Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 1, Episode 19 - Does She or Doesn't She? - full transcript

Hairdresser Barry styles the hair of the creme de la creme. But when his clients wind up blackmailed to pay Barry's loan shark, can the Harts help Barry break free before someone else winds up dead?

This is my boss, Jonathan Hart.
A self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

What a terrific lady!

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of them, which ain't easy...

'cause their hobby is murder.

And I always thought
she was a natural blonde.

She only has white wine before dinner.

A case of white wine before dinner.

-You know, we're off to Vail next weekend.
-I didn't think you'd like to ski.

Darling, my instructor likes to ski.
I like to opérez ski.

He had it wrapped in tinfoil
and taped to his fist.

-The customs found it anyway.
-Now, that's really the pits.

Yeah, it'd be easier to smuggle diamonds.

Where are you and Jonathan going tonight?

The Save the Condor benefit
at the Chandler's.

-I've already done four heads for that party.

I'm leaving now, Barry.

We still on for tonight?

You know me.
I can never refuse dinner and a show.

Well, you have to make the dinner, honey.

I've never seen her around here before.
Is she a new one?

Just a little girl from San Antone.

-Nice kid.

-Her daddy is in oil.

And you better be careful
he doesn't boil you in it.

I'm sorry, ZsaZsa, but Barry is booked solid.

I know, dear.

Everyone in here
is trying to save the condor tonight.


All right, maybe he can come to your house
after we close.

But I'll have to call and confirm.

I understood that, ZsaZsa.
My first husband was Hungarian.

Mrs. Hutchins, it's only Tuesday at 1:00.

-You're Wednesday at 2:00.
-I know, Sophie.

There's just something I forgot
to let Barry have...

last time I was here. It'll only take a minute.

I don't suppose Mrs. Hart will mind.

You know, you're incredible, Barry.
No wonder the women find you irresistible.

Barry, watch out!

-What happened, Sophie?
-She started shooting at Barry.

-I'm over here, darling.

I don't know. This woman came in
and she started to shoot up the place.

-Are you all right?
-Can you find my other earring?

-Darling, are you all right?
-I'm fine.

Boy, when I said come and pick me up,
I didn't think it would be off the floor.


-Over here.

-Are you all right?

I guess she didn't like the way
I did her hair last time.

Who is "she"?

Sally Hutchins.

-You're gonna have to call the police.
-No, don't call the police.

Look, Sally's a good person...

and whatever it was
that pushed her to do this...

she's gotta be one tortured lady.

But, Barry, she tried to kill you.

Yeah, well, she didn't.

And I'm just glad you weren't hurt.

So, look, excuse me,
I gotta get this place cleaned up.


The condor is gonna be extinct
by the time we get there.

I'm sorry, darling.

It's just that I've never had
a .45-caliber frizz before.

After we feather the condor's nest...

what do you say we come home
and feather our own?

What a good idea.

-You know something?

I know Barry has got a great reputation,
but I love it when you do your own hair.

You know something? I do, too.

It's just that he's always so nice to me
about how I look...

and concerned if I have
anything special to do. I just feel...

it's my obligation to check in with him
every once in a while.

He ought to pay you.

-You can't buy that kind of advertising.
-He's really a very nice person.

That's why I was so shocked
about what happened today.

Did you believe him this afternoon?

Frankly, no. Did you?

Well, not unless he's protecting the lady
for some personal reason.

-You mean an affair?
-Could be.

I don't know. She wasn't really his type.

-Darling, can you check this out?

You have heard of unrequited love?

No, not really.

-You know what I mean.
-Yes, I do.

But all the girls in the shop talk...

and they told me that
he's really very up-front with all his ladies.

I don't think he'd let anything get that far.

What's this?

I must have picked it up
when I was looking for my earring.

That certainly isn't an earring.

That looks like something
you'd find in a hair dryer.

Or something.

I can imagine what today
must have been like for you.

Sort of like the Alamo, right?

I'll be okay.

I heard what happened to your place.
I just wanted to drop by and talk.

-Mr. Micklin, I don't want to talk to you now.
-I wanna talk. Now.

Get rid of the girl. Get rid of her.

Look, I got a business meeting.
Kind of unexpected.

-I'll wait up for you.
-No, don't lose any sleep.

Sally Hutchins was your latest client,
wasn't she?

How much did you
put the screws to her for, Micklin?

Now, don't lose your charm.
Now, you're famous for that.

I'm about to lose my patience
is what I'm about to lose.

That'd be losing your head.

You bring new meaning to the word "thug,"
you know that?

Barry, now you're really being rude.

That's not charming at all. But no matter.

How many spoilt kids
really respect their godparents?

Now, you take some fatherly advice.

You don't call the police,
and you don't call the insurance company.

They ask too many questions.

I'm sick and tired of you
telling me what to do.

You should listen to your elders, Barry.

Otherwise, you may wind up
choking on your charm.

This is Mrs. Hutchins. What's that?

I don't sound like myself?
Well, I'm not myself.

Is my husband still in the conference?

I see.

Well, would you give him a message?

Would you just tell him that
I hope we could drive to the beach...

and talk like we used to do?

And one more thing.

Will you tell him I'm sorry, really sorry.

Morning, Max.

Isn't it a beautiful day, Max?
We ran two miles.

Beautiful day. You can't prove it by me.

Hey, Max. I haven't seen you look like that...

since you killed a bottle of sake
on Japanese New Year.

I couldn't be impolite to my host.

Anyway, last night was no celebration.

What happened?

While you two were doing your bit
for the Audubon Society.

I got in a little game
with some birds of my feather.


They poked me.

Don't worry, Max,
you'll win it back next time.

Won't be any next time.
The guy who won big...

got a big job with some prince from Norway.

My dough is on the noon flight to Oslo.

I'll get it.

Who is it?

I'd like to see Mr. and Mrs. Hart.
It's Sophie Green.

I'm sorry I didn't call first.

Sophie Green's at the gate.

Tell her to come on up.

Come on up.

-Shall I pour?


The reason I came is that
I really am terribly worried about Barry.

Call it motherly instinct.

And I don't know exactly what or why...

but he seems to be like in quicksand.

-Can you be a little more specific?
-I wish I could.

Every time I ask him, he shuts me up.

Do you know anything about Barry's
relationship with this Sally Hutchins?

He is just her hairstylist.

There's no chance
that they might be having an affair?

As much chance as there is
of the Dodgers going back to Brooklyn.

-You're sure of that?
-Look, I go back 10 years with Barry.

He loves women,
but he does draw the line at married ones.


Sally Hutchins is married?

He's an industrialist named Martin Hutchins.

You know, she really is a very lovely lady.

You mean she was a very lovely lady.
Look at this.


Oh, dear God.

Oh, the poor woman.

Poor Barry.

Barry, look, why do you pay for this
out of your pocket?

You have insurance.
Why don't you let them pick up the tab?

I just don't understand you.
What are you doing to yourself?

Sophie, you worry too much.
Just let me run my shop my way.

Listen, return all the calls.
The shop's gonna reopen on Saturday.

If there's any urgents for tonight,
I'll make house calls.

Okay, Doctor.
You must have some bedside manner.

Hi, he's all yours.

Here, you take care of this stuff.

Hey, what are you two doing here?

-We just wanted to see how you were.
-I'm fine.

But it took God
even seven days to get it together.

And that wasn't out of pocket.

Sophie's a worrier.

You know, she does have a point, though.
I mean, most people would have...

the insurance company
pick up a tab like this.

Have you thought about that?

I get special deals from my suppliers.
All this stuff's first-class...

high-quality equipment.

The insurance companies
never cover replacements completely.

So I found I do better
if I write off costs as improvements.

You heard about Sally Hutchins, didn't you?

Yeah. I was stunned.

But after what happened here,
she was really in bad shape.

Do you have any idea why she was so angry
when she came here?


Aren't you even interested?

You two are the greatest friends
a guy could ever have...

and I appreciate what you're doing.

But just let me handle this, okay?

No, not over there.

Excuse me,
this little creation is gonna take eight days.

Here, I'll take care of it.

You take care of that stuff.

Look, this stuff's gotta be ready
by Saturday, okay?

That means all of this. Everything....

-What's the matter, darling?
-I just have this funny feeling...

that Barry's not really in any position
to ask for help.

I've got that same feeling. Hello, Max.

Listen, we'd like to have you keep an eye
on Barry Saxon for us.

We wanna know who he sees
and where he goes.

Sure thing, Mr. H.

Is there somewhere I can reach you
if I get anything?

We're going to see Sally Hutchins' husband.
We'll be home after that.

And, Max, we'll be cooking Italian tonight.

Que será, será.

I put a list of all the phone calls
that came in this morning in your study.

I don't think any of them
have to be answered right away...

except perhaps the one
from Mrs. Hutchins' sister.

And then I'll just finish clearing out
Mrs. Hutchins' desk before I leave.

Thanks for your help, Gail.

-Thank you.
-Thank you very much.

Mr. Hutchins, Jonathan Hart.

-My wife, Jennifer.
-How do you do?

-Thank you very much for seeing us.
-It's all right.

This is Gail Davis. She was Sally's secretary.

-How do you do?

How do you do?

Forgive me,
I have some work to get back to.

We're very sorry
about what happened to your wife.

Thank you.

I was just cutting some of these
to take to Sally.

She loved them so much.

Tended them so carefully.

As if they were her children.

You said you were friends of Barry Saxon?

Well, actually, I've been a client of his
for a number of years.

-We've grown to know him quite well.
-He's very disturbed about what happened.

Sally was not a violent person.

She was one of the gentlest...

most dependable people
you'd ever hope to meet.

Gail could tell you.

You know, she tried to call me last night.

I didn't get the message
until after my conference was over.

Until it was too late.

Sally seemed strained recently.

Because, usually,
I spent too many nights with my business...

not enough with her.

I have a lot of nights
to think about that now.

Thanks very much, Mr. Hutchins.


Right. Just keep making them nice and thin.

Leave it to me.

You know, in my early years,
I was able to stretch a buck pretty far.

-How am I doing?

-Is this really the way the Italians do it?
-I don't know.

But if it isn't, it should be.

What is this? An Italian laundry?

If you don't play the game,
don't make the rules.

I play the game.

-How'd it go, Max?
-I got plenty.

Guess who showed up at Barry's today?

Harold Micklin.

-The loan shark?
-Teeth and all. He and Barry had a long talk.

Now, I don't understand that at all.

Barry's a very successful man.
He has shops in New York, Dallas...

Palm Beach.

What would he be doing
talking to a man like Micklin?

After Micklin pulled away...

his two goons went into the building
right next door to Barry's.

I followed them, but I lost them inside.

I asked the maintenance man
where they went.

He said they got an office
on the second floor.

In Beverly Hills?

-Isn't that a little high rent for a loan shark?
-That's what I thought.

Them two apes don't belong on that street.

They're there every day at 9:00,
except Monday.


Why Monday?

It must be a religious thing
in the loan business.

Open Sunday, closed Monday.

Max, did you happen to get
the superintendent's name?

Right here.
He's there tomorrow morning at 8:00.

Alfred Carbona.

Alfredo, as in fettuccine.


You see, Mr. Carbona...

Harold Micklin was the best man
at our wedding.

We just flew into Los Angeles yesterday,
and we'd like to surprise him.

-Harold loves a good joke.

I've never seen him laugh.

As a matter of fact,
I've never even seen him smile.

-He saves it for very special friends.

And we are really special.

We'd just like to wait in his office
for a while.

-To surprise him.
-I don't think he likes surprises.

-I could get in a lot of trouble.

Mr. Carbona...

for you.

-Homemade pasta.
-From our home.

-Alfredo, you said a mouthful.

Well, since you put it that way.

Second floor, last door on the left.

But if you have a problem, I don't know you.

-Won't Harold be surprised to see us?

Down there.

I'll get the tape recorder inside the trunk.

See you upstairs in a few minutes.

Rather Spartan, isn't it?

Yeah, downright austere.

Just the basic necessities:
a reel-to-reel recorder and an aquarium.

Maybe they use that to reel in the fish.


-What the hell are you doing in here?

-Actually, we're with The Humane Society.

And we were just checking
to see if the piranha was being fed.


Hold it right there.

Run for it!


Nowhere to go but up.

Come on, they went upstairs.

Nowhere to go but down.

Put the gun down.

All I can say
is it's a heck of a way to get me into bed.

You have very inquisitive friends, Barry.

I had nothing to do with it.

Well, tell the Harts to stay away.

From you and from me.

I'll try and talk to them.


Don't say anything
you wouldn't want me to hear.

I'm a fellow
who keeps his ear to the ground.

I want his phone book.

If he can't convince the Harts, we'll have to.

-A little lower, darling.

I forgot how much I love
the strength in your hands.

I thought you loved me
for my strength of character.

Oh, well, that, too,
but not necessarily in that order.

-That's the spot.
-Right there?


let's not jump off
any more high buildings, please.

What is it?

It reminds me
of when we used to play touch football.

This reminds you
of when we used to play touch football?

Well, yeah.
Only, it wasn't really touch football, was it?

You used to tackle me all the time.
Even when I didn't have the ball.

What did the ref say?

There was no referee.
It was in the living room.


let me tell you something
about touch football.

Touch football is for kids.

Now tackle, that's a contact sport.

And you know how I am about contact.


-You noticed.
-How could I help it?

You see, it's not that I really mind.

-But you never let me score.
-Hey, darling.

-Scoring isn't everything.
-Oh, yeah?

Oh, yeah.

Two-minute warning.

Max, it better be good.

Barry Saxon is here to see you.

-We'll be right down.

And I know the two of you mean well,
but it can only create a problem for me.

Guys like Micklin have a way of
coming down around your shoulders.

Quite honestly, Barry,
you really are baffling us.

You have a lot of well-heeled friends.

If you needed money, you could have
asked any one of them for help.

Well, I'm not particularly interested
in advertising my debts to my clients.

But Micklin's a hood.

And I'm certainly not interested
in letting people know...

I've had dealings with him.
Believe it or not, I still have some pride.

It's just that we'd like to see you
stay in one piece.

So would I. So please stay out of all this.

I wouldn't want my business
with Micklin to hurt anyone else.

Especially you.

I gotta go. Thanks, Jonathan.
Don't bother seeing me to the door.


Boy, is he frightened.

-He certainly is covering up something.

Micklin has to have his fishhooks in him
pretty good.

How do we find out?
We can't go back to that office.

No, we can't, because they've seen us.

What do we usually do
when they've seen us?

You know what we usually do
when they've seen us.

-We call on you-know-who.
-I wonder where you-know-who is?

Max. Hey, Max!

-You hollered, Mr. H?
-Yeah. You've heard of Micklin Enterprises?

Yeah. I heard it....

I want you to go down there
and try to take a loan out for $2,000.

What's the matter?
Your credit suddenly no good?

No, my credit's fine.

I'm just interested in knowing
whether they're in the loan business...

or in the blackmail business.

-I'm practically there.


if we could just find out more
about Sally Hutchins...

we might have something going for us.

Say, what about her private secretary?

-Gail Davis.
-Gail Davis, that's right.

Well, they were supposed to be close.

Why don't I go see if she's listed.

-When did Mr. Hutchins leave for Europe?
-Right after the funeral.

-And you're housesitting?
-That's right.

He didn't want to go away
and leave the place empty.

He just wanted to get away in a hurry.

He really blames himself, doesn't he?

He's taking it pretty hard.

But it wasn't entirely his fault.

-I think it was a whole series of things.
-What sort of things?

Well, midlife crisis, for starters.

And, yes, her husband's neglect.

She had to do something about it,
you know what I mean?

No, I don't think I do.

She told me there was a guy.
Nothing serious, just a flirtatious weekend.

But afterwards,
she had tremendous guilt about it.

Did she tell her husband?

She was afraid
it would break up their marriage.

She still loved him.

It's such a shame.

In the last few weeks,
she seemed even more preoccupied...

and tense than usual.

Did she ever say anything unusual
or out of character?


Come to think of it...

she wanted to sell a necklace.

A very expensive one
that Mr. Hutchins had given her.

And she didn't want him to know about it.

-Did you ask her why?
-Yes, she changed the subject.

Of course.
Listen, business couldn't be better.

Yeah, it's open. Here's what I had in mind.


What do you want?

Hey, them's are beautiful fish.

Look, let me call you back. Right.


My cousin Allie.
Allie Carbona, the super, he sent me...

because I got into a financial dilemma.

-You gave at the track.
-And a couple of other places.

The truth is
I'm in a little bit of a financial bind.

-What do you want from me?
-Two G's. $2,000.

-Look, Mr....

-You can call me Sal.
-The point is I didn't call you at all.

But Allie says
you're in the money-lending business...

-and I sure could use two G's real quick.
-Now look, Mr. Sal.

I just deal in large sums of money
with substantial collateral.


-You mean something behind a loan.
-That's right.

In other words, I don't wanna
have to repossess your mother...

if you know what I mean.

No problem. I got plenty of collateral.

I got a car. I got only one loan on a house.

Now, look, I told you,
I just deal in large sums of money.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'm a little busy here.

I understand.
Well, nice meeting you, Mr. Micklin.

Can I take one of these brochures?

Go ahead.

One nice thing about fish,
you don't gotta walk them.


now why would Sally Hutchins sell
her jewellery without her husband knowing?

-Maybe she's a secret gambler.
-Maybe she's being blackmailed.

She was a very desperate woman.

-Anything for me?
-Yeah, these are yours.

Your monthly statement from Barry's
is in there.

Small world.

Let's hope it's a small bill, too.

Mr. H, I think you're right.

Micklin ain't in the loan business no more.

Oh, yeah? What did you find out?

I went down to the office like you told me,
tried to negotiate a loan for two G's...

made believe I was somebody else.
I offered to put up plenty of collateral.

And he himself, personally,
turned me down cold.

Any reason why?

He said he wasn't interested
in piffling amounts, just big numbers.

And get a load of this.

I glommed onto one of his brochures.
He's got offices all over the country.

Beverly Hills, New York,
Dallas, and Palm Beach.


Run those cities again?

Beverly Hills, New York, Dallas.

-Palm Beach?

Barry has salons in all those cities.

No kidding.

Darling, what's the area code for New York?

-And the information?



-Never remembers numbers.

Hello, Operator?

Could you get me the telephone number
for Barry's Hotheads in Manhattan?

Thank you. And what's the address there?

Fifth Avenue.

And one more number, please,
Micklin Enterprises.

That wouldn't happen to be
on Fifth Avenue as well, would it?

It is. Thank you.

That's right. And I'd like to have
their addresses in Dallas, too, please.



Thank you very much.

Yeah. Micklin Enterprises.

"M" for mob, "l-C-K" for icky, L-l-N.

In every single case, the salons
and the Micklin addresses were side by side.

-What's the tie-up?

Max, you remember you said that Micklin's
was open every day but Monday?

-Yeah, that's right.
-So are hairdressers.

And you remember
what you thought was your earring?

That turned out to be a bugging device.
I sent it out to a lab to be analysed.

So it really is blackmail.

What do you wanna bet that there's
one of those in every one of Barry's salons.

And a reel-to-reel recording machine
in every one of Micklin's offices?

-But what are they listening to?

Who is it some women
tell their deepest, darkest secrets to?

Okay. So now you know.

Except for one thing. Why?


-I've got a pretty nice place, don't I?
-The best.

In my business,
it's not just the styles you create.

It's the image, the atmosphere,
the trappings, the whole thing.

And when I started off
I wasn't exactly what you'd call 'bankable.

So you went to Micklin for a loan.

Yeah. It was innocent enough, at first.

Barry, you're one of the most
successful businessmen in the country.

Why didn't you just pay him off?

'Cause I found out
you don't just pay off people like Micklin.

I had to agree
to every one of my salons being bugged.

It's a blackmail business.

Taking advantage
of what women tell their hairdressers.

And Sally Hutchins
was one victim who found out...

-where the information had come from.

I didn't know until the day she came in
and shot up my place.

I've never known who they are.
I never wanted to...

and I've never taken one penny of it.

I guess Sally thought I was the one
who was blackmailing her.

Do you think the FBI
should be called in on this?

Do you think they could
get enough evidence?

No, no way.

None of his victims will come forward.

And he destroys the tapes
as soon as he's heard them.

Why don't we give Micklin...

one last tape to play around with?

Who's gonna be blackmailed?

I'm gonna miss you, Barry.

A month in Paris will slip by as
smooth as a....

I don't know.
I just got back from a month in Spain.

It didn't slip by like a bottle of....

As a matter of fact, it was boring.
All business.

Jonathan's really wheeling and dealing
on both sides of the pond, isn't he?

If he's not careful,
he might fall into that pond.

-What do you mean?
-Well, confidentially...

Jonathan's playing
a very dangerous game with money.

The authorities wouldn't be exactly thrilled,
if you know what I mean?

Don't tell me Jonathan's sticking his fingers
into his company's till?

He's up to his old tricks again.

Selling the same shares
over and over again.

He just sold 10,000
to some investors abroad...

and he's doing the same thing here.

Jonathan could sell snow in Siberia.

I gotta hand it to him.
As long as he doesn't get caught.

I'd like to meet the man
who's a match for my Jonathan.

And so you shall, Mrs. Hart.

And so you shall.

I don't know. I sure hope this will work.

But I still wish
we could just raid Micklin's office.

That would be great.
Don't you think that would be great?

I don't think that would be
such a good idea, Lt. Montgomery.

Yeah, you have a point.

After all, the only thing
we'd be able to prove is that...

he's recording these conversations
from the shop, right?

-That's right.

And the women being blackmailed
aren't exactly ready to go public.

-Very good, Mrs. Hart.
-Thank you.


Hart residence.

Who may I say is calling?

Just one moment, please. Micklin.


Yeah, this is Jonathan Hart.

Well, there must be some mistake.

If there is a misunderstanding,
perhaps we can discuss it face to face...

-if that would help you out at all.
-We have nothing to talk about, Mr. Hart.

Now, you will do the listening.

That is, unless you want me to call
the authorities.

-No, that won't be necessary. Go ahead.

Now, at 5.30...

you will bring $100,000 in small bills...

to the La Brea tar pits.

Drop it on the bench
facing the brontosaurus pool.

Not a nice man.

Not exactly a gentleman.

I don't know, Mr. Hart. What do you think?

Well, I'll tell you one thing.

Getting $100,000 together
in small bills is no small order.

I'd have to agree with you.

You know, I never realized how heavy
$100,000 could be.

Don't worry, darling.

The way the dollar is shrinking,
it'll weigh less by the time we get there.

Think we ought to call Barry
and tell him we're okay?

Yeah, sure.

LA Mobile?

Barry's Hotheads.

Yes, just a minute.

Barry, it's Jonathan Hart.



Look, I'm on my last customer. I'll wait here.
And Jonathan, thanks.

Thank Jennifer.

She's the one
that always said you're a good guy.

I'll thank her in person.

Yeah, but not in private. See you.

What's the matter, boss? Anything wrong?

We're gonna play with bigger fish.

Come on.

-It's almost time.
-Yeah, just a few more blocks.


It didn't cost me that much more...

to have Barry Saxon's phone bugged too,
Mr. Hart.

What do you want, Micklin?

Now turn your car around,
and come to the salon.

And I wouldn't advise calling the police...

if you want to see Barry alive again.

-What are we doing?
-Micklin bugged Barry's phone, too.

Just keep walking.

You can let me have that.

I'll be glad to let you have it.

-Very well done, darling.
-Thanks very much, darling.

He probably would have
gotten better treatment...

if he'd made an appointment first.

I really think it should be
a little more off the face.

Yeah, off the face would be good,
don't you think?

What about the sides?
You think the sides should be shorter?

No, not shorter.

-Barry, what do you think?
-You gotta have a balance.

If you want it shorter on the back,
you gotta compensate on the sides.

-What about going blonde?

That's a marvellous idea.

-Besides, blondes have much more fun.
-Is that true?

Now, wait a minute.
That's where I draw the line.

Relax, Max.
Just lie back and enjoy it, you know.

Yeah, Max, come on. I mean, relax.
This isn't going to take long.

You have to suffer to be beautiful.

Believe me, this is gorgeous.
So I gotta be gorgeous.

This won't shatter my image, will it, Mr. H?