H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 19 - The Gracie Code: Part 1 - full transcript

Lewis tracks down a man named Max Hamilton who has research about mermaids from 50 years ago. We discover that he knows so much because he dated a mermaid named Gracie. Max tells them about his time with Gracie and gives Lewis all the information he has.

♪ I got a special power ♪

♪ That I'm not afraid to use ♪

♪ So come on, this is my adventure ♪

♪ This is my fantasy ♪

♪ It's all about living in the ocean ♪

♪ Being wild and free ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ I've got the power if I just believe ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea, the world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

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Lewis. What are you doing here?

I had a sudden inspiration.
It woke me up last night.

I'm not even gonna ask.

I have been studying
the magnetic fields in here,

but you are probably not interested.

-No. You're right, we're not.
-I am.

Oh, OK. Um...

This island has some pretty weird
magnetic anomalies.

And it's strongest right here
in the Moon Pool. Take a look.

And the effects get even more powerful
in relation to the Moon,

the tides, the alignment of the planets.


It could have
enormous implications, Rikki.

Or it could be really boring.

Lewis, we'd love to stay,
but it's important

to stay awake while I'm in the water.
So, see ya. Coming?

I should probably go, too.

-And, Lewis...

Good luck.

[Rikki] Pretend we didn't notice him.

That would be rude.

Lewis, hey.

Hi, guys. There is something in this.

-Great. We'll see you later.
-You're gonna wanna hear this.

-I won't.
-I'm pretty sure you will.


Just hear him out. Please.

This better be good.


There is a connection,

and I'm not the first person to look
at planetary cycles on Mako.

Fifty years ago, someone did
the same kind of research as me.

OK, mildly interesting.

According to this article... [keying]
someone by the name of Max Hamilton

did work on planetary influence
and tides in 1957.

I'd love to get a copy of his work.

I've searched the whole Net,
but it was never put online.

Do you mind?


Is that a Max K. Hamilton?

Yeah. How'd you know?

Online directory.

There's his address.

He's living right here on the coast.

Guys, this is brilliant.
I'll talk to you later.


How you going there?

Catching anything?

Wow. I've never caught bream
this size along here.

I'll give you a tip.

Stay left of the rip,
about 50 metres along.

That's, uh, privileged information,
by the way.


Uh, I was wondering if you knew the guy
that lived up in that house?

-I do, as a matter of fact.
-You do?

-Top fella.
-Do you know where I might find him?

He's standing right next to you.
Max Hamilton.

No way! You're him?

I, uh, I need to ask you something
about your research on Mako Island.

What research?

The research you did in 1957.

I'm afraid you've got me confused
with someone else.

But you're Max Hamilton.
Same as on the research.

You were studying the effects
of lunar cycles on Mako Island.

You're mistaken. Sorry.

You know what I'm talking about.


I'm glad I caught you.
I just found Max Hamilton.

-Wow, that's great.
-I'm onto something really big here.

What exactly does he know?

I'm not sure yet, but I'm gonna find out.

He was friendly as anything
until I mentioned Mako.

-Then he clammed right up.
-Lewis, be careful.

I've got a bad feeling about this.
He could be dangerous.

It's fine.

He was doing the same research I am.
That's all.

-Yeah, and that's what worries me.
-Cleo, he doesn't know anything about you.

I'll make sure of that, OK?

Come on, when have I ever,
ever let you down?


You'll have more luck if you cast off
along the other end of the jetty.

Let the lure drift down with the tide.

Didn't think I'd see you again.

-How did you find me?
-Go on, give it a try.

Who was that girl I saw you with yesterday
at the juice bar?

Why are you following me?

I'm guessing that, uh,
she's your girlfriend?

Ah, her name is Cleo.
And no, she's not my girlfriend.

What do you know
about the locket around her neck?

Nothing. Why?
Is there something I should know?

It's a pity we don't trust
each other more.

And why is that?

Just say I did have
some research on Mako Island.

That's the sort of thing
I could only show to someone I trusted.

-You can trust me.
-I need to see the locket first.

Not possible.

You know where to find me.


Thanks for the fish, Lewis.
That's really thoughtful.

Well, I had a good morning.


You know how you said one of the hinges
on your locket was loose?


You should probably get it fixed
before it falls off.

I guess you're right.
I'll put it on my to-do list.

Or I could get it fixed for you
if you'd like.

Really? You sure?

I'd like to.

I could have it back to you
this afternoon.

OK. Thanks, Lewis.

[Max] It's been such a long time.

[Max chuckles]

I knew I recognised it.


I ought to be able to. I made it.

Fifty years ago.

I made three in total.
Each one slightly different.

One of the hinges is a bit loose.


Oh, I can fix that.

-Why did you make three?
-One for each girl.

This one's my favourite.
I made it for someone special.

A girl?

Not a girl, the girl.

But you know about that already.


I told you she's not my girlfriend.

She was once.

But we were just kids then.

So how do you know when she's the one?

She's the person who can't stop smiling
when she first sees you.

Hey... What about the trust thing?

You were going to tell me everything
you knew about Mako.

Oh, yeah.

-So, what do you know?

Later, at the jetty,
I'll share it all with you.

Trust me.

Hi, Lewis.


Have I ever told you
you've got a great smile?

Um, your locket is being fixed
by a real specialist.

So where's Charlotte today?

I would have thought
you two would be hanging out.

Ah, she's doing her own thing.
We are still individuals, you know.


Actually, I was thinking
of heading out to Mako.

Maybe I'll see you out there,
if you happen to be close by.

I'm really busy, Lewis.

Yeah. Uh, OK.

Well, I better get going.
But I'll see you soon. Maybe.

Lewis. There you are.
I've been looking everywhere.

Yeah. I've been really busy.

Lewis, I haven't seen you in ages.

I've really been missing you.

I thought we could spend
some time together today.

Yeah, that sounds really good, Charlotte.

But I'm sorry. Just, um,
I haven't got any time. Sorry.

[Charlotte] Lewis.

I used to have a boat
just like this when I was young.


What say you and I take
a trip out to Mako Island?

-Mako Island?


Lewis, I know what you're after out there.
I know you want this.

My research. All of it.

Take me out to Mako right now
and it's all yours.

All aboard.

Alright. We're here.
So, give me a look at your research.



It hasn't changed a bit.

Hey, hey! Where are you going?

Come on, Max. I thought we had a deal.

She was so beautiful.

[Max] So beautiful.

Max! Hey, it's dangerous up there!


Oh, no!



Who are you?

How do you know my name?

Um, Cleo, this is Max.

What's going on, Lewis?

He kind of-- He fell in. Accidentally.

It hasn't changed.

You know this place?

We used to come here all the time.

So, what are you doing here, Cleo?

I came to meet Lewis.

We come here quite a lot.


How did you get here?
Um, I didn't notice any boats.

A friend dropped me off.

I came in a few minutes
before you two did.

That's funny.
I didn't see you up top anywhere.

I swam in.

All that way?



It's quite magical, the water here.

Don't you think?

-I had to know.

I'm sorry.

What do you want?


I just needed to be sure.

Please stay.

I don't mean you any harm.


I didn't know I could still feel this way.

Which way?


But you're not the first mermaid
I've ever seen.

You knew Miss Chatham?

Louise. Julia.

And Gracie.

We were the best of friends.

But I knew they were hiding
something from me, so...

one day, I followed them.

I was the first one to know their secret.

The others didn't like it,

but Gracie was glad I finally knew.

She felt relieved.

Gracie was the one for me.

We were so happy together.

They were happy to be mermaids?

Oh, sometimes.

It was hardest for Gracie.

I tried all I could to find out
how this had happened.

Just for Gracie, if not for the other two.

She found it the most difficult.

I didn't understand how hard
it was for her at the time.

I promised her I could help her, but...

She knew all I had were theories.

How did Gracie cope?

How did she learn to deal with it?

She didn't.

[Max] More and more, she just wanted
to be an ordinary girl again.

There was nothing I could do or say
to help her.

She started pushing me away.

I tried to show her how much I loved her.

I made the lockets,
one for each of the girls.

Hoping it would help her
to embrace what she'd become...

just to be part of something special
with Julia and Louise.

But it didn't work for long.

Gracie said being around me only reminded
her that she was no longer human.

She threw the locket into the pool.

And that's where Emma found it.

Where Gracie threw it.

It'd been there undisturbed for 50 years.

So, what happened to Gracie?


What happened?

I lost her.

I need to leave now.


The break-up.

Was it because she was a mermaid?

No. It was all my fault.

Whatever it was,
it couldn't have been your fault.

People can do things
they don't understand at the time,

then realise too late it's a mistake.

I'm sorry to trick you before, Cleo.

Your secret's safe with me.

Please. I need to leave.

You OK?

You and Cleo,

you remind me of Gracie and me.

I can tell when two people
should be together.

It's easier for Cleo this way.
She told me.

Mm. And you believed her?

Lewis, I should never have let Gracie
push me away.

I'd hate to see
the same thing happen to you.

[locket jangling]


It's all fixed.

Give it back to her and don't let her go.

-[Lewis] Hey.

Max gave me this.
It's all his research on mermaids.

-I bet there's some amazing stuff in here.
-Wow, that's great.

Oh, he also gave me this.

All fixed. Max did it.

Thanks, Lewis.

I really appreciate it.

So did Max say anything after I left?

Not much.

Anyway, I've got reading to do,

so I should probably get going,
but I will see you soon.

Yeah. Maybe.

[door closes]

♪ We've got to stick together ♪

♪ Cos the best things come in three ♪

♪ I want it to last forever ♪

♪ All the magic and fun at sea ♪

♪ So come on, this is our adventure ♪

♪ There's no telling where we'll go ♪

♪ But all I want
Is just to live amongst the H20 ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ I've got the power if I just believe ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ The world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

♪ Come along, it just gets better ♪

♪ So much to do and just so little time ♪

♪ Cos it all depends on whether ♪

♪ You wanna leave the land above behind ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ The world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪