H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Awakening - full transcript

Zane has a surprise: his dad bought the café and made him manager. He renamed it after Rikki, whom he makes a full partner. Tonedeaf Nate nearly ruined the first life music performance, but Lewis saves with Irish Isabel "Bella", whom the other mermaids just accepted after discovering she's one of them as they all abused their power to hassle playfully taunting surfers. Hunky local nature lover Will goes diving around Mako island. He discovers the magical cave, but it's a full moon and the serpentine water column knocks him out before escaping to attack the others. It grabs Cleo, but the other mermaids follow and liberate them. Will is totally confused but unharmed.

Just Add Water

Come here!

Scared of water, right?


- What are you doing?
- I don't know.

Would you love summer holidays?

- ... , isn't it?
- Not for much longer.

Ey, ey, ey, you relax. School
is at least two weeks away.

- Yes, not that.
- Emma?

You should be happy for her.

Not everyone goes to see the world
with their parents.

why she have to leave?

It's our last year school.

Who is gonna ...
do homework now?

I miss her too.

- Where is she now? Paris?
- No, it's Zane.

I haven't heard from him
in three weeks

and suddenly he has a surprise
for me.

A make-up present!

Ohh, Lucky me.

I should go back to Lewis.
... wondering ... .

I'm home!

You have not moved since I left.

- No ...
- It's a crazy idea.

- Let's do something!
- Okay.

Come here!

Get your hands off my pizza,
on my fishing magazine

and my daughter.

What a surprise that you're here.


Lewis goes home to
each night, Dad!

And it's here first thing in the morning!

But it is warning that
I have received from you, Mr S.

I can not stay away.

Maybe you should
to give up.


Where you ...?

- On that island.
- Mako?

It's not too late
for that?

Where is the best.



- Ready?
- What?

And surprise!

- What do you think?
- It's great. What is it?

My new cafe.
Starts tonight.

- Yours?
- What? It's dad's money.

I am the manager.

So that's you were planning for a holiday. ??

What? I ...
do something with this place.

It was closed for ages.

- That's what I said.
- Really? I don't remember that!

I knew it.
Live music.

Yes, once a month.

And tonight is
the Opening Night.

You stole my idea!

- That would be hard to prove.
- ... should ... You're my boyfriend.

What is yours is mine.
... not suppose to ...?

See. I kinda lied before.

It's not my place.
It's ours!

What you say?

Hi guys! Opening cafe Rikki's
tonight. See you there.

... "Rikki's"
and opens ... tonight.

We have live music and
best juice.

Take that! Whew!
Come tonight to "Rikki's.

Live music and an great
opening. It should be there.

Come on!

A great opening to "Rikki's.
It should be there!

Live music.
Get it!

- You look great.
- It's fantastic.

Let's go!

- So, What do you think?
- Wow
- ... Opens tonight?

- Yes, charming.
- Aren't you forgetting something?

If it's about the ... taxes,

- We can not give money??.
- Not that.

It's about tonight's full moon.
Werewolves time.

- Come on, guys, ??.
- Maybe.

I mean, it's gonna be many people there
and if we started hold in moon ...

Everyone it's holding in by moon
at 22:00 then we failed.???

Hello. How are you going?

Tell me I'm doing
the right thing!

Well, we have been under
influence ... before, so...

No, not that.
It's the coffee.


not true.
It was your idea

and you made it.

Yes, I suppose.

Do not get me wrong.

I think it's really nice ... but
I have always ...

and now Zane
it's like my boss.

As he said,
you are his partner.

I know this saying,
but will it work?

Cleo! It's supposed
you have to say that is silly! ???

No, it's too late
to worry.

What do you think I should wear?
I don't want to be overdressed.

You look good in anything

just try to ....
I never forgive you.

Can I come in
to my office?

I gotta go.
See you tonight!
Come in!

It's show time.

It wasn't just a ...!
He attacked me!

- Come on!
- Lewis, I'm serious!

It is impossible. I mean, we know
all about magic sirens. ???

Call that an attitude

Do not hurt anybody if
flirt with the boss.

No boss.

- This is so exciting.
- Yes.

You're my best friend.
Thanks for your enthusiasm.

- Please ...
- I know. I'm sorry.

Is just I think we shouldn't
be here tonight. ??

Where else should be in
greatest night of my life?


You heard lady!
Come on!

- It's a bad choice.
- He is a friend.

- And it's cheap.
- It's not telling you something?

Thank you!


All right!

Where are you going?

I am tired!

Take a break!
We'll be right back.
Keep on rocking.??

What do you mean you cannot sing?
You have to!

I haven't drummer, come on.

I knew that you do so! ??

Unable to follow instructions. ??

Not my fault.

- Great place, right?
- Yes.

I saw on the beach
this morning.

- Yes.
- I am Bella!


What's happening?

Do not want to sing! ??

Okay, I need a drummer.
I will do my best.

Hello! It is dedicated to all
Ladies of the ... tonight.

Change it! We
sucks if you play.

It's not so bad.

If you ignore the lack of
total rate

and that you miss notes.

It is like you know
something about singing.

Meet your new singer!

There is no one I'm share
microphone with someone ... ??

but her ???

- Now we need a drummer.
- Lewis, used to be good.

- Very good.
- Yes, when I was ten.

- Yes, we understand well.
- He? It's hopeless.

Thanks for coming everyone!

I would like to dedicate this evening girl
which was the inspiration for the local.


Nice, partner!
You saved!

What's new?

- What?
- There's something I have to tell you.

Water should not attack us. Not so
works with mermaid

controlling it.

I know Rikki, but what I saw.
And it is full moon.

I thought I
arranged that.

Lewis believes this.

- How are you so sure?
- Is everything okay?

It should not sing?

I wanted to check
if you are ok.

- Why haven't we be okay?
- Can you please let us
alone for a few minutes?

- There's something I have to ask you.
- Whatever it is, it can wait.

Something is going to happen here, isn't it?
Something magical.

That's ridiculous.
There is nothing magical!

- Help!
- Rikki!

Help me!

- Are you okay?
- What was that?

- It's gone now.
- Where?

- Nice tail!
- Same.

- Let's go!
- No!

It sounds as if wounded.

- What if he sees us?
- We can't just leave him!

I have a really bad
feeling about this.

Sleeping Beauty!

It's okay! It's okay!

What are you doing here?

I came here diving
but is different.

Wall ... ie waterfall
shining or something

came off it.

Yes, I swear!

Something came for me
from the pool.

Water ... and it
attacked me.

- You must be sleeping here.
- No, it wasn't a dream.

Was like... it was alive or something.

You should go
to see a doctor.

What are you guys doing here, anyway?

It's good to check
as soon as possible.

Are you sure that you will
return safely?

- My name is Will.
- Bella.

- Are you a mermaid in nine years?
- Yes.

Well, when I lived in Ireland.
My parents worked

so I went on shore and we
found that cave and rock

and went
in a river and ...

Wait! When my bike had training wheels
you already had a tail?

And you, when you changed?

We do this for years

Do that again!

Calm down, Lewis!
We have nothing to do.

What happened to you?

Forget everything I knew because
do not know anything about the Mako.

Why? What has changed?

Moon sent water
to attack us.

- I do not understand.
- Neither do I.

We must figure it out
before he does.

- Will!
- He was there.

He saw whatever was and that
means troubles for all of us.

- All of us?
- You are one of us now.

We discussed ... although we liked.

I mean, If you want to.

Yes, I'm in!