H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 5 - Hocus Pocus - full transcript

Lewis and the girls make a potion supposed to allow the girls to grant wishes. Wilfred worries he will have to close the Juicenet Café, and Emma suggests they make a TV commercial.

♪ I got a special power ♪

♪ That I'm not afraid to use ♪

♪ So come on, this is my adventure ♪

♪ This is my fantasy ♪

♪ It's all about living in the ocean ♪

♪ Being wild and free ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ I've got the power if I just believe ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea, the world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

What? I'm going through a growth spurt.


Where is all the food?

It's not there?

Didn't we just go shopping?

That was two weeks ago.

Wait, no. It was three.


Dad, what are we supposed to have
for breakfast?

Fruit. Full of fibre.

Dad, this can't keep happening.

Never used to happen when Mum was here.

I'm sorry, girls.
I'll get better at this, I promise.

-Nice one.

Dad's having a tough enough time
without you bringing Mum into it.

I have found the best thing ever.

It is going to rewrite mermaid history
as you know it.

-Actually, no, it is mermaid history.
-What are you on about, Lewis?


-A fairy tale book?
-A mermaid mythology book.

Published in 1908. Limited print.
I found it on the Net.

It's priceless and it is totally legit.

-[bell rings]
-It's a kid's book.

No, it's a mermaid manual.

[Rikki] Right, with pop-up illustrations
and a colour-in section!

Of course, it looks like a kid's book,
but that's just a front.

How else could they
get this stuff published?

Lewis, you got ripped off.

What do you think?

It's got that dank, dusty smell.
I guess that's something.

[Lewis] There's a whole section
on magical powers.

Controlling them, enhancing them,
getting new ones.

"Wish giving"?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a potion.
It gives you the power to grant a wish.

Pretty cool, huh?

Yeah. Cool.

Maybe Lewis is right.
What if the book is for real?

We could have the power to grant wishes.
There's a recipe and everything.

Wish giving! Come on!

All Cleo wants to do is give it a try.
Where's the harm in that?

Lewis, what have you said
to poison her mind?

He hasn't said anything.
I just think this could be really useful.

Come on guys, for me.

-[Emma] Okay.

-[Cleo] Excellent!
-[Lewis] Okay.

Now, there are a few
hard-to-get ingredients.

Deep-sea algae, fungus,
three different types of reef scum.

You guys will need to help.

Let's leave that to Cleo, shall we?

Emma, emergency staff meeting.

-Bad news.

Business is dropping.

There's a new place opening up
on the other side of the marina.

I may have to close down.

You can't just give in.
You've gotta do something.

I thought I did.

I spent all this money
renovating this place

and business is still down.

You need to advertise.

Show people how great it is here.

-Make a TV commercial.
-I can't afford that.

Sure, you can. Just something
simple and to the point.

To save money, you could even direct it.

Yeah, I could.

-And you can star in it.

Be here tomorrow morning
if you want to keep your job.

[Charlotte chuckles]

I'm not that scary, am I?

No, no. I'm just focussed on other things.

-Like what?
-Oh, just this project I'm working on.

-What sort of project requires algae?
-It's complicated.

Has it got something to do
with that book you've been glued to?

What book? There's no book.

Yes, there is.
I saw you with it at school.

Not that I was spying on you.

No, this stuff
is just for my private collection.

For some people, it's stamps.
For me, it's algae.

[Lewis] Two spoonfuls of golden algae...

One, two.

Uh, one tuft of seaweed.

-And half a cup of reef fungus.
-What now?

Now... we need to add some magic.
You guys need to zap it with your powers.

-All of us at the same time?
-Uh... yes.

-Like this is gonna work.
-Just try it.

-Nothing happened.
-Not yet.

Now, you've got to put it on your face.

Lewis, no way am I putting that stuff
anywhere near my face.

-[Emma] It stinks.
-No pain, no gain, guys.

Fine, I'll do it...
if it will shut you up.

Okay, hit me. Someone make a wish.

I wish for a pepperoni pizza
with no anchovies.

[Rikki sighs]

-Told you. Total waste of time.

Maybe I got the recipe wrong.

-Well, can I take some home just in case?

Hey, Em, [stammers]
I might leave this here overnight

just in case it needs to settle.

It's gotta be gone in the morning.

It will be.
I'm sorry it didn't work out, Cleo.

What about me? What about my apology?
You did waste my valuable time as well.

Rikki... I will get back to you
on that one.

"I'll get back to you on that one"?

Like I said, total waste of time.


[knocking on door]

-Hurry up!
-Go away!

How long does it take to have a bath?

Yelling at me
will only make me take longer.

You'll get wrinkles.

Why does she get whatever she wants?
Who made her queen of the bathroom?

Once, just once, I wish I could have
a shower when I want one!

Ugh! Turn it off!

[Kim] Dad, turn it off! Turn it off!


-It worked!
-It worked! What worked?

The wish potion.
Kim made a wish and I granted it.

-Are you sure?

The book didn't mention one thing.

You have to be a mermaid
when the wish is made.

Ah, of course!

-Wow, this is huge!
-I know.

We could wish for anything we want.

Anything. So, what would you wish for?

I guess I'd wish for things
to be back the way they were.


We're all really missing Mum a lot.

Oh, yeah. That.

[ringtone beeping]

[phone clicks]

Hey, Em, what's up?

What? Okay, I'll be there in a minute.

I've gotta go.
Do not use any more of that potion.

Lewis, this is all your fault.
Your stupid fungus is out of control.

How interesting.

This is not interesting, it's a disaster.

No, I mean,
the potion Cleo took home is okay,

so why did the stuff we left here
start to grow?

-Unless what?

Unless someone heated it up.


I only gave it a little zap.
And anyway, it's your fungus.

You are not blaming this on me.

-Rikki, Rikki, Rikki--
-Lewis, what are we going to do?


That, I don't know.


[groans] Come on. Work!


-Dad, is everything alright?

Well, no. Sometimes things
just seem to go wrong for no reason.

[sighs] I understand. We all do.

Do you want to talk about it?

Ah! I don't want to bother you
with my problems, Princess.

It's no bother, Dad.
That's what family's for.

It's just...

not easy, you know.

There's so much to do.

Between work, you and Kim,
I never seem to have enough time.

Now that Mum's gone. I know.

Do you ever wish
things could be different?

Of course. But I'm doing my best, Cleo.

I'll get the job done.

Yeah, I think you will.

[Lewis] No, no, no, Em, bad idea.

Cleaning will only dislodge more spores.
And more spores means more fungus.

Great. What, then?

Lewis, tell me you have a theory.
You always have a theory.


I have a theory. Why don't you freeze it?

No! No, I don't think that's a good idea.

The book only mentions
using all three powers at once.

Lewis, your book has got us
in enough trouble.

Zap it.

See? All done.

You made it grow faster. Well done.


-Everything alright, pumpkin?

-I just wanted to ask you a question.

If you could wish for anything
in the world, what would it be?

Uh, but if I told you,
it wouldn't come true.

Well, then don't tell me.

-Just make a wish.

I wish for...

-Did you do it?
-Yep, all done.

It's going to come true, Dad.
I just know it.

That would be nice.

Lewis, what are we going to do?
It's getting worse.

-It smells awful.
-It's fungus.

[knocks on door]


-[Emma] What?
-I think you've got a customer.

-Why would the JuiceNet Café be closed?
-Um, stocktaking. It could take all day.

Oh. That's a shame.
I was really looking forward

to one of those cranberry boosters.

-Surely, they can make one juice to go.

I mean, yes [chuckles] they can,
but I'll get it for you.

You just go and sit down. Just...

[both coughing]

Any chance of getting a cranberry booster?

Lewis, serving juices today is
out of the question.

[Rikki] It's hard to breathe.

-I wouldn't recommend prolonged exposure.
-[Emma] Meaning?

We better get out of here.

-My book!

Forget about your stupid book.

[Lewis coughs]

I am never going to get
the stink of fungus out of my hair.

Hey? Where's that cranberry booster?

-That'll be a 30-minute wait.

-The fungus is taking over everything.
-What are we gonna do?

We better think of something.

Wilfred! He's shooting
his TV commercial here, I forgot!


-Emma! I hope you're ready for this.

Not really. Can we do it another day?

Not unless you want to pay
for these guys to come back.

Come on, Emma,
you're the face of the JuiceNet Café.

-This way, guys.

I've got a great idea.
Why don't we start shooting outside?

The sun, the water...
Customers love that stuff.

I love it.

[phone ringing]

Hello? Sweetheart, how are you?

Sure, I can come over.

See you soon, darling.


That was Kim.
She wants me to pick her up at Lucy's.

Oh. I thought it might
have been someone else.

Like who?

-See you later, then, Princess.
-Yeah, see you later.

[phone ringing]

Hello, Mum?

Lewis, I'm expecting
a very important call right now.

The café is what?

Mm, these smoothies are... smooth.

[Wilfred] Cut!

It's "sensational."

-"These smoothies are sensational!"

Sorry. Can we do another take?

Can somebody get me
my cranberry booster? Today?

-I'll get it. You guys keep shooting.
-No, I'll get it!

-Lewis, take over.

Hold on!

We need to show a satisfied customer.

Alright, let's do it.

Okay, um, what's my motivation?

Just drink the juice and look satisfied.


Cleo. Take it, take it, take it!


-Have you still got the potion?
-Not much. I used most of it on Dad.

It'll have to do, but we need to try
and wish this stuff out of here.

-And don't let anyone in.
-Like I'd do that. Hurry up.

[curtain jingling]

-Don't touch anything.
-Don't worry. I won't go anywhere near it.

And try not to breathe too much.


[Cleo] Lewis!


A little bit of warning
would have been nice, Lewis. [sighs]

Oh, no.

-What's wrong?
-The potion, we've lost it!


-What was that?
-What was what?

That noise. It came from inside.

It must have been Lewis and Cleo.
They went in there a minute ago.

Oh, Wilfred, wait!
I'm ready for another take. Wilfred.

It's in here somewhere.

[knocking on door]

Open up, Lewis! I know you're in there.


-Emma, give me your keys.
-My keys! Right.

Where did I put them?

There it is. There it is.
It still looks okay.

[knocks on door]

-[Wilfred] Open up, Lewis!
-Lewis, hurry!



Fingers crossed this is enough
for one last wish.

Wouldn't it be nice if, you know,

-we could wish for something else?

Like something a lot better
than getting rid of some fungus.

What would you wish for?

I think you know.
But we don't have time for this right now.

I wish for...

Keys... I know I put them
around here somewhere.

Aren't they your keys in your back pocket?


-[keys rattling]
-Gee. Thanks, Charlotte.

What's going on?

Just making a juice.

Your cranberry booster.

[sighs] Thanks. Finally.

Right. Well, we'll set up over here.

-Could you make some more juices, Emma?
-Sure thing.

-Where did it all go?
-Someone must have made a wish.

Cleo, you were right. My wish came true!

Really? Oh, Dad, that's great!

I'm so happy for you.

-So, where is she?
-Where's who?

-Mum, of course.
-What are you talking about?

-What are you talking about?
-My fish finder.

It's been playing up.

When you asked me to make a wish,
I wished I had a new one.

-And now I have.
-He won it in a raffle.

Yeah, down at the wharf.
Must be my lucky day. Isn't it great?

You wished for a fish finder?

Dad, aren't there more important things
in life than fish?

-Like what?
-Like Mum, of course!

I just thought if you could have one wish,
you'd wish for Mum to come back.

Okay, girls. Come here.

Your mum and I weren't happy together,
but she is now.

She's made a new life for herself.

And you can go and see her
anytime you want.

Yeah, we know.

And to be honest with you,
[sighs] I'd love to have her back.

But she'd still be unhappy.

I guess.
But what about your happiness, Dad?

-He is happy. Aren't you, Dad?
-You bet.

I've got you two, right?

-[Cleo] Right.

♪ We've got to stick together ♪

♪ Cos the best things come in three ♪

♪ I want it to last forever ♪

♪ All the magic and fun at sea ♪

♪ So come on, this is our adventure ♪

♪ There's no telling where we'll go ♪

♪ But all I want
Is just to live amongst the H20 ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ I've got the power if I just believe ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ The world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

♪ Come along, it just gets better ♪

♪ So much to do and just so little time ♪

♪ Cos it all depends on whether ♪

♪ You wanna leave the land above behind ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ The world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

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