Hart to Hart (1979–1984): Season 1, Episode 18 - Sixth Sense - full transcript

A precognitive young woman sees herself being murdered, but it is her unknown twin sister who turns up dead.

This is my boss, Jonathan Hart.
A self-made millionaire.

He's quite a guy.

This is Mrs. H. She's gorgeous.

What a terrific lady!

By the way, my name is Max.

I take care of them, which ain't easy...

'cause their hobby is murder.

The house is uncertain.

Look both ways.

Be warned. Things will not be as they seem.

Why? What do you mean?

Again, a double-face card.

A young woman stands in your way.

She threatens you.

What should I do? What do the cards say?

She really is incredible.

Yes, of all the subjects we've worked with...

Sara's turned out to be
the most outstanding.

I remember her when she was first tested.
She was amazing then.

Now she's even better.

Her precognition scores
are even more amazing.

The results of the long-distance testing
have been really encouraging.

Yeah, darling. Listen to this.

We took Sara about 100 miles upstate...

and kept the tester here at the lab.

She was able to come up
with the same scores you've seen today.

Well, I'm really happy
with this whole programme, Doctor.

It's certainly gonna be
a worthwhile investment for Hart Industries.

But isn't it strange to combine
business with clairvoyance?

It's becoming an accepted science.

A lot of your major oil companies
already have clairvoyants on retainer...

to help locate oil and mineral deposits.

You know, it wasn't long ago that medicine
itself was thought of as black magic.

I just had an extrasensory perception.


I saw us lingering over a nice little luncheon
at Dominic's with a cold bottle of wine.

Isn't he amazing?


Is anything wrong?

Sara, it's Dr. Selman. Help her.

You're safe. No one can hurt you.

Give me a hand.

All right, that's it.

Thank you.

It's all right, Sara.
Can you tell us what happened?

Somebody was trying to kill me.


I don't know.

It was like in a dream.

Something's happening to you...

and at the same time...

you're kind of standing back, watching it all.

It was just so real.

I could feel his hands.

I couldn't breathe.

Dr. Selman.

Do you think her behaviour
could have been caused by the testing?

Offhand, I've gotta say no.

Sara's a very sensitive girl
in the psychic area.

Her whole history has changed
with these kind of prognostic experiences.

Are you saying that she could be predicting
some future event?

It could be nothing.

Or it could be a prediction.
She's done that before.

Or maybe it's something
that's already happened.

-Something that's already happened?

-Feeling better?
-Yes, thanks.

Molly, this is Mr. Hart.

Could you get me
the Police Department, please?

Homicide Division, Lt. Gillis.

Right. Thanks. I'm on 727. Thank you.

Look, I'm really sorry
to have caused all this fuss.

Forget it.

Now, why don't you let us drive you home?

Well, I've got my car here,
and I've gotta go to work anyway.

I'll be fine, really.

Lt. Gillis? This is Jonathan Hart.

I wonder if you could give me
some information.

Have any young women
been strangled lately?

Why, Mr. Hart?
Were you thinking of placing an order?

No, it's about a subject
in our psychic research lab.

She had kind of a strange experience
happen to her just now.

She had a vision
of someone being strangled...

-and I thought that maybe you might--
-A vision, huh?

Well, I'll tell you, Mr. Hart,
we ain't had a run exactly on strangulation.

People are really lazy nowadays.

Guns and knives are the "in" thing.

Thanks, Lieutenant.

The girl should not be brought here
until we're absolutely certain.

Please be patient, Grandfather.

Two weeks ago you told me you found her.

Well, I got to check her out
a little more thoroughly.

You understand Mr. Terisi
has to be extremely discreet.


That's very correct.

I'm getting a copy of her birth certificate,
and it ain't been easy.

The orphanage people is very uptight
about revealing the natural parents.

Grandfather, if some girl got the slightest
inclination of what you had in mind...

she'd swear on her mother's grave
she was your long lost granddaughter.


get on with it.

Look, this girl may not be
your idea of Little Mary Sunshine...

but I'm telling you she's the real McCoy.

There's a sizable inheritance at stake.

There's no rush.

You're the boss.
So what do you want me to do?

You're still on retainer.

Just sit in your office
and count your money.

I'll be in touch.

By the way...

where did you say she works again?

Joint called Crowley's on the West Side.

Thank you.


Don't forget we've got the Creegers
on Saturday.

Where's the....

In the bottom right-hand drawer.

Say, how did you know what I meant?

The baby oil.


I guess I'm psychic.

Oh, dear.


-I hope she's going to be okay.

Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine.

No, you're not.

Now look who's reading minds.

You know, Dr. Selman says that someday,
when we unleash these minds of ours...

we'll be able to transmit thoughts
to each other without using words.

Well, that's nothing new.

We've been doing that for years, darling.

Hello, there.

-Mr. Whitley?
-Yes, get in.

Good evening, Lieutenant.
It's a little late, isn't it?

Sorry about the hour,
but it couldn't be helped.

-Top of the evening to you, Mrs. Hart.

What's up?

Mr. Hart, did you call me this afternoon
about some woman being strangled?

Well, nobody was exactly strangled,

You see, one of the girls who works
in our psychic lab had a sort of...

-what would you say, darling, a vision?

Yeah, a vision of being strangled.

That's very interesting.

I didn't know I was gonna be able
to accommodate you this quickly.

Do you know this girl?


Sara who?

That's Sara Mason.
That's the girl I was speaking of.

-Is Mr. Hart there?

Who's calling?

This is Sara Mason.

The lady says she's Sara Mason.

-My twin sister.
-No question about it.

Pathologist says the tissue samples
are a perfect match. You're identical.

Except you don't know who she is.

No ID. Body was clean.

Not even a laundry mark.

Sorry to be so blunt about it,
but we got a Jane Doe without a clue.

You didn't know about her?

No. I was a baby
when my parents adopted me.

You don't think they knew about her?

They would have told me when I got older.

Placement services never reveal
that sort of information.

What is it, Sara?

It's nothing positive...

but I used to get glimpses...

visions of me doing something.
But it wasn't really me.

Like yesterday.


I believe that what you experienced
yesterday was a clairvoyant phenomenon.

Right now you're the only link we have
to who might have killed your sister.

This should bring us up-to-date.

There's a little bonus in there
for your conscientiousness.

What's this?

Our business is completed.

What about the girl?

When does the old man want to see her?

Mr. Terisi, it was your function
to locate the girl.

Her disposition is none of your concern.

You're really gonna cut her out of her share.
I mean, she is your half-sister.

I was hoping my generosity
would stifle your boundless curiosity.

But I see I'll have to resort
to less seemly techniques.

What are you talking about?

I've been doing a little private eyeing
of my own.

You have an extremely untidy past,
Mr. Terisi...

which I'm sure
the police would not approve of.

The Steinman affair, for one.

I never understand you people.

You'd think a few million bucks
would be enough, but you gotta have it all.

Mr. Terisi...

a word of advice:

If you've been careless
in this investigation...

left something behind with the girl
that might prove to be an embarrassment...

telephone number, a business card...

I would go back and clean house.

-You ain't planning--
-Goodbye, Mr. Terisi.

Sara, the man you saw as the killer...

was there anything familiar about him?

Sara, the man you saw as the killer,
was there anything familiar about him?

Turn right at the next corner.

But I thought you said
you lived at the beach.

Jonathan, turn right.

That apartment building on the right.

Maggie, how are you?


Are these them long lost relatives of yours?

That's us. How are you?

I can't complain.

Maggie's lost her key.
Have you got a spare one?

No sweat. I'll let you in with the passkey.

Thanks very much.

Thank you.

See you around, Maggie.

We can wait outside, Sara.


It's just so strange.

She seems so different from me.

It's like seeing a side of yourself
you never knew.

I always wanted a sister.

I wish I could have known her.

I'll call Lt. Gillis.

Could we just wait here for a while
before you do?

Sure, why?

I just have a feeling that we shouldn't
disturb anything right now.

Maybe there's something here
that can help us.

Don't laugh, coming from me...

but I've got a premonition.

Can we get you anything?

How is she?

She's just sitting there in the dark
staring at nothing.

If you had vision the way she has vision,
you wouldn't need any lights either.

What do you want?

All right. Okay.

Somebody gave me the wrong address.

How about you were in there
to read the meter? How about that one?

All right.

I was hired to track the girl down.
I'm a private.

Whatever else come down, I don't know.

Not a big killing for a killing.

This is a setup. I never laid a hand on her.

She's alive!

It isn't him. He didn't kill her.

Wait. Don't!



Did you borrow those keys from Al?

Yeah. Unfortunately he won't
be using them anymore.


don't you think we ought
to let the police in on this?

Let's see what they come up with
on Maggie's apartment.

Then we'll lay this one on them.

Well, they certainly spared no expense
to impress the clients.

Yeah, really Spade and Archer.

Well, thank goodness business was lousy.

James Carney.

Apparently Jim was worried
about his wife's fidelity.

Boy, she had a busy schedule.

Apparently she did some modeling as well.

Interesting poses.

Nice chandelier.


I think I just found the inactive file.


Now, what would a man like Herbert Whitley
be doing with a second banana like Terisi?

Well, maybe he was slumming.

Maybe. But that's old money.

He owns half of California
with an option on the Pacific.

Do you think that Whitley
could have hired Terisi to find the girl?

I think that'd be stretching it a bit.

-Except for one thing.
-What's that?

Al had tea with Mr. Whitley.

You're kidding.

Well, I guess that makes Herb
our number one contender.

But what do we do about it?

We can't exactly go knock on his door
and say, "Excuse me, Mr. Whitley...

"but have you strangled
any young girls lately?"

It's very simple.

We'll just get Al's partner to handle it.

His partner?

But I didn't know he had a partner.

Partner? I didn't know he had a partner.

Marlowe is the name
and "had" is totally correct...

because Al had an untimely run-in
with a truck.

And he definitely came out
on the short side of that one.

I'm terribly sorry to hear that,
but what I meant to say was...

I was never made aware of your existence.

Well, I'm what you would call...

-a silent partner.
-Don't touch that.


Would you come upstairs?

Let me tell you something, Mr. Whitley...

you're in fantastic shape
for a man almost 80 years old.

No, you're referring to my grandfather.
I handle all his business.

I told your partner that his services
would no longer be needed.

I guess he had no chance to tell you.

Au contraire.

The impression Al gave was
that business was just beginning.

He gave me a glimpse of the first payment.
You know what I mean?

Look, I don't know what you're alluding to.

And I certainly don't like the drift
of this conversation.

My grandfather does not want
to see the girl.

-What am I gonna tell her?
-Don't play these games with me.

No offence.

Like I said, I am the silent partner
and I'm perfectly willing to remain that way.

I think I'd like you to leave.

I don't think I have to remind you
that even attempted blackmail is a felony.

So is murder.

All I know is...

when I put the blackmail squeeze
on Sanford Whitley he got very tense.

Maybe he didn't kill the girl, but he
sure as hell knows something about it.

I can't get any connection
with the girl on Whitley.

We checked out her apartment.
Her laundry's clean.

So far, no skeletons in the closet.

What can I do? I can't press a guy like
Whitley without something more to go on.

So what you're trying to say
is that you need a motive.

Yeah. Wouldn't hurt.

I'm not encouraging you...

but you look like the kind of guy and lady...

who's gonna do something
no matter what I say.

-Well, should we take that as a compliment?
-I think we should.

I think we should take that as a compliment.
Thank you very much.

Am I understanding you correctly?

You understand that you don't have
my official blessing.

So don't stick your necks out.

-And be sure and cover your backs.
-Got you.

You know...

you've done very well with this girl.

Maybe she should get a look
at this Sanford Whitley.

Maybe Sanford Whitley
should get a look at her.

Maybe. Come on, darling.

-So long, Lieutenant.

Excuse me, sir.

Yes, Alfred?

A young lady just delivered this.
She said it was very urgent.

A young lady?

A messenger?

No, sir, I believe it was personal.

Will there be anything else, sir?

The girl....

The girl that delivered this...

was this she?

Yes, sir, that's the young lady.

When did he say he'd be here?

Ten minutes, but he was so crazed,
I think he'll run all the way.

What is it?

-That certainly is a spiffy outfit.
-You like this?


-I got this at the thrift shop.
-Well, I hope you sprayed it.


"If you need me, just whistle.

"You know how to whistle, Steve.

"You just put your two lips together
and blow."

It's open.

Mr. Whitley.

I didn't think we'd be meeting again
after our last little meeting.

Look, I don't know what
you're trying to pull, Morrow.


But you're not gonna get away
with this little masquerade of yours.

I don't think I quite catch your drift.

Of all the low, cheap tricks,
sending that girl to me with that picture.

-What girl?
-The girl you sent to see me.

You mean Maggie?

That's very cute, Sandy. Very cute.

You gonna try to convince me
that Maggie is still alive?

Now you and I both know better than that.

By the way, is your car parked outside?
If it is, it's illegal.

The cops are pretty tough down here.
You better take a look.

No. It's impossible.

Hey, Whitley,
you look like you've seen a ghost.

She's gone.

If you think the girl is still around...

you better see this lady friend of mine.
She's your kind of people.

A real kind of mystic, like, you know.
She could take care of you right away.

My cousin, Leon, he couldn't get rid
of his wife even after she was dead...

and this lady did the trick.

Now, if you needed her services,
just give me a call any time.

Not bad.


He ought to be begging
to see my friend very soon now.

By the way, who is your friend?

"Here's looking at you, kid."

Well, there he is.
That's him in the wheelchair.

Now, we know that Sanford
is not too thrilled about your being alive.

I mean, your sister being alive.

But I really am interested
in the old man's reaction.

What'll I say?

Well, why don't you start with hello
and see where that takes you, okay?


I would've known you anywhere.

You would?

You are the image of your mother.

You know my mother?

All of her life. She was my daughter.

-Would you?

Where is my mother?

She passed away several years ago.

She regretted to her dying day
that she gave you up.

A decision I urged on her.

You're my grandfather.

I can't understand why Sanford
has taken so long to bring you to me.

Come. Let's go back to the house.

I'd like to, but I can't today.

I'm sorry.

But tomorrow.

Could I come then?

Any day you like.

You're not angry with me?

I'm glad we found each other.


Where is, Sanford?

I saw her. I just saw--

Now, calm yourself, Grandfather.
Who have you seen?

Your sister. My granddaughter.

What are you talking about?

In the park. You and your checking.

If you had brought her here and seen her,
you would have known!

Yes? What is it?

The cards don't speak.

But they must.

There's an obstruction.

It's useless.

But I must know.

I can't help you today.

Maybe later, next week.

Next week? I need to know now.

Perhaps another can help you.

Thank you very much, madam.

Hey, Sandy, how you doing?

What can I do for you?

Just listen...

this friend of yours...

I think I should see her.

Good thinking, Sandy.

-You won't regret it.
-How much will it cost me?

Just bring a little bauble.

Something worth about $10,000.
Right, Sandy.

Got him.


I am Baltar.

Madam Federcavich
will be ready imminently.

Come with me, please.

Now is time to clear your mind completely.

Eliminate all yaggety-bammety
so Madam Federcavich...

can make a clear communication.

-Hi, Sandy. How're you doing?
-Mr. Marlowe.


You're gonna love Madam Federcavich.

She's gonna get rid of all those
ghosts in your closet.

Did he bring the bauble?

-Give it to her.

The bauble, baby. The bauble.


Baltar, launch us on our journey...

to the abode of the damned.

O divinity of the spirits within us...

we are about to embark imminently.

O great host...

who summons us to the beyond...

Cally US...

into the very soul of goodness.

Protect us...

from the evil bolt of the demons...

and deliver truth and justice...

to the inner mind and spiritual being...

of the magus.

We now join hands
in a bond of trust and faith.

I feel...

the presence of a spirit.

The spirit is coming.


He is...


He is troubled.

He is.... Wait.


is a she.

Yes. She.

She is here now.

She cries out...

for justice.

She was struck down...

prematurely by...

the hand of evil!


is here.

She's trying to come through to us...

from the celestial heights.


help her through.

Come on, celestial being.

My troubled child...

how can I help...

to put your soul to rest?

Tell me.

The hand that struck you is near.

No. It can't be.

Your rightful place...

in a house of love has been denied you.

Snuffed out by a malice heart...

for avarice, gain.

Betrayed one...

how can we avenge your restless heart?

No, don't go. Wait.

She's gone, I have lost contact.

This can't be.

No. You're dead.

I left you dead. I killed you.

And if I have to, I'll kill you again.

All right, Whitley, drop it!

You're under arrest.

Whitley, don't forget your bauble.

Have a ball.

Mr. Hart, Mrs. Hart, how can I thank you?

Let me tell you something, Mr. Whitley...

the experience of meeting a girl like Sara
has made it all worthwhile.

You're gonna come down to the lab
and help us out once in a while?

Of course I will.

-Thank you so much again.
-You're welcome.

-Bye-bye, Mr. Whitley.


Get a load of this.

Remember at that séance
I mentioned a celestial being?


Guess who's running
in the seventh race today?

Celestial Being?

Nobody else.

I guess you can call that premonitionatory.


By the way...

how'd you do that trick with Sara?

I mean, the making her disappear
and appear?

-Well, it's all done with mirrors, Max.
-Yeah, Max.

-We know several tricks with mirrors.