H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 2 - Jungle Hunt - full transcript

Will and Bella discover they're the new kids in school. He's determined to return to Mako island and search for the cave entrance to find out what happened to him. Bella offers to come along to keep an eye and try on him. The others decide to follow, even Angus who's convinced nothing remains to be discovered about the moon lake. During the journey Wil tells he was previously schooled at home. They arrive and manage to get Will out before the water tentacle reappears, albeit too weak to hurt anyone, unlike full moon.

Just Add Water

Season 3, Episode 2:
"Jungle Hunt"

You don't want to be late
first day at school, right?

Sorry, dad.

- I can't be afraid of
water whole life.
- ??? ?? ?????.

- I thought that ... with the full moon.
- No, you ...

Well try get out your mind.

I would like this place.

Yes? Give it a week.

Bella, looks like you are not
the only new here.

Oh, he starts here too.

Do you remember anything from the full moon?

Doesn't matter, the less
I see him, the better.

Come on, I'll see you around.

Person who does not forget. ??

Oh, Talk to me.

I remembered something
about that cave.

That was you.

Something strange happened there.

- Look, I'm not really interested.
- I see you remember me.

- We need to get back into the cave.
- Why?

Your swim, you fell asleep, hit
his head and we found them.
That's it.

And what you guys
are you doing there?

We like exploring.

In ... clothes

Lucky you that ...
found you ...

How do you get that?

Obviously we found another entrance.

- Will you show me?
- I will not go back there.

At least give me
a direction.

I don't think I can find it again,
even if I wanted to.

- He is going ...
- We could not talk him about it.

- Then let's go with it.
- I think we need to
close to the cave. ??

Ricky, he saw the water that attack us.
I mean, we have to find out what is happening
before the next full moon.

So, how are we going to do that?

One of us could distract him.

Well, the others will verify the moon pool.

She's got

Oh, has she?

If you don't want to ...

- If it once ... under the water night...
- Ah, you better be someone
who does not know where to go. ??

So, I heard you are going to Mako Island.

Where did you hear that?

Oh, throughout the school.

Not really. But seriously, when you are going?

Why do you want to know?

Because I'm coming with you.

I love.. there, and I know
really well, so I can help you.

The only help sometimes
is part of being human.

Moreover, I can take you to the cave.

The underwater entrance.

No, no, no. Too soggy
and I am not a very good swimmer.

Will go through the other entrance,
it's come .. above.

On Saturday it's best to me,
about 10.
See you on the beach?

- ... about 9
- Better, all right, I'll see you there.

... You just
invite him and ...?

Why ...?

The fact that you have just met,
the fact that only I knew that going
and suddenly you know everything.

He didn't not mention it

I think it is too risky
and not know anything about it.

- That's the point.
- Maybe we should go with you for company.

No thanks. I will be fine ...

See you.

Do you really think she ...?

Sure, why not?

I wish I could be than sure.

I know it's irrational, I just
I don't feel safe anymore.

I really appreciate what you are helping

Especially since we do not believe what I saw.

You know nothing about Mako's
not ...

Ahh this is what you're doing.

I've just been working while you talk.

I need new ... box


Come on, Cleo, I know this
Mako thing is ...

Do you, Lewis?
Because I do not think you realize how much.

- That water attack us.
- ... off

It came from the Moon Pool.

That is our place where
always we were safe.

It was a full moon, Cleo.
There is no reason to think that
ever will happen again.

And no reason why won't.

- Okay, I'll check it out.
- When?

Look, I can't just wait around
to be attacked again.

Something has changed
and I want to know what.

With the boat you came?

A friend brought me earlier.

Wow, you are really serious about this.

Yes. I need to know what happened to me.

Anyway, thanks for coming.

- I like to help me someone
who knows the island.
- That's me.

- I can help you with this.
- Thanks.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

This way.

- What?
- I knew that you can not starpish.

I don't.
I'm worried about Bella.

You have good right,
she goes in the wrong direction.

That's the point.
Now you can check out the Moon Pool.

Let's go and do it.

Are you sure that we are in the right direction?

Yes, should be here,

After you.

Oh, no, you walk first,
I'll just take my shoes off.

- A little water will not hurt them.
- Do not want to wet them.

Why aren't you taking your shoes off?

- I need a little alone.
- What?

There isn't a bathroom around here,
is it?

Yes, you just keep walking
and I'll catch up with you.
No looking!

Are you okay?


Bella, can you hear me?

Did you fall in?

I'm coming back!

Bella, can you hear me?


Bella, are you okay?



Bella, where are you?

- What are you doing here?
- I do not know, saving your tail?

You don't trust me, do you?

Watch out!

Okay, this is cool.



- What are you doing here?
- I asked her.


I don't need an excuse to come in
and had a ... into the jungle.

Where did you go just before?

I gonna be wet, so I
dress ...

So, what didn't you answer
when I called you?

Oh, did you call me?
I was like way back in the jungle.

That's all then, so what's the next?

- I still looking for that cave entrance.
- Which is in this way.

Bella said he was from the other side of the island.
That's this right, right?

- Absolutely!
- No, I don't think so.

You said you don't remember where it was.
Are you coming?

Would you take a backpack, Ricky?

There should also be
an easy way entrance.

- I think this whole thing is a waste of time.
- So, how you called that?

What was you doing
in the cave that night?

... fishing for ...

You really like to fish, eh?

I prefer to eat animals to humans.

Is not it dangerous to dive for the bait?

Not for me.
I'm not afraid to hold
my breath for long time.

- Cool.
- It's part of my training.

And I'm very careful
when I dive.

But you don't know what
you can find there.

No, but I saw something strange,
something like a shimmer in the water.

- A shimmer?
- You think I'm weird.

No. Right?

If you ask me
whole school is weird.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

And it's my first year here too.
It takes time to integrate.

I do not know, and I'm here for the first year.


- Really?
- Yes.

I was in a school for one week.

You're kidding.

- Most of my life I've been
in different schools.
- How do you manage that?

My parents moved frequently.

All my life I have not been long in one school.

A little weird.
My father was hotel manager.

So we travel all over the world
and I was 2 years in one school.

Do not know anyone as good
to find your friends.


Might be different this time.

- Do you think it is safe?
- I think it is fine.

- But was not there before.
- Volcanic islands fluctuate.

- And release water?
- Cleo, there's nothing unusual about that.

Must have been cracked somewhere and descent.

Just flowing, fresh water.


Lewis, what happens?
Lewis, what happens?



Come on, what the hell?

Not so funny, huh?

- Are you sure that we are in the right direction?
- Yes, here.

I think that is behind the entrance to the crater.


- So the entrance of the cave
must be somewhere here.
- It does?

It does!

Indeed, what are we looking for?

A hole in the ground.
It was pretty dark when we found her.

You have to recognize something.


Have you lose her again!

I'm here!

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- How is it there?
- Very dark.

- Find it.
- Great.

Do not worry, Bella.
We will get you out.

I entered.

Are you there dol?
Will come.

- Thanks.
- Are you good?

Thank you, ... broking ...

So, the pool must be
behind there.

Yeah, right.

This is unbelievable.

Will be careful.

Hi guys.

Cleo told me about the cave
I wanted to check it myself,

but I can assure you that
is an ordinary chimney.

- This is not a hammer "P 75".
- It was not there before.

- Is definitely not what attack me.
- ...

- Lewis.
- Will.

So this look like?

I do not know.

- Not as I remember it.
- And how do you remember?

I saw him for a while.

The waterfall was ...

Yes? And where was it?

- Because this is a little small.
- Yes, I know, but ...

was on the all place.

That is impossible.

Revived and began to shoot something

- What do "something"?
- Shooting everywhere.

It doesn't makes any sense.

There was a shape
in the pool.

It looked real.
I wanted to touch it.

Are you okay?

I do not know.

You know what I think?

I think you hit your head
and you had a crazy dream.

- Ricky, I think you should ...
- You were delirious,
you not even know what you saw.

- Do you think I imagine it?.
- Show me something here ... otherwise.

- Ricky ...
- Because it shows me this.

And we were here, remember?
Remember this?

And I saw nothing.
So come on, show me.


I do not know.

I need fresh air.

- You happy now?
- It had to be done.

- Girls.
- That was terrible.

Behind you.

I suppose this is not normal.

Will wait.

I'm worried about you.

I must be crazy
Is it possible to have magic?

- I'm a freak.
- No, you're not.

What if I am your
imagine these things?

The truth is that when ...

we found you, were pretty ...
and also said things that
haven't any sense.

You must hit your head
pretty hard.

Sorry to into this.
There is nothing in this cave.

Don't be.
I had a good day.

Did you?

I can take you ...

I should probably get back
with the guys, but

- If I fell into a hole again,
I'm sure I'll call you.
- Yes.

I'll see you later.

- What's going on here, Lewis?
- I don't know.

I can not believe I'm so wrong.
Sorry for that.

- Careful.
- I'm just testing.

Stand here.

Will not return.

- Good job.
- Bella come here.


Attack when closer.

- Must be allergic to something.
- Agreed.

- You may be right.
- Can.

- I think you should stay
away from here.
- No.

This is our place and no
We take him some water.