H2O: Just Add Water (2006–2010): Season 2, Episode 12 - Fish Fever - full transcript

Both Cleo's fish and Emma hurt themselves on a piece of coral. They begin acting strangely and Rikki and Cleo have to figure out why. Lewis brings the fish and piece of coral to a scientist who comes up with a cure for the fish. Lewis brings the rest of the antidote back to Emma to cure her too.

♪ I got a special power ♪

♪ That I'm not afraid to use ♪

♪ So come on, this is my adventure ♪

♪ This is my fantasy ♪

♪ It's all about living in the ocean ♪

♪ Being wild and free ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ I've got the power if I just believe ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea, the world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

And I love this coloured piece
you found, Emma.

It matches Hector's eyes.

Great. It was worth cutting my finger for.

He has coloured eyes?

[Cleo] Of course. Get closer.
It's hard to get to know Hector.

He can be a little stand-offish at times.

[Rikki] Why isn't Hector
in with the others?

[Cleo] Because I'm starting a new tank.

It's like building a whole new suburb.

It's really exciting.

Right. So, what's this bit?
The shopping mall?

What do you think, Em?


Are you alright?
You're looking a bit pale.

Yeah, I'm fine. Is that his fish food?

Hector's favourite. Anchovy flavoured.

But only one pinch per day
so he doesn't put on weight.

They don't make low-fat fish food?

[door closes]

Emma, can I have a word?

-Can you keep a secret?

Of course.

It's your dad's and my wedding
anniversary tomorrow,

and I'm going to make
a romantic dinner.

-Aw, that's so sweet!
-Yes! I'm cooking lobster thermidor.

Really? That's my favourite. Is it here?

And it's your father's favourite, too.

Now, I want this to stay a surprise.

Elliot's going to stay
at a friend's place--

And you want me to stay at Cleo's.

-Don't worry. You won't see me.
-[metal clanking]

-What's that noise?

What are you taking sardines upstairs for?

Why not?

See you soon, Hector.


What's wrong?

Are you hungry?

Hector! You are such a gutz!

I'll ask Cleo if I can sleep over.
If that doesn't work, any place will do.

-Mum and Dad are having a romantic dinner.

-Isn't that sweet?

They're having lobster thermidor.
Hi, Wilfred. Don't mind me.

I hope I'm romantic
when I'm as ancient as them.

Feel like fish?

-For breakfast?
-Why not? I've got the urge for tuna.


Hmm, whitebait.
It's beautiful and crunchy!

Just like pretzels. Want some?
[moaning] Yum!


Uh, Emma, could you leave some
for the customers?

Sorry. Hey, you know what?
I feel like a swim. See you!

Don't ask because I have no idea.

[audience cheering]

I can't believe
I won these free double passes!

I never win anything.

When you said a date, I thought
you were talking about something romantic.

This is romantic.

Yeah, I guess so.

Oh! What about
the train-under-the-volcano ride?

That'll be fun.

Hey, guys! Isn't it a beautiful day?
I think so.


Uh... No, thanks.

-What are you--?
-See you!

I wish you had been there.
She was acting really weird.

Emma's very sensible.

She can take care of herself.
Hector can't.

[Rikki] What's he doing?


Take a step back.


-What's that all about?
-I have no idea.

None of my fish have ever done
anything like this before.

Well, maybe you're not feeding him enough.

I've been feeding him all morning,
but he still wants more.

And look at his scales.
They're turning white.

I'm really scared, Rikki.

-Hold this, Lewis.
-Where are you going?

Oh, don't take too long.
I've got a schedule I'd like to stick to.

-There's lots of rides.

To go on all of them in one day,
we need to stick to the plan.

Mum, Mum! A mermaid! Come quick.

-It's true! A real mermaid!

-Come on, it's time for the dolphin show.

But, Mum, it had a tail and everything!

A real mermaid!

She's down there. I can't convince her
to come out, she's not listening to me.

-I've managed to keep people away, but--
-I'll stay. You guys go.

Uh, sorry. You can't go down there.

There's been some flooding.
It's very dangerous.

But I'd suggest the roller coaster.

-Charlotte, hi.

-What are you doing here?
-I work here.

Well, not today, but sometimes I just like
to hang out here for no reason at all.


I'm on a date with Lewis.

Really? Hope that's going well.

Lewis was meant to be minding this.

Where is he?

I don't know. Maybe he's abandoned you.

He wouldn't do that.
Maybe he went down there.

Uh, no. Actually, I thought I saw him
heading towards the chair lift.

Hurry if you want to catch him.

Hey, Emma!

-Emma! Over here!
-Hey! Hey!

Emma, this way.

We're not going to be able
to keep people out of here forever.

Hey, Lewis, isn't it?

Laurie. Hey!

How's it going?

-What's going on?
-Feeding time for the sharks.

[Rikki] Great.

Can't you feed them later?

Nope, uh, we try to feed them
at the same time every day.

Oh, that's really cool and interesting.


Hi, Cleo. What's up?
Uh, anything exciting?

No. Everything's boring.

Is it feeding time? Why don't I help?

We've got to get her to the surface.

Come on.

Emma! Emma, here.

-You've got fish!

Yes. And if you come out, it's all yours.


We're gonna need more fish.

It's like she's possessed.

It's weird. It's not a full moon.
What's going on here?

Whatever it is, it's revolting.

How can she eat that much fish?

I'm thirsty.

I'll get you a drink.

-[Lewis] Emma, no!

[Lewis] Emma, what are you doing?
Give it here!

That's better.

Nice one, guys.

[Lewis] Emma, what's happened to you?

Oh, no. Those white scales.
That's what Hector has.

-Hector's her new fish.

-He's been acting--
-[Cleo] The same.

He's hungry all the time
and he's acting crazy, too.

I don't get it.

Why would Emma be acting like
your sick fish?

The coral.
Emma cut herself on a piece of coral.

I'm really worried about Hector.
He looks worse.

Well, getting him
into fresh water is a start.

So, you think that's toxic?

Corals are strange.
I wouldn't know where to start.

What about Laurie?

He's a marine biologist.
He could do some tests.

Good idea.

[phone ringing]

-[phone beeps]
-Lewis's phone?

Oh. Hi, Charlotte.

Um, no,
I'm just holding his phone for him.

He's not here. He's...

He's on the water slide.

He really didn't want his phone
to get wet.

Got to go. Bye.

Will you hold still?

-More fish!
-Again with the fish.

Forget about the fish.

Alright. I'll be back in a second.

[door closes]

You know, one of the most toxic poisons
known is a Palythoa toxin found in coral.

Laurie, um,
Cleo and her fish are very close.


She would really appreciate it
if you could analyse this ASAP.

Oh, yeah, okay. I'll, uh, I'll do my best.

[ringtone beeping]

-Hey, Rikki, what's up?

She's gone. We've got to find her.

Cleo, where's Lewis?

-How should I know?
-You answered his phone earlier.

That was earlier.
I haven't seen him in ages.

-Maybe he's gone home.
-Cleo, are you trying to ruin our date?

What? No.

Because I've looked everywhere,
and the only person I can find is you.

Charlotte, I've got more important things
to do right now. Goodbye.

This antitoxin should reverse
the effects of the coral.

-[Lewis] How long will it take?
-If it works,

it should take effect immediately.

[ringtone beeping]

Hi, Charlotte. I thought
we were meeting at the volcano ride.

That's where I am now and--
[mimics roller coaster]

We might get cut out--
[mimics roller coaster]

-[phone beeps]

[chuckles] Hey!

Looks like he's on the mend.

[Lewis] Great. So, the antitoxin works.

But the earlier the patient gets it,
the better?

Yes. Otherwise, the scale mutation process
keeps progressing until it's too late.

I'd say we got to him just in time.

Any longer and he'd have died for sure.

Got to go. Feeding time.

I might take some of this
in case other fish are infected.

Help yourself.

But, Mum, I want to see the mermaid again.

I'm sure if they had
someone dressed as a mermaid,

they'd advertise it, alright? Let's go.

Mermaid? Hello?




A monster! They've got sea monsters, too!

Mum, Mum! Come and have a look!

I don't know what your game is, Cleo,
but give it up.

-Look, Charlotte, maybe Lewis--
-I'm not interested in more stories!

This was meant to be a date.

Just tell Lewis I've gone home.

Angry suits her.

-If you hurry, you can still catch her.

No. Charlotte.

Maybe later. Guys, Emma was here
in the lagoon at feeding time.

-Chasing fish again?
-Yeah, but now she's gone.

-She's got to be after more food.
-Yeah, but where?


Neil? Is that you?


Oh, Neil, it's you.

[both chuckle]

-Is everything alright?
-Yes. Yes, it's fine.

Wow, you look fantastic.

Well, it is our anniversary. Come with me.

I've thrown together
a little romantic dinner.

Your favourite.

-Not lobster?

-[Neil] Are you sure you're alright?


It is such a lovely change
to have the house all to ourselves.


What was that?

I was going to tell you earlier,
but I just didn't want to worry you.

-Well, I thought I heard a noise.

Like there was someone here.

-Who's there?
-Oh, Neil...

-[Lisa gasps]

-[Lisa] Oh.


-Oh. Um, don't mind us. We're just...
-[Rikki] Passing through.

Yeah. Yep, Emma left some things behind.

Somebody was here,
and they took all the lobster.

Um, we're gonna go
and get Emma's things from upstairs.

No, no. I better check the house first.

Okay, we're right behind you, Mr. Gilbert.

[whispering] Check Elliot's bedroom
and I'll check Emma's.

Okay. Be careful.

[chewing noises]

Lewis, I'm scared.

Poor Em.

All we can do is use the antitoxin.

Lewis? Did you find anything?

[Emma growling]

What's going on?

-Don't come in!

[chuckling] Come on, girls.
Open the door. Come on.

Open the door!

Where am I?

And that's why we're here.

Emma accidentally fell asleep earlier.
Yes, you did.

And we were trying to sneak her out

so that you and your wife could have
a quiet evening together alone.

[gasps] Emma... you didn't--?

[Rikki] Think your folks will ever
celebrate their anniversary again?

Maybe, but they're never going
to let me near another lobster.

Well, you'll be glad to know
that Hector's back to normal.

-You're going to have to make up for this.
-So are they.

-I can get us back into the Marine Park.
-Something romantic.

-Yes, Charlotte.
-You can hire gondolas on the canal.


A romantic trip down the canal
by moonlight.

Would I have to paddle?

Trust me, Hector is much more normal
than those two.


♪ We've got to stick together ♪

♪ Cos the best things come in three ♪

♪ I want it to last forever ♪

♪ All the magic and fun at sea ♪

♪ So come on, this is our adventure ♪

♪ There's no telling where we'll go ♪

♪ But all I want
Is just to live amongst the H20 ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ I've got the power if I just believe ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ The world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

♪ Come along, it just gets better ♪

♪ So much to do and just so little time ♪

♪ Cos it all depends on whether ♪

♪ You wanna leave the land above behind ♪

♪ Cos I'm no ordinary girl ♪

♪ I'm from the deep blue underworld ♪

♪ Land or sea ♪

♪ The world's my oyster ♪

♪ I'm the pearl ♪

♪ No ordinary girl ♪

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