You need us as
much as we need you.

You got more than your share.

CARL: I did not get it!

JESS: Please, I'm
trying to warn you!



Where am I?

Oh, I'm late. Mr. Hart's
waiting for me.

Oh, my head.

Uh, I confirmed dinner
tomorrow night with the governor,

and there is a ball
following afterward.

Thanks very much, Deanne.

Oh, Mr. Hart, uh,

sorry to intrude,
but I'm so late.

Uh, never been late before,

and here I am late.

Stanley, are you all right?
What happened to you?

Yeah, Stanley, uh,
what did happen to you?

[CHUCKLING] Oh, my clothes.

Well, last night you told
me to go out and live a little,

so I did.


My head.

Feels like a small chain
gang going on inside.

Well, look, uh, why don't
you take the rest of the day off,

and, uh, it will be okay.

Uh, no, no, thank you, sir.

Uh, we should
finish the reports.

The pounding shouldn't last
more than a couple hours.


It's so loud!

Uh, that's just the,
uh, door, Stanley.

Uh, will you get it, Deanne?

STANLEY: Oh, it's
just the door, huh?


Is this Jonathan Hart's office?

Yes, it is. I'm
Lieutenant Turner,

marina police.

This is Sergeant Sears.

Hello, uh, lieutenant.

I'm Jonathan Hart.
What can I do for you?

Well, we're looking for
a, uh, Stanley Friesen.

I'm a Stanley Friesen.


Well, sir, could you, uh,

possibly identify
a, uh, billfold?

Looks like my billfold, I...

Must have lost it last
night at the marina.


Recognize this?

Looks like my necktie.

Now, just a second, Stanley.

What is this all
about, lieutenant?

Don't worry. We'll be
done in a minute, Mr. Hart.

Well, is it, or is it
not your necktie?

I just said it was my necktie!

Where did you find it?

Around Carl Stevens' neck.

He was strangled
with your necktie.

Don't say anything, Stanley.

Don't say anything more
until we get you a lawyer.

Who was the murdered man?

Carl Stevens, a
retired optician,

who lived on his
yacht in the marina.

I never met a Carl
Stevens in my life.

Oh, no? Well, we got a witness

who said you were at a party
on his yacht just last night.

I was at a party, but so what?


Why would he wanna kill him?

Cancel a debt. [SNAPS FINGERS]

Stevens had a lot of money,

but, uh, he was in
for a little loansharkin'.

Now, if Friesen here had
never met Carl Stevens,

how come he's into
him for so much money?

JONATHAN: "Pay to the
order of Carl Stevens: 25,000"?

Signed, "Stanley Friesen."

Now, that's your
signature, isn't it?

Well, we can check it out

with the billfold here.


Yeah, yeah, I... I think,
uh, we got enough.


Mr. Hart, what...?
What am I gonna do?

Don't worry. I'll
straighten this out.

I promise you.

So after you left
the Marina Nightlife,

you went to a yacht party
with a girl named Adele.

Now, can you remember
anything else, Stanley?

That's all I can remember.

See, I had this volcano.

Well, um... Mount
St. Helens. It's a drink.

I got sick, and the bartender
took me downstairs,

and I passed out.

Do you remember
who the bartender was?

Sorry, I... I can't remember.

Don't lose hope, Stanley.

Oh, we've got our,
uh, lawyer working

on getting you out on bail.

We'll get this thing solved.

I... I appreciate that.

You know, Mr. and Mrs. Hart,
I could never murder anyone.

We know that, Stanley.

Is there anything else

that you can think of, Stanley?

Well, there's this one thing.

I had a dream... Or it might
have been a dream. I'm not sure.

But I remember

this argument.
Someone was arguing.

They were arguing
about... Jezebel.


As in the Bible?

Jezebel could be
the name of a boat.


Sit tight, Stanley.

We'll do everything we
can to get you out of here.


Want some coffee, Mrs. H?

Oh, thanks, Max.

Well, thanks very much.



There's more than two
dozen Jezebels in the marina.

I could have told you that.

The Jezebel is a boat, Max.

Oh, well, that's different.

Did you get the owners' list?

It'll take a few
days to compile.

That leaves us with
the Marina Nightlife.

Marina Nightlife?

That's the place that
Stanley last visited

before he went
on that yacht party.

That sure ain't
his type of joint.

I think he knows that now.

You know that place, Max?


There's a backroom
for a poker game...

for friends only.

How do you become a friend?

Well, you just stand
there and look friendly.

Waving a couple bucks
around is also no insult.

I got the picture.

Darling... Would you like to go

to the Marina
Nightlife this evening?

Are you asking me out on a date?


It won't be the first time.

I remember the first
time you asked me out.

Uh, yes, well, this time you
won't have to walk home.


Wait a minute. That's a no-no.


Asking a man out
on a date? MAX: No.

Going in together.

The Nightlife is
a singles' joint.

It's okay to come
out as a couple,

but not to go in as one.

If you do, you stick out
like two sore thumbs.

Max is right.

Well, two sore thumbs
are better than one.




Hey, baby.

Looking for a
special kind of guy?

JENNIFER: I certainly am.

But it's not you.

Hey, baby.

You don't know.

A woman like you...
needs a man like me.

Oh, yeah?

I'm the kind of girl you'd
like to be kind to, right?

Baby, you've got it.

So how about me
buying you a drink?

Oh, honey,

you're not gonna catch
any fish with that old line.

But I wouldn't mind a drink.

How 'bout, uh,
something classy like a...

tequila sunrise?

I'm afraid that's a
little too classy for me.

Uh, bartender.

What'll it be?

I'll have a Mount St. Helens.

I never heard of it.


Well, then I'll
have a white wine.

Now that is classy. I'll
have one of those too.

It goes great with fish.

He never heard of
Mount St. Helens.

It must have been
another bartender.

Be careful. Don't
come too close.

Our chains will lock.

What next?

I think you better
go look for Adele.

I'll check out the game.

How have you been, darlin'?

Uh, I'm sorry.

Have we met?

You don't remember me?

You remember the
other night, all night long?

Cowboy, I don't think
the lady remembers you,

so why don't you mosey
on back to the cowshed.

Why don't you mosey
on back yourself...


Dimples? Dimples.


What do you say, cowboy? Okay.

All right. I promise.

All right. Mosey.

Hey, you.

Here's your hat.

And stay out of here.

Here you go, folks.

It'll be 5.50 for the drinks.

Hey, babe.

What about going to my place
and listening to some sounds?


Say, are you married?

Me, married?

[CHUCKLING] Are you kidding?

Sure you are.

You have that look.


See ya around.

Well, how 'bout that?

Five-fifty down the drain.

Well, that's the
way it goes, buddy.

I understand that
there's some, uh...

real action around here.

Sure, look around you.

No, I mean, uh...

the game.


Here you go.

Keep the change.

The game?

Door next to the coatroom.



Good evening.

Good evening.

Quite a room.

Are you a player?

Yes, I am.

There's an empty seat.

Thank you.


My name is Jennifer Hart.

Wow, are you from the
Milton Hart Talent Agency?

Uh, no, sorry.

I came to talk about
Stanley Friesen.

Oh, him.

You know, I was supposed to have

this really big career move
today, some horoscope says.

Maybe it'll come later.

Oh, maybe.

You wanna sit down?

Thank you.

Want some coffee?

You know, something
like that? I'm fine.

Thank you. You sure?

Uh... Well, let's see.

What can I tell
you about Stanley?

We meet, and, uh,
he's really sweet.

We go to this yacht party
together, and he dumps me,

or so I thought.

I mean, I never dreamed
he was off killin' somebody.

Oh, well, Stanley claims
he didn't kill anyone,

that he's being framed.


I talked to the
police this afternoon,

and they think
he's really guilty,

so it just goes to show you.

Goes to show you what?

Can't judge a book by
the cover, you know?


Stanley doesn't remember
very much about last night.

Does he remember me?

Oh, yes. Very well.

Aw, that's great.

You know, he was
really a sweet guy.

Maybe I should, like, pay
him a visit, bake him a cake.

You know, something like that.

Who invited you to
the party on the yacht?

Ah, Sam Henderson.
He's a bartender here.

Is he tending bar tonight?

Nah, just works here part-time.

How did he wind up at the party?

[CHUCKLING] Henderson?

He's a real marina bum.

You know, he knows every
girl, every scam, every party.

I'll tell ya, if you want
some information,

he's the guy to go talk to.

I see. Where can I find him?

He lives on his houseboat
somewhere off Marina Pier.

But just ask, 'cause,

everybody knows
Henderson, you know?

Thank you.

Wait a minute.
Listen, could I just sing

this little bit of
this new song?

I have to go. I... It
goes like this. Ready?

♪ I was born To be held ♪

♪ By you ♪ Well,
uh... I've got to go now.

Wait a minute. There's more.

♪ I was torn When you left me ♪

That's wonderful.

♪ Left me so untrue ♪

But there's
another little verse.


Yeah, bye.

I'm sorry you lost,

but I hope you enjoyed the game.

Uh, thank you, uh, Mr., uh...

Jess. I'm one of the owners.

Hi. JESS: Hi, darling.

This is my partner, Belle.

Yes, we met earlier.

Too bad you weren't
a big winner tonight.

tonight, I'm sorry to say.

Well, you can't win
all the time, can you?

Maybe next time.

Don't worry. I, uh...
plan to come back.

Do I give this to
Jess or to, uh... Belle?

I'll take it.

Good night.

JESS: Good night.

How much?

Thirty-five hundred.

I love good losers.

doesn't know that much.

Henderson, the
bartender's the one to talk to,

but he wasn't there tonight.

Yeah, we'll have to
find him tomorrow.


What did you find out from
the boys in the backroom?

Well, I think I found Jezebel.

Really? Who is she?

Well, it's not a boat,
and it's not a lady.

What then?

Jess and Belle, the
owners of the Nightlife.

Jess and Belle, Jezebel.

Get it? Got it.

Not only that,

either I'm a worse poker
player than I think I am,

or Jess and Belle run the
crookedest game in town.

How crooked did it come to?

About, uh, $3500 crooked.



That is not a small poker game.

No, it's not.

And if they were cheating,

I can't figure out how
they were doing it.

Listen, Stanley gets
out on bail tomorrow.

I think we should take him
with us to find Henderson.

If we don't find something soon,

Stanley won't have a chance.

I heard we had a great night.

Not bad.

Yeah, some loser
came in here tonight

and dropped 3500 bucks
without blinking an eye.

Out of sight.

Let's hope that dude returns.

Who was he?

Um... Hart.

Jonathan Hart.

I got some news for you two.

That jerk that we framed

worked for Hart Industries.

Or didn't you read
the newspapers today?

Relax. It's just a coincidence.

It's too big a coincidence
for me, you see,

'cause I'm the one
that's on the line.

And I don't wanna
take any more chances!

Hey, Sam, don't get
all bent out of shape.

Leave it to Belle, okay?

Okay, but if
there's any trouble,

I want my cash, and
I wanna split, okay?

Okay, Sam, if
that's how you feel.


Sam's losing his
cool, don't you think?

His kind usually
does, sooner or later.

What are we going to do?

Well, Sam likes the water,

so I think I'll
take him fishing.

Deep-sea fishing.

But what if he's
right about Hart?

The water's very deep,

and the fish are very hungry.

I don't wanna keep
harping on this, Mr. Hart,

but it was really great of
you to get me out of jail.

It's not harping, Stanley.

The most important
thing right now

is to find Sam
Henderson. Good idea.

Well, I don't see any houseboats

docked around here.

You sure that
man at the shipyard

didn't send us on a
wild goose chase?

These aren't my sunglasses.


Where'd you get those?

Well, when I woke
up on the yacht,

I picked them up off the floor.

I thought they were mine,
but... they're no good.

They make the
colors look all funny.

May I see them?



The lenses are clear,
but the colors turn.

Maybe it's some new
kind of sunglasses.

Well, they're not prescription.

Isn't that funny?

Some of the colors
seem to just fade away.

Uh, may I keep those, Stanley?

Oh, absolutely,
Mr. Hart. Absolutely.

Oh, say, maybe
those officers will know

where the houseboats are docked.

JONATHAN: Good idea. Um...

I don't think, uh, I wanna
see the police right now,

if you know what I mean.

It's all right, Stanley.


JENNIFER: Uh, officer.


STANLEY: That's the bartender.

You! It's you!

Hey, man, I don't know you.

You know me! The party?

The yacht? The
Mount St. Helen's?

The heck you don't know me.

Hey. Hey, man. Just bug off.

Mr. Hart! Mrs. Hart!

He's down here! Right here!

Mr. Hart! Mrs. Hart!

He's down here! Right here!

Hey... Hey! Listen to me.

I'm telling you,
you are way off.

Hey! Hey!


Hey, wait! Don't take my alibi!

My alibi... Don't take my alibi!

Where are you?

Where are you?


Don't die. Don't die.


Stanley, where are you?

I'm here! I'm in the water.

I didn't... I didn't do it.

I didn't... I didn't do it.

Right, lieutenant.

Yes. Thank you
very much. Goodbye.

No luck? Nope.

The police don't want
us on board that yacht.

The party was held there.

Now, if we could
just get on board,

search around a little bit,

we might be able
to find something

that could help
Stanley. [SCOFFS]

Now that he's in jail accused
of two murders instead of one,

I suggest that only a
miracle would help him.

If we could only get on
board that yacht somehow.

Wait a minute.


Why don't we leave this up to...

Lady Sylvia Trousdale.


Hello, operator.

May I have the
telephone number, please,

for the Soames Yacht
Sales in the marina?

SOAMES: You can't
imagine what it took

to arrange all of
this this morning.

I mean, the police
were here until all hours.

awfully nice of you, old chap.

Lady Trousdale and
I are deeply grateful.

Oh, well, you're most welcome.
I do thank you, your lordship.

Oh, skip the formality,
would you please?

You can call me Sir Horace.

Thank you, Sir Horace.

However, you realize
that this, uh, yacht

will not be on the
market for some time.

Immaterial, old boy, immaterial.

a positively ripping boat.

Absolutely ripping.

Excuse me, Lady
Trousdale. Uh, it's a yacht.

You see, larger boats like
this are referred to as... yachts.

Exactly, Mr. Soames.

And that is precisely why
we want a smaller boat.

So much cozier, don't you agree?

Yes, ma'am.

And you'll notice

that there's a lot of
space for storage.

Uh... Oh!



What is that?

Oh, optical lenses.

The previous owner,

Carl Stevens, uh,
manufactured glasses.

Uh... Tell me, where
are the bedrooms?


The cabins, ma'am, are below.

Oh, I see.

Yes, ma'am.

Well, Sylvia, shall
we, or shan't we?

Oh, darling, I don't know.

I mean, is it really cozy?

Or is it simply small?

Oh, dear, Horace,

I've made a terrible mistake.

Oh? What is that?

The problem, with the odd yacht,

is that one is always so
dependent on the ocean.

are quite right, darling.

Mm. What about the odd airplane?

Say, a 747 or...? Or an L-1011?

What a super idea.

Oh, Horace.

Why don't we just
pop off to the airport.

All right. Ha, ha.

I... But, uh, Lady Trousdale...

I wouldn't argue
with Lady Trousdale.

Once she has made her mind up,

she has made it up.

But the odd yacht has
so many advantages...

But you can't sail it
to Sahara, can you?



Ah, you're right, Mr. Hart.

Those aren't ordinary glasses.

These are
chromo-dichronic lenses.



At the Hart Industries
lab, we use that sort of lens

to check
liquid-crystal displays.

Tell me something, Jim.

Could those glasses be used
to, uh, read marked cards?

Not unless the
cards were electric.

See, they're good for
checking digital watches

and computer
displays, and, uh...

Well, that's about it.

MAX: I hate to be a nudge,

but you're gonna be late for
the governor's dinner party.

All we'll miss,
Max, is a speech.

Well. Thanks very
much for your help.

You're welcome, Mr. Hart.

And, uh, if you find
another use for those lenses,

let me know.

Thanks again. MAX:
I'll show you out.

You know, I am sure that
the dealer at the Nightlife

was wearing a pair
of glasses like these.

Well, maybe he's colorblind.

No, that game was fixed.

You can say that again.

They took me real good
the last time I was there.

Well, there's nothing we
can do about it tonight.

We are late, darling. Oh...

Just fashionably late.
Think nothing of it.

We're gonna be home

fashionably late tonight, Max,

so you don't have to
wait up for us, okay?

Good night. Night-night, Max.

Good night.

Glasses you cheat at cards with.


What'll they think of next?

Deal me in. I feel
kinda lucky. Heh.

JESS: Welcome.

I'll open with $10.

I'm in.

I'm out.

So soon?

Only miracles can make something

out of nothing.

I call.

MAN: I fold.

WOMAN: I'm in.

JESS: And the house
is in... with a raise.

I'll call the raise.

Me too.

I'm in.

WOMAN: I'm in.

Cards, ladies and gentlemen?

MAN 2: I'll have one.




And the dealer takes... three.

MAN: Out.

I'll bet 20.

A little bird tells me
that I should see that 20

and raise it 100.

I'm out.


Dealer folds.

MAN: Beats me.

Well, a... A pair
of aces takes it.

Looks like we have
a high roller tonight.

It sure looks that
way, doesn't it?

Those glasses.

Tonight was your night, huh?

Yeah, I guess this balances out

the last time I was here.

Oh, yeah?


you win a few, you lose a few.

That's a healthy attitude.

Come into the office.
I'll cash in your chips.


Yeah, I can't believe it.

I sure was lucky tonight.


You certainly were.


Why'd you do that? The glasses.

He's wearing
some of our glasses.

How'd he get them?

I don't know, and I don't care.

Just get rid of him.

The way you got
rid of Henderson?

What good does that do?

It got us more money.

Now, get rid of him, so
we can get out of here.

Belle, listen to me.

Just do what I say now!




Freeway, have you seen Max?


Well, you're no help. Darling...

Max's bed hasn't been slept in,

and those glasses are missing.

Do you think he went to do
what I think he went to do?

He could have, and if he did,

he could be in a lot of trouble.

Come on.


The harbormaster said

their boat was tied
up around here.

The Get Away. That's their boat.

JONATHAN: Yeah. For a moment
there, I thought the Get Away

may have gone thataway.

Let's check it out.

Anybody onboard?


Did you hear that?

Yeah. Anybody home?




What did they do to you, Max?

Just a conk on the head.

But that ain't nothing compared
to the way my stomach feels.

Did they hit you in the stomach?

Nah, seasick. You
know how I hate boats.

BELLE: Oh, that's too bad,

'cause we're all going
on a little cruise together.

I think I'd prefer spending my
vacation with other company.

Don't worry. You won't
have my company for long.

Jess and I are cruising
down to Acapulco.

And then about halfway down,

all three of you can
try and walk back.

JESS: What's going on?

Uninvited guests, darling.

But there's room for all of us.

No, we can't do that.

BELLE: Get that rope
over there and tie 'em up,

and then get ready
to cast off. Go on.



Be careful, Mrs. H.


Mrs. H.

You all right, darling? Fine.

We gotta get out of here.


Hey, uh, let me take

a demonstration
ride on that, will ya?

There you go.

He's after us.

Not for long.






Easy, pal.

I guess you'd say
you're beached.

Hi, darlin'. Hi.

Dinner break.

Stanley, you're
working overtime again.

Oh... Um, I have to go.

I... I'm late. I have a date.

That's all right. We
can finish tomorrow.

Oh, thanks, Mr. Hart.

I'm hearing Adele sing tonight.

Really? Where's she appearing?

At my apartment.
I'm cooking dinner.

[BOTH CHUCKLE] That's great.

Oh, I hope so.

But how can you go
wrong with TV dinners?

Well, have a wonderful evening.

Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Hart.

Have a nice time. Thank you.

Good night, Stanley.


How would you like it
if I bought you a drink?

Like, uh, a tequila
sunrise, maybe?

Are you trying to
pick me up, mister?

That's exactly
what I had in mind.


I don't know if
a tequila sunrise

would actually do the trick.

Oh, really?

What's more your speed?

A volcano?

Something a little stronger.


Ooh, that sounds stimulating.

How do you make one of those?

A dash of undulation,
shake well, and then, uh...

The earth moves?

Hey, hey. Mmm.